Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1907
Page 6
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7 TO toil jjltt MCT8TEB. TBTBSDAT OTWlTft OCTOBEB «, 11>7> FOR HAllOVrrEN Few Svggestions for Social ETents Tbat Ereninpf. Just a few days uow until AH Hal­ lowe'en, that inyatlc day with all Its weird and mythical associations. From now on until Hallowe'en afTairs are b^lnB planned and there will undoubt rdly lie some noteworthy Hallowe'en parlies. HnlSowe'cn scnrally Is handed over to the small boys for the ilnie for playing all kinds of pranks and for Indulging In all the wlcked- nrsK that they can find with which to occupy the Hallowe'en hours. Hut the "Krownups." too. have much fun on Hallowe'en and consider the day and night theirs as well as the 'kiddies." Halloween, of course, does not properly hegin until after dark, for mystic patucs are no fun in the daylight time The old games usually i)laycd on Hal- lowppn are going out of date. These include 'Kobbing for Apples," and other similar pastimes. Now games and pastime's are being invented. Following are some suggestions for All Hallowe'en games which may be of use to those people who are expecting to entertain on that day: For a jolly all over the house en- lertainnient on All Hallowe'en have a ghost party. Require the guests to come as "ghosts"—the girls in winding sheets and white masks, the men f in black cowls, black masks and skull caps. There is nothing better for such a party than a game of old fashioned hide and seek. Darken the rooms and require the "ghost" who is "it" to carry a lighted candle in his hand with which he may go jieering about. \\"hn supper is announced have the '•;;hosts" march to the dining room to llie measured beat of the Dead March—single tile and each carrying a lighted candle. Have a plaster skull in the center of the table in a mass lizards and toads and snakes. Have skull cap candle shades, of black pa- \)vr and linUh with fringe of spiders dangling from cobweb threads. Have place doilies of black cheesecloth en- ilrcled by green snakes, and as souvc nirh give liny jiaper nialehc skelelons. on which gncKis nanie may be written. Kiich "ghost ' must be expecled lo tell n ghf )sl story, a prize being bnslowed fill the mosi hair-raising yarn. Here is slill another idea suggested by a girl for an .Ml Hallowe'en party: "\Vh(*n 1 announced that 1 wished to give a novel entertainment and had dpcidf-d to have a 'Horror Party.' my friends declared flatly that they would not come, although I assured them that the affair would be pleasable. '•.\ly guests brought all sorts and conditions of "horrors' the word having hoen stretched so as-to mean also particular aversion. "The first man that arrived brought a cloth cat and he was overwhelmed with jirolests from Ihc girls. .Another brought a toy automobile, and entered into a warm! discussion with an automobile liend, the antomobilisi trying to prove that motoring was a horror only to the man who could noi afford it. "Mince pie was the contribution of another guest, and there was little quarreling on that issue. With a twinkle in his eye another man presented me with a Teddy bear as his particular aversion. The little boy was pounced UIKJU by the girls, who protested against the man's choice only by hugging Teddy delightfully. A married man brought a miniature carpet sweeper, exclaiming that his temper had suffered more from cari>et sweeping than anthing else he knew of. F<u' a similar reason another guest brought a tiny rocking- chair. "One demure maiden brought h daintily tied package of pepsin gum. Another young woman who had the Rift of description gave a graphic account of her horror of bl <K )d which hiarted many tales of griiesoiue haii- prnlngs. "A couiile of guests hroughl pictures of revolvers. An old gentleman gave a dem<uisirallon of his |iet horror, the scraping of sand iiaper over a rough surfa<'e. One girl illustrated what she considered a more nerve- shocking s<uind—the tearing of cotton cloih. The entire company tried to prove to a quiet .voung lady th;|t her horror the booming of h h <5avy wind at night, ridiculous and inconsequential." Evans Aros. OHm, mta rjm mmm Mm mtlmm Where quality la main conaid- eratioD. we buy the best Where demands will iustity, we carry all gradea and prices. Wm 9ot§oM tamm I •OUTH •IDK MUi It U astonlaUivkow tnat» law years of Banied Iff* oftan naks in the appauaiwe and diqiosttion of many wonaHi. The fnahneaa; the ehann, the brilliance vanish like the Uoom from a peach which is mdely handled. The mstron is only a dim shadow, a faint echo of the charming maiden. There are two reasons for this change, ignorance and neglect Few young women appreciate the shuck to the syBt «m through the change which comes with marriage and motherhood. Many neglect to deal with the unpleasant pelvic drains and weaknesses which too often come with marriage and motherhood, not undersUnding that this secret drain is robbing the cheek uf its freshness and the form of its falrncM. As surely as the general health suiters when there is d€>«]]gementof the health of the delicate womaM ^organs, so surely whetf *'thMe organs ajt ^stabllshed in healVhtherueanMJFK ^tdwce witness totheiactinreMtrid i nniimiiiQ Nefrly a million women have found health and happiness In the use of Dr. Pierce 's Favorite PreecrlDtlep^^ It makes weak women strung and sick women well. Ingredients on lahel—contains no alcohol or harmful habit • forming drugs. Made wholly of thase native, American, medicinal roots most highly recommended by leading medical authorities of all the several schools of practice for the ciire of woman's pecniiar ailments. i For nursi np mutbers .or for those brokeit- down in health by too frequent bearing of children, also for the expectant mothers, to prepare the system for the coming of baby and making its advent easy and almost painlesii, there is no medicine quite so good as "Favorite Prescription." It can de no harm In any condition of thn system. It Is a moxt potent invigorating tonic and strengthening nervine nicely adapted to woman 's delicate system by a physician of large experience In the treatment of womsn^ peculiar ailments. Dr. Pierce may be consulted by letter free of charge. Address Dr. E. V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, HuffaJo. N. Y. ' News of the County CKESCE.M V.VLLEY. Aclober -Mrd C. V. Will again aji- Iieared after several week's absence. This weather reminds one of the good old summer llnie. .Mr. J. H. Vrooman Is In Thomas. Oklahoma, on business. Mr. and Mrs. .1. P. Wlllhlte and family and a niece from .Nebraska, and .Miss Kthel Wright took In the Carnival at lola Wednesday. .Mr. Kinmett Kudlcoit marketed a load of hogs Wednesday. Mr. and .Mrs. .1. K. Simmons returned last week from Hirchtree. Mo., where they spent a week visiting their daughter. School was dLsmlssed last week on account of the teachers Illness. .Mr.s. Reckord is earring mail this week. Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Kndlcotl and family visited in lola Sunda.v. The Cvcsccm Valiey ball team i>lay- ed an lola team Sunday and defeated them by the score of six to eight; .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. .1. Willenburg and family visited at Piqua Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs. .1. P. Willhite and family and .Mr. H. H. Wright and family spent Sunday at C. D. Wright's. .Mr. and .Mrs. (;. D. Cunningham visited in lola Sunda.v. .SOrTH I-0 (JAX. ^ l.oyd Hawkins is working at Petrolia and boarding at H. Rumbel's. John Jackson is helping Giiss Wolf haul hay to Chanute. L. O. !,a<ld bought the Woodward farm. Bessie Hawkins spent Saturday night with B?rtha Harmon. Wedding bells are soon to ring. Will Krick.soh has his house about completed. Mr. Webster, of Humboldt will leciure at the church at PetroHa next Sunrlay evening. There will be preaching at the Sciater Creek church next Surwlay at :! p. in. and also In the evening. SILVKU \.V.KV. .Miss CrvKtal ICasI wiK )d atteniled the Teachers' association in Humboldt. .Mr. Jackson, rif lola. represeuliug the Willis nursery, was selling nursery slock in the neighborhood last week. .Mr. Hanks' friends are glad that he is able to go to work again after a severe spell of tonsilitis.' -Mrs. Wenzel was visiting friends in Piqua over Sunday, and had the pleasure of hearing Ilev. Irwin of Geneva, preach an excellent seruKm. •Mr. Lust is hauling hay to Gasl. -Mr. Glenn is bailing hay this week. .Mr. Frank Frasc is contemplating on moving to Gas in the near future. LOOKI.XG FOK CHILD L.4B0B. Johnson SendK Unt Question Blanks to Yonlbfal Faeiory Workers. Topeka. Oct. i4.—State Labor Com- niissloner Johnson is sending out a uniform card to all factories in the state ol be ftlled out by youthful em­ ployes who may come under the child labor law . "I do this," said Mr. Johnson today, "so that I will get Just the Information I want and I am certain that in all instances th« right questions will be asked." XAIYACIEB DELASEr HAS AR. RA>e£D SCHEDULE OF GAMES. FINISH REPAIRS AT POWER HOUSE WOKK ON WATEH SYSTE.M WILL MAKE IT SITEUIOK. Hmeitfrmen Will Work nn the I'ipe Line South of the City. ' Sniclternii-n Will Work on Pipe Line. The smeltermcn of this city who formerly were employed at the Cherokee smelters, will work on the pljic line which will be constructed south to this city from the southern part structed for the purpose of piping gas tothls sity from the southern part of this state and Indian Territory. A number of the men arc out of employment while the Cherokee smelters are down for repairs. Arran^red a St-hcdnle. Manager Frank Dclaney, of the Gas City foot ball team, announced yesterday that he had arranged a schedule for games for the Gas Cit.v team lo play. The llrst game of the sclicd>ile of four games has not yet been setlled upon, but probably will be iilaye<l at Electric park next Sunday afternoon. The manager is in communication with the Kincaid bunch but as yet no contract has been made. .A game has been arranged with LeKoy, Kansas, for October :!lst. to be played at I he park. On .Vovember Kith the Gas City bunch will meet the team fuun t^hanute which defeated them by such a close score one week ago. .\ game wilh Neodeshu has been scheduled for Gas Ciiy for Sunday, .N'ovemlier iTili. Will Finish Work Toniiirrow. The work on repairing Hie Gas Cily water system will be finished tomorrow. The workmen have been working on th(! street for some lime making the repairs authorized by the Burns and McDonald C(uni)any of Kansas City wh<i was sent here to make the investigation. When the repairs arc finished Gas City will have one of the best water systems of any city its size in southern Kansas. Attended i'arnlvaL A large number of Gas Cily people attended th(V:<*arnival in lola last evening. The special cars run by Ihe lola Klectric Hallway ccunpany wore filled to their.fullest capacity all during the entire evening. The larj:(-.-;i j proportion of the crowd which rodi-' the cars came from this city. .\ luim- ber are i)Ianning to attend in a body this evening. .M<n'e of the ladies will i attend since Ihe police of lola have put a ban on the rowdism. Ball. f>o til I.a Ilur])e. Quite a number of the church people of this cily went to I.a Harpe last evening attended the revival services which are being held in the .Mcihodisi Episcopal church of thai city. Rev. 1). M. Campbell, paslor of the Gas City Methodist Episcopal church, is as sisting Rev. Henham of La Hari>e in conducting the services. New Ideas in Fancy Work! ALWAYS IN THE LEAD. This time it is oiir Art> Department, We are now ready to show all the latest and newest ideas in fancy work. Start your Christmas presents now, and they'll be ready by the 25th of December. Notlung like it ever shown in this viciiuty. Ribbon Embroidery. Wallachian. Coronation, Eyelet. French, Shadow, Repouse, Mont* Mellick and Biedermaien Embroidery. If you do not know how to work any of these we will show you. SPECIAL' PRICES FOR THIS WEEK: 25c Will buy a beantiful Tapestry Pillow Top. Choice of six patterns. Regular price, 30 cents. 35c Will buy a Tinted Pillow Top aud Back, and skeins of embroidery silk. Regular price 5'.'c. 35c Will buy one 22x22 White Lawn Pillow Top and Back, with ruffle, shadow embroidery and (5 skeins of .silk. Regular price T J'.'C each. 65c Will buy a 2'ix22 Pillow Top and Back for Biedermaier embroidery, 6 skeins of floss and one illustrated lesson. Regular price UH cents. 50c Will buyau Infant's Kimono or Nightingale, stamped on fine.white cashmere and enough embroidery iloss to complete the work. $1.00 Buy an'Iiifant's vShort Coat, ou fine white cashmere, and er\' floss to complete same. stamped embroid- We Invite Your Inspection. All these pretty new ideas are on Exhibition in our store. WOKKIXJ FOK C.VMMD.V'I'KS. Politicians Besiege Washingfoii for tHilahuina Federal .ludgeships. Personals. .Miss .Mable Reid came up from .\r- kansas City yesterday and will makcj her.home with her mother. .Mrs. Howard Reid. who recently leased the Kn­ dlcotl hotel. Her many fiicnds are jileased to see her aflcr an aliscnce of over a year. Kour cars of pipe were unload'd fr<un the car yesterday afternoon for the P(M'tland Pipe Line coiii|iany. .1. S. Christian ri'liiined ycsii'id.iy evening from a business visli to liicli- iiKuid and Harris. Kansas. • Clias. IJolhenbeck moved his faniii-. to the Grove farm north of town yis- lerday. Now that the harvest .season is ovi -r, most of the sympathy general i! by thivi dei)artment. will be e.\i)end<il ou the Kansas nwn who recently married an actress. INSOMNIA "I hav* nitnc Csfrai*!* f^r InnnmnU. vltli ; vbkh I have b««o sfllif-t^'l fir over i^r^ui.- ' aad I c»ii sajr tbat Cm»**ar«t« Lavi. mn oiut« rvUef than «n/ncb«r rrttiedr I Iiarw erer lri«'il. I * •ball c»rta iilr r-«omm»n<l ihnn to mr /rieiuli aa , UiBf atltucj are icpmanud." Tbot. oniard, £lcin. III. Besl for The 5owels CANOvcATn «imc „PI«uant. Palatable. Pntent. Taata Oood. Donnod, Kenr Sicken. WeaLaii «r6rt |Hi. ]«e. Uc.Me. K>r«r aold in'bnik. The cxnniiia tablet atampwt CC'C. aurantaad to cure or yuur nonar back. •tcrliofKemedy Co., Chicago or K.T. J97 UWiU-SALE, TEH MILUOK lOXES Whsbington. Oct. 21.—Governor llocb. ol Kansas, arrived today to work lor Ihe apj'oi.Tfnient of his bro- thiT -iii-iaw. .Uidgi' .1. T. DicUerson, a; federal judi:e of the Kaslorn di.~ tiict of Oklahoma, when statehood ci.iu.'.s He .Tud Senator funis will cA\ upon President Roosevelt lomor- row. Senator l.fuig- also arriv.'d tonight and will accompany them to the White House. Tlic governor intimates thai a special session of the le.cislature may b' p .ccossary to scale down levies iin- ri.-r the new tax laws. While ho Is in f ;ivor of A iiriniary law, ho would not call a special session for that one puri)os<' alone. He believes that th'^ Poiiublican slate committee will call .•1 st;ite -wide primary ne.xt year, any how. OUlaluuna politicians ar.^ rolling in oe every train lo take part, in ih< P.-itrotiage c(«itest. The arrivals to ..ay ii\rliiile .Itidge Halner Who wants to bi' judge of lbi> Western district; .Marshal G. H. Wltte. Hlslrlct .Vtlor- ii'-y '1'. H. Latham and Hepiiiy Clerk Giorgo .Smilh of the Central district. W. II. Harrlsnii of I'litejiu ami Sam howuiiig of .Moka. .Mioiiicy General Honaparte will I 'oi lie consulted to any extiuil in the si '!c<:ii(>ii of court oflicials for Ibe new St. lie. Secretary Gartiebl. of ilie in- I lior di")>arlhietil. will be the chief aWvisi-r to the president; in lad. ih' |i;.'si(l<>iit has told several of the p ':canls for jobs that he proposed to VoHow the advice of Gartiel^. .\s a I 'Milt, Garfield Is h*ing bjsei.cpd for his imbusement. He will give andi- eiices tomorrow to Hoch, Curtis and l.nng. Aside from his qiialiflcations for the judgeship. .Iiidge Dickerson's s ':p |)or:ers have called Hie pr-^sident's air«'nt;on to the fact that Dickerson has a family of seven or eleven chilu- nil. all girls. The riaim is made tonight that .\t- loiney (Jen .ral Ronaparie has play- cfl in with the Democrats all along. The charge is made that he even sent cr.nfiib nlial letters, written htm by Pnuibliian lead .^rs in Oklahoma, to •he nemocratic leaders in the consti- Hitional convention. Senator Warner will probably see the president A a Cay or so. in the interests of L. F. Parker for Judge. Parker is a son of the general attorney of the Frisco railroad. HIGH GRADE FLOWERS AND Artistic Floral Designs i There are times and events which .-^ecni lo demanil the presence of dowers and when these occasions do ceune \ \ it is well to knuw jusi where to get j the choicest of llowers and highest \ .u'rade of work .-it moderate i)rices. .1. | W. Primmer, of "ii-l Kast i>incoIn. lola. makes a specialty of cut tiowers and grows nothing else, and you can de- liend fui getting just what you want in this line. He has T.nOil feet of glass and every foot of it devoted exclusively to cut (lowers, and cverythini; strictly up-to-date. Call and see his place, 701 East Lincoln SI HT I. lola. Kansas. Bell Phone, 104. ,J. W. PRIMMER. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEAT A\ARKET 115 Hast Madison Eakin's Hardware For Healers or ("nok Slovrs—Gas Fitting Done rramplly. 102 S. Kentucky. I'bone 123. lola Bosiness College Might or D»y Seamlon Penmanship, Arllhinellc. Kloculioa Hookkeeping. Kngllsh. Physical Culture, etc., Shorthand, Letter Writing. For Sale Cheap, Good Farm and City Property. Sea the THE JAYIIAWKER LAND CO. for quick results. Old Court House, MM, Kans. Distilled Water One hundred pounda of Cry»- tal Ice will make 12 galloni ot;' distilled water euitabla for family use. Try It. lolalce&ColdStongeCf FRANK RIDDLE. Mfr. San in [v fmam The SAXTA FB sells HO.MESICKK- ERS' tickets lirst and third Tuesdays in each month for one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip to certain points West and South West. Return limit SO days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Ixis Angeles and San Francisco and other California points for $25.00 Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Wash., etc., for $2a.:!0. every day during October. 1907. Please see us for stopover privileges, and so forth. W. E. RALSTON, Aft. Well, Friends P.iiir.ikis arc in (irder. We have the iiialcrail lo make llirm of. Ifalsloii I'. C Flour, per pkg lOc Ralston Prepared I!. W. Klrutr, P r pUg lOo ri -ruiia Whole Wheal Kioiir, 1 -lt) sack 50c Good I'rcsli .Meal, per sack 20c ^^yiups to cat cm Pancakes, Mai'k-, I'ancy Table, White Table. and Sorghum. J FRYER BROS. Grocery and Meat Market Phones 308 and 301 111 Soath Wastalagtoiu-Hall* tHk Livin^&tOD £• Cj| t'oatraeton aai BuOimu <^ All Undi of work a ^adi^: . • 8«itk Sjtuun, j«2^

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