Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 8
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TELEPHOKE COMPAJTI IS BE BUIU»ING ALLEN C£>T£B LL\E, HEW POLES ARE BEIN6 PUCID WORK WILL BE COMPLETED IS TnO WEEKS. FarnerH* ImiUtate Will Br Held Here on Octolxr S9 BDd SO. RebnlldlDK Allen t'entrr Line. The La Uarpe Telephone company has at present a number of linemen rebuilding the Allen Center line which runs from this citj' to the Alien Center district five miles south of this city. New poles are being placed instead of the old ones and new wire is being strung. They hope to have the line finished in two weeks. KeTiraU Bejrln XoTcml)er 9tlj. Rev. Bright, pastor of the local Presbyterian church, announced yesterday that he would start the revival meetings in bis church November-9th. Rev. T. S. Hawley, the evangelist, who Is .to conduct the services, will no| be in this city to take up the work until the evening of November llth. it is hoped that the meeting will be a success. Will Go to Kincaid Tomorroiv. The La Harpe high school foot ball team will go to Kincaid tomorrow atfemoon where they will meet the Kincaid high school foot ball team on the Kincaid grounds. The bunch is in excellent condition and doubtless will put up a good game. .\ number of enthusiasts will accompany the team. Wizard of Wall Street Edwin Patterson's Wizard of Wall Street company, a piusical comedy, will be at the opera house in this city on the evening of November 4th. This is a guaranteed attraction. The musical comedy will be the first one to play in the opera house this season. It has had a big run in all the lurgeH cities. I Teaeherii Art* Yiiiltlnir. The board of education of the T.,a Harpc schools jirovidcd that one day of each school year be set aside for the teachers to visit other city schools. Today has been christened "Visiting Day" and the teachers left for various points over the state where they will visit the schools. The teachers will visit at the following places. Prof. Baker. Emporia; E. M. Hyames, Emporia: Miss Zaring, Parsons; Miss Myler. Pittsburg; Miss Houston. Wichita; Mrs. Conner, Miss Wood, .Miss Linquist. Mrs. Fife, Kansas City; Miss Belie Bruce, Ottawa; .Miss I^eka. Miss McCormlck, Miss Poston, Miss Adams, Ft. Scott; Mrs. I.«e. .Mrs. Davis. .Miss Ellis, Pittsburg; Miss Dean Bnire. Ottawa; Miss Montgomery, W'ichiia. The Farmer.s' Institute. The following is the program that will be delivered here Tuesday and Wednesday. October 29th and 30th: Tiiesday Morning. 10:00—Mistakes in Feeding Hogs.. A. H. .Mull 10:40—Skim-milk for Pigs R. O. Furneaus 11:00—Mistakes in Breeding Hogs.. Asst. Prof. G. C; Wheeler Asst. Prof. G. C. \\Tieeler, Kansas State Agricultural Colleke. Tuesday Afternoon. 1:,'J0—Sheeu in Eastern Kansas , R. R. Drake 2:00—Pure Bred vs. Scrub Stock .. J .. Professor Wheeler 2:40—Farm Dairying '. P. E. Grablree, Hannon. Mo. Discussion. 4:15—Ad jou rnment. Wednei ^iay Morninp. 9.00—Placing Boys' Corn. 10:00—Reports by Boiys on Growing Psople's Cure for Stomach Ills It would be folly to say that a person •honid always be his own doctor. There are timet when one cannot be too quick ID conaulting a competent and reliable physician, but the fact does remain that there are many ailments that can be cured at home at very little expense. Such remedies can be bought at any firttHclasB drug store for a small sum. Among the diseases .that can be effectively treated at home are such as pertain to the fctoroach, liver and bowels, like constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, fluoleney. tour itommch. bloatod stomach, sick LeadMbw, Leartbum, etc. For these troubles then U ae better remedy than Dr. Csldwell 's ntnp Pepdn. the rrest herb lazu* ive eomoound. aad imtont its kUiuichest trieodi mre th- doc- tPi* ihenMelves. In Mch troubles th.;7 knoir ther hSTS aotblnx i>eue- to oSer than the in- treuCBU oootehied to this rrmedy. and hence the libeni ones ad vise their patieou to taKe iu It ettee happens tbai tbe oonuDencemenl ef SB sttaok some people hcsiutw >o take such w stairte TCBCdir. sod run 'o n doev>r. *>ai after trying vstious doctors they anaUr*uke Vr. CaMvell 's Syrup Pepsin and bare their ooofi- itewardedby aeure. A eood jaie la polof Copyright 1907 by Hart Schsfiner Marx You, Sir, About Clothes You are interested. We believe in our clothes, and we have had them made for us by tailors, who, we tell you, are the best in the business, being HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX and STEIN BLOCH—who have counted merit as their watchword for 53 years. These clothes will fit you, and wear you, and give you style. They are master made—pure woolen—honestly put together. Dollar foi| dollar, the price you say is met on the level by the quality you obtain. $18.00 $20.00 $22.50 $25.00 50 different styles of Imperial, Double Star Hats at mm $3.00 John B. Stetson and Knox Hats, $3.50, $4 and $5.00. RainCoat>s and Top Coats» In all the newest styles, made by Hart, Schaffner & Marx and Stein-Bloch. $10.00 to $25.00. 25 different styles in Florsheim and Nettleton Shoes In alUeathers. $4, $5, $5.50 and $6. 35 different styles of Shoes for $3.50, in crome calls, patent calls, vlcis, box calfs ard wax calfs, in lace or button. 11 Corn. Conference of Farmers on Growing Corn. 10::;0—Corn Hreedinj;. Professor A M. TenK.vck. Kansits Stale Agricultural College. Wodnesdnj- .Vftrrnoou. I :(I0— Huslness nieetinp. 1 ::{0— .\lfalfa in Allen count.v .1. Harrkknian —Address. .Mr. Henrietta Calvin, Kansas State .\Kricultural College. l':-l."i—Forage C'rop.s K. A. Kwing 3:00 —Farm .Management Professor TenEyck 4:1.") —.\djournnicnt. Had Work in Tlilrd Depreo. The Masons of ihis ciiy did work in (he third degree last night. Several candidates were initisiiod. The Hron- son lodge was well repieseuted at the meeting last evening. Is Bulldin!; a nam. Foster Funk is iiiiilding one of the most modern harns on his farm south of this rity ever in snuthorn Kansas. The harn when finished will have all the modern conveniences that it takes to inake an up-to-date country barn. Personals. J. T. Wood is erecting a modern four-room house on his farm south of Ihis city. Luther Hakcr of Uronson was in the city yesterday afternoon on business. mt of Slghi. 'Out of sight, out of mind,".is an old saying which applies with special force to a sore, burn or wound that's been treated with Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It's out of sight, out of mind and out of existence. Piles too and chilblairs disappear under its healing Influence. Guaranteed by all druggists. 25c. FLEHAKTY BEAT TBE.-tf ALL. FARMERS TO MEET iiistiliitc Uili lie Held ill Lu Hnriir .\e.vt Wnk. (inrlnnati Paper Says Some Tliingrs AlKiut Former luia Pitcher. I. ihat of Mr. Herrin. ot LawrencerlUe. 111., who aoSered from what tb« docion cmli-jd catarrh of the atoiuch. He waa eiven up to die by three leading phyalciaos. Be had no appetite, eoolda'tdiceat what little hj did eat, had .even paiai in th* alonaeh. and finally, mo- menu when be hiinaelf thoucht be would die. XJIUmaMr he waa adrlsed to try Dr. CaldweU's Snrp rtpUn and did ao. ahd now be b entireir 1 haa catBed » pounds. Be naiutaUy adrlaeaitUauflerera from weaK Aomach to uje It It oaa be had in BO cent and ll bottlu'. Ani reMlta ace abaoluielr guaranteed or moner la zetoaded. B«r a bottle t»dar and watch results The Cincinnati Times Star of recent issue says of iCarl Fleharty, foi- iiierly a pitcher on the Tola team: The third man in the recent "dope'" i.i Pitcher Fleharty of the Hutchinson. (Kan.) team of the Western association.! Fleharty, according to Scout Heilbroiiner, was the best pitcher in the Western this year, his record including -7 won. 7 lost. 1 led. He was In one IS-inuing game, score 1 to 1, in which he allowed 11 hits, struck out 9 men and gave but two bases on balls. He lost a 17 Inning game in which his opponent's scored four runs, secured S hits, 7 bases on balls, and were hit tiiree times.' In this game he struck out only three men. In a 16-inning game lie won out with 1 run and 4 hits against him. He struck out sixteen men in this game and gave 5 bases on balls. He shut out bis opponents 6 tini-^s, .had 19 runs scored against him In one game, pitched two 2-hlt sanies and three 4-hit games. On fl\-e occasions did his opponents secure 10 or more hits off him. Fie- i'arty Is 22 years or age. 5 feet 11 inches in height, weighs 190 pounds, and is right-banded. Hell be here in the spring. II its a piano bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with us: We arc showing different makes and al the different styles made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come in today and hear them. IVe will guarantee you nill be pleased. John V.Roberts Piano House GOV. FKAMZ TO WASHIXtiTO.X.' TakliifT the I'onsiitiitiou of the \ew State. Oklahoma City. Okla. Oct. li'i.—Gov­ ernor Frantz accompanied by a delegation left here today for Washington bearing the coiistittition of the new slate. Governor Hoch, who was here on official business, said he belonged to a band of third termers in Kansas, who would "run over everybody else at the national convent ion like a herd of Texas steers." WEAK' KID.\EY,S AM) BLAI>DE1{ Readilj Itellered by this Home .Made Mixture. 7J, Pq-ES CURED DT 6 TO 14 DATS. PQZO. lONTMENT Is guaranteed to corf! anrcaae pC Ttehins. Blind. Bleed- fng ot^Pratmdliir PUw-tn • to li dayr, Here is a prescri.Uion that -.inyono can mix at home. Any good jircs- criptlon pharmacy can supply the ingredients named at little cost; being coniiKised of vegetable extracts, it is harmless and inexpensive. Best of all it does its vrnrk well, relieveing even the worst form.s of bladder trouble frequent urination, bachache, kidney complaint, and by its direct action on the eliminative tissue of the kidneys, makes these nmst vital organs rid the blood and sy .atem of waste material and uric acid which causes rheumatism. Here it is: try it if you suffer Fluid Kxtraci Dandelion, one-half of an ounce; Comitound Kargon, one ounce: Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla, three ounces; shake well in a iMittle and take in feaspoonful doses after each meal and at bed lime. A well known local druggist is authority for the statement that one week 's use shows good results in nearly every instance, and such symptoms as lame liack. frequent desire to urinate, pain in bladder and even chronic rheumatism are generally relieved within a few days, the pain and swell- iaif tHwlBlahing witb each dose. The following Is the program of tin- Farmt-rs' inKtiiute to be held in La- Har|>e Tuesday ami W.'ilneday. October 2y'h .and :!Oth: Tuesday Morning. ]fi:iii;—Mistak'-s in Feeding Hor.s — A. U. -Mull. 10:10— Skim-milk for Pigs—R. O. Fiirne;ii!s. 11 :i '0- Mistnkes in IJieciIiiig Hoss— Asst. Prof. c;. C. Wlicclor, Kant=as Sl.nte .\grlc\ilnnal Col!^^^e. Tuesday Afternoon. 1 ::;o—Sh,-c|> in Kastein ICansas—U. U. Drake. 2:0"—I'lire Fix)d vs. Scrub Stock— Profeiisor \^^leeler. •J:10—Fanu Dairying—.1. C. Norton. :;:iiO—Farm Poultry—P. E. Ciabtrce. Kannon, JIo. Ilisciission. •1:15 —Adjournment. Wednesday Morning. ;i: no—Placing Hoys' Corn. 10:00- Reports by Bojis on Growing Corn. During Carnival Week I will give you the opportunity of buying FINE MILUMERY At 20 per cent discount. Tlij?'quality is the best. Come early and get first choice. Mrs, E.Pefty umi East Madison. Old Court Honse Block. Conff-renco Corn. 10::;o—Corn of farmers on Growing nj -ceding—Prof. A. M. Kansas Stat« Agri- TenEyck cultural IColIege, I.>!.<cussion. Wednesday Afternoon. 1:00 —Buiness 1::!0— Alfalfa in Allen County—.!. Bar rackman. 2:00— Address—Mrs. liiMirietta Cal vin, Kansas Stato Agricultural College. 2:l.=i—Forage Crops—R. A. Kwing. :•: no—Fa rm M an;igemen t —Prof<.>ssor Ten Ryck. I :l.'i—Adjournment. A Crlmiual Allack. )n an inoffensive citizen is frf."!"c'itly made In that apparently nselc.'is little tabiie called tlio "appendix." Us pen- •jrally the result of protracted constipation, following liver torpor. ^ Dj-. King's New Life Pills regulate- the liver, prevent appendicitis, and estab- Ish regular habtis of the bowels. 25c It all drug stores. THE TKAIL MARKED I.V KAN.SAS. Ninety*lve .Monuments Hare Been Placed Along the Konle. Tojieka, Oct. 21.—The work of marking the line of the Santa Fe rail in Kansas has b«*?n completed. The Daughters of the American Revolution have placed ninety five monu ments alons the route of the trail, ai least one in every county through which th.» trail passed. These monu- niPuts were made of Oklahoma granite and contained a suitable inscritv tion to show its 'purpose. The state and the D. A. R. furnished the money tn bur and have the monuments dress ad. Tbe Atchison,. Topeka & Santa Pe road hauled them free and the cQimtj^ organizatioBs had. tiiem plac*. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH r .S SATl.SF.\.CTIO>J WOR •j'^^^^ytf'^^^^^ Do you prefer mcfhcxl.x now going out of dale or up-to-date methods that will carry far into the future r A typewriter made just good enough to »cll or the L. C. SMITH & Bno,s.Tvpi:wRiTER, with every uitcfiil. valuabin feature inbuilt and Writing ENTIRELY in Sight ? i.KT va SEND ray THK iLi^rsTRATEP CATALOGUE I. C. SMITH a. BROS. TYPEWRITER CO/^ =1 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. t= mi m The Junior Department Store Buy Youp HmllowB'mn Pmvorumnd Jmok'O'laniBfnm of ed in proper positions. The marking of tho trail has progressed slowly owing to some differences of opinion among"^members of the different societies in Kansas Cit.v. That is the only section of the trail a-, far west as the Colorado I'ne that not properly marked. The D. A. R. in Colorado are now at work placii\? similar monuments to those used in Kansas along the trail in Colorado. GI'ILTY OF MAJiSLAKJHTEK. Frank Emer.<ion Killed a Man in Cof. feyrllle Feud. Independence. Kas.. Oct. 24.—Frank Emerson^ charged with ;he murder of Tom Clark, at -CoCfejrvlUe. was ad- Judged guilty-of/manslaughter in the second degree by a ju^ry here this mornlnr. llMVkitUiig waa the result of a fam}|y:f«n4; T P0L4RIIE4tt -J Haa stood the Test Becaose its tiie Best Acce|)t No 0t|b|r Wm. Oberdorl; Agt. ^ Expert Qdhc* Clewing. Repairini. » W.

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