Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 5
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,v West Strett, lola, one bicck from s^ttare. Diseacea of domesticated animals successfully treated .charses raoderate.good boxstallsforpaiiaiitr, C^s answered promptly iii{>;ht or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. Honor Qraditate of Ontario Veter> inary ColieKe. Prop. Hospital Phone 106» Res. Phone 139 7T Trams Toar snu Fi-c TTfll Contest at Y. ji- C .4. If it's a Hot Water Bottle Remember we sell the best quality at right prices. Full line of rubber goocla at SPENCER'S Thp r.rrnnd ijnir.i- of ihr- t)ar;i:(-t rail tniirn :tl))iMil i:: lo !•(.• lioUl at llif Y. .M. C. A. immis loiiiKlii. wlifii teams niinilicr four and flvi) croniost. IVjih of tilt' if.aniR liavo heoii inaciiciiis for Konin tinu- and aro In the host of shap< which means, of course, that the Ranio will bo a hard foiiKht one. In addition lo tlif rcKiilar Kamt- the kids will pla.v hi'twren halves. The lineup follows: Xo. 4—Murray, Cilbort. Ovenill. GIfii Core and Harold Kuiion, capliiln. .\"o. ."—C'urtis IMgcrtfiU. I!. I lPi .:;i'!<'. lien llcylniiiii, Victor .l<inos and Ev- iMvii Iljinkiu captain. Kid ii-anis—No. I; KiMinclh Fonst. i:i|iialn: Itfild W'alii-rson. Kloyd Voiinic. Marry Shncy. Marry Kinj?. SiTiind team: ('ofTniaii captiiin, .Mol- viii .\oyes, Herald Ilcller. AiiRlist .Steele. Muilieii Cay and Marry Wliit- aker. W'lii.usnii is lo aet as n-forei". «A.NV ioNvi:i:sio.\s I.'KI <Mti»Ki». Ii( V. .1. W. nUk^ Has Itecn Sut-ri -ssful III i^•vi^als. »> cm NEWi. WATRFl was slim oif thir! afii-r- noon In the disirici south of Aiiulison an <l we^t of Soutli stieet from mii' o 'clocl; iMitil •! Iliis afui tiuuii. Tiii- Iv <U >'i'' ill ii>:;K'M.i; iln- coMiii-cn.iMS 'iii ^'milli Wallliil n:iil - iii<< S"-.-!'v <iii ri.iiiit <if lllr- [i .'Hiiii',. Tap.! You're ii. .^:<iiir.l:ir • Indeplrueiilile Cas Mam I.—'i hreaW 'ii'less you liioak it: iipriiihi or inveried. &inip!e mailed for I'uc .Money back if not de!i:<ht-(l. U-wis Co.. 5IJi Soiitli ' ICiglitli .siroi-t, Si. .losoph. .Mo. i Mrs. Cantrefi. Phone 10»7. MUCH OVEllSTREET. who for si-veial y;-ai>; ha.<; workfd a.*; pressman in o;u- of the lola j>rintin.5 offices, h-aves this w<'ek- for Ili'iivt-r. ('<>\')rit)\o. wli-i -M lie will Jii:il.<> lii- IK'IIK - Willi U':y limllier. TIr. BemoUs. Thone 8S6. Sea, CI4. P. WavKh, DPDtTst. Phone OIQce OTer Borrell's Drag Store. The yoiitiK lai1i<'S assi ijptr ili.' So- ro.'^i.s eliil) are reniiesied lo rf|i<irt ai Rest Uooni. court, hou.'^p, tomorrow a' nine o'clock, prompt. I)r. J. F. Jamnon, Gradnafe Anction- fer and Yrterlnarian. Sales or callM made aurTTlipre. Plione 13, lola, Kas. ' DU. JOHNSON, of Chaniite,.is in the ciiy today on a business visit. IO:ulii>'.:i eiiiiv 1. :niis ill Ifss i!i:iii avo w.'.-ks. is ilic r^'Mia; kiililf ie<:iii-(l made by Kev. .1. W. Hicks, tin- riiiled II: liii 'M iv:i!n;iii--i. wl.ii is liobliii^ liicil Iti;.;.^ ill liila. 'I'lii- iiuiubc: .,1' i-oii- Mr.-i.iiis ill ili:ii IHMJIMI linn- Is miirli li.iiiT iisiill.; llr.iii tin- meiiilier t.f llii' I lunch bad f \in-cl>'il :iiiil Ibe |i »'r><»iis v\ liti u.-rc rc^ji4»iir ii...- inr ,\T:' lli.ks' 111 li>l;i :iii- \i -iv nine p!i':iscil «jib 111,- K" II Ii;is mil >i'i In ill iliCiib-il pisL I:MV , liiM-; lb liieili!i:;s will be rniiliiici-.l liiii with llie iiili'icsl iiii -H 'a.^iil.n ai cveiy iiicrl ilii;', it is posfible ib:i( ilii- iiici-liiijr will IH ; pinjjinHftl I'lir .si'Vcial wei'ics. SOUK ; \fr> iiil. i .siiic-c >:ili.ii < is liav bei-ii aillHiiiliciil Im lln- niuiiH^ iin el ili:;.^. Siiinbiv Uii.riiiiii; lb.- M'lij.-ci I 'Will Wi- Know i)iir rili-iiil.. ill Ij.MV tit':" Siimla;. i-vi'iiiii:4 "'riK' I 'ii(.ard<iii ahb- .Sin.,' Moiiibiy cveiiiir.; Ui-v. llicii> uill dc.s.-ill,,' 'lb.- ricll .\naii^;cmciiis li:ivc been made Uiv iiiij Sunday SCIKIOI rally fur iiexi Siii; day. .\ soiivinir will be ^ivcn lo ev try iMTSoii who ali"ii<ls ihe .Sunday school .service on thai linn-. T J.'AIN iti;M;nTi\(; t itor.'s. Mater Has Siiakcil liidi 'irmiiid ns it rcll|7-Kariiiers l'lea>cd. .Miliiiii.:;li iliere lia.s been bill .^^ix lenth.s of ;iit i.n-li of r;iiiiiall Ila- farm eis ii>|ii»ii. il iliiiif as iiiiieh .IIIMI .as :iii> i.iiii fur :i iillliibi-i' iij iiiiiiiilis. Il lias talb-li slii'Aly so lhal tl -f waier coiibl i-iiler liit* ^loiiud a! iiiiisi as a.-- \l iuWi: Il is if :-;n-aI i.i iictii It 111' 'ill' mil w:iifi-i- wheal wiiieh is now u-i(.-.•. ii;,;. Ii is also very helpful in piiKiie: 'be ;.;r(iaM(l into p;ood shape loi fa;' piuv. i i?. The forcca::l is proIia'.'O sliowers t'"*) iii;4ht. and Saliiiday. J. Y. Tannqr, Ilrpnsed anctionrer and sale crier, Mi A'orth McRea, Ga .1 Cilr. Parlies who havt- ordori^d- nnrr-ery KKwk may call for il. Stock not call- f»d for will be dellv?;red. (irapc vines and all kind.s of fruit and shade trees for sale. A. H. Ilrown. .".IS Soulh Cottonwood. Col TasBod. Saturday is TaK Pay. .T. O. .MAUTrN. of W'ieliita. is In the cliy today trausjictiiin Inisiness with Bome of the local real estate men. Din For Sale. J.iiceoek. Tiie Priscilla club will have a Imsr !noss inectliiK at half past two tomorrow afternoon at tha homo <>t Mrs. GeorRe A. Rowlus. All nioinhers are requested lo be j)rosent. For }ie>-t and OnIrko.>.t Kesnlts ase the BcRisler M'unt Colanis. snvLLru -K (M AKANTIM; KAISED, luiiiulK (II Iscry Itisidt lice Mill He at l.ilM-rt). Tiie .>'lii:illiio\- (jiiaranliiie on Iht I'sery home In Cojierelo was .raised ihis nlorllill^^ The lionn- has been iiii der tiuaraiil'iie ff>r sonic tinie while .Mrs. ITsery has lieeii HiifTerini; from the disease. As far :is kiitiwn no one has contracli'd the malady from this I»:irtieiilai- case. This is the last of the i-ever:il C;IM-S •which have been reporli!'! iii ('oiu'relo. Kaffir Corn can he had at Claiborne's mil!. Phone 193. Saturday Is Tag Day. Get Tagged. Mrs. Chas. H. Apt h.ns issue <l invi- <.''-tions for a reception on Wednes day. October :!0, Good evening. Have you-been tag- Efld. Saturday is Tag Day. Mr. and Mrs. If. F. Sickly entertained Mr. an dMrs. Jj. B. Kiune and daughter Veryl, of Mora'n, at dinner today. " P.iBXEBS IK tOym TODAY.- S«f the Cora Will Arcrage Aboai TUrtf Bisiieig Per Acre. Tiie farmers who,came to town tbii^.moratog because the rain kept tbcnr from husUns their corn sa^ t^at the corn is yielding niore'tb the • • aero than 'they expecieA. . One tor- j mar salil that .bis com. wonld ayar-. ag9 ali^t f^rtjr tjqshda. Tbis ta ^' ^e^^i^tiaaally beajry; crop for this •"^-:^g6(rt?-J!>a-?yar|«^ : pe-, Vve^^i^ tjiirtK bi^elB. Cravlaette Bain CoaU In all styles .Dd colors. Prices $12JW to fSOJW. FnU Ilae'.or B^ilfcr ClotUug and Babber Footinar. cm You Want to Buy. We Want to SeU. "We have just added to our stock 20,000 rolls of new paper. We have papers suitable lor any kind of room you may want to decorate at prices from 10 cents a double roll to as good as you wish to buy. Come in and let us show them to you. We know we can suit you. Largest Stock Greatest Variety Lowest Prices -AT XOTICE TO THE PUBUO. T f«ar that the readtoe pnbltc are ab'ont to iotm a false impreg &ion of the iTieinodj' of &aine of oar {ank dealers, tlut ar* Ueiu^ n ealeit hy^ibi riiiieuluiis udrrrtlHlug^Ihut has 'appeared recently in thtt cuhiuin.s of this pu|ier; all nb» bare read tbcKc ads, 1 t'liir nill conclude that the author of snnie is alisolntely void of principle, ami perhaps view th« junk bu.sincs.x ereucrally from this standpoint, bat for the ini'oriualioii tii those not personal ly ac<|iiiiinfed with llie autlior of the .•ids referred to, I d«-slre to state that i have done liiisiness nitb, and hare liict us an honest CKiniieiitor, the an jflior ui these adds ever since he located ili lola, and feel It iny dnty to state j that r have always found this trentle- I mail to lie I'ar nmre re<pect:ihle in alt !<ii his lMisiiies> de:iliii:;s tiiaii liis own ; ailtertisiuir will lead the reading puli lie to lielieU'. It will he eu'iy for oue lo presume tliat there is liiit one honest junk {dealer in this vicinity, and that one the uuttior III' the adds that have appeared so irct|uently in this paper, but I liriiiiy believe that this was not tlie iiiltiitiiiii <fi the unlhnr of these adds. I and siiu-erely liope that the public.will not. ttio fiiiicklj eondeeiii eoiupet- itiir fur adnittiui: these iiiclhoits nf seciirim: biisliios, wliieh he li!'>..alway.s breii able i'l secure a Ma .ill pitrtinn oi in a u'r> lespeetabic biitiiie>s. manlier. Villus liiil.\. S. < 01.1 Mi:\SKV \ t«t liila. hjlli'-as. BurrelFs Drug Store WEST SIDE SQUARE. Santa Fe Railway Time Table, NOUTHBOUKD. No. 2u2. T'a;i. daily 2:22 p.o' No. l!04.1'xs. dally •,::B5 a.m. No. 2iW. I'as, dally es. Sun ..C:r.Oa.ra. No. 21(1, Pas. arrives daily ..8:50 p.m. No. 216, Freight. D. ex. Sun 12:01 p.m. SGUTHiJOONP. No.20 ].Pa3 .daily ....12:45p.m. .No. 2n:!. Pas daily 2:00 a .m. No. 207 Pas. daily ex. Sou ...S: Jt 'o. :;ii:i. Pas. dejiarls dally.. .fi:20 a.m. No. lili; Freight. D. ex. Sun. .12:20 p.m. .S |>KKiri;i» HKOMIN ItlH^ Ur. t.'. \V. Shadnick lii.iured \\liile Tfeiiiif a HorM'. (•I.'AI{|(F:I > .''iMKH) l\ IMM .S. Dr. C. AV. SiKidwick is siiflcriiis from a broken rib whidi lit; siisiaiiied while tryin.s to tie a yoiin^ horse in his barn at his home on Soulh Cotton- I "lorniii.u' ami frrabbod nine tljou-sand wood street, lie v.:is in between Ihe doilars in n..ifs thai \ve;o beinj; paid I 'uo Men .Vttciiipteil Mold I'oiibtry m' l'liihu!elphi:i .Siili.Treasury. l 'hilai!eip;:L!. uci i'..—Two nirii walked iiiio Ihe snij-i i;';isiiry here this THK .MAI.'KKTS. K:iiis:!.-; Ciiy. (Jci. L'.'i.—Caliie. re- eei|iis L'.'MiK. .Slow lo sl<':iily. .N'ative sieer..; $i .7 ."''f/1;..'.'!: sioekers and feeders S.'.T .'i '^r 1.7-'.: c;iws and heifers $2. On '^H..'.": biiMs J^.Iii 'Tin .iiii: calves $2.7-". 'li r>.i)l'. Hojr.s—llcciipis ."..Oii'i. \\'eak. Heavy S."..:.ief/ ."i.7ii: packers S."'."'tf7 .'..SO; pigs and li.uhi S .'.4 'i'?; .-,.7.'.. horse and i!ie maimer wli<>n the an-! iinal jiimind . against him tludwin;r ' liim auninsi ilie niaii.:;er wtih siillieient force as to break his rii). oi;i lo a luiiional !;ai!k l--!!, and Work Mil' ttUKV El(iHT-ll(H It LAW.., .Served nun Ohio Kailroails With Orders. "Islarted lo run from iho biiildiiij,'. The clerks and oih. is ;;;ive chase. The two men were so hoiiy pursued Il'.at fhcy ilirew IIK ; money• under a sli-eet car. liolh men were capiiired. One carried a. revolviT. The nioiii>y was all >.- COVelld. .Maiieila. Ohio.. Oct. 2.">.— Orders were i.-.siied by .\iiij'ir .1. C Warren of Cincinnati. enKine:>r in eharne of the Ohio, nit: Sandusky. .MnsklRnm and Kentucky rivers ami have been .si -rved on lite loekniasters in the .Miiski^iim rivttr, insiructiiii^ theiii > work hut eisht hours a tlay, thus enforcillK the Koveinnieiil b-iW.-;. JEWELRY /FOR MEN Tiie S'-nileinea are woaiiiis more .lewehy liiis yearilian ever before. V\'c liave reci)gnized this growing eoii(li;ion and have made anan.irt^- to nieer the demand. Our .-iitck is replete wiih suir^e.-^iions thai will [ilease the nio.-^r dis- criniinati!!.;? tastes. Monday, October 28. ^he Girl of the Streeti.*^ Tuesday, October 29. The DerO's Auction. Saturday, November S. ^' <'Sireete»it Oirl in Dixie.'* Special for Saturdayl ALL KDfDS OP CAU- FOU,MA FKIITS, EY* JiKlTHIMJ THE 1 [.U<K< . ET .ll-FOKD .S. , f\ ^H£ * H ^TOVSS ^HE IGGEST TOCK HA^ON'S Toaas To Be Sure .Uo. Pac, Santa Fo, and M". K. & T. Watch Inspector. IIIOU.MAN VAN HALL who works at Ihe Globe relnrned this morning froiiT two weeks recreation trip at K.\cc!- i i iiior Spriii.ns. Wliile away ho gained ; lifui'n pounds and says that he Is feeling niiicli belter. THE !OLA M. W. A. team and a liirse ilelegalioii of lodge niomliers * wi'iil to Hiimholdt last night and help-: '1 ed put in a. large class of IS candidates at that place. After the services the crowd was treated to a big lunch. The Jola W<JOiiien report an excellent time. AX^ADDITIOX Tt> IIIMBOLDT. »w Plot .South or City AVIII Bo Known us liamhiiu Additou. An addition has been platted to the city of Hiunboldt. It will ne known as Ute Hamblin addition and is located immcdiaicly south of the city of Humboldt, between the dty and the Bite of the of tho new cement plant, on the southwest % of the northeast 14 of Section 10, Township 26^ Range 18. The addition contains sixty lots which will be put on sale at once. SAYS HE'LL PARDON D^ILTOX. HocVs Action WilT Follow Expl ^tloa of Teraporapy; Paittle. ' Wiishini^on, Oct. 25.— Governor Hocb of ^8. be wlU/issue-a full pardon for^jSmniet Dalton soon. Triton Iia9 Imatt^ a model prison- »r," said-he. ^Hb has conducted. himsSlf properly.-while out «m Qarple aui I aee ao'teaaon w ^iijr ba «bp|lld bo Call on When ieeding anything in tb^ Jewelry line. • 2 'The wild and \VbpIfis jtelth^Hts; bronci^o h\iiiiex%,:f^c0KT^f0 eea«al Gantnetaib j Flagstone and Cenient 81d«w«|ki ail Curbing a Specialty, v' Office lis East Jaekaan Aw, Pkaaa IM. 1 NOTICE. , , To tlte People of lohu y All iwrsous; in lola must boltTt lero- selvcs respoasible for any weaineas or suffering 'caused from - ojd^ age, cihronic coughs or colds, brbncfaltl?.' \^eak lungs.; run-down ' conditions, stoiuacb troubles, nervousness .or poor blood when ^we are willing to j se)l them the veal cod • liver prepartloa. Vinol, and rieturn their money if Jt does not beneBt The reason; Vinol is so 8ucce4afi|| in estbring he^th and creating strength is because i^ contains iii: addition to tonic iron all the' medicinal eieiaents of cod liver:loii actaally. tai^en>fr{an fresh cods" ilvera. btit without- oil. or grease to ui^et the stomal and, retard Its worl^.' • ' . . ' Unlike oidt fashioned cod llTar-^il atid emulsiods. It is deliciooa); BMir table, agreeable to the weakest^ Wlkfr acb, therefore, nneiinalled .aa*!'a strength, creator aiid .tenic "noi^-i structbr. ^-' Our local dniggist. ^ R/Bn?re11. says: rC: • It is because we know so if»)) pt what yinol ii made that we aak-jewrT ntu-dbwn. nervous, debilitated,: ail!^ or weak'persitn in lola. and a^T r son. tmlferiii|i<froia .stubborn iJuuigii^-on coagha^ bronehitla or l_ pinit consanjptjion'jo try Vinol:Qnl«lir guarantee." tS.- Barrel!/ Ornil ^it. lola,'Kaaaas.!-' . • —i—-— I.ECTIJBBJ03t7|3i:AM4 \ CaagxesifBan Seiitt |iriD lecfiraiit^Tj 'Congr^aiiaa'"cSI'i/,'R;/ S ^riJrtrt' give. *Ia]lectbre. .^ii^Vwa»ink'p ^uir'.- Et :;thei^. 11,;^,, J ^C ?lM>fli^^ ^Ywial^iat ,f^^ '

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