Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 31, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1908
Page 1
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ThB R&^MBT Hmm ihmVjmrmmt CirauimUoa la Allea fduaty of Any Hmwmpmper PubtimbMi,^ia~it& Goum^, TOLUara X. jrCMBER »17. EinHT PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, OCTOBER 9i, lOOrv-SATlBDAY EVEMXO, EI6HT PAGES. PUCB TWO CKSTib THATJENKiNSLETTER KA\,SA.S riTY JOrU -VAI. GIVES A ilTTLE I\SIDE HISTORY. FIGHT WILL HELP MR. SCOH jrxKiNs IS S(UM : uEfArsK Tiir. loi.A M\> i:xi'Osi:i> iini. >Vim Drfi'iiltMl for Itt'iinniliinUoii unit Si\\\ Tries 1» Hi'l|» Jhi» iHllHHTIlN. irrntn \\. '". .Imiriial. :i<i,) ".Inliii .1. .ItMiKliiH. ilii< i<'im'U.'it''il 11'- THE T^-EATHEB. Fnrrrast for Kansas: Partly rlpndy loniarlit and Snndny: slflTvly- risln;; torn peralure. wns the soniority rnlp that Rovcms !n congress. Ho was not "Uncle Joe's" pors?onal choice hy a Ions shot. Whllo Jonkihs has mana.wrt to hold oil liy 'soniorlty" only. Congressman Scott lias raplflly clltnhed in popular e.^-ilniaiion until today \w Is chairman (if the aKrteiiluiial coininiilee which outranks far and yon<lt»r the Judiciary commiitee of wliich .Mr. Jenklna ii? at lh«» liead. The fact that Mr. Jenkins nore at Ills own defeat, ha .-4 hooked up Willi the Democrat!', to defeat Uepuh- llcan niemhers of conKi'esj* will ilo no Injury lo Mr. ScoliV enuse. And it vviiiild li" nil MCI mil help If the people (if I he Second Kaiifoift di.*iilet Knew Mr, Ji 'iiklns an In' In i>nown unioiiK III ; coli'MIKU"'" 111 ('<ll)i;rehn. Till' rollnftliiR jiiifrvlmv I'ruin ''on- •Mnlin J. JeuMiiH. '''^'''i;"'''-;;:;' Lre .smaii HCOK. appeared in The Kan- puldlean eonKrejiitnuui from W l.<-nn-l " !:ln, is now tryliiK to hflp (In- l>etiio c'ai:-. Ill- li;i.'* K<h>ctr>ri i!onBre»siiian Senjt for his tarpet in Kwisas. Uav- IHK lo?;f out. liimself, al the Ifepiihli- caii priniari<^s In Wiscon.sln, on .'ic- eouiit of ni- record in eonpress. li«> hopes to diae down Uie Rppubljcan:; v.ho have peon fit io toll the truth aliout his record. It. happens that Con- Kres.'sman Scotf is in that and so Jenkins shios a few bricks at him. Some time ago the Miami county Piinday .school convention wrote to Mr. Scoii asking him where he sioml (he iiill to prohibit the sliipinent of liquor into prohibition states. Scotfs Reply to Convention. Tn his r<",>Iy Mr. .Seoll. said ho had always favored su*i lepi.^lation: thaf !:e made-a spcocli before the judiciary eommiite.' of the iioiisc urging ir to report favorably such a bill; iJiaL after an investigatioh he was convinc- ert that. Con?resoinan John .1. .TenKin ; of Wisconsin, chairman of the liouso judiciary committee, was more re.;- ponsible than anyone else for the fai'- iiie of the Mmmitiee to report the hill; that .lenkins having been de- fea.ied> recently for the renomination tl><' greatest obstacle had -<ieon removed and that the way wa.s practi- csllv clf»ar novv for the enaetmi^nt of til.- hill. In thi.s 1< ttor Mr. .Scoit told the a»i- Sfl.ite iriilb and everybody who I epi clos'"" tall on tlu' proeeeding.s ofl eongroP.«^ knows it. It .seems that Mr." .Soott'i? ohRervatlon.«! were convoyed { with .Mr. Jenkins over tiiy standini: as to conpre>-sman Jenkins in,a letter written by <leorsre \V. Hreen of Paol .T Says Scott Was Insincere. says scott was insincere. I . . . , . In reply Mr. Jenkin.-' said amon'r '-h-enoii renders that unnecessary. I. o:h<'r thing';: "Mr. Scott did appear onr'O before I'lo jiuliriaiy committee since he entered coiigifss nn<l siibmit- ted a few remarks. AVe could not tell from what ho said just exactly what his own view.s were. He said iliai K.insas was a piohiliition siate. and thai, i' was unable to suppress the liquor traCflc, and that, liquor was openly sold in many places. "He never made any attemiii to so- cnro any legislation ahiog that lines that 1 mention that 1 ever heard of. If .Mr. Seott enterfainr.l ihe views expressed in the Jotter he could have exercii^ed his right and moved that rf:e committee on judiciary be discharged from fiiiilier con.'^iileration of The hill. Tins he never did nor attempted to do. "I reeret that Mr. Sroii in'his zeal for re-election .should !vi"le-t upon the com mil lee the wny he has done. !l <are nothina about his reflections upon me—reflections devoid of either ii-iiih or hut I do regret xhai he shows an absolute imiorance of the r.r.rliam'ntary situation and reckle.'^rt- !y mis.state.s the facts." This letter was evidently written for publication and intended to do Mr. Pcoft harm in his candidacy. The r >eiiioc.'atic papers of the Second district are featuring it this week. Opposed to Legislation. It plainly shows that Mr. Jenkins is opposr-d to legislation that will prohibit the siiipment of liquor into prohibition states; it i\h<> plainly .shovvK ifiai Mr. Scott ai)p<ared bc-foie the committee and made an argument In fore ihe hill. Mr. Jeikins ni:'y not have iinder.siotHl what Mr. '.•?cotl wa:; driving at. biit tlie rest of the members nf the cuniniittee did. They were not so deiisf. .\nd the people Know bi'<>aiise Mr. Kcotf;; iirgiinnnt made a public document and scatler.Ml broadca.n at the time by t'lose who were pushing the legislation. It was a dear-cu' ar^ntiient uriing the eommlltei« to favorably report the bill. .Mr. Jen- Kins hopef, to confuse the people of Kansas by rai.-iug his iiarliamentary qu< .siion. He Kn<iws that no bill is ever taken away froia the committee in the house. The rommiiiee either repoits it or pigeon-.>:olcs it. A bill either lives or dies by grace of the committee. The l.itilefield bill has been pigeonholed by Mr. .Ienkin.<? and all effort.? to get ir. out have, .-so far, proved unavailing. Jenkins is Out of <t Now. It is a notorious fact known in Washington thati the house judiciary comminee is against the bill. Mr. .Tonkins is chairman of that committee. Mr. Jenkins came from |\\'1scoii- sin, wtero a'l the ".stuff that made -Milwaukee famous" Js made. But he won't be in the way much longer. Ills own Bepublicau constituents retirad him at the primary chiefly because of his aUltude on the Uttlefielij liquor bill. '•Uncle Joe"' •Uncle Joe" Cannon found Jenkins officers having gone to Bayard at the Lead of the judt=iary = commit- Republican meeting this tee wnen he oeeame speaker, and the' xi. i u« only thing mat kept him there since afternoon. # sas City Times this morning: To Ti:e Star- My attention ha .i been cnllod to the piihlioation of a letter from Congressman .Tenkins of \Vi.^- consin lo a citizen of I'.-uila. Kas.. at- taeking me because of a statomour made in a published letter of my own to the effect that Mr. Jenkins, .is chairman of the committee on judiciary, had been more responsible than anybody else for the failure of that committee lo favorably report the in- teiTtare shipment of liquor hill. The Iflfer does nor contradict ,Tny state meat made in my letter and I siiould not i;ave thought ii necessary to take any notice of it if it had been pub lished a month ago. when it was writ- ton, and when the peonto would have had time to re.nd it and an.ily/e its Etatement.'t Ihij the fact that, r.l- though it was dated September P.'), ii was not published until this week, on the very eve of t!.e election after all the weekly papers l.ave gone to pres.s and the fact that so far as I have oh served it is published under false headlines, calculated to mislead the careless reader, seems to justify ,'i brief reference lo it. Of course. I can have no eontrover.<,y TO GET THE VOTES A BIG FIfiHT l\ XEW YORK, I\. DIANA AM) ILmOIS. GEN. TAFT IS AT ROCHESTER fOXTIMIXJ TOIK OF ,\EW YORK .STATE TODAY. a men'her of Congress. The refusal of hi.i party to nominate him for re is hard al.«o, for me (o believe that on the temperance i.^sue, of a'l others, it Is necos.=;ary for me to institute comparison of lecnrd.s with my Democrat opponent. If it is iiecr.^.^ary. however. I cerfninly have no di.-i|)osition 10 evade it. And if the investigation shall eviend to an inquiry a.i TO iior- sonal habits as well a.> to public acts and utterances, T shall still have no comp'aint to make. At the hegihnin? of the campaign my opponent sent m.- word through s. mutual fii'end that lie hoped the contest would he one between gentlemen. I responded that I had no other wish or expectation and from that time to this 1 liave mad"? no reference to my opponent that, was not entirely courteous and respectful. Xeither have my friends nor the Re- Dubliran press of the district inade any personal atrack upon Iiim. although few men hnve ever offered themselves for imhliV; oflieo in Kansas who were more vulnerable to such attacks. How well my opponent has ob.=-ervrd ihe "gentleman'.^ agreenient" which he him.^elf propo.s- ed. I leave this publication, aoeotn- oanied as it i.^ by editorial attacks by his party organs makinr: charges wholly false and defnm.'itory.;,r Aitiuss —a wilne.-is all re more ein- 'diatic when it is noted that they ?onie on the very eve of the election. The campaign roorback, a fal.^e and libelous attac-k upon a candidate made III the 1,1-^l days of ;i Ion-: r'amiiaiaii. has iilways and mo:-t jit.itly been re- •^aiih'd as the most dl.srepiitable of campaign tricks, the last resort of a man o;- a party with no leplilmate claim upon the support of the people, untl for tlat reason forced to attempt by trickery to secure the votes which cannot he obtained on the ground of merit, rorttinately the good sense and the sentiment of fair play on .the oart of the people i.s so strong that the "roorback." justifying its name, nearly always reacts upon the heads of those who laiincLed it. That such will be the case in;tlie present in- stan:'e, my faith in the fairness and 'ntclligence of the people of the Second Kansas district will not permit nie to doubt. CHARI,ER F. SCOTT. Kansas City, Oct. 30, 190?. Court House Deserted. The court house is nearly deserted this afternoon, a good number of DEMOCRATS BUTT IN TOOK i:\TKPTIOX TO RKMAirK.'* 0O300OC0000O0O0O 6 O O \V :m .-d. n-.ul i.KilI O io l.niiiiies io !<!»-:i !i' in Id;;. i\:ts. Ol C W:ile le,- n:;.>kivl t.i .\. W. O O. P.Ii'r. ie!;i P.Mi.-i<r Chl'i. O PRES. RIPLEY HERE OF J. M. S \MI Kl.S AT l.K \NN \. sC- C-J.3 000COCOOOOOOO PRECIPITATES A DISCUSSION "p. i'KFSinKXT or SA.VTA FF. SY.STEM PA.SSEIf THHl lOLV \KSTIUDA Y. BEEN TO PACIFIC COAST ! Other :-.!:en':.-!.-. of the .•venin. W,T.<! J. I.. I!.-.-nn-s. W. II. Ander:;ou and DE.>:o( n\Ts i,o\(; ON sorvn BIT, ..,.,.„ j n. K. (Iiiloid. Ti>-\ liir.cussed the is- SHOKT 0\ FACTS AM> FHU'IMS. |.-.ii.-.>r lii- .-^nip;;!;:!! \»iiii good eff.ct. I..<. iriiuli-i.;"- f-ir state .-ie-.i.:for. wa.-i i.rrseiu ai the nie<'ling and W.1.S ctilli d upon foi a talk. .Mr.' V (.nod .MccliHir Ifeld at Norlh .Mai.ic throve— HejiMhlican Ca»iditl)!lr«. (in In .Mildred. A I'AHTV OF I'RO.MIM.XT OFFK- lAI.S \({0.>IPAMKn IIIM. i Travis i .••spf)r.<ie(!, s;i>inf; tiiai iie hiidj j ;io cl.jim to b.-ini; a piiijiie spe.ik..,) !!iut 1:0 wa.? gl.vl to have an opporfui;-! jity to tell tiie penph' wliat he stood j j for. Ho reierred to his record as a business mail aiid < lephasi/.ed that The Traill \Vji^ (onijio.-eil of Fonr (•:ir^-l{ .Made On?y a Very Short .stttp in Inla. Hryun and Kern An* .Vttkluir S|ti>i><>brA III Ti') lo Mln OtiT lnillHiii(in«>. .New York. Oct. ai.---New York, In- dianii and IIIIUOIM represcntlnK 8t electoral votes and Mill regarded aa doubtful :;!at»are the scene of the final dtsperaie fighiing on the last lay r.f the iasf wee); of the political .campaign. Judge Tafr cnntlnued his tour t .f Xew York state, speaking tonight at Rochester. Mr. Bryan devoted today to Indiana as did Kern, Secrcary Root and Sherman are in .New York city today and the latter goes to Kingston tonight where he speaks with Governor Hughe.=. Bfjan .peak.'; in Chicago ir.nighf. Hear.-i. Hi.sgen and other Indepen- lence i>;irty men will address a-mass meeting beer tonight. Chafin and Wat litis are tonight in Chicago and De- i:iU. resiiectivcly. Dobs, fn the "Red ipeci.-il." tours Wisconsin. THE BIGGEST PARADE XF.W YORK SCENE OF A POLITICAL DEMONSTRATION TODAY. iiimes S. Sliernmn and Srrretarj Root R«-t lowed Men—One Hnndred Thousand In Line, K. r. Riplty. of Chicago, pre.^ident (.;• if-e .^.-iTir.'i Ci- i.ii.'ioad nysrem. was One of ihe liwljesr of th-^ campaign was i-^lrt last ni.ulu af I.e jiji.- business insfiner wa.i o::e of th" anna. Several peoide who v.ere not | iine.> <rver> voter slioull considerj tUy ye.sterday. .-u-ccinpaiiied on iJ:e re;!;ii!;<r iirograni ionic p :i ;!,;j)! a candidate before easting liis vote.;;,;.- ;. of pniniinenr official.-^. The jsonv of them, rv -nioerals, not acqiiil-JMr. Travis al-o- di.^eu-^. d his pit<;-j p .iny im hided: .f. W. Hendricks, of ing themselves very cre.litahly. form. !( hifa:;o iliird vi."e pre.^idr;::; (leorge One of the speakers of t!i-- e/eiiinL'i The meeiint; v%;is .1 very -uccessfui j •]• \i elm a of Cliii-acro. p::s>enger wa'^ J. -M. Samuels, who wa.-; a candi- one. l! wll ;iiieijde,l :iiid tli-" • tr:iii*ti- maiia-j-r: Charles Cieed. of '.ate lui- eoiiiiu treasurei- at the pri- inler --si was intens" iTopeka. direeioi; .I.tmes Huriey. ol maiiis asainst .Mr. Au.sherman. Mr. ! Topeka. a. ne.-:»! mrinatrer. and .Mr. ^.-unuel.-:; does not pose as an oraier A '-nw' m'-tin-': a!.-o h-M a» j ,,f •i;,i„-h:\ . hief e.mJii.-er. •mi he i.^ :i vVy .-aravsi and forcful N-:,l, Alaple Cove se<,r,.>! h-.-i.e. This; ^ifi. .a!. lr..vel..d .... ;. -rain tulu'er and he siiirhtlv biuis-ed ih" i- ii der spots ftf .some of the D-nioera! . :i 'ii'eiiiiii pn-ii.oied from last w.-ei; -.vhen liie niiiK prev.-ntei? th. c,!!;:pi:S''d '-f fnur priva!-- e,;.s. Tiicy jiiiive.l sluetly -ifier or.i- i,-. luck and who were present, "iviii ing i'.i-; remark.^ :s>'<''k. i.; fr.ini ;:<i;i:g out. The farm- ^ .^^^^ ^^^^^ , ,,„.i}ih f..r ;.aiu orders. he said in substauc- that lie H,.,1- •'•s-rove in Tor mil. s f.lliii-the house lenit.d ih.' IVmoerat-, to ,-i:e one l.nw r -,uu<-hy. T: - inimber.-: of i!ie 1 thioug.i tiie ritor.s of T-'" 'P!:'i;'-"- «''i-e ei.jov- pass.- he 0.:n-.)Cr .ai3 which war- of esp.eially ''l :»'di^i>'-"'^great beueJit to the country. An old Florence and r. I.. Kvaas ..f l^Harpe, j • ,,^;,.,„'..f ^,,:e!. i.e i. .\ir. fviid .y and .Mr. .Viche.'^on cot oP" th- eir and Inoked 'iie deiiot. I're.-!di'!>T i ;ini'-y v.-a- on one of bis !-.)-liiaI Mip.. ( ;• iiLSpi-ction over tht. time Hi-niocrat became soni' v.'ini e\ hi ui<' '.'r.u- ralKs mi t:;e i.^Mie.; of t.le cited wi;e„ Mr. Pani.iel. made ; .^-miuii/ii. Or. I-. li. Hi!.^:! «ent out l,e,- I;. rem:irlv and !.!ioitt.d: "f em if." .\t the clf.'-e of the aildrfs-. tin- nemociat wji.s opporiuiiiiy i-i name any snrh lav ; ;ind a^k any qnesiioMs hi' cai'd to. H.- «io.-e aii-1 said iliat tie- I).-ieocr.«ts h.-id given ihe p.-dp].^ the consliMiiioil of llii' rnltfd .t^raies and the .Monroe iio •trine, lb' wa.-, uiven the equine -a. ha. "to a finish. • a few of hi.^ D <Mniv cratic brethren joinimr in. Several other Democrat ; and Uetnililiean* took up the discn.ssion. One r><-iiio- crat said in Ck-ve'aud's time he could buy a w;igon for that he now i>aid $70 for. .\ Rciiublican called hi.? attention to the fact that the men who ^p c.-illed rtn f.ii lir ilir -'.i iias no many i la.- . ; i.iua. a ".''r li.ivwi.^ lii-ei> ee:!.-l. h< .-=.ii!'.: Fe ha.-> a si ri' ir'.iMl l-eiiti- > ;iie I'acifii- hiaiuii liii' ill l.iuii-iaiia thrii!ii;!i the i -aM.;.. whv h- a U-pablican .^j,^.. ;.,„„,. ly. and the prospeeis are lM -'i>'v-- ill ihe pa! V iiitensei., ih:i'' l,e r.o t .iiili!-- in a<e,-ptiiig an in-! 'nl ..ii these ][n-- v.iM '><• cnneded ill; ; wiih ;< jie!> ihe u:ni!' !>• ier>- vii:M;o.i to H'-^al; en li"i«">lioanism.j ^.,^^^^^1 ^. , e\, !i wil. 1! !io! iio 'iHe .l In advauc-:. ito' •j.w- TH p. ii|l.- aa ii !!'re-,iiu-,^ i.ll-c. nil !\.r :h«^- iinpviivein. a; 'if '.i • tr.m.'-- C''a! ser\i««' i: »»a.- ;:iven nut thaf t!ie .Saii'a Ke wiii iiis'ail enough addiiionai track to make a double track all ihe vay fif.m Chicago ti Tlier-- ;i dn-artli ui Ilepiiidiean can• !:(!.auil F{ep;ildii;ui oraror-« in K>\K:I- I'lis afi-nir .i .u. :i>';'.rly all of ihe.n !.;uinj -joii.- o-i- lo Hayaid for j '^-^'i'^-^ T ^'i-"'- a''d reachmg a meeting there this afternoon. To- 'h- ^-'Uih in aniicii.atit.n of rh,. .'.ays rally is a son of contiuuou.^ „or. compkrioii of the Panama canal, are a formance the party iroin- on to Mil-!l>"'"t of the exttn.sion policy of the dred from Bayard for a met -tiiie to- j system, which. It is nnder.-lood. has ni.-ht, closing wiih .i concerr by the! been decided upon. make wagons are gettina a great • , ^ -- • i < • ideal more for their labor now than "raphophone and the niack and Tan None of the o.t.cials would d.sct .s. thev did then .fjuarterte. J-idge Pousr. Col. AtchI- these niatiers. however. All they had ^ *' ' • ';.,n[. and others will si.eaV: at the:-,eilO fiay Mas that tlie.* were jusi !ook- "1 don't care for that." respond. ,V j in-^ arcmhd. (he Democrat, "I am looking out for ' r n v^n • .---.-r „r-^r;-.i , : . 1 J. F. .Mc.Nauy. asaisraiif ^upenaten- • I Another Taft Yote. ••Ye.s.:tbat is the policy of a ^hris Rittor .-:a>s he the young many of you Democrats." was the re. y^j, booster in :own. He declares joinder. iiliat his twenty-two monih.^ old bpy In a few minutes the Demos hadjyells "Taft.iTaff every morning when aU the debating they liked and gave.he awakes. dent of the Southern Kaa.-^as divis-ion, joinc-d the 'party at niannte and accompanied if to Ot'.av.a. Tlie officials were on their way home. T^iey came on to the Southern Kansas division at Winfield. New ^'otk. Oct. m.—New York iwoke today prepared to witness one '•( the iar.cest political parades in its Iii.story. .\c<-ording to the c.=>timate3 ;ivpn out by organizers of the dera- Mistratiou. between si.xiy and one hun Irod ihoij.s.'ind men wiU have passed in review before James S. Sherman ind Secretary of State Klihu Root at he Worth Monument ia Madison -jijnare before five o'clock this after- •;oon when orders to disperse will bo :iven at the Times .'siiuare. TO SEE THE FINISH A Big Crowd Expected Here Monday Night to Hear Congressman Chas. F. Scott. .V bis crowd is exepcted at the Republican rally at the Grand theatre .Monday night to hear the last shot of the present campaign fired. Con- TivKsman Chas. P. Scott, who is asking for re-election from this district, is the speaker of the evening. The music will be furnished by the W. O. W. band and ihe Black and Tan ''tuarterte. Mr. Scotr has m.ade a vigorous cam- laii^n and great crowds have turned •lit to bear him every place he has eta. He ha.-, reserved the last night f the campaign for his homo city. The county central committee is ex- -.ectin.' good delegations from all over the county to attend the closing rally. )S READY FOR TAXES County.Treasurer Makes a Few Suggestions to Tax Payers. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly is TOftioK^ ready to receive the taxes Monday. During the past week many loople have comie in to inquire about •he matter. A good many of them did lOt- know the number of their lota or '^e number of the btocJt.s In which their property lies. It puts the treasurer to considerable trouble to look up the description. Mr. Sickly, there•ore asks that people bring the description of the property when they coK '.e ia to pay? their taxes. The treasurer is expecting to receive a great many calls orer the phone in rega^ to tascs and he is tLinking of placing one man at the receiver to handle the calls.

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