The Columbus Telegram from Columbus, Nebraska on April 26, 1977 · Page 8
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The Columbus Telegram from Columbus, Nebraska · Page 8

Columbus, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1977
Page 8
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o-- v.oiunuus telegram ACROSS 45 Admit t 47 Painting 1 ·'School organi- medium ' Nation (abbr) 49 Sidestep 4 »» ' 52 Indefinite a Farrow 56 Brooch 12 Attenbon 57 Scnoo | (Fr j 13 Danger 61 Depression 4'Actress Gabor . in i tia | s I^.Engagein 62 Swallow up ,x'. w ! nt f r . s P 0 , rt . 63 Road builder 6Csal P meland 6 4 N ( ) V Y S l l j p -ST 22Jhe present t " cher Columbus, Nebraska Answer to Previ Tuesday, April 26. 1977 HEATHCLIFF THE FAMILY CIRCUS. By Bil Keane HEALTH Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. Best athlete diet? 28'-Oean Martin's '^nickname SOSailor's .·patron saint SOVater (Fr.) 35 Mideast -seaport 36-:Praise 37.J(ind of tree (Pi.) 39 Resorts 41. Greek letter 42'Bitalical hero 43 Solemn .pledge 44 Tool for writing chair DOWN 1 Varmint 2 Grasp 3 Diva's forte 4 Scene 5 Dog doctor, for short 6 George Gersh- win's brother 7 Mae West role 10 Lawyer's patron saint 11 Portal 19 Doctor's helper (abbr) 21 Film spool 23 British prime minister 24 Garden plant 25 Hammer part 26 French composer 27 Arizona city 29 California wine district 8 More cunning 31 Northern 9 Coin of European Mexico 32 Erato 33 Scandinavian god 38 Having boots 40 Uuakes 46 Cries 48 Musical syllable 49 Smallsword 50 Cruet 51 Against 53 Antelopes 54 She-bear (Lat.) 55 Direction 58 Crow's call 59 Eggs 60 Lease I 1 -' 12 C- 15 (i 18' 2 3 25 34 37 42 26 27 49'. 62-. 65- 50 51 MY ANSWER By BILLY GRAHAM (c)CT-NYNSynd.cQlc DEAR DR. GRAHAM: I know you are an avid student of'future events. What do you see for the future of the United Stfctes and Western civilization? - W.E. DEAR W.E.: Our whole civilization is built upon Judeo-Christian principles. Although we have not always followed these principles, coitcepts like the worth of the individual, the dignity of labor, the importance of meJality, and the social responsibilities we all share are 1 : rooted in the Bible. I believe these concepts have made us great and prosperous. (However, in this century we Ijave seen a crumbling of that foundation. Materialism and ' gcess have replaced feritual ideals. God and His fr'ral law are not only irgotten in our private lives, ijufexcluded -- sometimes by rjnan-made law -- from our dublic life. This is a dangerous tj^nd. The Bible says, "For lhf. nation and kingdom that will -not serve .thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted" 'Isaiah 60:12). What about the future, on he one hand, there are en- couraging signs: Many people rave discovered the emp- ·iness of secular life and are ALLEY OOP turning to Christ. On the other hand, I know that once a trend away from God is established in a nation it is hard to reverse. My- prayer (and I hope the prayer of every Christian) is that we will return again to God. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Psalms 33:12). DEAR DR. LAMB -- From what I've read I've always thought any athlete would need a high protein diet, but at the last Olympic games some of the athletes were supposed- ly on high carbohydrate diets. Would such a diet be recommended for a weight lifter trying to build muscle as well as a runner or a boxer who needs long-lasting energy? Would you give an ex- ample of a high carbohydrate diet? DEAR READER - The only reason one needs protein as opposed to carbohydrate or fat in the diet is to provide enough of the amino acids in protein to replace lost protein from the body or to build new protein as in new muscle growth. The calorie needs of the body for energy can be supplied by any of these three basic foods. Your question is a bit like asking me if you should burn coal or wood to heat the house. There is no ad- vantage in consuming more protein than is needed for the building processes I men- tioned. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy because the body can process them rapidly and they require less oxygen to enable your cells to release the energy than does either fat or protein. That is because carbohydrates already con- tain some oxygen. Whether you are using car- bohydrates, protein or fat you need to consume enough calories to meet your needs and still leave the protein available for building pur- poses. So, 100 grams of pro- tein a day with adequate total calorie intake from any source is more than adequate for most muscle building programs despite what you may have been told by people interested in selling protein supplements. energy is sugar. All of the sweets are concentrated car- bohydrates obtained from vegetables, fruits and cereals -- corn syrup, beet sugar, honey from flowers' nectar. Starch is also concentrated carbohydrate and is broken down to sugar by the digestive process before it is absorbed. The advantage of the car- bohydrate foods also is that one can increase the calorie intake without increasing the fat and cholesterol consump- tion. Many of the so called high protein foods contain lots of fat and cholesterol. A high percentage of the calories hi a porterhouse steak or many roasts are from fat not pro- tein. ' You should know that an ex- cess of any calories -- above what you need for real muscle growth, maintaining your body and providing energy for your activities -- will be con- verted to fat and cholesterol by your body. Your body can change sugar to cholesterol. A good diet for everyone, in- cluding athletes, will thus avoid obesity while providing the needed energy re- quirements. (Because of the volume of mail Dr. Lamb cannot answer your letters personally but he will answer- representative letters of general interest in his column. Write to him in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY. 10019.) *WAITT|L.YOU56E WHW HefePONEWItH H15 SCRATCHING POST."" FRANK AND ERNEST "What flavor is this, Mommy? Miss Helen said we're to keep our drawings in a vanilla folder." by Bob Thaves SHOCKS §1.98 '£© ©Ofo A TPlCK -- THEY TA|CB Y°UP MONEY AND A BEHIND YOU ScpEflM* 'I PRISCILLA'S POP by Al Vermeer ST. CROIX PROJECT CHRISTIANSTED, Virgin Is- lands (UPD- The Virgin Islands government has ordered an am- bitious beautification project for St. Croix, including building renovations, road improvement lUUUiClllCllkd* i j 1 j . f am sending you The and landscaping. Health Letter number 5-4, The Program wiU include the Weight Training for Energy construction of a shopping mall and Weight Control. It ex- on Strand St. in Christiansted, plains this in more detail for renovation of the old Customs House building and beautifica- tion of the wharf area. In Fredriksted, the planners have ordered landscaping and cleanup projects around the wharf and Fort Frederik, prer SHE LEARNED THAT IF YOU WALK A CERTAIN WAY YOU CAN COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH BOYS/ HER FATHER CORRECTED HER BODY ENGLISH'/ THE BORN LOSER by Art Sontom Most People Can Read Speedier WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. , (DPI) - Most of us can learn to double or even triple our read- ing speed, says a Purdue Univer- sity professor, but the 10,000- words-a-minute speed-reading- school prodigy "is about as rare as a Mozart," he contends. Prof. Merrill- May, director of developmental reading at Pur- due, heads the developmental reading courses offered to stu- dents here. Each semester about 800 students plunge into the one- credit hour course they call "speedy reading," hoping to make next term's assignments more bearable. "Almost anyone can be trained to do better, but most poor readers are that way because they haven't read enough." says May. you. Others who want this in- formation can send 50 cents for it with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are mostly car- bohydrates. For concentrated carbohydrates you want foods devoid of roughage and water. The ultimate on this scale for paration of a recreational;plan: Alexander Hamilton airport. I TOOK HIM P THE ZOO NKIHWL WINTHROP by Dick Cavolli LJH-OH...I SPIL-LEP MVSEEDS. He/, FREP...SWEEP ] THATUI? WILLVOi? / OH, WELL... IT Y/AS WORTH A TRY. RIP KIRBY HERE NOW, PON'T HAVE IT. IN MV JAIL.., SHERIFF, I THINK I'M HAVING ATTACK.' RISHTO, DESMONR READY WHEN 10 ARE. THIS SASE BRUSH SENPARME WON'T LISTEN, BLIMEY. WE'LL HAVE TO USE THE i SINGAPORE STRATEGY. PUNNO' SOME- \THAT'LL BE BODY WIU. HAVE A TOUGH JOB.' -r'GO OUT THERE /V'SOT ANP FINP us _MC IN MINP? A SPOT.' MEAN EVERY-/VEP! \ FOR \LONSENOUSHTO BOPYS SONNA, /-THAT'S \ HOW _ LET THINSS SREEN HAFTA PULL_ ( WHAT I LON6?) UP APOUNP HERE · A, 1YSOSH, HERE ARE ESONNA so? IN THE EXCITEMENT. A MATCH PACK IS STUFFED INTO A CELL LOCK. PLEASE'...MUST we have the television at full volume.? I've -got one of my headaches... YOU STAY HERt, SHUCK, AND TAkE CARE OF MA AND THE TOMS, YOU HEAR ? I GO BY AND SEE TRAIL ?.. I GOT SOMETHIW6 IMPORTANT TO SAY TO HIM.' ;/ SURE JUD/ by Frank Hill ..A COMIC BOOK/ NOW YOU'RE SOINS TO OOAN ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT? THANKS FOR TEACHINS ME PENMANSHIP, BROTHER JOHN.

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