Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
Page 3
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WANTED—white girl for house work; no washing or ironing. 220 East street. WANTED —Girl for general housework; two in family. 913 South street. WANTED—Chambermaid Pennsylvania hotel. at the WANTED—Farm hands. A. R. Mull, Carlyle, Kansas. WANTED—Man and wife wanted to work on farm. Address "C" this office. M.^ WANTS to do •Inquire 601 South Elm street. W.\NTED—Ten honest boys 12 to 14 years old, to distribute advertising matter after schooL Bring recommendations. Call before school Monday at Cottage Hotel; ask for Mr. Dee. WANTED— Rock loadera at KanaaB Portland Cement Plant. Inquira at Quarry at Concreto. W.\NTED—Two men lo cut saw logs. W. A. Dawson, west tif the river. WAItTED' 'MimomllmmmouB FOR RENT-Furnished rooms for gentlemen. Mrs. F. .1. Oyler. TO RENT—Office rooms in the Stevenson Inillding. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms (o family witliniit children. V,i>i .North .leffersoii. FOR RENT-Furnished rooms for sleeping .nnd light hou.sekeeping, 171",{' South Washington. FOR RENT—Furnished down stairs .•oonis for housekeeiiing. 316 South Walnut. LOST mna FOUND LOST—In lol.i a Itidy's Ions hl.nck cloak with volvpi coILnr. Finder ploase phnne .".4.S and receive reward. LODQE OIREOTORY. mmmm man i^CHOOL TEAM WILL PI.4Y AT Y.iTES TESTER FBIDAT. THE L(NE -yp k mm ONE JIAXY PITILS WILL ACfOMP-^YY BOYS TO (iAVF.. naptlsf Bazaar Was a .Sncre.xs— .Smeltermen fJAloe to Rartle.«> Tllle. KNIGHTS OP MACCABEES^ Knigbta of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month." J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gUD. Inquire lOfi South S>'cniid .•sireu WANTED—.\ fresh row I 'hiuK- lltio 9fl8. two long, two short. WANTED—Slock to winter. ( M II on or address Guy Turney. ifil.i. W.\NTED—Good. souiui .vounfe horses wanted at The lola V.ieiiii;iiiv Hospital. See W. A. WANTED—Boarders in juivate family. Have modern house newly furnished. Inquire :ii Nn i i::isl Erwin. WANTED—To rent a nhiilern house, east or south of siiuai'*. dress. F. W., care Register. WANTED—Typewriting atid clerical work. Room 3. o!>l court house. Rebecca Goble. WANTED—A place for n boy or girl to work for board whiie attending tb« Ida Bualoeiu College. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR S.\LE —Good wheel, used only a short time. Must sell. Call .-.'Wi. FOR SALE CHE.\P—Seven- room, modern cottage, two lilock.s from square: shorr time only. Craee .Arnold. FOR SAie-mimcmttBmBoum FOR SALE— Yellow cat. popcorn and peanut roaster. CaU a; the car in \V. «. Camp No. 101 meftU In K, of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davli. Cler* Visitors cordially Invited. nKXiaTlTSOF PYTHIAS.—Neosho Lodge N'o, 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall, VislUng brothers Invited. W.S.Thompson, C.C.; Chris Rltter. K. of R. and 8, M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in hi. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk ROYAL NEIGHBOBS.— lola Camp No. 2C5, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month., Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; .Mrs. .Mary Hutton. 4i:! West Street Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden I .ieaf Council No 4C2, F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nl «hts in each mouth I D K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss Alable Rbortack, secretary. FRATER.VAL BROTHEBHOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Ftiesdaya of each month in A.O. (.'. W. Hall. Visiting members cordlaly Invited. W.H.An­ derson, pre.sldent; (lOlda Elani, secretary; Junior Order rnltid Ameriraii .Ve chuiiii*.*.—.Meets every W'edtiesday evening at S o'clock in K. H. Hall. Al. vjsliing- members invited. R. .A Widick. Coiincelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. BUSINESS O/REOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler no Ea .-t street. BTAMMER. Complete court at the best schco^ the evening, southeast (•<irner oi' the i for stammerers in America at one- square, or t:OG S ^uth S.veaiiiore. F6R SALE—A drivini; mate and buggy. Horse city broke, safe fur lady to drive. Inquire S:!!' .N'orth s!r<-ei FOR SALE—.\ fine, inoilerii T-rooni cottage, only two blocks fmiu si |iiare. on car line and paved streri The flnesf loactinn in the <ii .v. Ka>ily worth I2>-.00.00. Can Hell for f::w<. if taken this week. See i.- :ii once lOLA L.VND CO.MPANY FOR S.\LE— Mare. C.'." Snvih Main. Gas City. FOR .SALE—fholre Duroc male pigs. For sale cheap, if taken .~iviii. A. R. Mull. Carlyle. FOR SALE OR TItADK—I<>r a KOO <1 farm, one brick .«Tore hous" IJIIX J .'J and two good dwelling houses, all first class pro|)eriy in good locatiiui in l.a Harpe. .Address Ho.v It •••n.son. Kansas. half price thirt fall and winter. White for information at once. .McKle School for Stammerers, 2700 East 12th attest Kansas City, Mo. Expert Clothes Cleaning. Pres>ini( ind Kcpitring. 13 W. Maditoni BUSY'YX'Zr] Work Called for and Delivered. Theatrical Wardrobe a Specialty CLARtKOe*. ROOK¥lEIX, Prop. Iji }Ian>e T.«. Yafeji tenter Friday. The Harpe high school foot t)ali team will go to Vates Center riday where they will meet the Vafes Cente high school team on the gridiron. The local team has been working barti all this week preparing for the game with the lola team but since that game was called off they have taken on a more important one for the first, of the sea son. Wendell Phillips who is roach inn the team says the hoys are in the pink (if condition and are doing Koo<| work now as they will In thj middle of the .icawm. Every member of the regular team will be ill his jilace in the lineuji a he stands well In his studies and reciilariy enrolled In the school. Since there will be no Kchf >ol Friday M being visiting day for the leacbers a large number of the pupils will ac conipany their heroes to Yates Cen ter. The inornlng .Missouri Pacific train going west Friday morning will be tilled with foot hall enthusiasts who will make the cars ring with school yells. Colors will lie In evi denoe: each person who is going tt attend the game is ref]uested to law In a supply or ribbon of the Iji Harpe high school colors. 'i'lie team will not take a very hard workout this .ifterntKin at regular practice. There will be no scrim mage work. The coach will run them ;brounb light signal work after which he will give tbeni instructions as bow M> care for iheinse '.ves the niuhi be fore :i big game. Clnade Bai^by llurL Claude Rabsby of this city ^va^ hurt yp.«teiday niorninu while working in the Prime Western smelter a Gas City. He w,is struck in the eyi with a piece of steel with ssifVlcien" force t <i make him letriiiorarily blind .Mtbotigh the injury is very painftl it is not lielieved that it will resirli seriously. .Mr. Rabsby will not I.e abl lo vviirl; for severtil days. t not her Rumor. .\ rumor was liein-.; <-irciilaied oi the streets of this city yesterday tha .Mrs. Sam Whitlow had comniItte< suicide at the homo of her slsier-in- law, Mrs. Harper, in I'otwjn. V.iitb-: county. Katts .1s. .-Vs ft;:- as couM tn learned this Is atiotber of the wib rumors which is being circiilate; about the city. ' Mr.'. Whitlow wi nt K the home of her si.ster-iu-law lo es cape inqufriig eyes anil the iiniileas anl surroundings here. ('hu>. Keyser Hurl. riias. Keyser of this cii.v it -ll frcm (he l)ig ferris wheel ai ilie farniva vesterday evening. .M I I IOUL- I I he wa- severely bruised he dbl not sustaii 'nluries of a serious natiin'. It wa? very tortiinate he was not killed or a' least liiidly hurt, l-'ii'-l particular.' will be found in other |i ;irts of thi '-SUi- FOR SALE— Good mare with Call at 210 West street. foal. FOR RENT' mimomllmmaoum FOR RENT—Nicely f ii r :i i s h e d rw)ms. 421 South Walnut. FOR RI-:NT—Three unfurnished rooms. Inquire .'.U4 South I'.uckeye. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rags cleaned l >y The lolaRng Factory Evans Bros. Ormam. Pmlmm. omm, mm^Blmmm. tckmrnlMmitplImm 4r-mhUmol gmmmOM, Of nam Mmmmllm^ Where quality la main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will Ja.'»fify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm Solloie romf TmrnOm. SOUTH SIDE MUAK* ' tola, Kansaa. Leave far llartli-iille. Many of the local snielti-rmen lef; yesieniay morning r<»r Rail •ville liidiaii Territory, where ilj will take lip positions with the fiuelter- in that city. Other men w h > forinei- ly were employed here '.eft Tor othei lilies whrie they acn find employment .sin>il,ir to whtit tbey have lieen working at.' .Most of those who lefi prol alily will reriirn here. DOXT BEAD THIS. . I'nIesB on are seeking flrbt-class Investments. There will he fortunes madf this fall in listed merltorioi»s .Nevada Mihnlg Stocks. The recent decline has placed the market in position for the biggest boom in many year?. Oijr advance Inside Information furn ished for a portion of your profits. Write at once for full particulars. THE 3ttMXC FIXANCIAL BUBEAU, Oakland, CaUforala. POLAR BEAR TLOUR Has Stooi tfee Test Becaase its t&e Best Acc€|)t So other Wm. Oberdof f, k%t. Bazaar u Succe>.<. The liuraar held in the Farmer's building yesterday hy the ladies of th< Ladies' .\id society of the Raptisi church was a success in every par ticiilar It was well pjiironizcil by ;i i.-iriie number of lias City |)eople as well as Htirpe. Tlie money which w .Ts made hy holding the bazaar wi'' vit to the church fund. Personals. .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Landers of To- pekti were in the city yesieiilay visiting friends. ..I. O. Rankin of llutcliinson. was in the city ye.«i.L'rday on business. He Is selJlng salt. .Martin Rloodshaw of near Rronson was calling on friends in this city yesterday. K. L. .lones of this city left yesterday for Kan.sis City where lie expects to Mi't einploymeiii. II its a piano bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with us. We are showing different makes and all the different styles made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come In today and hoar them. fVe wfli guarantee yon <T III he pleased. John V.Roberts Piano House Four Cars Arrived Yesterday. Four more cars of pipe to be usel by the Portland Pipe Line company in the construction of ibeir pipe line through .southeastern, arrived in this city yesterday over the Mis- •^oiiri, Kansas and Te.vas from Indiana where all the pipe is being purchased. Workmen began today unloading it. It will he hauled to the points on the line ready to be used. NEOSHO VALLEY. In most cases consnmption results from .1 neglected or improperly treat- e<I cold. Fiiley's Honey and Tar cures ;he most obstinate coughs and prevents .verioiis resulfs. It costs you no more than the unknown preparations and .voii should Insist uimn having genuine in the yellow package, rell's drug tsore. 14' STCYER'S OROCERY H«*«4tiartart ter Good Thlnjjs to Eft. Tele |>hoDe 159 Satisfied' Customers SiN6 6-6 -4V PRAISES. ••8>4 is the only pM*nHon that is aailMhU for ftse on G*s, or G*aoUtu, CooUng Ti^es, beause it destroys nsi, is vtiter and greas* proof, dries in W minutes and I't apptfed l:kr paint. •lohn Cloud, from ne.iV Piqiia. was in this neighboriiood last Friday work ing In the interest of an order house in Chicago, which is operating under he name of the - (Jlobe Association." I'he plan is for all customers to become members of the association and the house will fill their orders at prices but litile above half tbat of loc.Tl mercbant.e. W. Carmine and wife of lola. were •>ui to Walhice Hales Sunday. .Mr. Samuels who has a claim in Oklahoma, came up Itisi week and iper .t several days with his sister virs. I-'rank Countryman. Mrs. .\. 11. .Miller went to lola Sat- rday and remained with friends over lunday. J. R. Rush h.iiiled his whetii to mark 't this week. E. R. Ruder has several te.ims baiting manure from town. .los. .S. Taylor shipped a car load )f alfalfa hay down from Lawrence he fir.n of the week, that he raised on he tract of !:it;<l tlial lie recenily sold lear that place. The painter and paiier hanger has leen busy at work on the interior of Mrs. Purdotn's house dui'ing the r>asi week. Rev. .1. \V. Hicks who is at [iresen .•ngaged in revival .services at the I I. church in lola made several call m the west side Tuesday. .Several who have their ftiniis li .-tpri Altb lol.'i agents have I MCU vislie ly tho .-e seekiir.' boine this week. I'eter Young and wife.drove to Hum loldt Tuesday. Most of our peo|ile attended .\. C Fisher's sale In Ple.-isat!! V.illev iieigl lorhood Tuesdiiy. .Mbcri ami Wiuie .lenseti have con Itideil to uo Willi the Fi-^iier pnriy 'alifornia. Rev. .\. (• I". Landesberry v.-ho ha leen the I' I'., pastor at this place for he past two years will leave at one or his new field of lalior at I'lsnion Some of .1. V. Shick's fo'.ljs were vi ting at his home the latter part of las veek. .Mihoiigh there was a fair vein of ;as sand drilled through hy the cit in the Horney place, the flow of ga *'as very light, which is a liiile dis oura'^ini: to i>:-ospeciiii;r in the hot om. .\. K. .\rnold and family of Crandall isited at his brothers. ('. 1. .Arnold's he first jiart of the w-eek. Their vi .sii .\jas cut short on account of the ill less of .Mrs. .Arnold's mother. The Hiidebrant Ixiys are lotiding ar with stock, household soods. etc. o be shipped to Colorado, the [irosent home of \V. C, Hiidebrant, who left here recently. Fph Hillbrant will ac­ ini pa ny the car. The drilling rig is being removed rom the Horney land, onto Mrs. J'lir lom's place. r. B. Shannon Bonglit Kaktn Store. It was announced yesterday that T. n. Shannon of fola had purchased the C. n. Kakin hardware store of this city. This mnken three big stores for .Mr. Shannon. It Is likely that .Mr, Shannon will move the Kakln stock In the building known a.s the opera block where it will be enlarged and made one of the up-to-date liardwure stores of the county. .\rr. Shannon has gained a reputtulou of being one of the best h;ird«'are merchants in the ^taie sliice he started into business in Allen county. He owns one of the best hardware stores in soiiiheasiern Kansas Arthur Coos of this city will iinder- W an operation for appendicitis to- lay. .\rthtir took suddenly ill with the disease yesterday. For a time he was thought to be in a dangerous condition. His many friends wish him 1. speedy recovery. Santa re nairway Tlma Tabla. NORTHBOUND. Vo. 202, Pas. dally 2:22 p.u. So. 204, Pas. dallj 2:66 .Vo. 208, Pas, dallf ex. Sun ..6:60a.m. >;o. 210, Pas. arrives dally ..8:50p.m. s'o. 216. Freight, D. ex. Bun 12:01 pjv. SOUTHBOUND. No. 201, Pas.dally 12:45p.m. Mo. 203. Paa dally 2:00a.m. NO. 207 Pas. dally ex. Bun ...8:50p.m. So. 209, Pas. denarti dally.. ,6:20a.m. No. 216 Freight. D. ex. Sun. (12:20 p.m THE CRKSCE.\T theater showed a new and uninue picture last night. The picture is a winter scene in the mountainous country near the Oreat Lake.*, showing skating on the big iake.s and mountain coasting. The other pictures shown were also very goodj the most Interesting being one showing the results of child labor In the hip cities. Wrs. Chandler's Uoflier Dead. .1. F. lioyer who died in Hiiiiiboldl '.vas the father of .Mrs. Cliandler of ibis city and formerly made his home "lere. He is well known by niany Oas 'ity people; The following account "s from the Humboldt Herald: .1. F. Boyer died Sunday morning iboiir eleven o'clock. He was para- l.vzed al)Ouf a month ago and has been -lowly .sinking ever since. J. F. Royer was born in I'ranklin ••oiinty. Ohio, in IS20. He came to Kansa.s ihirt.v-ci.ght .vears ago. and vas an old-time citizen of Salem own.^hip, where he owned a farm and was prominent in ilie life of ibe town ^hiii for years. Lasi spring the faniily moved to Humboldt as Mr. and .Mrs. Royer v.i^f.ed ft) reti.e from the hard life on I farm. He was in ratlier poor health ill summer and since his stroke of paralysis last month his lieath had been expected. .Mr. Rover le.ives a wife ;ind a large family of children, a" of whom are ?rown. to mourn his loss. His children are: C. T. Royer. of California: Fnink Royer. of Iowa: S. L. Wliiiney. l-'dward. William ami .Mrs. l-utie .Mar- ;ln. .Mrs. Ida Seymour and Mrs. .Mary "handler. On account of C T lioyer. of California, not being able lo ii 'acli here •(ooner. the fiiixeral will be helil Wednesday jifiernoon ai two o'clock ai the Christian church Personals. J. S. Christian went to Richmond. Kansas, yesterday morning on a short business visit. .\:bert Parmenter, returned yester- 1ay from MIs.souri where he has been visiting for the past several weeks. He will leave here in a few d:iys I'or Barile.sville. Indian Territory, where he will work in a store whi.-h his I'ath- er piircha.sed in that city. Mrs. .lames I.iipartis who h.i.s been very ill for the past several days as the result of injuries is cc)nsidereil to be our of danger at the iiresenf time. Mcr life was dispaired of fur over twenty-four hours. AFTEK AEW .MEMBEltS. lltmlslie Club Wants Knrellment tf. Be One Hundred. The .Vltruisfic club of the Preshy terian church which now has an or canlzation of some twenty-five or tl'Irty young men. has started a ca:ii paign to rai.s? the membershiii to in ' or more. The club extends a cordial nvitation to every young man in lola who. does not attend any church, le join the class. The class n«t onjy follows church work but is also one of the social organizations of ih." town. Dwly Until October 31 These rates appl\' from Ida to practically rfti points in California, Washini^ti>n and OrejAon, via the greatest^ variety of routes. Simiiar rates to hundreds of other points, v Through Tourist Sleepers from Kansas City Daily. They are thorous^hU- comfortable and have every con-. vcnience of the Palace sleeper at half the cost ' Reclining Chair Cars (seats free) on all through trains. : No inattiT ivh'T'- y.iii ari,- coi-ii; U 'r : .or NV.riliwct. it v.-\\\ pav yo« lo li-t lUf tjvf v.'ii i'..ilicuiur*. ..t'tiiit thi^ -C' nurm '.il r..ii!t)iii.,li()t; ul^law price iick'i, -iri-iKiii: r^r li.iilis. i .ii j .iii jlln .tr-iii-.l urinuHl auil«r. Juit drop me a lin* loilay. H. S. Jonen, Southweitern Paiienger Ag»'nt, 823 Main St., Kantas Ci^^M*' FRE NoMonsy -JDst Semt Us Y OBT- I IBI i :*J fcr ift* OMr mail yoa wUI r«e<«r« Oir H^TT.^ Ejf* Card with wtuai r^-i cjD if^t }cur own ey#» ts r .:2X''i/ 3 !t It can be don« ncM fccra Jri c ;.- Tp£ii»«-parlor*, aaa u Is p9f* f^t:y simple. Reiom thU im Cftrl M is viih all ihe blanks ftM Mt 3-.! we will e«i <l R.\I.LY D.AY next Sunday. ar the I'. }l. <liiir .-r, A Card. Thi.-; is to cenify that all dru>.;si.-ts are authorized to refund your money if Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cure.= grippe cough and prevents pneumonia and c*nsumption. C'ontaiiis no opiates. The genuine i.s in a viilow package. Refuse stihstltiiies.« withcvt 9 nn of from yeu —a i2:r of Sunbsrst Spectacles tOM wita -^acfti, I^e I.'n^ your ei* s e-^il tn tx^ctly th« ri ^t ilse fraaML . . ^ wan THESE SHCmiES.OlE WEEI F8EE-5,?o'or .'*B 'dT '«'iS ^ -^^^ """^ •nd c! wf^k li-.f -y are eot fzv.rfly satisfactory ia eymry »snrr«anl 2 them to cs ud you vt net out one pcnnj. If the sp«cucl«t i>rovft to joa tUai tt:«y ar« absalntxlT n» I nsofT for your ey^9. If tbey prnv<» tha* T^e p.-ice Is notblas compa.-<^ .10 t!i« cotBron itey (fre yow J eyes—Mcd tis a=J it^ CJK^UC I^ are yojrs. An*J oa r-ceitt of the money we wlH. * teod you FREE x taBdson*- Sp^rtacle Cas* ot £ao seal grain leatber ?»nM •itb rich iilash. tnt this m/ cquare deal propocitioa? Doesal It stiow ifc-^i we are a sqtiar*^ r<r :L ;bJe eospaay? A lM «o <tnt stamp M#/ lltt«r to rtply to tri% offtr may »a*e your eyesight. U it wcrtH tne meirey? ftllgM iTy* troubles when neglected lead Qu'ickiy Into serious diseateL .'n> arctjieonly hocsr (tut caa;.1t ap^tacl^ rnmcs VOi '/j^ your face b> nail—and eorrwi are e'verx b;i as Itcrorrant. as correct lenses. Every p«^' SOD'S face is sliaj.-^ diler^-s:!:*—the l-?2v:s zn^-ix e** dm at \ti*> ''xW dirscre Ircia ifce eyes/ or they are just a5 bad as wrong uasea. Un i 11 rt-aMjoable tSat ise fi^nes nwt be eisctly , ^ rytht? That s Ui« way we fit you. EVERY PAIR OF SPECTACLES WE HANDLE 'iS,/ ''l*- « GOLD FILLED AND ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED. . A.-i(! iV-, •"oTr^ry'ra- tnf\ up Yi% / O V* * / Siiarant#« WBea you toy a pair ot Sun6;:r!i S[K^t:\cl«s ycu cot oni, i, \-t the hlshesiv / J"' S made fraine 31:0 I'Ti^e^—yoti also T>u> ttie proiess^nuji skill .-irni" irrj-^j.^ee of OD- tluans Who fcave &]t;uie<l this lence for many yeijrs men at the h^-ad 01 ihrrt frottf^sf'jo an/l cy ot-a and ntetbo<is we can lli you riehi tnere 'f^ ycuf o* \\ you were bere ai our Kansu Cu/ office. wRiTE WELKER & HANCOCK OPTICAL COMPANY /^S^^ KSn-oa-* MOTS: <*•• RHEOMfflSM,™""" Doe* your -To-Lrt" tenant, etc? Hardly. pie aee It while moat i>«opte doui And you wonder why nohoily wants fttch an ideal house, Bomebnr!v doe? want it, and wants It now. Give a Utie ipeclflc Information fbroni;)| the Regieter real eatat« coVimna and Does It tell peopfe where yonr vacant hooM la, and how many ronmti it haf, and Just how coiy It and how cheaply yoall offer it to a gllt-edcf Toull prohably find that lomebotl} rlnht away. Rubbing with liniments, blistering- the afTected parts, the application of ' plasters, and other means of external treatment, are nstially belflDl ^\ relievinor the pains and aches R^pnatism, but sach remedies d^abitl reach the CAUSE of the disease, and are therefore ia no sense ci ^^Vj^; Rheumatism is due to an excess of uric acid in the blood, brought abbBt-.liy! indigestion, poor bowel action, weak kidneys, and a general sluggish Ctrtjjflitiiw of ih system. .The circulation deposits this irritating poison in the differeat::^ muscles, nerves, tissues and joints of the body, and soon the patnfol symptoiiti ^l of Rheumatism are produced. The pains at first may be wandering a^ slisbi;-'! but as the blood becomes more fully saturated with the uric acid pdison, tll^' disease jjrows worse and after awhile gets to be chronic. The slight, wanddv , ' iign wal* ahoit' '"R pains now become sharp and cutting at the least exposure to dampncfS.i li 'B JuHt nalKil or night .tir, or any constitutional irrcgularitj', the bones ache, the mjpsclca^^ op On the door eating, and niroe peo are not as free in action as before, and where the acid poison is allowed taV .A. i» w»iii» m«.» «^...i. , remain in the blrxxl the joints «»ften become so clogged with corrosive tnb».; stances that they are left permanently stiff and useless. Rheumatisnl ciii^^ never be rubbed away, nor can it be conquered and driven from the syateil tJj until th^ acid-laden blood has been c{eaiuei><i! and purified. No other medicine does this lii^i effectvially as S. S; S. It dissolves and removes the impurities and sends a streani ol^l rich, strong blood to the affected parts, whidi ^-r soothes the irritated ner\-es, inflamed tnnscles;i. pd flesh, and the sufferer obtains telieftbatt^A , , IS permanent because the real canseiif 1 disease has been removed. Special book on Rheum'atism and any ;ne< advice desired free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC C0.» ATLAHTA, Beglster Wants bring r(;.<inUs. PURELY VEGETABLE

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