Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 3
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W HY? Simply because: Here you'll find the greatest variety of dependable new fall merchandise iii thexity. Here yoti*ii;]pnd- the fairest prices. Here you'li find the newest, the prettiest and the most deisirabie. Here you will^ fin^ appreciation and courteous store se^ce. Here you'll find a store that never considers a sale made until the customer is perfectly satisfied. Here you'll receive a guarantee that will insure you that every cent spent here will be well spent. And now let us tell you of our special inducement^: Our line of Cloaks and Skirts never before Equalled at the Prices. Tlif lirwadclutli Coals nrc (be lN>>i ap|)i>:irinir sfrlfs tlut x-aii In* tiiaUc l« s<ri at *I:MM». rnrcliasiTs will read­ ily lliat tlwy nV«' cxccptiouaily well lallurcd, (liut ail tlir uiaU*rlalM oiicriul!} (lie liroadcloUi aud'Uu* sullii liiiiti;;, aiT oi ^'reat deal fiuer qualU iks ttiati liati* t 'MT bi-i'on* Ix't-ii ]iut in Diiils ill llii> |irin' $|.'>.IH) Hruadrlolb ( dat^, >uUn liuH, iiiadv in III** a|>|ir<MPd Knipin- >(}!«• nllli vr uitlioul mliar, \>rvUy rui'i's. Irlniiiii'd uitli >ilk w-lfcl and liniid HoM Srnii-Filtrd Hroadclolli Coats full > lini'd with jani-djod satin, luehes I<Mi---. dou'iif l>n»asl«'d and coJUirless, nil'fs and collar irininicd atlr.icthcl> wilii Midi- ltu><sian braid *ir..«0 Otlu-r ;rrand lalurs np to $30.1)0 Wc ^'^aai joa to Tr tin- br >t liar v%er slioi^u in La<li»'s' Coals at i7tJ09, ilAO and ^10.00. I.NFAMS. CIIIUMtt.N'S. MlSStV \yu JiMoi: tu.irs. If }«u arv lookiniir for tli«- ncn and prrilj tliinir^ nr onM ask >"u U> s<i* this llnr as »w ItaM- a l»ip assorlnirnt to shon «ou in )-u-r) iiualll} and prirc yr .W STILES 1> LADIt.S' skiitrs. Thf most attractive new niodcis in excellently tailored skirts of fine ma­ terials. Stronsr values for sgTUJO. *(».>0 .•?7.'».0 and #10.00: liandsoni'-ly Irimnicil In silks, iiatins and liattuns-. Sec nin- dotv display. Knit Underwear For WoincD and Children Thi-. Umelj sale inclndes special piirehasJs of first i|ualHy lin«r>; Uie price in each instance has In-en uiatle as attractiio ms possible, affonlinc oatinzs rarely available at the hisht of the'season; vests or draners. eCcb 2c. .'iOc. 7;ic. auU'^I.OO. Inlon Suits 5«r. B.-,c. :.'.r and ^Um. ChildrenV tuiou Suits *J.*>c and ''Oc. uni \ i sifKdAi. IN^Hr.vNhKrs. I»»n'l wait nnlil lhv< are all ^vne, as they are zoinsr ia>t. Fine dimlile lilaukKs special for this sale I'n; (mc. X-V;. Al.iHl. il.'2'K #l..".0 and prices ranc- iuif op to the finest lambs wool blankets with handsome borders. $7JiO. Wi- »»!Uit jou til s »c our fine line Ml onlintr flannels at from 'tv to lOc per jard. Important Values in Women's Trimmed Hats! Jlal» shapes of felt, vehel and siitiu, all richh and becomlnplj trimmed, mosilj with nines, fancj feathers iiui! f!<'>u 1- UP-al>*o ii»ed in manj tasteful effects a splendid shoninc Our .Miss < n»<-hett ba> trimmed a lot of III! iiii<<l »;iluis vc hau-ever Nho«n fri>ni isI.T.". |« S.",.iM»: other splendid values richlv trimmed in plnrae^ ii|> lo l-*>.i:<). Ihese hats easily shon their north an dnever before has thl<» mniiner; department met with so much i;M »r .IS it has this season^ Another tot oi >ew l»ress IJood* rcecived this week: more nfw silks and satins. Fvery tbinir new for the Slnet and Kvenintr t.own yon will find here. / NEWS OF U HARPEi^ LA HAKPE-HICa St IMIOL TEA3I WEFEAliD IIKO.\SO\. SCORE WAS A SURPRISE 31ISS LOrcHE> SLACh L .MEK- TAI.MJD SATCKI»AV E>E>I>«;. i liTimtjii !;iur».' of D to 0. A r»'- l,tii-ii p;nii" ''.ill lie jia:-'-'! Iirrv u*-.\t« Friday afi-: iv W j!s iliiWt Hallowe'en, 'i {•'.woi- iiriiiRs \^'T- |il :ivi'i| Saitii- ,'(l;iy iiii:*it. Ilaluu t'fii jii:.-ht. than ar*- 'iifci'.u!!;. |)!;i>t.'il, on iliih flay U>\ j-mai! htt:.s. However, a few boxes and siicli thlnu'i wcro pilvd in ilic street-s. NEWS OF GAS CITY Yesterday Has -OH Folk'<. Daj" at ."tfethodist Episcopal Church and lii-r qiint-f li:- Old Fashioned .Son^'s Uere SnnT. .Miss Mack Fnterlain». 111!'' nf (li- i.r.iri.--t H.illijvM-.ii [.;(:- ti«> J'ur ;.'ar^ was tl:;!l (if .Miss Iy:!c -!i.•II S[;u't<. S-iHijiUr- < •.••iiinu TIi.' ftw i\ .'^Ia<-k r«'.:i(lMif.. xv ,i.-< fiiiiii|;:\ ilfc • ;:';'10(J fur ill -.loiMti. Tla- foiiiim; tc;lo!> .itui \« f; I ;irt_'^*'l!i an'l atliJo<l to ;lio itvi -ninuV :itii'iM>iiic::ls. .\ daiiily lunchfon wa;-, .sorvt'd to lii- folloviiiii; pit'^;.s: .Mi^s.•ti V)ta!i Bru_e, CertriuJe Martin. Elsi.- Stt v.;:son. Ag- iicte itce. N «>jlic K'tliardson. rior»Mj<0 Roe. I.otch^n Slacic: .Mvs,rr:. Wii! I^nry. Ed Heanui^ier Harry Zip ^ltT. Ch.irles O'sna'. Prof. H^aiiiet;. Ciiarlcs l-aury. I^r. Trowb'idjre «nd Dr. and Mrs. McGill aud Dr. and .Mrs. Myers. IVrsonji's. Mi.i^ 'i.-ird lyanry uiriip in la.-'. jrnin;r frmn Baldwin nh».'rc slie is at- i i-ohool for a ft '-.v dayn vi.-lr «ir?i rclativeF. .\!iss A'lrr lUirkt-T r'-lnrii'-d yrsf '-r- . . , from a visit in Haldwin and La«- (niidnf tod as tli<'v were ^esirs apo. fn : .:..T.inn with \\.l< ..rvire .!>.• .v^-1 '^'"^ ''"^ '"'^'^"'^ •M-.u- >.va. 1 ,.;!.J On 1^"- '^''^'^ , ^. . .. I.e.; ft. H. Williams, of , . ,, ! .".Vodcslia i.-^ li'.'te for a few dais vi»u (lay .-.ciirxM ra!.;. with ri >l:itivc.~. I r F Poltir. t,1 Kansji.-^ Ciry. wa.i :ii<:<' Satnniay on a biieiticss visit. .1 iiiK's .Marjihail, of Kausiis City, na? - Saturday eiironte to Wiiiiiia on a inisiness visit. fame Home lo Vole. ii j .M .i .M-n. .\ !mt! :ind li'il"Tl ';• V. n ali'I Will l.'iirv <-am(' in fasr. ni.;,:ii f:'lin llj.ldv. in v. ii-i. lli.'i arf] ;iitcn'lin« l'.:ikir 1.' niv r rsi';.-. lo \<.tf.| :'tnrn i'inorrov.- :if:n ;i <i .,ii* ' Oysters >\ lib .Macaroni. I tjn>'-(inarter package tnacaroni. PFKFC.MFS i ' I"" 5^ Krfcused dish For a nn.> assortnuur ..f IV rfum-. !'^''"''""'""f "Sealshipf Oyster.^ ' jCover each layer with sauce made of ami ToiLM Waters sop r,nr new hn.j!.. ,^,j|es|,o.mfnIs of butter, same ot aiid in".v i^rdtTs. Waters \ Punforth Drugs and Jewelry. >»ws of cii» .. CITY ItHNtll. MILL HOLU MEET- I.M; .VE.XT TCESOAV EVE.M.>ti. The Fart; tilven bj .Misses (iocs, M barton and Hnnter Was Socbil Event of Season-I'ersonnls. lias I'urrbased Farnk OPENING THURSDAY EVENING. KXCHA>t«: OK SELL. List yonr property with me. I have a large Iljit to match from. NO expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county. Kaa, to exchange for good lola property. 4. T. MILES, inun I'N Ok C »nrt House. Ilpple:*: Apples! Pur aale. hand pick« d genetui appi».-,| i I'rice at Clailtorues farm. c;ari>!e. Ti.i; cents per bushel: at ClaibornL-'s mil 1 O. y: Foster of thirr citv who only a loj^ 75 ^ents. ,hort tmif- ago inherited $10 000 from | ^weet cider made from selei-ted at-j an ea.-tern estate has purchased a | j.i^s pj.r ^,;„„. j,aI,o„ ord..r $1 | farm near Longt.<n. Kas. and will j p„re.^ipplv cidc-r vine.^a^ ::.-.c per gaiitin. helivtrfd 'ij any p .irt of t!i.> cii>. Wm. RcatJickcr to Put in Grocery - Stoic on East Side. William Fi '-adicktT wro, is putting in a t:roCfr> store on the east side of tl:-- s«ii;Hr- will hold an opening on Thursday tvfning. Foir the enter- 'aitinunt of tin- vn'-sis ^Jn Readlcker U.'.' stonred tl '.e s-rvires ; of Shields C'reinstra w!ii<.h will play throughout tj\'' f-eiii:;:;. Carnations will be ?Iv-en as souvenirs to tbe visitors. Mr. It* adickcr will have one of the best a ;ii! np-to-dafe grocery stores ill r':.- city. CITY GOT 2,000.000 WELL. n :o\•• there at Once. .Mr. Fo.-iter i-; well and favorably huo^^ n here. ! Phone I:».".. thoral Club to Meet i , ,• ,, , . , [n a tisht pia'-'-. must have ni'>ii'\i The (lioral club of this cit> m».>t thist„ , , ,, u. 1 ^ , ' , Owner of ;>.t .; block l.>. Highland •venin'-'. There vi ;ll be the regular; , ^ , . . _ : place. ^Hve iUuO for .ot some time agu besides a biisines.-» meeting.;, ., . ,, , , . , but .Must Have .\If>ney and if tak»-ii in . Council WIIIM m' I '^'^^^ Sixty (Jt ;iM dollars takes tbe : The ci.> couticil will' meet In rcgn- '"t- ^'"^.T^ 1. ''^^ \ ar . stmi-monthly session Tuesday j Dril '-d in Saturday Night on Purdom Lease. .\ gasb .-r which will test 2.00 «J .00o cn'dc feet was drilled in on the Purdom farm tf-»e mib's west 6f the .V'osho river l-y the city last Satur- •:»>• ev.-ninK. The wll will be con- r.'< r .d w»»h the city mains which run to the other wells the city owns on this farm. Phone 775. OSTEOPATHY— DK. W Jl. ALBKIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Pfaysidau. State'Bank Bldg. Piione 145. Only Ostecpatti In La Harpe. fi<iiir and 1 cu]>ful milk and water yj;- and (lepper to taste. Cover with ll'Sit.ered crumbs. .Make browii. I This in one <tf the new oyster re•.- • •-•^J ••— :=r=^ u. \t\\io> found hi "Scalshlpt Sens»»." r. I The Hl^'h Schm.l Won. i'""''^ "j''^"' "Seal^hipf Ojsters which j will give to anyone who asks for In a one-sided ^ame. tlio L:i !l :jrp«,H. high g( I'lool fi;of ba!! team defeated f l'.esid 's the many new rei-i|»es b> ^^a6 -Old Folks- Day. Yesterday was "Old Folks" day a', the MetIiodii.t Epitcopa! cliOitii aud tb^ baildiog'was" well 'filled. Old fash ioned hjmns were sung as in olden times -without musical instruments and -the senrice every other way was Jha'Hi -..nVon high sehoort'eam on the 1 f -'J^^t'"'^''^- Uic ,. , • .1 , ^. . .4 f ! J >*^alshipt method of packing—the :..acUonaKl g.y.ii.ids bst ba-urday af-.^j,;,. oysters. tci 1100:1 by the seuro of ;]1 to o. Tliey j y,ju jour money's worth when shuv**»<l pfaiu'v that the locais werei ;ou buy / Sealshfpl" and you know murh better coai bed than the- vis-i ><J" ^^re getting clean, i^re, palatable . , , 11 u 1 ^ .1 ' i erfect oysters—the finest produced, .tors. Pete .Jury, full hack for tiio .'^loncy ciu-l buy belter. They are loc .Tl h!.t:h school team, played a s-ar j g-jaranteed. ! We have them.-Fryer Drothers, Ol!o Hinze. "Our Way." iiight. .\ city marshal will be appoint! - •• —• — j ed to succeed WiUlam Vaughn. who[j,iases Nina Hunter. Zenia Goes jMid ^ has resigned. Otber business will be claudia Wharton was the social event \ transacted. (jf seasfin among the yoijn^e:- — erowd of the'clty. The third floor of i Secretar) l»r«icbed. .j,^ ^.^p PBfdyrv ,,uiidi„g was dero.-- ; Rev. U V. Starkej. secretary of the ^^^^ f^,^ .j,^ occasion. All kinds u' lola Young Mea"^ Christian Associa-. „^„^,^.^„ ^^^^ p,^^^^ ! Hon. preached at the I'nited Presby- teriar church last evening. Ed Hun ler aiUig a sulo'aud other special luu- fcic was rendered. an-1 j game. Will Play .IgafB Frldaj. I2 a well played gam« consisting of brilliant plays on both sides, Moran Gym Class to Meet. Tbe young men's gymnasli^ class defeated the second T.ji Harpe team!of the Y. M. C. A. will ineet in the on the Moran grounds lasv Friday af- j ^ssocjatlon building this ev^ni^g. Demos Held Jfeeting. The DeniocraUi of the city held a nieetiug Satnrda>| nigbt in Re'nnick's I all. Several of the county candblat «J8 v \ere pfe^nt an^J 4ddrfc5«ied the audience. . Ha4 CmH d^i Tfne. The Hallowe'en! party given by Persona l!>. Chas. Beatty, Merl McViurry Miss Mabel Stewart returned to their "j home in Altoona. Kas.. today. They j vn-ere here the guerts of J. E. Hunter | aud family. -7 Dr. Leavelf-wlll return today from | -Allen. Kas., where he went Saturday to attend the wcd<!ing ot his i-iste.'-. Miss Glass returned today from Par sons wher«« she vrent to visit her parents. TMs is the ttt^ markwfudiis on every genuine bo^ of nearly allj the countries of the WorkL Nothing equals it to Ibu^ up the weak and wasted bodies of young an4 •unneof aodvwwffl. At !a»of tbewMfO" » sccrrrftBOfWM&M*

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