Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 4
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nrati QRADB FLQWERS A^D Artistic Floral Designs • There are times and events •which seem to demand the presence of flow^ ers and when ^hese occasions do come it is well %o Icnow Just where to get the choicest of flowers:and highest grade of work at moderate prices. J. W. Primmer, of 704 I3aat Lincoln, Jola. makes a siicclalty of cut flowers and grows nothing else, and you can depend on getting just what you want in this line. lie has 7,000 feet of glass : and every fool of it devoted exclusively !o cut flowers, and evi-rythlnj; strlcrly up-to-date. Call and see his place, 704 East Lincoln Strc^f, lola, Kansas. Bell.riione, 104. J. W. PRIMER. 'lb ,>4 |S The SAXTA FE sella HOMESERK- ERS' tickets first and third Tuesday.^ In each month for one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip to corluin jMilnts West and South Wost. Rolurn limit ::o days. One w.ny second rl .iF.a CnUinlst tickets to I/iH Angeles niiil .'>.in I'nnicisi-o and other California pdlnts for $2ri.0O Portland, Oregon, Sfaiile. \Va:ili., etr., for J2.'..r.O. every il.iy tliirliig October, 1907. Please see us for stopover privileges, and so forth. W. E. RAlSTONi Agt. A faral;^ lee, a d?4p^gasb over the n>-e, and an exirbmelj' bad brula* on his shoulder, are the idjurles which Max niltott, a Humboldt man, recolr- cd in a runaway which occurred -just south of the Elna Creek bridga «B he was driving home aftw attending ttie c^tmiral last night. Elliott Is now at tlie haspilal hi n very critical con- diUon but It is thought that he will recover. Elliott was accompanied by a friend v.hosc name could not learned. Nrlther RII !6tt nor his friend are able to toll just how tho arcMcnt occurred. nUht Ihf-y told the story that some girls taken thini out motor rid'ng and that they had been thrown fiT>ni th.? machine by the youiig_ ladies, it is thought, however, that they were driving alone when their hovfio became frightened M liomcthlng and in the mtxup they wore thrown from th.^ buRB>'. Elliott was picked up In an unconscious condition and not until h*' reached thf- hospital did ho regain consclou.s- ness. Tho I OR l.s broken aliove tho luipo, and on iiccoiint of the fact that Elliott hiiil a dislocated lilp lor \ y3.nrs. makes tho injury more dan- yornus than It otlujrwlso would have been. I. v9- iiaie aiComts at Great Saturday special— Stylish. loo.'io or somi-llttins couts. r »0 inches long, made of liglil weight kersoy, uoltcui or bro.adcloth. oollat- less tsyle, the neek llnished with velvet and braid. Bpamirnlly trlmmedjln variou.s styles, lined ihronglioiii with good qualiiy of sntin. See the l»eKt eoat evor offorcil. for i-^riday and Sat- unL-iy $10.00 \TTi:\TmV FAIOIKlt.S, \o« is the lime l;i M M jour scrap iron, all iiiuds of melal and all kinds of jiuik, aisci hides, pells, fnrs. tallow, wool, nms, f<'nlbers, hresnax, etc. I am headtiHiirlers anil Ike most reliable dealer in rola. Don't crive yoor goAds nway, bring it in yourself and |trt fall inarkri value. You are the pmdnc*. ers ami yon are the one Ihal's entitled \ i<» all the prolils. .Make nit uiisfnkes. Come rizlil to K. .S. it(>niard, I~ Krupp's old stand. No. Sei-.t'iK North lluckeye street, and gel a sijuare deal lasi and all Hie time. 98c for $1.50 and $2.00 Dress Goods Tomorrow We place on sale to-morrow at OSc, instead of $1.50 and $2.00 per yard, the very newest of Dress Goods, all.50 and 52 inches wide. In the lot are— I AN INK IIOSriTAI.. : IJr. 4. F. Sulcliffe Will IMsmiss .Sulis .VpiinsI .Si. John's Hospital. lola Bosiness College Might orOay So»mlott Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocution. Bookkeeping. EnglLsh. Phy.sical Culture, etc.. Shorthand, I.«tter Wrltl^jg. EakSn'm Hardware Ammnnllion pnt up lo comply wllh the 'he St. .lohns hcs..ii.-il were , . , ' to lo f ..smis.soi ni Dr. Siitc iffjs cost, pure fend law. T , ... ' Iio 10 receive m rotnru to ti .o hospital for practico. rndor ihe ^reciiiont made by alforn.^.v^ for bdili sidos Dr. h?inoliffo bas (-(|.ial I 'Kliis Willi any III I MT piiy.-ijcl.-in , It was given out by iho attorneys for Dr. .1. S. SutcUfii' that his suit 102 South Kentucky. I'hone 42.1. ! LivinqstoD Co rontractors u4 BaDlnrg. All kinds of work a spocJalty • Saatk Syeaaianb Fkw ISit Ft LLEH (A.SL" TODAY. The case of E. P. Puller v.s. the Vau- dette Picture conipany is lM>ing argin-d by ihe attorneys this afternoon. The evidence in the cuae was eoncliKied I this al'ionioon. It probahiy will be four o'clock Ibis ariornooii bffnro ilie argumeiil will bo concludod and iln- judge will render a docisloii. .\<T(inliiig til :ii> atl.un.'y f';!- Pr, .^.;;<-rff<' not hint; wa!< to lie sii'd iili.>!it ilH' ;i <ljiisi:n <'iii of ihf cases until Siiii- ilay wli .-ii .\iclliir r.crn .Tnl was l.i riiiiii- ill friiiM Wichita niiil M:I1; • a slaleliH'iit. .Moilier lleri ::inl will be Ijcie Sunday r .iK; "iiaUc a statement relative to tho adjiii^ti'.ioiit. The ca.sos wore P. C. (!ilk?soii \-s Sisters of Hospital, and Ilr. J. S. Kiilcrffo vs tie ;;dvisorv board. $7,30 CoBiB for $3.00 ."iO-iii(ii Mlack Cii .Tts. l(){i:-o stylo, velvet, and braid iriinniod. half lined. Has the aiipoarance of an ?S .."l) gar- coat over offered. fur Sat- mon:. On sale i^atiinlay Stl.OO See I ho ne\v (oats fe .-<civ ("l today, spofialiy.iiricod for .S ;:tiir(lay at ..•Hi'^.iio, jj;i."»..")0. :iiir,5!i, .'ii'^o Shadow Check Broadcloths, Ombre Plaid BroadcIothS; Herinjbone Stripe Tailoring, Striped English Suiting, English Check Suiting and Plain Broadcloths. All fjood .staplt; colors and all inateriala that sell regnlar from |l.50 to $2.00 per yard, the best valnes ever ofl'ered foi desirable Dress Goods, to-niorrow morning, per yard, aMm'aita Child CoaM 9ftc 75c Wool Suiting at 47c. All 38 to 42 inches wide, all the new fall colors, good desirable new patterns i.n stripe, broken plaid, plain and mixtures, .worth 75c, on sale, A and great variety of cufly boarslciii. siyles ill plain moleskin and l<riiniuer coats. Prices .^'^..^O, $^*.!>.'5. $i {..10, AND $r The Moat Sfytieh Skirt We Have Yet Of' fereti at S5mOO We liavo ,<?iv(n many unusual vul- lic.-i in Slu'rir; this season, Init tomorrow we <(ff >T ulint we cuii.sidei' tbo be.-if v.aliio;; of ihe soa.soii. The skirts are made ol' line wtjol eliift'on panama in four styles in black, brown and liliip. Wonderful values at ...*}?.1.00 Saie of Blankets, Two hundred pairs of Grey Rlankets on sale tomorrow at, per pair...4J)^ Tennis Flannel So yd Fifty jdece.s Tennis Flannel, good heavy quality, sells at to cenis. -For toniofrow, iter vitid 8^? lOLA O. W. DEI.KIiATF.S HOME. at THE OKnri.\l,.S of ilic Kansas -3nHtbern Electric Uailwuy company are boldiag a meotinc in the iSniithern oHice.s of iliis city today. TcU Tiem Yoti Knowl^ ^ Yoa may tell yom ffien^s^ on joiif ^^say-soy^' fhat yAaesL fliey f>ay a package of the ^nisSne Airbtickles' Atiosa Coffee they get the best of the coffee tifade* ( i;\T TIIKATI:K SOLD. O. II. R«-dlield .Moving liecunies Onuer of i'lctnre Show. Drill Team Attended Meeting (herrjvale. The fro'scent Theater on We.-t Mad- The tola W. O. drill team and is„n was sold yesterday by the pro- delegation returned tpdiiy from Cher- piietors. Dr. .lim Rccd and OE.-ur Cnr- ryvalo wlicr,- they went lo alteiid the ,„ o .\\ .Uediield. betirr known l.i;; W. O. W. iniCIiii;.'. around town as ".Skeof Kedfield. Tiio The iola team wa.s tho real thing at ^ea! was closed last ni;.;ht and -Mc, tiiat meeting and put on the tloor work RedHeld .i.ssunied charge of the busl- on a big of now memliPis. Sov-! upss this morning. .Mr. Kedfield is eloign Uoot intt on tin 'of Ihe order. r-crot work well known in iola ami for .several numths ha:; aciod as steward of Iho ^ol. .1. I!. .M.bicoil .-iP .d W. T. Steele! clul.. Ibis city were ai,;o;..u' the import- j M ^. nedHel,! exTocl:-. to a<l a.-, man- it pe ,>.ma,i ;es at the a/fair. The! ,„• ,..e theater, .\lr.s. Stone will tin- f(d- No coffee of equal quality can be sold in, this town for the same price, whether it sold out of a bag or a bin, 6r under some romantic trade-mark. You may tell them you kiiow and that Arbuckle Brothers, the greatest coffee dealers in the world, will stand for it«^ Chorryvale Rc-iinlili.aii has lowing to say of the rilTnir: Dele.:;ates are hero I'iis nfiernoon from practicaiiy every Wfiodnien of Ihe Wcnid camp in the Tliird congres-j sional district to .iiieiid iiie rally. Four uniform W. O. W. drill loaau; and three Woodmen Circle drill teams are here and took part in the parade. The. business hoii¥e>; were decorato<1 with flags and liunting and liio city has the apjioarnnco of ("•niiiae lioll- .lay. Tlie public rebodls dismissed .n( two foriy-five ho ili;ii the cluldreii i-oiild jciin in the parade. Owing to the late arrival of the which ciime So\'erei luiVe cliar;;c nf the and Hity West will remain in charge of the picture machine. JIarvoy Howard, who has been manager, has not yet decided jiii,t what ho will do in tin- future, but has several places opcni to him. Miss F>lna Keith has secured a- position at Coffeyville. Kansas. >'oles of DosseK. ilev. .1. I.. Smith, of llartvllle. Mo., presldeni of the .Minister.* tmd Deacons union of South Baptists association of Missouri, is conductiiig a series of meetings at tlie .Mount Z^n Baptist church. The attendance Is good iiitere.-it is good. Services ct seven p. 111. Fverybody i.-; ;-oidially Invited to iitlend. The Reverend is stopping with his son. S. W. Smith, of Bas.sett, Kiis. S. T .KLLIS IIKKK. I'alher of S. A. Kills Visiting Relatives ! ami Friends. condneled the Star J..ivery liarn. He mov-ed to Oklahoma when that country first opened. This is bis tirst visit in this city for a number of yoarslind 'X is needless to say that he has found the city so changed to make a guida necessary. His old friends are glad to see hini. 'WILL «0 TO WASHIMiTON. Congre.ssman Chas. F. Scott, who has been visiting the Various counties of his district during the past few I weeks, expects to .start to<m next Wednesday to lake up his wiii- ier's work. He will 'be in lola ne.\t vS. 'J'. Ki.iis. of .Meeker, Okia., is h, |-''":iduy and Tiie.sday and will be glad the city visiting his son. S. A. Kills, j K' see any of. the old soldiers_or oth- of this city. Mr. Ellis lived in this; ers who may wish to consult him city many years a.go and formerly a^out or public business. LEONA (REIfiHTON MARRIED. Former Tola fllrl Weds S. II. Handy of WasbtBgtnu. Cards have boon receivi-d in tho city Santa I'e p.-issojiger on j announcing the marriage of Miss Sovereign Commanders Leona Creighton, of Paiksburg. West Joseph Cnllcn Tioof. Sovoroi.Tp .Man- Virginia, to .Mr. Samuel H. Handy of j a.ger Ceo. F. Woolly, State Sovereign ^ Washington, D. C. The marriage was i .Manager J. W. KalHcr and Hon. .1. n. ' solemnized on Wednesday at the Atchison of lola, the parade formed Itride's home in Piirksburg in which at the Santa Fe station. <^">' "'''>' The bride is well known bore having lived In! iola several ye.irs while she was a he hi.i;h school. TEN TllOrSAND MEN Freight AJtBCOKLE BROS.. New York City. Dniidlers at New rauld Noi Agfee. •STRFCK. .student in I Orleans j Ollleial CoMon Reporl. i Wiflsiiingtnn. 0<!t. 25.—The consiis i btiroaii today miub'' public a result of! L New OtToans, Oct. B^tcaiise tho iv>|(orIs r.f its special agents on | the I'linois feiiTral itallroad fr.^igli: tie qiiiiiitily of cotton of this year's' handlc-r.4 could not c(Uiio to an ac:roe- crops which had be:>n ginned up to' m-'iit as to the tlmo period of their the ISth instant, showing -I.OSO.I.JS- contract ten thousand or more'halts as comparoil with 4.;';'l,C21 freght .^:and!or:s. coiion screwnien.: bab s •-•ttiiitd tit the same time longslioreiiien and otin r laborer.^ em- year. Sixty iitne counties wlileli were p'oyed on the riv«>r fnn: lior(> again' ropccsontod In year's tot:iI are i wont on a f-lillve lodtiv. j not included. ' That Label IS a oisrn ;The Good Kind. Genuine PIT Pyyr CANDV 8o a S4tikm At 15uLrir «ll 's 13rue: Sltoire, % 4; ,^, :'k^M^i>Li-t'M.1i'^i>^i&^ ! • of • ^ i : • Honesty Quality Economy Satisfaction Kantbc-beat clothes are made right, of best matcnals; they .save you money, they wear well and fit perfectly. If you arc looking forclothes to depend upon, you will find them in this store. The Kantbebcat label on the inside coat pocket is an insurance policy. It insures satisfaction-(o every purchaser. Wc want to show you why Kantbebeat clothes are "SUPERIOR TO TAILOR-MADE." J The People's Stor<

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