The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APRIL ?S, 1990 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWi PAOB Many Vets to Buy Homes During 1950 ™ Nineteen percent of the thousands of war veterans who have not yei bought their own homes will do 10 this year, announced the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building Information, after surveying plans for ute 'of or insurance refund money which will add $2,800,000,000 to personal Incomes by mid-year. About 40,000 applications per month are now being made for GI home loans, In contrast to a low of 20,500 in March, 1949, Two outstanding reasons for the great increases are: better home values now offered, and outlook for continued prosperity. If m vet buys a new house, giiar-* anteed by the government, he can be virtually assured of getting good house that meets all local ordinances and PHA requirements. Even higher standards are often observed by conscientious builders. Test Soundness Solid construction Is essential and the home-buyer can do a hop, skip and jump on the floors of the house, to be sure they are solid. If the house vibrates, shakes or sags, beware. A house-shopper should visit.any home - he Is considering several times before making a final decision. The house should be Inspected at least once on a rainy day. A leaky cellar should b* the signal for a quick exit. A leaky roof shows a weakness wich needs Immediate investigation and possibly expensive repairs. A guarantee of a well-built house Is assured If It is well-insulated with full-thick mineral wool. FHA Igttl not guarantee a loan unless In- flpiation specifications are observed ~c3omfort, economy and lower upkeep costs are among the reasons for this. A house insulated .with mineral wool. will be up to 15 degrees cooler In summer and will save 30% or more on fuel. A les expensive and less . fuel-consuming heating plant may be installed and longer lift for the equipment assured because of the lesser load on it. • - •' Ma5or Installations Plumbing, heating and wiring are major installations that should be checked before the vet buys a If water drains too slowly from the tub or sink, plumbing pipes may be tod small. If plumbing-Is noisy. It may be improperly vented. Low ' _ pressure may indicate that service line to the house is too small. Auto- t matlc types of heating units are preferable to hand-fired. A too- small furnace will have to be op erated at an Inefficient • overload Exposed pipes should be insulated; chimney and fireplaces should be --separate from the house structure, •toere should be a sufficient number iCf electrical outlets in all rooms for lamps and other appliances; in the kitchen for refrigerator, range and other major appliances. Flooring, roofing, window and door Installations; hardware, wall finish both inside and outside; construction revealed in an-unfinished • ttlc, are other points to be checked. Real Estate Transfers (Chickasawba District) John H. and Theda Stephens and : harles and Rosalee Bowen to Glenn KImhall, ct al, Lots 210-223 of Block 16 of the Original Survey of Manila, Lot 207 and the West of Lot 203 in Block 16. also of ;he Original Sun-ey of Manila, $1 and other consideration. H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to J. R. VJarr, Jr., and Mary Katherine Marr. Lots 8 and 9 of Block 5 of the Country Club Drive, $1 and other consideration. J. R. Marr, Jr., and Mary Katherine Marr to Charley and Lelo Davis, Lot 8 of Block 5 of the Country Club Drive, $8,500. H. H. and Lucy Houchms to O. E and Betty Manner, Lot 3 of Block 8 of the Country Club Drive, $760. Blythevilte Development Company to E. c. and Marine Williams, Lots 16, 17. 18. 19 and 20 of Block 8 of. the Wilson First Addition, $1,590. E. D. and Cora Uhles to Taylor and Blnnce Turnbow, Lot 4 of Block "B" of Park Addition, $2.000. Harold and Prances Frailer to E. H. and. Olivia McCure, Lot 15 of Block 4 of the William Lee Walker Second Subdivision, $10 and other consideration. . Lonry and Annerlee Lawrence to Thomas and Lena Williams, Lot 48 of Larry's Fourth Addition, $250. Fortunate H. and Ruth Turmo to Max and Annie Laurie Logan, Lo 20 of Block 4 of the David Acre. Subdivision, $215. Max and Annie Laurie Logan Harold B. and Marie p. Wright to Charles W. and Dorothy Jean Gra ham, Lot 13 of Block "F" of thi John B. Walker Second Subdivision $900. Max and Annie Laurie Logan t< J. k.'-aiid Elvle Edings, Lot 20 Block 4 of the David Acres Subdivi sion, $10 and other consideration. Mattfe Swift to Harry H. Levltch Lots 7 and 8 of Block I of the Mat Daniels Addition, $10 and othe consideration. Frank T. and Luttle Byrd to Ma ble Smith, Lot 1 and a plot 45 b 145 feet adjoining Lot 7 in Block of the Davis Third Addition, $1 and other consideration. Terrace of Brick Is Easily Built Without Mortar Easy construction which most home-owners can do themselves will provide an attractive outdoor terrace for many pleasant hours in mild weather. First step is to measure the desired she adjacent to the side or rear door opening into the yard, then dig the earth away for a depth of 5" or; 6".-Three or four inches of cinders or gravel are then spread evently and tamped down for drain- KEM-GLO T»ADI M«<K STAY-WHITE Regularly- OQ* si.39 Tr O PT. Unfil Mo r 31, 195O Try • pint of KJEM-GLO, in white that slays white, « only 98f, Today! A pint covers up to 50 square feet 10 lovely colors io quarts »nd gallons, Pino in Scay- white only. »2.39Qt. »7.98Ool. Get your PINT of KEM- GLO Suy-tvbitt it only 98Y, TODAY! Bring *d to Builders Supply Company, Inc. W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry So. Hi way 61 Ph. 2434 age. This fill is covered with 2" sand and in this bricks are closel laid. Attractive designs such as her ringbone or basket-weave can t> worked out with the brick, whic the sand will hold without morta or concrete underlayment. Roc salt mixed with the said will kee the joints free from grass an weeds. Garage Space s Usable for Recreations *"'* f 't^C *«L P* """^ *"* • - .!•**_ •"» « .:. ^"i,~"*"r >»?•••""•• — '**T.VV ,V>-^ x *~»?t$V •-. RANCH STYLE HOME—Following ranch typ« design both Inside and out" Is the new home of Mr and Mrs. W. H. Pease, 620 Pecan. The six-room house Inclu'des a living room nncl dining room combination, Kitchen and breakfast nook, two bedrooms, den and bath. breakfast, nook, separated* ^ _— ^ roin the kitchen by a counter; op-' ns onto a large screene'd-ln porch 'hfch adjoins the carport. Of frame onstructlon, the house has 10-inch evellccl siding and eaves with tiree-foot overhang. It is painted ray with white slvhtters and roof. ^nd-of-Season Heating System Check-Up Is Recommended Interior walls combine the vue of heet rock and knott pine pauel- ng. Tiie knotty pine is used for he fireplace wall in the living room nd throughout the den. A dutch door opens from the entrance hall nto the den. A three-foot wains- oating of knotty pine Is featured n the inside hall, In which a disappearing stairway to the attic also is located. Closets in the inside hall and .lie guest room are cedar lined. Flooring is of random-width, ranch styled pegged walnut. "L" and "H" ,ype hinges on kitchen cabinets and other hardware throughout ;he house carry out the colonial- ranch style design. The fireplace hearth and fac- ng is of crab orchard stone. The house has insulated walls and ceiling and is heated by a forced air heating unit. The heating unit is located in a combination furnace and tool room off the carport. new home Balanced Insulation' For Home Suggested 'Balanced insulation" is a term coming into use by builders. It refers to the distribution of insulation over all wall am roof areas which are directly posed to. the weather, as contrasted to the concentration of . Insulating material in the upper part of th< house. Balanced insulation, according t< heating engineers, has these advantages:- more uniform heating from floor to ceiling, greater fuel saving, fewer drafts and Inceased rcomfort. The latter'Is accounted for by. the fact that when the walls are warm less heat Is radiated from the body. An economical way to build in "balanced insulation," builders report, is to use Insulating board sheathing In place of an ordinary sheating material. whether the heating system Is of hot-air, hot-water, steam or radiant type, and fired by oil, ooal. gas or electricity, now at the eiid of the heating season is the time to put it In shape for maximum efficiency and minimum expense next winter. Worn-out parts should be replaced; dampers and valves put in working order; fuel-combustion efficiency checked; ' Insulation oi furnace, pipes and .ducts Inspected; cleaning and lubrication done carefully. It is advisable. to have a service technician inspect the plant and make any necessary adjustments. The cleaning may be handled by him or b ythe home-owner. Ash-pit, smoke-hood : and smoke- pipe must be cleaned out to lemove ash and soot, if coal L-s used. If the furnace is not cleaned of these de< posits yearly, the accumulated deposit slows up trie heating action. Flues of a steam or hot-water heating plant can be cleaned with a long-handled stiff wire brush Air-ducts of a hot-air;. furna'ci should be cleaned to insure unllom heat. Draining steam or hot-water boll er at the end of the heating'season U Inadvisable because to do so ma; result In corrosion of the boiler To service an oil-burner requires a specialist because of the complexity of the interior, but .the handy homeowner can do the end-of-sen- son exterior cleaning himself. Burner is shut off by opening the lectrlc control switch or closing he gas valve, and the Interior oi nirner nozzle cleaned Iwtli a brush Exterior of nozzle and all, other exposed metal parts is coated will Ight oil. Heavy paper, cut to size is used to cover the burner. The fuel tank Is kept filled to preven moisture condensation on. the in :erior. Ted Collins' pro football- team mown as the New York Bulldogs in 1949, will play under the name 'New York Yanks" in 1950. l\ If you have no basement your gnrage can double as a recreation room, Finish the walls with build- ng oard or plaster. Us*-the same naterlal attached to the collar beams extending across the garage o provide a flat celling and to hide :he rough construction of the underside of the roof. Build shallow wall cabinets along one wall for storage of car equipment, outdoor :ools and games. Extend these cabinets from floor to celling. High on the opposite wall, provide additional cabinets or shelves so that furniture can be placed under them to save floor space. Sliding doors save space, make the cupboard Interiors easy to reach even when the car Is in the garage. Conceal the electric lights behind frosted glnss set flush Into the cclllnor, or run fluorescent lube around the celling -line behind i cove. If the garage Is attached to the house, the wall between should be made ns fire-reslstent as possible. Ii fact, the entire structure should be given the fire-reslsllve treatmen because with human occupancy tin fire haenrd may h° increased. Guards Don Uniforms LONDON, April 25. (AP)—Guard nt Buckingham Palace wore thel scarlet uniforms and huge bearskli hats today for the first time thi year—an official Indication tha summer Is here. Scarlet uniforms or no scarle uniforms, however, heavy snow gales and hailstorms swept man parts of Britain. Tlie new, brilliant colors for wall decoration have won over homeowner* to the wisdom .of a llirough-the-home "Painl Up" job.-. Colors that fit YOUR idea of YOUR furnishings and lusle. These new paints dry quickly, lay smoothly. Many; of Iheiw are walcr-resistanl and slain-remoyaL- I Use DUTCH BOY "Wonsover" For Fine Interior Walls E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Domestic beea are estimated to gather less than a tenth at the nectar In plants. ' ' Yei, Wallpaper S«yl« Month lijitin ifc« new ipproacnes lo better livinn with wallpiper. Wallpaper which Mti the lone of yew bom«'» Urf*K 4*coratin arm — in wallt. Our Special 'Wallp.per Scrlt Monih .election* •Ji«Tl been grouped » coordinitti 10 itive you the ulumite in home OTlinr ... the lx« interior decoration. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Inc. W. H. Peas* Highway 61 South J. Wilson Henry Phon«2434 Our Telephone'Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 FISHING? Wr can furnish TOO with eraythtaft yon need for good etching. W1) ba? any amount •f roftchcm. DIXIELAND BAITERY Chick. Ph. 4303 511 Guaruniced Fishing Worm Getter T*n *. HtUe EARLY BIRD where »•»•• are—on rich, Aimp soil, •"Jer Ufife rocks, boards, tit. W*TMB crawl to ratface In a '«w mroite*. Doesn't hurt worms. S»»e» monej, lime, work, also from rannrnr; out of worms on tripj. Fm U ne: Guaranteed re«•*» or mmey back, lonit last- **f WtUe EARLY BIRD only Ji.M it- Bill Godwin Sporting Goods "Say It With Flowers" BMTTHEVII.U FLOWER MART Hiwa; rhow *m What Is The Magic? ... Behind the Two "Mystery Grilles" in Co/email's New Blend-Air (•dividual ROOM H«rt-CIrcilatioi...Makw floors Warn As Coiliiss...Gtts More Usabto feat From The Firaacol...Yot So StapU... So Easy To Install! The** Two OrilUi Arc All You $•• in the room... yet between them in the wall take* place m most amazing heating action that gives you a better heated home. Ifi Colltd a BUND-AIR. There u nothing else like it- only Coleman has it! •IEND-AIR l> Mor. Than A W«rtm Air Duct It's a totally new way of using and distributing the heated air from the furnace. It provides individual heat-control for each room. h Rtntws Th« Warmih in the room in a matter of seconds. . It keeps temperature from floor to ceiling within a variation of just a few degrees day or night H Stop* Wo«t« of H»«rt at the ceiling—it makes use of this heat to keep the floors warm. Y«« G»f Mor* f vtn Hoof, more useful heat, and more comfort than was ever possible before, because BLEND- AIR blends and distributes heat better. Actually SAVES en Intfallationl Yet-you may find BLEND-AIR actually cuts installation cost, compared with old -fashioned system*. SM Us And Find Ou»! Come in-let us demonstrate the new Coleman Automatic Furnace with BLEND-AIR today. Learn the difference in comfort-learn how better beating may cost you less 1 AUTOMATIC FURNACES Have BLEND-AIR 2-BEDROOM HOME COMPLETELY INSTALLED For As Low at '650 FRANK SIMMONS TIN SHOP 117 South Broadway Phone 26S1

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