Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DlILl ftEClSTEB. FRIDAY ETEme, OCTOBER 30, 19^ Remember A DEPOSIT in our Spvingfs Department does , not tic up yonr account for any given lengtli of time. You <;an draw ALL or ANY PART at/.NY TIME, and whatever amount is in the bank on our interest payment dates, (which are January 1st and Jul^' 1st of each year), draws THREE pe^ cent interest for the time it haa been on deposit. The only way an account in 07r Savings Department differs from a checking account, is that you do not issue checks against it, and that it.DRAWS INTEREST. Should you wish to draw any part of your account, simply bring your Pass Book to the bank, and we PAY YOU THE CASH. Isn't tliateaBy? meet a few of the acquaintances of a long time ago- She and her husband, Harry Cobleniz hav? made their home In Tacoma. since leaving here twenty years or more ago.—^Yaies Center News.. For a short lime only, ymi can Iniy Wnhon at P.'.c |per lirdile at Miimli" To and From Chanute. L. P. Stovf'r anil li^iiijiMU' Crouch w«^re clown from Tola today on Uiisi- noss. » « » Mrs. R. A. Wiiliclc arrivotl from Tola at noon for a \V<M>I<'S visit Willi lior ilansliKi". « * * Mrs. I '.oii fJprvey came (]o\\n from tola this :if- ti'rnnoii for a s .ort viRii with nl:i- lives.— rhaniite Sim. State Savings Bank GaplimI $2B.000 lola, Kanmam Open from 7 to S p. m, Saturdays and Pay Nights RE4D! I A few hundred H sections >'o. 1 western land at $1000 and np. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Over Iowa Store. Thorpe & HoDgh Contractors, Engineers, Snrrcyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of Tirreying, estimating, patent draw- ias, blue prints, maps, sidewalJts. curbing, and farm drainage. Office Oyer "Famons." Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—belter than most. Don't Foruct Our MEAT MARKET Wo handle only tli»-' '"i>t. nf Fii-sb Meats. Smoked aiid Sil. Meats. We Want Your PRODLCE farmer"?, and will inty the li-cho?t niarUot i>rire in c:i?h or traiK-. i'"im<'> in and see ti.<. Wo are sole ac.^ir-; for .T. M. Pum'.-? COFFEES and TEAS If you will pivf Uii.s line a triai you will use no other. Short Stories I O F i lola Happenings —Dr. J. B. PcppiT. DonllsL Phone I(B. Robinson Better. Arcliic Uoli'.iisoii. tlu^ actor who has I)0>'ii sici; and out of Inc!;. was on the streets today wiUioni an oveiioat. .Mm Trimble boiijxht liim ono aiiiMlio il<\nl<';- cut the hff oiK ol" flw price. The iiK-ii ar«' all rir^^t.i.—.\ichison Olohe. Walnxt (t'-r boll If ai Miillilis". Coming to lola. I The inoinliers of the fouiity court accompanied by County Surveyor Clacl.-. left Wodne.sday lor rarthas;fl. .•"•lo.. Independence. Columlnis and tola. KaiKsas. to inspect pavinjr and ourliiti;^ around coiaM bousf .'trpiari's. —Xv'vaila Post Pit dr.iii: •Pat lb.- SI 111'". tifst iaft'> at P.inreil's A Students' Council. TJaUer ITniversity is to have aSln- , d.-ufs Coun.-il. It will be the duty of ji.'iis lioily to fomicil with tin* admiiiis- I rat ion n uanliii^ stud'-nt o!Ilc(<vs. hav- inir ciioiaiitlv in \i.'\v ibi> biulit-st jvvilCaii- <>r tb<' st;jd<'jits. bol- imiividii- I ally and col'i't'tivoly. Tin' 5^»»uiors will , !.<> i« pt<'S'iit.'d bv Hve ju>'mhers, the Itstiiors !•> aU' foi'v, lb'" Sonhomor«>s t'li- i'r<-sliiu«nt hv, two t>y —Vrank P. Peattlc. V. 9. Thone 1S9. Wnt to Ottawa. Mi.-= l.aura Tunu r. of California, is 1 su,.-! a: til.' TTtVu" .^Ir^. T .n. Tur- 'J'.' .\oitii Mulhi'rry ssrert. Last Fryer Phone 301, 308. Bros. lola, Kansas. EvaDS Bros. .v !iinu M;.-. M«'.M:'.'^!.•!•.•=. of p. s\U;'i.ia. <-:ira.- IKT.- IKUU lo'.a. ••la'..-' a vi-i' :it Ih"' T!::"!ii-r hoiui-.- ;;;\va Ki'li'ialii". '!in- t.> , .Vnnonnremriih Dr. Sniiiiffe wipbe.<; to,inform his farmer jiatrons and the public that he has repunnd ibe cfomral jiractire of medicine, coinliitrnc: it wiiJi snrscr> {(Iflice Iioiir.T 30 to 11 a. la., 1 to n and to S J). !n. Ollm mtMlBimmm Mtmtlonmry, BImnk Bookm School SupnUmo Tmmm^or SuPoHom, JUxchUoet Suppllom Off tarn Muptilfom Wliere qaaliti la main eonsltt- •ratlon we buj the beat Where demand! will Justify, we carry all cradea and price*. —Alway.s time to e.Tt at Onr Way. FarrctJy Aided Railroads. The Republican state central c<nn- m it ice Issued yesterday and sent over the state a circular showing up the railroad end - of the legislative record of If. P. Farrelly. the Democratic candidate for thf rnited States Sfnate. In adfiition to railroad lesis- lation it. tells of Farrellys attempt while in the state senate to have a law ena.'^teil requirinsr the trovernor to sisn the death warrants of all death prisoners at the state penitentiary and bis vote to retain the srati' print.'d urafr whicli was afterwards Icnockt'd out by a RcpuMican leirisla- ture.—Chanuie Sun. EXTRA SPECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS Commencing Fridey Morning Desirable Fall Suitingt* in checks, stripes and plain colors ranginj;^ in width from '^(> to 10 inelie?. x'alues always sold in a jegulay way at oOc and 65c per yard. Your choice Friday and Saturday only 25 pieces New Fall Suitings comp.'ii-in:.:: the new Herring lone effects in ill popul'^r shades. al>o novelt3'|suit- ings worth up to $1.00. some of them •50 inches wiilv. Choice while they lasi. at yard, only WWV —Sir per cent tDoney: no conmfa- slon; no delay.—Smith & Travis. Give Entertainmeot. The .Tiiiiior l.ia.iruc of the Triniiy .Methodist ciitir.-li will ^'ive an (til.r- taininent in iii<^ cbureh jiarlos toip.or- ro'.v afi'Tiinon at .1 ti'clocK. YOUR Kind of Oysters. 'First eaicb your r.thl'it." is tin- way the obi Kiiclikh n-cipe ht-sins. The niod.-rii version. a:>p!ie i in ovs- jeis. is "First buy "Sealr-liipt." " ••.>3ealsbii>f Clv-sters have t"n :i: liis- tinciivr". salt, oyster flavor. Tiw reason is they are packed in ;ralvani7ed sti'<'l containers, sealed. airiiRbt. with i/e .•iroiin<l (!!<> containers, but iKit in the oysters. .Vo water is iise.t. • Heal- sbipt" Oysters canimi Mnat. nor ml leet dirt. iKu- 'ierins. '•>-ealshii)t" Oyst '-rs are -.Aiiarantei-.l. Til-' White I 'orei -!ain Ca.-;e bearing ilie P.lii.' -.Sealsbipi" Tiad«'-.\lark. from whieb you hiiv •Sealsliipi" Oysters, is your prote.r'tion. You can depe?!-! on their w !-obYomenrss, purity, fic-^h- ness. You can be just ::s about your oysters as about any oI !^•r food— "St-alsJiiiit" Oysi. are f,->r par- tiiiilar people. We s<'!l ••Sealsiilpl" oulv—wouMu't si'll :iiiv oilier kill'!. Fr.\er P.roiie is. Olio Iliiir.e. 'Our Way • « .The Death of James Bradford. The (l.ath of .lames Miailfonl.- tin- colored wail who was Lilb-i! in an ae ciilent ill the shale pit nf i r.e lola Portland cement plant s ^v.ral days at ;o. cre.atetl a profound Mirrow anion;.' those who kni'w bini w. 'I. Pr .i .lford was one of liie w-II Known cidored •iii.'.ei!.- of lo'a ami l;ail l>een oni' of the lui 'ii who stood to- ailvaneenieni of his race Uy their OVMI indiiMry ain' 'ffon. lie was horn in .\| ississNii'i <iii .'I'l-. l *5f''.», and wa- kilte.l in the aeci- l.'lit on Oeioher I'.'.th Jl.- i.< siirxived >y a wife and dauehter P.radfords >jeaii!!ie.--s and iiulustiv was slinwi! in 'is rd -aty to iii> werK and in his iina'K ; oi s :'vii !.r. —rHnnini :liam .V Arnfll. fi per cent nionc .T. Came to l<da. Mrs. .1. <•. .McKJnin . ami ^i<•er -Mrs. W. .\. lleni>n. it lid;, u.-i.; llaiiie.>ville il:is ii;<;';iini; ;o vi>'- 'luir brother.—Cliciryva'.e lte;in)ilit an. —Soda Water, tbo Our Way kind. Went in a Huny. Tie county o'.'vk has ^etit out all of III.' riir:ed plieasanis sent here by Caipe Warden Travis. The appliea- lions were far in exee<s of thi- sup- lily.—Ott.'iwa Uepiiblic. .M»}berry at llnmboldl. Professor .Mayiierry-of lol.i wii ad- dii'Ss ibe ineii's ineeiinir a' ih" Y. .M. afiei iiiioii. Profe. sur pie.asin:; sneakf >• who hi'.ir liiie --Hiiiii- -iBsJut on hnvlnir "I'. S." floar. Thought Dog a Coyote. keatk Hie tqaara, SeU, tHC lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manifacturert, Wholeaola aii4 RetaU Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Woter New CeU Bton^ SeUy far ••alaets. Phoae IIC FRANK RIDDLE. Msr. Stoves Set lip and ponnected, also auy other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. j .\ Ilninholdt ho; was out nuntins joi, (lie .\rii!el farm tin- other day and jinade a (iiid that he tlinuuht would be :of finniieial Iieii>-/if to i im. ^^^lile af- •tfV a ratddi he saw wh;tl be supposed was a dead <'oyoie in ihe liidd. lb- pieked it up and ^.irrii'd it to aiioiiier l>aii of the rami where a inaii tta« ai work, lb' showed his liiid and the lanuer in o-der lo 1 iieoiu a-.'.e bini told ii)m ihi ri- was a tiininix for coyol' - and iiidiiet'd |;i:n to*rarr> 11 to town. t>n the wav to town 1 e be. «aiiie tired of dratuiiii: tb>' bea\ v weiuhi am! sat down and scalfied it. rollia;; the trophv up ami imiiin!: ii in his luK-ket. Alter setiin-.^ to ttnvn lie diseovere.l that the supposed eo\- oie was a do^ whieh bad been shot by a iiei?:lib<M'. The fellows from that l^:iri of the eouiin> will keep still if the Hiiuiboldt >(i:t(h eotnes throii-'h with the eisars all riuht.—IliiniboMi Ile.ab! / - —Fre.-h Oysters—Our Way. Iwi (tores' •I. 0. THOM EsUmates cheerfully givea on all work FhOM Bes. 409 8. Backeje. To and From Center. ."Mrs. :vii;jif;er \ isifcd relatives in loia todav. » f • -Mrs. W.W. Xa.rlor and .Mis.- .\'«'llie Wyso are In lola to day. ' * * .Mrs. <'. .A. Kaiier.-feld and damrhlrr. Miss Itiith. and .Mr.=. Fred N\'i!kiiisoii were in lola Tuesday.— Yates renter .\dvoeafe. liooms for men. Y. M. C. .\. buildinp. Steam heat in each room. Baths free. Went to Center. Mrs. Harry Cobleniz wa.? here from Tacoma, Washinqiton. the latter nan of last week, visiting: Mrs. H. Waymire. Mrs. J. n. Fry and other old lime friends. She had been visitine relatives and friends at Piqua and lola and could not resist the temptation tp run over to Yates Center to .\. Suntlay Mayherry i> a will inn re:-! a'l (ohll ilera'd —Paper Han-jiii'.:. Phone 1 li;8. Fred Rowder. I.aiiib al r»ro. The luei-iiim ai Tvro la-i wa.-~ aildreiised le Moii. i;. II. l.-imii of Yates ("eiilei. i -v-sri;-' ^'tl.ilce- fiolil the .\nell-\Vr.:ds( n di-.w:. 1 .'d!. l.iiail' was •-;reiled a:i :iiin;e|is" .-.ta'd I' is said a - ni.r.i -;<ii(| orr-id • < >:i!d ; ill!o 'he .I'je-: li.ii! ill T- tel. .1 uiiiin rdi.nih leiiUJM.j Mr I.O'il> inaiie imwiilul |''e i irii- a <>M;tii::i- •lllei- iif |e ii-|iei .r \ 'i'. l! • t'l-e: I'l.ll nf W II T.iii. The'e VM:.- D. m- iti,'!.^ !U ;he aiidii nei- a;\d ii > - 'iei.d niaii> T.ii' \\>--,- ^-.i . ! "'lle^^^ va ie Itepnidie.'. SEE WiMDOW BIG PRICE REDUCTIONS ON ALL TklLORED SUITS 15 Bcantifnlly Tailoretl Suits will he fonud on sale Tomorrow ani Monday at prices not equalled in any other lola store. It will be w.>:t;i while to see them before buying. Aliout Our Ladies and Glail^ dran's Coats Just a word riglit hero, then we will leave tlie decision enlirel3'' to you. It yvi wiut th • there is in lola for the price, whatevt r it in . >. -it i •.v\\i'' our -.toe.'. :s a h-. : FRISHMAH —Sipn paintlns- l'"red Uowden. phone 1-12S. "Ifs Not So." Till hid' p- ! liejiee .-'I..!' i> - "i I' I> •-r.;ai to jJtav tiom :! l.u::;. pai" ;• ^a>iau it i^ r.imo,-. d t-iai :'n.' I\ai:>a.~ i;.i.s eeap.iay is leii!.; iav; a pip" line iii!i> St. I..iiiis is d.-iii< d III \---r,iiir (•".;,. ;.i| M,II,.»L:.-..1 \i 1..' i!!'!;. .\'1 ! ei loi •-.!v.< : •• K.ii'sa-^ .\.'trial h.\ iii>t!iih-.; 'o do !•'(• |e o|. '.--it iuT. T W Itaiiis dall and t 'l-'ii-- Wliiieoiuli. Iinsh Pi! tsimi.i;. Pa., liav-- aetdi'-d for a franeliis-- in Si.;.., and it is lun:- ored til.It .'1 ri'jiit of >•• a.\ is secured from Oklahoina to ti,.- Missoiir: ciiy. — Our Oy^^lers. Way. • Kuhn Closes Store. > Ifeiirv Kullii has rlosed his d nr store .-ind will store it to;- a iim<'. Ir i.-- his intention to a'tend so:m' SCIIAO! of [iharmacy although ••• has nor ;.er made III* his miml just when he ivi'; start.IIuuilKildt Herald .\|:. Iviibit fell heir lo th"' dill:: .-tore ar ile- d'-ath , o; I ir. Kari Voeut'.-. j —.\nto f7ara?e and Ilrpalr Sbop foi nil Wnil<« of reiiairlnir. .\n]«niulitlr liTrry. Pbone S93. IliUrhir al lliini*>:)ldt. |)r. Hi!-i b. ; w.;i sne.ik -I liyieilan < hundi to'-.i-^h ..• '.•bair-in;: Condi''!!! ei • Field." The add:. \y !' • ; the .Mli-n t'oiin';- •i..-.i- ion wii!( h :^ in - •«!• •;!> . iiuiiii'oal' Ilera'd. Jl .ort liottle of O. Muudis tVi. Wal.e.M f.i •. P-e.. • 1 ne l"i riiui: ;:vi-!, .o I ' :l\ .•11- a: .1 p.. :i:>i iJ^d ;i)'iai.s iii pri'.a'.- t:in;'.-; ; ii'.od -I •! le:: .^i.-!!h >•:•' Here for Inspection. T .• wie'. (i! -.^raiiiii" . a.--t >:-\-of th.' sf;i.'.ii'i' was i.-iiin-ii. d tliis ino! a iiii: and with loiiiiiia.'d ;,i\o..iide W' a- the.- r!i. »uiK will |..' ,••'!•.;;.d .ei as • ipidh as pos~iliI.- Tie eounlv (-..'ir-t usit.-d <''i.i;^. V'''''i'I'i'' I vMiif !o li'la, Kan. :oila> to 'nx.-si i;;!!i.' tlv aiio; in i.ivin.; i.'i- i 'l 'tie • 1. t;. s .ir I'.iis,- - N. vad.i I'.'e e si;iMi.- w.ll a l..-.ii:lv ai'.! in I.dl !...;iiii.|i\ witli !h; n:a--::iti.-. a; e.e.;; MiT'i \ . .i.!a Villi' —He a Itixister— Home Industry— .Veosho W'w^T Cat at Our Way. Seven Take Exanninalion. S.\.n t.arh.'is Tal.:;-.. !'i .\ atuii!;i;r<.ris in t.',. otlb-.' or •';>• rie;;; tv s^ip. rinT.ii'l.i;! tin!a\ Ti;« 'A.-iiie ia:j;!.iii~ v ill «-oj-.tinir.- Ti.'i.i"\ No Question as to the SufMHiority^ , CALUMET BiAdng Powder WefU'sPMME) —'.= Lunrh at Our Way. <^OUVENIR "JUST TO REMIND YOU" SUGARS REFINER'S PRICES Saturday OCTOBER 31 CHINA PLATES i .N T ^l r.sf AI. ;-HI-:CKS WITH Spices, Extracts. Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarch. Tea, Coffee, Etc. PHONE 336 fry a Want Ado in iite Reglmter A Hallowe'en £ntertainme.nt. The Ladi.s of ih.- >-i«i..\ Bapti.-t fliur.'h wi'l j:i'.!- a mas!; i-nrerta'n- nient in ih.' ('•. .\. U. hall Saiunl-iy . v- eiiini; (ir Hallowe'en. I'ri/« s will t." ;:iven to the* sf ami most taeky trart's at tli.- affair. —Oysters any style at iju- -na> In Hospital Here. . Mis.-i l.ola P.arli.'r of lo!.-.. who ba-l tlir»-e operations p.-iformed on her at the lola bos|iiial on <>i -i. I}, is Sett nt; aloitf; as'w.-II a.s taiubl bf ex- jioeied altho<i.::b hhe ia },iiU very woak. Miss Ilarker's many friends, hdre will be jdeased to hani that she' i.S; getting alon.? so nicely and that sl|e is considered out of dangur.— £jsniore Leader. > S.S.S. DRIVES OUT BLOOD HUMORS • The skin is not sim;iiy an ouu-r coverin;; of the Vn-S-.y. but through its thousands of pores and ;:lan!s it t >t -rforms :hv .:;reat and nece.s.sary work of reijulalins o;tr tcsnot-ralures. and also assi.sts ni tlispo.^injr ot the refuse and wast^: matters of the .system by the constant evaporation that goes on throuijh little tnhcs. To periorm these (iuties the tissues and fibres which connect and surround the pores and j;lands must be continually nourished by pure blootl. Wlien from any cause the circulation becomes infected with impurities and humors, it loses its stren.ijtliening powers and begins to dise-xse and irritate tlie <lelicate ti.ssiies, and produces Eczema. Acne, Tetter, or .some other itchinjr. disfijjuring skin trouble. S. S. S. cures skin diseases of everj' kind by goin.ij down into the circulation and neutralizing and removing the impurities and humors. It elianj^ts tiu- qu.ililv oi thebUxxl from an aqrid. fiery fluid to a coidinjr. health i<i (-Hi ..iriii;i .-liiain. whieh. iiisteail of irritating and inflaminjr the .skill, i \u«.. .in. I m.urisb...s \x by :i.'; .so9tliinjj, healthful qualities. Salves, washes, i-liun. . tt- uiav be u^ed for atiy tefli- poran* comforter cleanliness they afford, but slviji «>es cannot be cured nntil'S. S. S. has purified the bltiod. Book on Skin and any medical advice sent free. THE SWIFT SPECXFIC CO., ATLABTik, 64.

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