Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
Page 6
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iM, 1M7. A nervous, Irritably mother, often on the verge of hysterics, is unfit to care for children; it ruins a child's disposition and reacts iipon herself. She is a source of misery to every one who comes under her influence, and unhappy and miserable herself. She cannot help it, as her condition is due to shattered nerves caused by some feminine derangement, with backache, headache, and all kinds of painrand she is on the verge of nervous prostration. Proof is monumental that nothing is better to regulate a woman's health than Lydia E. Pinkham^s Vegetable Compound. rhousands and thousands of women testify to this fact. Mrs. XeUie Makham, of 151 Morgan St., Buffalo, N.Y., writes: «Dfor Mrs. Tmkbam .— I was a wreck from ner%ou.s prostration. I suffered so I did not care what became of me, and my family despaired of my recovei^ Phvsi- - C Ol Illc, aiiu iiij w—, J ^ cians failed toi help me. I was urged to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com. pound, and I want to tell you that it has entirely cufcd me. I think it is the finest medicine on earth, and I am recommending it to all my friends and acquaintances." Mrs, G€o. A. James, a life-long resident of Fredonio, N.Y., \rrites " Dear Mrs, Tiiikbam:~l was in a terribly run down condition and had nervous prostration caused by female trouble, in fact I had not been well since my children were bom. This condition worked on my nerves, and I was irritable and miserable. 1 had tried many remedies without getting much help, but Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound brought me back to health and strength. It has also carried me »i.-ifely through the Change o{ Life. 1 cannot too strongly recommend your medicine." A\RS. PINKHAM'S INVITATION TO WOMEN. Women suffering from any form of female weakness are inN-ited to commimicate promptly with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Jilass. From the symptoms given, the trouble may be located and the quickest and surest way of recovery advised. She will hold your letter in strict confidence as indicated" by the fact that every private letter received by her during the last twenty years, and more, she now has in the Company's laboratory under lock and key, and no testimonial has ever been published without special written permission. Her advice is free and always helpful. I.YDIA JE. PIXKHAM'S VKGETABLK COMPOITND, u woman's remedy for woman's Ills, made from Native Roots and Herbs, complies with all conditions of tbe new Pare Food and Drugs Law, and is so guaranteed. IUiNSAS,CEMENTSTATE Hluit Cemrat Morld Hns \a .Snj of Cement Industry In Kansni*. (Cement World.) Each of the four Portland cement plants In th's state produced aii output in 1906-which was in advance cf that for the preceding year. One of these plants made more than eight times as large a quantity in this, its second year, as it made in 1!)05, while the other old plant made over fourteen times more than In its initial year. In 1905 the olfler plants naturally prodncsd more cement than the new ones, and therefore their increase In 1906, although marked, is not far In s^vanco of the prece<iinR year's output as that of the new mill:;. Three of the factories ran on practi- .^^Uy fu)I time during 1906. and ono "was idle for nearly six months repair ng and retnodeling. It is reports ed that six new cement plant.s wilt be in operation or conipieting construction in 19 (17. One is'to h? located at Tola, and will probably start during the fall or early iii the winfor. One is to he at Fredon'ia, and will I>erhaps be in running order by June ft the latest. Th^s company will start Wltlit two kilns, at least 110 feet Ions, and the buildings will all ho constructed with a view to enlarging thf r.n- We\iS of the plant later. Tho tli!rii Plast Is to be at Ell; City, in Monr- gopery county, and will have a ca- paeliy of about 2,ono harnM.s a day: Proliipinary excavation and Rradns Is .now hehig done, hut the mills will not be ready for work h:-ton' liios. The fourth plant will bt- erected alwut thre# miles oast of Maploton, In Bourbon county, it win start with u capa6|ty of alKiut 2000 barrels of cement a day. with K I X kllnH, 125 fopt long by 8 fe?t In diameter: Ih" m'llH will b« in oiieratlon late In 1907 or early In 1908.'Tho fifth plant is under construction at Yocemento and Is to begin produrinc }V>rt]and cement In Novehiber. 1907. The mills will start with two rotarles. each 125 fest long, on will be the fuel used, and shale, lime, chalk the materials. Tin* sbttb of the new plants is being built at Bopner Springs, and Its first section, capable of producing about 800 barrels of Portland • cement a day, will be in working order by January. 1908. The other section, which will exactly double the capacity of the mills, will be completed later in tlio Tear. With more than double her present number of plants, Kansas bids fair to reach a hifih place In the list of cement-producing states, ^or already she has risen from a record of no Portland-cement production prior to 1900 .to the sixth place In the list In 1906'. with over .1,000.000 barrels to her credit. FAMiH S EXPERT TELM. How Fat May Be Heraored Itapidly by 11 iSlmple Itome Itemedy WMhont rau.slnfr Wrinkles Dl.sliirblng the IMct or >"pcpsslty for Exercise. WILL COST $9 AN ACRE "i'at is nothing but unused energy," says a prominent physician, and the man or woman who is burdened i with It can easily get rid of it if they I wish. All they need is \i ounce of .Marniola, ounce of Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic and o>^ ounces of Syrup Simplpx: all (if which they can get at any good drug .store for a few cents. Then let them take one tea- siKwaful after meals and at bedtime until they are down to the weight they want to be. This simple home receipt Is fir and away better than any or all the patent or secret medicines, for it reduces the fat safely and harmlessly. The ingredients are In fact benofirlal to thoj .system, having both tonic and purify-' iug qualities, and so help rather thau distress the stomach. The remedy does not cause wrinkles, for it roduce .>4 one gradually and naturally, preserving a good outline, and. best, of all. needs neither physical exercise to help it do the worlt. nor does it require any change In diet—one can get results and -siill take things ea .sy —eating meanwhile just what, when and how he or she jileases. He sure and get the Marmola In a sealed package, so that yiMi get Marmola and nol a suli- siitufe. To Cure the \eosho of OrerHowIug, Sny.<: J. 0. Wright. (Chanute Sun.) Nine dollars per acr<>ls the amount which J. O. Wright, government engineer, estimated Is reqidred to render Neosiho county bottom land, now M.\NY \V.\IT TOO ^ONfi. .Sayx Tlit.s ]iome..1fude. Helpful .MLx- ture Khnuld He I'sed Promptly. A woll-kiiown authorily stales (hat hackache and pains in tho loins are iiiily too often the danger signals which notify the patient that some- ihing is wrong with the kidneys, and warns every one to be careful, particularly at this period of the year, w-hen the skin pores are closed, fore- News of the County . ... 1 BETHEf,. 1 valued at |30. seU for $7."> to $100 an j i"n^""(l,p"\i(iueys to do double their arre. 2SIr. Wright has prepared exhaustive plans for a drainage system of the entire water shed of the Neosho work of filtering the imiiurilies and poisons from the blood and system. At the first, sign of backache or pain lUMISEVELT ST.WDS I'AT. Will Enforce Policies—Suy They Hare JVot Caused t'rIsiR In Finances. Nashvilli'. T<nn.. Oct. 'j;',.—President Kooxevelt it) hl.s address at the auditorium here tiKluy Haiti: "Tht-ro has been trouble In lhc» stof-k market. In the high financial world during the patil few-months. The Hlniemeiit has frcqiinntly been made that policies for which 1 stand h-glslnilve and executive, are responsible for that trouble. Now gentlemen these policies of mine can be sum med up in one brief sentence. They represent an effort to punfali successful disliouesty. I doubt if these policies have had any material effect In briuging about present trouble but It the have It will not alter In the slightest degree by determination that for the remaining sixteen montits of my terra those policies shall be pefserver- ed unswervingly." and calculates that in Neosho county. „,p region of the kidnevs or weak- protectmg 41..,00 acres of overflowed l^jj, si„,,,,e uonie recipe shot.ld be land must be made. p,,„ ^ "^r .? *°j'"'=»"^''f " I'-^i-'Ial straight | ^,,,1,, ,.;;j,,ract nandeti..... one-half f^J^x f'"""""' '/T ^"••'a™ 'ounce; Compound Kargon. one ounce; .oracomplefes.v.stemof levees, sluiceiCompound Svrup .Sarsaparilla. three gates were needed to regulate Iho,^,,,,^^;,. T.tke a teaspoonfnl nfier e.nch fiow on the river. He recommended and at bedtime. THE JAPANESE Warriors are look ing for some one to take on a football game with them next Sunday. They have fair prospects of getting a game. They expect to go to Parsons but would prefer to play on their home lunds and are trying to get Tola to le here.—Chanute Tribune. Jirot] WE SELL VINOL On the positive guarantee that If It d«es not give sntbifarfion we will return the entire amonnt of money paid ns for it We mean this-and ask all those who are sick and need (itrengiih to try it with this understanding. S .B. BUBBELL, Druggist,' f I«l«- Appearances may be deceitful, but as long as they are, there is nothing like liaving them d eceive for us instead of az^inst us. There is nothing deceitful about the clothes we make—you will find they will wear as good as they look. Mtdc U ctotViM ibouM bt T.iade M L M^ M , SokmtoD tt E'lsendnttb, Chicago. ilHJIitf>«MM food clothier.- in your city levee 300 feet from each bank. r,r, feet, wide at the bottom, 5 feet high, and (i feet wide at the top. On a I: lateral streams he would build wins levees and on those Imving a great) fall, construct a sluice gate. During flood -times, he calculate.^ that the water shed of the .N'eosho. comprising ."i ,Ot )0 miles, sends .SO.OOO cubic feet of water down the channel of the river a second, while the stream 1;; only capable of disposing of approximately ."{(I .OOO when bank fuil. To dispose of this surplus of .".O.OOf^ cubic feet ))er second, four plan:* might be adopted. I'irst, enlarge ilii- lirescni channel; second, dig iiuxillarv channel; third, build levees, and fourth, build mammoth reservoirs at Kiii\i(iiia to retain ih<^ water teuip<u- arlly. Of (hes(t four Juelliods. .Mr. \Vhlt<^ rejected the second and fourth as luicractlcal. His recital of the situ atlon was heard by about fifty land owners along the river. A full nccoiini of the meeting will appear toniorrow. t »N V lir.M' FOR Former "KEir Inia Ball Player Topckn Police. n.ivis. Excites (State Journal.) The iiollce and shyrlffs force went on a long w Id goose chase S'.mday, a-i the result of a story to the effect that '•Red l>avls" the "ball player, had eloped with a girl named Jack'son. who holds tho position of waitress, at the manual training high schmil.. The story was startsd by the .lack- son girl 's sister, .who was much, worried over the escapade. She said (hat "Red" snd the girl had starfe.I south on the .Mi.TSOurl Pacific railroad on a veloc'pede belonging to the Santa Fe. Her report also included a large supply of beer and booze for the picnic party. The sheriff and chief of police madcv a run of five miles into the country, but failed to-get any trac2 of th» fugitives, who later appeared la town.' The otBcers dec'ded tiiat "Rod" ha <r become disgusted with the track cou- ditlons of the M. P.. and called off the picnic, rcturn'ug to town h?fore the officers got startetl on the trail. I0L.4 BOr I\ TROIBLE. (. \. FmHt Stole a Bide at t'banate iSatnrdav. (Chanute Sun.) C. .V. Pruitt, the loJa lad who stole a ride to Chanute in a parlor car of passenger 201 Sunday, was taken to Erie to. the county Jail today noon by Chief Whitehead. Pniitt has endeavored to pet In communication with his father since his arrest In tho hopes that the latter would come to hs asslHtance, but has not lioeu sue- cessfiil. He will remain In th3 county Jail until released by tho lonei-H. Any good iiic-.-,crijition ii!i:»rni;ir\ • will supply these three ingredients ai; small cost, which can easily be mixed' by shaking well in a liotile. Few people seem !o Ui.ow the value of ;-(uniiinu remedies in the treatment of the kidneys. Tliis simp'.-' pre scriptlon. when laken as directed, will n^gulate the mine, clear up and remove sediuieni, overcome back pains and cleanse the entire kidney si rue- lure, correcting bladder troulile-i in just a liile Willie. SENTIMENT FOB WIHTIiOW. (Iinnute .Man Says Most I'eople Think HIiii Innocent. (C<iB'.\.ville Journal.) Kdwanl V. Folev, of the f'hantile Tribune, was in tlic city Tiu>.iday. In speaking of llie Sapp case, he said ibiit KentlnuMtt was slowly swlnglug Itself iiiiiuiid In favor of Wh'tlnw. II was bl;4 opliihm that no Jury could now be secured uroiind Xloiiin timl would convict the defendant. Foley, however, ii.s.serts that there w;is cmi- ; s'deriible expert wltiK-.s.-'.es tlial. had J piwven to some miiuls that WJiltlow was guilty. According to .Air. Foley, this did not seem to infiueuce public sentiment to any extent. .SHE DID .\0T FE.VB DEATH. .\n old lady on her seventy-third birthday once said, -I do not mind getting old ,and I do not fear death, bill 1 live In constant dread of paralysis." •For some time I have been wiinf- ing to tell you of tho great good your wonderfiii shian's Liniment is doing her.->," writes .Mr. James l\ .-Miernailu. of Rutherford College, N. C. •in fact. a!I your remedies are doing noble work, but y(wir Liniment boats all. In my eight years' experience with medicine I find none to go ahead of it, having trli.-d it in very many cases. I know of one young man, a brick mason, who suffered from a partial, yes. almost complete, paralysis of one arm. 1 got him 10 your Liniment, and now he can do as much work as <>ver, and he sings your praise every day. 1 get all to use it I possibly can and know there is great virtue in it. T have hel|)ed the sale of your noble remedies about her greatly, and expect to ^ause many more to buy them, as I know they can't bo beat." Mud Tipple was the guest of Mr. Statler Sunday. Mrs. Mason made a short visit- to Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hiiss are visiting Mrs. Hus .-i 's jiarents near Chanute. Several from this community attended the dance near Salem Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Laver and son spent Sunday at E. W. Laver's. .Mr. Wrights have moved to Momn. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks and .son. and Rert Sears and Miss H^altle Kilgore spent Sunday of last week at Uoss Laver".^:. .Mr. White delivered hogs (o Elsniore Monday. -Mr. Fiirsman cut kaffir corn for .Afr. llender.fon ^Monday and I i During Carnival Week \ will give yen tbe oppojtunity of liayinc^ FINE MILLINERY At 20 per cent discount. The quality is the best Come early and get first choice. Mrs. E. Pefly losii East Madison. Old Court House Block S.lYONBrRfr. t PILES CUBED IN 6 Tft 14 D.iYS. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case ol Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Plies In (| to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. BERT FRYER, tbe gnx er}-nian, is building a new cottage |a tbs 200 block oa North 8Un street. •Mrs. F. N. Moore and daughter, Marie, returned home Monday from an extended visit at Jliilberry, Kansas, and Lamar. .Mo, Mrs. .Moore was called to I.iamar .some lime ago on account (if her mother's serious lllne.-;s. Hansen, and mother visited in H'sniore Sunday. Alice Uoberirt on (he sick list lll:i| week. .Mr. Caiiiiibell of Hiiirilioldl, was <iii( iiiiliidvlng Ills f:irni last week. .Mr. iiiid .Mrs. .lolin Woodlii and .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Woodinof lola. .Mr. and .Mrs. Iliirry .Moore of Siivoiibiirg and .Mr. and .Mrs. R. II. Lake visited at F. .\. Moore's Sunday. .Mrs. Cjiilon who has been ouite sick with rheiimatlsni Is some better at tills writing. Hiirn m .Mr. and Mrs. .Sam Kllioti, .-i boy. Ocioliirr 14. .Mrs. Roberts called oil .Mrs. Kd Fl- llott Wednesday. 1'. C. Jaeiib.son is Imildiiig a new liorii. .Mr. Wedin Is also building a new crib. W. Cuppett cut kaffir corn for F. .v. .Moore Saturday. .Mrs. Walqiiif.t visited home folks Tliur.sdny. There Is no school at i '.M--'i v, this week on account of the te .KjK.-, Miss .Meeum, being sick. Try a Want Ad. in tha Register i DEER CBEEK. I .Misses RoKsle Howard and Hazel Kauake of lola, visited relatives In the country Saturday and Sunday. Fred Longstreth butchered a beef Friday and sold It out to the neighbors. " Dr. ai!d Mrs. .1. W. Howell of lola were in tho nei?hborhood Sunday afternoon. Picniccrs and hunters seemed to he quite numerous in tha woods Sunday. -Mr. Wm. -Murphy delivered wheat in lola Monday. W,k>rk has begun on the pumping station south of Mr. Shafer'.s. SEO. A. B0WLU8, Preeldent THOS. H. BOWLU8, Caahler. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. leok. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana, J. O. Rodfera, Seo. A. Bowlus, Thoa. H. Bowlua. WE ISSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS ON AU EUROPEAN POINTS •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to 9B PER YEAR. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH I.S yiATI.SFACTlON WORTH TO YOUi' Do you prefer methods now going out of d .-ifc or up-to-d.-ite methnd.s that will carrj- far into . the future ? A typewriter made jii .-^t good enough to sellor the L. C. . S .MITII & Baos -TvPiWRiTEn, v/ith every iLsefuI, valuable fc-itiirc i.-iouilt and WriUng EXTIKELY -n Sight ? LET tJ.S SESD YOV THK it. I. f S T R AT E P CATAI.OOUK t. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. =j 812 DcIawarcSt, KansasCity,M^ Your Passing Shadow Women's troubles throv a clotid over their lives, "whlclanegtoct may causa to become permwMJt Make yours Into a passing shadow by taking.a medicine that acts directly on i»ur womanly organ^ tte- order of vhlch has caused your wananly troubles.' Thoiright remedy for you,.vhen you havo bMteh^i backache, nervous ^lls, dragging pains, Irregubr functtons etc.. Is Wine of, Cardui Mrs. R. H. Uwson, of Sprott, Ala., writes: I.suffered with female troublea for i2y*aai fited 4 dodon; they didno good, so I took Wlno of Cardui. il have taken 18 bottle-fed ^tuOf^l^imm am better than In 20 years." Sold by an reliable druggists. In $i.00 bottles.. Try It; . •; - MHTE US A LETTER ^^-SS^aSlSBT * .5t*;"*i2.H.'ii-^. ^

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