Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
Page 5
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m West Street, Io £iQ:i»ie' block from sqaari Disease^ of domesticated animsibisncces^^lytreated.cluuges modedBte .good oo ^staOslorpatieQts Calls tflswered jpix>mptly night or day, 20 yeaxB experiebce. Veterinary Dentistry a^g>ecialty. Honor' araduata'of Otttario Veter* : inary College, l>rop. tlospitid Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 If it's a Hot Water Bottle Remember we sell . the best quality at right prices. Full line of rubber goods at SfENCER'S PoUee and Manageaieiit of Parker Shows Johi Haads to Stop Disorderly Condnct cm Hxwi. A REPRESENTATIVE of the United States Guarantee and Fidelity company was today looking over the records in Probnte Judge Smith's office collertlng statistics. Tag: You're it. Saturday . POLICEM.OJ Ira Smith returned this morning from a business t'rip to .loplin and Carthago. THE WILS(»I gas land matter was adjiKi ^ted last i&ht by the council satr isfaetorily to iSr. Wilson. Mrs. CantrelL Phone 10»7. JUDGE CORY, of Fort Scott, at a dividend meeting of the creditors of Geo. E. Reeder. of Petrolia, ordered a dividend of fen per cent to unsecured^ creditors and prioriiv ri'^ditors pnid ill full. The session of ihi' rotirt was. held at the Oriental hoc I. The next, meeting will be held December 2n. —Chanute Sun. Dr. ;Be ]rBOlds.^|||^WL ^Ses. fl4. P. £. «Taafffe7v ««HC ^IioBe IK^ Ofllce oTer Barrell's Oriff Store. TRUANCY Officer Lemasters is having some trouble with the youngsters who are inclined to play hoolcey to take in the Carnival. Mr. lemasters was compelled to round up a few kids yesterday who were loitering almiit the; show grounds during school hours. Good evening. Have you been tagged, Saturday Is 'I'ag Day. THE REV;' HarlLne-ss' lecture last night at the First Methodist church, on the subject, "Japan and the Japanese," drew a fair sized crowd and some "money was mada for the East lola church fund. Thursday night the lecture is to be repeated at Bas- si-tt anid Friday night at the East lola church. Rowdyism at the carnival must stop. Thl^ is the order of Chief of Police WTm. Gates. His ord?r meets the approbation of thi- management of the Parker Amnsement company and also to a vast majority of people who have been visiting the popular shows this week. "T^'e want everj'hody to havq a good time," said Chief Gates this morning, "but we want them to do it {without mistreating or insulting people*. There Is an inclination on the part of a certain element to treat women dlsres- p?ctfully and practically drive them from the carnival. This mtist stop. If it is not arrests will rollow." The chiefs order prows otit of the f.ict that last night several wome^ were roughly trpateii by a gang of young fellows who seemed to be attempting to build tip a reputation for iteing toughs. One elderly lady was knocked down hy being run Into by a bimch of hoodlums. 1-ast night the police put the ban on confetti, horns and "scheech owls" because those who possessed Uiem didn't seetn to know how to use them without making themselves offensive to the patrons of the snows. Word was sent to the stands selling confetti, to stop Its sale. The management of the gnve consent in ih.^ order. Gel Tagged. Saturday is Tag Day. THE F. r. OF A. HAVE FINE "HOP." Second Dance of Season Was Ahond- ed liy Many Ont-of.Toirn People. Mcilpr Barber College, Kansas City Mo. Teaches the trade by free cllnir and ciireful Instructions In few weeks Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. A DEED WAS filed in the register of deeds office today showing the trans fer of a lot in Mildred from the Great Western Portland Cement company to J. J. iieims. of Kansas City. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B; Kelley & Son have moved theii transfer and storage office to 21 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Residence and nigh' Phone 17. MRS. BIX)TZ. wife of Roy Biotz, of this c^ty, has accepted a position In Mrs. P?fly's millinery store on East .Madison. Dirt I'or Sale. Luccock. D P. NEHER and Andred Neher. of, .MJcCime, Kansas, are here visiting Fraii-i Tanner and family of 802 .\r,i ,lY Jeffiirson street. Dr. J, F. JameRon. flradaatc Aacllon' eer aqd Veterinarian. Sales or ealN made anynhere. Pbuue IS, tola, Kai>. W'i R MOKEY, who several months ago sold otit his interest !n th? Y. M. C. A. "rtstatirant to a Colorado man. has acain purcLased that business. Mr. .Mprey has already taken possession ot the stock. 4. V. Tanner, licensed aactloneer and sale crier, 60S Kortb McRea. Ga« City.: Tiui body of Ed. Readicker was shipped this niom'ng to Wea. Kans., where the funeral services and in- terin^tat will t«ke place. r .• - ~ , S&tjjrday is Tag Day. Get Tagged. MRS. JAMES Mullin. of Plqua, Ks.. Lwas taken to the hosplUl this morn- yng. Mrs. Mu'lln is suffering with rheUBKitiEm. The second dance of the season given by the Fraternal Union of America last nleht was a grand The large crowd of .voting people present entered into the spirit of the occasion and the evening passed long before they realized it. Resides a largo number of lola young iieople being present there were delegations from Chanute, Humboldt. La Harpe and Gas City, .\fter con- grattilafing the promoters of the amusement department of the local order on their siicces.<;. the Chanute anc Humboldt delegations left for their homes on the mldtiighl Santa Fe. Several new .selections were played at the dance la»» eveitlHg-by-fHile»ds orchestra. Including a two-step composed by Wilbur Shields, leader of the orchestra. When it was played, the composer had not yet named it. Or- ?anlzer Wlthrow, of the Fraterna' Union ,suggesled ihiit it be clirlsieiied "Hard Cider." because of Its inspiring lualitios, and his sugge.slloii will be iccepted. A matter of choice Which irill you havfc— dry, chalky, tastdtffs oyster crackers dipped out of a barrel, or dainty, appetizing bubbles of crispness that melt on your tongue with a savory stupicion of salt and add zest to your soup or oysters? 1^ in moisture proof packages NATIONAL y,; BISCUIT COMPANY WILL SEND COPY .VOXDAY. Certldratp of Oklahoma Vote Also Ready for Wa.ohlngton. Gtilhrie, Okla., Oct. 2:1.— Secretary Alison stated last night that the certificate of the vote on the const! tution and prohib tion and a copy of he constitution will he forwarded to Washington on Thursday. The copy -)t the constitution has been complet- rt and the board today is comparing t with the original. Tomorrow the certificate will he prepared and Governor Frantz and Chief .Tustlce Clayton of Ind'an Territor>- expect to \sti\c with it Thursday. Secretary Filson is preparing certificates of election to be delivered to the officers elect. The state board will wait-another day for retuniB from Muskog?e county, and If the board which is now canvassing the rettims does not forward them Immediately thereafter to the state board, the \-ote of Muskogee county, on state, congressional legislative and distrlc officsrs, will be thrown out. BOl'fiHT JJAS CITY STORE. T. B. Shannon Bought .Slock Owned by ('. D. Eakln. T. R. .Sli.nnnoii, tlif hardware, implement .and harness merchant, yrsterd.ny rlosed a deal for the C. v.: V.vAv'iw stoci; of hardwar • in Ga? City. Mr. Shannon does not oxpee; to niDVe the stock to Ida. but will l.opp in:- Slock in its pr-''.sent location nn I ciiidiic it ;i.s a luanrh to his lola litivine.'is. Hi- li:is not. however, decided who w:!I ni:i!irig-^ the Gas City business for h '.xw. Trr a Want Ad. In Re^lstei the Begifiter Want Colams. Boys' Overcoats, dres.^y and stylish In all the correct colors. Ages % to 10 years. Prices nM to $7.50 CAe Bait lay Shields Clothing Co;^ TU£ 8T0^ TflLif SJltlSFtES. For Exchange. Farming lands in Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKER & DQNNELlv. $75,000,000 IN LOANS Texas fotton Crop Is Belnf? Watehed With Donbls. Houston. Texas, Oct. 23.—The Texas Farmers Cotton Union company announces that no further advances will be made on cotton and an effort to hold the crop of the state for fifteen cents Is believed to be a failure. More than .seventy-five million dollars Is tied up In loans on the crop. No home is so pleasant, regardless of the comforts that money will buy. as when the entire family Is In perfect health. A bottle of Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents. It will cure every member of the family of constipation, sick headache or atom ich trouble. Burrell's drug store. FIND.S SPRVEY IS 3fOT TRUE. A. W. Beek Dlseoren Groomer Bnlld> lair Is on His Land. A. W. Beck advises all people who anticipate erAtlng a new building In this city to llrat make a perfect survey of the land on whi(!h they expect to locate it. In surveying toi the erection of the big building which Mr. Beck Is now preparing to locate oh South Jefferson street he discovered that the west end of the WlllUtn Qroomer building Is about one foot over on his property. This not only inconveniences Mr. Beck but displeases Mr. Qroomer. ft shows that the building la not built acording to the plat of the city. It also shows that a number of buildings In the block are out of line. ASK.S FOR MORE LAND. Mrholson Thinks fioTornment Ower Affrlrnltural College 2,890 Acres. MINISTERS FOUND NO JOINTS. Bnt the Topeka Drug Stores Were Open and Very, Very Busy. Topeka. Oct. 23. —^The Topeka Min- sterlal Union made an Investigation of the liquor situation In Topeka. and in a public report issued tonight declare that the jo'nts have been driv en from the city. . Then they "view with regret" that the linuor ^ales a' druc stores are on the increase. Th* Christian EJndcavor society of this tjity has endorsed John Schenck. a Democratic county attorney, for reelection. WANTED. GIRLS to Brown Smoke House. work at the HE TRIED SUICIDE AT SIXTEEN. A Pittsbnrg, Ka.s., Boy Who Ran Away Now WiHing to Retnrn Home. Leavenworth. Kas., Oct. 2.1.—Alsa- lew Cochran. Ifi years old. tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river here (his afternoon. He mad< two attempts to drown himself and a policeman finally arrested him. Ccchran Is the son of Sarah A. Cochran, a widow, living in Pittsburg. Kan.s. He ran away from home and was in I .AJiinta, Colorado, where h" caught the tra'n that brought In a '^atalion of the Thirteenth Infantry and rode to tMs city. He is now will ng to return home. FOR RENT—Furnished house, modern. Apply this office. COST m TO ABUSE WIFE. W. A. Eaton Was Given a Fine In Fo- life Coart Yesterday. W. A. Eaton was fined fin and costs '?Rt evening for using abusive and threatening language to His yrlte. The 'roubte occurred night before last anfi .laller Hoo\'er Kerr and Ch'ef Gate?, were called to the apartihents of the Eafou family by word that Eaton was abusing his wife. The husband continued his remarks to bis wife in the presence of the officers. Eaton claimed that he had been driven to his con- 'duct by questionable actions on the part of his wife. RALLY DAY in thf^ tr. B. Sunday school next Sunday. Everyone who attends will be given aseuvenir. Topeka. Oct. 2.';.—John ,C. Nicholson, state fiscal agent for Kansas at W.nshinpton. is trying to iiave the state agricultural college Indemnified by the next congress for 7.896 acres of land. The college was given a land grant when founded, but was within thirty miles of what was to be known as the right of way of the Leavenworth & Pawnee railroad, which under stat ite caused a settler or claimant tc )ay twice the minimum price. This railroad was never built. and now N'ichol.son thinks that the govam ment owes the agricultural college another 7.800 acres of land. Its ac :iml value in monev wouhl be onlv $10,000. AGAIN.ST PITTSBURG "JOINT.S." Another Movement Started Liquor SeHers in the Kansa.s Town. Pittsburg, Kas., Oct. 23.—The State Temperance union, in charge of the Rev. J. M. Dunleavy. has again started an anti "joint" movement In Pittsburg, At noon today 100 women be gan circulating two petitions In PItt.s. burg for signaiiiros. One of these is for signatures of the women and the other for the signatures of the students of the city. These will be lesented at the m?etlng of the city council Wednesday night, ask'ng that the "joints" and gambling ho&ses be removed from Plttsbtirg. They do not ask for the removal of officers. 17 j -weled Elgin or Waltham iii 20 year Crown Case. Hnniinr, our price $t8m2B . Every Watch Guaranteid GOT HOT IRON IN HIS ETE. R. Newman SantalMMl Falnfnl Injnrles Y«lterda^ R. Newman sustained very painful Injuries at the United Iron works yes- erday afternoon by being struck In the left eye with a smalt piece of hot Iron. The Injury pained Mr. Newman very much last night and he is not able to work today. It la not believed that the injury will reault seriously. BAPTISTS TO HOLD REYIVAL. Rev. Garfield AttBoanees Special Meetings Beginning November 4th. Rev. W". H. Garflald, pastor of the Baptist chnrch ,1s arranging for a series of revival meeting to begin November 4th. It is the intention to hold ths meetings for a two weeks' l)eriod. Rev. Garfield will be assiat- ed by Rev. G. W. CasMidy. pastor of the First Baptist diurch at Wichita, .^ev. Cassady ia said to b« very effect- ve In evangeliat'c meetings. This Is the first revival in the Baptist church since Rev. Garfield came here. GASSER WBSf OF CARLYLE. New Channte People Get Gaa . Field. In CKy Win Drav Wlntei's Ctaa Sap^ Iblair From TUs WeO. The city will draw Its aupply of gas thia winter' largely from the Young lease west of the river. Arrangements are now being made by Mr. Rodgefs manager of the gas department, to take tip the little three-inch line now running from the Neosho river to the city and replace It with a big six-inch line. This big line will make It possible to draw thousands ot feet of gas from the Young place dally. In addition to the Young field the city will have the Wilson ;aeld north of town, to draw from. This field Is connected with the city's mains by an eight-inch main. It is also the intention of the city to put down a prospecting well on the Purdy farm west of the river. The city now Holds a lease on this place and it is thought that some more good wells will he brought In on thia place. With a high pressure line running north and south on State street the length of the'town and another big line running east and west along the Missouri Pacific tracks, every part of hte city win be well fed from both the field north of town and the one across the river. Monday, Octol^ir 28. "Tke JBin Af tlie Streetd.'' Tiieaday, October 29. The DikTfl's Aaetlon. Saturday, No •Sweefest Giri ramber 3. fi Dixie." For Exchange. Farming lands in the Panhandle Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or for Tola, Gaa City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKER & DONNELL. 'Tnesday. 4:00 to 6.00—Boy's gymnaalum classes and baaket ball practice. 7:30—^Bnaineas men's gymnasium classes and volley ball game. Any clerk, business or professional man can enter this class. Come up and get some exercise. Wednesday. 6:30—^Morse Bible claaa for men. Lesson, "Caleb'a Faithfulness Rewarded," Josh. 14:6—15. Some from your work. 7.30—^Young men's gymnasium class. Thnrsday. 8:00—Illustrated lecture on "China and the Chinese." The pictures will show the country of China In a way that you have not seen It before. This will be free to men and women. Friday. 7:30—Bualneaa men'a g}-mnasium class. 8:30—^Matched game of basket ball between teams four and five. The public is invited to a^e this game. Satorday. 9:00 to 12:00—Boy's gymnasium class and swimming conteat. 2:30—News boy'a gymnaalum class. 7:30—Young men'a gymnasium class. Sunday. :30—Boy's Gospel meeting. 3:30—Men'a Gospel meieting. Speaker, Rev. R. H. Ellett. Subject: ''The Great Renunciation." All men are invited. Tokay irapes, Califoriria Blue Plipins NBW CONSIQNHENT ISe Iowa Store EST ^TOVES IGGtST TOCK HANNON'S TB WO IG To Be Sure Call on lOLA COMPANY GETS CONTRACT. Horton Concrete Company Will Make Blocks for Llnsborg Building. The Horton Concrete company this week succeeded In landing a big contract at Llndsborg. Kas., for fumish- in>{ the cement blocks for the new library building which is to be built for the college In that town. Thi? foundation and part of the roof is to be built with the lola cement blocks. L.EFFJLER When needing anythinji; in tbe Jew^ry linte. General CMtmcMR Plagatone and Cement Sidawalka : Cnrhlng a Sptoielalty. Ofiee US Sast JaekMB Am Plena tK THE. WOMO OVtm TO OUHe A OOLO ill OHB OAYt. E. S. SloughT received a telephone message from N. W. Henry, a real estaia man of Chanute. that a good sized gas well had been brought in by his drillers two and one-half miles west of Carlyle. The message stated that the drillers had not gone into the deap sand and did not intend to as the gaa from this well is to be uaed In drilling other wells. The bringing In of this well means a great deal as It Is In new territory. REMODEL COFFEY BUILDING. Move NiBit Business CoIle«re Will Week. The Coffey building on the north side, of the square, which la to be used by the lola Business College this winter, was yesterday vacated by the rioihing house people. The fauildin? will be remodeled inside and' will probably be In readineaa ao that the Oiislneas College can gain posaeasion a week from next Saturday. The new room 's much larger than their prea- piit quarter* and will relieve the present crowded condition of the schools. Ho. Par., Santa Fe, and X. K. * T. Wateh Inspeetart LOUIS Napier Bass, son of Dr. J. S. Bass, the well known colored physician, left last evening over the Hia- aoiiri Pacific for NaaHvllle. Tenn., where he will enter upon fTis senior year in Waldren Unlveratty. Ur. Baaa spent'the awnmer in Chleai^, but for the paat week haa been riaitlng.hla parehtahere. AimicjB remember the full name. Look for this signature on every box. 35c. The Junior Department Store Omt lmmp9omml9tm fom 79o We can furoish needles and shuttles for yotir -sewing, machine no matter what its tiame or of whom you |mrchased,it.

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