Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 6
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EAT FATH MEATS OB AXT OTHER SO CALLED INDL GESTIBLE FOODS. There Will Be >o IndlgesUon or Miserable Stomacb Disorders Follow if Ton Wni Tate a Little Dlapepsln. Nothing will remain undigested or sour on your stomach if you will take Diapepsin after your meal. This powerful digestive and antacid, though as harmless and pleasant as candy, will digest and preparo for asfiimllatJon Into the bloofl all the food you can eat. Eat what your stomach craves, with out the sllphfpst fear of Indigestion or that you will bp hothnred with sour risings, belc'hinpr. gas on stomach, heartburn, hoaduches from stomach, nausea, bad lireatli. water farash or a feeling like you had swallowed H lump of kad. or othfr dLsagreeablr roiserle.";. If yo(i will Rtn from your pharmacist a Sfi-cont c;ist> <if I'ajie's Diapep­ sin you could always RO lo the lahlo with a hearty appetlie. and your meals would lasii' utioil. heoauise you would know ilieii' would be no Indl- gestlon'^or .•'leepless nl>:l)is or headache or stomiu'h misery tiH the next day; and, beside.-;, you would not need laxatives tir liver iiill.'; lo keei> your stomach und l )0 \vel.-; clean uiid fresh. Pape's Miapepsii) c':ui be obtained from your druptis;, nnd coMUilui! more than enoueb trlaimii .es to thoroughly cure ibo worsi dyspeptie. There is notbia;; belter for gns on the stomach or sour mlurs from the stomach or to cure a stoniarh heatiacbe. You colildu'f kee|> a bajKliej- or more useful article in the hou '^e. HEWS OF LA HARPE ™^ ^^^^F DRVCLEANrMe For jears the secret of dry elMi* tng liM been eloselr yarded. bec«aw rOVm BOYS EXPECT TO HAVE A ***** pratlta niadc in dn cleaning. Dry eleaniniar is Just as eas} OF 6ASGITY GREAT TnfE TONIGHT. IT IS riALLOWEEN Iannderiuj< irben yon A MARSHAL WILL BE APPOINTED AT XEXT COUNCIL MEETING. as ordinary know bow. Tbe secret of dry cleaning is In Nl,6HT |nsingDRT.CLEAX.0,a soap.|ike snb.|*^oc'» Steele Who Is Taking Treat- stance, -which when added to gasoline remoTes all dirt from tbe goods jasf ILLEX COUNTY MISSIONARY JlTEET like ordinary soap does In water. .A ' -T BvoTi many people liaTe the Impression ING WAS VERY INTERESTING. y,^^ cleaning is simply washing In gasoline. This Is a mistake." Washing yonr ment for Zinc Poisoning in Clare- more, Okla., Is Reported Better. :n a Debate Between High School Pn pils the Barne.s High School Law Was Found to Be Jpst Will Hold Night Meeting. The literary.society of the-Gas City I goods in gasoline would be Jnst like high school will give a program one 1 trashing your goods in clear water .veek from tonight in the high school I building, end. The public Is invited to at- FaTOrs Barnes Law. j The Filomathian Society of the La | larpp hl''h sclicol gnvp an excellent j **Doc" Steele Is Belter. Word has been received here from Doc" Steele who Is in Claremore. Jkla.. taking treatment for zinc pois- WEATHEH Hi:i-PINO BIS1VE,SS. Dinn 'fi Rerleiv i 'lnds FeelJHir of Confl. denee Beooniluir More General. New Yorl;, On. Dispatches ' Djun's Jieview indicate that the feL..i.v oi confidence Ir. hfcoming mnre eial and the voliirne of bupines--.-; is al- sc accelerated by siiiponabie wi-aUicr. T;xtiJe indu-slrles iii f'lii'iiaelpiiia iii- cirease active (-.".i^H-iiy. .Xmliraei'e co'.liers are bn.^v bui sdft ecil is iiuiet. A moderate iiTi |irc.\enic!:; is reported 111 some lines at I'ilt.^hur^ hut nier- cl andlse is below normal, T^lholesale trade in all nierc.han- dilse Is about over at 13altimore. while the season for sprinp: buying has not cfmmenced, but the manufacturing plants are busy preparing for next year. Fiusiness at Loiiisville 1:; rjulet pending the election and pnyiaenis are adversely affected by the efforts of planters to hold back their cotto>i for 13 cents. Seasonable wealbor at Si. Ixiuis stimulates reruil trade nianu- facturing lines are doing well and collect iouR are good. Jobbing lines^ at Ixansas City are active, despite .<oni» caution oa ibe part of the buver.*. While abundant rainfall has improved the senilment of the country buyers. Business ai ('bic:ic>o Is little disturbed by the elecibui. more seajonnble weather prevails :in(l ir.ide IK benuii- ing brluk. .loli'iiu" ir.i.le eontlnue-; active at MinuiMiiuilnisnil .uilnn of fcasonahle inertIia.'idl.i- i .i fair a: St, Paul and i'.dvancf unler-^ f«ir are s.illsfnclory. Dun's review today says: Ikuik cleariii '^s auain show further restrietimi in liank settleiMeni.''. total bank oxcbanses ibis week ai all lending cities in ilie I 'lKi'd Slates being ?2.n26 .2m.tu::—l ."..t i.rr cent les.s than a year ago. and i:!.>.i i>or cent under the corre^-ponding W(^ci: of If'Or., which Included the clearins .s of Mio first day of November. Rank clearings have tended graduall> downward as the month has i ) 'd, undoubtedly in reflection of the liepreasing influence of the eleciion. which has affected nearly all deivirtments. The losses are itariieularly marked in tlie east, and in the .>;()U()i. bur continue generally small i!>. ihe wnsi. very little of the dirt would l>e re- moTed, but add DRY-CLEAN-O and, presto, all tbe dirt, is remored. lear- tng the goods as whlto and clean at though washed In soap and water. A .JO-cent can of DRY-CLEAN-C will do about 910 worth of dry clean. jirogram last Friday, October! 30th. lag, j)rj cleanlne not only reniores o"'"e which he secured while work 3n"e of. the chief features of thej event f^\\ ^[ri a„rt gniise but It kills all "S 1" 'he local smelters, to the effect .vas « debate on the question. Resol- jrenn .<i. leaitne your »r«ods perfeetly 'h"' w"" '""'^^ better. As soon as ved: That the names high school law aseptic. recovers 'Doc." will return here, is a Just law. The debaters for the .you will find DRY-CLEAN-O Ihe ifflrmativp were Flossie llowjv^l and „sod with best re.Mills in wftsblnit Ibe Will Appoint Marsha. n^lph Morri.^on. Those on the; noga- ,,„,,y., tlannel clothes, flannel nnder. '^"^'"'y "'^"^ «^ ^'^.^ regular meei- ilve Ma.idle Rrowu ami Floy ^ear. silks, rlblmns. satins. iM -ltlnp, '"'^^ '^'^ f =^ Daniels. The high school thi* year k,d gloves and oevrrfhing of (his """"^ \ oughn will he ap- question. :ia.>? some very flue debnilag nisterial fci,,,!. Gnrnients washed in DRY- p-!|)ecially in the freshmen and sopho (»l.K\\.o will wear longer nnd niorf more classe?!. Tli-? judj^es decided in sntisfaclorlly us tlie wool is not In- favor of the affirinaiivo side if the j„red In the least hut .Is rendered more flexltile thus retnlulncr Its life nntll woru ont. In fact it is an ecnn- (iniy to ues It. ou will find DRY-ri .EA\.0 tbe very best preparation In tbe world for w.isbing all woolen good^, underwear, dresses, dress skirts and every thing made of pure wool. The goods will wear longer and be more satisfactory, keep their color and natural gloss and fluffiness until they are completely worn out. Made only by pointed. Vaughn resigned at th» last meeting. PEllFI'MES ) For a fine apsortnient of Peiffuinea nn.i) Toilei \Vaier.«! ."ee our neiv line rid new order.s. I Wtttei 'S & Da nf or til | Drugs and Jewelry. Attended Meeting. The delegates from this city who aiieiided the meeting of the Allen Putnam Fadeless Dye Co^ Quincy, III. ("uunty Missionary society which was Fur sale by Cha.s. n. Spencer & Co.. held in Iluniboldi returned home last .f. D. Mundis & Co.. W. L. Crabb. Dr. ev(.-nlng. They report a very success- u. A. Brown, fill meeting. Judges and Clerks, ThS following list of jpdges and clerks have been selected and will act during the coming election on Nov. 3. First ward—.ludges, A.=a Stark, ffar- ly Thomas. .1. O. Hill; rlerk.«!. B. F. Draper. E, B. Carlton. Second ward—Judges, C. M. Thompkins. Thos. Hash. E. E. Wright: clerks, 0. W. Lacey, Chas, Troop. Third ward—Judges, S. K. Rudolph, L. Moomey, E, T. Wilson: clerk.=. Harvey Epling. J. \V. Wllgii-s. Fourth ward—Judges, II. A. Kemmer, J. C. .McCracken, C.-A. Adam.";: clerks. 0. F. King. W. F. Denni.«. LTilFT'S ELLCTION An effort has been mad^ by the Dem ocratic party In this county to influence the employees of the smelters to vote for Bryan on the grounds that his election would benefit the smelter business and thereby Insure niore regular employment for the smelter men. Not long ago Mr. Cockerill of the Cherokee Lanyon gave out a letter In which he said that in his judgment the electlcJn of Bryan would improve the smelter business. The Democrats attempted, through this letter, to appeal to the smelter men who were thrown out of employment daring the panic to vote for the Nebraskan. In view of this fact it will be of interest, especially to the employees of the smelters and cement plant.^. to know what other men at the head of the. industries here think with regard to the effect of Mr. Bryan's e'ection on the general business. Recently .Mr. 1,1. L. Northrup sent a telegram to .1. O. Rodgers. president of the Lanyon Zinc company. an«l S. S. Palmer, presi dent of the New Jersey Zinc company, and also president of the Pritne West em Spelter company, asking them their oi!nion as to the'effect of- th< election of .\Ir. Bryan on the .-^nielter busine.<»s. Boih expressed .Mr. Taft as their choice fo.- president. Below fol- 'ows .Mr. .Northrup'-^ telegrams and the answers: t your signature which we can publish In local papers giving your views. L. L. NORTHRUP. New York. N. Y:. Oct.'28. 190S. L. L. Northrup, President Northrup National Bank, lola. Kansas. Personally, i am most anxlotis that Taft should be elected, but I do not speak for the Zinc company as I think it most unwise It should take an active pan In politics. S. S. PALMER. TO RECEIVE RETURNS the MacDonald grounds north bf this Register W~;ef the Election Tb ci.. today. Tins is the second game ^^^^^^^ Tb -Are Playing Today. ; The Bronson nnd La Harpej high school foot ball teams are playing on lo be played between the two teams. Walter Roniiue Entertainer d. North Church. Regular Sabbath service a.s usual in the North End church, on November 1, morning and evening. Bible school at 9:45. Preaching service at 11 a. m. subject, "The Christian and Politics.'-' e men are especially Invited to this uesday Night. service. Junior at 3 p. m. Senior at 7 The Register is making plans to re- p. ni.—L. N. l.eeper. pastor lola. Ka.s.. Oft. 2'.\ r.i'""^. O. Rodgers, A2W Euclid Ave. Cleveland. O. Mr. Cockerill lias publishoii a letter s,\yinc that In his judgment smelter bt:sines.>; will be lienelitiid by Bryan's elfciion.\ If yon uro willing to do so. would appreciaio messace over your 3lgnaiur.> v.birli we can in local papers t'ivini voiir views. 1.. I,. NORTHRUP. Chairman Republican Counry Cen- tr.ll Committee. Cleveland, O.. Oei. ?.<i, ifxiS. .. r.. Northrup, lola. Kansas. My view.s and thos'^ of all other zinc men are contrary to those Mr. Cockerill exjiressed. Taffs el.^eiion would .T .ean much to business in .cr-ncial and the zin- business in parrleular. In my belief it would bring about an early st.orting up of all smelters. .f. O. RODCrERH. eeive the rlectiim returns Tuesday • , , V , J ,r . niglii. Tbe iviurus will be'secured Personals. XVaUer Rotiiine entertained list e%- ^^^^.^^^^^^ Telephone people. Dr. Leavell W I KT left here several euing a number of Ux Harpe friends .^.^^^.^^ .^..^^ , ,^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ in honor of his cousing who i. ^Islt- ^^^^^^ ^^p^^,^^ ^^^^^^^ ^-^^^^^ sister, will return here '"'^ a stereopticon machine, operated by in time to vote. Ray West, the returns will be thrown G. W. I,<tniberton of St. Paul, Minn.. window o"" "..c editorial is expected here Sunday for a few ing. itl'"">"s upon n on thu New jays'visit with relatives. lola. Kas., Oct. 2S. IflOS. S. 3. Palmer. Prest. New Jersey Zinc Co.. Empire Bldg., New York City: Mr. Cockerill has published letter saying that in his judgment smelter business would be ben<^flted by Br.v- an's election. If you are willing to do so. would appreciate message over In addition to the statement from the presidents of ihe smelter companies, George Nicholson, president of the I'nited Kansas Portland Cement company has written the following letter in which he states that he be- ieyps the election of the Republican party mean.s an early return ro normal business conditions: lola, Kas.. Oct. SOth. 190S. To the Employees of United Kansas Portland Cement Company, lo!a Portland Cemenr Comjianj', tola, Kansas, Centlemen:—;I am advls?od that a report is In circulation to the effect/ that I have stated that any of our em-t pluyees vuiiist; ibe Democratic, ticket* would lose ibeir i >i ;s!tlons. We have been large employers of labor in tola during the ten years and baVe never a;templed to dictate how anyone sbmild vote, nor .shall we do so. We have iri'd to keep out of politics, noiwlibstandlng we have suffered severe loss tbe jmsi .vear, mainly because of the iinrpasouable attacks made on coriu^ration:? and capital In general. This has resulted in lower waces and laok of steady employment. Rpe.iking personally and conslde/- ing ihe situation from a local standpoint, the cement plants, smelters, etc.. have enjoyed prosperity during nine out of the pa>i ten years un^r Republican PoHcies, so as a busines.s proposition, we certainly do not wish, to risk a change. \V''e believe that the success of the Republican party mean.-^ an eariy return to normal business conditions and that by spring we will have iileiity of work for all the Dem- ocrais a»:d Republicans who may ap- plv. Vours very truly, GEO. E. NICHOI^ON. W^m. Allen Smith, who is connected ^ith the United Chemical and Zinc company, said today, with reference to the situation: '1 ara^firra In tne belief, that Mr. Taffs election will be beneficial to the zinc business as well as all other lines of businoSs." WILLIA.M ALLEN SMITH. FREE TO YOU-MY SISTER Will Have a Big Tlpie. Ttie boy.^ of the ciiy aro. pi inning |'^'"O"' Ihe n:i having .1 I'ig lime sliis ever brinu llalli.w.-'en. An effort will be I York Store huildimr. Tlu: rciulls will THE PKHFECT WAY. made U\ the piUo.^ ID keen ibe (.i .'iyliiv wiiliin i-.x .i.-oii. prank- '"'R'" come in at M,STi:OPATHY— DR. W .11. ALBRIGHT. Registered O.sfeopnthic Physician. State Hank Bldg. Phone Only Osteopath In La Harpe. 145. Personals. 1 Mr. and Mrd. McWayne, of Chanute are visiting Mr. and .Mrs. R. .\.|CoHrt- j Philippines. WmV. SOI.DIER.S Ku.; D£FKX.*^F.. Four Companies of Coast ArtUIcry Will Re Sent to Philippines. Wnsbingion. t)ei. :;!.~iM(ur icim priiiles of coast a:iilb;ry from the .\t- antic coast will b-,' sent to ih«* Phil- ijipfiies about March 1 n «'X(, making lie journey troin New York via the .Suez canal. This order is in ;ucord- ance with the plan, adopted for improvements of the fortifie.iiions of thf Miss Flosrio Falls, of Colony, Kas.. i.- the guer.t of rrlalives in Gas. .Miss Orr. one of the teachers in the ri.y seh«M»Js. is the guest of friend^ •1 Kldorado. Kas.. today. Miss Glass left today for her home in Parsons, Kas. TAFT SEES A PLOT Scores of Ida Citizens Have Learned It. . If you suffer from backache. "There is only one way to cure it. The perfect way is to cure the kidneys. A bad bac-k means sick kidneys. Neglect itV ;r .~nrinary troubles follow. Doan's Kvdney PiUs are made for kidneys onJy. Are endorsed by l(ola people. W. B. Kelley, of I'.DT X. Buckeye St.. Tola. Kas., says; "I have been troubled with backache on and off for years and attribute it to IIK- hard work I have done. Sionping or lifting was sure to bring on a jialn across my loins. Finally 1 ciinie to the conclu- Bion iliat my kidu <>s w <Me to blame and I went lo Cba^-. B. Spencers drug store for a box. The morning J called I had been doing ^onie jiaintlu^ and my back w:i< causing me a good deal of trouble .\rier dinner I took a dose and half au lu>ur after my back was free from jmin. I kept oa taking the' lennniy uiuil tlie irinili »• I:., me, and fnun ib.i; tun" e.niil sliciv time ago 1 did net h:i\e any .vir backaclie. in i.i,\iti.:i a walk I vn.r exerted myself aud ibis brouulu on a return of the trouble. Do.-in.s lvi'Jiu>> Pills soon relieved tv..\ Inivxvvi-. ,ti:-i i will always iiave a uocd uuid I'j speak for them." •_For sale by all dciiltMs. Price r.o cents. Foster-Milliurii Co.. Hatraio. New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember tlie name—Doan 's —and take no other. uey. Carter Wright made a business visit to Yaies Center ye-sterday. I). .W. Suiock. of Moran, was in the eiiy yesterday on business. JCarl Taylor wi-m lo Yates Center Ibis morning to be the guest c f rela live.-;. Mr. and .Mrs. I.^wreuce Mitchell, of Nevada, Mu., are visiting relatives here this week. J. T. Marshall, of Caney. Kajs., was here yesterday on business. .1. ^. Howell was in Mildred yesterday on business. .Miss Cora Kennedy, offnifntown is helping in W. S. Ford's restaurant Miss Fannie Huffman who has been visiting W. S. Ford and famil.v. has reniriied to her liome in .Muska^ine, la One gun company will lip locatcf' j Says Standard is Not Sincere In Its i'REDICT A GOOD BISIXES-S. \V. S. Burdlck Beturns From Busiues!> Trip to « bleago. W. .S. liurdick. of the firm of| V: liwrdick, who reiurned yt ironi Cbieai.'i>, where be has be| ing gni-ds for Ihe, pasi sevenil days -i.-iys iba! all the busimss liieii h« • at 'Ik' Chicago markets wei-e pre- Ewing terday )n buy- The Hallowe'en masked entertainment to be given in the G. A. R. hail by the Indies of the Second Baptist 'church tonight, promises to be a grand affair. Come out and let us have a nice time. Admission ten cents. The ladies will also serve dinner election day at the G. A. R. hall. i> ••• big fall business. •b,i: tl,.-.. wiMv all buying -O 'RI- lu-iixilv. 1^ e says-- liollday CVKI, NEWTON RETIRV.S. He Attended Laundrynien's Dinner at liuusa.s City. of the last Carl E. Newton, proprietor fola Steam Laundry, returned n:ght from Kansas City where he attended the Kansas City l^aundrymen's dinner. Mr. .N'ewton was one honored guests, being one of the four out-of-town laundrymen who present besides • the national dent. of the were prcsl- .,The Register want eolnran <|an sell It rent it or get It the qaickesi at Fort Wine, Grande Island, ai the t-n trance of Subig bay, and two gun ton- panics and one mine company will bt located at Fort .Mills on Corregicbn island, at the mouth of .Manila b.-iy .•Vbout December' 1 two min<' plantors will be =eni to ibe PbiIip|>ineK. There are jii his liiiK- luily two coinpaniers of <oas* artill.-ry in the Philippines. Support of Him for Presidency. Cures Woman's Weaknesses. We refer to that boon to weak, nervona, Bofferintt women known aa Dr. Plarce'a Favorite- Prescription. Dr. John Fyfe one of the Editorial Staff of T HE E CLECTIC M EDICAI. R EVIEW says of Unicorn root (Helonta* Dtoloa) which , ^. Is one of the chief Ingredients of the "Fa- and even more so by the an vorite Prescription": nouncement that Mr. Rockefeller Is W.'iS?/.!^-*!.^*.?'^ for me. If the Standard Oil company Buffalo, Oct. .11.—In vigorous language at his second meeting In this city in the presence of 10,000 cheering men and women. 'William H. Taft expressed his opinion of Bryan's effort to link with him the Standard Oil company, because of John D. Rockefeller's announcement that he Intend ed voting the Republican ticket. Mr. Taft said: ".Mr. Bryan is greatly troubled about my attitude toward the Standard Oil FrM Ic You ami CvMy Stetar Sdi> fsrino tivm Woman's AUiiMnU. M am « woman. J know woman'.n cuSTcriaxa. I have found the cure. I via mail, tree ot tnr chorea; mr 1 *«B« treat* ment with full instruetioiu to war auitarar fraa woman'a aUments. 1 want to tall all women alMut this euro—TOO. toy reader, for ymtsaU. your dauchtar. your moiher. or your aistor. I want to tall jroa Itaw to euro rounelves at homo without tha help of • doctor. Men cannot understand women's suif erfaica. What we women know from ojcperlaace, we kooW bettor than any diictor. Ipnow that my haiae txeat ment Is « safe and aura eura for LaMCorrhaaa w WhltUii dl*clwr«a«, Ulceratton. OlaplacaoMM m PaUlnc of the Womb, Prafuso. Scanty orMatal Periods, Uterine or mvian Tamor* or Qrowtkat alM pains In the head, back and bowels, beartac down lecHmrs. ncr >-ausaass. crceplns feoHoc MO the spine. OMlancbaly. desire to cry, bM flaabaa. weariness, kidney and Madder troabiea wber* caused by weaknesses peculiar to oar sex. I want to send yoa a completa tea day 's treat- Bcnt sntirciy frea to prove to yoa that you can can jrourself at home; easiiy. qoiclcly and surely. Ka- membet. that It wfU cost yon Dotbinz to sira the trtataaent a complete trial: and {f yoa shoald wish torontinue, it wiU cost you only about 12cantaa week, or lass ti^ two cents a day. It wiU not interfere with your woric or occupatiOD. Just send Bie your nam* and address, teU me how yxm auffer if yoa wish, and I will send yoa the tzeatroent 'our eas*. entirely free, in plain wrapper, by r'^tum maiL I will also send yoa free of cost, ay -'•WO .MAN'S OWN MEDICAL ADVISER" with explanatory Ulustratkms. sbowins wh^ womeasuffer. tamajto ^tokj^ old or yoanc To Mothers ot teuzbtcrs. I will explain a simple home treatment wfaieh speedily scd cffectaaUy cures Leucorrbosa. Green Sickness and Painful or Imeeular Uenstruatioa in Tosss Ladies. Plnmpnesa and health always results from iu use. ..... , ^ . Wherever yoa live. I can refer you to ladies of your own locality who know and wit] gladly te/ anr sofforer that this Home Treatment leallv cores all women's diseases, and makes women well, stnmc plump and robui^t. Just send me your address, and tbe free ten day 'a treatment is your^ sbo^book. Whte today, as you may nut 8oC this o3or again. Address MRS. M. SUMMERS, BoxH South Bend, Ind*. u.«. InoInviirorator • • • makestornormal activity of the entire reproductive syitem." Be conllnuo, " in Hclonlas w? have a medicament which more fully answere the above purposes than any oUi<r drug tcith ichlck I am ataminua. In the treatment ot diseases peculiar to women It U seldom that a case Is seen wtilcb does not present some Indication for this remedial a«enL" Dr. Fyfe further says: "Tbe (oUowinK aT« amonK Ihe leadlas inolcattons for Helonlas (Unicom root). Patn or aching In the back. wlibaleurorrb «a: atonic (weak) condlilofla of reproductive organs ot Xomen. ineniil depression and Irritability. 4 ^tat^ wlltfcbronlc diseases ot were anxious to bring about my eler tion I should take Itlfiat the thing It would do would be to advertise Its support of me. Therefore this publication which Mr. Bryan Is making so much of spoms to me to bo of llt- ll<» significance in thp attempt lo show that thp Standard Oil company nays: tncnSrrbactf (flooding), due to a weak- for immunity from mc. Is supporting enad coi)/iiiun ot/tbe i;eproductlve system: , ' ur^Uent inonthly In this campaign. "There is in this city a gentleman with a very lively Imagination. He conceived the Idea that the Standard pel or accompanying an dlllon of the dIgeMive organs (thin blood) hahit: dragging It lo tbe extreme lower part of the 'or less of the abov iTmntoma "^"nc*^'^'^'! the Idea that the Standar M. Hft rnV*llfl _y?MtB jppt Oil company baa contributed a larg. 'tnnZIfisUBlcoraroot.ornelonlaa, In a position to state emphatically S .'^tfa?tb '?ut;te^S!^ °' that neither the Standard Oil com- or Golden Seal root, another prominent pany nor anybody connected with Its management has contributed one cent neti.Medlcal College, Chicago, sayg: to my campaign fund. . "It Is an important tamedy In diMrdera or . ^, ,. ,. ihe womb. In all catarrhal conditions • • The "gentleman In this city" men- J 1 —.... Pure ^^^^^^^^V ^P^^ Wholesom* Those who beKeve in quality^ use BAKING POWDER 25 Ounces for 25 Cents »OUNCCSi Made from pure, carefully tested materials. Get a can on trial. You never saw such cakes and biscuit They'll open yoar eyes. id general cnfeeblement. it is us«faL» Prof. John M. Scudder, M. D.Tlata of Cincinnati, says of Golden Seal root: •In relation to iu general effecto on tbe _ _bUliat «d states- *" ¥;,Il 'iO' Jefferson Medical College, says of Golden Seal: •"Valuable to nterlne hemorriji nagta (flooding) and congestive nonor- tioned by Mr. Taft, is Norman E .Mack, chairman of the Democratic national committee. Mr. Taft added: "The administration Is prosecuting the Standard Oil company and intends to do so until that part which *S?.lPws'^vW &IpUonf..tL- "^J- ^« stamped out' fU H T represents all the above namad In- IS COAL DUST DANGEROUS. The Mining Commission Will Try to Show That is Causes Explosions (TlT&t Published, October. 14. 1908.) Treasury Department, Office of the Supervising Architect. Washington. D Pitt.sburg. Pa.. Oct. -.l-Members^C.. October 12:,90S:::bearei^^^^^^ of the Ohio mining comm'-ssion camo will be received, at this office until 3 here todav for a scrie.s of expert-'o'clock p. m. on the 16th day of Xo- ments at thf Tnitcd States govern-* JfJ^^f.'"'»°1.'^fn,?P^nef'o''the con(including plumbing,, gas ment's exporiiuontal station. The experiments are to find a way of reduc Btructlon piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wiring), of the |J. S. Ing the danger to life- and propertv!P<*«t O^ce at.Iola, Kansas,'ln acjcord- in the coal mining industry. They [fj"^® ;!'^J'|' 1"?,^^^^ • tJon. copies of which may be had'from brought with ihem twenty samples oi the Custodian of the site at Ida. coal dust from twenty different mines jsas. or at this office, at the discretion in Ofclo. They will try to demonstrate that coal dust is an explosive. of the Supervising ArcWtect. JAilES KNOX TAYLOR. Sapenrfriojf Ar^wt.

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