Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 6
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JWe are having lovely weather this •week. Mr. Andrews ia here from Aoderson Countjr loOklns over some of the farms that ue.for. sale. Mr: Bldrldge got pretty .badl.v hurt last week and Is feeling quite badly yet this week. Karl Bushnell is here from CofTey- vllle vlaltlnff Mrs. Ling and family this week. Mary Preston returned Wednesday from an enjoyable two weeks' vl.slt with coiislns In BartlesvIIIe. John Preston of IjoHarpe was quite sick last week. She that was Mrs. .Settle Peck, now Mrs. Geo. Alexander, husband - and children visited at C. R. Perks Wednesday night. William and Frank Preston hauled corn to Plqua Wednesday and attended, the pis barn raising Thursday. Grandpa Dawson visited bis dau(^- tefs In Coffee County the first of the week. One of Mfs. .Tones' uephfws sppnt .Monday night with her. Ollle Durant has gone to join i her husband in Walla Walla. Washington. We saw Mrs. Wheeler at the sale and thoy think she will rem a farm near where they now live for another year. There were two Daso peddlers here last week. PR.IIRIE IIALU Mb. tt dUBt vfati to bk . talRdMt ty itM^ inoutfi .for a'biaDmerelil w «tl, and Mr. Ruey tui^wl It orsr to Mr. BrougfattA, and he had It eased with two Inch tubinr and-will pipe It to il» house. The struck gea In about 740 feet, but they went over 100 feet deeper to no avail. It would furnish gas enough for some S or 10 families They have moved on to the Link Plnkston place and commenced drilling Monday. M. F. Brandenburg made a business trip to lo!a Saturday, returning Sunday. Mrs. Ullle Tlllery came in from Turon. Reno County, Kansas, Wednesday evening, October 16. for a visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 8. D. Drand- euburg. and other relatives. Mrs. Myrtle .Moore and daughter ]..ea(e. came up from Parsons Si^day and will make an extended visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Brand- onhtirg, and other relatives. .lesse Jones of Mount Hdpe, Kansas a son-in-law of .lames K. Jones, left fro his home Monday after visiting several dayn here and at Parsons. Ra.vmond Harlan and wife and little son, Chester, visited at the parentai home of 8. D. Brandenburg Saturday night and Sunday. Bennet Rodenbiirger returned home last week nfter a two weeks' visit In Indiana. Me reports crops good there especially corn. A«- WPl Broiirhfon's family attended the funeral of Mrs. Htte Hopper at bronxon Sunday. We would be glad If our neighbors would report to ns any news item.x they would like to have publli«hed and oblige S. D. Brandenhurg. i WESLEY CHAPEL. We think everyone is thoroughly en- jojlng this delightful weather. It certainly gives the farmers a splendid opportnnity to get their fali work done. Prank M.ver.a is very busy woikiiig on his new barn. He has several men helping him. The Hardin bny.s were out west, of Tola two or three days last week buying cattle. .\HiS Ora Hard, the Hall teacher. vlsMed home folks iu loJa from Friday until Sunday evenlnc last week. Mrs. .M .L. Seymour and daughter. Jeanetie. were lola visitors one day last week. • Bert Hardin left for Girsinl, Kansas, Tuesday of this week, where he will start to California and other western slates. He expects to be soue .several w4eks. Miss Lydla Murray who i.s now staying in TjaHarpe. and Jeanette Seymour spent Saturday nljrht wiili Pearl Hardin. Mrn. G. W. l>vrle has heea visillDS friends at Wellvllle. Kans.i>. tor ihe past week. iWyile knd Grover Myers of l.aHarpe were oiif to spend the diiv Sunday with their brother. Frank Mvers. and family. \ • Jeanette Seymour, l.ydia Murray. Leonard Doiialil. Hurr. Fratik and Pearl Hardin look dinner ut Mr. Willis Walkers .Sunday. Mr, and .Mrtj. -I. W. Gulletr vlslte.l relatives In.l.«Hsiiie last Sunday. , Walter, Lytic spent uStttrday evening with |the Hardin .voting folks. Olen Wood attended Sunday Hcboo: nt Prairie Hall Sunday raornliiK. Some of the young folks from this comrannlty attended the lecture course at LaHnrpe la»i Thur.^day, and voted it a decided success. 8T05T FODTT. ,The gas well W. W. Raney had drilled on the George Brou^hton farm .Mr. and Mr.". Smothers left for their home In Iowa last Thursday, after a two weeks' visit with their daughter. Mrs. Georpe Heming. :\lrs. Joe Reade's parents visited her Saturday and Sunday. William Hlggins went as an .\. H. T. .A. delcarate to Par.sons last week. .Meeting is still going on at the Chape!. Fairly good congregations. llev. Wharton preached to the children Sunday afternoon. A splendid Illustrative sermon, one In which we older ones learned much tn^ our advantage in the advancement of the cause of the Christian life. .Mr. and Mrs. Ruxton went to lola Monday to see .Mrs. Tluxton's iHother. who is sick. Mr. John Rogers Is kept with sorghum making. Mr. and .Mrs. Talley drove up to look at the new town. Mildred. Sunday. ' ^ PR.IIRIE ROSE. +• Wo will try agin to take up our corietiiiondence after an ah."enee of several weeks. The railroad adji-ster was here one da last week and paid Mr. Knapp full appraisers value for the cattle he had killed byjhe train some time ago. AltM ."^trickier Is having his eyes treated by a Parsons specialist for i;raniilated lids. Mr.s. Mattock spent a part of last week with her son. Jim. and family and Friday went to Chanitte for a visit with her son. Lon. Ben Bacon went to Fort Scott Sunday morning to meet his gradfather Bacon, who is returning from an extended visit with his daughter, .Mrs: FJIIa Jones, near Montgomery, Ala. The old gentleman Is in very poor health. Mr. Boring and family attended the cht|rch services in .Moran Sunday morning. Ed "Wvoi has moved into the house vaoated by Jim Rohb. where he will live this winter. GleoD Spafford and family spent few days last week visiting the for pier's sister near Bayard. Mr. TIce and family were Sunday guests at Jim Rogers. Robert Rogers is assisting Jim .Mattock make a cistern. Harry Fronk and wife are caring for 8 new daughter since Monday morning. The Ladies' Aid expect to serve innch at Mr. Biggs' sale Thursday. Mr. Jackson and Charley Ford are going to have a combined sale. Mr Jackson expects to move to Canada while Charley Ford will not farm on an extensive scale another year on account of his health. Joe Baker and family from north of I.AHarpe were guests at Cliff Isaac's Sunday. Mr. Biggs has threshed for Ollie Miller and Mr. Perkins. BELFBT. Cora and Willard Bibens #tao are attending business college in Parsons came home Friday and stayed over Sunday with their mother. Their many. •1- If Old Sorea were 4ae to otttilde' inflaences, or. If the cutse ifib coalaed ftrKtl)r fotli«diiea«ed fleah iroand the olccar, tliM diteraal tit »Uiw >t'«od aimpleclMaUnesB would ^evire thdii. But the tibnble ia in tJi «1 )lc^. wllicb miltealthy a |id diUMoiiKd^ and .kaepa t^khoitabtnby contiiidally iittii it theiinptuiU«a and polioai iHtIt wliicft^tbecireQlaUoa if ij«1afmoiii ;'Conditioii of th^ bldbd iiiJ»H¥he-«rni^i|iidf°sc>me i^itioiiiiiM tronbte lAbi effect of « lon|^ apeU of ^icMili^ W bi^^iuae tlie' aahuflscfuaebt'tbe body^ iMiicIi sl^dpaas off tlurbi»sn4Nt«Mi>ef aveauea, . UKMnitlei^ i« t)ie ayMcb and aifaatn^ naybeheraditaxy; botitdocanottiuittc^liow^ %«awK.- ,mn»,\^n^t». U >Koail/«te;/ii »^«ii|:^^^ • v" teni ^ibtarily;'. twt-'llie. . -ptuttt- by' awfiJic "" foilmiiiatiiiiii.^^ In Our Ready-to-Wear Dei>artment, -morrow, Saturday! More New Suits, More New Coats, just in, direct from New York. Every one ia right-up-to-the-minute in style, and at prices that cannot be duplicated. $1651 Tailsred Soits at $12.56. In .Ml Wool Cheviots, lirnadcloths and Fancy .Mixtures; some are Semi-fitted and some lilted styles . Kvery one of these is worth $iri .."i((. Special for tomorrow )ii |2/i0 $20 WalkiiisSaKs, $15. Handsome new Fall Waikini; Suits made of splendid quality, all wool Cheviot In black, navy atid hrown: coats Prince Chap styles. 27 and .'.o Inches long, satin lined. The skirts are made very wide fnii plaited effeei. Special ; ijiL-i.tMl $25 Tailored Soits $18.50 Artistically made Suits in Prince Chap semi-fitted and cutaway ''nVets. fabrics are tine serges, cheviots and heringbone worsteds iti black, navy bitie and brown, also in fancy inaiiisti mixtures. Choice tomorrow !i!l.s..'»0 $30 Tailor Made SniLs $25 Gracefully Tailored Coat Suits in smart three-quarter and seini-liited models, the coats are lined with silk or satin: skirts are made in the newest styles, made of fltie l)roadcloth un- finlshed worsteds, series or fancy manish mixtures of exceptional merit and tailoring? at *2.->.lK» Sale of Long and Short Coits. r.2-ineh All Wool , Cheviot I.;idie.s' flrtats. Special price for all this week $.-..(»(» .^.2-in(h All Wo <iI Mlack Cheviot Ladies' Coats nicely trimmed in braid and velvet. Special for all this week '.. *7.!IS "itt-iiich .Ml Wool Kersey Coats in black, castor and tan. beautifully trim nied: a regular $I2.!t.S values. S|)ecial pii .e r .ir :.ll lliis Week IjiKUHl .\ Kre :it variety of'"Long. Loose Coats iu black, brown, tan, dark red. le .iiher shade. Prices ratige *|.1.1MI, $I .S.O«, ijiiO.OO, Sp ^.l.lMI Mi Snpsrb Array of Short Coats. In Imported Caraculs, .Silks, Beaver. Critshed Plush and Fine Wool Cloths. *i2..v», $1.-.. $is, u:,, ^\:,, $40 I OtSnNCTtONMOHCSS C0niUSHT .I»7 IT - tIK WWHTJ.iltOmuM COM»»«l» A BIG SHOWINfi OF MISSES' and JUNIOR COATS. Made in tliH popular new materials and dolors, '^e prices range from— $2.98 to $15.00 Special Sale of Skirts and Waists. All WodI Pan.imji Skirts in-'allP colors, every one the very latest models, from i)a.08 to *!.%.«« NEW ARI5IVAL.S OF WALSTS. Tuffeta Silks, Xet, Datlste. All Wool natiste Wafsts nicely trim med in black and cream at 11.98 Chiffon IJatlste Waists beautifully trimmed In lace at ; Iji98 Chiffon Taffeta Silk Wiiists. black, brown and navy bltie at i^)J98 Extra Fine Cbiffojii TaJfeta Silk Waists,. black only, -at...... L WAS fieaiitijul Xet Waists, Arabian and White, from *WS to $10.00 MILLINERY SALE New Arrivals all the Time. Second Floor MILLINERY SAd * . - -, .J New Arrivals all the Time. Second Floor friends were glad to see them. Mrs. Swing is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Pees, from Oirard. Several dwelling houses Are being built in Mildred. Mr. Finley'ft relatives who have been vMtng him have returned to their home* in IllinolB. Jerry Hackett and family spent Sunday at Grant Shockey'a. ^ All the teachers in this vicinity attended the Teacher's Association at Htimboldt Saturday. Mr. Treadway, the truancy oHlcer, called on the acbnol Monday, bnt he found, no truants. lit*. Vfynn gave a party Saturday «v«alng in honor of Cora and WlUard Blbena. They were pleasantly sur- prIlMd and every |one present had a delightful time. ' Lton and Luolle Fergus, of Eureka, ci^ne.home with their Ubcle. J. B; FAfgua aJM) are yisttlor their couslnd„j HugS and Fanny Fern. ' ' j Jlev. Wh^rion antf wife took supper at Mra. Ater'a. I^qeada}'. Iff. Sprlogatoti^nd family spent Snhdajr at lUrler PnMer's.' ' , Mr*. W«Itlia Viiudfver Js vlBlttng M- likUTM tod trie^da heiv^ :T«^.nfal*y:^l« too better. Mr.-JPorter;and family and Jolut RadttHriad family were th« gacatl^ Miliii «d..9eit%:44. ^d »y. < k-. —ig e»n the maiebli^ Mrs. Miller vlslted^her son, \V'alter. and family Tuesday. Albert Bibens spent Sunday with his mother. Earl Fergus went to Flumltoldt Saturday with the Moran football team. f'rank Curley sold his pony to the livery man at Mildred. THBEE ME.V WKRK KILLKI). Two Hundred Pounds of Xltr«-Oly- rerlne Exploded In Wlscnn)<ln. Ashland, Ws.,'Oct. 25.—Number two mixing mill of the Atlantic Dynamite Company's factory, six mlies somh- west of Ashland blew up today. .Two hundred pounds of nitro-glycerjne exploded. Three are dead. A fourth man was so'tiadly torn to pieces that Wonderfully and Quickly .relieves and cures the painful •ufferlnga of . women; to the maiden, the mother, the woiiian In mlddie life it Is «t friend indeed. Hundreds and eyen thousands of sickly, frail and delicate women have been restored to vigorous health through its \9 use. Ho can you \ ...... For fnll Information, testimonials and a fiOc brix of the remedy free, cull on i - ' 617 North FlrsU Pfeoiie 985^' . lolja,'XMSM Local Mgr. The Womaft's Mutual Deneflt 001, Jollet. Ill, Agjfe, .^^antedii* the body cannot be identified. — .r^ PUBLICATION TIOTlCE. {24. Range 19, iit;lll«tt Cd^litr. State ofKinsas, Allen C^nty, ss. i ;Tn the District Court for saia Cottnty. S. E. Spilhnan, plalnUff. vs. Union Portland Cement Company, a corporation, defendant . ', by 8«id plaintiff on oi-,Mfbiib th«i day of Ndvemben' ment for ptalntUC^^n f6,SO0.0O win !b» Said defeiBdant Pnlpn Portland Ce^ ^ndr the said at mient CoiniKtlijr, a tforporatlon. wlir - ' take 'notice tHat It has been: sued In the.aBQve bamedConft , upo^i tlit?ie cantos ot- action upon' wKlw said pialptUC' clainfe said d«feodani ia; debtad to him in the totot aum of Jii TBouiattLlbft iri |n«r^PpU*r* Jm - - "Ion in said c|ti?e itf ^.med-to^^*^ will he couffnne#iiiil will be orderedk^lAl jud^elit. - f^*5

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