Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 5
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f HE lOIA BAHY BECISIEB, SATTBBAI ETESEfft OCTOBEB SU 1963. A DEPOSIT in our Savings Department does not tie up your account for any given length of time. You can 'draw ALL or ANY PART at A ^Y TIME, and Whatever amount is in the bank on our interest payment dates, (which are January 1st and July 1st of each year), draws THREE per cent interest for the time it liai. been on deposit, The.only wa}- an account in ojr Savings Department differs from a checking account, is that you do not issue checks against it, and\hat it DRAWS INTEREST. Should you wish to draw zny part of your account, sim- bring vour Pass Book to tl THE CASrr. Isn't that easy^ Open Linyan Mine. The LanjTon & Price mine on me Lanyon ground at Aifaa is to rciume nperatioriE after a -.hut d.-.«:n c.f si- niast a year. Robert H. LariTon or this city is. general manager ci the company.—Joplin Herald. Saturday.^; only. S^al Cig.irs. .'. Cfnf.s. Repiilnr ?. for '27. r*>nis \r f?iirrcir.= dm? <8fGrf>. Get Another Contract. C. E. Hair of the firm of Hair &Smith, arohitocf?, rottiTOOiJ in Saiina yosteniay from Chicl<a.sha. Oklahoma, whero ho seciin^d iho contract for drawins the plans and specifications of a new city hall whioh that city i=i .coin? to erect. The hiiililiii.s will be of pressed bricic and .<rone. .Vi by ir,:. feet and throe stories hiarh. It beinp: made large enotieh to tako care >of xho. (ire department also. In ply bring your Pass Book to the bank, and wc PAY YOu\\!;:: Z:i:^c council chamber. The JuiildiuK wili ost .ibouf $r.0.or.ii,—Salifia Journal, State Savings Banlf CmplimI $2S.OOO tola, Kanmrnm Open from 7 to S y. m. Satunlay.<; aii«l I*ay Night*; READ! A few hnndred ?4 sroli.iii'; Xo. 1 wrsfrrn land at ?10IH) and up. GOLDEN WEST UNO CO. Office O TCF Iowa Store. —Fiizcerald Sfnrace and Transff-r (o. liAiisehoiU and |Wano movins: liirce^t >loro room in cilr. Phone .*{'•<». Vezie Will Preach. T; ••ri> wii! pr.»a<-hii»s; rvii'ai ill.' r. Fl. .•^aiiir.luy Sun• !.i>- tiKitiilMvr ;iii<l Niiiiii.iv I"V \ .\. 1.. \'> K:i'i .1/! It i< I .nil' SI 'v r«<;il'-^'.-.I (!•• l""r-i ^liinil.l I"- 01-. .. ii: :i' •• ui -.iii;it •. K 'NIIIIII '- II' 111.I EXTRA SALE OF \ DRESS GOODS For Tonight anil Monday Desirable Fall Suitingj? in checks, stripes an^l i)lain colors ranging in width from 'i'j to !•> inches?. X'alue:; always solci in a 'regulay ^ay at oOc \ and 6oc per yard Vour choice ^^Q^ 25 pieces New Fall Suitings comprising the new Herring tone effects in ill I'opular sha.ies, also uuvelty|siut- ings wori'.i up to 'JI.UU. soiuc cf them 50 iuohcs v.i^L'. Glsoicc while tonight and Mondaj' only. they la^t. at Yard, oulj'. SEE wmoow Short Stories OF: lola Happenings -Dr. J. B. Teppcr. Dentist Phone 1«S. Thorpe & fioogh Contrsetors, Engineers, Sarreyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of ^rveying, estimating, patent draw- &g. blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer ••Famong." Wnli'.n .it (ii-r t..-.n .n Muii'i • Bta PRICE REDUCTIONS ON ALL TAILORED SUITS L.i'iib at Burliogtoii. .•^Mi «; II l.;iiiil' <>i V:i' \t,\- ;iiid Il<ii:> R. AiM -j.. a!. ;t' W,r..rh S.-ti ir(ln\ :.!"t. riioan .-in.i ' ;ir l.<'!>o J <.ittir«l;u \- :ir.- •I'-!>.ii.| -;"':ii;'Ts ii!'> \<iU .ii>i:i >ri-'.-.~ li;iV'- a !ur-f rjiii;. ill. . Mr. i> • li.•;.<!! I :i hi ass !tinii!(:. .-\t .*»iii«'»ker h.r Laiiiinir. j Thi- Toii'Z. !:oxi'- C'<iinmt I -^nv,- .1 lii r In < I..!;;!ii.i.r. ih.> luoi'.! • <>( t ••!. 1 !'• 'V>,'.iti:{nn\\,- y.i. I..':::.:;'^ a: !!j a :••<•,••;••',r,<; <•• milil ii; <-i_- v.j: iia:::i aiiii .-.-t-nr-r.-.l ;o iji.- \h-:- sini.k r ':;-t iilul;! ::ii|.:i>jii!.iii lalk:^ i>> irif'"'.- fU'i !n>.' clnii. !ai! ••s^i!•l^i a oi\io prai' i;.r(">i.-i't "li "iii»J! ir.i.^ '.«) !i :u' aii'i ai;aiii?-i iirvivy j Mr. !„i-i!i-:^ •.•(•rcn-'y rorn •j iCiivii;.' \. a.-i'^ li-' ^ec^lrt•(l b iciii of !;v..-;vi' luli.'i -a (ionar.": uiiJi l.iiiifi :h- m.d. Th.^ K. ( will !..^ .u; . .'••::r-> lino r;:!iti:ii? fn'vni i I\an<a,-; C ;. m I;..;*-;,nr. ai:il Cai- \'..::. .itiil iii i'.ri.iT.-l> tA Tui- |.ara;i>'; iho —Alway.'« time to eat at Our Way. :<-ia! Ciiii> tiif K:ii-..,s ''«'•'•>' f'orgot it iii-hi i•'li''"" - r(.!'r.-,v( ill.'. .( I' "'li^! I I'.oiUia tr.iirhi i.nv.^ fonu.l 'in-.. -n " ir.-ntioii hi.< jMisitinn on ri;.- ;.r<iltii.i- torv !nw in ih'^ liast.—Salina .I.^irti li nUl-. ;!f»d from w!ik-li t.-> .Q- K. J S.I. (tkl.i. 1 ii.' liu.^ wii' Use No. 7 Flour i Good as any—bi^i.T than mf>«t. Dori'r Fnr^j.'t Our ^ MEAT MARKET .•^aii'.i i->' ill.' i'.'.i>.-r ;h.' (|i>iar;c"— U-il!.>.i ::'< I INiiirnrd.lo lola. Wo handle only the u>>t of Fresb j .\|; .in.l AI-- William l.:in|srn;-.i and eats. Smoked and Salt Mvats. )•"'> ';';'~'V'''"'•...:'"'''?''\^*.';''.L "j'^i''. J.'-" Wi> Want Y.iiir —Six pAr cent mon*-y: nn rnmmls- slon; no delay.—^Smith & Travis. Got Judges NoW. Trii.=;t>'p r. H. lliiif \\3F. tip I'rnm Savo'abu;-? Sartirda.v. sw.-'arinu: m ihr .i<id?os aii.i oI^Tk.- I'or fJi.^' •N'crion n.-'xt Tu«'?tlay. T'a- tollowinij uamos will ron.sriruf«^> th.- l.oanl. .I,'k'- .\nl. Wni. Hi.sint.orham aii.i .\. .T. MeC will ao: a- j::i';;.s; .\. .1. I .inqai-^ and If. T. .Vshfonl. .•l-rks.- F:Unint. a l.i''a:i.''r. r..inrd an.l locu:?. in iiriva't^ i;\r,v.':.; Meat., - . ! !ii liila riii'>il.i> aJN' I \ IS,- V. il!l t '.lli.-V !••>!.Iliv.'». .1 PRODI CE • i'.'^' 1" i!"--- f.irmcr.'. nud will fa.v J !;.? b'.-hi<-f : < . u.t markoi pri<-i'> I D iMsh or tr:\.!"<. i oim-' In and sco in. Wo two ,<o!o ai:<'!i'-- f'^r M. M'r.i'i; | COFI-EIHS and TEAS : 1 If .vou will Riv" tlii i iino a 'rl.u you win u.-o no other. a w »^i >ks -Cinov .iM'. at! r.'iT.^ i Miilm U ill <i<M'iJ ><hiipo. Fryer Bros. rhone 301, SOS. .'Ii'' . .n.. ir,i I 'l 't.T -liaii.. •v. i !-,,Mr. H!!"i,;ui • !<'!' I'.-, .ii;.:.'! a'n! K'Mik-.-. ;;.MS'.:. i!i iilv'y •-",.<] <•., ay.: Th^ II.>w ilian [-aid. 'Oiu Vliii.i ;uid iv.i' frnlll lira.ninvi |l 1 .1. f»S idiM*;:! I'l Evans Bros. PmMm, atatloowy. OU9 atmnk Books mitdOI*m» Seitoot Suppllom Tynmimrttmr Sappllm*. AroHHrnct SuppJIma Ottio* SuoolloM Where qualtly la main conilfi- «ratlon we buy th* bett. Where demand* will ]aeftlfy. we carry all rradea and prlcea. ^Frank S. Ceattie. V. S. Phone 139. [ i Taiinr «.ra> ti\ Mfnjrr. T,i; .t. is 'tilakii:^ ^1 •j.n '.r.-s •*< ;.„•. i..:.v !::;.: «•:•»:.•. > '.•.•.••IV t'i<T<- iinii: i.i \ !in<innr«'m<»nt. Dr. S'lff^HfT.^ v.l-h--.- t(t inrcTii his |farn:'--r jiam'!!.' and fl»'^ iv^iJic" thar. he ha~ rp-:iim?d fhp c^noral i..'-3rtic»» of mpdicinp. cnmV.iT'-n-.: sr. with .=:nreery. Ofllr? b'-.-ir- !ip TO 11 a. til., ;1 lo P. and :o S p.m. •eaik IMe fqure^ lala, Eaas. B < aid. Kniii'-- liidN|.(>L'dl. <".l|'!a.;i ^- >-•!•] ^jii.k>-i. w.i- r.o' nin-' ill' < ~ ! whirb h.' i.- ha\i!!C , I. T1 III- -|... - .... t. \. K W I M :. .;;;!idida!.' i{*-i-iiri>riran <;w:i :rj \vn ad roM of in ridd;n-:i VTHE lOLA IC£ AND COLD STORAGE CO, Manofacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dcolers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Hew CaU 8toraf« Keady far Rutsns. Phaif llfc FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. i i'.in'.s'^'i". —Insist on haTine "V. S.' ; lo raliioruut. j V, •• . !' S. i '..I . I I: I I.'.iv. .1. < . II. \ i; i ' ' ' '•"'•'' 11:.'. V —Fr^xh Oyr.tprs—Our V:ky. flair. .Md..v f .:• r rht' [.. IS; -;••:..! Ill- Stoves ;,i..n... K\aininuti<ius rio-f' < -itn^y ::I:.?TV aii'-rs :.)i'k iti>- ''N- Set up and connected, alsq acy j other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. O H to roftVjTiHo. .A. F. Fli-f'^nrf-';efi tod:.y i"<"'r Tni- iV-\V. h--:.-' :H- -:..-aks a" a [tr-.iuh- :-h . .Iiidc^" W. rT. .iOa:. a.' •• .a I formi-r,'- i i"< ' ^ jW.-i: k!".>-wn •>. !• 0!hi" r[.'ak--:. ! —rnunincham k .Vrnt'tt nioni 'T. eetim&tes cheerfally given on all work 6 por cent Fe*ls at Home. ••Th(^ D^vi! 10 i)e in Clianuio" an- notinccs a hea.iline in tp f'hamite Tribune. It is bc-liev^d tpai Chanute can make him iffl at hoipe. too.—So- Una Journal. Judge Foust at Toronto. .Tiid;>« 0>oar Fon.^t and raj.r. Kw- iv.^. a ;.r.iftiriii- at;orn.'V i>f lola. s]iiiS<i. to .1 fair sl .'i 'd audii'>nc<» in th.» l.oiii: hiiildinc S.i'iir.lay ov.>ninc Tb.. v<. .i;;,! r i-oadi:ions wt r.-> any»liiir.r h'V itui'iiiu Ii'it itor.virh'if.'indiii-.r th\< fa • :r:itiv i>raA>d I'l-' •i-'ni-vits an'! caiv- o !» 1(1 ai ^ar ; \\ ii rl.'-" it',<;i i\ -poll.! •r.iKi'aiiisiii. H.ii h s;. .o'-. v w.-r.' t'tlil of •.;.-.od soiifl.i a:%;il!ll.'i;r i'af W"':-' in r^i.iiK. .1 (•o!;;!avi T:'-' I UI I K" ^iH-vk.-" from a :iia; <<( •:.'.>•• >-nii.i- T'Oinf withoi;: I'.i.- ^':t;a. •• ;..ii-.- o; h'ltror iiit.ririin.;!::. jr .T.or'.'- v.hi!'' rajH. Kwi!!.; na- !ii> Hn.'".! 'o l>" jonilar an.l k''!'? hi.- li^i-i..-;-^ i:i a tn'-rry mood ih:i>u..;!io;;'. ir, rv •. moiiolo;:n.- arti.-r. !>• vk,.-i!.: : >oir.<> of rhr' vaM.l'vil'.- .j--- .-ma!!. Fai^:- of his '}<<',.••.< .KT I a; a l'> BvniUifuily T.-.ilorc.I ^\\\r. will he fonud on sale T OM I ^IIC an i M'jnday at prices not equalled in any otli-?!' Ida .=:i.»rc. It v.iH !>e wt-.rtii \vl:ile to .see I I IAMII before bijvin.n'. About Our Lstiies mntii Chril'^ drsn's Goats Just a wcrd right here, then we will leave the decision entirely to yr.-^,. If yo-A '.viut the be^t there i> in lola for the price, whatever it may be. vi^it this .«:tore while our stock :s at it.s be.-it. COME MONO A Y FRISHMAM'S —O'.i: Oysters. Way. To and From Chanute. Mi.. U''<->' .^!li;- v>.'ai ;.. io ,1 ' if' laii.i; '.' \.> •. I'm! I.. 1 .Mi-K;i;-ir> a. ;> lui.i riu.- .it>. ra.'.- .-n ,'ri'i '--;i !!K!i 'M-'!'.. - ••"•i.-i:! , •• N|i»>«-r Kin'«» lliiii. (Vi:."i il r .-^ kn<">*'..- Si.:.'. - ••:)•,'.^•z . t' 1: • h \y--' ••• ' : \ <'i!-:.-- i;. .\ t: .... ki::- A!- Srsv >.n - •]:•. (::•;• .-nilS 'i 1 !>•;—,1 . Yj.. Inf..1 aja:i.'ri \vi i !••• a ; 111! ,v: .j.-.l :ci \- ' r..- \;.i-.ia nf Si- K. r. KlfK.-^IIMFN Si>lMI»M»KK'o ». : HAS RETURNED FROM EUROPE. Tlic SIIIIIM I \i-iir V*»t\ Hull riiiiii at Or. L. 0. Housei Will Again Occupy li.i!i»ji» Wii^ K JI *» i«»r r>r«>». H IS Jewell City Pulpit. u'ood i-.oir.T an.l t.orii -.• -.-....f T'-,r:^ch'-:-. ^•••••^•c•- Fi-ii: r :>. .a'l'lii'- .11.^ fur !•"•''•!••<•• ioti a- j a^j.' • f '^i- di:-riirr on r.i.!i-.;;.-an ' [.,-> i;.-.?.^:-vr-.-; it'-- iir.i!i-.! r:\,>:-"V' ' ill.a V. t,.. —jIt-.-chari'.'5^ I.nn.-h at Our Way. rhone ll-S. Ki-.. O-:. "1 -.•am ,!'•;•.:!••• i| ! :•)""• -..-..ll . i.a-: •• I'liix.-! " K.ii.- -as il,. ('! - ".^ r«f " • afi^r:: t- i;' • 'i :-••.'(• r.; • xrm >' T ut<-!i V. \--: •.si. ;. • -' :. i. • r ••••.•UL Ti:- •> Th>i^^.i. .!..f...>- -i ;;i • .;; ii •.) (1 i"!... f:'. s!i:..< •; •• t'; a ;.;v,. ria- , : '•..•- 'a. K ••- . . >''.t.* h aiai :...i.k'- ... Pleases Giifil'pn. T!.--:'.' ar.- rii... :a.-a in '...i•• !• i'la' \vho a..- or.'•'•{••••I !> T'I -' l.ric:!:i a'.!- 'rr wiiir:; ai !.»>' "'.-...•r-. d- •'::••' rait and .--orni-. M.'i.-or Marri.-. R. fillan an.! fitv Kni-'Iii.-r .MrEhoy a.'-.-' all conpr-rn-'^ci in th-'' av.'tiin-^ :m- iirov.^m^nt and th.-y hop.> for cl-^ar woaihf-r for tb.^ .-I K in n-• I'-r rlmr tii.- <>..n:;a<' ...i ra. L-....;::- jn.-nt l.^a.t ina. fi'^ : —.^oto n.ira?<^ and Rrpsfr Shop for n]] kinfi<« of rffiairin-.;. Antomofdlo llTcry. Phone SKL Howairf Miller ai Bai tiesvillc. .••:.!: ,•• •'•.'• . 'r- <-•:•..; r.l . • Fa'- : !••:• • •• ••. -iv :n-'- •• a:i.l A'".o !•••<"• •.t''.: , i-'.Vi .;• ,»! M !! :•;.•.•' :';'.>'H • !• i;.. r on . M LI ..' i • 11- > .W - .•• "• '• • b;. H.->v..->:•.'. \Ii'!.-r «•-.• ri.aa.r.;. :• of • -'^ i •.•.;t- • % I 'i.' : Hi.i \^ho ha- '•,.•:.! : T;: - ti!.. F.i;- -'aiir- T.:i!-- ^- ]•< . i;<'-:-:. : — !lnri:-<s i^:'-.;- -S. RIVER ODOR IS TOO LOW. Retuirisd Home. • • r. f.: v:... •• .':<.. '• • ! • I >;ii .1 \<:i'. •>> l" .1 <",!.iiiUT.- ,i!.<l .ir'a.f i-ji;.' . 1 hi> l.ikid lola. .i U .<'.' :.. W I':.-.-; a:;'! f. !i.U- .-tiavv. i:aU'.s i >f .\''!. .Mii . :<.::•' V •• !i. ' •• '» ,-.ia> i.> '....k <•:••• I.'.ia. r;.tv .•-|..-<::.i:> pi.^a>.il •^cii'.i'il.-.i ri> •.:'.•.•• :.Xr- tmiMrrow a"; with :h.- toart h-xi— ii..:k C. S. i:!, ,,f fillali ni't 'li^l;) a: :!;.- Tiaai ..a.l <"•'--',.,.,. ,i -i. .( \v. ;: (.if.*. (><•:. .:j Or h. (>. Hoii.<- •!. w'.< ' a> 1'. • •• 'o'lrln^ Kiiroix- and •; I.;!:;.I. v-; i .irnipy hw palpit :•- ••. .\.'. 'T. •".iirr:: T -.'sr r^andi'.y. For • :• v.'.'•:•••..:, ••>> M--')-:.-! havf' '< •! r.;:, ^;:n.:.iv> hr ol«?rf:y- r,'-.— i .H -i;--:.^ an.l ch'^rch- }.'.-• This wonnd up the •n!,i rol\>"" in fh»' morning in c ':;.;:u • .(. I'. I'oi>r!iihwaito. qne of 'Iflf ivr.:-:'.:--r. .Xi'.ni Sally Thack.ston'.': v.Hf.i o!'. ii.!-- til.'- principal atirac- ;'iia. 1:; ti;.- .v.nins .the "younj; f.>!;;s" la -in-',- w.r-.' in chareo of the Ki.worth Ieai:'i-:». tht-L- orvranization. .-^t.rila. C-rai.iny K'llpli i'iakc >M!I laki I'o^.ovion of li iO'—l 'ho-ai ..1. rtnvu ••,v« rr:r:. zias :.-.-n i-i'-"- —P.e t r.n.-i<;tf>r—Home Industry— I M -.; l .i :.• liiH. •:.--o--ho Kivt-r Cif a: Our Way. '..,„ •• • K Making Frien''':. i \K '1 Wa'-o:!. R. :>;!!:*•.!:; ai'.: f-.- K- r,.-. w:;s :\i \\ T ;.Mr W"?!--..:; i- laa:. •_- f; :• : !• :•'! .•• • ' f'l.- i ..rn.ri If- u. u i . • '! \.. ili.i.n.n.-' -1' .lii' '•' I • 1 .... i.. ,- Mr. and Mrs. Wond Home. Mr- an.: . M J , rr..-;. r V.o.>.;. .n;a.- ri. .1 at lola wt.•;^. a.-v\.il ii! t'.^svi!;."' \.--r.-i.:av an' i:in;r -if .LMininJ--. W..O.: \> a/'Oo -I '.»-•-;.•:• at rn- I.a!:^or;-S':ir • -;i>:'-- »»i•jraiii/»'d ;» liaiid. ~?t'\-i Wa.vr, rii,' W.iv k.'nd. I I >.i<;.! wi; . ; 1 nt'-?. TV;;; i'-Tf '>•-•• H-- •.:rn.d T , hi- • '-'rr ?. i:r;!i Dr.ikr. who f'i,-e..! n deal K K Ih;::r-::f .:^h. few days aso f..r tl!" i-'a.-hio:. T/vf-r- wiil take ';.'.- :.i:norio'>v .Mr Ilag^nbuch ^•>i; .;-ai;i >-i!t r rh.^ f-:v.\^'o^< of f S. ;(.• : •• : 'I..- :i .i ,l»'.-Mk,-r. i V.' \t: I>;ak>- t>,- in aC'.iVP .'• -a- i..i:r. vvi'i rfiailihi.- • - i.:.-n'i. }K» ba» lone . - 1,, ..s," .: in this coun- .la.! • - ".u... fri-;'.l- are glad •• : .• i 1- ; ai .1 i-il himw-^lf with' Off Ire r.-i^-m- r-r ni::i(1;!i?. uttidn ri-xa« |jind«. i„.a" ' .'I't' ' -Ki.-' 'ai:" ;:. ' ^- ',1..." \ A Dirty Fiqnt. !f,:. j-- T'.-- D.-morr:it... ,.f i. ... n.'v a;- | " WiUTAKKlt .v 1 a •.•-.VKf.I, maliins tbt^ir main fi,-hi i* . .-n-ri-: an.i foniity aftOin>-v, ntic a. - !••->'->.-• inc to all th.- trirks of ;«•:.';<.win. bnt a.= r. O 'PMiliin-'i-i fr.i ; iit, and Capi. Etvini:. to.- r.iiii.!^ Ov. Oir V.':. Iii^liill lltdraut. Ol.JJifa "a N-'llii Tliild torn«-y. ar»> two of th'- n.>: .n-i. iiijiiiir- iva.~ <^.\rt-;u1rd .-»fv>-.;,; .'u.iji;!!.- ^v~' the county ihrt R.pnidirars no* «'';,iif i.vdr.ini.- n--i—! ail scarod.—Humboldt Unioi. —Oyster* any style at Oo'-way. —Stgn painting, phone 14J8. Fred Roudea. We Sell it for Less $1.75, $1.50 Pants $1.00. $1.00 Pants for 75c Qeo. D;Bright (& Co. lir-119 WestSt. H. A. Jones, Mgr.

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