Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOIA DAILY BECggTBR FBJDAY tTSyiKg, OCTOBEB 80, 1908. A BIG SALE OF TOMORROW, SATURDAY fl|!:rri:':!|' One lot of viohly t^rimmed broadcloth Suits, worth ?:iO.OA, on sp.U tomorrow, Saturday, $16.85 All of our ^2ri 00 JSnit-', on sale for $19.50 Oue lot of $1").0!) Snit.*; on .«sale lojnorrnw, Sahirdiv, chnjro $9.85 Aral)ian Xet Waists, with lace ai:d insertion trimminv', re ,2 [ i value, j on Pale for <JJi.«)7 The Allen County Man Who Figured in Two Sensational Trials VisiU This. City. A big reduction on all Separate SIdrts for tomorrow, Saturday Ail $ Soparato Skivia on sal<> Tor ^ JfiT.S.'S All $10.00 Sep.nraK» Skins on salo for T.. ." Jj»T.8i> All $5.00 Separate Skirts on sale for S4.15 All Ifi .OO Separate Skirt» on sale for .. Sl ?.">.00 All $C.r ,0 Separate Skirl.s on .sale for S.l.S."* AM $7.00 Separate Skjrt.s on sale for S5.8.5 All ?7.ri0 Separate Skirls on sale for SG.15 All $S .0O Separate Skirt.s on sale for $(>.8;'> All |8..'i0 Separate Skirts on salo for .•^l.'J.l All $10..-.iVSeparate Skirt.^ on salo for $8.15 All $12..'.o Separaie Skin.- on i--ale for $8.95 All $1.'..00 Separaie Skins on sale for $10.35 All $17.:.0 Sep.iVaie Skin.-; on pale for $13.85 The Daylight Store TheDaylight Store purpose. 1 then tried Electrie Biiters, and ther eured me. I now lake (hem as a lonie. and they keep me ?troriS ; antl well." .'.Oc at all dnigglsfp. FOR THE FIRST TIME Mrs. DP Silvia Saw llor Ilusliund U« His "I.TOp of ll«illi." Iketor do Silvia. i!ie skater who in working' at Tlie Aiidi- loriiim for iwo ni;;liis i.s arcoinpanied liy Airs, Vii- Silvia, a )>rid«^ of Ivvo months. She is a tall liandscme woman, rather vonna: lonkiny, and attract ed consirjierab'.e .itieniion last niaht. Although she has been travelins: with him ever since their niarriase. last night i is ihe first time she says thai, she has ever seen Hector do his Leap of lieath. the fe.-.aire act with which lie closes his performance. Parties who were siltin.:; where tliey lould watch her ob.servod iicr do.'^eiy and they say that ihrre were many ('hanges in her features from the linif he started to climb the ladder until the dangerous slide was compleied. The act is a very danjierous out- and a slight sliji iu any limc misht mean .serious injury for the .«ka:er. It will he rememlieit'd ihai the Clianme paper.-^ had hitn killed ai Wichita .season. The crowd last nisht was up to ex- Ptctatlons and toniBlii will undoiilned- ly .seT» the jOace fllb-d. The performance is well worth the i>rici- of admis- sioii. Thi.s is I)e Silvia's secomi an- pearani-e here and h<v is so well known as a topiuitcher that he ii.v<Iri \ ry liitU- advertising. Toiuoirow afterncon bo will f:;vc a inutinco aiul unuorrow nislit bis eii- t:acoment here will clo.^e. S .U 'KS IIFI.n A in 1I ,VN IIK.VD. .1 Farm llnud <iot ft Shock. When He Sluiok Out the Haus. Adrian. .Mich.. Oct. ::o.—A dried human head, apparently cleanly sevt red from the body by a sharp insiriiineni. nionili stuffed w iih rajis. rolled out of a piio of sacks today in a liaiii on the farm of iho i;iie Samuel lliyan. eleven miles wos! of here, near Clayton, whero threshers were workius. t'oinmei Cooney. one of the thro^li- ers. was takin;; the sacks down fri»ii) a sliLif in the luiildins and .<>hakin;; the dust out of U'.em v.iien suddenly ilie head rolled from one of them. Cooney fled in terror and notified the other men. Mr. I'.ryant. who iia.s been dead lor six months, lived alone on his farm for several yeiiis alior haviif.; had trouble with his wif.'^. .So far as i.'-: known no one has e\er been reported mfssiur^ from the nuiglibdi- hood. Some of I 'le luon on ilie farm be'ieve the bead resembles that Mryaot. who died of iiiituial causey .six months airo and buried in ;i country ceiijoiery near hi.- lioiue. Officers from here have «one to tire- farm to i invctii^ate. Ri'al Estate Tmnsifprs. , C. II. Fryer and wife to Hannah J. iSh»'a. lot 12, block 4i». [oia. f'onsider- [ation $'Ji»m. I X. P. Shields and wife of Itourbon county, to lOtia It. famphell of IJoiir- bun county, ihe followin.i; descrn>ed , j.:i;:<iiy in -Mien county: MeKinniu".r lai nonbwtvsi ct)rner l-iIl-L'O. iheiice ; I 'll I '.J fret east, tlieiice liOO feet south, 1 th.^ :;o|i^ feet west, thenco jnn , fe.-! u(uil! to place of besinninc. Consi«i. r.iiliii ••,S .':iM». ' atidsbury Transfered. ' I\.v. A. V. C. Landsbury, who has !t<-.-n pastor of the U. B. church at t "o i>l.!ce for the past wear, was KIV- e:i a charL 'i- on the PittsburK circuit :i: il^e eotifecofice and «'.\p<^ris to unni III his fieltl of la!>or. thi.^ week, lliv. F.aiiilsbiirx aiul wife have ma'!o II Irii-nds diirinp ' t!ir»ir y. ;i!-s stay here who regret to have ibc ui leave, bin wish tliem well in •.I 'ir :ie\v I'onie. The church here iia.- not l)eon supplied with a preacb.- e- yrt.— I'^'smore T-eailer. CLAIM NOT JUST ONE ^ \ Say> .Moiinrrli IVopIc With Rei'errnre tn (iaynor Suit for Appointnirut of a Kereitor. Attended Royal Neighbor Social Chanute. The Chanute Tribiien aays: Largo delegations of Ro.val Neighbors arrived from lola, Humboldt.! Cherrj-vale and Independence this af-< ternoon to enjoy the boi^pltality of the' members of the Violet Camp, who will entertain them with a Hallow­ e'en social this evening. The visitor."! were mot at the station by a larse reception committee from the Chanute j Camp, and e.ccorted to Workmen Hall, which win be their* he.ndQnarters whil*» here. G. W. Adams, district deputy of Jke Afodern W'oodmen. accompanied the lola oamp. He is a member of the Royal Neighbors, who are aiixili.irv- to the Woodmen. The,' social will bo only for members tff the order as a cla.^s of candidates is to be adopted. The work will ho followed by fancy drills by teams from the various ramps, and a soeiaL:sess­ ion. m ii.» I 'LKCTiift" MM:. Tlie Kansas rity'Indcpendcnce Line Kiiutnoed. The Huiiiboldi HcrakI sa.\s: Word was received iu Humboldt Wediiesda.\ iliat Mr. Laminir. of Kansas City, who has hoou pusbiliK the e'.ecirie roail proiw.^itliui from Kansas City lo Topi ka iiiid down to Indeiw^ii'l^'i"''' iliioui;h Miimlicild!. had ivttirned from Kurope where he luut soM 5i:.',ttfMi ,iHio •worth of bonds. A nioelinf; uf the dirooturs was bold in. Kansas City yesterday to make I»lans leading 'o the coiisiriiction t:f the roivd which will be taken ui» as .soi;n as pos .sible after the eleciioti. Tills road is sei)araie from the Kansas Southern pro|)o.sjii<)it and will only parallel ir from lola to Chanute. Hum boldt will ihtis l)e on two ihroujih electric lines and will have four roads lo care for the output of cement ficun Ur. factories. The Rawlinss line, ii is has about gone up. Its interest will liiobably be assumed hy the new line. »'onId Mortgage the Farm. A farmer on Kujrnu lloute 2. Empire. ga .,i \V. A. Floyd by name, says: ••Buckleu's Arnica Salve cured the two "worst sores I ever saw: one on my .jtiopd and cue ou my leg. It is worth more than its weight in gold, ft would not be without it it" I had to! mo/tgag^ the farm to get it." Only aVaU 4rv£.stom. Mercury Climh Alaska outside—Florida inside. When the blizzard comes it will be impossible lo ccmfortably heat the cpH rooms. Then, and during the montlis of "between sea"" you'll find a sons PERFECTION OU Heater The (Eqvlpped %vlUiSmolccI«as Device) just what you need to make the mercury climb. It's light enough to cany fron room to room and gives direct glowing heat from every drop of fuel Turn die wick bi^orlow, there's no bodier—no smoke— no anei!—smokeless device prevents. Brass oil font bokk 4 quiaits bummg 9 houis. Superbly finished in japan and nickel. Every healerwananted. T !.e Humboldi Hera id .sjiy.^r The big steel cross beams and supports for the roofs of the several buildings v.-hich comijose the .Monarch plant havp arrived and arc being placed In position this week. They show up well from town and attract the atten­ tion'of cver.vune. Several cars of machinery have- ijecn unloaded and are re.idy to be placed in position as soon as the building are read.v. Tlie plant is one of the most active placos in town and nearly half of the two hundred men who belons lo Humboldt's dinner bucket brigade are employed at till.- plant. The sio.-k sales of the company are increasiii.^ in spite '.-f the e!cc'i«)n ciiieniess. .Many visitors are here every day. This morning five or six iM-.s;;*c, :•. < Iniycrs were looking t)ver 1> ai!i. The Cainer Kngineering company uiih uhU.h the .Monarch company sev eied cc.imection last .May and which has had iiothiuc to do with Ihe con- striictiim of ihe plant since that time has liroiiKht suit aKainsi the company .'or S !».i )i)u and asks fur ti receiver of the plant. The coinpaiiy closed its {:on;)f ciiniis wiih the (luiner Kn.gineer lug comjiany >several inonihs a.uo and paid the company for its services, so i( doe..* iiuf consider ihe claim ii just iiue. Friends of ihe .Monarch need have no fear over the financial condition of Ihe company, as we are informed on ri*liable authoriiy that all reco.y:ni;?ed obllnailons of the company ate Ijeins met promptly and that there aer already a half million dollars assets, with constantly increasing stock sales. Texa> Land^. See us about C.ulf Coast Country lands that can be boucht on monthly luiynieni plan, lands that will produce from $.".<»> to ir.on per acre: al.=o .some excha tines. WIIITAKKR & DOXNKLL. Over Our Way. Lamp make* m |oad com- panioB (or a ^Joog evening- * ^ fanlBant, steady ligliU^^ewfcig. wWing ot fancy wwk doem't tue tiie cUai diah bunw.. Ewrr lamp. w«arted. Wnte neaidt agency (oi descHpSve drcalif '* jom dealer doea't cany the Perfection Oij Herter or Rayo 6TAN1IASO on. COMPANY . : .jI«ceCTwat«<- LIFE SENTENCES FOR TWO.- Independence, Kas., Men to Prison for the Killing of Tobe Sawyer. I Independence. Kas.. Oct, SO.—Hen- iry Behner. a farmer, who killed. Tobe jtSawyer in Sawyer's dooryard. VVugust 2. because it had been reported tiat Sawder had wronged Behner'a daugh- iter, was sentenced to life impri^on- !ment today. William LIpsc-y. convicted ais an accessory, also recei\-ed a life sentence. He asserted that there was no murder in his heart and when he Went with Behner and had no part In the kflling. Lipeey served a term in tte. Kansas penitentiary when a young man. He married a sister of Henry Starr, the Indian territory bandit, hnt she obtained a divorce from him. Behner baa a wile ana seven children. The Fort Scott Tribun^ says: Sam Whitlow, the Alien ooimty man who was arrested, tried and ac-j quitted.for the murder of May Sapp of Moran. who later underwent a smelling trial in whicb he was .charged with perjury in connection with' tta^ murder trial, wa.s In Fort Scoit last evening. This was Whitlow's first visit here since his arrest and trial. Whitlow formerly lived oitt at Bron-son and is well known out in that neighborhood. He taught school nut there many years ago and when he wa.=? arrested for the killing of Mis.5 Sapp this f.ict became more" widely known and it developed that, incideiiLs occurring during his career a.^ a school teacher l>ore on the ""harge of murde-. But Wliitlow proved himself innocent so far as the jury was concerned. While sentiment was strongly against him at first. If moderated and during hl.^ trial many were persuaded that Mis,"? Sapp was madly In love with him ami had tak^n her own life, .\fter Wliiilow was acf)uitted of "murder he was arresteil for perjury. The dead girl's father swearing to the complaint. ' It W.1S charged that at the In- ' (luest Whitlow made one statement and at the murder trial retracted or. denie<l this. But he was ncquitteii; for perjury, too. W.Mtlow braved' both trials, though the strain was sufficient to break down the nerves of an .-\frican lion. He Ms travelin.c; about now as a peddler and was herp for some time yesterday erenin.e. He wa.s not seen around the street-? to- d.a.r. and but few knew ho wa^ lir-rc. We have on hand a fiill tine of Reznor Refieetor - HO X K Y-H \ < K f: r V K A X T E Kl» f.'AS IICITER.*:.' The stove that beais ih^ fl.ior —we live on the p.or.-.-. noi on the ceilin;; -V-.;!; burn a .'.-inch flame on :i fTi- re". : .ire 6RIGHAM HARDWARE CO. Wherft BDlIet .4 Flew. ) navid Parker, of Fla.vette. X. Y., J [ veteran of the civil war. who lost a j foot at Gettysburg, says: 'The good | Eleclric Bitters have done Ir. worth} more than live hiindred doUars lo me. j I spent niueli money doctoring for had case of stomach trouble, TO littl* lOLANS WENT DOWN, \ at I) Safetj Powiler MEANS JL'ST WUXT IT .^VVf^. Betrer than any otbii [lovvder on the market. So glyoerinp In Its ponipoMilion. Does not freeze no matter how cold. .\h?nlnfely no danger in li:tnr1iing. r=ie Trojan instead ot glycerine and save the lives of your inen. and your cfvnnany from daniase snirt. C.W.Goverdale .\GENT Room «. Stevenson ni4tf.—laia JOHN P. CURRAN—REPUBLICAN Life-Long Kansas Deihocrat Changes Hir Viewe nad Lines U.o for Taft. Pitt-sburg. K.1S.. OcL 30.—Declaring that the election of Bryan as president would be "repugnant to the safety of business and the general prosperity of the nation." John P. Cnrran. a former active member of the Democratic congressional and county central committees. a#d a life long Democrat of Pittsburg, today publicly announced that he intended to support Taft and the Republican ticket. j Probably no announcement, of po-t litical faith has been so surprisin.gj as this, for Mr. Cnrran has been one 1 of the leading Democrats of Pitt.s-' burg and Crawford county all of his! life and he has lived here ever since) he has been a voter. Mr. Ctirran-Je* senior member of the law firm of Curran & Curran, and one of the ablest attorneys;of the Crawford county bar. He has been prominent in his party, the Democratic party, and has been honored by his party as nominee for county attorney, and was 'tendered the nomination several times us judge of the district court. Mr. Curran has been a delesate in every Democratic convention in this county for ilje past twenty years, and represented Cradford county in the Democratic congressional and state conventions as one of th<« leadin;: delegates. Raw furs! B. S. BARNARD Sil.»2li Xorth Buckeye Street, lola, Kansas. You start right, end ri.'^hl. Top the market, tiei a square deal. Don't pay any commission or express char .ires. Don't sel' to any trust or give middlemeL any profits and don't h.^ve any re^reir, when you sliip or sell to B. S. BARNARD Be Sure Vou're at rhp Right Place. loooooooooooooodoo • oi A L<>TF.I.Y (:0.H. O PI.KXION WITHOI'T O l'OWI>ER OR ROK^K O O A Simple Toilet Preparation,© .Vadr at Home. That Will >V»rk O Wnnders Toward Beaulifjinir O Yonr Complexien. O O O O O O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I From Chicago Record-Herald > The following toilet preparatimi is perfectly harmless to ihe tenderest skiu, and in thousands of has made complexions soft and ve veiy and has brought a tint of ri>ses tr> sallow cheeks. Obtain at your drus stor" Rost Watei*. ounces: Cologne Spirics. 1 ounce; Gppotoue. 4 ounces.. Put the Kppotone in a pint of hot water inoi'boiling), and after dis- solvfd, strain and lei cool, "^hen add the Rose Water and Cologne Spirit.s. In order to follow directions exactly it is best to mix (he ingredient.'^ at home. The atmve quantities are sufti- cieut to last many momba and are so slight in cost that the wash is well within the reach of ail. Applied daily, it will work wonders with the plainest cf complexions and its u^e renders powder and rouge entirely an- nece.'isary. How often have yen aid- mired apd envied the fresh, bluuming c(^p1exIon of some young girl yoj sftwl, Y'ou can b^ve it yourself. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward iAgaves lola T;lf> p. m., ar­ rives SI . l.ottis ^-.'2:, a. m. Tliron.idi sleeping Thi.^ ti;tin ct .nnecr .i wiih :l!e cist bound trains at St. l.ouis. For furthvr particulars call and i«ee u.-;. C. p. Hale, Ajgt. M.iGAZIXE:» A5D PESIODICAJ'' can iM secured of J. E. Hendersoii irho deals with the publisbers antf furnishes them at the lowest- prica possible. Trial snb'scriptibn to Va» Xorden's. 3 yontliE 35c. .Phone 98 414 Bncksyt. -Pn. Utti»t»,qitiiiggi% niiW,

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