The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 27, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1964
Page 5
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Friday, November 27, 1964 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE-5 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 itMrtion 4c per word 2 insertions 7c por word 3 >m*rtions 9c ptr word 4 insertions . 11c par word 5 insertions —_ 13c per word 6 insertions 14c per word Minimum/rate — $1.00 Charges are at a reduced osh rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the First issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can bo made tfter the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMOR1AM — Me p*r Nne. CARD OF THANKS — $105 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, except Saturday—call before 9:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. Inch 90c 1 .inch per mo. daily — $18.00 Each additional inch - $11X1 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—New split level at 320 Armstrong. Will take older home on trade. Phone OS 52652 C-tf SMILEY POLE ' BUILDINGS— Designed to fulfill your needs Built by factory crews, of construction grade materiaL Write or phone Smiley Lumber Co., Denver, Indiana C-49 FOR SALE—Double with 2 six room apartments. Located Vh blocks from business district. Owner's side available about January 10th. <Jas heat. Excellent kitchen. Contact Eugene Rite, 115 N. Main, OS 57417. C-48 FOR SALE—7 rooms on one floor. Gas HW heat. Many features. Possession within 3 weeks. Excellent condition. Low taxes and heating costs. Contact Eugene Ritz, Realtor, 015 N. Main Street,, OS 5-7417. C-48 FOR SALE FOR SALE—John Deere mounted corn sheller. Excellent condition. Phone Sheridan PL 8-5820. C-47 COR SALE^-Splnel organ, ex- eelient condition. Reasonable. OS 5-6263. C-tf FOR SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron! A; J. Bute. Phone OS 5-2646. C-tf MUSIC IN YOUR HOME. Pianos — organs. Rental plans - available. OS 5-6558. P-tf SINGER ZIG-ZAG 37.43 FULL BALANCE Assume six payments of $6.24 monthly. A-l condition with warranty. Complete with walnut cabinet. Makes buttonholes, sews on buttons, monograms, appliques, makes fancy designs and other fancy stitches. Call OS 5-2135. C-tf FOR SALE—Used washers and dryers. Wiseman Sales and Service, 108 Dearborn. C-47 For-Your 'Car Needs See < r THE EMBLEM OF QUALITY. ™ , is* s. y /tst sr. Phone OS 54941 Tipton FOR SALE—New 1965 GMC pick-up, 5 tires, 8 foot body wide side, 127 inch W/B,. 6 cyl, oil filter, air cleaner, fuel filter, air flow heater and defroster. $1,795. Service Motor Company, Inc., 123 S. Independence, Tipton. '• C-tf FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROG-MARTM A TJ T O SALES, 701 W. Jefferson St FOR SALE—Nice dean '60 . Chevy. Floyd and Jim's U.C.S. 333 Sweetland Ave., P-49 SERVICES SEPTIC TANKS.. toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains, cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf ARE YOU SICK of hot promises and cold services. Weathertite storm windows and doors make warm friends. Join-our friendly circle—Samples—References—Demonstrations on request. Discount on quantities. Carnahan Painting and Betterment. P.S. We also have open schedule for interior painting — residential — industrial. — at winter prices. LY 5-4389. P-50 FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125. .. C4* CAKES "and cater ing by Estelee Clark. Cakes for weddings, showers, 'birthdays. Arcadia YU 4-4972. P-49 ONE of the finer things of life Blue Lustre carpet and upholstery cleaner. Rent electric shampooer $1.00. Carney's Drug Store. C-48 WANTED — (Furniture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence PicteeB. OS 5-43S8. C-tf FOR SALE—Used,heat houser W.D. 45 AHis Chalmers, $8.00 OS" 5-4049. P-tf •FOR SALE—Meat rabbits. Pho. 963-2456. C-52 FOR SALE — Duo-Therm oil stove. Phone 963-2456. C-52 FOR SALE—Sleigh, extra good. Also fringed top surrey. Nile Todd, 4 miles South of Frankton. Phone 3678. P-48 FOR SALE—Wool rug, 14 x 15. ' Hot Point electric range, good condition. Mrs. John Coverdale. Phone OS 54108. C-48 XMAS TREES—Get your tree early this year! Our own Scotch Pines. At Harold and Bemiece Lee's, Vi mi West of Road 31 on Road 28, South side. Phone 963-5335. C-tf LIVESTOCK Gilts all sold. We have extra good S.P.'F. Hampshire boars. Bill Findling. Phone LY 5-3575. IFOR SALE—30 shoats, 1 mile West, 3 miles South. Paul Hopkins. . » . ;•• C-49 FOR SALE—50 shoats, Yorkshire. Price $750.00. Phone 10 on 110, Atlanta. P-49 FOR £ WE—21 Shoats 50 to «0 lbs. Vaccinated and castrated. Ford Bess, Ekin Indiana. C-52 24 TOWING HR. SERVICE CALL BARNEY GOODNIGHT DAY: OS 5-4549 NITE: OS 5-616* SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. GM( GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION' FROM VW TO •» TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. MALE HELP WANTED HELP WANTED — Routeman. Wholesale food route. Age;40 to 50.-Indiana Food Service, Windfall, LY,5-3545. P-47 WANTED TO BUY WANTED rTO BUY—3 bedroom modern home. A-l shape. Not • more than 5 blocks from town, preferably North west. Write Box E, Tipton Tribune. P^7 WANTED — Corn-picking and shelling-with Gleanor Com­ bine.Omer Brown. Phone Atlanta 2 on 2T .. P— FOR RENT FOR RENT—4- room - modern house in - Sharpsville. Velma Hudson; 963-5915. C-50 FOR RENT—2 bedroom apartment. 23816 South Main. New remodeled'•. and: redecorated. Heat, water and sewage fpr- ,/nished.jPiione OS 5-6812. C-tf FOR RENT OR SALE-3 bedroom bungalow. AH modej-n, gas heat. Columbia Avenue. OS 5-2766; P-47 IFOR RENT—5 - room modern . apartment, hot. water .heat, garage is Arcadia. YU 4-3$25 . ' : c-47 IFOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, 460 North West. OS £4544. C-49 FOR RENT—Nice unfurnished upstairs apartment, dose in, gas heat. Phone OS 5-2916. C-tf IFOR RENT—5 room semi-modern home in country. OS 56827. P-45 FOR RENT-^New brick 3 bedroom home. Highway 31. PL 8-4440. C-47 YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Rjddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT—Hoover Rug shampooer polisher. Safe, easy to 'use. Professional results. $1.00 per day. Compton and Son. Across from Postoffice. C-49 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF COMMISSIOXEBS" CLAIMS The following payroll claims will be considered by the Tipton County Commissioners at a special 'meeting December 1, 1964, 9:00 a.m. Bernard Smith, Hghwy Supt $350.00 Edith Johnson, Hghwy Seer 250.00 Lester Amsbury, Hghwy Lbr 273.60 Kalph Bogue, Same 110.40 Andrew Bushman, Same .. 270.40 Wilbur Collins, Same 275.20 Wilbur Fishback, Same 259.20 Meredith Grimme, Same .. 335.40 Ralph Gross, Same 26S.S0 P. C. Hussey, Same 220.40 Jack Lee, Same 275.20 Harry Quear, Same '. 272.00 Audra Richey, Same 273.60 Lawrence Shook, Same 268.S0 Basil Shupperd, Same 273.60 Byron Sinclair, Same 277.60 James Slaton. Same 272.00 Fay Smith, Same 259.20 Everett Stout, Same 273.60 Jerry Wood, Same 233.60 Homer Yeary, Same 272.S0 Maurice Telle, Same 209.60 Garry Bogue, Hghwy Ext Lbr 26S.00 Ross HuKord. CI 458.33 Marcia Thompson, Dep CI .. 275.00 Dorothy Leavell, CI CI ... 250.00 Edythe Cochran, CI Ext Lbr 216.00 Margaret Regnier, Same .. 99.00 Orville Click, Aud 458.33 Mary Kemper, Dep Aud .. 275.00 Martha Purvis, Aud CI 250.00 Paul Jones, Treas . 458.33 TVaneta Devault, Dep Treas 275.00 Jean "Bronaon, Treas Ext . * Lbr 119.00 Evelyn Cage. Same 102.00 Virginia Hoover, Same 93:50 Nina Aldridge, Rec 416.66 Clotelle Shirley, Dep Rec .. 275.00 Verle Grimme, Sher 458.33 Robert McFarland, Dep Slier 370.00 Lowell Kinder, Same 199.44 Everett Graham, Same 99.72 Phyllis Grimme, Jail Mat . 100.00 Emma Thurston, Jail Ext Lbr 100.00 Max Bowlby, Surv 458.33 Iwan Lane, Surv Help 275.00 Clyde Burris, Same 250 00 Myron Bowlby, Same 232.00 "IV.-M. Clary, Apr Agt . 200.00 Ruth Wimer, Dem Agt .... 158.00 Nancy Cole, Ag Sec 275.00 Patricia Schmidt, Ag Ext Lbr . .. S2.50 M. B. Gossara, Co. Health . Off H ,100.00. Virginia Renic, Same Seer' '25.00 Philip Nichols, Co Cor 83.33 J. Carl Graf, Assr 416.66 Ruth Maines, Dep Assr 250.00 Oliver Wheatley, Judge 200.00 Laura Law. Ct Rep 350.00 Velma Strong, Ct Bit 170.00 McAdoo Clouser, Prob Off 333.33 Fred Temple, Crthse Cust . 300.00 Lola Webb, Same 100.00 Lester Dodd, Inf Supt 150.00 Olive Dodd, Inf Mat 100.00 Hester Roler; Inf Help ... 100.00 Anna Hughes, Same 100.00 Blanche Cook. Same 70.00 Mark Lewis, Same 50.00 Robert Stoops, Co Comm .. 191.66 Neal Johnson, Same 191.66 George Hartley, Same 191.66 Horace Holmes, Co Alt 112.50 Koral Dark, Vet Off .. . 260.00 Mildred Brunk, Same Seer 90.00 Maude Welsh. Co Nurse .. 286.66 Tressa Coy, Nurse CI 83.33 Ralph Wilburn, Plan Comm 250.00 Mildred Brunk, Same Seer 100.00 Joe Watson, PI Comm Legal 300.00 Robert Heron, Civ Def 250.00 Sedora Clark, Wei Dir 410.00 Mona Haskett. Wei Vis . .-> 307.50 Carolvn Perry, Same 307.50 Marjorie Kunkle, Same ... 250.00 Evelyn Bolinger, Same .. 250.00 Stanley Herbert, Wei Legal 50.00 Respectfully submitted :. ORVILLE T. CLICK Auditor, Tipton County IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of my son Second Lieutenant Maurice I.. Crouch who lost his life off the coast of Leyte on November 27, 1944. • r Gone but riot forgotten. Sadly missed by Mom, brothers and sisters. Advertise In the Tribune RELIGION IN AMERICA By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International Sunday morning, in thousands of U.S. Catholic parishes, the priest will proclaim in clear,' audible English: "The Lord be with you." That is the great refrain of the Mass. For nearly 2,000 years, it has been said in Latin, "Dominus vobiscum." The change from Latin to the language of the people is one of the far-reaching liturgical reforms authorized by the Vatican Ecumenical Council last year. The council decree left it tip to each national hierarchy to decide when the new "vernacular mass" would take effect. 'U.S. Catholic bishops chose Nov. 29—the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new church year. Latin will continue) to be used for some parts of the Mass, notably the prayers which, the priest says silently at the altar during the preparation and consecration of - the bread and wine. But English will henceforth be lawful for all parts of the service which are intended for the instruction of the people, or in which the congregation is expected to participate. These include the scripture readings, the Creed, the Lord's 'Prayer, and the ancient hymn of praise known as-the Gloria, which begins, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, .peace to men of good will." Other Innovations The use of English is only one of several innovations in Catholic worship which will delight some worshippers and disturb others. The liturgical reform decree also stipulates that a sermon should be preached at every Sunday Mass. It recommends the re - arrangement of altars wherever feasible so that the priest stands facing the congregation instead of with his back to them. And it strongly encous- •ages congregational hymn singing at appropriate points in the service, including the time when the priest is saying silent prayers at the foot of the altar. Besides getting used to English an learning to sing hymns, the man in the- pew also has to learn a whole new set of postures. In the past, he could remain kneeling throughout a low mass, except during . the reading of s the Gospel, when everyone was expected to stand. ' The new rules provide for much more standing—for example, during the entrance rite, during the recitation of the Creed, and for the saying of the Lord's Prayer. On the other hand, they- also allow the congregation to sit occasionally—: during the reading of the Epistle, the offertory prayers and, of course, during the sermon. Become More Active All of the liturgical reforms have one- great purpose: to make worship more meaningful by involving the laity as activei participants rather than silent; spectators. | The new form of service will make heavy demands on priests. When they were using; a strange tongue, they could' mutter and slur words, or de-: liver prayers in a monotonous; sing-song tone, without too! OPEN HOUSE DOOR PRIZE "HUSH PUPPIE" GIFT CERTIFICATE Worth $1.00 On Any Purchase 'Till Christmas, I*** I Shoes SHOP TIPTON FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS MONDAY 30th NOVEMBER DOOR PRIZE 1 canned 5 lb. HAM Tipton Meat Market Fully Cooked NATIONAL WINDOW By. LYLE WILSON United Press International. ,The Rev. Martin Luther King's disputed .telegram of protest to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover appears to be based on error and misunderstanding. Moreover, the misunderstanding apparently is widespread among Negroes. Neither Dr. King nor the minority group for which he speaks seems to understand the functions of the FBI and the severe limitations imposed. Misunderstood are the facts that the FBI is not a national police hepartment, that it has no function to protect the person of anyone, white or black, that it has no authority to b- tain presdution of an offender much protest from the faithful. But U.S. bishops have issued a warning to all priests that "when the vernacular is used, there is the greatest possibility of scandal." Prists have been admonished to avoid "monotonous patterns of speech," and to say all prayers in a careful and measured tone which will "convoy that he sincerely means what he" says." \ In keeping with the general trend toward a more -Important role for the laity, the new rules jjermit—in fact encourage—the use of laymen as "lectors" to read the Epistle portion of the scripture lessons. Giving New Instructions Many parishes have been preparing for the change-over in recent weeks by giving instructions on the English prayers and responses to be recited and the hymns to be sung by the people. But the transition will still be traumatic for many devout Catholics who have spent a lifetime getting accustomed to the old kind of Mass. They may find a temporary respite by seeking out and attending high masses. A high mass is sung, rather than spoken like a low mass. And there has not yet been time to prepare* arid approve new musical settings for the English text. So, for perhaps some years, (Continued on page 6) and that' there are areas and large ones in. which the FBI has no jurisdiction whatever. King's telegram, was sent io Hoover after the FBI director had called King the most notorious liar in the country.' The telegram denied that King had saih that alleged FBI infec- fectiveness in Albany, Ga., was due merely to the presence of Southerners among the agents. Four Northeners The FBI noted on receipt of the telegram that four of five agents then in Albany were from the North. The record will show that in November, 1962, Dr. King discussed racial disturbances in Albany, Ga. He was widely quoted then in the press (possibly misquoted, of course) as stating that one' of the greatest problems regarding the FBI in he South was that the agents wtre while Southerners who had been influenced by the mores or customs of the com-, xnunity. They complained that not a single arrest was made in Albany, Ga., during the period of brutalities toward Negroes. The record will show that the FBI and the Justice Department received during the Albany troubles numerous complaints of violations of Negro civil rights. The record further shows that these were investigated and that the Justiie Department was advised in all instances of complaints and investigative results. The record further shows that the Justice Department did not prosecute in any of these cases. t Deputy Marshal Acquitted There werje prosecutions of white persons in the Albany area. A Sasser, Ga., \deputy marshal was arresteu on charges of intimidating voter registration workers. FBI investigation enabled indictment of the deputy marshal. He was acquitted Jan. 25, 1963, by a U.S. District Court jury. FBI • agents arrested four white men Sept. 17, 1962, in the vicinity of a burned Negro church near Dawson, Ga., about 30 miles from Albany. There had been no violation of federal law. The FBI, however, obtained confessions which were made available to local authorities. Three adults- each were sentenced to seven years imprisonment. A juvenile was released on probation. A rmarkable r statement in LOCAL MERCHANTS HAVE YOUR NEEDS OPEN HOUSE DOOR PRIZES MONDAY Evening, November 30 2 T-BONE DINNERS Stop in for a bite to eat Bowl-o-Drome Dr. King's telegram was that he had been unable to find any record of an FBI request to meet with him to discuss various problems. Dr. King said he always had made himself available to Atlanta FBI agents. The record will show a pattern of frustration in FBI efforts to meet with Dr. King.' More often than not, Dr. King wos too busy, away from his office or about to leave it when the FBI sought an addience with the Negro leader. Overriding all other aspects of Dr.. King's various charges against the FBI is the misunderstanding about function. The FBI has no power to offer protection, to anyone at any place at any time. GOT TERMITES? RATS — MICE — ROACHES GET FREE INSPECTION GUARANTEED PROTECTION The Modern Afoh Way HI A. B. COCHRAN AND SON, INC., Tipton Telephone Today! Phone OS 5-2304 CHRISTMAS SHOP IN TIPTON OPEN HOUSE DOOR PRIZE GIVEN MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 30 16 Years OR Older—Do Not Need To Be Present, to Win- No Purchase Necessary $ 17 95 Air Guide Barometer £la,rl (j, $Iiode6, jeweler PUBLIC SALE As I, the undersigned, am quitting farming, will sell at the farm located 1 mile west then 2 miles south of Arcadia or first crossroads west then north to end of road then V* mile west of Cicero, Indiana on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 # 1964 AT 12:30 P.M. TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT: International 450 tractor in excellent repair; all reconditioned M tractor in good shape; 4 bottom 14 inch International, plow with breakback beams and hydraulic control, all like new; good 4 row International cultivators; 3. bottom 14 inch International plow on rubber; 2 bottom 16 inch International high lift plow. COMBINE: Massey-Harris No. 82 combine all in A-l condition. IMPLEMENTS: 494 A John Deer planter all complete with weed and insect control attachments, used 1 season; John Deere 4 row portable hoe; 7 foot International mower; Kewana model 500-46 foot elevator with motor used part of 1 year; 11 foot 4 inch Kewana wheel disc; 10 foot Kewana wheel disc; 2 row International 2 M.H. mounted corn picker and M & W Super snoot attachment; Bolinger portable sprayer; New Idea heavy duty power take off manure spreader; S./W. 72 Side Winder rotary cutter; New idea side" delivery rake on rubber; 3 bottom 14 inch Oliver breaking plow; 13 hoe Van Brundt grain drill on rubber; 2 row International cultivators; International manure scoop; barrel rack to fit M. tractor; overhead gas tank and 2 extra good heavy duty David Bradley wagons with good beds and hoists. HAY: 1,000 bales more or less of good alfalfa hay. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: There is no junk in this sale so please bs prompt. TERMS: CASH Not responsible for accident. EVERETT CARLILE: Owner EDDIE NASH, Auctioneer, Windfall, phone LY 5-3503 O. B. SWINFORD, Auctioneer, Elwood, phone FE 2-6089 VERL MYERS, Clerk, Greentown, phone MA 8-7844. m WEEK-END SPECIALS AT CARTER'S FRIDAY and SATURDAY Carter's Finest Homogenized MILK Half Gallons White Satin SUGAR lb. 88 Center £L €%t cuts ib. o y Stark & Wetzel 3 lib $100 Roll J Carters Super Market

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