Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 2
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^^^^ Pnitteai jLmltwj hf tH IMtoi StoHi Bstabliclicd 1869. ... " Stati jf' lami illaGNity MMI BUI ii AUti Ci —Fitzgerald, Aulo Liverj. Phono. + • * FOP Sunday School Class. As a farewell to her Sunday school class Mrs. C. J. Doxseo gave a cbarni- ing party on Saturday at her lionic on East Monroe street. The gnests •were entertained with juvenile games and a five o'clock luncheon. The favors were magic boxes in which were small paper caps and the souvenir of the day from the guests was a picture. Miss Doxsce^ was also given a booklet in remembrance of her former association with the class. Mrs. Doxsee's hospitality was ext-^nded to thi-se guests: Pearl Evercll. MabU; Chapel. Helen Anderson. Cora Rliss. Birtlia Burton. Zelnia Van Meter. Ma Williamson. Vera Tenjpletnn. Irma rum- mings. Dorothy Kelley, Carrie ^Lither. Esther Mather. Hazel Carman. Sylvia Carman. Eula Taylor, Onm iVUen. Hattio Eakln and Etta Kyle. • Y. W. C. A. Patty. One hundred twenty-five pjrl.^. mfui- bers of the association and taoir friends were guests at the Y. W. C. A. on Saturday night for n "ghost"' i)nr- tj'. Subsequent to the greet inn:-! the participating young women there was -a ghost niai-eh. Elalit girls in •white robes were in line in the big gymnasium and paraded to wierd music. Refreshments of fruits and confections were served en bnffet and the evening was especially happy and informal. • • + Mrs. Smith Home. Mrs. F. E. Smith has returned from a short visit in Kansas City. • • • To Kanj^as City. Miss Beatrice Doxsee expeeta to leave in a few days for Kansas Ciiy -to resume her .work at St. Luke's hospital. • •> '1' Miss Simpson to Leave. 3Iiss Vera Simpson who has i».<_-ii here for a month with her sister. Mis. L. W. Maybcrry. wjll leave late in the week for her home in McPhersoii. • * •> P. E. O. Chapter. Mrs. J. W. Bolton will have members of the P. E. O. chajtter as iier guests tomorrow afternoon. There •will be the usual program and a business meeting. • • Mis «5 Withers Entertained. A half dozen yiung women were entertained at the home of Miss Irma Withers to observe the custom of the October festival night- A small supper was served after the several diversions; «;• • ° Children's Party. The most elaborate children's party of the fall was gjven by Mrs. Raxter D. McClaln on Saturday for her three small daughters. Margaret. .Tos<'i)hine and Eloisc. The invitations were sent out for a party to meet a wKch :^d the guests came wearing witch costumes. The parlors were deconjted in green and yellow with leaves of fruit "Eie Bracelet* •' " • " ' ' ' New £tvle&.-show plain Bo- srlisb fioisli. engraved and jeweled effects. See I thenr. M«. on tables and wax tapers sha-Jcd -.vilh yellow. Tlie dinin? room was opened after a series of merry juvenile games and the guests were served witli luncheon at small tables. In the desert course were imiividuiil pumpkin pies and at each plau; was a place cani bearing tlie picture of a witch. The favors were miniature brooms and l:ats. The room wns traiislormed into a cave with small trees and a carpet of dead leaves as a setting for the wilelies' coIdiOM ipiii;,' above ,-i fire in tlie center of the riioni. Tiie's of the cave' were of brown muhliti and fhf" effee! .ween Iiv llle of caildies was Mvy ir:u. .Mr.-;. Cljt'iile ''ulljert- son It' 'lire; Mrr. iMcCltiii «li; the day and pri/.*^s were ):i\en to Misr. Winnifrod S';innnn. .Miss Harel Bujer and Mi.'S .Mildred Wri^ley. Besid- Uie liO'^lesses tlie:;i- el)il.| (••! <rK!<i >td liiv <(ii'T ';iiiiit;'iil; Ivi 'th '..'ulliTtson, Louisi» McDo'vcIs. Boye,.. Mildred Wriglev,. Mnr^.-iret Cul- liion. Noni'a .Mn;-..'en>;ale. l'.lail.\s -Mav-- peiigale, jN'adini.' Niclioloim, Wiiniirriul Slianiioii. Cecil Noyes, l.odise ll...," mun, Fred Armstrou?. Ilalph Arm strong and Holiert CiiMison. • •> • FP ' Girl Friends. .\?;j5S Clara Cranule. .".(>l So'iili S^l .vr- aiKore street, f-nlertained a few friend.'' on Saturday evenin;; in r-le i)ratiou of Hallowe'en. Her home was a bowi-r of foliage dotted with brif;lil red a|)ples and oti:er fruits. There v.ere numerous puinpl;in.=i and c:itidles for lighting. Three ghost.-; met the guests on the veranda atid directed tliem to the parlors and several miif|iie gaires eiit<':!aiii''d the ciin patty until the elaborate two <-o"ir.s»' luncheon was served. The diniiiv room was trimmed with leaves :iiid the punch liowl was a pumpivin hollow ed ottt. Those who \vere there were: W.ilca Cates, Miss l>ntia .lolifle. Miss Miiry Ctilbertson. Miss Lena Cnl- bertsoii. >ris3 Bertha Sickly. Miss V(!ra Simpson. 'Miss Emma Kewtuii. .Miss Grace Fitzgerald. Misv IMna .Mc- Claiit. Miss Nettie Brigham, Miss tiolda Elam, Alisa Trissa I^-e and Mi!!s .-Mbcrta Munsoii. Mrs. Crangle had tiie assistance of .Mrs. A. A. Itlchrds throughout the evening. •I- • • In Pittsburg. .Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Davis were III Pittsburg on Sunday to visit with friemls. • • V Evening Parly. .Miss AVinona .lones was liostess of eighteen .selioolmate friends on Saturday evening. There was music to intersperse gan>es and a liujcheon witli table decorations to carry out the legends of Hallowe'en. <• • • To Kansa? City. .Miss Wilma Cates left yesterday for fvansas City. Site Is expecting to spend the winter there. .;. Informal Evening. .^liss Hazel Kay was among the small hostesses who were entertain ing on Saturday. The party •was given in the evening and the guests wore costumes until a late lour when their Identity was revealed before refresh- ul^te were served. MloS Ethel Ray atf^sted ill et!t»^rtaining. • •> 4" 1 - Mrs. Hnde 's Party. IJfrs. H. K. HInde gave' a costume catiHIon and Hallowe'en party on Saturday night for a number of frieudB. The guests wore gowus to represent animals, ghosts or witcbee and were entertained in a very no^rel fashion. Miss Luciene Spencer and Miss LiU- ipLD l^orthrup, dressed in lM >auUfulIy Auditoriuni TOyiGHT BabyCIo S Year Old Wonder TltSUAY ywii'i. ElectionReturns —AND— BobyCIo Auditorium Xciisbn, Harry Haymaker, Laura Cpoper, Ora. Spurrier, Rutli Cliancel- lor, Bessie. Mcisenhelmer. Emily SIo- cum. .Ethel Harris, Naomi McQueen. Juanita Halo. •r • + Birthday Surprise. Miss Ruth Thompson •was happily sitrprised on Saturday afternoon by a fev.' friends who were invited to eel ohrato her twelfth birthday. Mis^ Grace Tliompsou assisted In entertaining tLc guests with indoor games and refreshments garnished in Hallowe'eji style were served to thesf chlld-en: Helen Campbell.. Hulen Da.v, Adeline Lyons, Lynn Wilson, Esther .Tones. Dorothy Kelley. Vera Templet. .Marie Gard. >farle •Tyler, Grace Adams. Anna Kwing, Anna Slillwell and Bessie FetUcrland. Miss Horton » Hostess. Fourteen friends siM -nt an informa' evening with Miss Ruth Horton on .'^alurda.v. The house was decorated ••speirially for I he occasion and Ih* aniuf -emHiils of th^ evening weire cs- pccitlb'y pleasing. BOYS WERE QUIET Fall House Cleanlhg Time i.- bete and we want to help you by cleaning your \ VM »1 Blansai?. I^ce Curtains. Rugs. Piano Covers. Mantle Scarf.s. and other house furnishing. .'Vlso men's and ladies'Suits Overcoars. Cloaks, etc. We Kuarante.-? our Dry process not to shrink the goods nor injure the colors. Ma Laundry Phone 102 n.\l.LUWl-*i:N OBSEKVED WITH E>TIirSL\S.M, BIT UISfREETLY. • !>angl 'd gowi:;; and earr .^il1g uaiids <!:r«ctel lite <(iiii|intiy to dre;,.sitig [••trims :H!d eiln-rwii ^e nssisteil Mrs Ilrnd.-. Thi- house «;is i |ecor:ited to repre sent a hat vest carnival with fruit atfong corn and grains in effective places. .Miss lx>iii.';e Kurtz <»f CofTeyville who Is here for a sliort time imper sonated a fortune telling witch. Early in. the evening she peeped In at windows and doors and finally entered to forecast the fate of tie friends. She also wive a very entertaining read - Captain and .Mrs. T. Stover and Alr.s. n. P- Novthrup. led the ilaiices .•iml sitlise {|iiei :t to the Virginia Heel tiiere was a llaUowe'en nipper. Cider, small nut cakes and other appropriate dishes were served and favors were tiny piinipkin lan- leni.$ filled with confections. V * Gleaners' Club. Tlie u.sual semi-monthly party for tiie Gleaners' eliib^ civeii on J^a»- iirda.' at the home of .Mr. .iiid Mrs. Fred Ireland. There was no business hour and the members enjoyed .some pretty cames. •:• •:• •> Thanlcsgiving Wedding. .Mr. and .Mrs. Millard F. Sickly will send out Invitations next •week for he marriage of heir daugher. Berha. and Mr. E. .1. Bondy of I.rfiHarpe. The wedding will be an event of Thanksgiving ila.v. November 2t;. ami will or- tnr at tie family home. .;;<". South Washington avenue, in the presence of a coterie of frli-nds and relatives. Tlie couple wjll go east for a short trip. Mr. Bondy. who is ropresentiiig one of the largest ore concerns In the linited States.; came to Kansas- two years ago and [is Inspector of ore sent to the Lallarpe smelters. Miss Sickly is a very ehartnin? young woman and her spacious home is frequently used for delightful social events to entertain the frietnis of her family. At home cards will probabl.v name a date In .Tanuarv- and give the place of residence aa LaHarpe. A .:• 4. • Party for Friends. Miss Naomi McQueen, who is spending the winter with relatives here invited a few young people to celebrate Hallowe'en with her. The company was served with an elaborate supper at tnidnight and played several games priviously. ' r- Miss McQueen's ugests were Jobn Priiift, Harold Ericson. Earl Reed. Pratt Steele. Ollic Steele, Ilntwrt Ucrufiun lUMtMup^ Fact That lola IIa> Some Poor .Vrtlsts—Spi-riul Pulicewuii Bu^v. Saturday tvening was Hallowce or |o be correct, the eve or virgil of All Hallows or festival of All Saitits. wliieli. biiitg the first of .NH- veniber. brings llalluwe'in on ()ef >I>r-r "<l. II i.s a .^Koeiatcd In the |if»|iiil;ir niillU witli I he J^revalelice of :=up»r- natural infliienees and is a relii- of pagan tinie.-;. In [(.'a this partieiilar evinlii}; was ceieluaii-d in the ctis- ti-'iiiary iimtrner I>y Yi>iin;; Aiii'.riia and a large numlicr of his eld-r b:>>tl: i-':^. 1|ie most notireal'Ie- crov. d ol t 'lie < \-t;iiini- .criived on th'- piiWi'- square about cicviii o'clock ;itid was a'.'otit three liiiiidred strong "Oc gang" waL- In po:>se;--oi<>u ol nuiiieroiis vehicles ranging in si /.e from a in'ii.v carl to a large li:;> rack. Onr; of tiie spei-iai policemen who v.u' on duty for this ccca.sion, discovered two| or three young fellows attenipt- iiigito make way with one of the f.inii implements of tiie Shannon Iinjile- meiil company. He called to them to stoji and naturally they began running. When the boys had covered ;i distance of about thirty feet, the S. P. fired a couple of shots from a . VKIIII;: cannon whicli be was earryiiif; and from the gait the boys were grtin:: v .lieii last sei-n they have rea he'; Kansas I'ity by Ibis time. I>aj light revealed the f.iit tii.ii i> very poor artist ,had attempted ti. chaii.i;e the line of business followed by most «.f the lociil merchants, by nalntin.i; n<'w signs on the show wln- di »w.s. This artist sn^ed as a briieh aa ordinary cake of soap. On the GloUe Shoe aii'd CIotHln .ir eomiianys winduw-s apeared :iii advertisetnitil of a eitil; pallor at I" cents per. The Ke-iist 'T. Ueeoid and Index 'newspaper «.>ffiec.- I'ore tigiib indicating fiiat eauh ba'l purchased the oih 'it 's plant. On fiie windows of the Bank of Allen County ••IM'^-ared a notice of bankruptcy. A sign on the Dogget luillinery parlor Iiore evidence that on the inside would be found such tempting edibles as Do- b.'gna. liver and cheese, also a fine litii of cigars, tobacco and chewing gum. So far as could be learned this :norii-ii:g the only material dHttiagt reportt'l was a elioke in oue of the open sewer piles iii the south part «»f the city. This j.ipe was; filled with sand, gravel roek, brick and ev *«ry thing in the iiue of rubbish wliich could be forced into it. The indice say that as far a.s actual damage is concerned there was very little and that Saturday evening was the most ijuiet and orderly Hallowe 'en niglit that the city has ever parsed through TO LOAN—$i..WU private money on farm land at per ceul.—tola Laqd Co.! WANTED' 'MIsomHamwus WA.NTEU- Jlens v.asliiui; niendiu .i;; 4'.'1 South State. W.VNrKl)— Three bricklayers. \V. Kestcrson, Yates Center. Kas. Btfsiness Directory. UK. MrLDKED t'UBTIS " ,* Pbysiciau and Surgeon. * a:id,« Office over Uu'-rell's'Drug Store • i* Office Phone 554.' • — i» Residence 214 E. Jackson • Phone .1. WANTED—(iirl or woin.Tn eral house work. Piioiie "jTo. fur ^en-i DKS. B£U> A BEID, »..v-^..r.—, - .— ,-f—r • • Pbyslcians and Surgeons. \\.\NTKD-A11 kinds ef .-ecnnd h.indj. x -Ray and; Electrical Appliances, household furniture.—The hda Fiirni->« Kye, Ear. Nose and Throat. ture Exchange, Phone '1. A. \V. Bcik. Prop. !• Otnce Phone 357; Res. 396. WANTED—.Men to karn I.;i:ber trade, few weeks re(|iiir«-d. I'e-t iinying \v«irk within the reach of pom nian.!« Can have simp vvitli siiial! eapital. !• Wa.ges frotii $12 to ?"J0 •.seeUly. Woii-j* derfiil demand for barbers. Catalojrnc j* mailed free. .Moler Barber College, i* Kaiiias City, .Mo. i« Vv'A.NTEU—iu l.u> u good s'Tt'iui! hand bui'.gy. I'bone or leiiL'. !• DK. HcMJLLEN, • Special attention given to th* • treatment of ail Chronic Diseas- * es and Diseases of CUldren. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office oyer liiirrell's Drug Stor* • ^'est Madison. • c.\- !• WANTED—Ipla propci ly to change for Kansa:; and Missouri land.' Golden West Land Co. Office over lowaj Store, lola. Kas. i • Phone 687,' Rei. 701. • DB. 0. L. COX, • Eye. Ear, Nose and Tbroftt. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • SALI':.S.MEN & AGE.VTS—$$5$;)0.'iO,^ . . . • , P'>r week and over can bo made selling I * Vew Campaign Novelties tfom nowi« ••••••• until election. Sells to Stores, Coun -I» ty Fiilrs, Picnics and Private Families.; Complete line of samples, charges pre- •• paid for r .nc. Order toda.v: CHICAGO j* XO/ELTY CO.. 60 V.abash Ave., Chicago. • • • Offlca Tel. 1083. Nfehf T«l. 40t !»K. R. 0. • I • • N I 'bjslclan ..... ••<•-•.• • •• Rooms 7 and s. i:. • ^i^.^ Liian. WANTED—Young men to prei>are for coming examination for Kaiiway .Mall and other Government Positions. Superior iiistriiction by .Mali. Est;tb-j» lished It years. Thousands of sae-j • cessful students. Satnplc tiuesiions j* and "How Gov't Positions are Se- " cured" sent free. Inter-State SeJioois. 2M la. Ave., Cedar Rapids. Iowa. FOR SALE'MiaoBllanoous FOR SALE OR TRADE Sin'.:er Sewin.t: Mnciiitie for eo-.v. Iioi.-e or orn. •South Third. Phoue \TZ\. F. H. MlRTEf, Surgery and Diseases of * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 " Office 7 North Jeffersoa. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler.. 110 East Street. New high arm drop bead. I-T, j LodgjB DifCCt01 ^y KMGIIT9 OF PrXJIIAS ^Neosh* Ixidge No. 4.1 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting br*- FOR RENT—Seven room modern * thcrs invited.: W. S. Thomp ?on, B. Chouse, nil S<jiith Buckeye. Iiviuire t.f 'Chris Ritter. K. of R. and 3. . . W. 7.. Bartles or .1. E. Powell. ( KMGUtS ; OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the Worl# FOR KENT—House. .N'orth Buckeye. FOR iXOHANOE Inquire 2ns meets in K. P. Hall, second and foartS Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. For- tdr, recoid keeper. Commissioners Meet. The county commissioners are in .session twlay. At noon today they had not been able to transact much business as everybody that came in was talking politics. Tomorrow they will not be lu session-as It Is election day. Friday they will go over the election returns. Six Men Stadeut^. Six new students enrolled in the lola Business College this morning. Sis Clear LH Harpe residences S7t".>'J and f300i>. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. I^-nhart. iola, Kas. W. 0. W.-iCamp No. 101 meets «» K. of P. Hall i every t'riday night. W r. Steele, C. \ C, A. H. Davis, CMH Visitors cordially invited. M. ff. A .-4The M. W. A. LodCt 1 OST -I'.lKk Mir'iii iieH- fur \^^^^ e^ery friday night In M. W. A. I.O.SI -l .i .Kk .Mai. Ill II. rk fir-.y^j, Visiting brothers Invited. F. C. Leave at .'IT Nonli '.Va>;hiiig:t.n. Phone Cbffield,_V C. W. A. Cowan. Clert. OGl. Reward. "ROYAL NEIGHBORS.—Iola Cam* ^^^^^^H^^^^^M^M^^^^^B No. 36&. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eafl^ Ijnonth. Mrs:. F. A. Wagner, orad» Mrs. .Mary Hutton. 413 West StrvaT Recorder. \ OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly rln.glng these da>s September, you know, is the time to havo_ the summer dt:st cleaned -jut of car-; FTaternaj^'ijrotherhood ''N6, 380 meet* pets. j-sneond-and flourth Thursday of eac^ We arc busy, but your order win,month in A. O. U. W. IlaU. Vialtil^ FI{ATEUx\.^L BKOTHEBHOOO. receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU^ RUG FACTORY PhoM BI*. roemlierB cordially invited. W. H. A»- derson, presifient: Golda Enam. teeiv- tary. I Roy Stover's Fir^e Record. j Captain T. S. Stover received word, from hi.> .sister In California, t'aat in the rIPc shoot at .Melbourne, Au.-traiia between a team of Australians and a team from the fleet, bis sou. Roy. made the best record', with a score of 102 out of a possible l <i,=;. Roy jdc'sr- ed and drilled the team which entered for the flecL i jj^. OilfilleLKB "en^ml Contractor. Flagiione and Cement Sidewalks aii4 Cartjing a Specialty. UJic* li;^ East JackMO Ph«a<i t*4. Want C«unty Line Bridge. 1 J. B. M. Reed was in today to see They arc Daley and Pearl Jordon, of j the commissioners with reference to Savouburg; Erie Houeymau of Madl- building a bridge over Vegetarian son, Fred Long of Virgil. Lawrence creek on the AUen-Neosfio line. The. Akin of Latbam and Gilbert Whit- matter will be taken up at thia pess- worth of Gas Cily. . ' ion of the board. I Real Estate, Insurance A .ity and Farm Lo^hs Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time witjhout notlQe, and interest c^ses on amount paid. Ldng or Short Time Loans. Cunnii^gfaiaiii&Arnett Begl^t«r wtint a4$ brfaig rraolis;

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