Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 6
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TfiE HUMBOLDT ^lADY IS AGAIN FIKST TAX PATEB. MRS. ALLSTOT FIRST IN lOU AT THE SJGN GF THE ...HAMMER.... (Under thi5 h<*aillnc the Ueeiatpr will be pleased to nrijit IhP views of its wib- Bcribers on anv subjwt '•.nriccrr.iriK which they may wish to ivrlte If yvj wish to kick about anything. r>r n!r y«nr views on any subject, tell it tltmiich .h.> R^g•ist'•^ Contributors should civo ili-!r mm-s and addresses: they •will not (»• t>rirtN>d Art- dresa all cotnmunirntloTiii tr tho Tleirlster.) As long as 1 c;ui roii!cii ':>iT ili • Democratic party has rlaiincd 'Tii 'Mil-j ship?" for tlic |)i)or man. Iho ixior! man. the daily lahon-r. ilio nfopU'. j note. Iiouovcr. fnnu historv. that this saiiR' D.'iiioc:aiicv pariy tonic no thought in il.s caninaivis cr its- platforms of lalior. mtn'l jali <ir itself organized the RfiiuJili'an liarty- he- cause of its aijtasonisii\ to tin- <i|)- pression of laltor liy ili'.? nniiidcralio party. On the" prinriiil.' nf •'equal ami exact justice lo all." liie Keinililiean party was'lhc lir.^i t 'l .Iitira! iiaity t<j announce in iL« plaUonnc ami thus recogpize "Jabor as tiie neaier i )f rap- Ual." to whlclv doetriiie it siendily ail- heres. It was tliiL- tirst political partv to pass legislation, the parposi' of •which -^-as the bottenneni of the lah- orers' conditiMi financially. iusuri'.iR ;Mrs. Augusta Rivers, of HmubuMt. again has the honor of being the flrst tax-payer to receive a receipt from the county treasurer. For several .vcars Mrs. Rivers who owns Hum boldt property.has been the flrst citizen in the county to pay taxes. This momlns she came tip on the plug, and -n-as watting at the court house -when Mr. Bicjily tamo to' his office. Her taxes were $10 less than last year. Tlie second person to pay taxes was S. >E. Walter of lola township. The first tax payer in lola city to receive a receipt was Mrs. S. A. AUstott.* The office was filled with tax payers this morning, liic force of the county treasurer being rushed with business. All of those who paid this ^ morning were satisfied with their • '• ' —'^gy—^^^^^"'^'—"^^^^^^^ taxes under the new law. most of Can (he same be truthfully said of the'against the enforcement of the pro- them paying less than last year. Miss .^ou.heni IViuoeralic states? .Why hibitory law? Do .you believe that Rivers paid taxes for a Humboldt does not :vir. t^ompers .i ;o sout» and,this nation SHOULD or SHOULD friend and they were just half what inake his claims for the oppressetl, NOT protect prohil^itiou stales in Uio they were last year. lal-.ieiV Again, take the history of; Preventing of shipments into su'^)'i TO..». v'«r tie position of Democracy toward la- j states of intoxicating liquors? it with the attitude! You dare not answer this question time before December 21.. If all tax toward or-!w-ithont equivocation. lis paid a rebate of 2Vi per cent is al- Hence I again aslc What is the les- lowed. If no part of tax is paid a sou of all this? and, I reply, 1st, a tar- penalty of 5 per cent on the full lor rovenuo. under Democratic amount is added December 21. .Tunc CAN'T RiriF. 'EM BOTH. T.\XES ARE LESS WITH GBEAT .Y.IJOBITT THIS TEAB. Countyi Treasnrer's Office Bnsj Place Todiij-—Boles Uoierningr Pay- I mcnt of Tax. Taxes are due November 1. of each year. All or first half payable any hcij- and compare of the Republican i»arly .i;anizoa labor in this nation. AW ask V. hi;t is tlio. iesKoii? . .\s to the oppi'ssioii of labor look: iff ni I he uctu>ns of the l>eiiiocratic par-' nianagement has always proved disas- 21 another .'i per cent penalty is add- ty in tile Son'hern states in its efforts trotis (ti this nation. 2nd. the Demo- ed to the full amount of all^ unpaid to ilislranchise the lavfiesL olouicnt of cratic party never was afd is not now tax. All unpaid tax is advertised in i;s lalioriu.n. olasjs. denying tliom tJie.tlie real friend of the laboring man. July and sold the first Tuesday of iip.liest riuh! Of an .\mcrican citizen, 3rd. thf jiarty is not honest in"^ its September. If no part of personal tax the niesi .iishotiorahle act any pai1y' P"«fi'ssioiis of any kind and therefore is paid by .Tanuary 10, warrants wi'l ca <i i^e -nilly of. They «i!l not allow!undcservinj; the support of any hou-_ issue to the sheriff for collection. lai- e.\pr.ssi..ii of ili.> .sentiments fair-minded American voter. j vt )!invc i.opnlatioii of thai ! Tht-re are honest Democrats, but \ \ (11* ilie .•ntir< si>(-t ion Tii.-y FOR AGED PEOPLE. am toUin.i; of tl:u actions of the parly l,rot.-ct ihe illileiate while by jiiuuiipulatorR and the methods they him a higher was«' for Lis day's S.M -- „„ ,j„, j„ i,,)^ .„„i .\ii,.n county vice. It was the first political party to enact an "ei-ht hour a day' law for all government eini>loyei s. and all laborers on povernmental works. It Old Folks Should Bi- Careful iii Their Selection of itegulatUe Medirine. ti.e -uiandfathei' ( hi their new ; resort to. to secure votes, eoiriitiuions Hehold the peonage ot i Mv conclusions are. by deduction. With advanced age coiiies .Inactive the- sontl eni states, the' worst fornt -.hat.u voter who when he enters the runTb?e \.r ;;'erfoS ;?r ^^^^i of labor oi.pressioii. Kacli and every booth lo prepare his ballot, has m functions and requires as.«istauce. uiehr t;i,. ron.siitiition is en- mind the "greatest good to the great- there is constant .suffering -niaie deal" is he not? est number." who believes In "equal from constipation and Ms attendant l.o<,. at the h.nesty. the integrity? and exact. Justice to all." ^ho meas- ^ Old folks ^^^Jould ,--r^J- of the 1), ii'(.ei;u;e party in our city ures patriotism above partizanship. We have a safe, dependable and alto They boa.^t of having put can support a political party whose ;reiher ideal remedy that is parclicu- acts have casned the wide-spread suffering, the untold misery in this nation as have the acts of the Democratic parly. Be a true Republican, tomorrow. J. E. HENDERSON. eitK'en lit:< d to a all (I conniy. an.l wiUi the aj .l of .Sheriff Mollin- ,r:er and his dejiuties lave succeeded i-eniarkably well. Yet. when Mr. i^cort. whose record and whose con- was the first polilieal party to reeoir- ji,,,., ol .Keivance and obedience nize the right of labor to or^-anize. •„ needs no jtistifieation at niy and then to recogiii -/.e tiio legal rights h.-nels. tells the people of Kansas that of organized labor, or. labor unions. ;,- Uepublican? who was defeated by It never has recognized the rights of his own Republican roiistituonts in a labor or of an individual to subvert pri„u,ry election, because of his rec- the Individual right or individual lib- o,.,l in Congress, was tlie one individ- erty of any laborer. ual who prevented ihe presentation of _]JCo man can point to any act of the the I.iMlefield bill to t :e House ol Republican pa;1y as subversive of Repiesenlatives.- Tiie would-be Domo- labbr's rights. erntie .siieet of bila attemjits to make No Republican st;ite has ever at- pulitieal eajiiitu of .Mr. ."-'eoifs coii- tempted to deprive labor of the. rights due!. asf to organize for its own proteciion*. Inde.-?. .lo yi<n stand for or TWO GOOD MEETINGS The Republicans Took Mildred and Bayard Into Camp ^turday. larly adapted to the requirements of a.ged people and persons of vv-eak con- BtitutioDS who suffer from constipation or other bowel disorder. We are so certain that it will cure these complaints and give absolute satisfaction in every particular that we offer them with our personal guarantee that they shall cost the user nothing if they fail t<i substantiate our claims. This remedy is called Rexall Orderlies. \ Rexall Orderlies have a soothing, healing, strengthening, tonic and regu lative action upon the dry. relax mus- jCular co%t of the bowel. They pro_ • -r. 1 .• duce a natural, sticcessive contraction Two rousing Republican meetings relation of the muscular fibres of were held Saturday afternoon and the bowel walls, generating a wave- Saturday night. The first was held lilte motion which forces their count Bavard in the afternoon with .Judge onward and outward: thus simu T- . , r. « . .1. i latiiig nature in perfect bowel move- lonsi and B. R. Cl.itord as the or.t„,^.j„ They also remove all irrita- ators of the day. In the evening tlon. dryness, soreness aud weakness. l.'ol. J. B. Atchison They tone up and strengthen the nerves and muscles and restore the Judge Foust and spoke at Mildred. At both places bowels and associate organs to more GlowingHt From Every Ounce offueL there were large crowds of enthusiaB-^.^.jg„^(,^,g ^nd healthy activity. They tic Republicans. Tiie Interest and may be taken al aiiy time without in' cou'venleuce. do not cause any %x\\y- bis attendance shows beyond a — -- ' r LI- ,1 J iiiir nausea, diarrhoea, excessive loose that the lUptibhcans are ""od ^ jj^^^.^ "^^Jf,^;,,*;!" disagreeable th douI)t up for the ticket almost to a ma"-' effect. Try Rexall Orderlies on our There were also a good many Demo-j euarantee." 36 tablets 25c, and 12 tab- &>ioi<>:o:< Wlicn tlic mercury drops out ol sight and you just can I keep llie hous»» warm, you'll lind it wonderiuily convenient lo use a PERFECTION Oil Heater (Equipped tvltb Smokeless Device) lis very lighl—carry it alwul-^lical any cold room. 1 urn the wick liijjii or low—no ' danoer—no smoke—no smrll. liasily cared lor and gives nine hours oi cozy comlorf al one fillinq of brass lonl. Finished in nkkel and japan, l^vcry^ heater warranted. crats at both meetings, some of them saying that they expected to vote the Republican ticket. Practically all of the candidates at- tenilod both nieetlng.s Saturday. .M each meeting the crowd called on the different candidates for short talks. The Black and Tan quartette furnish^ •ed music. A. F. Florence returned yesterday from Coffen'ille where he made an lets 10c. S. R. Burrell. The Rexall 'store. West Side Square. —Be a booster—Home Industry— .Neosho River Cat at Our Way. AN UNFORTUNATE GIRL. Dfep&rsion of the fasMoiiiably-biredi long established, prize winning producing Allendale herd of at the farm near Gas, Allen Co., Kaos. 135 HEAD ARE CATALOGUED^ Purchasers to the extent of $300.00 will have their car fare refunded. Anderson &f indlay, Props. OAS, ALLGN CO., KANSAS. Ool. Silas Igo, Col Fred Reppert and Col. Lafe Burger, Auctioneers. W. C. McaAVOCK, Sales Manager. Take Sauta Fe to lola and electric cars to Coccreto. Take Mo. Pacific or M. K. & T. to Gas. Conveyances will be at Coiiireto to meet all trains. MEK PMflB MB. UfT'S ELE An effort has been made by (he Hem ! jour signature which we can polv ocratic party in this county to influ- .lisli in local papers giving your views. ence the. emidoyees of the smelters to vole^ for Bryan oil the grounds that his election would benefit the smelter business and thereby insure more L. L. NORTHRUP. New York. X. Y.. Oct. 28, 1908. L. L. Northrup. President Northrop National Bank. Icila. Kansas. regular emiiloyment for ib.e smelter i Personally, i am most anxious that men. -Not long ago .Mr. Cockeriil of Tafi should be elected, but I do no» the Cherokee l.-inyoii gave oni a let- speak for tiie Zinc company as t tor iu which be said thai in bin .iud«- think it most unwise it should taka nient the election of Bryan would im- an active luirt in iKditics. prove the smelter business. The Dein- S. S. PAL.MER. ocrats attempted, through tliis letter, j to appeal lo the smelter men who were ! In addition to the statement from thrown out of employmeut riniing the the presidents of the smelter com- panic to vole for the Nebra.skan. '• panios. George .N'icliolson, president ot In view of chis fact it v.ill l >e of in- the I'nitcd Kansas Portland Cement teiesl. esi>erially to the fiiiployces of'company ha.s written the following the smelters and cement to letter in which he states that he bc- know what oilier nun at tiie head of i Hcvi -s the election of the Republican the industries here iliink with regard >^.-.rty means an early return to norm- lo the effect of Mr. Bryan's e'e«tioii " H .-il ni^inrss conditions: the general biCstuess. Uc <-fUtly .Mr.j l.,.|a. Kas.. Oct.. SOth, 19t>8. ij. L. Northrup scut a telegram to J. Tu the Kmployees of United Kansas O. Rodgera. prei^Ient of the Lanyoiii Porthmd Cement Company,. lola Zinc company, S. S. Prflmer. pre.-ii j Portland Cement Company, lols. dent of the NewTjersey Zinc company, anil also president of the I'ritiie West- Kansas. Gciif.lenieu: — I am advised that a rc- ern Sjieitcr company, asking them | iK >rt is in circulation: to the effect their oiiniou as to the effect of the: that I have slated that any of our ein« election of .Mr. Bryan on the smelter business. Both expressed Mr. Taft as their choice for president. Below follows Mr. Northrnii's telegrams and ( the answ^ers: The LJaXlVp brllliaol light a klal lor . the long winlcr evenings —rad or *cw kjr il—won't lire your ejts. Lalot improtxd rentral dnil burner. Made ol brass, nickel plated. E!vcry lamp wamnled. 11 ycur dealer caanoi supply the Rayo Lamp or PetiediBD Qil Keier. wie our neaitst ageney {» a deso^rfive draJar. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (XncoryoraLt «4) - ' - j [Arrested for Street Walking, Winnie Adams Not Fined. Winnie Adams, the nineteen year old old girl the police arrested last address at a big Republican rally sat- Saturday night on the charge of urday night. The meeting was a great "street walking" was not fined by Po- suceesa. There was a torchlight pro-i''ce .lud?e .T. M. Collins. Because or cession .-iich as lola had on the ev-; J ears;, of the circumstances which ening of Wilson day in which many!^''^ said led up to her present predic- hundred took part.- A"carnival com-!^*"*'"^ ''^r desire to work, she pany is now at Coffevville and the big' ^'^s s*'"^ Salvation Army head- elcpluiut was secured to lead the par- Ittarters where she will be given a po- ade on which was a sign with the, s'"'""letters. "G. O. P.." while the rear of Tl»is morning when the prisoner the parade was brought up by a dl-:**^ arraigned In court she told the Iiloyees voting the Democratic ticket would lose their positions. We have been large employers ot labor in lola during the past ten years and have never attempted- lo dicta|e how anyone should vole, nor shall we lola. Ka.<. Oct. 2;». J so. U. Kodgers, , We have ii ied to keep out of poll- 12'i0 Buclid Ave. Cleveland. O. noiwithstanding we have suffered Mr. Cockeriil has published a btler j.pvere loss the past year, mainly be- 'sjving i!at in his judgment ^ul••lter ,...,„t,e of the uureasouable attacks j business will be benefited by Bryans ,„aje „„ eorporatioua and capital in eltition. If you are willing to lio -->•>. j;oneral. This has • resulted In lower would api'r-ciate message over your; ^v;,j.^.j; mnj laclj of steady employment. Speaking personally and consider- slguature which we can publish iu lo- 1 i cai papers givius; your views. L. I.. .NORTJIKUP. Chainnan Republican County Cen- tr."\i Committee. Cleveland. O., Oct. I?»S. IJ . Northrup, lola, Kansas. My" views and those of all other zinc ing the situation from a local standpoint, the cement plants, smelters, etc.. have enjoyed prosperity durins nine out of the past ten years undef Reptiblicuu Policies, so as a basiness piopcsition. we certainly do not wisk to risk a change. We belierj^ that tbs success o? the Republican party meacs minullve monkey ."Bryanism." bearing the sign. 'ofilcials that she came here from Independence, Kas., last Wednesday. She said she was alone In the world The Republicans swept out every' without friends or money. Her fath- noolc and corner of the headquarters er, who lives In Cherryvale, Kas., Is, so she says, an habitual drunkard, and will not contribute to her support. The dress of. the girl bears out her story. this morning. The cleaii sweep will be made by the party tomorrow. To Visit Parent*. Mr. and Mrs. PUll Ray -will go t6 Tales Center tomorrow for a short visit with <Mr. Ray's parents. Taken to Hospital. Mrs. Barnes, of 323 South State street, was taken to St Jobn'a hospital last evenlof. men are contrary to those Mr. Cork-! an eany return to itp^al I)a8ini erill eixpressed. Tafts election would'conditions and that by'lprin^ we will mean much to business in general and.have plenty of work for all the Dem- diQ zinc business in particular. In j ocraU and Republicans Vhb may ap- my belief it would bring about an • j,iy. Yours very tmlv. early starting up of all smelters. J. O. RODGERS. GEO. B. NICHOLSON. ! lola. Ka.s.. Oct. 28. If'S- S. d. Palmer, Pi:est. New Jersey Zinc company, _ Co.. lEmpire Bldg., New York City: 1 to the situation: Wui. Alien Smith, who Is connected with the United Chemical and Zinc said toda>-. with reference Mr. ! Cockeriil has publishes! letter saying- that jn his judgment smelter business would be benefited by Bryan's election.' If yon are willing to do so, {would appreciate message over "I 9XQ. firm In the belief that Mr. Taft 's election will be beneficial to the zinc bnslness as well ap aQ other lines of business." WILUAM ALLEN' ^TU. .in the Rei

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