Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 8
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3 JBHEioUiaiLT BggffllE^ SATCBgAT gTBmrg, OCTOBEB ih^m T • At ELECTRIC PARK Sunday, Nov. I THE TRIPLETS INDEPENDENCE GAME CALLED AT 3:30 PUT [IT.. IN ^PRiNT GAME ISTOMORROW German Prince Ton Bnelow Explains an Interview Credited (o Emperor lYilliam. OOOOOOOCOOCOO|OCOOCOOOCCCOOOOCC.OO o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o RULE TO HE I OlJ.OWri) IN r ASTINfJ YOIi; YOTK F0|{ STATE SKNATOIf. O O O C Berlin, Oct. 31.—According to Nord Drijtscho, Prince Von Buelow, the imperial chancellor toda.r offered his resignation to Ehnporor William in con.sff|iipnce of liifl jiulilication in Lon don of an interview with his .Afa- josty. for v»-hich ihe prince took the rp.=;pon.=;ibiltt.v. % The emiieror would not accept the <:hnnccllors rc.«iKnaiion and perniii- md th''^ prince to pnbli.'^h a full cx- pianaiioi) lo meet the nnjiLstihalilc :it- r.'tiks in:n?-- iiiion his Majpsi.v. FLEET XE\J:I\<; THE l:*Li\DS. 'Ihis Moruinu: llie First .S^iuadroii Is Ihie ii" Anchor off Olontraiio. Tbo TrlpIeUi Will Plaj Independenee " Here at Electric Park. A ifoot ball game between the Triplets jnnd Independence will be played at the Electric park tomorrow aftftr- nooti. Word has been received from Independence to the effect that they have been working rcffitlarly for the past' two weeks «eiiins into condition for the iiaine. The Independence team i.s composed of some of ille fastest players in .southeastern Kansa.=. The lineup of liie Triplets wiil be aboni the s»me as in the };ame with the Fort Srotf Kntp.-i eliib team. The ^am** Sutiday will be callefl at arSO r.Vni'k - i On Doard r. S. S. rbnnecticut. ai Sea. Oct. SI.—((Ry wireless by way of .ManilaK—The first sqnadron of the .X'lanlic baiilesliii) fleet is now 14n miles from Olont;apo. Philippine is- "iind?, where ii i.s due to arrive at .*i • iVIock tomorrow morninj:. The \ve;uher h:i.=; been fine throuph- iiut t!ie eiiiiie tri(> from .lapau and .he shijis have been occupii-d with .quadron evolutions and preparations r .ir tareui itr.'iciiee. Otherwise ijie iouruey ha.=; bren iiuevenri'iii. FOl IJ HA nil fiA.MES FOI{ k. I'. Kenneily isn't IMeased With Heavy Rear End of Foot RaM Schedule. In cnstins your for .-t.iie si-iuiior you .'iii^ c.ii!. il niion to v tnist him in the affairs of st;:te. .--udi as appiopriatiiiir money from C the state treasury, and to p:!:^s laws jienainini: ;o the morals of the C communiry. and in doin.u: so. he tlii.^ciiy and indirecily cmnes in O contact "v.-tth your business and yoiii- family. Before you cast il'.;it O vote ask your .-elf this (|ue.-ii<)n: ""(Jan I iiii.<t thi.-: man with my own O business affnirs .'lUd would I eare lo xakc him iaio my liume a C neighbor and citi?.enV O If yon decide that you would no: care to ia!;e him Into your con- O fidencft by trustinp. hint wJ'h your li.ane ou account, of the moral O Influence tliat would or luiahi Je .Tp.iidi.Nc (be ruture welfare of ynur O famil.v. -TJIEN HOW C.\N VOl' VOTK TO PIT Ili.M l.\ AN OPKICK G ^WHKRCiX UK WIl.L P.K CALLIOl) fPO-V TO SPK.VD THK KTATKS O MONEY AS I.NT JUS .UDGMK.XT Sl.ITS HIS F.\.\TV. OH. TO \.VX\- O ISL.VTE INTO ;rHE 1,AW IIOOKS .MORALS FOU THE COMMIW- O ITV IX WHICH A 'Ol' KESIDE?" This is the rule by which every O voter should measure the candiihui^ who a >ks (bai he shall be ^iven C permission to spend the state's money (your moiieyi as he see-? fit. O and legislate upon the morals of yoar commutiity. nxasured accord- O ing to hJ3 standard. O rvie .iBtirin;^ r!ie Republican cinOidato for inflate senator. Frank L. C Travis, by this rule, based upon l'.i> I' M years residence in this sett- C atoria! district—Iiis private lif,-. ami bu .-itie ^s record for s'luare O dealinjr.^—qualiiies him for ilie vaw of ev-rv Republican iti the O district. C C TEACHERS MEETING. Program and Luncheon at School Last Night. High oooooooocoooococ ocooc ocooooooo oo CHANOE I.N l'T.r<J TIME. | llalloweVu Toniehl. M..i;<\.<''c)i i-nr. r.>; atiil ibci;e wi;i ! ,r' Kiaiis <if ;;rief i"<u_ilt<' kid will* ln'oii;:ii>.; loi) iciiuuiis with his 'iKi. 'riic I 'ui; may be smnewhat cur- lailcd by the scarcity nf piimpUin>. All cNchatiye .>;ays: rii >r.' is iriii 'i' iii .^.tore I 'or the llal- I h.wc',11 I'liicrtaisiers. i'nv it is next lo iliiiios.'iiile Id secure ;i piliiijikin fit ; fi ; ..i,u k-o -'lannTii. and what is a UiiiMi.v: "(Ml [ijiriy wiiiiuut ia*-k -ci'-l;!iii- (•nisV Tie- iarce pumpkins in which in • f'tb.M- ycirs if lias bc( tt.ciiMomary u> •i-rvo ihe iiuncli, initkin:.; :•. punch i)'!wi oat r;f a cow pumpkin, is not to lie brill at all. Wliat few pumpkins ili'Te ate in be liad are cbieily snial!, ! owliiir to ilic dry weather wliich i>re- vailed the lanor part f.f titc ui 'owinc season, .\in-i of ili<n) rue too .-.luall t<j arcommo«l;iie a caiid!'' to riiru:>ii lisbt for the lantern. .\ ntini- ber of the '.rroc '-rs were clairiorinir for pumpkins yesterday, r.ud one tele- |ihoi)«-d to about rM tiie farmer.'-- and I ruck rjardeiiers lie knew without be- ina ab e to locate ;iny pumiikins. If punipkiiis are scar <'e. autumn leav. and apple cider are nor. The i --!rly frosts have tinted the leaves in the wood.s abrnii ("haniite uniil they ofter meat advani .i'jcs Uir i!>c in doco rations. The ajiple crop In this sec- lioii was almost a reciu'd breaker, rind many of apples have sone !bro;i!;b . |t!i<' cider mills. Thrie are ai>o plcMv the authorities. The attendance at Mtej"^ ^'^'"'"^ """'•'^ races was Iarce and the >:atiierin^,'""^ ]"^'- • '"• •was purely » social oni>. the ;-a<iiii: »w Time (avd for Situla Fc !«. \n-j iKiiinctsl. j -Vccordinir to the Cbantite Sun. ili.-I new time card of the Sania I'e will uoj Into effect on .Vovcmber stli. llow -l ever no word lutd been reciived at ib.'j local offices this morning <ir any changes in train time lieri'. The .><uirs iirticle states that there i:- :> . it^'f '< change in the jiltfj. It s .i'.•-: The new time card.-; which ;jo imn effect next month over ilifj ctitire Santa Fe system were received in Ciia-; nute today. The train schedules are the emplo.ves' card, the small paste hoard station cards not >et. haylna; been received. The new card goes into effect at a. m. .N'ovember S. It affects the time of four Cbanute trains. No. 207, the Kansas fitl piuK which now arrives here at a.' m.. will leave fifteen minutes earlier, or i; a. ni.. thi.s changej being made in oi der to make connections at Lawrence for Topeka. Tiere was a meeting of teachers in the high school and grade .schools ia.^t evening in the Iiish school building. Miss Kailierine .(ones --ang a very beanlifiil solo. Miss els gave a readina; and Prof. Parks ami Miss Vn/iabel PaddoJ^k pn-sent.'-l iiapers. Prof. Frieburghotise i-ave a demonstra lion in chemistry. .After the jirogram Alsr. Maggie Collins gave a les.non in domestic science and served the unests with a luncheon. - DON'T LIKE RATES Hailroad.s in .hissmiri YalU-.r Hare rnnipiaine.l to Ihe Interstate rommissinn. Chicago. O.'i. ;ti.—.ludses P.aker, C.rosscup and Seaman in the Fniied Si.itcs court. i<)day look unilcr udviseiui-nt tin- complairit of eleven lailroails operj'.iiiiv; between Chi«'at;o •iml the Mis.soiiri river against the niHng of the Interstate Commerce C(Mnmi.-s:on reducing the rales between the .Mi.-<si.ssippi and Mi.ssoiiri riv 'M's by nine cents per hundred poiitids when applied to thnuiuh transportation front the Atlantic sjealxiaril. HORSE RACKS I\ JAPAN. >'o Rettinc Is Allowed and the I'veuts .\rc SociaL Tokio, Oct. ."I.—The horse r.icinir season in .Litian open <Ml today with the card at liic track of tin- .Viiipon Racing club. For the first time all forms of bottiiifi were prohibited in i accordance with JI recent rulia:; by being merely incidental. Tli of police and fifty detective.'; were on the grounds during the day bui •was no attempt at viohttiiui of the law Among those in at tendance w;is j li.r In a tub of w:n'^:r. \ Boarding House Politics. no \\/rai the Kussell boarding ho'.'se iheri^ ar'- nine K'-pulilit-ans and Jive llemocrais. If Hiyan wins the Kei»uli- Thomas.!. O'Mrien. tlie American am-|Hcaiis ar.' to furnish oy.sters to ihe bassador. and many mlier projuiiient personages. .lapane.-e as v.. •! as foreigner*. c'owd and if Taft WMis the IV -mocrats are to go down in their "j-'ans"' 3 "or th(> oysters. Becomin|? a mother should be a .source of joy, bur thu sulterins inciident to tiie ordeal makes ^^its anticipation one of dread, f y y Mother 's Friend i.s the only remedy which re!ie\\>s women of much of tl^.e pain of maternity; this hour, dreaded as woman's severest trial, is not only made less pain- | (IMU !• Ql MKLY niJEH. I>on*t Let the (hild tMioke lo Reatli While Waiting for the Docfor. llyomei, the miracuTou.=:. antise)>tic dry air treatment, will cure croup its either the fir.'t or secontl stages. Easily inhaled, eveii when the breathing is irre.:;tilar. it reaches more promptly than any otiier remedy the terribly in- f.amed membirine of the windpipe. Its sooihing balsams act immediately. Hie infiammation is allayed, and the swell ins reduced. •".Xol lontc ago our little boy. Walter, awoke in ib'- night with a bail attack of croup. We allowrti him to inhale H.vomei: he began to breathe easier, anil in htilf an hour was fast asleep. I am glad to speak a i;ood word for a remedy that will roc» croup of its terror.=."—Rev. C.eo. Sisson. iia.itor of .M. H I Church. South Londonderry. Vt. Hyoniei (pronounced Hi «h-i >-ji)e) is guaranteed by Chas. M. Spencer & Co. to cure catarrh, cough.--, colds, asthma, bronchitis and croup. t >r moiify back A comitlete outfit. iii< lii-:! :t neat hard rubber pocket inhabM. i-.i., ^ only $l .bi\ .\n erita l )Oille of H.vomei. If afterwards needed, cost btit .".0 ceais HAS LAID ASIDE HER HATCHET. Carrie Nation Depends Upon Eloquence to Fight Dispensary Law. Outhrie. OKIa. Oct. 1.— Mr.^. Carrie .Xaiion is in Guthrie. She came with blood in her eve against t!.o state <iisj>ensary .system. Tlie friends of the disjiensary plan, however, who now number nearly the entire church element, s.ay tltat they have converted her to tiie new law. wiih the reservation that the .state legislature make .some amendments to it if ratified at the polls Tne.sday. Mrs. Xaiion has laiil a.-.ide the hatchet as a weapon of warfare on the saloons, declarinc that .she Is now too old to employ thi.'; strennons method. L.awrence. Kas.. Oct. 'MK —The i"r,of ball eleven of the I'niversity of Kansas lias a terrific ^vMn-diile lo lace froni now utiiil the grand finale at .Association park Thanks.niving day at Kan.s%'is City. ,v week from Saturday the Washburn team from Topeka will invade T.^iwrence. That same will end the home season for the Kan.saiis. The ne.\t Saturday the men of Kennedy! will clash with the men of Cole at Lincoln. Xeb. The following Saturday the .layhawkers will wag;- gridiron warfare with Coa<-b Cailiijs bi- wanf| at Iowa t^ity. From there liie .layhnwkef.; will c «ime sirai;;hi to Kansas City for the yearly stiuntrle with the .Missoiiriank. ' Owing lo the cancelled Wiiiiam Jev,-ell game the Kr.nsans will have a r«-.t of iw*o weeks. This i-hoiiid be the one sahrition of thf» team. It will ;;ive the coach time to vVliip ihe team into ct.u- jdiiioii for the rpiaiiei of big gainr^s. Kennedy. iTie head coadi. i; not pleased with the heavy rear •-;id of ihe s<-hediile. but is iilad ibat In- has iv.o weeks ill wbiili in tier bis ru'-ti ri-'-dy for ihe gaii'cs. "The schedule dorsa'r suit 'me n I it." Kennedy .«aid to a sporting writer of The Star at Utwrence yesterday. It went through wiihoiif my cmisent. now that we have the ^ame< Pm inakins: the best of it.,and we're uuin;; to be in condition to stand ihe griliirsg. It's hard but we'll do it." Kennedy and his assistani. Mos.-,e. are pointing their atbleres for i.'ie game with Xcbraska at Linco ii two weeks from Saturday. If the .!ay- hawjker.s Micceed in iacking the uini- miiigs of defeat on the Cornhuskers it is the belief of the coaches, li-.e players and the rooier.s that Iowa .ind .Mi.'isouri will be whipi>ed in ihir luni. -And there .seem.s to be a gen«'ral feeling of confidence in the camp of the Kan«*ans lii re«trd lo ihe .Veliras- k .1 gjinio. While adniitiiiig thai the •Mids may he sli.chtly against the Kan.•i:is eleven, every .Ijn hawker.-' syin- paihixer is imbued with a bunch that will travel ii» Lincoln ami slip iijt on the confident t^oruhu>ker.- even as they did two year.s. iiuo. Slnmld the Jayhawkers imvi defeat til ilie Imnds of Coles husky beef boys the probability is that the team will slow up in the Iowa same in order lo be in the vi>ry best of ttim lo br'tile with Mi.-- soiiri Thanksgiving day. This docs not mean that Kansas will iioi try to whip Iowa. no. not by any means. If Kansas has a Rood chance to beat the Hawkeyes every eff«)rt will be exeriiil and every available jdayer will bi>sent into Ihe .game. However, should lov.a got the jump and a lead the .la\hawkers would take ft 'W- chances. They would nither beat Missouri than Iowa. Co ,T .ches Kennedy and .\los >e win view Ihe lowa-Xeliiaska gtime in Iowa City. This contest will give ihe K. C. foot ball mentors !i great line of diipe i )ii the strength of two of the four eb -v L -ns the Kansas team >ei lo met. Wbile the head coaches are in Iowa City C.irl House, la.'-r yenr's "varsity captain and present coach of the powerful freshman team, wi'l be taking notes on the .Missouri plays. Pat Crov.-- ell and Donald, the fmmer guard. wilL look over the Washburn elcv.e.a iu thej same with Drake. So when the foot ball games of Saturday aie luatt .rs of gridiron history the men who i .-;;<b foot biill at K. r. will liav a seaer.ii idea, of the offensive ;:?id d<t"i-i! ix<' play of the four teams the .layhawkers are to ,meet and the team will have ., week'.s jtractice in the w «>ik of loi-ak ing up freshman pla.vs tha; will b- made similar to the opponent 's ssyi.- AT THE GRAND THEATRE 1 hursday, Nov. ^ AT EIQHT O'CLOCK. P. M. !:y Miss .M.iiy P.rcokii.^ c. S l;; of M 'tn .'^r .-.-u'iis ."dinir.. member 111 the Scii iic,' P.-ia: d iM" I .e.-' ii>_-h'..> I'.f Trie First Cliurc!: <'.f Chri; : Sfi .-ini--; i-i r ..i.-'<'i!:. i'l;!-. leftnri- i.-. fi\>li iUMb-i- i he aii-;.i. . .• i.t I';,-. l;i ::c :i ;.f <!'!;>{ ^^ije-iCsi of lola. A'l arc coidial i;!\j;td ' ADMISSION FREE! COFFEYVILLE'S COUNCIL. Refuses to Repeal the Snoday Closing! Ordinni:ce. j Cofft-\M:'. Ka (ic Ili .ie W '^i -e IV.O iii.i-tii'i;.- Ill' ill''' tii .iiiri:. ( One was <-.ill--d a: T o'c I ..k roid .1; { that ine.'ti?!ir ib" cs i:'.<-il :ii -r a- .iiil efjualinaiioii boai -l. i .\r ih"' r>-.ijlar s. .-slun tj.' lirsi thing tal;i.'n uj> was :i iv'tiri.i:.' I'-kiirr that the couiii:il not r<if .il t <• S^iti- day clo.-iiiir oT.iiMatio'. TUis i.-tiilon was rca.l bti' iifi .-H-rioii v.;--; ialri-n, UK -j til when ill.- tir-Una;!.-,^ ti. 1. •.•.i; '.'];< ] closina or.Hnaiii"- v.ris iriL.r. .i-. placed fit) its t'lird? n adrii.'. considerabb' discussion a .\(-f'^ v.a:=j taken itrid all memb.-rs •>oswi rdairr-t! the passase of th,> n p .nlii!? onHii- ance exceju Wlii -e. The \fir'- .-tomi 1 to The milk <pi- srto»i can:-' op to- consideration and attor some .iiscus.-ior. Dr. Striive wa.s appoir .ri 'd rss insii .cr- or. providii's be can pass i-xaiuii' ation r-Qiiireil b.- I;iw Monuments! \\7E just received a full jarlcad ol llrst-class up-tc-riete irranite moiiuraentii atid to th<^>;-,e cuntemplating the purchase of a itjonument,. we respectfully invite yoit to call and see our stock and get our prices before you place your Older. We do all our work with puettmatic tools, and ;;uaranlec our .stock and work. J.C.COFFIELD&SON ±1» West; "<t. lola. liiis. Tlil'Y'YK HKKN WKI) .V, YRAHS. \i Ml. .L V;. P;-y !iiii ;n. t ivil Kncineer. UijrX> lAcri !>av. rOll Ri-:.\'i"- ^.•v< :! r-i'ti inod"-.!'. house. :;n South l'.ii>);i-.e. i >Mj ,ii,W. •/. P.iiriles ..r .1 1:. P ...vr' Real Estate Transfers. • .1. .\. Kiih.safz to Sarah lCii!ri--;o , lots II. 1.". in .block Eis'iot t .>;)• sideratiiui $Mo. Till K.i.:-.!-. ' y Tili'-.s toda\ -.'.^s: I".!!! aiivfii'- ;:i K:uis;!S <"i:\ et|Ua! the '•• 'iir,; .1, \V 1!. -.liii;!:;. tii.- a--isi-tiit •i I -Aui-i Is..,: !. . i.. a! O. 11. .\Iasd.ri ' v if.' u Ibtdh. lots 1. :;. I. >'. 7. ^ h). block !'7. Iluinbo'd:. ( .>ii>iid':;i tioi) S!:i."i. A. W. Ib<ci; nh.! \vif5> tofliMS. F Ir ;i. , .,,,,1 v .i -di'iai; 1 . ri' tr. > I. •'.I •. ; < 1 .li.' Kat!^:\ • C'ty [i:v.:i\ . -.1 'ill l!;!S caly !.i-r . • of I:!!:- ;.i i!-..- i ;is' • ; - , 'i -v; \ ic- t he >.: 1 ii-. iiii : •! u lil I 'C Ml • \i M.ii lb and loiii.urow II n 'i!Mia wi'l > elebra'e !i ..aiiiV'i -ai >• i-r their . li. ; 1 • liiiia.-. I'asi IU'- >•• 'iiilc'c.ime lo Kan ^.'.7 •".•:i>'\ iMissed the Han ..III! ; ,11.!i d lb.- U'<y. of H'-iiy. lot K. block- 1\ Henii.^rs .iu an.!, • Powell's addi'l'i't. Consi'teratiiin S!'.!".; .losehpine Va-i Landinciiatc oi" Dousrlas coiiiuy to T'f.\| T. IlicU?. of Eri.:". lot 2 Ml ido'k MePortabIs' .11'- diiioii. Considi-ratioii ^t '.r .'i Herman Hodtilski to l.;; ! MIV .b i-. lor , , , f. • , ,- •' : :.>:iii Oi' i \:i :;.-;.s ("v.. arid Di •..block (.i'ars ad.lition. .\Ie.\ S. Ib-ndy 10 M. H. nj !.0!!i, V>- j »^. b'ock "iaiti.'t Miss Aai'enne I.; 'I t '.nni;!. I'a. .Xov.'tnbi'r I. r: W iliiaias:.!.;'. I'a. There are c!.;-.!-.!.; Dr. W. K. Ileyi- Kas.: .Mrs. .\lberr Ibtck- ..r V.eM!) City, y.o.: n. F. He.\l- H. ir. 1:;. Highland Pla- WAXTKD— \n i.f .e ,<;;:ii 'i;-:id ; hoii>cl'c.ld firriii; nr.-. - r';.- b .'a I-'urni- ' 'itr.- Ev.-iir .nue. .\. W iV-.;.. Pi..|i | Phr.ii.' i Cr .pt3;.T Ewing III. C:-l-'aia H. .\. Ewiiirj. cari'lif'.ate for c.-.!ni:\- :i;T .>n:.;.- .-a r 're R.-puid'caa r:.-k.-t. was iii:ab;.- ro .so to ltay:,.d ;':!s .1.' :..!i.)!i ;o trie IJC;* ;n- I 'f .iii li:- .»» •'.\'-o';n:. of siciines.r. Is Visiting Friends. Walter Keller, a sradiiate of the lola business colL^ge, who i.^ now em- in 'ui, but danger is avoided .by its use. Those who use. tliis remedy arc |n'-^^'^'i Independence. Kas.. is no longer despondent or piwmv; nervousness, nausea and other distress- ji'if city loday vi.sltins friends. ing conditions are overcome, arSthe system is prepaied lor the coming event. "It is wo.rth its weight in gold," say many who have used it. fl.OO per botile. BouL- o' m1n<> to •U Mp«ctant zunlbefs uaJled irvo. litt BndSM Rcfdator C«. , Atiuita. Gt. Funston in the Chair. • Hon. E. H. Funston, ex-congressman, presided at the Republican meeting at North Maple fjrove school house last night. -It—Onr Way Soda Water. Fred .\pt .*»p«>ki'. The annual bamiuei of ihe la'v school of the university of Kansas 00k place last iiisht at the l-IidriiU -e house and was in i-vt -ry way a uio>.i enjoyable event. The occ;i-;ii>n c< .- hralert Ihe thiriieih anniversary of tlie founding of the scho.d and a-. u.~i!.i! many compliments were \iu:d t!"- dean. .Iiidce .1. W. Creett. wiio b.:s been with the .school sinci> its f.iund- ing. R. O. Douglas was ioasimas :er. Harley C. Wood s^ioke on "Why are We Here".'" Following .Mr. W'tnul. Fred C>. .\pf's subject was 'P.eiwixt and Retween." 1. X. Williams gave a talk on "Three Years and ami L. L, IJD. to Gain." Other speakers were Chancellor Frank Strong. Prof. Wilbur Humble, Sam Hishop and .1. W. Green. .Iiidse W. \. P.eason of Ottawa, was the principal speaker of the evening.—I.awrence Gazette. This Factory Safe. "There is one factory that I tbiuk would not close even under a Bryan administration and that i.*? the Pcnio- pi'atic runr^r factory. Their out put is simply amazing. They mannfacrtire more campaign .stories in one day than a man can f5x in his n ^iud," .said a Republican candidate this afternoon. \ AT AUDITORIUM MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WgDNESDAY tllQHtib Mm

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