The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1950
Page 8
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BMTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1950 HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Limping Lady Lion Lives Lightly in Legend-of Love AUBURN, Wash. (/!*> —How can you have lived until you've been kissed by a vegetarian lioness? "1*11 beats being mugged by. « t jpother-in-law all hollow. There's more natural affection In it. A v lfoness puts real feminine enthus- ; lasm Into her smooching. * / Or at least the only lioness who ? iver kissed me did. She Is "Little ^Tyke," , a', tawny 350-pound lady ..jion onned by Georges and Mar- «jaret Westbcau. ; ',..-. T They, operate hidden valley ranch, •ii 200-acre experiment in good will ^bet»een animals and human beings. y, "On this ranch nothing is afraid •sof »nj thing else that lives here," t «aid Westbeau, a ' fonne'r medical '.'jitudent >'ho operates a deep freeze locker business. ' He and his wife have tried to "jereate a small world of their own [-where ,fear has no place, a tiny .o'asis of'love where the lamb can lie down at "eace with the lion— And still hope. lo live on to a ijpe old inuttonl-ood. UoiipEs Hales Meat And'So far,they have succeeded. The big proof Is" Little Tyke herself. This summer she will be a full frown lioness of four years. She' is the only live lion In' the world.who won't eat meat. "We got her from a zoo just after she was born," said Westbeau. "She was the only cub, and her mother had become nervous and had bitten arid crushed her right front leg. ' "From the start she refused to take meat.'I was afraid-rhe would , die. and .offered $1.000 reward to ' anyone who 'could figure out a formula with meat In'it that-she would eat. ' Nothing jiorked. From the time we got 'her she' has lived' on a diet of cerals, raw egjs, milk and codllver on." When I : first' heard about this lioness an almost legendary animal ;in the booming SeatUe-Tacoma area, I decided I'd have lo go call *- .oh her Hidden .Valley Ranch Hidden Valley Ranch is a long and narrow strip, alive with flowers, lying between Green Kiver and •> bordering .wodded hills. 'Georges and Little'Tyke have gone .for a walk—they'll be back • ny moment," said 'Mrs Westbean. a; cheerful dark-haired woman who 'shares her husband's lo\e of animals i And soon -after mat, i saw a •Ight from the »orld of Biblical prophecy. Westbeau, carrying some jprigs of flowering wild currant, came strolling down from the hills. .And limping at his side—marked the lioness, looking like a big friendly Newfoundland dog. The prize chickens and peacocks took no -larm as the lioness padded past them. She nuzzled on ol the two horses In the pasture. And later in the ranch guest house she frolicked with t pet coon, a toy terrier puppy, a cat and a young lamb. N^ »ar, No Savagery • Hoi' could animals so diverse In nature play. logetfirv without hurt? "Where there is no fear there Is no savagery,',' said Westbeau. "Here the only discipline Is the discipline of love and free im. And there Is no reason to kill as there is • no hunger." , , . . . The he suggested I have a wrestling match with Little Tyke. The next thing I knew I was on the lawri,. rolling around the grass under a 350-pound lioness, and my right arm was caught halfway to the elbow In the hot furnace of her mouth. -"Don't Jerk—she'll let go" said Westbeau, as I began wondering how long it would lake me to learn to type with Just my left hand. And she did let go. Afterward she lay with her head in my lap. when Mrs. Wesfbeau brought her a hunk of fresh raw hamburger, the lioness turned her nose up at if like a chorus girl being offered in fee cream cone. Kiss In Car Before I left Ultle Tyke Jumped in our car, and Georges suggested I, put my arm around her. I did, feeling pretty much like I was trying (a neck the dean of women at-a college dance. And then she turned me a gvea'. big kiss. • What Is the kiss of a lioness like? Well, it Is like being shaved suddenly or ' having one side of your face scrubbed by a warm towel covered with wet sandpaper. One will last an ordinary man a lifetime. He doesn't feel much like kissing back. Neighbors would like to have Little -Tyke penned more securely. The feel 'she will revert to jungle ways and tragedy may come to Georges or his wife. But .W.eslbeau says stubbornly: "Where there Is ho fear there Is'no savngei, ' However t h e"'experiment ends! they have hidden'valley ranch, for a short space In a troubled time, a 200-acre world without fear or hunger.' And If'.it should turn out to' : be .only a brier truce between man,- do.g peacock, horse, raccoon, lamb, cat and lioness- well, Its Is still worth remember- and gave :for l|fe by her mother's Jaws—was ing. Air Force Power Has Fallen, Secretary Symington^Says . , WASHINGTON, April 25. (ff 1 }— W. Btuart Svmington, retlrmg secre- ; Ury of,the Air Force, said yester- dhy the combat effectiveness of,the ^-Air Force has decreased In the^last 1 »ix months^ . ' • ' ' ' { He told a news conference the .'drop In effectiveness Is a result of : c\ite In numbers. He said the forces remaining have increased In •fftciency. Symington's estimate came on-the heels on a series of reports from the armed services to Congress. .These reports told of cutbacks as economy moves, but Indicated no concern over present strength. Secretary of Defense Johnson noted In his report that the United .States now has weapons'Which "surpass in destructive power any arms previously known." Symington held hts news confer- For Girls Who Suffer EachMonth 0 "~'" RADIO REPAIR The Only Bonded Repair Service in Blylheville — Every Job Guaranteed. TV Experts Piano Tuning And Repair Pianos—New and Used Music Instruments Supplies and Repairs. Everything In Music Sheet Music—Records— Sound Equipment- Recordings BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 B. Main — Tel. B8I1 ice Just before Ie«ving the Air orce post to become chairman of National naril. Security Resources He ^repealed a.statement h«;has ade'before —_ that he believes a l-Kroup Air Force is essential to le military security of the'couhtryv The U.S. use* M.500 tons or paper latches dally. • FINGERTIP CONTROL— Coast Guardsman Robert V, Dors of Poughke*psie, N. Y, shows with the flip of a finger how one man at a shore station can operate by remote control (he various navigational aids on the Coast Guard's crewless Ex- perkoental Lightship 99. Johnson Drops Movie 'Ideas' WASHINGTON, April 25. (#) — Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo) reportedly has decided against pressing his plan for licensing movie actors—a <plan Senator Wiley (R \Vis) once called A "police state monster." Johnson told a reporter over the weekend that federal censorship Is no way to stop breaches of the moral Inw among movie folk, and that he had no such Idea In mind when he offered his bill to require the licensing of actors and Interstate Him shipments. Johnson has criticized what he culls the "exploitation" of the private sins of movie .stars. The Senate Commerce Committee, which Johnson heads, will start an Investigation of'the movie Industry May 15. ••''.' '.'.. """• --*. • - -,' : ' Wichita Wife * Dies in Wreck , v PERRY, Okla., April 24. W)—A 17-year-old Wichita; Kas., wife was killed yesterday. Mr.?. Mary Irene Wise was crush-J ed lo death when the car highway patrol trooneri said was stolen in Wichita left U.S. Highway 77, eleven miles north of here and over; turned/ Her husband, Robert Edward Wise, 16, the driver, and Judy Barbara Moore, 16, bolh ot Wichita, received minor cuts and bruises. Troopers said the three were traveling towards California. Wise and Miss Moore are jailed In Perry. Arkansas Man Dies SHREVEPORT. La.. April 25. OT -^A 23-year-old Arkansas man died Sunday when an automobile overturned about 14 rhilcs north of Shreveport on State Highway 8. •He .was Identified by state police as Everett T. Thomas of Capp City. Ark., police said Thomas was riding with Sheldon 6. Clements of Dodd- rldge. Ark., an oil field worker. It Could Be Smog — • LONDON, April 26. (AP) — The air ministry was admit it snowed in London yesterday. / Its description of what fell on shivering Londoners was "frozen ruin showers." y -^ Doiftmiss IT! No-Nox! Get Gulfs greatest gasoline— specially designed for today's powerful new engines! H'» areot for NEW CARS and great for OLDER CARS (Good Gulf—CHIT "repiUr" g*3ol»n«— \* b«ll«r l\\an ever, loo!) S. E. TUNE Distributor GULF REFINING CO. PRODUCTS Biytheville, Ark. Matches cost the average American about six cents a monlh. Throw Away Your Lawn, Mower! Wcllborn-Aidcrion & Co. BOX 139, COLOMRUS. GA. 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