Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 7
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mm Charles FUIIipii Says Tlut 8ite of Hunt femcBt Plant Was Formerly Indian Burying <3roand. rchanuto Tribune.) U Is generally thought by Cbanutc residents who have been here sinco tha early days thiM- the skeleton found by workmen at the Hill cement plant north of the city yesterday is that of an Indian. Charles Phillips, of 213 North Hlsh- land avenue la positive that the rn- ma'ns are tliosc of a rodslxln. He says the grounds on which the camenl plant Is bnildinp was fonnorly an Tniiian burial jiround. and that there were as many as thirty-five or forty Rraves there. I The Beebe land, southwest of the' Hill coiiipanv' tract, was lalso usfd by the Indians as a plar;? of .septil ; Cher. The Boelie tract ha.s been pur- j chased by the German Portland Cr- • nient company, which intends lo er- i cct a cement factory ther?on. It Is a strange turn of fate that fhrt t^o plat.e of pround near this city which were selected by the aboricu- es in di'> s irone by as the places of interment 'Mi'iiild now become the s't- of faclnries rcpre.sontinR tlie iiivps!- n'lent of iiiilliDus .nnd converiiiiR tin- bosom of the I'arth Into a v'odiict which is sent to all parts of th* gioh<'. Mr. Phillips" f;ininv tivod on flu land now own <"(l liy (lio Mill r^iifiii company for a time, niid I K - says that the flrst time he ran a plow over tli tract he turned up .1 jiuniber i >f bom-s arrow heads and other tokens of tli wlilie man 's pr<'d:>ooss«rs. Uls bcllof lliiif the sk'-li 'toii found yi'stcrilay Is thai i>r an Indian is further fiuppciyird li.\ Its size :ind lb" circumstance 's nnd>'r wililcli it was foun<I. It will be reiuemlifr: (I thai (he workmru discov(<r"^<l tin- boily about eiRlitfi'n Incbos unr |<M- crntind. This aproos with the slorios told of Indian burials. In wlik-li II is always stalf'd that 1li.> i-rave was just df^p euoupli allow Ibe (np of th«^ head to come to till- surface. The Ifupth of the skeleton wa^ about t feet C inches, accordlnp fo the hpsf esljmafe which could bf» made. TIrs would indicate that th.^ remains were iliose of a woman or of a .vouiip person. It Is probable that| the body was a woman's. The knife would indicate this. It is the only weapon which a squaw would be lik^ ly to know how to use, and for that reason it was probalily placed in her grave that sli'- miplit have somethinp to defend Iier -:Hlf when .she took th-'' loiip. dark trail tn tli.' Hapi)y Hunt- inc IJrouncis. \ TamiUes Supplied With Oysters/* Says the Oysterman. "Families Supplied With Oysterettes," Says the Grocerman. And thus they join hands on the good things of life. Oysterettes The oyster cracker with a taste to it, always crisp and fresh, in moisture-proof packages. 1 NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY MI.SS BERNA KEINHAKT TO CO.ME .'ibpy wen- uiv.-ii a lli'us. by tb.- cl.rU? •it. Clever Aclres.s Se«>n In "(ilrl of the Strcels." Neither dissatisfaction nnr disappointment are lo be seen on the f^ces , of the aiidienc? which preets the DR. HI.VD.M.AN brouplit a Ford run about down from Kansas City \".-'<I- ursday. If is a . linnr|s<uue ma'-hiue of the utoilnl "n," on»» of the latest jiaKern .s,. It will enable him lo .la- sw .T calls in considerably less time than with a tram. The run from C^ty v.-as inade in b 'ss t.han six hours. — Humboldt Herald. Used by Millions Baking Powder wltti lht> Pnr iiolevrry btuli'. | Wlliam Hurtnelt and IXdbcrt Bow en. the lola hiph scliiMd sttub-nts weul 10 the city clrrk when tiiey firs- heard thai the carnival was to be here, and abkcd if be woniil pram them a licence to sell confetti. They •Girl of the Streets." that truly de- would prant them a license. .Xctin.: llp'.;trul i)lay by Lillian Mortimer. The upon this tbiy pnrc'.-.ased their slof! case is headed by Miss Berna Rein hardt. an actress of pronounced abil- and took out the license. The other eveninp after they had sold but li'- ity and beauty, and her delineation of|tl.! the police of the city put a ban "Kit" is said to R 1 V ;> unusual satis-ion throwinp it and indirectly proliib faction everywhere. Manaper Wliea- 1 iteil the sale of it. Ion announces that has secured] In speaking of tlie niatier. .Mr this r.harmlnp play : nd company for| \vi,.„jj .,..f .y,,^ ,|,.„ i ,p |„„k,.,i „,, ,1,. next Monday mcbt "i tin Grand :ind , „rdinauc-s and fnund muie proliiliil advices every lady te att-nd this Per -ji,,^ „f conferil and acted ai fr.rmance as they will b- more than mrdlnplv. "I offered to plve the i.fty;. pleased with it. If the stomach is on a strike use .Mi-o-na. and Bee how /juickly and easily it gets back to work. ".Oc a box. Cures any stomach trouble or money refunded. Charles B. Spencer. CONFETTI *v ^I.ES I'llOHIBITEO. .Merchants Iloncht Slocks uud Licenses —Lost Moucj. back their mou?y but they re fuserl fo take it. savini; that they wep; losers for the whole auiount." IMU.TSCIINKIDER'S KI.SHIX; PO>D, Ifnmboldt Wass Label 11 IMirk Pnpd fur linnihuldt's (>»Mie Warden. I Humboldt Heiald I A leak in the water pipes on Bridge Can the citv be held r •sponsible | .succl caused a great deal of fun Tues frr the nmuunt paid out by the con-; day. Some one saw the !eak and the fetti meroi.anis for their stock? Some lime apo the city clerk issued a V- cense to soil confetti aiul now tb" police come along and say tbut throw confetti is distuii)inp ili peace .-inil Indirectly iirohibit the .<a!e of it. .\oW can the city be m.'lde t'l j'ay for the stock of confetti wliich the (onfetti merchants purchased aft •• mud puddle which it made and decorated it wirh a fishing |>olc. On the p(de was a sipn. ".Vo lisbin^ here ex- '•'icp|it Itv llollscbneider. i'lsh and (iame Warden." I'.eside the lishin;; pole was a liincb li.'iskei cuniaininp a banana rtn<l .-1 lioille of bail Utv f'lrailie, Hland- iu« Iie,idc tliis tta.-; a c.iu cif unrms I'or llie ti.-b WM Is Not Debatable! T. h. IJjinirtf. the rliirf slo «kJi'»]»]i'r iti t)i<< rej^i 's Xl .lp cullii'I'll. •nllidl |i;is witllill the iusf *•>•«• ^e;^•s .•.[M'lif ^l.'.iKlll.liiMi ill u.lvi'itisiiip. e.siMf'.-^N 's his ( nin iei ii .n ilmt I .iiiiinrs' ink is 1 hi' )»«>.«f kiij »J <»f i-.i;ni(jcni;il iiivcslmi-ut III till- foljowiiifi l;ingn:i<;c: "I <;UI»o( ItlHiersfjMii} |i-iW fhc fjlje.'? tioii ijiii IK * delisted." he siiiil. "U bv the fuet lllUt il>l\«'I-tiKil);j JIJl.VS if lis ijlMllv lleliKtll .sii;i(ei] »'%erv «J;i_\ jis *f]i;il ilie .sun 1 jve^. Select tlie in'opiT iMi 'iliniii. udvcrii .se iim-lii ^eufly iiud vdiii- fiii -fiiue is niiide. "You ijiijKt liiivf new ideiis f"i I ImnjP's of fiisliion. I K|HMit t.Oi 111 I veiiisiii;» ill fine, veai- and il paiti well. •••"lood jjnods. jnHid advortisiii;; ijerify of if is my Jidviee fo iiiiiliiti'Mis com nirrcial iiiun." the I ;i (l and Tlie i 'da Haily Kepister iiif.t ninety per rent ..f the iioiiies in llie <'ily. JimJ lynches aluiosl flie entin- p.ipiil.iiioM in fill' roiMifi'v disfrivts. There can ho no ijneslion alioiit it IHMIIK prnpcr nicdiiini. THE BKIIKJE ACCEPTED. Scalier Creek Bridpe One of the Best Kridprs in the County. (Humboldt Herald.) The cnuiiiy commissioners together with C. .M. Smith went to the Scatter Cr(>ek bridge Saturday afternoon to ifiiik it over liefore fmally accepting it from the coiupany which constructed il. The bridge was found all right in •very resticcr and is considered one of The best if not the best bridge in the •oilIlly. The bridge is what is called I rubble concrete bridge. It is made 'if small stones imbedded in cement tiid Is coiLSHlcred eve»i better and ;ii>'i -e lastinp tliaii reinforced concrete IJeiufiuccd concrete for small bridges is not so lasting as rubble concrete. The steel rods used in the reinforce- uiput are subject to the dampness which will percolate through the cement and tli^ rods eventually rust out. .V rubble concrete bridge is not subject to this and is heavier. This sort of work will last as long as the pyramids. Samples of this kind of con- strfiictlon are found in Bg>-ptian ruinc and are as good or better than when first made. WORK BEGUX 0.\ AMOS BlILDLVG. Tearlnp Old Structure Down in Preparation for Neir BuUdlnp. (Humboldt Herald.i /Workmen began tearing down the /id building on the comer of Seventh an'l Bridge streets Wednesday morn- inc. .1. .1. .Amos who owns the prop- •rty Is expi'CtliiR to begin the con 'truciion of the new bulldlnp which to occupy the ground at once, be a handsome building. It Dear Old Xother. '.M.i dear old mother, who is now elgbtv-three years old. thrives on VAcc trie Bitters, •writes \V/ B. Brunson. o' Dublin. Oa. "She has taken them for about two years and enjoys an excellent appetite, feels strong "and sleeps well." That 's the way Klectrlc Bitters effect the aged, and the same happy results follow lo all cases of female weakness aniji general debillt}' Weak, puny children too. are greatly strengthened by them. Guaranteed also for stomach, liver and kidney troubles, by all druggihts. r >Oc. ABOIT -THREE GBEATE.ST LUBS' W. T. WIthnm Will Lecture on Soeial- iiini Sunday. The I 'lc .-il Socialist orpanlzatiou has arranp'd what it regards as a rare treat for those who attend their ineetinp at I'nion I-abor hall on Sun day afieruDou at half past two o'clock. .'•Ir. W. T. WTthrow has consented to deliver bis lecture entitled "The Three Greatest Mars on Earth." Mr. Wiflirow Is ,i very interesting talker, and in "The Three Greatest Liars on Earth" he appears at his very best. 'Hie lecture is iutersp?rsed wUb flashes of wit and clean, wholesome humor. Besides beiug very entertaining it conveys a lesson drawn ; from the very heart of the great problems of life. A good audience is expected to be present, and ladies are especially in- i vilfd. The lecture will contain noth • lug whatever of an offensive or j questionable nature. Admiaskm to I the ball free, but a collection will be taken to defray expens3s. Notice. All mem hers of lola lodge B, P. O. E. are requested to^ be present at the meeting loraorrow night as the trus- teeH have a propoaitlon to lay before the lod«e for the nnrchane of a home. 5JELVIN PRONK. Secretary. For Exeliaacei Farming lands In Panbandle, Texae, for farm lands, or live stock, or for tola. Gas City or La Harpe reatali. WHITAKER * DONNKLL. «EHBTA. Ida Perkins visited near Colony the first of the week." i James'Xeavltt who .has beet in Ca- ey the past month,-is at home. George'and Frank Mabie drove to lula last' Wednesday. Miss Elra Perkins is visiting home folks. Jlrs. Frank WTiite is visiting relatives in Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Knowles of Illinois visited at their cousin's, Mrs. Caddis, last week. DIAMOND. * Quite a number are husking corn. Buna Hanna is here from Lamed. Kansas, in the interests of real estate. Quarterly meeting will be held at Diamond church Sunday. November 'ird. A series of meetings will begin on Monday evening following. Cora and Wiilard Bibens who are itteuding school at Parsons. Kansas. ';amc home last Friday evening and ipent a few days with home folks. The teacher and scholars of Diamond school are preparing a program which they will give Hallowe'en evening. October ?.lst. There will also be a basket supper. Ladies are re« quested to bring baskets. Everybody ordially Invited to attend. Having learned that James Tyler expected to start on his western trip Wednesday morning, the young people planned a surprise party for Tuesday evening of last week, and about thirty young people responded to the invitations. The surprise was complete and rerresbmcnts were served, and the yoiinp people enjoyed the evening plendldly. His many friends wish him success. \ party for the young folks was •4veu Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wynn in honor of Cora and Wiilard Bibens. Mr. Wynn's vouiig people were home and young folks came from vhis and adjoining eommunlties. About sixty in all were present. Games were played, refresh meuts- were served and at a late hour ill returned home feeling that they had had a fine time. HABMOXT. Miss I..aura Day Iia.-? pone to Ohio to visit her sister. Mrs. Jesse Bennett and family. • There will be a box social at Harmony Saturday night. The proceeds ire to iuiy an organ for the school. Mrs. Will Stewart and Miss Kati-Ina Stoelzinp speh^ last Saturday in Srie. the latter attendinp the teachers* meeting. Mr. Sharp 's brother from Elk county is visitng him this week. Dau Cornell built a porch for Gra^d ma Cloud Wednesday. Clyde Lamberth and family visited vith Frank Booe and wife Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Itunyan took 'heir phonograph to Grandpa Cloudjs Sunday and entertained Grandpa and Grandma and several of their rela- '.Ives. Dan Cornell and wife and Flossie Cornell, Lex Booe and Mrs. L. J. Rooe were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cary Cloud Sunday. Hard Times In Kansas. The old days of grasshoppers and irouth are almost forgotten in the prosperous Kansas of today: although 1 citizen of Codell, Earl Shamburg. has not yet forgotten a hard time he encountered. He says: "I was worn 3Ut and discouraged by coughing night and day. and could find no re- 'ief till I tried Dr. King's New Discovery. It took less than one bottle o completely cure me." The safest ind most reliable cough and cold remedy an diunp nnd throat healer ever llscovered. Guaranteed by all drug- glats. PREACHER ADVERTISES. KTanprlW Blderwolf Cses Printers' Ink to Aid the CSiispel. Rev Blederwolg. who has conduct •d r'markably successful revlvaW iu a number of cities In Kanwas is now '<n charge of a great union meetln:: at Lawrence. The World of that city has the following to say about his attitude toward advertising: A^Thile there ha.": been no apparent waste of extravacance. he has In striking and original ways so forced the meetings on the attention of the neople that th?y have felt that something was going on which they could lot afford to miss. "AU successful merchants." he said, "have been great idvertisers. If the daily papers serv- d no other purpose than to afford he merchants an opportunity for advertising their bus'ness they would be an Indispemslble enterprise for any 'lourlshinp community." The nter Thant who does not use them. Mr. Bledorwolf is Inclined to think, !s making a serious mistake. ".Most .eople." said the evangelist, "fail to inderstand what advertising 1ft reaHj; for. It is not In a case like this to let the people know there is a meeting going, on. That is th3 smallest ^art of it. It is to force them to 9ive attention to the nieetinp. Wihy Iocs the National Biscuit Company spend J2iiO.ft0O a .vear in advertising? Is It to let the people know that they ire In ths biscuit business? Not at ill. It is to convince the people that what they really need is a biscuit and IS a consequence of their poPcy about >O.OOOono of people have come to the ?onclu8lon that they need a biscuit ind the National Biscuit Company 'las grown rich. Do you see? The devil knows bow to advertise. He comes along wit'h something the nat- iral man wantH and he paints the town red to let them know he Is "omlng. The evangelist comes alone with something the natural man does "ot want, and yet thousands of peo- ule and many ministers think that If you put it- In the newspaper and announce It. from the pulpit It Is suf- Oclently well atred to do the work." For Vxehange. Fanning lands In the Panhandle Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or tor lola. Gas City or La Harp* rantala Symptom&bf Worms This condition exists much more generally than most parents are wHling. to admit. And yet it is perhaps the most insidiously dangerous disorder of Childhood. Watch for flu &lied cheeks, lassitude, lack of appetite, picking of the n Me by growing children, and have DR.D.JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE, always ready in the house. It is not merely a worm-expelUnft agent—it is the most efficient general tonic ever prescribed, and has been since tliirty years before the Civil War. Sold by all first-class druggists in SOc and 35c bottles. Jayne'* EnMctonat latbeold :st nnd most reliable ronedjr known for CougliB, Croup,WhooplnsCoush.Cottllntlic Chest, Bronchitis, Plcuriuy and aimilar uilmcnta. J. M. OMAPBCU., Ommh, FKAHK HkOaO, Amt.Ommlt. iOLA STATE BANK CAPITAL S12,S00 IOLA, KANSAS. aiRCOTORSi A. W. Beck. L. E. Horville, J. A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. Hi Campbell, Geo. E. Nicholson, Frank Riddle. V Evans Bros. mmokm. MM*. , mmUmmmtv OUm, Blmmk-^mmkm mmlBlmmm. Mfot Mmmi'limm Trimwrllmf amppUmmt Orrimm Mvmmltmm. Where quality Is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm 80U0H rouf Tpmdm. SOUTH SIDC MUANB Ma, PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE M ^E CONVENIENT ECONOMICU. W T <M» dealer don't lianilSs-t, wtiU to THE STANDARD OB- COMPANY, DOriT KEID THIS. Unless ou are seeking first-class investments. • There wlH be fortunes made this "fall in listed meritorloijs Nevada Minnis Stocks. The recent decline has placed the market in posi- (tion for the biggest J>of.m In many years. ' Our advance luside ijuformatioa turn Ished for a portion of your profits. Write at once for full particulars. THE M15I>G FOAXCIIL BUBEAU, Oakland, Caflfomla. For kMl ni «iki«it nralU ue

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