Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 3
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ti* X I Saturday we place on sale one of t!ie greatest collections of Ready-to-wear Garments ever shown in lola. Our buyer, Mr. A.. A, Ramsay, of Carthage, Mo., is in the eastern market now, buying ready-to-wear garments. This makes the second trip to New York in less than sixty days solely for the purpose ot buying cloaks and suits. We had counted on a very large Fall business, but nothing like this. Extra heavy selling has caused the accumulation of lots of odd Suits and Cloaks; these we have grouped into lots andT)laced some very tempting prices on them. , A few suits in the lot are Eton jacket styles; the rest are stajidard length iackets; all have pleated skirts. The coats are every one values you can not overlook. If you want a Suit or Cloak come to this sale SATURDAY. Ladies' Coats. ladies' -iri-inch P.lack Mellon f'loUi Coals, lined yoke, collar and cnffs trininicd wiili velvet and hraid; loose lit tins, $7..".(» nnd $S.50 ooais on sale for $5.1)5 Ijidies' ir.-i!nli Louse I 'll tin;.; Coats in plaids. clu'cUs am) stripes. are neall.v n-iinined with velvei and liraid. Colors ore nil IIKIH and inediiini shades of grey. Valiie.'s in this lot up to $lo.tiii. On sail- I'riday and SaiMrda>. elioice JJ^.O^i l-adif-.-;' I'.lack Sillt «."ojit.^ - One l(.i of l-idi.-s" I'.ia.-U SIIU Coats sliorl. inertiuni and iliree- (inaiter lens'li. All will .lie sold af a redurtion of onW-third. This means yon <-an bay .a Sict.iHt siiii ftir i<t(>.<>n Ladies' Skirts. Ka.Iies" li.aht colored Skirls In tans. Kieys and mixed, plaids, checks and stripes. All are new p;iiierns man tailored. $.">. IM ) nnd $ values $:j.8.'> 0 Notice—W<> make no alienitlons on skirls. Swell Evening liie oni' or two pii-re .'ityles. Kilierty Silk. ("ie;ic de <'hinf nr .s*i."»-*:i«.r»o ChildrensWor- sted Dres^s special showing in Children's Worsted School Dresse.s. all sizes from 4 to II. Prices from 7-><- TO $«.()(> Chifdrens Bear Skin Coats. We are ."howin.::; almost every style yon could wish'for in the line of Children'.^ Bearskin Coats from $•*.-»() TO sJ ?n..'><> Ladies' Tailor Made Saits Lot \o. 1—Ladies' Silk Suits In tan, brov.ii, blue and black. Skirts neatly trimmed and pleat (id: I^lon .Jackets lined with silk and trimmed with silk braid. The regular price of this lot was f?.'!. but Iliey Ro in Ibis sale at $t-l.f »5 I.oi .\'o. '1 —Fine Panama and Cheviot Suits in black. The jackets in this lot range in style from the .short Klon to the ihree-niiarter icngtli. The skirts are all lile.ited. Values range up to $27..".0. Choice of the lot ' .Sl.l.S.'i. I.(,t Xo. ::—Dark brown Suils In plaids and checks, pony and Prince Chap style jackets. Values lip to Jl.l. Choice of the lot }i ;9.8."> Ixit No. 4—Ladies' llpht Riay an dtnn Eton jacket suits, pleut- eij skirls, worth up f. $1.". $7.05 i- WANTED—Two rooms on ground floor without board. Inquire M. C. .Martin* Cataract Hotel. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZF, UT-TODATE MEAT MARKET lis East Aladi&on GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS lofal streets. CltlZKNS WII.I, A.SK (OrVdl. TO j I iv\.s.s \ sprrriNi; ouniWNti:. i FJOT BALI TEAMS LINEUP HEAVY'' .Vre VisitliiK .Schools. The teachers came in from; this morning and will visit ihi- (ia City school.s. To.lay i.-; visiiins da: .fin- ihi- leachers with liio.s'i of lb" s<'Iif:o!s in soiitlieastern Kansas. The l!roii.-;on te:icbers an- vi.^iiln-.; here. nOV.S MII.I, ri.AY I KIM)V <»\ oc- TOHKIJ »l>. »TEYER»» OROCCRY HM«4»art*r« tar. Good Thin^ to Eat. telefihoDe 159 'jubilee Sintfcrs Pleased a Ijirae .lu-; dieiice Last Kvenii;i: I'lr- j soDllI'.. Miss .Mililielf ill Ijiiiioriii. .\Iihs Clifford Jliltbcll. snpcriiitcn dent of tlie tias Ciiy si'hools, is attending the snperinlendcni's meeting- in ICniporia today. .Miss .Mitchell ha.' noi missed aitendin.c: this meeting foi a number of year.s. Site has found it very hi-iiifnl In her work. For Sale Cheap. Good Farm and CItr Property. Se« the THE JATHAWKEE LAHD CO. for quick resultlfl. Old Court House, I A U, Kani. Are After Ihe .Spillers. j li is likfly ibai a comniilti-e r.'iirr--1 sentin;; llie resident., of ibe ciiy will appear before the ronncll -AW^ ask that they jiass an anti-spit ordi:i:ince making it an offense to spit on the sidewalk. There is an ai;itation on in: lola at the present lim>' a:id lh<' appearance of Ihe streets have been im^ proved a Kreat deal. It is hoped that a similar ordinance will improve th«> I laiik .MeCulIey Hurt. I'i;iiik .McCu.'ley sustained a very •rvcn- cut above Ills ri.:;hl eye while pla>inu j.hiniii-y at school yesterday afternoon. Tin; l.oy.s with whom he was pbiyiiiK with were iisiiiK stieka ubicb were beyond the reKulalion size It is believed that ibis is Ihe reiison hr was liuri so badi.v. _ fi is fA-ired thai Ihe wound will leave :»vscar. The .Iiilillee Sinpers Were (Jood. The .liibilee Singers, Ibe first number of the i ;-.!S City loctiire course, en- THiiaiiie.i a audience at the mem Made in New York A LFRED BENJAMIN & CO, choose their designers and Tailors from the best in New York City,—the Fashion Centre of the World for Men's Clothing,— the logical home of the most skilled artisans ' and craftsmen. When we sell you a Benjamin Suit or Overcoat, we sell you not, only the most stylish, but the best made Clothing that money can buy. Correct Clothes for Men exclusive Agent Here, lethodlst Kpiseoiial church last even- HK. These slnRers are considered he best traveling through the we.4t. "heir performance last night was orlh the price nnd more. The next .limber im Ihe lecture course will be .ovember L'O. when Dr. Ileadley will •'Cliii -e. Dr. Ileadley was chosen by lie local lecture course committee rom among some of the best let-tiir- •rs on Ihe platform lod.iy. ile lec- 'ured on the loin Chautaii<|iin plat- 'orni last summer. y\W\ Hare nig Lino I'p. The lineup of the Gas City-team vhlch will meet the Leroy feam October ."il will bo a great deal heavier ban it has been in any game this .eason. ••rally" Street who playe-I villi Ibe famous 1 .^-1 llarjie team, ami Mien, of lola, will be added to the regufar bunch, making llio team one that will compare favorably with any outside of college loams. Other Iteavy men will bo added to the present :ineup. rer!^ona1Si Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Lookin, of Kansas City, was here yesterday on liiisi- less. Sirs. L. T. Harton of the northern part of the state was in the city yesterday transacting business with the 'ocal merchant.s. .1. O. ITIrey of Renfroy. Indian Ter- riiory. was in the city yesterday on re .il estate luislness. TAG DAY L\ lOLA. Tomorrow, remember, is "Tag Day" I'very one will be asked to jyjy tv 11 pr<!tty girl In a beautiful way I'o please buy "Tags" for it is "Tag Day."The' morfey so cheerfully given to us Will be used for a good purpose,-thus. To buy a piano for Librt^ry Hall Where good music can be hoard by all. We can not toll you now just what •make," P.r.t be-assured it will fake "the cake " No* do not go the other fide of the street; To {Tf^t away from us; for you are .sure to meet Some one with "Tags" replcle. nut step up lively, like a man. And help a good cause all that yon can. i and »Ea8t Mildison^ve. E. R. Hankins. an employee of tlje United Iron Works, hart his foot badly mashed this momin? by Iiaving a big iron casting fall on it. Tlia bon» in the great toe was broken as woH ^ as Eome of tbe bones in the foot. The ] injuries are not considered very serious. WANTED—ninjng room girl at ilie PennHylvanIa hotel. WANTED—Ten men to work In scrap iron ayrd. Aj)ply at once, to 1«. .S. narnard, ..o. 32-t-:i'2f. North Huck- eye, lola, Kansas. WA.NTRD-rGirl for general housework, goo<l wages. Call upon or art- dress Mrs. H. H. Knox, care Knox Karm, l.a Ilarpe, Kans. WANTED—Experienced girl for hon.sework. .OOl North Second. WANTED—.A. white girl for house work; no washing or ironing. 2i'f( East street. WANTED—C.irl for general housework; two in fan^ily. 913 South street. WANTED—Chambermaid at the Pennsylvania hotel. WANTED—Farm hands. A. D. .Mull, Carlyle, Kansa.s. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A 320 acre farm In Ellis county to trade for Iol4. rental property or a:small farm InV eastern Kansas. G. F. Robins, La Harpe, Kahsas. FORRan'mimomKt FOR RENT—Fhrnished rooms for gentlemen. ^ Mrs. P. J, Oyler, Td RENT—Office rooms in the Stevenson building. FOR RENT—Furnished house, modern. Apply this ofllce. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms. 421 South Walnut. FOR RENT—Three unfurnished rooms. Inquire .'•1)4 South Qilckeye. FOR RENT—Furnished down stairs .•ooras for housekeeping. 316 South WalnuL LOST mnd FOUND WANTED—Man and wife wanted to work on farm. Address "C" this office. MAN WANTS to do house cleaning. Inquire 601 South Elm street. WANTED—Ten honest hoys 12 to 14 years old. to distribute advertising matter after school. Bring recommendations. Call before' school Monday at Cottage Hotel; ask for Mr. Dee. , WANTED. GIRLS to work at the Brown Smoke House. WANTED—An experienced woman for general house w.irk. Call at BOO East Madi.=?on. WANTED—Two men to cut saw logs. W. A. Dawson, west of the river. WANTED' -Mtmo^llmmmbus WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second 3tret. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, lola. WANTED—Good. sound young horses wanted at The lola Veterinary Hospital. See W. A. Frazler, WANTED—Boarders in private family. Have modern house, newly furnished. Ir^qnlre at .\o. I East Er w ijK WANTED—Typewriting and cleri- :al work. Room 'i, old court house. Rebecca Goble. fOR SALE-"REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—My four-acre^ truck patch, good four roomed house, one nile from square. Alex Miller. FOR SALE—Good wheel, used only I short time. Must sell. Call 094. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room, modern cottage^ two blocks from iquare; short time only. Grace Arnold. . ' ' . •OR SALE -mi9O0llmnmou» FOR .SALE—Household furniture. iOfi South Tennesneo. FOR SALIS—Rnhl)er tired top bug;>-. .1. T. TayKir. Phone 49r.. FOR SAIJO—Good runabout Slude- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken in the ne.\t few days. Inquire of It. i'. Ciilley, Register office. FOR S.'\LE—Two large jinnies, four and Ave years old, and a young black lack. Inquire O. K. Livery barn. La Harpo, Kansas. Phone 16. FOR SALE—Yellow car, popcorn md" peanut roaster. Call at the car in 'Jie evening, southeast corner j,of the square, or 606 South Sycamore.' LOST—In lola a lady's long black cloak with velvet collar. Tinder please phone 54S and receive rew^ard. | LOST—Lady's gold watch, n^r merry-go-round; contained young: colored man's picture. Return to this office. Reward. LODBE DIREOTORr. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights ot Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights In each month. J. W. PoBtwalt, commander; R.B .Porter, record keeper. . . - W. 0. W«—Camp No. 101 meeU In K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. C; A.H.6^Ia. CIei» Visitors cordially Invited. KNIGHTS OP FYTHIAS.—Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Honday night at K. of P Hall. VIslUng brot tbers Invited. W. S. Thompson. C. C^; Chris RItter, K.of R. and S. M. W. A ^The M. W- A. Lodge meets every Friday night in &(. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H. Anderson. V.C; W. A. Cowan. Clerk. RO YALNEIfiTHBORS.— loUCamp^ No. 366, Royal Neighbors. meeU ieo« ond and fourth Tucsdayli ot each ^ month. Mrs. F. A. Waiter, oracle; \ Mrs. Mary Hutton,- 413 West Street. Recorder. ' I F. A.'A.— Golden Leaf Council No. 462. P. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights In each month In K. P. Uall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss ytble Rhortack, secretary. ~FBAT£RNAL BBOTU£RHO0D «-i Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Tuesdays ot each month In Hall. VIslUng members cordialy Invited. W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda Elam. secre* tary. Janlor Order United American V»> chanics.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A. W'idick. Councelor: C. B. Black, Reci. Secretary. BUSINESS OIREOTORY JEWEIJ5R8. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable, jeweler, 110 East street. BTAMMER. Complete court at th^ best school for stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKI^ School for Stammerers, 2705 East 12tO Street. Kansas City, Mo. • FOR SALE—A driving mare and "iiiggy. Horse city broke, Hafe for lady ;6 drive, inquire S:!2 North street. FOR SALE—A line, moilern 7-room :;'ottage, only two blocks^ from square, an car Une nnd i>aved street. The Inest loaction In the city. Easily *-orth |2."ino.oo. Can sell fer $2:!im, it aken this week, Sre us at once. OLA LAND CO.MPANV. FOR SALE—Marc, 6no Xorili -Main, ^ Gas City. ! Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. W^S^ve the materail to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg.....lOc Jlalston Prepared B. W. Flour, per pkg. 10c Peruna ^Vhole 'Wheat Flour_. 121b sack ..!:^.^...50c Good Meal, per sack l . 20.C Syrups to eat on Pancakes..,. Maple, Fancy Table, mite Table, and Sorghum. FRYER BROS. Oroff ry and Mea Ma^et PlKMKs3c8and ^01 FOR SALE—<'bolce Duroc male piXK. For sale cheap, if take.i soon, j A. !». Mull. Car:yle, ICaa.ias. ^ | FOR ^ALI-:—^lood mare with foal. | •-all at 210 West street. j Its K conomy To liave yom LKrpt-t.s and RttRS clt-aned Ly IfeeiobRoi Factory mnm Witer One hundred pounds ol Crystal Ice will make 12^ilont ot distilled water aiiiUtbU tor (amlly nse. Try it. loll Ice &C «liStdra (i ;Ci PRAIMK RIDDLE. i*lgr. lU 8^itl\1Vaskla^tMb-.JUaia 114 rr_

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