The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 19, 1986 · Page 29
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 29

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1986
Page 29
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The Salina Journal Sunday, January 19,1986 Page 29 New exercise program causes soreness Dear Dr. Donohue: I've started an exercise program — again! I have tried before, but I use as an excuse to stop the soreness in my muscles that develops. Besides, I always hear advice not to exercise over pain. Is there any way to get around this? — E.G. A certain amount of soreness comes with the territory, at least in the initial days or weeks of an exercise program. If it didn't, something could be wrong. You are using muscle unaccustomed to work, and there is bound to be some damage. The explanation is the rise in blood levels of muscle enzymes that accompanies such damage. But the other side of that coin is that while this is happening, other muscle cells are stimulated to grow. The tired old aphorism that you have to break eggs to make an omelette holds in the world of physiology,'as elsewhere. Mind you, I'm talking about soreness from exercise, not frank pain while exercising. I am sure you know the difference. For example, any pain or soreness that prevents a jogger from utilizing correct running technique can lead to greater problems. For the kind of problem you apparently have, the answer lies in attention to the intensity of exercise in initial workouts. It's been shown that intensity of exercise, as opposed to duration, is the major factor in Doctor Donohue NEWS AMERICA muscle soreness. So at first keep your intensity low, perhaps extending the duration. I believe this way you will be able to get over the initial weeks of your program. After that, you can start increasing intensity levels. Dear Dr. Donohue: I hear of exercise being recommended for diabetes patients. How much is sen- sible?—J.J. * I can't be specific; each diabetic is different. And in diabetics this individuality is doubly important. Poorly-controlled diabetics cannot and should not engage in vigorous exercise. Some may end up spilling too much protein into their urine from stringent activity. My cop-out here has to be the suggestion to see the doctor who is treating your diabetes. He may, for example, want to analyze a urine specimen taken after you have been exercising. Also, exercise may alter the diabetic's medical and dietary therapy. No One May Even Notice You're Wearing A Hearing Aid! See the Beltone all in-the-earaidat: 234 S. Santa Fe Salina '. 827-8911 -* HEARING AIDSERVICE Alan Qrlgtby, Dlit. Mgr.i W.R. Rlc«, Own.r Dear Dr. Donohue: I began running and I'm continuing this while spending tune down here in Florida. My question is about my running pace. What's a reasonable one for me? I'm 52 and in pretty fair shape. I run alone.—R.M. Let's avoid specific miles-per-hpur rates. For more general advice, I'll refer you to a New York physiologist, Dr. Bernard Gutin. He agrees being able to carry on a normal-level conversation is a pretty fair indicator of a running pace. That means the person isn't running too fast. But he adds that to assure the pace is fast enough to provide aerobic benefit, the runner should not be able to sing. I haven't tried this, but I guess I'd rather be singing aloud while jogging than talking to myself. Dear Dr. Donohue: After diving off the high board I get terrific pain in both ears. They hurt now as I write this. My mother wants me to be examined. What do you think? Or what can be the cause of the diving pain?—A. A. I can give you one possible reason for such pain if you are wearing tight earplugs when diving. Air gets trapped inside the outer-ear canal between the plugs and the ear drums. That air compresses as you descend into deep water. This leaves a vacuum in the canal. The ear drum can bulge outward or even rupture. Sure, you should see a doctor. The same thing I described can happen if there is an obstruction in the ear canal causing the air entrapment. Ears that continue to hurt after a dive have to be examined. Dear Dr. Donohue: My 16-year-old daughter, an attractive girl and a high academic achiever, fainted on us. She was getting ready to go to a football game, and just got dizzy and had to sit down quickly. Am I making a big fuss about this? She admits it happened once before. What do you think? She won't let me take her in, even though her doctor told me he'd like to look at her. Please comment. -Mrs.C.P. I think the doctor has the right idea. The fainting is probably easily explained. Fainting in adolescents usually happens for the same reason it happens in adults. It's usually explained as a decrease in blood flow to the brain. During emotional'stress, perhaps even from the excitement of preparing for a major event, like a football game, blood vessels dilate, permitting blood to pool in dilated veins. That is what brings on the sudden brain-flow deficiency. The person feels weak and may even black out until circulation gets back to normal. That's the usual story. However, the doctor can ease your mind by checking out other, more serious reasons — epilepsy, for example. Sometimes, even migraines can be involved, even though there is no report of pain. A heart rhythm disturbance is another possibility. A Dream Kitchen fan Be A Reality NEODESHA. KANSAS 66757 (316)325-3041 NOW 55°/< OOFF Mfg. Sugg. List Price * Financing Available * Free Estimates *Free Measuring in Salina Area ' Offer Good Thru Feb. 1 The Prestige All Wood Cabinet offers you a variety of styles ranging from burls and knots in the solid oak Rutland cabinet to the traditional beauty of the Prestige Cathedral Oak Cabinet. Prestige offers you a large selection of special cabinets and sizes to fill your custom cabinet needs. Stop in and see for yourself the beauty, styling and selection of our Prestige Cabinets. Bring in your floor plan or measurements and let our kitchen experts help you plan your dream. Free estimates! Larson South 9th & Saturn Ave. in Salina For Your Convenience ****-» **<*-• Kansas Toll Free Wats Line _827"44O7 1-800-332-0152 Hours: • Mon.-Frl. 7:45-5:30, Sat. 7:45-5:1X1, "EAT, LOSE, LIVE" Weight Reduction Plan • Medically tested and proven to help many live slimmer, longer, healthier lives • No pills, powders, so called health foods, etc. • Prescribed by medical doctors • Prepared by medical doctors • Lowers your possibilities of experiencing certain degenerative diseases. Guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded. For complete plan send $3.95 to: a.m. Publications Dept. A 1402 Lincoln Dr. Carrollton, Texas 75006 Radre/hack I HURRY FOR BIG SAVINGS ON ACCESSORIES AND SOFTWARE Print Letter-Perfect Correspondence and Reports DWP 220 Daisy Wheel Printer by Tandy 399 Save^Mt i i i $200 Reg.599.00 Print with electric typewriter-quality for under $400 using the DWP 220. You can select 10 or 12 characters per inch, or proportional pitch using optional-extra print wheels. 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