Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 2
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' i • IHE 1011 DllIT BECnSTEH, SA>njHI>AY ETEyPTC. OCTOBEB tl, IMS. F. A. KOBTHBUP, Tlf^fPntMeat. D.P.VOBTHB17P ,aB4TlM -fM^ | DTTIBSSTPAID ra IIMXDBPOSErS : Assets $1,209, lifiiitiry f« (ka BittaJtitM ettabiished 1869. SttttiiEiiiMt — AlteiCnity Mtit Ink b illai M M —Fitngerald, Aulo Llrory. Phono. + • + Mrs. Munger Home. Mrs." L. C. Miinpor roliirnoil from a wppk's stay in Ahoonn and Thayer whr-ro slip was a pup?t of frifiiul.«!. • * Spend Week End Here. .ind i ^r ^s. A. A. Rr^oli- eisner. of "WpUsvillp. Ks.. and Ihelr dausblor, I.urilo, will arrivf» tonight t.O hn (hf RiiPSSt of Mr.=. L. Miingpr for a fow days. • • • For Girl Friends. Miss Irma Withpr.s will havp a fow girl friend.-? as her guests tonight at the home of her uncle, Mr. .Toe Davis, on South Chestnut streot. + • For Gleaners' Club. Mr.*?. Fred Ireland is hostess oT the Cleaners' Club of the PIrsf Methodist church this afternoon. • * * Evening Meeting. The Y Roeiety held the usual meeting Iflst nipht In the Rnq( .laebnon street headfiuarterR. + • • .Snys Mnry to Union: .Mrel me the rink Monday morning. • • + Celebrated Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs, C. W. Mitchell. Ii;:? North Fourth street. enlerlalned IhoRo friends at dinner last nlKhl: Messrs. and Mesdames iz. C. Olore. P. N. Yantz. ^fontgoniery. K. P .Dow ell. C. N. Mllehfll. 11. R Pliilllps. Mrs. MllU^r. Mrs. Arbaeh. Mrs. M<Connel!. Miss Marion and Miss Cora Phillips. Irene Arbach, Electa Phillips, Ethel Dowell. Minnie McConnell, Edith Dow ell, Joe and Dewey Phillips, Herman Glaze, L. Yantz; Howard Dowell, Morris and Clifford Mitchell, Homer Mit chell, Robert Dowell. The occasion was the celebration of the tenth anniversary of their ma'-- riage. Entertained Children, Mirs H.vde. Sifi Xorth .Teffer son street, was hoste.<^? of the .Tunfor Daughters of the King—a chilriren's auxiliary of the Episcopal church a» the close of the school liour.^ y.-'.=;tei day afternoon. •^ • -i- To Fort Scott. Mr. and Mrs. M. S.-hoonbrun. Mis? luetic Ilorwiiz and Mr. I.ouis Sclilan- ger were in Fori Scoti la.=t ovf>niiif; They wore (niests at the .'^hriner'? liali. ,•^11 ladie.s are inviicd ni slcnie fro^ raornintrs next week. • • • Mrs. Thistler Returns. Mrs. Fannie Mcglure Thisil.'r an-' • hildren returne <l yesleniay to tholi home In Chapman. Thry Irav c -i.^it th<^ I)ast month here wU*- Mr and Mr':, w. fr. McClure. + • • Entertained Sunday School, Pupils of the .Cunday school of Hio V'hriiJtian <'hurt -ti w <-re very plea.sant- \y entertained yesterday .afternoon from four until six o'clock at the ••hurch. Confections and ntln-r re- freshmeniR were served. Mrs. Ril. GRADUATE OPTiCiAN HYES TESTED FREE G'asses Fitted ti and up Satlsfactton Gnaranteed •«. Pac^ Sknfa.JPe HBd H. E. & T IVttcI' Inspector!. Elani, .Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. H. Synder and several young ladies were in c! arce of the afternoon. • • •> Children's Party. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Boughton, s ?.l N'orth street, entenained a fow school I n'ate friends of their son Charles. Ihst eveiiin? in celohration of HalloweVn. During a series of merry games the guests were surprised by the appear- fance of a witch who told fortunes anr! remained for the refreshments. Those v.!>.i> were iiivil '-d were Marsaret Allen, Marif' Tiadgley. Haz'l Ray. Mario Tyler, nessio Featheilin. Ruth Doughton. Olin Rurn.side, Scott Adams. Wendell l.enVart, Eugene Bogard and Charles- Dough ton. • • • W. C. T. U. Meeting. On -e of tlie j,rettlest affairs given for members of the W. C. T. TT. diir ing tlH' fjiil w.'is the Informal reception which followed the intere .-.tiiig meeting yesterday afternoon. Tlu- dining room was trimmed wiili yellow and while and hoiiueis of flowers. The r"fresTinienls were K<Tve,i by Mr^ A. F:. Varner. Mrr.. .J. \V. Fulton. Mr. I.ole Strode, Mrs. Parmerly. nnrl Mr' U'lllliim Gates. The nveiln-.' w! ich iireceded the r'^ i -eiitlon was f >atur «Ml by-repo -tq o( tlie stiite convention recfntly liebl at Pittsburg. Mrs. .MelCee. Mrs. IfeiJ?lo Tnd Mrs. E. V.. Kiys gave reports fif the sessions at Pitl.shur;.'. One of the jd'asnnt events of the ccmven- tion was tiie presentation of a flag lo the stale olTicers from the W. R. of the city wliich entertained the <ro •vent ion. ?ome favorable comment.^ were made concernin .g the plan lemonstra ^ed in several cities. Hiring a polir>e matron and a city niis.s- ionarj-. Alarge group of the members were present and the afternoon v .a.<: very pleasant. . A A Keep Opto House. TtlO W. C. T. V. will l:or-p n 'lonse on Tuff-day at their ri-s! iooi on .Tackson street, ninn^r ui.'l ')e served at noon and visitors may •<ec;ire lunches thf >re during the nftf^r- noon and evejiin!: an-I h'av ihe »-lee- rion returns. ^. I^.'tdii"-.'-' frre nn .riiin;:.-- nexl wed; ikaics ;i !!d all. -J Current Event Club. -Mr.-. W. R. Crancle, ."ni South S .vr- imore pin^'^t. will i>nli-rtain the Cur- •f -nt Clnl) on Monday afternoon. Al' :neniher.s are asked to he present •romptly at 1 .ilf past two o'clock as ihere will 1if> some biisities.^ for dis- ev .ssion. Mrs. F. II. Martin will have a paper nlativf to Ibe c^-ild Inlior prolfiem and Mr.- .1. M. Mason will also have a readinji portaininii to th<' same question. •!• •> To Return From Chanute. Mr. ant! Mrs. R. n. .-^t^ven.son are expected to ri "'turn liomo from nn- nte tomorrow. Thoy have visited Mr. vml Mrs Trombold for a week. -!• -•• To Bartlesville. Mr. and Mr.<;. rhester Wood, whose narriage was solemnized on October ,"U have cone to nnrt'esville. Okla., •lier.c t'lry nro at liomc to friends. A .J. .J, In Bartlesville. Mr. and .Mrs. Howanl jMiller who ornierly lived in lola. have gone to M:irll.-sville. wtere~rit^^wlll reside. + A A I For Alta Seta Glijis. One of the prettiest parties of the •veek for young people wais the enter tainment Mrs. W. H. Richards gavf for the Alta Seta girls last night. The Auditorium TONIGHT I.flsl .\ppearanc<> «f DE »iLViA Monday, Tue<idaj- and \Veilnp<*. day Mphts BABYCLO EIGHT YEAR OLD WOXDEK. FRIO.VY XIGHT. Basket Bali Ek'ction RHiirns Tuesday \ight Ladies Free Mornings all Next >Veek. lion «e was a l.ower of aulnmn fidiim and other decorations (rcuu out (-! doors. The bright hued leuv.-s we .e hung about the wali.<} nncl there were numerous jack o'lanlerns for lighllng. Tt:e dining room was especially pret ty with its table strewn with foliage and the candlesticks of vegetables. Punch was served from a pumi)kin hollowed out and other refreshments were in keeping with the general idea of decoratnig. Teh hostess |)rovided some very original games and Mrs. R. Y. Boyd who was among the guests told fortunes previous to the luncheon hour. Mrs. Lee Massengale assisted in entertain ing and Mrs. S. S. Hilschor. teacher of the was also among those who were present. * • • The Men Are Barred. During the morning sessions next week ai the skating rink men will he baired and ail the ladies have been invited to attt-iul atul use the rink and «kates absolutely free from any cliarfre whatever. The offer is a generous one and will doul)let;<; ho taken advantage of by matiy ladies. •5- * 4- Ivan Curtis Home. Mr. Ivan Cu'^tis returned home this afiernooj). after being in P.enedict for the past week. • • * League Soci::!. The s)iaciotis 1 oni'- of .Mr. and Mi' .\. I.. nrMmI).ni'.;h on South OaK :-r .e, r •.vas used tor a social last evenini; ro ••nierfalti the leasti" o' p'-rtt Truth and QualHy appeal to the Well-Iufonucd in ewry walk of life and are essential to permanent success and creditable standing, .\ccor- ingly, it is not claimed that Syrup "f Figs and EHixir of .Senna is the oijy renietly of known value, but one of many reasons why it is the best of personal and family laxatives is the fact tliat "it cleanses, sweetens ami relieves the internal organs on which it iurts without any debilitating after elTect-s and without luiving to increase the quantitj' from lime to time. It acts pleasantly and naturally and truly as a laxative, ami its component parts' are known to and approved by physicians, as it \i free from all objectionable substances. To get its beneficial effects always purchase the genuine- manufactured by the California Fig Syn .p Co„ only, and for sale by all leading drug- Methodist church. The event was entirety in keeping with the Hallowe'en season and the rooms were decorated with unique trimming- to suggest witches or gho.sts. As the gues-i approached the house they saw pumpkin lanterns on the lawns and porches and a ghost received them at the door. The young people who assisted Mrs. Brumt>augh were also wearing while robes and a witcb directed them to the alcove where fortunes! were told. Lighting was from candle.*; and jack o'lantems and there were ta.\teful festoons of autumn leaves ev- e.-ywhere.* Refrcshmenta were served after a series of contests and ihe guests spent a very pleasant evening. • • •:• Family Reunion. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. RIchard.son and their children left today for Chanute to spcnri the week end. They are to be among the guests at a family reunion at the home of Mr. Richard son's sister. Jif 4. To Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown have gon- to Chanute for a short visit with relatives. * + Fred Apt Here. Fred Apt, who is attending Kans«is University this season, is spending the week end here with his i>ar- enls. Mr .ind Mrs. C. H. -Apt. • For Club Girls. Miss Cr.icp B reck en ridge was .i: :-.ome with Miss Avis Spink la.s: evening to give an Informal party for girls of the B. fJ. C. clnh ?.w\ a few friends. <;hosf stories were told r... the c'l'sts in most effectively dernr- atPd rooms lighted with small vejje- tablo lanterns and trimmeil with autumn leaves. The hostesses had the Fall House Cleantnjg Time is here anfl we want to help you by cleaning your wool blankets, lace curtains, rugs, piano Also men's ale j.scarfs and other house furnishing, covers, mantnd ladies* suits, overcoats, cloaks, etc. We guarantee our Dry process not to shrink the goods nor injure the colors. MM LBunday Pbcmm 102 WANT SI TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—Tola Land Co. WANTED' "MlmoBUaBBOUS Business Directory, / WANTED—Men's mending: -loi tiouili wasiiitiv: State. and , • I • VVA.NTED—Men 10 iearn barih-r!, trade, few weeks re<ii:ireil. lui-t |>aying:, work within the reach of jioor man.; Can have shop with .-^m.-iK capital. I* Wages from to we.^kiy. U'DU-:* derfal demand for barber:^. Catalugue ! • mailed free. Moler Hartter College. Ivansas Ciiy. .\iu. WA.N'TED—To iiuy a good se. hand buggy. Phon- H!.: r>r li»f>:.' •nd i • i • DR. MILDRED Cl'RTIS rhysiclan and Snrgeon. Office over Bu-rell's Drug Store Office Phone 5r .4. ResiSence 214 E. Jackson • Phone 569. • » DRS. REID & BEID, Pbfsielans and Sargeona. * X-Ray and Electrical Appllancea. * Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. • Office Phone 357; Rea. 396. * WANTED—lola property to ex-; _ change for Kansas and .Mi.ssonri land, j ^ Oolden Land Co. Office over tow a j , Stqre, lola, Kas. j» SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ % 5 $50.00 j . DR. McMILLEN, • Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic DIaea»- • es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. assistance of Miss Bessie Billbe. Miss por week and over can be made selling j. Qflj^^ ^^^^ Burrell's Drug Stor« • Ethel Snink and Miss Viola Ray in'*'^''^'^ Campaign Novelties from now,. West-Madison. • i.inei hpinh ana MISS vioia «aj 'n,antii election. Sells to Stores, Coun-j. ting. The hospitality wa'; extend- paj^^ Picnics and Private Families.!^-; to Misses Opal Mundon. Pearl Ri- Complete line of samples, char.ges pre-1 * * * * servi ed to _ lev. Mable Anderson, Jean Delgnnio.'paid for 50c. Order toda.v. CHICAGOj* Edna Mason, Blanche Card, K"nlce'^'g^ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.,j; Jackson. Florence Ander.son, Delia '. '• •.— ' » Rollley, .Sophio McFee. fJracc Cates, WANTED—Young men 10 pieparf,* Cloe Schuey, Viola Delgarno, Claire,for coming examination for Rai!wa> jj Mail and other Government P. .-sitions. !* Phone 687. Rei. 70L • DB. 0. L. COX, e Eye. E:ar. Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Siijierlor instruction by Mail. E/iab-: Thou.^andrt of sue- 1 Spink, ^lessrs. Leonard Mundls. For est Hitter, Trumah Thompson, i.e^ Carr. Ted Cillessen. Albee Helgele, I ll«hed H years. Orvllle linlford. J. Arhogast, E-mer^''Pssful student.-. I.awver. Leslie Campbell, ,ilni Wood- and "Unvr Oovi m, Oeorge Delgarno, Harrison nnr-'nired" ..ent free. I.ner-State Schools • • • Sample ((uesiion^ Positions are Se- • Offlc3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M • ton, Olenn Lawyer, Merlo Spink. 291 la. Ave.. Cedur Rapiib. Iowa. DR. B. O . Pbysiciai. 1 Rooms 7 BD>: •i :.iK. FOR SAI;E—An orean: Ml .«.^!llh^ Cottonwood. i" FOR SALi:-Three fre.><b iiiibh." cows. 1:. D. Kay|). .Monui. Kas. i« RulK-flck Fire Exilnfriilsher fn.-- \n. j '^"'_y.^.'"lZ'ZlI^ZrZir: olher rollin»wnnd Fire where :;00 children lost their lives can't happen where proper protection is provided. Statistics show 9 out of to fires are put out as soon as discoverr 1 if means are at hand. Eiiii') vonr schools, homes, barns, ouh'ic bulldlnp.-i; FOR S.\LE OR TFtADK -Singer with Habcick exthigtiisherH and fe.-r g^^.,, .vjichine for cow, hor.-^e or ao fire disaster. They thriwv a cheni- , , . ...^ ical stream -tO limes as effective a^ '"•""n. -N^w high arm drop h.-ad. -I.r. ^ water. SO per cent ef fires are |.nt South Third. Phone VSJli. ^1 out with chemical extinguishers. 9n - '• - ' <er cent of them Babcocks. Pr.-^ven ),y FOR R&tl- 9tlt80mU»ft »CUa r.3 years use. the most efficient and re liable. Can you afford to take these av.-ful fire risks when lo«s of property (FOR SMlE'tHnmomiianmouBi: I p. H. MABTUr, Surgery and Diseaiei of Women. OiBce and Residence Phone 576 Office 7 Nortli Jefferson. • ••••••••••••••••a ! JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, no East Street. FOit i^E.NT—Five room modern cot | tage: been huili two years. Imiuiro and lives of dear ones are imperiled? ^ "f H- M. Dowler. Write today for FREE catalogue on ; pQ^^ RENT—Hous''. Lodge Directory fire protection and r.=timafes for equip >;ortb Buckeye, ping any bui'.ding with Babeock ar>- * . naralus. We want reliable men to act as agents—?10ft a month made without interfering with present • bii.'^i.nes>. Write for particulars. . Kabcflrk Fire Exlineulsher Co. Wabash Ave.. Chicago. ML HAS HAD 150 CALLS rOR EXOHAKGE County Clerk Says that Many F.irm- ig constantly ringing these day."?. Sejc OIGHTS OF PITHIASv—Neoih* Lrf)dgo No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brw thers invited. W. S. Thompson. R 0. Chris Hitter. K. of R. and 3. ~Six Clear La Harpc residences STOoO \ ^^^f^'^^ P*"- ^^^*7t and $snou. Cash for merchandise or Knights of Maccabees of the WorM farm. W. O. I.enhart. lola. Ka.s. imeet.s m K. P Hall second and four* Saturday nights of each month. J« W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Por* ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C., A. H. Davis, Cl«f». Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A.-The M. W. A. lAif OUR TELEPHONE ers Now to Take Pheasants off His Hands. jtember. you kriuw, is the time to have! meets every Friday night in M. W. A. {the sucitiier d:::,t cleaned out of car-! Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. OL County Clerk It. F. Culbenson saia;'*^;^-^ ^^^^ order wi:i today that h.> beli.-ved he had r.-ceiv-, _ej.<.i-.e prompt and careful attention, ed one liumlred and fifty calls in rt-Photit; us today, gard to the phea-sants. sent here by PApTnRY Stat.' Came Warden Travi.s. Some lULA nUu rAl/IUill of the farmers want to takf the en-| Phoae tire flock wliile others waiit a ^^^^^^^^jjU^j ^Hd ^mg^g pair. Mr. Culb'^rison will keep the birds at the court house imtil spring ^KSS-SS. . . now as h. has had a case made for, jo .M'.MBER FAIRMOINT MEN. hem. j . I Wichita .Sjieclators (an T< II Wluit C.orr.' Whitfonl. who lives with; Tlu-ir Players An- I)..iiisr. jieph.-vi^i J.w.-ll BIOS., of near' •Iiiietx .blt. wa-< in t .i see County \Vi<-liit:j. Ka> . Oct ill - i"..;if?i \Vi; i'Tlv rii !);rr«.«on this mnrninff wit 1 ii- Mat»— iX ib; K.iir!;'i.ii- • 1 •.- NL'TI ••f 'fwencc to netting snnn- of tb<^ tcaii; wiil t|-v a ii.w pi.ui i' .il'i in- >!ieasau»s which have bei-n .sent her.-' ter»-.-' i!i ih.- fot.i t.ail 10 by State Came Warden IV! Tr.ivis. fla.w -J t.. th.- Uh.-.-.tsi;nc :-:• • riiis: f.i!!. Mr. Whitford sp.-nl sixteen years in Hi-' pJ-'U uurnbf r ib • iiie:i. in Washinsiton state wher^ there wer.^ ord. r ibut i!;.- crtator-. wii.. do nut many pheasants and he said that tie know the player^. may b. birds di -I not do w-ll unl'^ss in flocif. 'h" men apart and to ^.'r 'ff think.s the prot >er way to handi them is for some farm»^r to take th iCotneld, V C, W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL .\EIGUBORS.—lola Cam* .No. 36;>. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of eac* month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oradv, Mrs. .Mary Hutton. 413 West Stre«^ Recorder. FBATEK.XAL BBOTHEBBOOD.- ! Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet** second and fourth Thursday of eac^ month in A. O. U. W. Ilall. Visitlnai memt>era cordially invited. W. H. Ai»* derson, president; Golda Elam. •eeT>^ tanr. R. Oilfiilaxi Renenl Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks an4 Curbing a Specialty. # OXc* Hi East Jacksoa^ve. PboDe tM. to tell uh:i: each nia-i iiiirin:4 'he .:;at :i>\ H - lir!.- n-.initered all ni h;.-^ men. entire flock and feed and rare ff .r Kjih on- wi!. i..;:;!,, ih.. -r dur- hem just as he woul.l his chickei .4. inv-il .p r. tii,.i:;.Vr if '!ie .-a.v^i.n. Ijrge nunii'.-r.-' will b.- .-^eued on tl-e back of Omitted Name. each uniform. These numbers will The program given in last evening'^ be plainly visible to the &pectato.-s in -.aper for the National .\nnulty ban- the iirands-tand. who can lell t'ne men piei was. .incomplete ia that the by referring to a printed list cf the name of Frrd Methuen was omittfd. players with their numbers. He gave a recitation. "Sermon in a The local eleven pay Drury coMvije ••jawmlll." Saturday. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any' time without notice, and interest ceases on amount patd. Lon^ or Short Time Lo&ns. *" f Cunninsbam & Arnett Beglster irant ads brlii# resalts.

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