Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 7
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liiiEillCni EFFORTS SATiJSi»lT ETEHHrCI^ QCTOBEB tl, 1908. M«H Ortaaized Labor RefUM U B« DrlvcH to tk« Polls u Slaves. Way* Xarnars XTerj^lisre Bse^C- nin Taft as Tkeir Triend aad ' Sympathltar and Aak Wliat Bryan Baa B^r Son* for Tksir Cattu. Ttw effort of Samnel Gompers to p«ek, Sftal and dellrer t&e union labor vote to Bryan, the publisher afraid to UM the union label, has failed. liM lufluebce of Gompers' adrioe U typlfi«?d la the following quotation from tba X-sbor World, one of the leadlnic Journals, of orcanUed labor la the United States: •'By all means let erery wage worker la tbe lauil use lila own JudEOient lu votlBf, ani2 u' he does so. and before voting sevuies a knowledge of the wUt- o'-tbe-wlsp oareer of W. J. Bryan and of. ttls assodstioQS with such foes of organiMd labor as Governor Haskell ke moat certataly wlU not TO:* for Bryutt." Writing from Cairo. III., to theXal^jr World. R. L. rinaey. organlaer for the ABflrtoaa Federatlob of Labor, says: *'Tou ean place old IlUnoU iu the. Ciaft column and add my name to the list of endorsements." Pvmetlcal t'Bloalaa Deraanda Taft. Ji few days ago James L. Feeney of Pbll&delphla. president of the Elerator CoBstructors' National Union, dellrered a ipeecb on tiryan and bis party.In trbich ha made the following Important atatemeots : "I am not here as a R^nbllcan, and I am not here as a Democrat, but as a rractlcal union man it Is my duty to uphold tbe party candidates whom I know and believe to be for the beat Interests of the cause I advocate. Xo man can accuse me of turning my bacic on organized labor. For twenty years [ hare been active in the movoment, and I intend to continue so. and to-night, ' when I publicly announce my preference for the Republican tlcicet. I know rhey have in tbe past been labor's friend, and I believe will also be labor's best friend in the future. -was at one time an advocate of the Democratic party. The Democratic party has been tried by the American people, and it has been found wanting." Taft's Lmhar Record. IB the October Steam Shovel and Dredge, official Journal of the union, r. J. Dolan. editor of the Journal aad secretary-treaBurer of the organization, has written an editorial commending Mr. Taft'a fairness to the members •I that union. Tbe editorial says: •Ttfr. Taft bad direct charge of the .coestrtiction of tbe fanams Canal, and ' la all his official acts and personal rels- tloos with members and officers of our hrotherb'ood on that work he has Shawn himself fair and Just. "IN'hen i -oiitractors showed a (llstmsl. Hon to ditregaiU or violate th«» olclit hour law Mr. Tnft mnrtoil i)r»>se»'utli>iis against there L<<>:ktra>'tnrs through the Doited Statf>« .KttonifT i;on<»r«r.^ offl •<». When su eSfori was in.idi* this year to cat wages at Panama Mr. Taft u^ed his luflueni-c to prevent it. "We have the utmost <Y>aflden<v. in case of his election to the presidency. 9t the continuance of the fair and Just policies toward organized labor that prevailed while h« was Se<.-retary of tl'ar." DaaJaa Gaayera' Risht tm Dletafe. H. K. Daujrbert.v. a member of the Ipanisb Treaty Claitas Commission, has Bade public in \rashington a letter from James S. Clark, oae of the vice presidents of the United lline Workers, in which Mr. Clark eomes out strongly for Mr. Taft and declares that Goinper* has BO right to d:<7tate to labor. Believing that ibe election of W. H. Taft means more to the wage worker of the United States than ilie electloa of William J. Bryan. Edward Hannan. a member of the Central Labor Coup-?tl of Seattle and a utiion carpenter lu good aundlng In Seattle-Local 131. has declared for Taft and the Republican ticket, and tvill ask that his friends ^ast their votes for the Rapnbiican lan- lldates. appeal (at Faada Caaaaa Blttvraaaa. The action of Gompers in sending a rircular letter to tbe various unions LLroughout tbe country appealing for ' money with which "to help the friends and defeat- the enemies of labor"—In •ther words, to support William Jen aiogs Bryan and oppose' William H. raft for tbe presidency—is being coo- tfemned bitterly by labor men. Jamea R. Ryan, delegate to the C. F U froo the Photo Engravers' Union Ko. 1. said that his union would aot contribute a dollar to Gompera' fund. Alfred J. BoultoD. leading member uf the fttercotypers' Union, said that his oalod would not take any action on the circular. "1 fought for Bryan in 189«.he aaid. *^ut I am against him this »aar." Alkart Abrahams of the PrMsmeu's CaioB. asked this question: "Wh'.t's Ihe ua« of the laboring men contrlbu- ar \t > thousand dollars to Uie D^va- •orotic party when that party will set tMiodieds of thousands of dollars, if ant a'llIio-» ^fo" Standard OtI Coji- penyl- ' Adolph Krleger of Locni N.» 4:6. L-aJted Brotherhood of Carp»nte.-s mui Joiners, is bitterly opposed to the MSlon of Gompera. Ellas Wolf, of the ClgariMakers' Union No. 90. said: -if otihw nilons are fools eoough to get -•«m'5" tor Bryan my union won't." TijCtor Buhr, member of the Amalgamated Painters, said: "The cheapest Miatan ar« being employed tor con- icaets giTen out by the Democratic poli- 4f^aa af thu^ dty. Tbe Damocratlc p,tttV1«»a fill tfaa tazlcahs. driven by •tiika breakers, with police while a Ila- tte »or fftti stw't to death." Exceponal^ Y^^^ iLineo Dep't for Monday and Tuesday I • - " " . Extra quality bleached and unbleached Table jLlnen in dot, floral or dice patterns, 62, 6^, 66 and 70 inches wide, 50c and 65c values, on sale 16 inch bleached I Toweling, red border, worth 7.Vc, on sale Mondays and Trelsday, per yard Steven's Unbleached Crash Toweling. 15 inches wid., worth THo: nn sale for. a *.varld.. .(J^ Dice Pattern Napkins. S U P 2rt.\20 inch. T'lC valiii>; nn PU I P for 49<» r .S-inch Blup Tahlp Linen on .sale for, a yard i. 10<^ .S6-lnch Sheer W;\i>t and nrps.8 Linen, full bleached, a S.'ir value on sale for. a yard ..2!2<* Fancy Cross Bar and Embroidered corner Handkerchief-^ price 15f Dainty Embroidered Initial and Cross Bar Pattern Handkerchiefs: price 256 16x36 inch Full Bleached Huck Towels, red border, ai regular 10c value on 3ale Monday and Tuesday, each 7^ or a dozen ^..i.. 79^ Pillow Cases size 42xCC inches: on sale for. each OO • Huckabach Linen TowelJns. full bleachPii. 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MARKETS ^Vliaj sunk Ifiis xleon .Soiiinst i"«>r iit Kansas ( tty .Murkol^ This Week. K .i:i-.»- Ci.y .=!tock Yards. Oct. Z].— tV.tilo t'.i-s wpok oft.SOO. w.>.'k ?.">.- -an;.'f \\'-t>k i;i.-;f y .-nr •<-I.."{'><). Cat: •> ii;iit,|. julv.inced 10 to 2<' cents .\!i >n<l>i>, b«: have not held the ad- vanop. ih'n markot.s niiinj; slow and Nvi-ak frr.m day lo day. so that m<.>; of The E ;T |in has bpen lost, excppt or caUv.s. wjhich stand 2^ to 50 cenr^ alovp a r.vpk ago. and good .riccke.-.- a:;.i fteders. which are 10 to IT, ceut.- hi :rhfr tiiis week. Prime steers art- v^ry scarce, top this week JT.OO fair I.) ^T .od sTf -ers $.">.itO JO $tj ..>ii. gra.-;s sr.^prs to $4. SO. grass cow.s J2.7.". I'l S;. 4". heavy grass cows up lo $.',.77. i-w cows ti.On. ;,-);) lirlf^r? $."."0. Ir'tl!.'- to ca '.vps $:i..-0 lo ST."". i';ve thousand quarantinp caitlp arrived. sniai:es,r. run this fa!!, indicating :hp close approach of the end <•( '.h*- jea~nn for range quarantine caf- titr. market on them in line with na- rivf -r. .s;eer= at Jo.OO to $»,?;.'•. Trade :!i roiinrry kinds has be.-n active at ti:m prices, stockers |2.T.'. to {1.2.".. f'-pders ,$3..")0 ;o. $i.40. a few fi .'rhy itt 'C -rs upwards to Jl.>0. Ho? rec-pipts ili's we'^k 72.r ,"iit. last •.vp,-k .<:1.100. sKine wp^^k last y.^ar .1''..000. The market advanced lirtr of H! • A .-ek. toiichimr si.K dollars Wednes (la>. ljut lias propped back siighiiy siaip' opening wppk today, hut late .<a:'s <-irntigpr. fo» hulk S-'..10 lo OreaiPr discrimination is !..iir.r i !u '.dp thtyi formerly detwpen t.iru tV.l hoc*, and inferior kind-. H' avy hog.- led in price, but fat re- vti \.'s its duo rpcomiieiise pven if on ililr w.iehi hoKs. pi-is 2'> lowpr this w.. k. a- i.'.':> !.) J.". f'O. S ^..>.>P rpr»-ipi.-; this wpek S8.f'00. last \K ,k 4: .'.OH, .-anip wpik last year 30.. i .M:>ik«i h :is worki-d upward thl-'» \M pk. tiialnU 111 Mii ^p of the smaller '. ;<•• :it:iu'i' "!" M-iPipt •. now suitable to! I I J.^ killi'i—. .Hid ihp actual redu<- fii;: ill fpvt 'ipt.-. Top iauibs l)rouglii fair 10 g <»<d lambs JI.S.*. to {."(.SO, :o;> v,'.irii:is ;»5 JJ.T.'., wpathenv $».:;". . «. s .«{ 1" Country hujers have be»-n ai tivr, and liavi> advanced prices a lit lambs at J 4.2." J to $1.7 ."i wothpr>. and y.':irl!ng .-J $?..4 'i to j :VSa. ewes $:',.oO !<i $12"). ihP la 'trp for good breeder.-. Pack<-r.- i'urchases: Catilp. Hogs. Shepp. .\. D. n A- P. r-> .... 32.'^ 47 iK4 .Xrmuur .".i:<7 2'XSI :(f-vx Ciidahv til 29 &2S2 SOSO F.,wl .-r .'..HSa JS :i!* Morris HZi'J 11200 V.QT.l Huddv 11S9 s. & s 44 ;jc .i3 :;s7 47S2 Swift yOOO i'y.):ii mni) Total 3<)SI7 7ye>:S 21603 FOR THE LATE DR. F. H. SNOW. Simple Memorial Services Will be Held at Kansas University. I.awrpncp. Kas.. Oct. :51—.M-niorial sorvices for th«' lat.' Pr. F 11. Snow, ex-chancellor of th- University of Kansas, will bo hol«l in Fra.spr hall. N'ov.^mber 10 at 2 o'clock in the aft»'r- noon. The services will be simple. Fiv.' of thp old time friends of thp doctor will speak on different phases of his character and work. .1. »V. .il.-^d. i)f TcVpka. wil! s;»»ak •a i.«-iiHlf of J p alumni: .(. \V. Grppn v':i ta';!: i ;i '.>-half of thp univ. rsity "a u t' : Dr. Wil'iams of C!i!>ago I 'rii- •'•r.-;;tv will ifll of f'ae niaii.v things h - dopior did fo' rhp aJvaiirriiH -nf )f sf i .'.ic.-. .sp-'cially a.? an ontomolo- Co!on-1 .V.nor.^ of Lawrpnrp. will ;••!! of Dr. y;:ow as a cifiz'>n ai>.d rh :oK -"'!nr Frank Stroncr. wiio ^ ;il ,in ^'iip. will sp-ak on b'-'ialf of tn" univprsirv. Vjcp rhanrollor W. H r'airiit't: has c: ari:*^ of thp .-:-rvir.-s was full of water which was grpatij to the advantage of Lucile and her resellers. The lid of thp cistern hari rotted and as she was passing ove: it it broke, letting her into the water .Afrer ."he had .lunk for the first tint' she came up iipar thp hole in th.« co' erlnit and her presence of mind proniptpd her to crab hold- of thP -dr' «..' !hf 1>oa»ds wlipn shp criPd for hpli Hpr hrothpr. Il»rb*rt and ilprber: I.- P man werp npar by and hearing h^ scrpams. rusl.pil to tiip cistern am i>u!!<»d h '-r oi :t. .\h>. Wilson was no a* l .otiiP. liavi .ig gonv ft) Mr>. .Mc • '••> s hoaiP fo;- a ft^w niinuips. Sh was tallP'l iionie and was as '-adl; frigiiiPUPd as Luciie wiio waa foijni to \>o thrroiighlv soakPd hut other wisp not any thP for hpr PX [.prifiip-. SPEAK ON POLITICS. KKLL INTO ( ISTF.KV. Lnrile WiNnn Had VU)>ie (all lJi>t Salnrday. Til- M" ran liprald :-ays: Luoi'p \Vi;.-"r:;. ihp liiilp dauchrpr of L P .-- Wil -o',. !lv:r:z if ;hp north part of town, •fli it t!'.- .';.>;rprn at »hp horn.' laM -•••••irlr ; 1: r-scupd beforp atiy ;p - i.i '.lrsw .d. The ci-';e:a Rev. W. H. Garfield to Preach an Election Sermon. 11- V w. H. r.arfipld. pastor of th. Hapilst ch'irc-h. will preach an elec lion sprinon Sunday morning on the themp. "Religion and Politics." Rev Garfield will have a very Interesting discourse and will refpr to the fact that it is very significant that the campaign documents of both parties arp based on religious principles. Cramps Tliousands of ladies suffer agonies every month. | If you do, stop and think. Is it natural? Emphatically and po.^itively—XO! Then make up your iiiiiid to preveut or cure this needless suffering! It vm Help Yon The Women's Missionary Society of Car.yle will fc«;rve diuuer and supper in the parsonage at Carlyle oa next I Tuesday—election day- ' "I suffered 9 years'* writes Mrs. Sarah J. Hoskins, of Gary, Ky. * * I had female trouble and would nearly cramp to death. My back and side would 1 nearly kill me with pain. I tried everj-thing to get relief, put failed, and at last began to 'take Cardui Now I can do my housework with ease ind I give Cardui the praise for theiheAlth I enjojf." Try. AT ALL BBIUG STORES I ' Christ Reformed Church. ; S^mday^ schqol at 9.45. Preadiing at 11 and 7:30. Thenje in the morning. "Religious Literature." Prayer meeting and Bible study on Wednesday at 7:20. Come and welcome! WM. H. SHUL.TS. Pastor. First M. E. Church. The sen-ices of this church are as follows: Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Junior League at 3 p.- m. Epworth I.*»ague at 6:30. subject. Learning in the school of Christ. The morning sermon is on the subject of "The Spirit of Elijah" and the evening sermon is on the subject, "Tte swift passing of a young politician." Both to be preached by the pastor. J. M. Mason. To all of these services everybody is invited. The evening service is to begin with.a song service in which all are expected to take part. Come. First^ Church of Christ. Scientist Sunday school at 10 a. m. Cfcurch service at 11 a. m. Subject, -Everlasting Punishment." Testimonial meetings Wednesday at S p. m. Services, held in Christian Scienco hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall is used as a reading room from 2 to 4 each week day. The public is cordially invited to attend the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. KMM.\ E. ADAMS. First Reader. Presbyterian Church. First Church. Rev. S. S- Hilscher will preach at the 11 a. m. service and the public is cordially invited. In the evening the pastor will preach again and the subject will be "The Christian in Politics.'' This is not a political sermon, yet one which all voters ought to hear. Every office seeker and every voter in the city is invited to this service. Sabbath school at 9:4."; a. m., and the C. E. meeting at 6:50 p. m. Little Builders' Chapel. Mrs. E. K. Jones, siiperintendent Boys* Sabbath school at 2 p. m. The regular Sabbath School at 3 p. m. Preaching at 4 p. ra. Ev<»nlng service at 7:30. Bassett Chapel. Wm. Davis, suppr-j intendent. Sabbath school at 3 p. m.j The vacuum suction agitator of the STEEL KING Washing .\rachine will wash in less tinie than any other machine without wparinc or fparin.? the clothes. Take one home and try It. Every one t:j folly guaranteed by tb> Manufacturers. For sale only by Brigham Hard wart Co. E.IST SIDE .HQIARE. St John's Cbnrch. Masses at 8 and 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. Vesper and sermon at 7:30 p. m. Services at 7:30 p. m. on .Apostle 's Creed: First articles. Is there a Ood; j 'second. Argument from reason. Baptist Church. W. H. Garfield, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. rii. . Morning service at 11. Sermon. "Those at Whom Crfid Shall l-aneh." Miss Glllham. will sine B. Y. P. Xj. at K:30. Evening- service at 7:30. Sermon. "Politics and Religion." Miss Mitchell of Jefferson City. Mo. will sing. Trojan Safety Powder MEANS JrST WHAT IT SAT.S. Better than any other powder on the market. No glycerine la Its eomposltlnn. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Ab.solutely no danger In handlin g. L 3e Trojan Instead of glycerine and save the lives of year men, and your company from damage snits. C.W.Coverdalc AGENT IMom 6, Stevenson Aldgr—tola Christian Church. Bible School at 10:00. Morning ser-' 'ice at 11:00 with sermon on The Vamp ChrMtlan. Junior meeting at Y. P. S. C. E. meeting at 6:3.\ Even-; ntr sprvice at 7:30. with sermon on ThP Oreatesi Power in the World, i -pocially prepared and excellent sing-_ ng at both services by a larce chorus. R. H. ELLETT. Minister. St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. Thp.-o will bp service and ."prmon omorrow. .All Saints' Day. at 11 o'- lock a. m. Subject of sprmon in observance of; \!1 Saints' Da.v. There will bp spec-' al music. Sunday school af 9:-}5. t i-s sugge.sted that flower.s should IP brought for the altar by friends: a nipmory of their loved one.s w!io lave been removed by death, xv. are 'ordially invited. REV. J. D. KRUM. D D. B. S. BARNARD 324-.'t36 North Buckeye Street lola, Kansa<i. You start right, end right. Top the marker. Get a square deal. Don't pay any commission or express charges. Don't sel' to any trust or give middlemeL any profits and dnn'l have an> rpgreis whe^l you ?hip or .«el| to B. S. BARNARD Be Sure You're at the" Right Place. Trinity Methodist Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Sermon at 10 a. m. Rev. Empr .=on of Ottawa, will preach. Communion service will be observed. .\ fuil at-j tendance is urged. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m Evening serN 'ice at 7:30. No service Saturday evenine i RE\'. KNOWLES. Pa<^!.-):-. I r. B. Church. Sabbath .school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subjpcr. The Hope of the Gospel." Jr. Y. P. C. V. at 3:3fl p. m.. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Tlip pven- ing service will be e^-angelistic. al.=o the doors of the church will bp opened for the reception of members. Si>e cial music by fh* choir at both morning and evening service, Ev.-rybody invited. O. C. MISAMORE. Pa>t.^r. Second Baptist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Covenant meeting followed with tbe ordinance of the Lord's Supppr at 11 I. m. B. Y. P. V. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at S p. m. You are .invitPd to come and worship with us.' J. W. GORDON. Pastor. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7 :10 n. m. ar­ rives St. lx>m< s:27, a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connect.' wirh the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further parricnlars call and see tis. ^ MISSOURI PACIFIC IRON , MOUNTAIN/ IF An unusual number of farmers are 'n town this afternoon. Ne&rly all the Mtching posts around the court house square were taken. The farmers ^ame in to do their trading and Inci- deataQy talk peUUci. C. p. Hale, Agt. MAGAZDTES A 5D PESIODIC.4) ' can be secured of J. £. llendersoa irbo deals with the publiah'era ani* furnlshea them at the loweist pric* possible. Trial sur}scrlption to Va> Norden'a. 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye -On. tatkrop, Osteopatka, Fkaae ««1

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