The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, J'lLY 25, 19-10 Many Jews Move Nearer Palestine Underground Aids Movement in U. S. Occupied Areas. l',V LYLE C. WH.SON United Vress Staff Correspondent VIENNA, Austria—The Jewish underground railway through Austria Ls helping to build up the cx- iJosive force of tlie refugee problem in European arens occupied no\v by American troops. The underground aids Jews Irom eastern Europ c to reach Austria and to move westward to the American Zone of Germany. It functions smoothly nnd with the Informal of the United Stales Army. Jf Jews persecuted by *hc Nnzis and Jews fleeing Soviet Russia continue to stream into American areas, means mils', be found lor them lo move on (o Palestine, or somewhere. Otherwise there eventually will be trouble for the Jews and for us. The railway is so well organized that Jews in Vienna can telephone Jews in Budapest, Hungary, nnu learn how many of their refugees are likely to arrive next week, or, even .next nvnth. Tills flight of Jews from eastern Europe, through Austria to the American zone in Germany is being informally regularized. As they arrive in Vienna from Budapest they receive railway tickets purchased with privately raised funds. Proceeding to western Austria, which is occupied Uy the United States Army, the Jews stand by until there is room for them in the American Zone in Oermnny commanded uy Gen. Joseph T. Mc- Narncy. Then the Jews move on. Clark Sanctions Movement Gen. Mark Clark is the American commanding general in Austria. lie nnd his officers know nil nEjonl Hie underground railway operation. It is United SL'Ucs policy to aid the persecuted Jews. Although other displace tl persons will be turned back nt tlie frontiers of the United States zones in Germany or Austria, tils gates are up lor tlie Jews to come in. It is the underground railroad Jews who create problems In Austria. The Jewish underground railroad and the United States Army (ipparcntly cooperate to solve the problem by passing the Jew s on 1 to McNarney in Germany. There they settle down to awnit llie opening of Palestine. If it does not open soon there will be trouble with or about the Jews In Germany. Tlie Austrian ration fed to the Jews is 2,000 calories supplemented by other assistance. Austrians arc getting only 1,200 calories a day But the fleeing Jew is protected against the fluctuations of food which have forced the Austrian— and German—daily ration to wel kclo* minimum health levels. Accused Tuberculosis Control Work Calls for Bi-Monthly Clinics Gcorfje White, producer of the fa- nous Scnnclals, telephones his secretary from San Diego. Cullf., where he is being held In connection with n lilt-run diving accident. A 42-year-old man nnd his 18-year-old woman companion were killed in the accident. (NEA Telephoto.) X-ray clinics In the luljcrciiliv control program will I): 1 held In Mississippi ccunty every Iw* months heuinnlni; this Fall. Mrs. C. O. Redman, executive secretary , the County Tuberculosis Association, snld today. In co-orilinntlon with the pi'o- crnm, the Association voted to purchase for both county licallli units the new typo lilc.s ni'fessury lot 1 ft prrmnncnt filing system at a meeting Tuesday afternoon :it the court, house. The files will with the mobile county by llic Health nnd are X-riiy clinic division trol program. 1 Educational materials avallnnte to County public Kchiml.s are being requested by teachers in law ! qnantillc.s, nssDclalloii members 1 were told. These materials, pui chased with the Christmas fiiT.I funds, arc free to the schral.s I Mrs. Redman wns selected by vote 'to ntleud Ihc Southern Nntloiiiil jTnlwrculo.sis Conference in Jiick- Isonvllle. Pla.. to be held the !\vcek of October. Association members also dls' cussed the business letters from (lie state officers and the form letter beln Kiimtlccl' to each itortor iu lh(> county, planned by the iiresi- llon with the nev,' plan of inecllnt! every three montlis Instead of two. mi ftenalorti. If a uiAjurtty of tlurft voting ttiiTi-on, m MJCN 1,1. . nituj't Htlch ailK-ii'lniL-nt, Inu hnll likicuma n |iarl ot tKu Cuii- ji ul Iho Htatvi* of Arkaiiaa4. SECTION I. TPml ut [tie C'uiiKlltntTon ,rlal.»«» bi, smuiuU'J Aiiii-nilmciil No. or [lie Ht*to ul lu rt'aij us fol- Fedcral Works Ascncy. Public nulldiiifjs Administration, Office of the Division Kiiylnccr, 550 Post Of- Ilce Hnildiny, Dallas 1, Texas, July 10, ' 'rl,i? county courts oT Iho Htnte it, Ki'ir rrhjrt'cctVQ cuuntit^ tciK^^^r Vllti innjiirliy ill UK. Jii*ll.:i'» o( tlio iii'mo t MM|I fount)-. Ir tiililltiim to tiia l,-\in!. hluill have llie |II>WIT ly \f,vr unl iKCOrilinK It'll mills on 4!]O JulJnl is ihi- ciiiinly ronil liix, nml whi-n ,:<illi>i1i il ulinl] Im UKOI] in Itio ri-^|ii'u- nvi- t-niiiitii-H for thu |iijrj>u(,u of in,m- 1U10. Sea'lcd bids, 'in triplicate'.IJ,'*, °" <1 ,,, r , l li',;' ir r"s 1 i-'.1'.'-' ; .ou",'lk", .""II will be received at this ofllce imUlli,, r '„,, ottu-r ]iii>iio«-. an,I »i,«ii ' ,','j '.>. \>.m., AlllillSt 9, 1910 and then pul>-'<•< "'""I ngliiR lo six the number reported .since July 1. The latest, victims arc Carolyn Kniijit, (lircu-yrnVold daii^hlfr of Mr. and Mrs. I laden Knight, and Charlotte Dryer, thrrc-year- old daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Aidwin Uryer. Tlie Knight child was taken to University Hospital in Little Hock. Two of tlie previously-reported victims have died. be in connedf'X units wilt to (i.o Slate Hoard or essential in the of the con- Hcly openetl. for furnishing the materials, ami performing the worl: for Inlcrlor nnd exterior painting, clc.. :it the U. H. I 1 . O., Osccola, Arkansas. In strict nccardnncc wirh Ihc tipccillciUUms dated PB-DIV-I), May 9, I'JKi. und drawings (If any) ' mentioned therein: and the general' cuiKlillons clntcd Sejil. 15, 19^ aivl addendum llK-relo dated May 15. 1'JM. Siiceincalions and other data may lie luul ill Ihc office at the CUB- lochiin of the ljulldiiii; or the or lice of tile division engineer. Irving D Porter, Division Engineer. 'I'lia'litir linn- s In UnfU-il Htulra nM« Jiroperly lii«, ut.itli thiill ,,o I'""! if a ji.rit'y .!,.,! u[ .ml, fiMlll i-.l piiililic runil lux •Ifi-tirtii for Klato ant] ; fiucli levy currein-y • |.r, ut I'llnl KIB|I> on nl 101', Clark estimated thru upwards ot 100,000 Jews in Poland are likely to come through Austria seeking Palestine. There were 031 ol them In (he largest group. These people wane to be on the grluiid when the 100.000 are selected to go lo Palestine." fJlark explained. dent of the Medium Society. Health Unit and Mrs. Hcdmnn. The proposed constitution [or the Association WHS adopted nnd plaas for a more efficient working organization discussed. Dulles o fcach officer or I lie board were outlined and dlscussfd after the present officers unreal to serve for the coining year. Mrs. Roland Green, president, adjourned Ihc session \ v ilh announcement, [lint the next meeting woul<l tje In October, in conjinu:- Power Company Seeks Lines in Crittenden LITTLE ROCK. July 2. r >. (UP) — The Arkansas Power and Licht Co., Lodny asked tlie Public Service Jommlssion for permission to onild iO miles of electric lines In Crlt- endcn county. The proposed line would serve JOII customers nnd would cost an estimated $58,5041 II is a part 01 the company's rural expansion program. Baby Chicks, All Summer Heavy breeds, 3 to 30 days old. Prices reasonable. Good supply feeds and poultry supplies. North 4th at Elevator Feed Store. ff Sl/Ff[it raOPOSED CONSTITUTION All AMUNDMKKT NO. 38 .SUBMITTI!!} KY FIFTY -VlFl'H OKNKIIAL ASSEMBLE HI; IT UI:SOI,VKI) HY TMI<; KKNATK AMI HOIT.SK OH KLl'IIKMKNTA'nVKb >f 'J'lli: KTATK III' AKKANHAH, » iiijurilj- of nil Ihu iiLi'inlKTs clctluil lo o rh lluusf UK re,-1 MR Ihvrito: TK:it Lhi- ft'lUn.'Inn in Jiirrny proposed * nil n n'l t tn ttui CoiiNtitiitlim ( \hi- Kluli- i>f ArlvANMlH, mill ugion ..•iiiK MiljIiliMcil In tlie cli'drtrs ot tht> Slnli, fur M|i|iluvnl or rrji'ttlmi at [Pit, I (;i.m>r;il olrctloii Inr lU-presentfc- Should try tills ffimovis mctllclnu to rcUcvi! pilkn ncul Liioii, iiurvuUH, crnnky feelings, oC such (inys—\vtn.-ti due to femnlo fimcUoiml monthly cs. \Vorllt trying! ' VEGEMBIE COMPOUND KIDNEYS* MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help IS Mile* of Kidney Tub«» : flush Out Poisonous Waste If yo i! tin vo AH execs* of adJs in your blood, j-our 15 niilcs of kEtlncy lulica nmy be over- \vurkui). These liny fid era nnd Lubes arc working tiny a iid nitiht, to help Nnturc riil yum- Kj'Rlcm of CKCMS ncliSs nnd poisonous waste. Wlicn ilisordcrof kiilncy (itnclion permits roisortoii3 mnlter to remntn in your hlocul, it Ilin nfliro ic 2(llli liny .,( M,in:li my lituiil nnil «,.«! ,,[ ^. r .lli iliiy n[ February, 1U1O. O. O. Hull, riocrelnry of Clare . £i!U-ck-lo;:il Two Hew Polio Cases Reported at Joneshoro JONHSnOno, Ark., July !!5. (Ul'i —'1'u'o nioi'e fuses of pulto were re- [jurU'd in CrniH'ientl County today, Ice pin u!ir}it.i, .. na, loss of l)ep ntiil uncrnv, BfUing "P su-fllintt, pullmesa under the cj'ts, Ijcailnchca niul diT.zincss. l''r«iiicntoracn[ity pnssaKCS with Rtiiariiiij,' nnd ImrmnK bomc- timca ?h<ns-3 there is sonicthiiiir wrunir vciLh j-oiir kiilno>',s or Ijlmfdcr, ' ^KMacya nmy ncctl liclp the Btnne as bow-' cb, BO your dniy^ist, for Dnnn'n Pilla, ft Flinuilnnt Ouiictic, used Biiccc.sHfully Ly mil- litin.s for ovur ^0 yours. Doan'.i nivc happy rclii-f nnd will help the IB miles of kidney tubes ilush nut iioismuntd waste f tom your et Donn-s 1'iJIs. , ^ IWIAE.PIMHWSI Terry Abstract & Really Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 I KLEENEX . . . GREETING CARDS for Every Occasion TOT SHOP Phone 2308 105 South Second Local * Distance Movln* Compoteit Help IDC! equipment. Adequately Insured, contract aaullui »<jd Mlf.. Borvlces. Home Bcrrice & Ktorate C*. JOHNS Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Marsh, Owner XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Farm Lands For Sale! Locutions in Northeast Ark and Southeast Missouri. AH Tracts—10 acres up. On Good Itrouds. School' bus and mail route. I'owcr line. Good buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Kancho Hotel Hayti, Mo. XXX XX >!'< XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX Invites You to Come In and Choose Your Own Here Are Sumc Well Known lirumls in Slock .Srhenloy .'I'll ret 1 Feathers Seagram 7 Crown Sunny lirnok llr. Huston Wedding Old Thompson I'emilmxili 1'riviile Slock Harnond's Canadian Bond for YOUR home Uio Ihlt coupon for your SPECIAL Introduc- totf jubitription — five w««ki — 30 l»u«i —only (U. S, fundi) How to take the ruts out of your L-ieaMast routine . . . ways to make your kitchen "homey" . . . who! color to ctiooso for youf living room . . . These ore just a few of the intriguing new id"OS furnished daily O" the Woman's Page of THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR These helpful ideos are "plus vntue" in this daily newspaper tor the home lhat <j'*es you world nccs interpreted to show its impact on YOU nnd y otj r fnmily. _._«._^^——. The Ouisttan Science Publishii Non t unu, orway Street. Boston 15, Mus-.achuso:ti . 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We apprecialo your Located Across from Ritz Theatre J. LOUIS CHERRY Kcpresentlnc York Life Insurance Co. Blj-thevllle, Ark. Vote for .V XATUKAL AID TOH Rheumatism | Kidney, Bladder ™* JsSl i.S^i '• Stimnlale Kidney function. MYll! 3l Hootlie bladder irritiition. —^ 3. Nentrali/ie iiric-aeidity. 1. Discharge systemic v/abtes. DISORDERS \Yhy not tr i v e Jlininlam V:illi-y n trinl.' It liiin lu'lliril •H 'uO MiLLIOt) BAGS ALREADY .3 THEY MUST B£ GOOD I.M. GREER Candidate for Circuit Judge -CHECK- These Qualifications: , Native Arkansan Veteran World War I. (162nd_F.A.) Practiced law in Arkansas 25 years Served three terms as County Judge, Poinsett County Former resident Mississippi County AAarried Mississippi County girl Former Superintendent Osceola '•''•.= Schools (1919-1920) Look carefully into my record and if, afier you've done so, you find me both - worthy and qualified, 1 shall appre- j ciate your support. , If? ' I. M. 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