Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
Page 4
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-rr ^^^^^^^ y you ;w«iit the cheapest good coffee in the worid bi^ Arbuddes' Aiiosa Coffee. There is no other> ^ : ilBBUCKIJO BRO&. K«r Tork Cltjr. The Boari of Control Fropositloa. Ike lOU Diiir EEilSTEK CHARLES F. SfOTT cii^:uLATroN 4.nno. - I i'-'i II.. . .1 . ; Tpl«pbonoR. ReportPFB* Room 222 Business Offlco 18 SUBSfRIPTIOX RATES. By Carrier In Inia, Ga.s City, Lan.rnn- Till*' or La Ilarpc. One Week .; in conl-s One Month A^ cen(s One Year >r>00 Kj .MnIL One Year, In advance MM Three Months, in advance Jl .on One Month, in advance 44 III! • -^^-Sg—^=~-=5g Entered at lola, Kansas. PostofTice, as Second-class flatter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL TAPER. CITY OF BASSET. New Yoiii women arc now carrying canes. There are various ways of liroaldng into the foolish column. \Vp have r.otleed thilt ih.' sort of man w!io sits ni> all nluht lo see .an eclipse of llie moon is always around v.hen H;e h.nllfKin race starts. \\?ifn a woman rays p.-irlieular rolor. it Is a lieronilnB lo her. .she halfs a sign it Isn't If after a woman has seen a man's r.-'et and still loves him the marriage Is apt to iiim nut Ilrsi rate. \ Tennessee pnliiieLan is quoted .is .saying his Slate is for Hrjan. The geiiei-il belief that Tennessee is sti!l for Andrew .laek.^on seems, th^refon*. t,> he erroneous. We Rather ihat Senator .Mlison of iowa ip in some danser of The Sioux City .lournal has just printej an editorial of a column and a half In lenpth in support of his candidacy. Informal ion from the I.oulslana eauehr?alis leads to the eonclusloa iliat tiear.sliin rugs will e<uit nuc to he y:raroe in lilph in price. AW take it thai news is preity scarce. the interview with .lacoh Uii.s would not liave he<^n t'le- XEMBEB OF iSSOCLVTED PRESS. «'"• country. The IOLK«r i!i H mrmber! , , „ •I the Assoclatfd Press and Rerrives• ReeurriuK to yesterdays foolb.all the dajr report If that frreat news or.,'Knn>**- "haf ''.^ ih^- way has l>ecome gaahatlon for-ExrlDsiTe Afternoon ' rablicatinn in Tola. (»X SF.C<>M> THtUCniT. - "WTien that man had his clothe.'i made," satd .Inh Swisegood yesterday, epeaking of (Congressman D. U. Anthony, "they '<lldn't measure him; .they 8tal<ed Uiiu out." Tho.Rvenlng Muck Rake says departinant has been unlucky in its love affairs. The Mtt^lv Rake's charge is dehaUihle. This deijartinent Isn't marrirrti. ;• Wjilliain T. Kills, whoever he ^s. eays-fhe' hate u*. Tli«( HMU'.^ It a. sjtando^'. The r,?avf>nwo!'ih Po«it prims ri ptory shout a ?2rtn r.reat Dane, li in {he .theory of this department that there is no such thins as a $2iiO Great Dane. The atientioii of Dr. rrunil)in<- !s called to the fact that the restaurants which serv? stews are vioKjt- ing hi» onler to the effect that water mtist no longer be sold with oysters. Local shopping item: A recent Topeka bride broke all of the local records by biiying three s:ilk petticoats for her trousseau. The announcement that General -Booth is fond of mushrooms has just boMi made. Otherwise it is helleveif that General Rooih is all risht. It jK our. .-experience that it is OS easy to conceal your sins fi-om the Lord a.s it-is to keep them from the neighbor wbmen. I People will believe anything oil a n>ai\ who trie.s "to l>e decent, bui the .mxa who ifto?>sn^t try always gets ihe .benefit of the doubt. If a man has the courage to sit down on a ke? |of'powder he usually has the courage to light a m.iich. of .•\reIiliiUiMt<-. i!ie uhl mayhem chani pion ? I'rolialily ili.ii li:is niilliing (o do v.lili ii. but wi' nriiii-.' dial I lie magazines whii'h iiislu'd to tli«' di'fense of .^it:s„.13(l^l.v• suid Chrisflaii Selenei' an- lli<>.-.e having a gfoid di>:il of advert!:; \\vx spnci- for sale. The question as to it is easier to shiver all nlcht or get ni» and hunt another cover for Ihe bed Is again boiliering most of us. .\ woman can have her clothes described by merely going on Ihe wit ness Htantl, hut a man has to li'- h.anged before a newspaper will pay much attention dressed. to the^-^way he is We gather from the number of "b.-'ar" stories coming oil' of iv. V. il'.ii the Tresidi'iii weui Iiimfing in I If wrong jilaee. TRANSCRIPT I\ WOORERRY CASE. r. W. Mooherry's *ll,T.V» Pamaee Siill in Fi>denil Cnuii. (Kort Scon Tribune.) Saturday nigiit a iranscripi. • was nicd in federal court here in the case of C. W. Mooberry of lola against the tola Portland Cement company. The suit is for lU.T'iO for personal injuries. The plaintiff is repre.=;ented by Chris Ritter, while the cement plant's aiiorneys will be Ita.xIcr D. Me Clain. The i)laintiir alleges that he was employed as "shooter" by ihe mill and that while at work a fii.-,e rcfn.sed to explode, lie climtied lo where the explosive was to discover the reason for its failure to function, and the result was that the explosion ocenrn-d when he was <iuiie near at hand and he wjis terrilily bruised and injured. He alleges thta his Injuries are permanent and asks for the above sum. While King K.Uvard is becoming deaf, ft Is reasonahlf to af^^unic that his sight 1^ r.iiil uiiiniiiaired when it comci? to pjoklng oni a llk-'ly lookln:; piece of "ejilicii." ; After all. the, pleasing thing about the Poeohonlas-affair is that she saved John Smith before vaudeville was invented. . ; , Up to a latp' lionr last nigl.t John _Dawson had done absolutely nothing to ward refulinjc tli? asperations cast upon the Character of the late George "Wnshington. Henry K. .Tones, of Tanipa. Fla., writes: "I c-in thank God for my present health, due to l-'oley".s Kidney f^iire. i tried doctors and all kinds of kidtn'y cures, hut nothing did me ratirh gooti till i look I'oti-y's Kidney ("ure. Four li(itf'i-.s cured and 1 hav<' no more |)aiii In my back and dioulders. 1 am fij .vears old. and suffered long, but thanks to I'oley's Kid-1 ney Cure I am well and can walk and j 'njoy myself. It is a pleasure to rec- I immcnd it to those needing a kidney i ateditine." Rurrell's Oriig Store. The .-.tate i,r,ard of ennlml has been crnductlnB an Inve.';tigallnn of the condition of the slate with rof!»rence to Its feeble minded. For the purpose of the lnve.sllK.illon "feebleminded' hfw i>een taken lo include imhsclles, idlniR and person whose mental development has been arrested by dls ease of physical injury. Tlie inve.stl- gation hn.s vtliown lo the board that Kansas Is extremely Itix In her treat ment of these unforltinates and of Ihn conditions which br'-ng about. f<'eble minded youths. The board Is of Ihe opinion that a large per cent of Ihe feehlo minded In Kansas siming from f.-»ehle minded parents and that heredity plays an Important part in filling up the state .'school at Wlnfleld. Tlie hoards advocate the amendment of the Kansas inarrince law which is supposed io prohibit the marriage of persons who have any fendency toward insanity or epllebsy. Our marriage laws should he amended and made effective," said a member of the hoard. .\1 pre.s?nt we are in doubt if ten p.-r cent of the probate judges and clergjmen of the slate know that persons afflicted V ith insanity, eiillopsy, inibr'eillty or f.eblo minilcilnev^s ami children boru after a parent Isas become insane arluol: Idled from inlermarryin? or mar tying any oilier person. The net of li'O.I prohibiting such a inarriag? is of no value whatever as It now stand-, i^ection 1 prohibits any of ibe ••il)ov-' '<>rsoiis front marrying. Se <"tirin 2 i>ro- Itlbiis tli.> jiidire from i;;.'.irng a li censf" In siieli casi 's. i^eetiou :! prohibits any clergyniau or olhvr offic- • •r from porforming the mairiare core fiiiiiiy ;ind si 'dioii 1 |iii .\iiles a pi-iwil i; cf fine i .f not lo I'vccvil $I|HHI O,- iiiprisoniii.''iii ill tlif pi>iiitenliary of t>.>l niiuc than three yoars for tli.-* vlidatiou of !iny one of the above si*«- tlons. The weakness of the law Iie.< i.i the fact Ihat to recure a conviction It musi be proven that tli:' cop- tractiug parties or the probate judg- or the clergxinan as the cas" may he, knowingly violated these provision^, but nowhere does It make it imp.'r.i- tive ujion these olllcers to use due diligence to be properly inforiUf>d. Tl>>> luobate judge usually nscrlains the age of e;ich eonlraetiiig party and is- siK'P 111" Mcense; thf clerg;ninn ask.'' In i-co Ihe licen.';e and performs Mf» ccr^ntony. Roth oillcTs feel that. iluV havo dl.schnrge.1 their full ol)Iiffatioii !o society and the slate and are made happy by the payment of the ciislom- itrv fe*".--. "XS'e do noi, mean that all feebl.' minded children sfiring from feebf" ntinded parents (although tinder our law methods of dealing with thl.s question a \'cry large per c?nt of feehle-mindedness can he traced to no other cause than heredity.1 but we do say that where on? or I)oth of the parents are feeble inlnded the offs|-.ring is almost ^sure to belong to the siinie class and either beeome public charges themselves or produce more like themselves who will be. Kach succeeding generation In Us turn is only the more helpless and r.orse afflicted. Time and again In our two years' connection ylth the board of control we have been called upon to admit into school for the ffoble minded .vouths at Wlnfleld, two, three or four children from the same family. The cause in such cases is obvious. Parents who have any tendency toward insanity or epilepsy ver yfrequently bring into the world feeble minded children. Marriage between blood relativ.'>s contributes it.5 share toward i)erpetualinB this un f<»rl\inate and undesirable class.' 6E1S 125,00 mim sane bj Phj-iilpiaDs. .MIST CLOSE ON SINDAY. FOR S.VLK—Two large jinnies, four and five jears old. and a young black jack. Inquire O. K. Livery liarn. Iji ilariie. Kansas. Phone If.. PfP CES SAKING rPOWBER. ^ (For half a century American housewives have ifound Dr. Price's Baking Powder a guarantee of light, sweet» pure and wholesome food. ilUes the perfed Uto^ I Count Attorney Has Notlfled Rntcher Shops and a Clothinfr Store. Hereafter all butcher shops in the city must reniuiu closed on Snndi^ys. Mr. Peterson Is Informing the proprietors that they must obey the law covering the Sunday openings. During the summer Mr. Paterson was not especially desirous of enforcing the law as he felt that many famil- ie.-: were not in a position to keep meat at home over Saturday night without its spoiling. Now (hat the edol weath.^r lias conic on, this is obviated. Sunday Mr. Peterson was cilletl U!>on to inform a proprietor of a clothing store that he must keep his place closed on Sundays. Some time ago he called this proprietor's attention to the Snndaj' closing Idw, but the proprietor has been keepnig open of late again. His contention was that another store was open on Sunday. .\RT.HUR Goes, the young smeltcr- raan residing at II South Second street, wlo was taken suddanly ill yesterday with appendicitis, was tal:- eu to the hospital tbl» momine. It ^•jHi thought that an operation "aouM bo necessary but be began to get better this moraine and so the operation New York. Oct. 2.1.—Shortly after raldnighjt teh jury In the case of Mrs. Ellen T. Kenyon-Warncr, who sued Dr. Flavins Paeker and Dr. Sidney D. ^VllgcH in the supreme court of New City, Rockland county, for fifty thousand dnilnrrt damages, lieenuKe ihey nd- jiidge<l ehr Insane, and cnu.setl her commitment to an Insane nsyltiiu,' rendered a verdict for the plnintirf. .Mrs. Wiirner, who is a well known author and educator Is awarded a verdict of twenty-Ilvo thousand dollars. The jury foiinil she was sane when exam» Ined by two alienists. NO WAY TO SAFEflCARD IT. Rykrr Indicates' Objection to Stnle- Wide Primary at Present. Topeka, Oct. 2.1.-0. A. Ryker. member of the state board of railroad commissioners, this afternoon, In a letter tofoiicressinan .\nthony onMhe dirtot prin\ary agitation, i>olnts out that it I lie slate c-ommittee calls a (trimary it will have ah.soliitcly no p <iwer to .-^nforce the regtilattons which it makes. In other words, tho committee cannot punish .any wrongs which are committed. Mr. Ryker's letter follows: "Reasons ffir and .-igaltisl (lie pri iiiary plan lia\e been given by^illveis. and I will iiMl alteiiipi lo go iiiln ilc ails tiiiw. The main reason fur oppo; lug (he proposiion Is lliat the Mate central «!ommlltee has no power lo enforce suidi resulalions as it m-.iy Itres'cribe for the governinx of the lir.'mary. I' such a jtrimary can b ' held as it sbould be. under lU'iper safe;;iiar>ls. I i !o not believe auylhiii.u would be yalnod. "'I'lie people who are asking f<ir a trial (it a slate will" priiiiary do not nam any halfway uieasiiies. Tliey waiil it given a fair trial uiid>-r all tlir> -afeguards ar • Ihiown iiroiiiid a nu'ilar el.eiidti. However, if lb" riiniliiillee ilreiileil lo give l|i>> plan ;l trial. 1 will l>e fiiiMiil WiH'lviii; to iiiak',- It a success." lioili Daii .Viuhony and Grant llor- iindy. a caiiillilu:e fur governor, favor a siiecial s's-<l<in and tbiuk thai Gov- I'liior Hoeh should call ime. A fmv of the iither le;i(l<>i's in Ihe liiiiveliieilt feel the same wiiy. In the meantime .Vnthon.v and lloinady are irying to g?t cniinlles to give pledgen lo pay (he expenses, li looks now as If either the stale or Ihe roiiiities would !-a\e lo TOOT the bill. GOLDEN VALLEY. The Harden family and Teddie Miir lie were the .TilP'-ts uf W. <'. Walker Sunday ;(fier ehliren .Mr. and .Mrs. fliilletl visited their niece, :Mrs. .lason Slicrrell. who is qiilie poorly in I-^asf lola. Mr. and Mrs. Will Sce:irs and Harold calUd on \V. C. Walker ai.rl r;iinily. Mrs. Waller W«iod and daughter wore the guest of her sisicr, .Mrs. Howard .Moore, Friday. John Iloekcn had a sick hnrse Jlon- day. Ike Brooks had a sick horse tho week before and W. C. Walker had a sick steer Saturday. Walter Wood has got .i good deal ftf full plowing dune. Mr. and .Mrs: W. C. Walker, Gladys and I'red. Mrs. .Myers. Odd.v and f -Tran .Myers were the guests of Mrs. Gullelt since our last. Wess Smart called on .f. W. Gullelt and Sam Baker Thursday. > .Airs. Howard Moore entertained her slster-in-Iaw and sisters Friday. A new girl arrived at Harry Fronk's Mond.ny morning. W. C. Walker ciit his kaffir corn last week. Walter Wood had his kaffir corn cut last week. Harry Boeken and .=^on rer|. hauled off wheat last week. Wlllard l.vile called on W C Walker Saturday. We were sorry In fiiar of .Mrs. Kep- lily's sicklies. Burt Harden expects to go lo California Tuesday. Tony Smart and wire were lola visitors Sunday. New Ideas in Fancy Work! ALWAYS IN THE LEAD. This time it is our Art* Department.. We ore now ready to show aU the latest* and newest ideas in fancy worlc. Start your Christmas presents now, and they'll be ready by the 25th of December. NotUng lilce it ever shown in this vicinity. Ribbon Embr«ridery, Wallachian, Coronation, Eyelet, French, Sliadow, Repottse, Monti Melllcic and Biedcrmaien Embroidery.' If you do no6 know how to work any of these we will shdw you. SPECIAL PRICES FOR. THIS WEEK: 25c Will buy a beantiful Tapestry Pillow Top. Choice of six patterns. Regular price, 30 cents. 35c Will buy a Tinted Pillow Top- and Back, and (> skeins of embroidery silk. Regular price Sl'c. Will buy one 2'2'<2:^ While Lawn Pillow Top .and Pack, with riilllc, shadow embroider}' antl •> .ski^iu.-^ ol silk. Rsjj;;- ular price "I'.ic cacli. 65c Will buy a 22x22 Pillov^Top and Back for Biedermaier embroidery, 6 skeins of floss and one illustrated lesson. Regular price DH cents. 50c Will buy an Infant's Kimono or Night* ingale, stamped on fine white cashmere •and enough embroidery floss to com- jilete the work. $ 1.00 Jiiiy an Infanl'.s Short Coat, on fine wliilc casliiiiL-rc, and cry floss to complete same. .stamped embroid- We liwite Yoqr Inspection. All these pretty new ideas are on Exhibition in our store. I NEW YORK STORE M.VY nE MRS. H.VRTHIDGE. Bod of Woman W.IH Found in Hirer in Xew York. New Yorlv, Oct. 2'.—^Tlie body of a vv'oman of rclincd atiju-aranee foun<' yesterday floaiitig in t!i<- Kasi riv.r, answer.'; in nio>-t partieu'ar.s to a des- cri|itioii of .MIS. Clifford W. Ilarc- ridge, til3 miss'ng wife of Thaw's cctinscl and friend. She lia.-; been niissiiig nineteen day.':. :\Ir. Hartridge i.s undertlie ease of piiysicians and it is iiniiossiblo for liim to endeavor lo make an ideniifjcat:on. tOJSrX T(l \OTEI) .VEKOX.VUT. It. II. Hennett Is a Helatiie of Jitmes nordoa Bennett, ef Dennett Cup fiame. James Gordon Bennett, who gives the Uennett cup for whicb the aeronauts from all ovi-r tho world are ccntcstins-. is a cousin of H. H. Bennett of this city. Thougb cousins ibe men have never met, Mr. Bennett bav­ ins lived in tUs sectloa of the TJnlt- ed States most of bis life, while his oousio has remained in tbo eaat. ITBLKATION \OTIfE. Stale of Kansas, Allen County. 5?.=!. In the District Court for said County. S. 10. Spilliuun, plalntlfr, vsl Uiijiui Portland Cement Com|iany. a eoriKjra- tioii. ilefeiidanl. Said defendant i'lilon Portland Ce- meui'-' Company, a eoriioration. will take nnliee that it has been sued in the above named Court upon three causes of action upon which said plaintiff c'aims said defendant is indebted lo him In the total sum of Six Thou.^and Five iliindred Dollars. The ])etiilon in said cause was filed on the null (l:iy of .'Xiigiisi. lyuT. in said Dls- HIGH GRADE FLOWERS A>D Artistic Floral Detigns There are times and events wliich seem to demand the |>resejice of /lowers and when these occasions do come it is well to know just where to get tho choicest of flowers and highe.Ht grade of work at moder.ate prices. .1. W. Primmer, of 704 East IJueoln. lola. makes a specialty of cut flowers and i grows nothing and .vou can de-; P< nd on getting jii.';t what you want: Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEAT A\ARKET 115 East Madison trict f.-iiri- -md in •^•.id ciiUM- .he in this line, lie has 7.000 feet of glass , ;iaimif; HbM V,:'amdav;: f..r"a;,ae;::h."1 overy frKit of it devoted exclusive-: mcui. and caii.sfd an ..rdor ..f atla<-h- ! '-"f """•7'^ meut t.. be levied uinui the foliowinw j «V'"* "P-l"-'^^'"^Place, I 701 East Lincoln Stn-et, lola, Kansas.! and cviMj lliiii!; fall and scH lli^ dei-cribed lauds bclfinging to said (\'- feiidaiii. lo-wit: S. 10. ',4 of Sec. It:. K. 'i (if .\. 10. V, of Sec. in. and X. Vi of .N. K. '/, of Sec. lu; :il| in Townshi|i L'l. Uange. li). ill .Mien County, must answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before tlie ir,;li day of November, 1307. or said petition will be taken as true and .iiids- nicnt lor plaintiff in .saiil aeiion f<»v $t!,."ifl0.uu will lie rendered accordingly. .\nd the said atiaeliment iiroceedine.s will be coiifiriiied Jind said projicrty will be. ordered sold 10 satisfy sitcii i.iilgmeni. loui.vt:. CAitn s.- CAun. iS.'al.l .Miorneys I'm- I'l.-iinlitr. \n..:-a: (\ 10. A D.V.MS, 1.1 1-1 l-IS. Clerk of Said Conn. Notice to Dnr t'listonier'*. We are plea.sod to announce Ihat li)ley's iliuiey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung Irouhirs is not alTected i.y the National Piiio IVin.i ami Drug law a.« if <-onialiis 110 rpl.-itrs in- ollur Ir.irnifiii dru^*.;. and wc r<'c-o!i'.Mifiul i! a^; a safe remedy for rhildii-:i and itdiilis. llnrell's drug store. THIO FOI'Nn.VTlON of the building which Is being erecjed by A. W. r.eck on South .Tefferstm sirr-et. has a cMicn^e ba:^:- ".0 il'.cl;i-.; will.' ;in;I t«-ti i'lche.^ ili-(-p. 'I'li'S is i.ii e.Mi-|:li.i!i:il- Iv luavv base. llell Phone, 104. .1. W. PRIMMEK. Eakin 'B Hariiwmre For Heaters or Cook Stoves—(Jus Fit- tlnif Jlonc rroniptly. 102 S. Kentucky. riionc 423. Dlstlllei Water One hundred pounds of Crj»- tal Ice will make 12 gaUona of distilled water! ^nltabl* for family use. Try It lohlce&CdlSfinfeCi FRANK RIDOLB. Mcr. lola Basiness College I Well, Friends ifligbt or Dmy Sessfon Penmanship, Arithmetic. lOlocutlon, j I'ancake.- are in order. We have the nookkeeping, JOnglish. Physical Cul- iHiar-Tail to tnake Ihem of. ture, er.e.. Shorthand, tetter Writing, p^.,,,;,,,, ,. r. rfr-ur. per pkg... 1 .mc ..'1 pared n. W. ^iour. n.iis I'or Sale Clieav, Good Farm City flProjierty. Se« the THE JATHAWKER LAND CO. for quick results. Old Court Houses bis, Eans. and ; i-.-v \^\•'~. 10c iJVruna Wbole Wheat Tl.Our, j 12Ih sack 50c Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Tiible, White Table. . and Sorghum. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE CONVEKIENT ECONOttSm I r ;<nr dMl«r doa't huii£e ^ writ* to TH6 STANDARD OH. COMPANY, iknrsuHis. FRYER BROS. Grocery and Meat Market Phoacs 308 and 301 The SA.VPA FK Fel!.=! IIOMKSiOfOK- lOUS" tickets first and third Tuesdays iIT each nunth for one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip lo certain points West and South West. Ketnrn limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Los Angeles and San Francisco and other California points for $25.00 Portland^ Oregon, Seattle, Wash., etc., for $25.U0. every day during Oc; tober. 1907. Please see us for stopover privileges, and so forth. | W. E. RAISTON, Agt. Ill Sontk TVashlnstoii.—ReDt .ni. Livinqstoo Co CMtneton ui: All kinds of work a tpedaKr • ioitk Sycamn. IIWM lilt

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