Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 8
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8 TBI lOIA SUIT .nam fES,TBIDAT i!VOLN6, OCTOBEB 50, 1:63. NEWS OF U HARPE JUDGES-4>D CLERKS OF ELEOTIOX HATE BEEX AXXOOrED. J. F. Barrl<; !« (laUn^rlns XAIDOS and Biography of Old Soldiers oi' City and ComniiinKy—Personals. t For References. J. F. U\irrif5 of 'liis •^iiy was yr-stor- day making a (isi. of the old poldiers in this city and oomnniiiiiy. A slunl hiojrraphy of oarh will bo iirintort TO ho used as -rrforonco. Will Discuss High School Law. .At. the moeliiiir of (]><• liifir .school llt«>rary socioly wliirli will JM* It.'ld this rvcnine' tlio nanios liish school law will fU'hat. (I. 'MiKh iiiiiTHsr is bcint; ?tiov.n in iho ili-h.-iic Judges and Clerks. •Hto following i< n lisi of. Ilio iiamos of rhoRo who will act as jmlms ami clcrk.s in the coiniiitr tlcciion, Nov. ward, cl.rks. H. \|. C'linc. M. .1. Adams: JIH1(;<-.-. Hcri l';Uion. Wni. .Myorfi. Tlov. nrislil. Second ward, cj.-rli-i. Win. Plcw, n. E. Wooden; judnv-*. Itulil. I'linU. \. ^[. ricnh.Tni, .1. Ri. Sl.nnslniry. Third ward. rli>rl<s. Kd. Danforlh. .Tim Holl; .iud;;.-s. 1). A. Ayors. \V. V. Fl.imilton. Will Ah-.sandcr. Ponrth ward, clerks. Wni. Wiley. K. A. Bonner; judges. .1. Wliitehurst. Freeman Vestal. Win. Turner. Followins will be the volinj: jdaces for the different wards: First ward, r^^^r of .Sl.ate n .-niU htiildinpr. Second w.ird. council room. Third ward. Hines' liardwnre store. Fonrth w.Tr .1. Wert ^- Mercers of- flon. OOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOO Tako Caro of Your Kycsl We arft prepared to* fiii yon with eyeglasses for your rr-aiiln;.^ i1ii-se lone evenings. Onr stock is coinpk-t.- and we do not ch.irce for lesiins the i -y.-s. iV.VTERS & DANl'ORTH. nrn.!?s and .Tevvelry. O O o o o o 0 o o o o 6 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o D o o o w o o o 0 o o o o o o o 0 o o V 0 \J o c o c iO c CAN50X DID yOT KILL IT. Say Republican Congressmen Asked About Llttlefleld Liquor Bill. Triin a They Quilted Yesterday. The niembersi of the Ladies' Ai:l society of the Methodist iipi.-copal church quilted at their ineetitur yesterday afternoon. TIK y will meet at the next lime Thursday. The attendance yesterday was very sood. To Begin Early. The Sunday .school at the Methodist Episcopal church will l)e>;in (>arly T\ext Sunday morning. InsK'ad of In- RlnnlnR at 0 :1.".. the usual liour. it will start at '.'.1.'. Are Playing at Moratv A football lojiin ooinposed oi' fom hall plavtTs fKuii litis i-iis .•nc pliiy- inp at .Moraii. Kas.. ilii-; ainnnKin. They (Jrovi- over. Will Entertain for Miss Carrike. This evcninu: W:tlier Koniiiie will entertain at his home in honor of liis cousin. Mii-s firace I'anilie. who is vl?lt!n;? hf r". Expect a Big Crowd. The football came l>.'i\vei>ii loenl high school .-sud IIH- Hroiiso'i i!i:;li school teams will Hk-'ly attract a lar;;e crowd. A large number from Bronson will attend the s:im>'. OSTEOPATBT— DR. W .ir. ALBRIGHT. Registered O-steopathic Physician. State Bank Bldp. Phone M.'i. Only Osteopath in I^i Ilarpe. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. C-aham and .Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Graham left yesterday for their liome in Colorado Spriniis. Colorado. They liave bion here visiting for the past several <lays. Frank MiHer has reiii(>d a farm near Toronto, Kas., and will luov ttiere in tlie near futtire. Mjss .Marabeile McCill left this afternoon for Ft. Scott whi're will be ihe .cn<'M of relatives. Clare K'MT was in .Aloraii yc.-it<'r- day. • iV Mr. and Airs, l^'ranl, J''oiier h Ti yes terday for ilirard. Kas.. wb. le they will make their ftnnii- buuf. Dr. Halm \Nas in Fori Semt y .\.iter- day on business. .Mrs. Hanna lluldiard and ilaiiirhi.T moved here Wedn4'.sday from Hufialo. Kas. .Mrs. Hubbard will preach at th Friends church .'^nnday. tidth tiioiiiiiia .•md evcninjr. . Chtca .co. Oct. .'to.—Thu bune this morning saya news article: "The Itepnblican members of the house connniiiec on judiciary in the ITfty-ninth con.i ^ress have exonerated Sjteaker <'an- noii from all blame jn conneo- iloii with the defeat of llii- Lil- tlefield liaiior hill. Tlii4 was The measure which prohibited the shipment of !i(|iior into prohibition di.siriei.s. Ir was kilb -ij by the .iudicl.iry commitfi-e on the ;;i<)iin <l ih;ii should i;, pa.-s the courts would ho 'd ii itncoii- siiiiitional. Because of ilje d,-feat of this nieasure anil the siieakei's all (t ,'ed conticctinn with li be has litM >n founht bii- lorl.v iiy the tfiiipiTance in:«-«'S. especi "v the W. C. T. I". •The ••.\onera'.:oii of the speaker by ilio niembi>rs <>r tin- coinmitttM* was :;iveii liiirepl.^ to i|Ufry by ibi' ('eniral ("hrisiiiin .\dvocate. ptiblislied at Kansas (•oii:;re.<siiiiin i,iillefle!d. aiilhor of lli(> bll!. previously derlari'il the siieaker had uoibliii; to do with lis defejii. The tciiUMl <!"hii;-- lian .\ilvoiale wiied si\ Heimb- liean members of the ciuiiiuii- (.'<» to ,l8k if Lin bfield's S'.iii- iiietK was line. "Till' si.\ members addro.-s'il. as well .IS ("our Re(iublic .iii members who did noi leci-'vi- any message, imtnediately i.'plied siipporiln;! ilu- Littlefield slatcnioni in fin I ;ind de;'laiin;; Cannon hail nothin;r whatever to do with the fate of the bill." Tb.' Tribune a.rticle adds thiit ibe C^niral Clirisii:in .\dvocaie has 4101 jirinied the replies from the cmi.iirespmeii. ooooc. ooocoooooocc BOTKIN ON DEMOCRACY. to Smite Old Editorials Rise Him. up Yoii iasi t upon the finest in other food prodi:rj>; now get spices that you can Jepcc.d upon—pure, lull of stierijith and unsurpasjcJ in e,iialit\. The best spii-i's ai.- those that arc best in tlie l^e.rjinnini;; selected and ground ami sealed with Great care— Every particle of their season- ine properues—their very jite —js retained in the air-tiphi package. Always uniform. Groceiis-rlOc. Theie are two iS.ais of sniccr— TONE'S and "et^trs.' rata CmUMCN lUVES AUSPICE nfTU£S SUKCB wmua TOII£BBOS..B6iM (rin63.loia Air. Botkin has not always been the iriend of the Democratic party tiat he now seems to be. In \eais i>ast he has denounced the coriioralion and iin.sonnd ))rinciples of nemo.^ra- cy in most bitter and scathiUri 'an- gttapo. When .Mr. Binkin was jiominated for Covernor on th<> I'rohibition tick(!i at llntcbinsoii. Kansas. .Inly I-'. ls.'N.'<, lie made .-i spei-cli in whicii be said: '•.\'exi to beini; . l.-etcl fur tbiM -ni- or oil th<- I'roliibiiion tiek <'t I think Ibis is tile Ri-calesi honor in the uifi tif ilie State. 1 w<iuld a mtai deal rather be iiomlimi''d on this lirki s t.iaii CICCIIMI as a eandidaie for eiiIt­ er of ilii' oiber parties." The yiav after .Mr. IloiMii i-ni jnr <;o\iMiior oti ili>' Piobibilioii iie|,(>l 111- was I'b'cii'il piesldin.;' ildiM' of ill'" .Melliodlsl rliureli, an.I bail his head i|iiariers :ii Wii'i'iia. lie .•.•;lalili.-h<Ml and wa« ejitor of a paiur there from ivs;t I-. is;il, -ailed "The We•;lem .\U-t!iodisi.' Wliili> nominally a tioii- liartis .Hi p.iper. i.' \\:is at first v.'idii'- allv ill favor <if luobibit ion. and eiaciuaUy .is.'-iinied ili-' ;i(I\-oc:?e'. of ih" priiiciiilcs of poi!:jIisiii. .\u<r Mr. y-v.!-;Iii si-v.'ied his eoiil'.ec: iiiii wiih ibis paper in Isiil. he b. r-.!iiie mie of the walkiim doletates of r .i,.- ulism. iravidi'iiiK ovi^r t!ie siai.> iiia'>- in:i snc.clies for iliat jiarty. While editor ^f (be Wis;, rn M-Jli- odisi. and in a position n sueak bis mind fi<e|y of the Deinoci :n i<; paii->. iiecause he was not ilie (•.•indidai'- of that party for Clovemor. In- disciis!-- ed TX''mocra"y ediior'.illy on Stpi. KO". in conneftion wiih ibc fiisinn nejnocracy with I'u- ie->.iibi)ii--!ioii Ueimbiican.-. He saiil. •"With .'ill flue r.-sp.'ft to iitin.'r. .'s and i!ious;iiids of honest MIII.T ui-II in the nemocra'ie jiany. unMi for whom we have the liiijb.p.^r rcvaid. we jnusi !ie pormiited lo say t|i:i: Kansas Oeinocracy >•-• iiis to l.r.e chosen a whiskej b:ir:el as the .v;hi;ii of its di'voiions. .Voiliinu- slior; of a saloon on every corner, protected ai;d made resiieciaii'"' bv law. will satisf.x the ambition of !hi< narty. Such a party is the i>;opcr indiiical lioui<- i<ir re-submission l{>'publicaiis w Mo love the saloon more man th-* <;. (1. |.'. Tlieso fellows liave done .^JIUM tliiiiu ibf\- buru'il Si. .luiin in < ;fii.'v lor <|oin:;. siiii;il.\ liecaiise tli.;. i-oiildn't foici' till' Kepiiblicaii iiaii> of K:insas into alliance wiili ibe nun powtM-. All party histo;;, ;ind poUti.- al differeiu'is were for^otiin and a'" i)Ui>siions of state policy were i^iii.v . .1 by noinocrats and traitor Kc pii'i- lieans id ib.dr wild i ii s .i ;,>'• «iii> key •• Wno 'l.I. HE THE miST. Iloimr Itivtilry IIS to Mho Shiill liH\e ' of Piiyinir Tnx<'s Firsl. Every yoar rlie;i> is a rivalr.v. more yr b !-s intense, bin always f;o<>d ii.i:- iired. between ceriaiii lesidenis of the county as to who slytll have the honor of being the first to_ jiay taxes. Tae same rivalry exi-ts between residents of the city but it is noi quite so animated or lar-reacliing as the county contest. This year will be no excej ;ion to the rule. However, the first to come next Monday when the tax payini: season bejiins will be t'.ie first served. Tomorrow, Saturday rug prices will be lower than you have seen them for some time. Look over your rug wants and come to this sale prepared to buy. The price is going to be so tempting you won't go away without all the rugs you will need this season. ^ .•^riiall K'lus .-i: >n;:iile>- pne-'^ .\Miuii-ie|- iiu- \voi ih .on .-.i!e i.,.r \\l;l!!li-'er I'.-'lpel Ku:-..-- si/..' _'T\!.*. incbr.-, s.iiiirb'-;. ru-;s UIT:|I .'I.T-'V and .•'L'.i'e. > otu: r!tii:;' .t!ld' e; ieiir.ii |i;i",;iis. frinueil end-: >;» L'TN'I null \M.:ii:-ie!- I!ii-_'s in i:i;i. liii'Wii ai'd -AV'' ii'.ii price J.?.:".'., on .-a!e fur , . M 'cb Wilioii i;ir:< i'l ii<'ii mieiii.i S .I le loi .... •.'T\i:'> Wiiiiiii liims. ie::iilar $.'. "o value; on :!"''\7:.' \ \ liMi-.!.'!- IliP.:.; i!i :il| colors, eilbei p,l"eM|, V. .ll. lo:- fl.ll.ll . !'.4S WOltll $1 "•II :.lid eil; oil .~.l!e tor .-. Ill ii. i: f' v. rii:!; i; oil -.;le ;.. • led ;illd 111 iiU II u oi ;i.\!" 'r .'ipesjy K'nas .-c;.!iiii.-s ili flura! "! oi ii .<-0 "". ii!i >;ile for .Vvi!ii«-ier .i:ii-- ii! !lo;;il :iiid .-eiis il;:- v.olid over ;•: isi ::\\:ii I.aii'ii' ; eilioi! St.Oil • ;• llriiiiiuii! •i| -.^i-i'll. ; ~;i ;e. . i>Sr •eioi in:.;-.. 1 ( SI.S.l 11 ill i^J: r.ii on I>i ji 'iiI.I I p.i' .s::.«is • Ml on S'S.'>.-> Sio.uo I: on .-a'e .SI I.!)."» ::: ;e::i.~-. worth -. a .u;: th::' .w . .~!ann'da-.. S'iO.S.l i: :.i :t\li' \Miiiii.-iei U-iu.- in MI li oi;eii::i; piii:-rn^. ir.ade by I'le i:i;:e!oW Caip"! fo.. ie -lliar pri.-e Jljili.e; eU S .lie for )!?t*;{.JKl ''\\:' i:i.d\ r .ii;s.-.-'s K !it :s in-lar. meeii a:, i I'lown oriental patienis. i.'u:i :;iv p-*;:ii.<i"; ot: for . . . .)!?^-I .S5 '•\r." WilTon i;'i'-"~ ill iiiaeen. irreen and I>rowi!. remilnv price $l'>.itii; ••n .-ale lor .S.'M.I.** i:\'' l;.\.r^i::;i nu^ Ki;u> in led. lilui .md uii-ii. ri'milar i>rice S: ".ii; oil s.lie for . . ;i:\T.:' Siii<;led .l.ipane-e .iMiiiii;; lluus wor:b s.'c: on s:i i- tor lie ..l;iijl Ww-^ in .•>;i ro !eV<. Worl'l J';''l>; o;i -;iie for . . •:^C {.*K"» '.|\1J I'lo It! ii~.-el.>; Knss ill i;i»-tMl olliy. prn-e ei.ii^i.lereij. ihe lie-^: "•Mriii:; iir-> iii;:d.- for iliiiiii '4 i.ioni.-; -Si- "I'l \;iiac on •^.il- !or , ST.S."» i;i~-i-;-: r.rr .ie- Sueepcr., iu all iinaliiies priced a' S'i.'i."* "' Sl.lMI •;•»:< \\:::ir;-;er Kif-'s it! icteeti .iiid led oileir.,: i ,.-i;re; Murfh Sl.l.'"' I'll sale IO. SS. l."> Wlii; • i'li.i.iin Svv;.--es ?.<'. hiclies wide, woriii l.'n : .m s;i!e for Itif* I'll- \\i:Ji.- .^liov.-;';ike |)r;ipeiy Clc.ltl wilts cetoi.-d cr..s ,s i);u> in ii.iM-. i:;ieii. '.^oid and red; on :-ale fot. per ;.aiil . .... 1 ."it* ?l.7.'. (•••;;,: M.iih ]t'i-_'s in p^nk and 'lim-: on -.ii.-for . .<l-||' i-.r;,! !-.:;!i i;.i -4< 'ti pink .ind l.l^ie. o:: s.i.e . ..Jjil.-HI I •.. !'.'-i!-ii \I::;i- .1 iliCl w.>r;!i >»..e: o;j ^.oe lor (illi- :i»i . h i-':ine\ Silkoiihi s :ii all n lor.- '•M- i 'le Mnaiiiv o ;i .-.a.Ie i'.r he l.'.e ipm':! 'la .-aie I..:- ,c ( i:: . :i.ii 1 )i a !•• V\ '<<, ; li- e ••' CO .\i :s and M-d:;is on M.irdas o;i sali- lie . . .Madt'a-i on .- ij.- o.: . .Madra- on a^- f-^i- . .•>!;idras on .-a'e for . .\I:>ilra-^ on .-.iJe for-. . .\l::d:as on s.ife fi.;- •e .M.'iii:on sai<' for . l!l- ¥!.••• I \;.!drii: e on r.i. |.. V.'ii.dmv Shiidi-. on > I 'e- V\ii:do'.v .-'l; s <n >:i !i .".lie .'-^liadi s I -dii' • d fo I '.'le .'•>!i:uli> leillleiil ill r..".e Shades rednied oi r 'ii.or I'.tiila'i 'II ii 'ain colm-. red. >ard 4 I'riiilid l'.iiilap> ill .i!! coliirs. \ior;b rj.'.c. on :.'.".(• \ji li-'iiiiii ii'i>- i") .. :'.e \i i l )i ;ii:'ls .T' • i!-' Oil- I '.iiiei \rl •{"Ukiiiiis I 'll- ;:;ii :ii !i; li ;r.:-. '.'.'<r ipialiiv mi sai urreii IITMU n. Ail Lace Curtains at Special Sale Prices .^liiii I'Mr'aiiis •)!! 5 V 'w i.iiii.- ci: ~.t SI :,•> <:;ii ;.i:a^. s .>;! .7.-, I "in Mii'is "Il ' Jl'.iin ('ai li'ilis 1.11 .-.:! SJ.LT. »•i:r:;:i ''s on .;,:! j;2."|| Cn: .;ii .-i:- on .-.i' Sj.T."i (111 i ;:in- on s ;i: ?;','*e ('iM';''';*' till ^.1 ' ' I . • :i MIS I ^i' • f'l: i.iin.- o;i ::. j;;: '.'< <'nr.;iin -«.'.: • Il : .sr»<' ;"i ir. JlSf lo:' . !'n SI.:J.'» lor. . io.' . SI.SJ) l<i:-. S-i.lI) t.e, . . ...i;'. I'm s-».<»r> ; 1 • .' . . ..s :!.!r> .>;.iiii Caii.!; ;.- 1.:; ~ li.' !ie.- .<;,.'.n t'liyr.-i; ;.-. o:i sai • lor. . .«..". III! ('i! v<: I-. on -a!e fo: . . v.; nil ("iir;ai' '.. on tie . . S4.;ir» i s.r.M (nil:!: I< o!i .-ate io. . s.-».i.'» ST .ii" fiiriai ns o;i j;:.!e \'.;. . . .-?.->. Ill .SV .'.'I fiiiii!' 1 oil s .'tle for. . .*\.'ll .o :•• •'!; s.ile ,1,; . . .< . .".e I iin ; ::Ie lor nil < 'n 1 • :i! oil .-:i e :'or. . .-!> • i|ii ('ii • o;: s .:;e lo:". s:.;',«) ?IJ ... f..:; , lis I 11 :-.iie for. .". >'!.'• I'll Cur:.! M.- on s:iie for lOI.A, .vini'.sB.v .\M> pmsiii lu;. IiA\.S\<!. iv!:i :ss M\N\«;KI:S MILT. \re lliilttintr Si BAILEY MEETING A SUCCESS. •r >:e I'i;; eon\ e;i| ion p.n;- \\e>ii.;ii ^faii :r;es- ;ii l.'ie Mile ipii;-;.!. K:i.-= ; II. Sn-i'.i. l'.i;son.-.! |t<..s.; !:. i;. I';in. l*i".• In. ; : »i«.n al Pilt^linr-' Thi-i"^ '• .Mif hi 11. (:.• neai-e. ; \. f;The Peoole of Humboldt Satisfied " Oki.ilioni.i <i:.v. ()!.l...; \. .1. IWislev. Independence. K .I - : A Spaf-j ir- llii-.l'i >:i\s: ie •. N;",>hv:l!e. T.-m f r I>A.V.| ^. .. .1 K;. - -.OI,- iintn .iL.,: 1 I i ,.; . t-.,^ , =peec!i oi e\-<^.overn.. • l.alle> ' ' — • . i-:x.(;<,-.,.,tior Bailey i.-: a p!,.;..sini; a;id eiier-etic spea';er. He had not Tin V/ith Rep-Jblican Party. Hnmiioiiif .M.rald says of t!ie n . Office rooms Buildin?. to rent in Sieven>on Complete School House. The work on the new school hou.-o will :Mther be compleated today or tomorrow and as soon as the new .seats arrive the building will be ar- anged for occupancy. This building is a. credit to our town and our dis- tiiet and should create a fet 'ljnp of pride among our citizens that shoi'.'d ri'mind them that our town should be brought up to the standard of our school.—Elsmce Leader. JiTrx Ta p;. - Sti'v I ill I'iii-- liiiii;. ll is i;iili.-r .i t.. \\ !-;iniie will; liie <o:npiai>. ia ii'.at tb.- meetin'.i-i Inive le.-o^ved tii'-l.iM- \e -i inimi- ;il nieeiniis such i;-- havi- I., ea In'd berelofoie. iulo dl .'-rict luei'in-., 1 k.:lie one in l'iii,|,iii;; ipi^ v.e.-k. The Piilsiniit: coiuciiiion licpm; ierday and vi '.i bi^i iiiitil riid;i.\. Tiie iiiaiiageis pie >i -ni (mne fmin the Kres.-^ sillies of KaIl ^ns t)!•; Ai- kaiisas and .Missonri The niei'iiiii::, an- .•~]rU--'\ l.nsiiiev i ( iMM p <^ri( Ki .v n i.iiL Don't let the ( hiid < hoke l» Diatli, • i .e. II in Hiimiioidt for eL-ht years and k \.is more than plea-^e.i with ih.- ad- \ai!c.- he has s-en in the town. His ;-p.e<ii was not anusi\e of ti :e ftemo- '''Icratic i.artv doctrine or candidates. i.'.r.\ air 11 e;iiiiieir. wil; care croup m : ^^..^^ a logical presentation ot Re- .second s'iii:.-.. Has-.- ^,,1,^,;^.^,, ^^^^^ j,,,.,,^ .,<-!,. U lijle >Vait1iitr lor tin* Itortor. Hvf 'iiei. ibe !nir .ice'.ms anfis .'e jeither the fi^r-i or iiy inhaled, even when the is irregular, i, reaciies nun E .\riIA .\f;E OU SELL. List your property with nie. I h:ivo a large list to match from. No expense «n- les.s a deal i.s.found for you. I have 210 acres In Neosho county, Kaa. to exchange for good Io!a propecty. J. T. MILES. Room 10, mi Conrt House. ll •-r I (thing proriipily I in- i ed over the history of the parry, for; liie past twelve years and toid what: itban any oiber reiiir-d.v tbe i-rrii-i^ m-i.^ ^^^^^ j,,^.,,. ^^j. oonni-v. He toM f.anied membrane of the windpip-.^^ j^^. i,i.i!ity of Wm. Taft as an cv- Ifoothini; lial.-iinis aei iniiiiediaiily. the, ^^.iniv,i arwl of his record in tM< affairs and tlnie see;;:.- lo |,e Hnle i !"•'=>"""•"'"" is *iila>ed. and ibe swell lime <ir iticiiiiiii ion lor l>anipie:s. tiol-'"'- 'educed, ley rides ;ii:d u-tur jiL -l.i aiiiii^-i-inenTs .-Itch as ofieii cinir.ti;..: iz. ihe laodern liiisine.-s ciiiiveiuioiis I l».iy nie.'iin.c:-^ tii-e !:, id .n liie Still- Weli .and ni '.:lli llleel;j..;>, al Kle -iS siore. .1 .1 .\ewliiri. of ibe .\. >.v Yo;k iffites. It:-- cbaiu- >•( li.- inei-riaiis. and :it liie cio.-.- ii i|.,.; mi-.r- ins be v.i'' i;.. diiefi lo Wichita m tiike <hai'.:;e ni .. im there. The foi.ouiim !.i;iii .i .;ej > ai-' in attendance; .L .1. Newi.erc. New York: W T Biirrall, Little Hock. Ark : S. B. .North t'offe.wille. Kas.: If. V Birmingham. Fort Scoit, Kas.; H. R. Wicker. Em- Pbil- ifipines. fiibii and Panamii and trdd of his ahilitv to take hol.i of tre UfK).-' v It •Ntii ii-ns a .L 'o oar liiUe bfi>. \Va.j ^.fjrii brsun l>y Pre.sideiii awoke in ihe niuht will; a I. ad .mack j ,^arrv it to a finish, of croup. We allowed him lo inbii'.e i -j-i,,. Rep;ifilicans are well satisfied Hvomei; he besian to l.reaiiie easier, j ihf. meeting and of its effect in .iiid in haif an hour was I'.isi a.s!eep.; Hiiinboldt " and vicinif.v. Thi-re were iim i:lad to speak a good won! lor'n'any farmers in the audience and the ;i renied.N fhar will i.ii crnup of its ' OovenKir's was directed to terrors.?—Rev. Ceo. .•^i.-snn. p;t>'oi- of ' rhem a ijreat part of rr:e tinie. He is .\l. K. iTiurch. Soinh Londonderry. Vi. j biinself a practical f;i-iiier and runs in-I llyomei tprontumced tligh-f>-mct i.-' a larse farm at P.ailevviile. He was j'.iiniranieed by t'has.' I! S;ieiic«.r .v Co.. j mtrr-riiiced to tbe audience'by Proft's- lo cure catarrh. coi.:;hs. colds, a.- fiir.a. sor Decker. .\l:s. Dicker is? an old bronchitis and croiiji. or monev ii:;;k. • neiehbor and ilnrina his sta.v here .\ conoplete outfit Including a lu-at |<lf>vernor Baih-y was their guest ar- hard rubber pocket jnhab-r. costs only j .supprr. i ll .rtO. An extra bottle of llyomei. iij afterwards needed, cost but .'.o cems. I Try the Rogister tvant eolnmn. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Bate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or .Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett —Fftrgomld Storage ana Tran .Kfer i Co. Honseliold anil piano morlng: 1 largest store room In city. Phone Sa«. •7 t..

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