Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1907
Page 5
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TBI lOLA PAII.T ^_ ^ J oofe jbloclo/fittttt J^ikiFrer "I3 |m!a«» of domesdcatiid ' aaiffli^ saccessf ally treated ,cbarges mode^te,|rt>od bpxstallsfor patients Calls answ^ed promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. Honor - Oraduate of Ontario Veter* inary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 If it's Hot Water Bottle Remember we sell the best cjuality at right prices. I'lill liue of rubber good-* at SPENCER'S . -... • >.—.-,>" ' •. ^eeoad Xenber of Stricken FamJlj JSMcambed'to' Fever. The sixteen jear old boy of the nilkes family In Gas City, ilicd lunt niBhi .nftcr a lingorinK illiicsa with ly- phoid fev«r. The deatli of tho Oilkos hny is very pathetic ill view i.f tiie fact that this is the spcoiid dpatli'iii tlie lainily this month and all of tlio family arc now dor.n with the discaso. Miss Blanche one of the daughters, died the 4lh of this month. Tho father at that time was almost at tho point of death and he was not informed of her death until several days laier. The father Is now alile lo >ii iip but is still very sick and a relapse prove fatal. I'o: this ri'asoii tlien- will lie­ eral serviros !n-ld io(i::> l>-,!i ihc body will III' l:ii(l to rest in ih'- I.a llarpe fiui'ti'ry acei)iii|i;in!"d b;. a few irieml.i and iiriglibors riif ' a.'-e of tlie laiuily i.'- very na- •Ii.'iji The death of the dain;liler and iio-.v a son. lias li-it tliv laniiiy wiilioiil ii.oii.j aiii] as all ilie laniily are iin- ab!i- 10 work, then' is no way wh ^Teby i!ie family may s <'(Hre fninls. The Miijzhb.^rs and i>eoii!e of Cia.^ City have shown charily by ftiinishin;; the family wi:|i ilu' luei'ssities of lih^ and lielpluu 10 ;ias for th.' nuieral ex- IMMi.-e-. .Nfltict-. .\il iiii -nil 'i rs <•!' lola 1: |> O Iv .XV I (••|i ;<--ti 'tl li' pr ;ii ai tln' niiililii; toluol lo-.v iii;;!]! .i.-. ih" lril.<- :."s lia\i- ;i I'l'-i-i iMoii lo la> bffori- till' loil'.;i' fill Ml" |iiii. ill •• it a liomc MKIA'IN I'KoNK'. S .'iH 'iiny iM i.(>\vi;i{ lixriJiss itvTKs. T (M». BacUdor Tlieatpr Opens Si:j*iy Bat ludiT >cw >auic. LOSS WAS SI,500,000,MAY NOT BE FORTIFIED , I Dumaue In I'roperly Ii> >e..>h«.(an -Vrmj En!:ine«rs lUchirf Suliii: Ba> Hi" Stninicd liy Lewes. CITY NEWg. I'il-I'al al r .Minlis il: 11;; ~;.iii' Tai;' Yoiiri' 1). S.iliiiilay . II.XKKV KOCH I.av. ii '\l lifv- il;.y with i is family for fliailainioK;!. Teiiii . wiii'ie il'- lakes i-harsf of the oflices of till' I)i.\:e I'ortl.nul ei'ment plant. llis brotlKT. Dr. Koch ha.i' none to .\! 'xauiler. Ka~ . to practieo medic lie. Mrs. Cantrrll. IMionp mi. «71{,\.\T Mill.-r i.nuii.'il y,':.!..r:a> froni a thrci' wroU.,' visit i;i N'cbra's- l,a. Wh:!.- av.iv Mr. V .iW-r al o a(!• inli'il a sciiiMiI of |iriotoma |i !!y lb- left this nuirniiic \it ri!s autoinoliil > for Moran to taUe some farm pic I met; north of thai town. Dr. ReTnoldi*. Plion^ S2«. Re«. «14. r. E. Wanirh, Dentist, rhone iSi Office OTcr Barren's Drag Store, KalTir roni can b.' had boriies mill I'lione 1'.'.''. <'Iai- .SaMirday is Tag l>a>. O-.l T.i.-.'-'il TIllC Hie. eslal.' ol ilic :a!" niod 0;d -Man Kohrbauuh. .if ();tawa. lia- a srea; p.iii< of woiVcs after P. Chiirehes. lu-levo!iiit sue; lii -. hidl- viduals. alle::<'i| r"lativis ami hani; rrs on of al! liiiids are br:ii ;:ili'^ suit to j;ei a pan of the thrifty old man'.s money. In liis last da.vs i.o <'Viden!I> raw wlial wa .s <'oiiilni,'. ami frle.] if> au<!4 the Iroub;... Ipit h ' fti !.•(!, i .llil now tb" poiirt.s will liaM" to sellli- ;l all. lia\iii>:. ji'-riiaps LuUihji; foj till- 111'--: - l .awi. iici' Ca.'-I'i', I'lie KiuiNas Kaih«:i.« ( "mmisxhiiiers I" riil»«- rp Hie (/iieslion >e\t. Top 'l .a. ()c! JI Tie' i -xi'ii coin p..n'i"; all' i;''vl in 'iii.' fir iiiM 'sti'ca tlon of fii -i-.;lil chaii:i'- l>^ tl.c ra.! load coiimr: sloie'i Av MIMH as il'.' «oinmi.;sii )iii 'rs fini.-li I'K' fi.'iL-lit raO' •Miii'iiiibs for til" railroads tli'';. will M-rii Hii'ii .'I' T .Moii 11. ihi' i'\;iri's, r '>tii |iaiili 's. Till" ili .-taiiii' lai ff t'e ;:!! coiiimodilii'^ baiHlb-il b;. t'lo rail riails will b" tiiii.-lic 1 in ai""il two V,I'cKs ami tlii'n a l \"ariii- wiP bo I '-b: for III" railroails to ma;-.i^ wbai sii-^ stioiis llii'v may il ^ir.- a' 0111 rat.'s Tlio boaiil v. Ml tlii'U oiibr ilniii to b' I'll! into I'fb'ct aiul as s'lon as this i- doiii' the imalil w'.l bo i.:'i|y (o in- Indcfensihie. Til" ontire area <iraiii<il by Hi- Neo.'-lio River is '<«'•>" s'lnar" iiiibs. Tin- land-is more or les. roll'.tu aiei th ' rainfall runs off very tpiickly. i.o ^^..^^ ,^.„,j,^. („„,„,.,,„„ ..^vin^; 10 tin when liea-.y rains P.llow -ach other- ^.„^^, ,i ,.f,.,„,. work l.y th. ill (|iiii-K siiee.'s-ion the i lianiiel ol .Manila. Oct. J I.— nei -retui y Taft started for Siibit; bay al 1- o'clock Uis. nii;hl lo inspect the deten.scs a: the naval base there. He re.^ards the The JJachoIor Theatre i."« to open n.'x; Sunday aftenjoon, Init under .x new name, the Sparks theatre. Ted Sparks, who holds the lease on the house, came in yesterday from Kan- fas City, and closed arrangements for the opening. It is his intantion lo put in a fne lino of vaudeville shows for the season. All parts of the house ^re open to a ten cent admission. Mr. Sparks promises to give the community the best possible show for the aioney. His present plans are to ijive an afternoon perforiuanec throe lays ill tlio week. Wednesday. Sat- iirday and Hiinday. Two show.'? will .;iveii .'ach afternoon and eveniuK iid perl.ap.-. three if thn patronage .•.arranis. Several acts performed by 'he menibers of the company which s to open here Sunday afternoon, Mr. Sparks liichly comniL-nds. more particularly a bicycle stunt. Mr. Sparks will bravo this cvenint: for Kansas City. \c^ti.uale lb, express Iii.i". Kansas will • ISl; •[ the 11. -w -.-l-.e 1 .1 :;ii per CI 11 •r ir,:; ri i!.| I I ' • tl fl (iVl fill- iiaiiiliiii;; •-.-l:- rale- ill .111 Illy on a -11 I toll u li.cb \a:( from '• irs'in rail's. \ll Mai-cabi-i mil Sir Kiii.:!:!.- wiv.--; and siste-.-s ar.- imited lo ni'-e- It the K of r ball Saturday ni:;ht flclobei J'^iU. and l-i :iiu- w .-i; fillei! baskets, ami cii.ioy a social e'.cnim.- wi!h ihe Sir Kniuln- I |\K» !> fOI.Ii 1: <<>I IM. Klily (asji and .Minnie ( anipbi-ll CliarL- ed With rnliinfiil I nlialiilatinn. l;i];> Ca.-li aail .'-.iiiiaie c'a:ii ;i!H 'K co!oi.-.| |.ie,.(b(l '.;iii!'\ ;o ilie cliarm if iiiilawfal colia liii.ilina in iioiic i-oir.i >e -;i i li .i-. aiiei :-."-ia .iiei wiT, lincil, Tlei i< :i.r>i- M-. a wat biiu 111.'In loi a !om liaie ami ui-i" iii;ai'i. ;o siilliciei.i ivi'i.-ar.- to w in .iriesl ijiili! r i.'!;. l'..-caii-e till- V, nm.iii .ml In v. .1 (LIMID eicaii'-.; Il.ivi' >o.| b. .14.-d .Saturday 1.- Tai: May -n ta:;- •Ii\ I 'li -l 'at I'.iiri • .MK 1. 1 1.-I ''0-.', i . h ivv»il(.- t'.d.iy on bu.^ill• - r~ ill-'!.; !•: 1- r • illi ' 'il' Moler Barber College. Kansas City Mn. Teachca the trade by free clinic nud careful Instruction? In few wrcks Positions Tualtini; for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. 'he rivi'r is iiie siillicii iii to c-ariy 'lie watef. and il • pna Is OMT itie lioiioiii lands Iroiii inii.- lo Imi,- fe. t i| '.'p. cans n:; i;|eal los of proi" i • a;, ami ilatiia'.;e to llie '.oiin.; r-io|i.: 'Die siirve\s ilial lia'..' Lei 'ii niai!-- b-. Ille ellKilleers from Ibi l' S l )e|i ;Mt iiieiii of tiKrieiiluire show r;a; I'W.'i:' acres of the rleli'-st lam! in Kan.'^.i.- wpi -e overfloweil ill 1:111!. eausiiit; a proiL't'iy ex( liii-.- .'?i..".'iii.'ii"'. \itlioii::li smii a floi.,] ib .... nnl oc -'iir I'-, cry yea!-, ii i--. liable to i -oiiie a' .-lliy time .'Mill (lie I .ilil o-,', ll..|-: sli 'illbl 'ake ste|is lo t;iiaril a ;;aia. I , iii-h a:i icciirreiice. .T. (). Wii-lit. supi-rvi -,ir4 'liaiiiii-r" •icineei- liaviiis cbarce of the itr, -s i^aiion. says that .x' a lo.-s of le;s lian ?l" [ler ac:e on Hie ov.-i flo.-. .'1 Uml. this stream lan be li.ipr.iveii •iinl controlleil so as to pi-'-\.iil tlii overflow-. Til.' river channel has b.-en carefully m asiiied in a nniiibi-r of III.ICS ami its <-arryiiii; <-,ip;icity wb.-i! 'aiiK full found to be I'.ii .iinii c-ii 'iic leet ]ier sei-iii'l. Tile ilisc! ars'' of the river was carefully nieasiiiid in U'lij by the r. S. Weather IPirean .-mil •ilso by til.' szeolofrical survey ami •VMS foiiiiil to discharge .r florid s 'a'-;i- betweell T."i.lHlll and Sn. I cubic feet per .second. Mr Wri^hl litis ineaKiir 'fl the river ;it D SWO.LVI .•mil comimt- 1' the discharge by Kinter's formula iin! liiids the discliarp • lo be approxi •lialely ,>^ll.llllO cubic t 'ei -r ji '-r sei-oild. I:i older tl) take care of this im- •M'l volume of waler the cli;mn<d nils: be iiiinroveil so tis lo (-.irry aO.- 1110 cubic feet |i r secoii'l moi-e than •' does under the present coii.Iitions. 'i; order to do l !;is the channel ninst be mail" larger or the water iiiiisl he i.i .b' to Ilow faster. Ties' (wo ele- iiii 's. the aii-a of liie crc's seciioii t llii- iliaiiii. 1 alnl Ihe vi loe'.lv of the .inpeiiis lo coast di'f.'iir l.ipani-ie siuiaiion. Ill- opetiid tlnr Inivi-isiiy hospital -.e iiiil.iv aiii -rm.on. The secretar,^ lia.-> been i tlilioiled by tin- fliiiinber ol f.iiiiii. I..- to '.viilidi.iw the army ti .iii -iio! ;.. fiiiii lull r-is!,iml service. .Ml.-. Tiiti -.vas a ^nesl ,ii a biid(:i u 1,1.-1 pally I 'siei tl.ij moiliiiif;. The !>'i:il iioli e ,iie making a eriisade a ;;.iii. r ^.'aiiiiilin-.;. .iiid a policeman I ai 1 it 111 iiiiortii Ihe hosi.-ss thai the iaw a;!aiiu .i playiti.i; for or money would be enforced rii.- |iiir[iosc of Secieiary T.ifl's visit Siibi;; b .iy is to endeavor lo recou- i-il" a dilTereiico of opinion between the ariiiy aii.l navy respeclin.i; the con ili '.iiani -e of expenditures on a larKc •call' njoti li|'- fo: I ihcjitions of tli.'il b.-.v S '-\i 'i,i! year - a>;o a naval board de- thai Sabiu bay sliouid 1)P tin: main nav .ii ba.-.' Tile drydock fJewey was located a' <;lan;;i )0. on Ihe bay. iich juiilbiy .1:; w;is availaiile was I, ie.| 111 be |.ii' into plrici'. and the ill. ,1 ot maiiiiaiiiitm f'tivite ;;s the prin- lal uava' siaiion was abandoned. Ke -.Titly. however, the yrmy en--iii '.'crs. after ctireful surveys, have lecjded that Siibi '4 bay is praciically rmlefensible. as at least lOn.OOO sol- licrs ttdiild be required to defend the lace Ironi a land attack. For FxehHn!:e. I.iriiiinj; binds in Panhandle. Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Oas Cilv or l/i llarpe rentals. WI!iT.\KKK K- DONNKI.l.. (has. B. Spencer fontirnis liuarante* on lljromci, Cure lor Cutarrli. w;!li:iu !.. u;a 1 i\ p.i. 1 . •• ii\ 1 im- w oiibl. .! lal,-.' I'l ' r>. 1 :1,ebi I-I H- oiii'. .*|o ami <•'. 1 • 111 w.i- .1'' 1,11. •• ila- 11101:. y .'lid \,.i 1. !• .1-1 i| Tlie rah;.- toll! Ci.-' rlial if le no' li.n e Ii'. .eb-d uai!' . in i\ •uiM lli.iib- 'l;e lii),, lii ^ -. d' .i; 1 . bur ,• be vMi 'ild oa:\ ..I.' a Iri. ihl- liiii.- Iii''y b.-.-.m ilu- . 1 n -.vo; kr.iu f"i- ' -e- cl; a- lie e m,' l-ai^^e tbe le . v .'" •ilii- arid . o ,t.-. b W .1 KV.\.\S Creek. .Mii-hiu .ii; his sis'tr ..ia\ lor i; \ i -•• i';;-l 'at at •11 : ^•niited—Everybody to kn-nv that W. U. KcUcy & Son have mov.'d tiieir .transfer and sioraso nfl.ce :o I'll S<juth Washin;;ton. Office and Pay Phone -C»0. Kcsidcnce and ui::hi Phone 17. .1 I'. Hi'<;iii-:.-:. of loi eiiy toilay v isiilir; io.- ^-r Hnehe.s and 1 i-.-ui-a< :in- .-ka :-i . \l. the luterniiTionnl School of w hicii he tendetit :iii-im-- :''i Cor; irspo!:'!":i'-' .li.-ti: s-ii.i-i;i Uir; I-'or Sale. Licnck. CITY M.\US1I.\I. W T li.ili.ild •! Harpc was in ihe citv this niornin-- stinununinK • wiTiiea .ses in ih.- c:ise oi the city of l .a llarpe vs K O Itmne- wliich wii iii- of this city. Police .Iud'.;e C!evcm:er- c .!ii :i Harpe Krida; morniir.-- Hied 111 III 1-1 C.el TaKg','' Sa'urdiy I Ha For Excliange. KarniinK lands in the Panhandle Texan, for fhrni lands or live stock or for lola, G HB City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKKR & DO.NNELL. WA.NTt:i)—-t'irl for peneral housework, good wages, ''all upon or address Mr«. H. H. Knox, care Kno.v Farm. La Harpe. Kans. -11-11 111, a'-.' 1 lie . riuiii.- lb • '1 1 'i;.-i,' liial 1 1 11' !; llie-i 1 11 I he (loo,I i 'f 111 I 1 I I lllill • I irr 111 are Nliio'li;! •<•: la I two tbiiiK-i that de -haire. and any Im iiiereasi -r; ii|i|i .'r on' laclor-; lend . to' les •i,:;lil . ,1 elb 1 I III • Vebiclty ,-11 ..I I C lie ,,r lie ,1 l-ll,o|,e,| dirari .(• •Il .if Ma ,M -e :im ule-tiie,- Ibe W, I! baiil- •r in liie dian liom r •: r-i-ei-. •I..I ell ai lola I'l the Kan: ris Iiellan lie' ;i:e f;i;l i;. IliJ.", feot ili--.iiii-e by river is I2S..". and le \el..eii. i>r the str.'ani ruiiiiiiiu bank full i- 1* I>"f • -..,iii 'Mrs ;:ives a dis'-liarc; ! iiMb- mule liian :; m i-ubic • .!• sii-oml. If !t wore possible il e t!i" r ver perfectly sira:-l;l b.l.i '.1 tlie s'ate line the ds .-.(-•• -'. riM ill- I'.T .". iiiib--s and tli-' vi ,'iiiv. liii"- lo i:ie raiiihtenitr.; of t!i -ireaiii W'liii'l be iiicretised to .1 lit rt,, .,- lii.iiiiii cubic feet P'-t seconil 1; tai- v. nil provide for only half lie w.ii.'i to be c.;rri.-'d at a flood -i;-::.' \\t .1' is t.i be liolie with tl» -iiilli:-'.' Ti e|-,. are still liiniin cubic ,-•1 per s.corid to be p:o\ (led for !:i Older to ta-.e car • of this llie clian t'-l ii.ii-t le- made larger. Tiiis c;in •- Jotie ill eith'-r of two v.-iys: P\ aaHvin:; il wider and d'-epi-r. or by ••Uiciiii: !. vees on the banks. To iii-as.- the width fif the nrevent crliar. I-"! to pro\ide for thi'additional P>. mil) cubic feet per seron.l w'liild cost $ I.',<'.' p.'r mile, which :s [.roh'-hl jtive an.I iie.-d not be cia.-idered I I,.-vi'es <iii .-.acli siile pai-;i|b-l with the I -lieam ami '.<'•" fe'-t njiarl of jirop'.r ' In-lcr t and <-|-i )ss section can be hiiill Bejs' Ih'rroals. drex>y iiiid >»jlNh r „r iibnut JiiTun per mile, which will in all till- ciirrerl colors. Aiifs :i to ll> ,,,|.v,. fi,o same purpose. If properly located, built in llie r'cht manner and of snUle'ent dimension, will not Cost more thiip $f per aere o|i the overflowed hind S.WS IT IS FACT. 'J'he ipication liavinf; Leon raised as to- whether or no Clias. li. Spencer will refund the money If a Ilyomei outfit does not do all that is claimed for it in curing catarrh, he wants to si ille positively that this suiirantee is an absolutf! fact. .\ KMiiriinloe like this is the best proof thtit can be offered Jis to the c'iniiiVL' powers of Ilyomei In all catarrhal troubles. You do not risk a •ent In testing Us hoalin;; virtues, hi- KiKi 's ii ;i till! risk, i If you have ctitarrh. try this won ilerfiil metlicated air of Ilyomei. Ii lilies no! druK or dcran»;e the stomach Hit i; bieafhed thi-oii;;h ;i neat pockef iih.-iler that conies with every oiitlii '1 Ilia! il..; nierlicalion reaches the tiiosi riiiiote air cells in the iiosi iliroal iiii 'i liin ".;s. where any (atarrhal !-'ernis may be lurkins. P nuickly de- sMoy:; them, hetiis and soothe.- the ir- riiiiled mucous niembrtiue and vital- i/.es the tissue:^ yo I hilt cai.nrrh is nn 'onui'i- pns.sildi'. Von tan lose noth- iiiu- by ;:iviii;r Hyomei a trial, iioihimr but. the eiiarrh and Miat i.; i;ood rid- latie-. The price of the compieie outfit is liiit SI II): nothing if it f.ills to cure Got an outfit from Clias. P.._ Spencer od .-iy and becin its at once. W. U. W. t>FFinAI, HFHK. .1. >V. Kaiser, of rherrvvale. In loin on Business. .f. W Kaiser, head of the W. O W. ot'b'r in Katisas. <ranie up from Cherryvale la ^t ni.i ;ht and siient all tin i !ioHi :ni; in lola. -Mr. Kaiser came .lere for th • purpose of Retting fh< W. O. W. band to KO do-An to tfio liiK iiffair at Chorryvale. The lola W. O. W. team of 17 men left thi-^ nioriiinij on the eari.v train to attenil 'he affair. Mr. Kaiser. \V. T. Steele and il hii.'ich of Woodmen went dow); or, lb • afternfM >n train with Soveri?n Coinmandor Itoot. of Omaha. N'ehr. )«iir>. I'rici'H #•.'^1 til >!'T..V) CAe Barclay,Shields Clothing Cor THE 8T0BE THAT SATISHES. Mond^-. Octotier 28. <^be Girl of theStreeta.** -Tuesday, _Octobcr 29. Tbe DevU's AicUon. Saturday, November 3. "Sweetest Girl In Dixie." FU(M) III.MAN ShFLFTON. liiiiil Enciiieerintr rompany Makes (•niesoine Dlsroverj nl (Jianute. ' (Chaniite Tribune. I WJiile excavatiiiK al the Hill cement phint north of the city today. woikiiK 'n for the Hunt Knijineerin;; company, came acro.-s a human skef- elnu. It was about four and one-half feet louK. and was about oiKhteen Itches below the surface of the i;roim(l. bcins in a bed f >f srravel. The skeleton was :ii a poor state of Iireservation. but considerable of il was Kather.'d together. The skull ;ind a shin hone were tho largest pieces foun'l. Tho teeth were better I):eserved than the bon?s. .VmoiiK the boms was found a knife, its bliide eati'ii with rest. The jind was iiiarle while the men were dtc- %\WA a trench in wliich a ceni -nl foiin- ''ation is to bo laid. It is presunn^d that the body ha.s been in the ground for a lon;i lime, judging from the advanced s'.atf; of decay shown by the condition of the bones. California Blue Plums NEW CONSIGNMENT The EST TOV£S s ^H£ ICGCiT TOCK s TB HANNON'S ELDEK BFR>ARD KELLY ( OHIXJ. Mill Conduct Qnarterly .Meetinir at M. E. Cliurrli. .N'c.xt Snndiiy will be (inarlerly meeting iit the .Methodist P^piscopal rhurch. Eldor Bernard Kelley of this district will bo in the city and preach Sunday evening. On Monday morning the quarterly services w;I! he held. Rev. Mason said this mornini; that Killer Kelley probably would re main over Monday niKlit and preach In the church that evening. S To Be Sure Call on L.EFFL.ER When ncefliug auything iu tiie Jtnvelry line. WESTERN IMO.N BISY. M. C. (M 'rhnrl Will Assist at Local Telpprupll Ol'liee. The preliminary heariir: of .Sam Whitlow has made liti.i-iiiess pi'-k up for llie Western Union •Telegraph <'(>. o such an extent tluit the compativ i;i.^ been forced to rreiid M. C. <;er u'irt. of Ihe Wichita. Kas.. force to Ida this tteel; to a.ssisr .Mrs. Kciley hati'Ilinc the biisine:-s Tho Kansas (."ity paper.=: as well ,t; other papers all over th;- country are havin:: tejiorts sent them of the trial. R. S. GILFILLAM, General Coiitr»et«r. Flagatone and Cement SIdewalka ani Curbing a Specialty. UIHce llA East Jackson Avn. Phone Iti. Sonif ALLEYS >0T KEPT (LEAX. B P ..Xade Arrests ...Uay Soon. THK 101..\ teachers left on th .s afternoons Isan'a Fe train for TopeUa. Katisas. where they -svill i -pend Tberp promt3e?to he r-ome arresta made in the very near future unless some of the citizens stop throwing trash and refii .se inthe allej-H of the town. Tlie health Ixiard has just . abo'it roiiched the limit of its endur- and iinlet.s the practice is stop- ''"|;,n ay tomorrow getting idc-is from thelj,^,, „^^]j. Topel.a teachers. The schools w^ro j ^^^.^ happens that the bus- .i!sm-s.sed at noor. totiay in order TO .^.^^ ^..^^^ citizens eive ,;,c te.ichers time to c.-itch the , ^, to,.pep imwii el.'aii, are the worst. offenders. The r!!:fy°i in some iilaces Ground the sqii.ire are filthy. For be!it and Qairkest Rcsnlts aw the Register Want Colnras. Libbey's Cut Glass lUl.A BAMI TO PLAY TOMJJHT, Loral «»ruiniij!nllou Will Help Camital Baud -Make Jfuslr. The memf'ers of Robert .s' band un- iler w hose auspices the carnival Is be- in;: •-•Iven here, will give a concert on Uii- carnival cronnds 'totduht tit seven thirty It I H hoped that a large crowd will firn out to hear the home liovs .1. V. Ttinner. Ileen^ed rnirHimppf •"•« nale crier, .'.0.1 Nortb McBca. Gas City. Ki .irlKter Want Ada.. Ic a Vtord. Register Want Ada Bring Besnlts. •This store has for many years been noted for its superb collection of cnt glass. This seasoiv'Rre have added to the attraction of our Cut Glass by largely increasing the number of pattern's. Libbey's Cut represents the highest pinnacle of glass-craft art. •'. • -^fP^ ' — -------

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