Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1908
Page 1
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The Rm^Mer Hmm ihulLmrgmmi Glroulatlon In Mtimm Oouuiy of Amy Hmwrnitmimr Pubttmhmttjm tkm Omm^ CO CME X. 3iUMB£B 318. ElfiHT PASES. lOLA. KANSAS, AOVEMBEB ^. J90J>.—3I0>DAY ETEMX;. EIGHT FIOES. ma iwo ctm. READY FOR ELECTION OFFICIALS AIIE FIXI>« IT THE DOOTJIS TODAy. PaLL$ TO OPEN AT 8 O'CLOCK PAKTl MANACVEKS ASK VOXEltS TO tAST 11AL1.UTS EAKLl. ithcre Thry VoU- lu • Ubat Uio Halluts lulu An- The officials arc today getting cv- eryiliins In readiness for Uie opculug of the polls at "the geuural election tomorrow, November 3rd. Stoves antl lights arc being installed iu the voting places that the clerks and judges may work at a good advautage. Booths iu the voting places aic also installed today. i_ Today Couuty Clerk R. E. Culberl- s=oa is sending out the ballots to the \oHns places iu the county. This year there will be three separate ballets—one lor the presidential electors, state and county ticliet. one for the township ticket, and one for the two constitutional amendments and the high school proposition. The'big ballot is a large one. It is almost as wide as a page of the Ilce- ister and longer tlmn a Register page. Beginning at the left side, the Republican ticlict comes first, then the Democratic, then the Socialist, then the Prohibition and then the Independent. The lattgr is followed by a blank column. .Ml five panics lisivc a full list ol J'rc.sideiiilul electors, and all have a lu 'i list of candidates for state offices, except the Indepcndi'nco. who made iio nomination of candidates for justices of the supreme court. When It comes down to the county lots. Uiffri ^<|X#.tbr«e 4n.tbo jjeld,— ikj^^'Rcpublica^;- 'tUj ^tDemodi^t)^' and D ^Sociall .'Jty' AltSj ^thcr'thcrj!' " a«c nfc- rfumes'hi eJcli* or't ,t1j §",llrst .t^iil^^oluuins. fronj[:. to 'jjjHtbm. :W ^th th^.lf<;adinjf .«f 'each -Ojket is; li'JcJrcle and iby'making a cross^.'mark""! jqi/iljis cjtcte.tho ^jft'ter can,, f-i^^t a Vfor'^ery.:. feaiidldat^ An '.tliat • . • r ^iti,i|pr voting printed ' ' j ballot lay down vr wrongfuljl^ to the jud^^ •:• • •:• • • • • • V •:• •:• •:• -;• •i. <V THE COMMITTEE'S LAST • • WORD. • • Headquarters Allen County Ue- • publican Committee. lola. Ivans., • Nov. 2. 1908. • • To the Republicans of lola aud • • Allen county: — • On tomorrow morning the • • work of this committee will be • •:• completed and what remains to • •^ be done wUi pass into the Rands • • of the individual Republicans of • Allen County. The campaign • which the committee has conducted has been fair and honest. •'froc from abuse. viliQcation or • misrepresentation, and in tho in- • •:• lerest of the whole Republican •> •t- ticket. AVo have acted upon the • theory that it was better to say • • a good word for our own candidates rather than a bad word • against their opponents, although • • the temptation to answer abuse • •!• with abuse has been very great • 4- and the opportunity ample. , Not • • a dollar has been received or • spent and none will be by our v • committee for which we are not • entirely willing to render public •> •J* account. The people of Allen • County believe in clean politics •> • and have testified in many ways • • their approval of our campaign, v We believe they will show their v <' approval tomorrow by giving an • •:• overwhelmiufc' endorsement to •:• •^ our candidates. • • It is unnecessary at this time •> • to refer at length to the merits • •i' of the Republican candidates. • 4* they arc all honest and consci- %• entious men. thoroughly qualiried • •J* and competent to fill the oflBce • • for which they are asking your • •> votes, and can salely be' intrust- • ed with any duty pertaining to • his office. From top to bottom v •»• this committee endorses them • '> and believes, that they will re- * • celvi- file votes of tho Rcpubli- •!• •:• cans of Allen County. Th<y wi ^re • nominated at a primary- election. • •> every candidate rcceivint? a ma- '•r.Jorlty of, the Uep.ii.bjicanj!. pr .tho • county" with6ut i*ati)i qliajjgo of • '> TtlcKiMy • or unfuirj)^iiof aH>*^ilnd. •:• They have a rii5 ^'v^,-tlicretofc. to • expect the yot^si^^'^ tliOJrjPnrty •;• • iissociates and H^'il' bcllev.'f. they <• • \vil1 receive thi-m. Uepuftlicans • .••should remember'.that no>eandi- • >:• dite on tife De^ocrutiq .jticket •:- 6aavJiope-:$ oliateted except by CLOSiNC CAMPAIGN CIIAIBXAX IIITCnCOC 'lL CLAIMS 3e« ELECTOSAL TOTES FOB HIM. JUDGE TAFT SPEAKS IN OHIO UrpB */iIraiis Sec • Tietoij bi New lork—Bryan to A'elnska Tonight. H O W Wl LL Y O U V O TE (ttit'-'township ballot to cast, the'sam? as dv.ellers in ^ural*preclncts. The township officials who are to be elected in this city, are two justices of the peace and two constables. There •will bo two tickets on the township ballot, which will be a separate ballot. Tl'e two will be the Republican aud the Democratic. Ueside.s these two ballots there wiii ii -^be a third' one. It will contain the two propositions to amend the constitution and the proposition to adopt or reject the Darnes high school law. The first propo.sltion submitted Is the one to atn (MUl_ the constitution Avitli regard to eompenbation for members of the leglslatuiv. if curried it will the pay of state sen- atoiti and ri-prei >entuilv(>» from 9n u day to f.'OO for each reKUlur Hesslun and 9100 for each npcolal svHHlon. Tile Hccond one \H tlio propobltlon to <imend the constitution relating to the judicial amendment to the conutl- lutlon. ' The voting places arc: First ward—110 IJasl Jackson. ' Second ward—Grand Theatre. Third, ward"—Acres building, 116 West Madison. - . Fourth ward, first precinct—Cal Beatty's Implement store. Fourth ward, second precinct— Falkncrs grocery. 212 South Ken. tucky. L. L. Nortbrup. chairman of the Allen County Republican central committee and John F. Goshorn, chairman of the Democratic . committee, some time ago submitted to iFayor Robinson a list of the men they de- site io serve the respective parties as elecUoQ officials at the general election. AtOng upon the rccommendationB rdaA^ by .the chairmen of both';Coo>- nd^ees the mayor made the follow- ink appointments .vhlcb Jiare been . ^vroy»^ &y.tlie oouncO. .'ifs ^T -Jndgep G. D. VpBftV' •^yi^CJiiJBLldkN VOTES. Alfrtiai is • •^jnc^ttjl, tWrcfore. to insnrn '*..•> >i ;''sweSijtfng Republican victory is [>!• for Republicans to vote the Re- *!- f> publican Ticket. We therefore •> [^earnestly appeal to every Repub- v •I* lib'an to go to the polls early and • • cast his vote for all the Ropub- • lican candidates and use his iu- v • fiuence in every proper way in • •> support of tho whole Republican • •:• ticket. •:• •:• Our prediction, based uiion the •:• most careful estimates, is that • • Taft's election is assured, that •> his plurality in Kansas will be v • not less than 40.(M.10. and in Al- •:• len county not less tlian 1,200. • *>. and our entire county ticket will •:• be elected by substantial niajor- • ilies. •:• wc wish to thank the Repnh- •r« Ilcan workers of Allen county for the cordial and efficient asslst- •^ anct" they havi' jjlveu tis In thi.s + cau*palKn. We hlinll always feel • • graleful for the support they v have n>nden<d the eomntlllee. •:• + I.. I.. NORTUmJP. <• Chairman. •:• i; It. iiAiiD. Secreta-y. <• •^ •^ • •}• * «^ • far a'synatioual jfiattcfs are «'oiicrrn- |ed pafe 'Se .s Into th« Wid^s. of others for ifour years to cpmiv .The dfei.-.ion Iwhiclj.tW votors ;',Of A^ni-rira ivnd .r tomorrow will be'irrevocable tluiins lithese jfour yeafs. If they nuikc a niistalij?-it cannot, bo (COfiS^'Vid until 1912!! \ A. HEAVY RE?SP0NSIBIL1TY. It will take the average voter v .luj croes Into the booth toniori 'iw p «_rh;rr/s two minutes to liuirk his balloi. l);):-lug thoso Iwo liiiiuites he will bo a real ruler excrcislnj; t!:e supronn- act of sovereignty. But the nionicni hi^ ballot li^_ marked,, and .Tlrijvered to the ilio.'-o policies will inspire confidence? Uti you KNOW that under them busi- u..v ^.-''Rin nourish and every citizen tiiid ii easy (i> niako a living? rto.far from K.NOWlXtV all these . things, have yen not every reason, judging tire /iifiir<> liy (lie past, to doubt ;ever>one. of tliom? Is it uoi practltally jBCjr- •Judgcs'his sovcrejgiit;^ xsoascs and HO | tain tiat iu tho ovont of D*mocra^c surcocs tomorrow the business of tlpi country will wait thjtil next Marj^b to Jrarn wllat .AFr. pryan will recoil-' of necessity remain wholly or in part idle. Whatever will promote tlje business of tho country therefore, what- i!ver will t'-nd to increase: railroad buildini; and other construction must be of immense and direct advanta.ce to Jola and Alien County. Wlmt 1= ithere in an^^;)oUcy Mr. Bryan "is pd- vocating to stthiulafe activity in any New York, Nov. 2.—The last turn was given todav to the political wbeel of laos. With the opening of the JKJIIS less than twenty-four hours away the leaders of the two great parties arc giving attention to the last details of one of the most ioterestihg campaigns in many years. Judge Taft speaks this afternoon at CicevJand and tonight winds op the fight for the presidency at Youngstown, going thence to Cincinnati to vute tomorrow. W. J. Bryan is touring Kansas and expects to reach Liocoln tonight. No change toda^' is announced in th'j estimates of NaUooal Chairman Hitchcock who claims votes for Mr. Taft. Mack is equally certain of for Bryan oat of the 183 votes in the electoral college. In New York siaie the Republicans claim the Dem- iieratic vote in Greater New York will a big up-state majority. The Democrats claim otherwise and are depending upon the labor vote to turn tiic tide in their direction. line of iuvestmcijt?. -" could, the^e he, ofi\ tho ofl ^cr "hand, in the .eiccliop 'jof Mr: Taft. yhieh ^wc^uld sliake con^ luiiid'. aiid'lhen that-it will waft Uutjl .lfldence or idimitiish business activity the Democratic ooniiress. elected"-fri'Ji^ in any direction? Admitting that; no-- hijn'. .-•hall meet ahtl adJoUni to sffe wliat lef;i:*lafion it' will enact? Aj^jd wli1l«' The country is waiting.—ovcrj,- a tremendous rtspoii.-iiijilji/; nKTcliant biiyini; only for immediate It is l ^and any man wiib e.vorciso.s it wittmit I deM 'aii<I.-<, every manufacturer reduc- |the most Kejjiqns ronsideration or wljii ii'u ominit ajui oxpon.-es to tho re- Dcrniifs himself tn h'^ infltirijced by: iiiiirfni'-nr.s of immeiliate ordor .s. ev- anything other than his doIII ),^rat.' ;ni.i try banker lioliiinj; a tight urip on hi .s conscioniions judgment as m u iia' j ro .sonrcos in have tliem at immediate is for the whole country, is not j command.—wliilo all things are worthy of American clti/« nship. Fv-. liai -ponin^. as thoy undoubtedly will ery voter oUKht to mark his ballot in ih.- iviin of .Mr. Bry.nn's eicction, wiili^ a.-! .Croat e.Jio and t'onMhouahl, ujiat di> .von .^upjm .so wi'l be happen- as if he wore pir:5onally respon.-iliit , jni: to .\oii and your businoss or the to all tlie flthor ninety million jx-niilr or tho i.Mrinf .s> of tho man whom Wimos or salary? Is jont^, D. William Roadlcker. D. J. B. Henderson. R. Clerks, E. S. Davis. D.. M. C. Edwards, R. Second ward—Judges J. W. Fuller. D., Davis "VS'tolfe, D., A. B. Stoddard, R. Clerks. G. A. Arnold, D.i Guy Pees. R. Third ward—Judges E. W. Cantrell. D.. AMlliam Wliitson. D., W. H. Mc Clure, R. Clerks. A. P. Ilottcnstein, D., A. V. Fitzgerald, R. Fourth ward, first precinct—Judges W. R. McCall, D.. S. Heller, D., R. E. Wrlffht, R. Clerks. J. Laugford, D.. J. W. Kelso. R. Second precinct, Jvdges C. W. Land, D., A- F. Grant, p.. J. D. LuCte, R. Clerks, W. F. BIx- ler, D.. John Garrett, R. The polls will open at 8 o'clock m the motning and close at 6 O'C I OCK. The. diairman' of be th party central ^te«s have ||qoested that TOt- eaily, if ppesibjle. i United States for tli<' coinlnoi j on diaw yonr of the povernmoiit diirin;: ihf :irxi j; not I'lain as print that the eleetiou four years. [of .Mr. Br .\a!i would introduce an elc- .\nd if you wi-ro. thn.s i>orsonalIy ros-.'nioni of doubt and uncerainty into tlie pon^ible. .Mr. Voter, to all of yonr folj lln^iino^s siiuation wlilch will be en low .\morican citi/on.-;. if tho .stup.n- liroiy wantins; in oaso of Mr. Tafts hody c^n ahsolutely guarantee a con- tiiinatioh of prosperity nndcr any cir- ciiui^tdhicos. is it not clear that the chances against this coniiniation of prosperity would^ lie reduced jt^i. mln- iiuum fin the event" of Re'froblinai suc- CPS3, and that thev would* bt^ 'iBcreas- ed to a ma.ximuni in the eveht of Democratic success? Are n^'^he'o«tds enormou.'^iy in favqr of a continuance of exi.siing conditions under continued UopuWican rule, and enormously against such a continuance imder ;Den'ocratie rule? "Why should we take tnineees-sary chances? YThy should we delibei-ately put the ^ddt against us? It is a heavy responsibility that ever>' voter shoulders when he steps into the booth tomorrow. Consider it well. dons bu>inoss uf onactinjr l <r.islation.jtl«rtion".' .\iid is it not even plainer ailmiuistorinir tho laws. • oolltoiiiojiliiian prim that anything which intro- and disbur.'iinc tlo rovcnn.-.-*, i;nar .l-• dnr^-.-i an «Iiaifut of doubt and nncor- Ing the linaneial system and proinnij tainty into tho liusine.-s silnatfou ing tho in (ln >i(rial prosporlty of tlo inin.-.! of !n.r.'.»;sit.> hurt bu.siiu 'ss? And poypif ri .-^tod solfl.> M|ion }t>'\v \At\>\\(\iu l)ii.-;in< .-.s lio liurt without hurtiii;; for which party wonl.l \on o .ist ii? you'.' You KNOW what tiio pidiohs t,( ili<| Tli" pro.spirii\ of lola depends on Ropnblloan party will !«• \on,ih>' prosporlty of tho ureal Industries know what llioy hav<" !)••• n VOM I WIIIOII Mipport .'•ti larKo a part of oiirj KN <1\V' that uiid <'r \hr>.' polU-l.-s ;( i.opnl.iili>n. Tho prosporlty of thc.-e, L" p. m. has lio <-n <'a »<lfr dnrl.'i;: tie past tfH j in (lu ^:ii«> .l< i'<'iuis wholly (ui «onor«l[ • p ni. liusin> .ouilitions throughout the) p. ni. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Tuesday; slowly rising temperature. years fur tln^ avi-raKi- citizen to inali' 5J t). m. it) p. m. a lIvliiK than dnvlnj: any olhir t.n r(innir>. If thi- railroads aro busy years of f!i«' iiinntr>s hl.story. Yon «.\!i'ittlin-- th.-ir lluos. If contractors KNOW lhat witJi thos.- polirios continued the country will kisow vh.-.t to o.\p.ct; an.l o.rfaiiijy Ixg.i.s con-'f..r bricks an>] oemont and zinc and* Minimum temiierature .\.M\whori' ha\.- titeir hanils full otjl- mldnig'. t . \v <oni,trnoiion. ttore is a demand|Maximum tcmi>erature fiiionce. and confidence 1HJ;<MS Imsi- ne^:s. What do you K.N'OW on tho other hand touciiing the IJifuooran'o party? Do yon KNOW .W'.-.T. ii.s i-oh- cles will be? Do you KNOW winilu-r ilio sroat iiiants in .Mien county which produce will he kept nmning «!) full timv and with a full force. If railroad building and other eoustruc- lion coasos or iialls our plants must • lola, Kansas, Nov. 1,1908. In a statement issued by Mr. Paul Klein to the voters of his district he says that until "our a'^ministration the books of tl;e county had never been audited." i have been county treasurer ever since the present Democratic board of commissioners have been in ofRce and the books of the ^unty have never been audited during that time, except such an audit as tlie law requires and which was always (<one unt^er the Republican administration. The discrepancy in the account of the county with the fiscal agency in New York was discovered in my office and neither Mr. Klein nor the commissioners had anything to do with recovering the monay until I urged them to act. In kmking up that account the fiscal agency account was audited and notiiing else^ I have repeatedly urged the eommissioii- era to audit the books and they'have refused so. M. F. SICKLY, ' County TrtMuritr. .'S . •• . Jiata rocord<-iI at local office. V. S. Wtiathi'r Unroaii \osicrday today,-and a year apo: Ychtordaj Vr. ago G\ • - «•«» .. .".1' .'»; ..ix r.2 ..19 49 ...'•'I ..39 63 ..IS • 16 ...oa 0 Precipitation 7 p. m. Today Yr. ago 2 a. m ,..17 4t 4 a. m 43 iZ 6 a. m 4:: 42 8 a. m 43 43 10 a. m. 44 54 12 noon .-..46 59 Precipitation. 7 a.^ m. ... T . . 0 Xotlrc. To Whom It May Concern. Fire Insurance Policy No. 094 of the lola. Kansas, agency of this company has been mislaid, lost or stolen from the office of E. S. Slough, of lola. Kaosaa, and this is to notify any person or persons holdiqg the abore policies that he same are void and of no effect —Northwestern National Insurance Cunpany luf Milwaukee. Wisconsin! B. 8. SLOUGH. Aftant A CLEAN CAMPAIGN. Whatever the results of the election tomorrow may be as to the cotm* ty ticket.—and that every man on it will be elected, there seems no reasonable doubt.—the Republican party may" well congratulate itself upon the fair, clean and high minded campaign that has been made for its success. The campaign has been vigorous and ;aggre9sivc bi^t..t^'ro hifs^^iot bee|}.du >tft cQnuCcted -with it ^jlch hap-*not hech. opeu*,anjJ above baard. anjl not li wprd ha.<? been said JOr whfet an «poIogy ovcd be offcred^, liThere. have hcen no A}Jsc'an^-defai]p^.ory attacks jiipon opposius. candid4tesT~ there has pbecn no appeal to clQ $s prejndi^. there have .been no. ^VP.ptlk 'Kohr iroorbaci^ launched, thefqj haVd^. hcen^ tip lyin^and U&lous .'p4N |jpaF-^ 3kuIts ,-;^rom ije !ginni4E^*'tfe pj!jbfi<^_ cai ^gn *^ - t only"! i^f..^e co« date]| 'aM,fthQ so^n^ prinflples fot "whlei not upon ridicule aud cali detraction. The contrast in all these particulars between the Republican campai^ and the campaign waged by the opponents of Ihi; Republican party is so marked tliat nobody can have failed to! observe it. And this difference- between the two campaigns, if there existed no oilier reason, ought in itself '.o by sufficient to insure the election of the entire Republican ticket. There have been times possibly when the candidate who could make the hitler- Cat attack upon his opponent was •uost likolv to win. But thoso-times, 'ortuuately. have long since passed away. Tho sense of decency and fair play has been growing stronger every vcar and the people have come perfectly to understand that the party which resorts to personal viHJlcatlon does so through a conscious lack of merit cither iu lis candidates or in tho principles for which they stands A campaign of abuse is a confession of Inferiority wiilch the people are . not slow to understand, and upon which they may be trusted to pass a righteous judgment. The Register has' already called attention to the high character and ability of the candidates on the Republican county ticket. It is glad in this the closing hour of the campaign to point to the carap ^gn they hare made aa a further evidence of their fitness for" the trust which the i>eopIe are asked to repose in them. No better evidence of their worthiness couW be afforded than the fact that they have not permitted their desire lor success to betray them ^nto any act which might not bear the scnitinr of all the people or fat speaking any. word which a self respecting genfleaan might not otter. That the people of Allen County win show their appreciation by their votes tinamnv does not admit of a reaaooal^ dpdUi / .

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