St. Cloud Times from Saint Cloud, Minnesota on December 5, 1998 · Page 2
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St. Cloud Times from Saint Cloud, Minnesota · Page 2

Saint Cloud, Minnesota
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Saturday, December 5, 1998
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St Cloud Times Clarification , The movie "A Bug's life" this week Svill continue to show on two screens except Saturday, when it will show on one screen only. Saturday's show times are 1230, 230, 430, 7 and 9 p.m. at Park-wood 10, Waite Park. About Corrections The St. Cloud Times wants to correct tTors of fact that appear in the newspaper. If you notice such an error, please contact us ffrrmediately. Cat 255-8776, fax 255-8775 or e-mail Today In History " In 1776, the first scholastic fraternity in jAmerica, Phi Beta Kappa, was organized at -the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. In 1782, the first native U.S. president, Martin Van Buren, was bom in Wnderhook, N.Y. -i In 1791, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna, Austria, at age 35. In 1792, George Washington was reelected president; John Adams was re-elected vice president. In 1901, movie producer Walt Disney was bom in Chicago. In 1988, a federal grand jury in North Carolina indicted PTL founder Jim Bakker and former aide Richard Dortch on fraud and conspiracy charges. (Bakker was convicted of all counts; Dortch pleaded guilty to four counts and cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for a lighter sen tence.) ST. CLOUD Official newspaper of Steams County and ones oi sl cioud, SarteH and Waite Park. Established 1861, the St. Cloud Times (ISSN 0742-7913) is owned bv St. Cloud Newspapers Inc., a member of the Gannett Co. Inc. Published daily and Sundays. Principal place of business and address: 3000 Seventh St. N (P.O. Box 768. St. Cloud, MN 56302). Periodicals postage paid at St. Cloud, Minn. Postmaster: Send .address changes to St. Cloud Times, P.O. Box 768, 5t. Cloud, MN 56302. Sonja Sorensen Craig, Publisher. 255-8709 Patricia W. Carlson, Human Resources, 255-8798 Cathy Chne, Market Development, 255-8727 dreg Fiorito, Production Director, 255-8701 Tove Hicks-Klund, Advertising Director, 255-8799 semi noiimger, controller, 255-8787 Susan Ihne, Executive Editor, 255-8777 Ron Stowing, Information Systems Director, 259-3647 oeary J. raeger, Circulation Director, 255-8724 John Yenne, Online Project Manager, 259-3632 General Phone Numsers The general information telephone numbers for the Times are (320) 255-8700 and, toll-free, 900-955-S(998. People with hearing impairments can call the Times' TDD line, 320-255-8789. Advertising To place an ad, call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Classified ads may be placed by calling 255-8730. Classified display ads may be placed by calling 255-8730. Retail display advertising may be reached at 255-8721. The advertising fax number is 255-8773. Circulation ' For new subscriptions or service, call 255-8710 (or toll-free 800-955-9998) between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; between 6 a.m. and 1 1 a.m. Saturdays and holidays and 6 a.m. and noon Sundays ' Subscription rates are $3.25 per week by youth carrier, $3.55 per week by motor route and $4.25 per week by mail in state. News Hotunes Do you have a news tip? Call anytime or write to me appropnate editor. Sports scores may be reported by calling 255-8770 after 7 p.m. John Bodette, managing editor, 255-8760 Topic editors: Rene Kahiza, educationbusiness. 255-8761 John Hoogesteger, governmentsafety, 25M747 unira goon, reatures eoitor, 255-8764 Dave DeLand, sportsrecreation, 255-8771 Mike Knaak, photo editor, 255-8768 Pia Lopei, opinion page editor, 255-8762 Bandy Krebs, copy desk chief, 255-8776 Obituaries, 255-8742 Silver Lining, 255-8764 Fax, 2554775 i'9k MINTED WITHl JSOYINK Recycled Paper 2A limes Iksex To Advertisers "dead, others let Assembly of God 8B t e! Assembly of God 8B Piece Celled Home 3B Bechmen Jewelers SB Becker Furniture World 1 4A Callan's Furniture SA Cellular 2000 Johnson Group 2A, 4B Cinema...; A Country Christmas g A Country Mlrl 4B Counon od couZZZZZZZZZZZZZel cratts Direct '.ZZZIZZZ4B "JZTr:: r !A Fumtture clearance center rnm irortuHi rwmiiai oarm ua i ob compeny Hair a skin care 4B ZZZZZi D nappy sieeper ZZZZZZZZZZZjb HerD7r3.?.!!!"',,Cofflp"ny Hlnkemeyer Tree Farm ZZZZZZsb uberty savings, me sb o cu McKays Family Dodge 3B wilier caffln 4A Multiple Concepts Interior 6B OW Town Gallery 4B Pier 1 1mrjorta.... ca I 1 fciF"llwi" 5! Jfcnmltt Music Agency 6B siumrjeriandgorp..... 7A St. Augustine Men's Group 2A 81. Benedict's Center 4A, 3B Tenvoorde..t..i...- 1 d The Ssrvilion Army SB Wild Birds Unlimited 7B window box oitts 7B CUSJIflEIAIJI: , MTM TMKI; 8C-14C ..1D-10D Mtfirrr: 5th Ave. Sleep Center Denny a Katfiy's United 8tores YMCA Some preprinted intent ere not sviRfMs In itl tnu becsusf of Hmtad quantnuw MppiM by Km advoniMffl. j Ban aaBBaa bbbbbbi Beaaaai eaaiiu gaiUl Depression strikes frastrated farmers Depressed grain prices, work stress has Sabin man battling health condition SABIN, Minn! (AP) - Last spring, when Lowell Nelson found out he couldn't get an operating loan from the Farm Service Agency to plant his 1998 crop, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. "When I look back at it, it's not my fault," Nelson said. "When I put my cash flow together last winter, I put down a price of $2.40 (per bushel) for corn, which would have been profitable with a reasonable yield. I don't think $2.40 corn is too much to ask for. But prices have dropped substantially below that" Too much moisture, yield-robbing crop diseases and this year's low grain prices have taxed not just farmers' pock-etbooks, but their psyches, as well Former Truman Police Chief pleads guilty to firearms charges Plea agreement includes J- 1 dismissal 01 3 felony charges, 4 misdemeanors FAIRMONT, Minn. (AP) Lee Williams, former Truman police chief, has pleaded guilty to several misde- meanor charges stemming from the ille- gal transfer of firearms. In exchange for the euiltv pleas, a Martin County judge dismissed four otner gross misdemeanor counts and three felony charges. Williams pleaded guilty to transfer- American Crystal predicts small beet payment in 1999 FARGO, N.D. (AP) - American Crys tal Sugar growers will see another disap pointing beet payment next year, com pany officials said Thursday. V Ihis has been a very challeneine year for us, and we will face challenges next year as well," James Horvath, the cooperative's president and chief executive officer, said at the company's annual meeting here. Horvath predicted that the current slump in the world's sugar market will continue to hold prices down. In addition, while the 1998 sugar beet crop was one of the largest ever, there are fears that unseasonably warm weather will reduce the quality of stored beets before they can be processed, he said. 1 nose f actors are expected to hold the beet payment for the 1998 crop to $38.50 per ton, Horvath said. That is slightly higher than the $37.73 per ton growers received this year for the 1997 crop, but still considerably lower than average of about $42 per ton, he said. He called next year s predicted low payment "relatively disappointing," but said growers understand the pressures on the cooperative in the past couple years. I think the mood of the growers is excellent,'' he said. "I think they understand. We spend a lot of time explaining the situation to them." Horvath and Joe Talley, the co-op's One horse, 4 cows found starving LE ROY, Minn. (AP) Four cows and a horse were found dead and another 35 cattle were near starvation on a farm near this southeastern Minnesota citv. . , , a veterinarian who checked the aru- mals said Wednesday he expects sever- ai more cattle will die. A woman who lives near the farm notified the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies of the dead and starving animals. 'iu'uujT uiuciua. Kciieim Luunsei ni Tlmntk,, CU:n1Jn 1 1 r the Humane Societies, said animal cm- eltv rharpps man he filoH aocinof k ' 6 ,Jl ",c """'T uyv"- Shields sairl animal GHn,at,AM - aiuiTauuil la becoming more common because of depressed farm prices. In March, more man two dozen dairy cows were found .j t o ,.... 3 ,v , u" " 1uul m """ "Unry. , We are very concerned that produc- ers simnlv ran'r maL-o onnnrrh j -"6" 'cjr and are 8'"! to neglect these herds," ne said. The resident of the farm told authori ties he was not aware there was not enough food for the animals. A conviction on crueltv to animal charges is a misdemeanor, which carries a maximum fine of $700 and uo to 90 Nelson, a farmer in Sabin, received help from his family to plant his 1998 crop and now is receiving help for depression. Nelson is not afraid or ashamed to tell people he's being treated "I think stress brings depression on, and it's not limited just to fanners. Anybody can end up having stress," Nelson said. "It's not something to be ashamed of." Depression appears gradually, and sometimes people don't realize they're depressed until it's too late. "In my case, I think there were probably three symptoms that showed up that kind of triggered a reaction from me," Nelson said. Those symptoms were: trouble sleeping, loss of appetite and losing weight. He also would have anxiety attacks thinking about all the things he had to do and would break down, unable to prioritize. "I really don't know what triggered it I'm sure it was some of the financial problems with the farming," he said. nng. a semi aut- matlC 3SSault weaPn to an meu- femngapistoito an ineligible per- son. failure to run a background check before issuing a permit to carry a handeun and mak- Lee Williams WILL SERVE 2 YEARS PROBATION, PAY FINE ine a false nprmif Under terms of an agreement, Williams will serve two years supervised probation and pay about $3,800 in reimbursement for vice president of finance, said that while there were some disappointments this year, American Crystal remains strong and is moving ahead with a number of expansion projects, including a new molasses desugarization facility in Hills-boro. The cooperative also intends to increase its acreage to 500,000 acres next year, the most ever authorized. "The cooperative has demonstrated time and time again that it has the innovation and tenacity to compete and grow," said Wayne Langen, chairman of the cooperative's board of directors. Thursday's annual meeting marked the 100th year of American Crystal Sugar Co., and its 25th year as a member-owned cooperative. Also, through 12311998, anyone can get a vehicle power cord Service plans as low as $11.00 per month. "But I was having some uncharacteristic emotions this spring, even when things were going welL" Spring planting went well for Nelson. He had all his crops in early. But instead of the happiness he would normally feel, he was overwhelmed "I guess I've always been looked at as the strong person in the family," Nelson said "If somebody needed something done, they would come to me, and I could do it And here Fm finding myself uncontrollable." Nelson also was dealing with a heart condition and had to undergo open-heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He has a genetic defect, a weak spot in his aorta. Nelson had to tell his doctors at Mayo about his depression because he was told many people suffer from it after open-heart surgery. It was at Mayo Clinic that his cardiologist suggested one of his family members remove the guns from his house. He is very close to his f amity, especial grand jury costs. He also will serve 50 hours of community service. In March, a grand jury charged Williams with three felony counts alleging he knowingly transferred firearms to a man previously convicted of third-degree attempted assault, a conviction mat automatically disqualifies a person from owning a gun for 10 years. Additional gross misdemeanor counts alleged Williams issued permits to three people who were not Truman residents. Police chiefs are allowed to issue gun permits only to residents of their town. Save 30 on i j IdeaCCut (Diamonds! ly his son Shane, who was the one who took away the guns. Nelson, 53, and his wife, Sandy, have three boys: Cody, 18, a senior at Bar-nesville, Shane, 24, a mortgage loan officer in Fargo, N.D., and Chad, 28, who works at North Dakota State University in Fargo. Shane said he's relieved that his father is taking care of himself. "It makes me feel good that he's getting help," Shane said "It takes a while to see the difference, but it's night and day from how he was this spring compared with how he is now." At one point, NelsonTs doctor suggested he stay in the hospital so they could try some drugs. But Nelson refused because it was spring, time to plant his crops. "I figured the stress of staying in the hospital and not planting a crop would be worse than (not) staying in the hospital," he said. "Their priority is saving you and making sure you are OK, and the hell with the farm. Which is 2 teens charged in MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Two teen-agers were charged with abducting a 73-year-old woman at gunpoint and forcing her to drive them in her car from Cass Lake to Minneapolis. Stephen L McCabe, 17, of Glenwood, and a 13-year-old boy from Cass Lake were Also Hash Browns. Fresh LJ BEAKFAST All You Can Eat Served Family Style Sunday Masses at 7:30,9:15 & 11:00 a m. Adults Senior Citizens .$5.00 East St. Cloud (65 Over) -.USD Children K thru S $2.50 Preschool Free 'What ivilfyou rememSer about this Christmas? This year, give a gift that can Bring a smite to f , the face of your Coved' one every day for years to come. 4 give a gift from (D.J. (Bitzan JeweCers. Once she sees the 6o she'tffoow. And so wittyou. D).BHZAhl and a leather case for only $19.98 (for phonu pktunD abort onlv) .11 iU. ... 1 i ) kind of the attitude I've developed now." But Nelson had to go through a difficult time in order to get to that point The farm has been in his family for a longtime. ' "I had two cardiologists and my surgeon at Mayo in Rochester advising me to quit farming to reduce the stress," Nelson said. "I may be finding something else to do and that's another place where we all cut ourselves very short as farmers. We are capable of doing almost anything because that's what we do on the farm every day." Nelson, however, has decided to scale back his operation. "I guess Fm a stubborn Norwegian, and I don't understand what the good Lord wants me to do, but apparently it isn't farming," Nelson said "It has not been very good here for most of the '90s. Too much water, too much disease, things we have no control over at all. And now we also have poor prices." woman's abduction charged Wednesday in Cass County District Court with kidnapping, armed robbery and two counts of motor-vehicle theft County Attorney Earl Maus said his office will seek to have McCabe tried as an adult The 13-year-old will be prosecuted in juvenile court " SUNDAY Dec. 6th t Donuts Rniiei Promptly Served From 8 A.M. to 12:30 By The Men of St. Augustine Church of St. Augustine Handicap Accessible j Corner Wilson Ave. & 2nd St. S.E. ! Crossroads Center 251-4812 Mon-Sat 10-10 Closed Sunday 12 Month Interest Free Financing aLJ daysinjaiL

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