Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1907
Page 2
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, 'v.-i'Sri--".'. H lit Gossip of Society \V. K. .Matt'iU and .Mrs. Edward Stanfleld have reiurned home after a visit with .Mrs. .\. H. Campbell. * •> * Mr. and Mrs. \\". H. (Juifield ar home from a tr n to Kansas City. f * * Mrj. Harmon Hobart i -ntertained Iho Hii ;h Ffvc club ycst ,Tda.v after noon. Tiie guests other than rcgu lur members of the club were .Mrs Ucslio Olunz of Fort Scoll. .Mr:?. \V R. Heylniun. Mrs. Ocorse IJowlu>^ Mrs. . H. Campbell, nail .Mrs. C. Aushcrman. j>. .;. ^. .Mrs. IJarnion llubarl is ^-nli-rtain ii.g Mrs. I.pslif Ciltinz of l\Mt Scott. + •> * Lai|ii-s of the l-:;isl lola -Iinnii nlii IiHve :i sale of dosrrts :in<l piistrie at Couan & Aushcrnians tomorrow • • -I- Sonif time ago tlii" noiiicii of tin !>st lola cliurch d'-rided iip (>n a nov i>l-plan which would no of mat -rial ln-Hf-nt to the church. Tln-ro will b. a runimnce sale on Dfcrmlu-r first iiiid the ladles will sell all thing wlilch are useful in the linu?hold The Aid society has the affair direct ly in charge. + + + Tho Y society (Kisliioned ihclr meet iiig hist evening and will liavo the li :.':t rolie ;ir.-al of llieir play on .Mon day evening in the library of the First .Method'st church. I'he play v.hich has b;-en selected i>. "Rebecca's Triumph." and has a cast of sixteen characters. The rehoarsal;, will be i" charge of .Miss .\gnes l .tvich and the jilay will probably o:- pre ->euted wjlhin a month. * * * A number of young pif.;!- from LaHarpe are to havf a cjirnival par ty this evening and attiiid the at tractions on the pike. * -r * ."^ir. and Mrs. .M. t .f Yalrs Center, are visiting liieir ilaiighter Mrs. F-. A. Warner. * * + The .\ew Eclipse ciub gave another of their dances in Masonic hall last evening. Thirty couples W<M(: in a:- t «-ndance and the music v. ;n played by the Shields Siicher orch-stra. * * + \ number of ladies wlio attend the United Brethem church were present at an all day nu'etini^ -.vnich occurred, yesterday at the church ro<nns. At noon lunch was served to ;!ie com pany. + • + .Mrs. W. A. l .oim :s f;,nu :•• visit in WcllsvillP. COMBS AND BRACELETS ALL KINDS ALL PRICES J. W. COFFEY & SON Exclnslre Jenelcrs. East Side. afternoon to ceI?biv <Te her eleventh birthday. There were a number of juvenile games enjoyed ami .Mrs. A» ii.=nn served cakes and ices at a'-f. i-.'clock. "A «IRI, OF TlIK STKEKT.S." An Intrrestinp I'lay romes In (•rand uu .Mondiiy, (lie Is Mi:-' Mar> Ilpnisber;; I'- li'ime fi'iiii ;ty ••.\l"ndfd visl iji fiil'irailo .Miss Kemsberg attenib-d the svno.l of the Heformeil church :>onr> WIM-KS ago and since that lime Iras b-'cn a guest of relatlvcB In Mont Hos-e. • + • Tho Christian Aid society met yis tirday in the church larlors pre |i<fred needlework f<ir sales ih s winter. There was alst) a brief business meeting. + .^ + Mi:;s Bertha Akxandei- rcmflnel to her Imme by Illness HKlay. * * * .^1e|nllers of th - Clir.stiau .\l'l s'lc'- ety are arranging ;o enleila'n a pitdip of ladies froni Iliiinliiilill roii ;>t a tea The affair will uroli.ihl..- <feur the first week in N-ivenil »'r. + * * M 'sK H<-len Allison <'iitetta)neri .-^ 6'oup of little frieniis on Weiliicrday ,\\t Intcres ing>. which conns ;o the CramI nn .Mo!ii!.i>. Octo iiiM- L'Sth. is "i;irl of the Stii-els." Ti:e uian::geni< lit por.iIM 1;. mrinin lies hi reproduce ii|iii|i I lie IIKMI sia-^e ev.ry , ceiie |iiciiiii"il upon tin- l .llllM .ai'Is. .Ml of this •-{".vial seen- ly i>, earrieil hy the (•(iiiipiiiiy "Cirl ; the streets" the Talis! iiiidodra fiatic seii-'iilion wrilt.'ii by ilat clever actress. I.llllan .M<irlliii;i-. leii ; a story 1.' d"e|) hniiian iiiteres: and powerful eiiiot ons intei-spersed IKM-.- there with bits of coniedj tliat !;iveK it iyht and sliade. Tlie scr-aes aie laid • Nev,- York and relate to the effort 1 .1 .\oi::ij; i;iil wlio 'n ori-.r to shield 1 r Iroihcr from the ies:i!t of a crime to is siipr-js'Hl I" have oMiniitted r.iij.M-:!-; her (nvii life's linjip ntss -triiS-Iiiii; a^'aiiist tiie cruel burden liat fate has imposf-tf upon her, she alls ill llie cllltciiev. (i; i .!r-sperat zi'.ng of ttiu;,'s. l:i licr (Ifrt to f tri<'ate iier.self sh.' lecniees still nore deeply ensnared, lie,- little sis er. allno^t a babe, '.s fnr"eii io be the streets, and she h -rself 'impelled to suffer indipii ties, when woman of the streets, v.h > is lost 0 shame and conscience, pities th unfortunate jirl and in pitying r? cj'nis herself. Throwing nlf 1i,e yoke f dishonor, she a'.-;scrts the ve.-itipe of ;<,.od womanhood that still remain nd deficK lur late coii;|'aii ons. to hainplon the caiisi- of ycnili and in ocence. In so d')!nK sli<' is marli- 1 for life and death is hiiminent Notwithstanding the ultimate fate hat awaits her, shojild slie iiiirsue er course, she insists ni<ui rescuing I • iinff>rliina'e ereatmcs wlm nre 'n ili<' power of this gang of fiieinis, and I.I Ml dciliii; risks her life for ilni llooil ileed lhat she did. Piiiof is oh li'.iiH'd of her brother's lnnocenc> Mild a reiiiiit<>d aii'i liapp; fnnilly is the result. Till' scenes are taken t'oni real life In New York, and af- l< r seeing tills play you can iiioro iiadily understand wiiy Harry K Tnaw killed Staiifoni While in th " j .Madlbon iirpiare roof faid'-n. fCver> woman in the elly SIIOMM SI most pepiilar of pla.'^s. • L.VTALIERES LOCKETS A>D ('H.VI>.S HAT PI>S BACK COMBS _ New stock—Beautiful designs —Splendid assortments to select from. McNElL BROTHERS. LET PAVING CONTBACT |{. .S. <;ilfl |lBn Wni i'lil ill Eight Blocks on VMy Strct l .s. Moler Harbor College, Kansas City vio. Teaches the trade by free clinic ind careful iDstriictlona In few weeks fositlona waiting for everybody who I will learn. Write for t>artleiilari. Hoy ThoroF "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of Um St Pmimnt Plottr. My wife won't tise anything eke." Hmwiom MIgm St Bvm Oo, TIIKEK T.VKIXJ EX\>n >AriO \S .Man 'Feachers Secured Crrtiticutex In July, TI.'iii' .-ii" only two »lio ar-' taking, til" ')clol'er ieacl:ers' examination wh cli is beini; held In Superin ttndcnt Mrs. Maude Fuiis'.im's oBlce loda; . Herelofor.! tliere liavi- been from len to fifti'eii to tal:<_' this ex• iniiinatioii. .Mr*:. Fiinstoii -aid that isLe'il'd not place aiij sigiiillcance on I tl;e fact ti:at th(u-e were so few tills fiill but bel eves It Is lMi-:iiise morr than the usual number of certificates were .ssiied at the last examination. • 'lias. Ilra-'.eii and Bnrd.'Ua Wood, of El'^more. are tak'ng tho examination. Because we have to convince you but once that our clothes are what you should, for your own sake, buy and wearvand becaus^ yojj will come back for your seconded third suit— ' It will pay you to look for this label Made u dotbct diould be nude by Lwpokl. Solomoa k EUendratb, Chicaga SMd by OM good ciotUer is your city. Tlie contract fm- th:? paving of ight additional blocks of paving was let last night by the city council to ri. S. t'iilflllan. the local contractor. The contract calls for four blocks on Lincoln street, fruii Cottonwood to vitrect. two bluckH on South Walnut street, and t>vo blocks on South Kentucky streK. The contract Ice was $I.;I2 per square ynrd. Thr- curbing for the same was bt at ci-nts per fool. Work on tin' pax^ng i-uiiraet let :ist lilglit will probably mil be begun hy ,Mr. (illfillaii for alMiiii two weeks. a« the paving tin South Cottouwood Is I t to be eoni|ileted. Th:- work on' hat street has now been completed lis far as Broadway street. It will ii'Imbly be at leiist a iiiDiith and hall' before all of the lola paving con- ract.s are completsd. The lollowing order will probanly be fo'lowed by the contractor in th" paving work: South Walnut first Kentucky second and Lincjln stree' last Contracts lor the biiiidlie; of l.liin fept of sidewalk was also let last n ghf. K. S. Gilfillan was given th< contract for Vi 'ii f .->et of sioiie and ce mcnt sidewalk at 15 cents a sqiiarr foot. Thomas Kutledge was awarded thei brick work i\t Ij^/i. cents a foot. The other liids were Cilfiran S cent.-, and .Ionian & Bass 7 cenis. A petition from some of the resi- drnis of Davis addition wa.s presented to the council asking^ that body to take action to make the Santa Fe company replacn the walk crossing on Bruner street. Some time ago the company removed the crosving to do some grading. Th:^ crossing has :ot been replaced and the Oavis ad dition people are forced to walk in the mud. The petition was r.>ferred tjo the stre3t and alley <-oniniittce. A motion was ni.ide that the Bell Telephone comiiany be notified to move Its poles on South. Cottonwood street from tho west to the east sid:^ of the street. The residents (.ii that dtreet have comid.ilin.'d that t!ie wires r-ii'iilng across th.'- street are ijim- seroiis'y as well as t roubleMome and so asked the eoiinell to hiive them chan.c.ed. HOCH TALK^ THIRD T£B». Says Kansas Han 9ia Candidate for Presidcbt Except BooseTolt. Washington, Oct. 2S.—There has been all kinds of third term talk around the \Vbite Hocse today. It reached tlie ears of the president, who smiled but said nothing. Among tha. Westerners who talked it straight from the shoulder right under the nose of the president were Senators Bourne of Oregon and .McCnmber of North Dakota, and Governor Hoch of Kansas. As he left the president's private room Governor Hoch said: "President Roosevelt Is the lonly fandldale Kansas has for the presidency. Wo will elect him whether h.-i likes it or not. Wle will run over all opposition like a herd of Texas steers." "We will nominate hini first and hear what he has to say later," said McCnmber. Bourne says he is getting all kinds of replies in response to his offer of Sl .nno for the iirize essay as to w.'.y Boosevelf should be reiiom'nated. Senator Warner is still sujiporllng Taft. 'Out In Missouri wp liave taken the president at hiss word." said he. "and will send a Taft delegation to tho national convention." W. H. ANVERSOIV, Attorney-at-Law. NoUry and Stenographer In OiBce. Phone 455. • • • • «.-« • mM:. • . .:• ; . • • H.A.Ewing, S.A.Gard.:i§:KOard • EffllfO, GARD ftkMB, r *i • Lawyers. ; « Practice in ^l.Oovtl. -V-ti 9% W. Madison. PhOM m,-9 • •-•'•"••> ••-'iS Look at Our Libbcy Cut r .!a.s.s. K(ir.k- wood Pottery and Haiui . Painted China. iewail, Jeweler and (Ipticlao io.\ North Wabhii-Ktt'i. DR. McMILLEX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- ea and Diseases of Children. Telephones: OfUce 32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turnor'a Bldg., West Madison. Phone &n4. Joifc Kau. • Dlt. EDITH 8. BlpH. V 4 V * « « Office and Ilesidenci) over. Bar- *^ rell's Drug Stofft. • Office. Hours—10 to IZ.-^. BL, i *, to 4 T>. m., 7 to 8 ^retiingi. . • Sundays by Appdlatment • Phone 687. Re«. 701. .DR. 0. I,. COX, " Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectaclea Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 31dg. F. II. MARTni, \ rrnctlce Limited to Sursmy. • • • » • • a • ')mce Phonn lOKS. DR. II. 0. rURLSTIAN. * I'hjglcian and 8orgeoo. IG N. Buckeye. • • • Phione 576. • • Ronmi 7 and 8. Evana BIdg, • ••••••••••I DR. W. R. IIEI'LMUir. • IMiyttlrlar & Srirgifiin. • • Office N. 10. Corner of.Square. • • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. * • Rea. Tel 38. Office Tel. 602. • V. .>i. {. A. strnA. Wanted—Kveryhody to kimw that W. B. Kclley & Son have moved their trnnstcr and sloragc office to 211 .South Washington. Office and Day Phono 230. Residence and nighi Phone 17. MI.ST (iO (»> Ri:((lKI>. KansBs Real Eiitate Asses<>meiit RolU Ordered Ready hy March 1. The gymnasium Is now ilicroiiglily lighted, thanks to the efforts of the basket ball teams. The money for lighting was raised by h;iving basket ball games. The sale of season lecture tickets has been .so good that a linii number Is assured. This will be given to ticket holders with the compliiiien's of the lecture ocmmittce oV wliidi .Mr. John Devlin Is chairman. There are a few more tickets that can be Juid at the building. A game of basket ball will be played with the Gas City hith school team in the gym. Friday night, .N'ovember 1.. This will be a hard I'oughi game. One of the tournament teams will be picked for this g;ime. There are now ten basket ball teams in the V. M. C. A. The debt on the building is being slowly but surely redncc-I.. Quite a number who made pledges have as yet met their October pajTiient. We hoiie that all will attend to this at once for he interest still goes on. Educational .M^ht at Y. .11. ('. A. A highly entertaining and iustruc- Ive lecture will be given at the Y. .M. C. A. building tonight on the subject China and the Chinese." lOighty-six pictures will be thrown on the sereen showing the life, liabiis. <:iistoiiis, manner of living of tlie fhiiM's teeming millions. 'I 'he poverl;-. v.ielclied- iiess, misery and ignoiaiiec will hp shown III a way long to be remembered. Also llie work of the varinii.s nils sloiiary societies will be seep. The dreadful plague of opium smoking and Hie disastrous results are to tin iilc- tiiri'il vivlilly before the ey(!s. Lnd'es of the various missionary societies slioiild see and hear ibis lecture. Young and old alike wl'.l lie helped and all are Inylled. Keiiieiiiber the Iniiir Is eight antl the lecture free. Phone D32. Fuller Bldg. * DR. GLTAN, Spoclallst. * Bye, Ear, Nose and TbrqaL * Glasses Furnished. * I' • i. • • • * Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DK. J. R. PEPPER. * • Dentist. * fs permanently located over * E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, * and is prepared to do all kinds * of up-to-date dental work. • Evening work hy appointment. * DR. L. TOZER, * loin Infirninry, SOS E. Jackson, * We use X-Ray, 'Violet Rays, • Static, Galvanic and ifaradla; • Electricity with vlbrkt^ Btlm- • ulation in nervona an^^ronte * diseases. Plione 386, • .• • • * • • • • P. L. LatHrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAJTS. Special attention given to Diseases of "Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 468. i Topeka, Ocl. L'.-,.-^-Tbe slat.- lax commission today issued an order that, conimenc'ng with li'iis, all real estalt^ ass -ssnient rolls shall be writ- en up to the coiinly cli-ik In check form, as rciiilred l>y the law for listing real estate for assessment and axation, and delivered to the r.-'s- pective di'piity a.ssessors on or before .March 1. All conveyances of real estate are entered upon the tr.ilisfer reeorii kept by the county clerk. Tiiat office Is required by law to procure in the land office of the district in which his county s situated, a list of lands that have been enti'i-ed s'nee .March of th3 pr^'cedlng year, uiid place hem upon the tax roll. He is a!.s« required to place upon iln- i.oU^ all lands or town lots that .for.MIIV reu- son have escaped taxation In provi <ius years and must put upon the roll all partitioned lands or town lots which are certilied to Jiini liy t!ie ilis trlct clrrk. HICKS' INTERESTING .SKR.WON. ETangelltit ^Vlll Dlnruss a Religious Qoestlon. "Will we know our friends 'ii Hea- en?" ^Is the subject wiilch llev. ,1. W. Hicks, thp United Bretiicrn evangelist has chmien for h's .subject on next Sunday morning. This Is one of he religious qnastlons that has been Idely discussed. -Many Chrlst'ans declare ihat, Jn Heaven people will not know their friends of this cartli. Rev. Hicks' sermon Sunday .norningl will no doubt he very hilerestlnsf. Ha' Is one of the most iiopiilar evangel-' IstB that has ever come to lola. Last Sunday evening It was ImposKlbln to accomodate all of the crowd that came to bear him. Wut U « W*ni. which has only 50 per cent, of White Lead in it is r.nly 50 per cent, paint. Vet adulterated white leads r>iid paints sell for very little less than Collier or Southern Pure White Lead which is 100 per cent, paint, guaranteed by re^ sponsible manufacttirers.'- Look for the Dutcli Boy Painter on the keg. For tkh br lint CUMI OMkn Send (or Fras Book. "A Talk on Paint." which gires valiubl* iiUor. maiion on tlw ptiint subject. NAnO!«AL tEAD COMPANY Ctark AW. «•« HU at.. Si. LMU. M*. TH.VY ARE FRK^IL A cho'ce a-.sortment of this Doptk-' Hr brand at CRABB\S. When you bay Lowney'S Cboco- Jates here, our ptTi-otnl pledge i-l their iieshness goes wi<h them. Get your next candy at CraLb's and tee how well It pleases you. ' CR ABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sis. Baths of All Kinds. \ •. - • ' 4'''•'• '••-"^'"•^ A Sfide For Life! Prof. R. B. Williams, tbe Whirlwind i Skater of ihc vest, in hin world fa- ' mous cxhibititm—A SL'DE FOR LIKE—one week comtucnciug Saturday Night, Oct. 19, • - i Rollaway Skating Rink^ North Side of the Square.' Gjod Music. Good Ordv.r. Good Floor. DON'T MISS IT, DON'T FAIL TO COMt I. fry a Wm# Aa. in tho RQJ^M^ ificlnshe AiMrtnent for Denicomb Bath House aod JHioeral (1,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott. Kanaaa,:! This water Posithely CHres RheHmatiaa, Bfi|W%, Htomaeh Tronble and Ague. .v. ^ Prof. J. L. Bishop, the most l.'elebnted Massaf l|t ••i' bt In the Country, la atteadanee giring niassage. ,v 'ki WATEB suirru) fsjn^mia^^ " "... #•

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