Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 5
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THE TOLA BlILT BECOSTEB. MOSVAT ETE5IKG, 50TE1IBEB 2, 1M& ; Oneo in Avif^Ue we inect someone who "Didn't know that we ha^adlcd 'Clieck:> iiig? accounLsV-^we do, ihough, in fact we do a Geii?ral Baxikiiig business—^you can get ANY accomodation jhere pthait you. can get at any. other bank in the City, and more, we receive Savings Deposits from $1.00 and upward, vhich accomodation you cannot get at any other bank in Alien ^ County. They do not want to be bothered with such small accounts. But, they are not all small accounts—we ihave customers in our Savings Department who have thousands of dollars on deposit. We will be more than pleased to handle your business, be it large or small. Wc only ask that you give us ajtrial. State Savings Banii CupUml $2B.aOO Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to i> p. m. Saturdays aud l*ay Nights, READ! A feir liQBdrvd M si^cUuns ^'o, 1 nestcru Iiiud at $1000 and uii. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Orcr Iowa Store. Thorpe & floogh Cenlnctois, Engiuvcrs, Surrcj-ors. Fully equipped for all kinds of nrveying, estimating, patent draw- dig, bloe prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer Tamons." Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better tban most. Don't "Forget Our MEAT MARKET We baudle only tbe best or Fresh Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PROOuce farmers, and will pay tbe bighest market price In casb or trade. Come in and see us. We are' sole agents for J. if. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS It you will give this Hu» a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. riioue 301, SOS. I O I H , Kuusas. Evans Bros. Mlattoumfy, OHm mtmnk Bookm tuunUmmm Se^ot Suppltum TxitmwrHmf MttPttilmm, Ar9MtmotSmnaltm» Off htm »mpmllmm Wliere analtty It auUn eoniM- erMion we bay the beet Wbere 41eiiMU{A|i wiU ^aitlfr. we carry •11 |[nulN eat y^cec —Pr. J. B. Pepper. ScnUst. Th^M 168. Captain Ewing's Illness. The iuiiisv)Obitioii of Captaiii Ewinjj already briefly refencd lo iii tlitse columns aiul whicli was supposed at first to be merely a .•flight cold has developed into an acute attack of laryngitis which has coiifiued the Captain to bis bed since Thursday and will probably keep him at home lor two or iliree weeks. The! attack Avas •doubtless induced by ovei-strain­ ing the vocal clJords duriu? the speech making campaign iu which Captain Ewing has takeu an active part, followed by exposure to night air and dampness. Tlie uttuck is e.vtremely painftil but of course no serious results are apprehended. Captain Ew- ingVs friends will all regret that the attack should have come upon him at this critical'time but they will doubtless redouble their efforts iu his in- ii-resl to see to it that bis volte does not suffer because of his,eufoleed al)- senee from th»' polls. Wahoo S .'ic per bottle at Mnadis'. 0. this thin: C. B, Huff is in Town. li. Huff came up from Savonburg niorninsr. He says that every- r is Ue^publican in tiat vicinit.v. —laslst OB hkTinp S." fleer. Schaffner in Town. County Assessor Chas. Schaffner came up from Humboldt today on busi ness. —Fre^h Oysters—Our Way. For a Bon Fire. Janitor .MePbee. of the court housf. .say*- tliat unless the piano ^ox, the wagon, sigus and rubbish placed at the east eiit'-anee Hallowe'en tiiglit. is removed^ by tomorrow nightl he will sell it lo tile party that wiijs at tomorrow's election tor a bonfire at the celebration. Dirake Take* Poeeewrien. Ridlili Drake yesterday took possession of the Fosbioa llrerj- wbicfl he ercently purchased of F.-E. Hag- enbucb. The latter has entered the employ of C. S. Cjilbcrtson. the imder- taker. For a short time only, .vou can buy Wahoo at 35c per bottle at ilundis. Serve Meals. Ladies of St. John's church will servo hot soup, hot coffee, chill, sandwiches, pies and cakes election day aud evening at 115 West Madison, opposite voting place. —r— —Always time to eat at Our Way. Phil Ray Back. .Mr. aud .Mrs. Phil Ray returned last evening from a .short visit in Kansas City. —Six per cent money: oo commU- 8ion; no delay.—Smith & Travit. Perry vit liusiur.o> Yi!<il. A. M. Perry, representative of the (ola business College, left today for Uarllesville. Okla.. on business for tbe college. —Frank S. Beattie. V. S. Phooe 139. \ Politics Lively. John Allen has returned from a few days' visit in southwe^t Mi.ssonri. He says that politics is even more lively there than hero. Rehearse "Elijah." The chorus which will pnt on tlie oratorio. "Elijah" will meet lor rehearsal tonight. -Mr. Boatrigbi who has charge of the rehearsals sajs thai good progress is being made, y On Business Visit. Ur. \. V. Fxidge will leave row foj Emporia. Kas. on a days' business visit. tomor- several J. H. Parks Injured. While working at his home at tjuS South Third street. J. H. Parks met with a verj- painful accident. He cut •his right knee so badly with a wood chisel that it was necessary to take seevral stitches to close the wound. SHU'S .\T .ii.\.\n..i. First Squadron of Fleet at Anchor— 4'bvlera Situation iu l'<iutrvL Manila. Xov. L ',— The flagsliip Connecticut and the Vermont. .W-braskn. Kansas and (n'orjiia of the firsi stpntd ion of tbe .\tlaniie li:>n;»'shiii fle«'( came to Manila today from Oloiiuuptt for coal and stores. The Vi-rmont re- urned to Oloiitrapo JonigJit. Thiee new cases is believed to be.tin- average a day in .Manila but tlif disease is largely confined to the uniljin^ districts. The choltra sitii;i(i«>n now (inder compl'^'e eonind. nnSIEU IN t AVE. Workmau Who \\»s Excuxutlux KsiU!«a.'< .Vgrlcnltumi rvlle^e. Dies lustantiy. at Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. buildiug. Steam heat in each room. IJalhs free. Says They are For Taft. .1. U. Boatrighl. tather of Under- dersheriff .V. L. Boatright. spent yes- jterday in lola. .Mr. Boatright lives in Lakin. Kas. He is a snpporter of Bryan, but says that West^Wn Kansas is for Taft. THC lOLA ICE AMP COCD STORAGE CO. Muwteetum Wboleaale ReMD Oedert CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water BubiMi. Fkoae UC FRAfOC RIDDLE. Mgr. Mne's Christian . Associaii^im, has agreed to turn the ussociatjiou building over to the Young Peoble's society of the Baptist church on next frhurstlay evening at which jlime a social will b'e g.iven by that ftrgauiza- tion. Stoves Set up aiid connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work aad reasonable charges. Phone 29. B^itM d&MrfuUy given on all vor —ruuulDitbnni & Amttt, fiprr cent Hivni'y. I Secretary For a Social. Starkey of ihi Young —Our Oystere. Way. Dr. Coffman Returjis. Dr. S. A. Coffman returned yesterday ifrom a business visit lo Oklahoma. ! —Merchant's Lunch nt Oiir Way. p Rev. Knowles Talked. Rev. S. S. Knowles, pastor of the Trinity M. E. church of East lola, addressed the boys* meeting in the Y. ^1. C. A. buUding yesterday afternoon. Rev. Koovles is aiu exoeiltEait talker and his address was Il8tene|^ to wttlr otucb interest. <-Sign salstlaf. phone II2S. Filed Rowdea. .^lanbaitau. Kas.. .Nov. ::.--C. K Smith, of Cartervll'e. .Mo., ou'ed 'Jl. was burled in a cavein i:i an i xeava- tion at the Kansas State .Vgrimifural College here this morning and "as instantly killed. C. B. l-'arlu iu.a. of Mauhaltan. who was working wiih Smith, was injured sligljfly HT urr ONK rii.viuiK. .\llegHtion in ^«i >e aud Curli> l'n»«e- rutivu Di»uil .«:.«ed Because One ItMBk Wn> \ot Hurt. New York Nov. "J.—One of ili* uio.-i important a'le;;atiens in euniifetion with! the charge- of mi.-i;(i»pi"i''iation against Charles W. .Mor.-e and .\ N. Curtis WU8 thrown out of i\i«un today. The allegation was made in eonuee- tion with the hundred thousand dollar noie given by Calvin .\. .\u.-iin It i.- understood that tbe ebarj:"' «:<> thrown out ou tbe .sroimd that the .Vational Bauk of Norib .Mneiiea wa.- noi damaged by the transaetion MADE REPUBLICAN SPEECH. Colored Democrat Got Side-tracked on Jim Crow Law. S<.'\»-n ciiiond nx-n by count, sev- ral of wi (Mil w<:.- |{. puldiearis. and quit*' a <iir.\i! of wliin- iMopIf. i.:a(- ticall.v all of wlitun \vi n- Kfi>uldieaus. went down lo I'.K- .\Iaj<'sti.- iiit-atre Satnnla* ni.;:;ii to li'-ar tin- Hon. Brooks Lane, t'.j.- i:> .\li.-S .\h; ^ 1;: •iu> 1:! Hon. Allen Harris an <l Hon. M IK I I ;*-" WHiiiman. all well j iiowai euloifd ai> n 01 !o!a. tfll why tho ebiort-d p>'op !i* should sMi>i>ort Uiej Democratie ticket. Brooks was tin' (irst man ai Ilii- a;. He was on the floor about tweiit.\ n»inin»-s. I'.al!" of which liiue ho Sjicnr. ill laiii:))i))i:. Kvoryon.- who i Brooks knows that his Ions: t snii is cracKin;; oriirinaJ jokis and | givin.:; \<iu ui ihai lu-a:<> la:;,::li | which n<aU«-s pr-opN' call Ijini a jolly ; !Iov.-. Brool .s • nttTCaiiifd ili.- r:x)»ii; ars.'idv iit 'can .-t' U-- talked ]))<: v.-ry littl" on 111" H .-niocraiic party. H,- niai!«- 0:1.• till* .11 Willi-. ! ur^atlv a! j d rli." Kt :.iildi- aii>. Hi- said b. wasi coins down 10 Hnnibcddf to «>: ATaiiizf- ihi- cidorcd |>.0;d.> :oi Biyan if "tiie • Diinoerar.-^ liav>- lo Iiii'- an anionnv bo-bo-bo-hilc" for im-." Alb-n Harris was n.-x! up .Mr. Harris i,as the ••ieni<-ji;.-< of an oiator. It' has a Xvood voic<- ;iMd tbi-r*- is lot*^ t a ma f nf r\t f\ #\im#>l# Hhrinhin I. . a 1. ,. | ^ ELECTRIC SHOCK lean spci-cii. Christian Science Lecture AT THE GRAND THEATRE ^ 1 hursday, Nov. ^ AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, P. M. -1!. i< .\:: .ii-H i.Jia: V- i. 1 :0.1 id '.i i;!<-:iii .Miliii-. iiii'iiiiifi Til-*' l':;S! ifiTll; I" •ni'.s' of ADMISSION FREE! m He 5;ad occasion lo r<--; I fcr to the "jiiii f-rott" f;iws of ;h> •south, but ::o! so intcif.stvd in tlie <lis- c'ission that le; i-ouldn't Iea\«> it .-ind as a result h ••a .sons w!.\ ih'- colored i><-oiiif ^huiiM oil- for Taft. i - .IndK*' Whitman dos.d tli.- iniiiiiu. J. W. MjjK .iiol.t Was ic talked hir;:e!y on tlie iij;bts and irivibfies he ilion-.:l!i iiis race was entitUd to DAMAGE TO RESIDENCE Or! I advanced some good j MRS. CHAS. WOMACK YSSTERDAY.' 1 Shock Up."— UnriersherJff A. L. Bo.-Jtright Was Jarred. Too. The music «a.-. fninislied bv ili.- \V. . (>. W. band. There is a stxid c<iliircd i band here. I*a> nes liand. which has [ p'ajed several times this year for the U<'|>iiblican nieetjiii-s. but, for some, reason the ndored l>«-mocrats who izi'f H|i th- uioetin.i; Satarda* nivlif di.I no; e<--I!e iheni. o! >i s. i':!-.!- Wi-; Nui 'li \\ ;;-'iilii:U'ii avt-tni. • d:t"..!-e.l i-> ''•.;.'.ititi :ij TU. l't-b;i.i:;- ^^Je.'i c'eflli-^ ilil'-. >l':!cn A.l.- i 1'a•<' Kioni 'a-- h >'H >e !o a i-aiii on rlie HM; 1.- io!i>;t: Monuments! have jnst received a full caricad oi first-class itp-to-drte granite moutimcnts aitil to those cuntemplating tbe p'arcbase o( a nionuiuent, we rt'spcct{ul!y invite yoii lo cuil ar.d ste our stock and get oi:r prices betnre yuu place your order. U'e do all our work with pnenraatic tooU,;. and <;i:arantec ot;r stock and wurk. ; J. CCOFFIELD&SON -.^M « est SL I «lu, hM>. ..Thr Kintbtrr mnnt rolmuii ran U nmi It or pet It Uie Hikkcsl. ItaliriKk FIrr KxtiBpii!<krr I « vther t'«llla»w«4i4 Firr where 80b children loM their lives can't happen where proper protection is provided. Staiistirs show •> out uf 10 fires are put out as soon as discovered if means are at hand. Knuip your schools, homes, barns, public buildings with Babcock extinguishers and fear no fire disaster. They tlirow a chemical stream 4« times as effeeiive as waier. Sv per cent of fires are put otit with chemical extinguishers. 90 per cetu of them Babcocks. Proven by 63' years use, the most efficient aud re liable. Can yon afford to take these awful fire risks when loss of property and Uvea of dear ones are imperiled'*+ Write today for FtREE catalogue on fire protection and estimates for equip ping any buKding with B-abcock apparatus. iWe -\j-ani reliablu, men \a act as ik^ntaJ-^lWi a mouth hiade without interteriiie with present biulness. write for parUcui^ira. llsfc«Mk Win Extiaipifeiier C«. ST3 Walwsli Ave.. Chicago. HI. Tke I»e6t Mi qalcftest irnr i» flir Miter wut war. Ibwrd modern. and •.iMiiiis m priv.vte t.unsi;. ID :: Si-iMh J*trc«»T 1 i>: ' liC iot, ;tiid I >ol !i liJi >•«•. iOti-i • .r. t <• Ito :it of" Tin ;i>i 1 fh.' - :(o 'iN. Operated Upon. .Mr.> Kellhlev lindi-VW .MIt lion :«t St .lobn .s hi>.<i>ital Tills iiperutiou was for li'e feets ol a form* r ti|>eration . Ih an o ;..r.i > e>t.;>U»v, alt.r ef. [ .loo;, ."'ii! t'.i. '!iiee iiii>;i,^ lit! W < ; ; ; lh«-r«' w ;i> l!o lii • <«u !!>' ! torn <>: 1... Wi' . l!l ! .1 !>ori!: .1 >c;< <n • c iiii.- M! .<:\ ,,i th.- ! i.'icKib /JEGAIS. d.tU..i:-'- —Pa»er Hausing. Phone H2S. Fred Rowdfen Has Recovered. flash of~~lis :htitiiu-, N'l dope to the liJtil: Ic" ;';'.> hoi s wai.h ' Wire shibVd liivr.- in.iUmb-e.i!-. ao; . with <iui:»- a heavy >!io, U one >if t!ie aiiiiUH - w;!^ to !:t:.i .-iiiiitii!..; in the »ia:iS«'r ^'"rt .moiii. Mrs. .Meeks who was 0 !>erateil upon, mi ii« hind Ucs i.awim: at tii tr;-! I'll", limited t)i iidier II. l!",ti; » ;-sj-iv l >i>.ai •.tiifUt. Ortice of th" S'l! i>r\ 1-li.^ \;t(iit «c!. \V«i>hlnKlon. l> r «• i:; I.-H-N - j?«Hied ProjMKViUs vv ;.i t •• leiftved Ht thi> Offieu UUtil CI k ; 111 on-the 1V>th day of Novt iiive: ;>itd iiK'ii oji-ned. for ihe coi*- Mni<^: ion ' incUidiric p)4imbing. jms iHl .-iiiit he .iiiuu a;H';!rat»is. electric oialui.s aud wiriiii:', of ll»»' C S. •.v,i> staikliim Ho ^t (itJice at loia. Mansas. in a'ccord- ili.ij aiic^ With tbe dra«in.:;s and sj>ecifica- . , "'tion copies riT wliivlr luiv tm hud from a short lime ngo at St. .lobn s hosi«i -.of the Irani. C 'lsl ^dian of tbe site at lola. Kan- tal Las fully rt-<'Overed and w:i^ lak-i .t \V, .\ltKni!.;b! wiio liv .-s iiex; .inorjgi,^, o,. jbjjj i.ffiep at the discretion en to her home yesterday. pu the U 'ouiacks was sitting in a wii:- of the Supervising -Vrchiieci. • j, low jibout twrtriy fe-t ftom where the "f'^^'^'^J" ^'^^'^ I'V^f' . —JIatA Onrasr avt Repaid Shop for | jighiiiui: striiek and snsiain.'d a shock I "perv ^'hS Architect. Ijl klBdj «r ^pairfnp. Ujiicb tbr.w him to Uie floor I 'mler ' AtinoaneemfeBt irery. : _ . . sheriff Boatright « as anions the other Dr. SuttJitfe wishes to iuform his Taken Home. i iie'ghliors who received li^ht shocks farmer patrons and the public that he Joe .Murpliy who has been in St ' partfes who saw tiie un -.lvrsSeriff at has resumed the general practice of with surgery, m , 1 to 3 and John's hospital for a number of weeks' tlie time the li^htnin^ struck say that ^medicine, combining it Uuffering an attack of typhoid fever jhH licaan mrniii'.; souiersanks aiul flii>.Ofi';ee hours 10 to ll a. livas taken to his home yesterday. f tloi»s in a maiiii--r v-iv uiu'eioiuiii-- 7 to 8 p. m. -tile dignit} ut hi.- oirif-. , ^ Office rooms t«» rem in aieveuson j I -Fii^t:erald .Si«ra«fe and Truosfer Buildings. —Soda Water, the Oar Way kind. $1,00 bottle of Wahoo for ilx' lit J. j (i>. liwuMfh«>ld and piamtmoriuKt p. .Mundis Co. i largest >t«|re n"«iu iudtv. Fhvoe 856.

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