Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 4
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VflB lOUi BIOLI BEGlSTEit* FRiuAT ETE $i>'e. OeXC »B£B ^ rie m DAILY lEtlSTEl • fma^P. 8COT2V fettered st lola, KaoBas, PoatofBce, as Second-Clast letter. Adrertttlns Rates Made KnowB on Appltcatioii. SCBSGBTPTIOK RATES. jm r. •M.r In loia. Gas City, LimjeH' Tllle or LiUarpet me Week ..10 cents ine Month 44 cents Oi'* Year $5 .00 « By MalL Oar year In&lde connty $330 »Bf year ontslde eotiBty ...^....$1.00 Three Months, in advance $L00 One Month. In advance 44 WFICIAL PAPER, CITT OF BAS-. SET. • Telephone! Business Office ------ 18 fklltorlal Room 222 RKPLBLK V\ TI( KKT. For President of the United States WILLIAM II. TAIT of Ohio. , For Vi.o rrt'.^'ident J^UIES S. .SHRR.MAN of Now York. STATE TICKET. For Governor W. IL STL'Hng . of Lawrence. For Lle-jteuant (lovernor W. J. FITZGERAL'D cf Dodse Ci!y. For SeofPtary of State CHAS. K. DE.XTON' of Attica. For .Viidifor JAMES M. N.VTION of Eric. For Treasurer MARK Tl'LLY of [ndependence. For Attornev Gt -neral P. S. .TACKSOX of Eureka. For Superintendent I'ubljc Instruction E. T. FAIKCniI.n of Eil.sworth. For Superintendent Insurance C. \V. I1AR.\ES Osage City. For State Printer T. A. .McNEAL of Topeka. For n. R. Coinnii.^isiuuera GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. For United States Senator J. L. RRISTOW of.SaUna, For Congressman CHAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Thlrty-.sevenih riistricl OSCAR FOIIST ot lola. For State Senator JTIANK TRAVIS of lola. rOOTY TICKET. For Repre.sontativc W. T. WATSON For County Clerk R. E. ClILBERTSON. For Treasurer C. C. ArSHERM.V.V. For Register of Deeds R. L. THO.MPSON. For County Attorney ir. A. EWINU. For Probate Judge J. B. S .MITir. For Sheriff C. 0. BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of Schoolfc MRS. MAUDE Fl-NSTON. For Survevor H. F. PALSTRiXG. For Clerk of Court C. E. AD.VMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTLp:. For Commissioner. Second Dl.strict T. J. .\XnKRSOX. For Commis.sioner. Tlilnl District C. A. KRO.NK. \0 .\PATHY IN I 'AKTV. B^^pnbllran Rally at Fort Scott a On «t Suc«e>s. Speaking of thi' claiin.s of ihe Diiu- ocrats that there is niucii .tpalliy in the Repulilican c.iini'aisu this yiar, tlie Fort Srott Ki'i'ulilic .in .sa\.s: r .ut tluTO \v:is ;i (•.•iiiii':ii,;ti UKH-iini; ^el«-? iilplir '.icrori' l:i!-t ilinl puts thv' waiter in a nitirl- .lit'iiTi-ii! liuhi. A campaign uiciMin-..' h:„ii IHM'U aii- v«»rised l)y ih»- Uepuliiicaii cuniniiitf.-. Thei-o was no special oftort made to gel a crowd. It was anuounred ihj -t Conpre.s.vniau Sroit .iiiil W. H. Stuhl.s ^•ould lie the spiakers. Whrn the lime for th.> ui>'!-;iiig (" HIK - rnjAenlion hall held, at a consinativi- i ':-ilnintt>. fifteen hundred DIM,))c. who lind as- semhlod to h«':ir ilu' IKMU'S OI ilic ciun- palgn dlscu .-^iJfd hy two ui" tin- niosl |irominent Hei.ulilicaiis in iln* siate. I *recediiip ih<> IUJM iiag tljciv w .is a parade over two bl.x-ks long, formed almOKt on the spur of t!ie mom «-ut. And this parade was made up practically entirely of voters. Wliile a-torchlight parade in a political campaign does not mean that the tidt making the best display will win. y.»t it indicates eutliiisiasm. And there were two excellent addresses delivered at Convention lial!. Mr. Scott discussed the main issuer of the campaign in a most convincing manner. lu building up his argument for the Republican party, Mr. Scott made an argument for. himself T>ecaiife the people who heard him, saw in him a man of splendid ability. Mr. etubbs nmde a telling brief ad- .dress, but the thing here to be om- phasized is. that lx )th speakers aroused least the ordinary cam]»uigu enthusiasm. The manifestalious of applause were real and genuine. The gathering of night before last, demonstrates that the so-called apathy that the Democrats have talked about the' Republican party, has been gtmtxsH satisfftctioo. POLITICAL GOSSIP Willie the Demoeralie c.nmpaign managers are trying to prejudice the negroes against the Republican ticket on account of ihe Brownsville affair. President Roo.sevelt is going right ahead trying; to secure redrcsk for insult.'; offered some ICansas negroes by the Democratic oHlciam of Oklahoma. Recently a prominent negro of Oklahoma died ill and several prominent negroes accompanied his body to Oklahoma. When they reached the state line they were ordered to go into the Jim Crow ckr. They claimed they were interstate passengers and entitled to ride in the c;ir they were in. .\. sheriff was notified by wire and met the train at the next stop and by force compelled the Kansas negroes to go into the Jim Crow car. The negroes reported the case to the district, attorney of Oklahoma but he paii<l lui atientiou to it. Then ihey wrote to IMosident Roosevelt, linuic- iliately he oidertd the departun-iii. of ju.sli<'(! to take such steps as were nece.^sar.v to punish the Oklahoma of- ticials. Spineliuic a.uo ll'-nder.soi! .Mardu. chairman of the Democsaiic statt' committee, scattered a pamiihlc! l .roud cast declaring that the jicoplcs' t;:.\<-^ had Iteen raised undir tin* ui w tax law and advised ihe jieople lo go lo their county irea.surer. gi'i a slate- iiieut of ihi'ir taxfs and Iti hiiu know what it >liow<'(I. .lolin W, C.inln .'r of Marion, loukcil up .Mr. .M.iriiiiV; own taxes and found t!i;it Uu-y \vi'i<- Jl.T.'l iess tli:.^ pear thai: ihey wi-r.- last. The luospccts of Repiit.'.ican viciory in KaiMias nex! we<-k are .so flattering tliat no money is l)eiiig v,ag« red at all oil tlie result. The naiiiocrais have been notili.'d that thore an- $1^.000 of Rt 'piiliiicaii iiK.iH 'y ri 'ady ;o l :i> put iij. that 'Call am! .SiiiiiJis will caiiv Kansas, bill ih.- Df-ir.cicrats .'•iinvv no sigii- cif taking it. . > IMPEBIAI HATS STETsOX HALS i3M Willi a \ifw iif laiui.'^hing ilif/priv- :ile character of W. II. Hiubbs. i!io Democratic pns.i tiureau recent l^ made the charg.- that Stuiilis iiad been ?aii?:iii trying to ri'!) the Midiaus oi the ClicroKee iiatinii aurl.tha' the ,irov- irnnu'iit had sued him to recover back (h»' stolen Jaiid. .\s a m.-tttt -r of fa <"i. .Mr. Stiiljlis was ilu- iinioceiit i-iir; baser of a <'oiijil,^ of sni:iil tr.-icis m' laiul th^i< —-0 ;M-IPS in oiii- and !0 in ao- cthor. lie jiaid al! thf laud was worth, li now develops that possibly the title is do!Vct?ve. If ibis contention i.s su.«:tained in !ho cmirts Stubbs wiM tioi luily ios" the two sniall tracts Ijiit the money he paid lor iheni. Just wlicre the Imlians g« t the of ihai deal is hard to sei-. .Stubbs i.-. the only iuu> who stands to lose auy- The records of the .state fa.K commission show that the railroads of Kansas will pay more taxes this year ihtm they did under ihe old law last »car. Tlu^v also .^iiiow that the rai!- road.s ,nre assesred at HO.(i<ii> a mile in Kansas, against 14.i:{'.t in .Mis.souri: .Vt.ii'it; lu folorado: $L'L'.V7s in .Michigan: and $:ti),.<7t in Wisconsin. In view of ihese facts the Democrats wiil- havf a hard time getting anywhere with thiir chnrgo that ihe new tax aw 1.; ill till' init rests of the railroads and auaiii.-^t the farmers. I'ltiiii f vciydiri'ctitui ct .uies the r<- port thai ili<- Demorrtus siill luiv<' some hoDc of e :u'rying thf leglslafin,-v and clciliig Hugh Karri-Ily as United Slat.-- Senator. The Ueimblican miiu- agirs ar«' lakiio., every pn-caiition t <i si 'c (hat tin- legislature is Ue ;i '.iblicaii. Their idea is that it is just ;is es.sii;- lial to send a pil >.t ;re .-^Hive io the senate as it is lo elect Tait and Stubbs. Tail needs tiie backing of progressive Uepiililicaiis in the sea- ate and Kansas will jjoi fait iiim. The de.-peraie ends vi v.-hich i!i^. Democratic mauai <is .'iie diiv.-u i;i order to create apjiareni isMies in the campaign are evidenced by the falsehoods anti misrei)re.«eiitation<^ put out in circulars pa;iicu!.'.r!y v.;!!; re>:aid lo the tax law. I'or iii.->!an <e. i!,, y .- M-- ehargiiig iliai Siubbs is liic aiiihi r of ihi- iuw when as a niatier <;f fa<-! A Consfipation Remedy Free There is no action of your daily life of greater importance than to see that your bowels move. They should 1 move at least once a day naturally, i and by that is meant without any help. If tlicy do not move at kast once a day you can consider yourself constipated and it is time you did something about it. You will be glad to know there is u wuy out of tho dirficuliy. Ltm- uol Lnndordale, un uIU stilJiur ut Quiitcy, III., iilnicr McMillan, of Svvod, Mo.. Mrs. ilon.Mina, of Siouewall. Mls«., and mcny otiiors were as you are now. But ona day they awoke t.i ti.e fact tliat Dr. CalUwcirs Syiup Pepsin was curing their friends, i-o they bouslu It loo and It cured them. Today iltey aie loud iu or it. Wliat Dr; Caldwell's S>'nip Papain did (or them It should do for you. Sur«ly your constipation lis no worse than theirs, one of whom luid it since '61. u only remaina for you to realize that calta are of but temporary eood. and what you want Is a permanent eure; Uiat purgative tablets, cattiartic pUls and such violent tbiun make a great show of dulug aomettiingr, but do nothing that is lasting. Dr. CaloT* well's Syrup Pepsin is a scientific preparation, a laxative-tonic, a mild ayrupy liquid tliat contains Ingredients that not only eure the constipation, but tOM tbc intestinal muscles so that they leara again to work without help. A botti* can be bought of any druggist for the nnall price of SO cents, and there ia a dollar •ise for families who have already found out its wonderful value in stomach, liver and bowel troubles. In old or young. Send your name and address to the doctor and a free trial bottle will be sent yoo so tliat you can teat it before buying. ~" If there is oaything about your altaient that you don't undeistand, or if you want any medical advioe, writs to the doctor, and ba wIU answer you fully. Tbere'ig no chug* fbr thia Mrvles. The address Hs Dr. W. B. Ca]dwr.n. £06' CaIdwi |P taldf. W0 Will KBtfpYoar Salt Premmmd'rrao of Ohamgo If Yov Pay StS»Oa on Oyor M A.\H ATT.VN SHIKTS Overcoats for fall and winter are shown this season in a greater variety of models than usual: and weVe got a lot of good ones for you to choose fr -^m. Hart, Schafff>er Marx certaiiuy have f^otten Overcoat making as WL-II rio Suit making down to a fine point: tiiey done overlook any of the clever ideas in style and tailoring. When you see fciie nlothes we show— which they muds for us—you'll realize that ready made clothes are the only kmd to buy. No custom tailor can equal these. This store is the home of Hart, Schafiher & Marx Clothes. Prices, $15, $18, $20, $22.50, $25, AND UP TO $30. Mnnsiiiir I"nlt»n Suil., for Men $U50io$3M0 .Ifun.slnp: rnlon .Snils for Ilojs 50o, 7Bo, $1,00 Sweater Coats for Men and Boys 50o io $3mOO .Sjicciul Values in Boys* 0 »er- <'«ats for $3.50 . Olliers a I $4.00 and $5.00 Bo}.«i" Kuickeriiocker Suit* $2.50 to $W UODtlcdlo .111. he had le.-s to do with it than almost any fither leader in ihe le- whether K <puliii «-'iii or Denipt rai. The ori.citial .t>ill wa.s introduced in the house !iy .\ir. Davidson ol" V.ichiia. hiii the Hdu.-e Coiniuitiee cii laxaiioa eonipo .sed ol' hoih l )e ;ni<eiai^ and Iti- piiltlican.<. reported a sulistiiiKe whicl'. litwiin.- ihe iaw after cli .ii ;ui s luade h;. !!i" conference Cf .niiiiiue<- of iMtih hiiiiye.s. w!ii<-h ei >niniitie»' aisn wa'^ Cii :;;r"..->-'l nf Deiiinerats I 'l^'i Ui ;ii !''!i- c.::::,. When llv liill wa-^ liiial.i jias^- ed .Mr. Stillill.i was not iu llie Iiiui .-^e ami did iioi vote ui'i.ii i'. .\iioiher I'alx'hood uiion the same .•^ehjee; i^ couiaine .l iu a circular jn:: oai i:i Dickiii.«:n county, which cjaiin;^ ih;<r la can.«f the law the lailroail- .vill |).iy ieP.s taxes in liiat <-oiii>r.v year than la.'^;. One road alone, iiie .\. T. .S. p.. who.-^e tax li ;r II'O.s h.i.s • ascertained, will pay in IIMIS. in (liek- iii^on counts alone, fj .ll.'. i>e>r.- taxe.-; I hail in i:i"»7. Ti'p Toj :^-V ,:i Si.itc .lourii:.', t* ti< .!, : ecpied :i Dickiiisun i e. m; > <i!: ,!.ir which claimed ll'.:;; t !i.> .-i 1 Kiiii-.s ia I'.'tis will he rfiiuci:' lli ,w ri(iicu!oii.-!y I '.il.^e t!i>' HIIII- lii-'iit i^•. i; .<^hown liv ilie la-! :!i.i.' ilif ':^! tax iiaiil li>.iiie iai!'i>.' i-. :i • i: • S'are lit' Kausa.s in I'.'i; ,r:!v ? ".."1 ! e.iii. H:!e !i ijii-'ii'i' '.'II! !•• i :' a'.', (•.•iin; wilii Uie vnt-..^. -.- , n : 'h I 'l .ii;: .:if IK'III'.^I a'li! s <)'!iii- " • 11... \\ i .s fair atiti ri;;lit i:.':a':i!- 'er tha; eveiy Dciiioi -rat in :!.•• --eii.ite and hiriS". l .e.i oiie. v.^t -il fi;r !;-.•• ;M\ Th .. Jta;.!..^-.,:: ,•; ' ;;',i;'. !•.-, ihii: llie [.I 'liil,' ni' i; :• w ili \ " I" ilireer f .>r I'l^e,,} .-Jt.,;, .;- ;(i.>r a: the «'<>iiii!iu: i-eeiii .ii I'Ui^ ;.~ I l ;;;.-iake. 'ril.- iianie.s of tin- . atiils- ilatis for Tailed Slates seiiai- i will III < .ippi ar on liie i .llieial ha. I. lii .•:ia!ii:- will l >v^ ri'-eieil ! \ Mie !-i:: nire J!|-l ill- {-.line u. ih'- {•.The v,.i> lit hi 'lj.^.l. 1.. llristow. lin- I; MUhlicall eainliilal'- Ici- .sella <.i. i vole lor the it <|pilliii ('an ealldiila:> r • •li -esi|if;i ;iv.- Ih'- inneai. ro vote lo-.-'hilii iu lie- .1,. L. E. HOllYILLK, *• I'rcsldent \. Vi. BECK, Vice-President. Directors: L. v.. llorvilie. A. W. Beck. .1. A. Kobin.=;op. Geo. E. Xicholson, II. I.. Henderson, \ Frank Riddle. J. II. Campbell. INTEREST PAID OX T1.ME DEPOSITS .*<afrty Drposit Bo.xM fur rent. J. II. lA.UPBELL, C'a.-'hier. L. f. KOBINSOV, Ass't Cashier. Stnrkholders. L. ,E. Horvile- A. W. Deck, Frank Riddle, 11. L. ilendersoD, J. A. Robinson, L. I-.. Poasler, Geo. E. Nicholson, L. C. Robinson. L. A. I£ol>in.<on, II. T. Evau.<;. John^T. Watkina, Frank Wood, J II. CampbeU. tia.> lieen eal'ftl off. SellaMr '••'i:i.(-!ai ie !ii :;iil ^--lin'ri: I -; :i S lo il;!-.,- i;iHI I.IISll.'-. l!id 11 I >o iV 'V' -1." w:i- til' e.e'll 'i i:ir II. I), .1: -I- •1 . lV .1^ l:.i Ih- M-iiator and ire pled::e<l. gUile Io ; for n h > Here is a eop> of a liii.siiiess :--r received by a Topeka baukei this we .k from a privat»> Investor livint in I .- itois, v .hieh iells ii.s own .->:oi.' • Topek.i. Kansa.s. •Dear Sir: —Kiiclosed jilea .s.- (iiil a coupon for coileciion. Yours couiaMi- Ing check for $'>ri.Ou received. Tliank'. "We will not have any fiind .s to;investment ripht away it' the wionj: party is elected I're.sident next mouth. Said party referred to lives just over the line from you in Nebra.=ka. ReFpecffiilly. •a !l," 111 lie 11... I. ••• III.- :> 1 ili h.i -ol. wi'-- K.I. .....•! f..i .-.^ I- I oiH . riii-<l ami i-:,- I,...-:. i,..i . !. . A:U\ n..-..!•> ' >•• I 1. '.no» 1 .lI s t;:.'. l\:ii;-.o .I 'lll ;• <\ l.;i: i • .Dili; I' i. •• : 'e. vii. •:i<! \. ' . :. \..:v V. -I.- M • :; Me;r \: .t-.- .,).•; ::ri! IS i:oini,' t>» he. Tlii.^ i. .':• leiter rt-ei-ivefl liiis ! ;• .1 'I'-ieka I>anker from '.]]>• .i.iii insurance eonij .l!l..• • '• •' ' •• :s ;o a farm 'o.ia r'l.if • :.l|-ili> u;.^ oft'ered. Ti;,- i-'.\,,y i.i!lo\- - • ,1 , ... : 1.1- I '.I !. oil I .• '! : • -I til. T .^lKria. Kaii.->a-. AI- li.-ar Sii; -W ;o lake Ihe 1 aril afrer the Ill .-.-1(1. -nM.!' eit!T:oii <-ai! i.. ai->- no! .•ni\i.''!.s - f.uiii loan lor uir of the • il-iiiiii • y !l '. I II! \!I.- <ie,i:i-i ;:i\lu^ a V. :i:;.ia !!• Viauon oi !!.!• sal:;. l.i-foie anil :. ii.i.t Il i:; •-. In- r7i. ,.!«. .in-n: . -; Il ... li Io p !i: --l.aM ,! a \ear.s i.'Mi -'111: liitinl Veivii-.. ihal le- v..:iili -il :.|i< l!;.r jllsl like il. '.M! i :::lii." said :!.e .lea'.;-. -1 siili haadlini; ih.i! wauoa and I fiuni-li Mill a diiplicai.' ol the >oii IMIIIUIII IWI.!VI> ye.iis a .L;o. |i iiia< <-<i .-t yon a liilh- more ihau ii did ai iliai lime. YHII ^ec is a Utile hiulier. iron and snel i.s a little higher and iilior coiiinuuids a In iter i.ric«» ihan it did in l'.>>»'>. Itut it will l.-- ihe same wimoii. " ^ ~ • I i ' • ;i 1 n ;. W O 1 i .1 ki' Clli . Ill 'ii.- and vv .• . •:;k • v ;lul:u ;l'i: t..k.- v..ill ; H .w li. . li-ar - f I - 1 - Ilea !M-..- I :. .... I ,:;>ti. I ••11 ef.'iii' .,• f ,1.' t". I i 1: o' s 1 1!;.~ \-. a a - I o ei .!.-• lU.lI-- Voll ..rioiied and oi eon:, .l.iii ."-'rlk- . .-n Ol.f l.\ 1. •r ih.' sinia- .'! Col a now h;- heail • II.. l.ier Ilii'il-'!:' rii.ii. (•i::;,..ired <h'- *i'!i its i.iiee ill i;i".;. luiii --iii.l: •| i:!'.*-.-..- >..ii Ciiii -.'1: Sr.- r!ia! wa.- i.' Mid s.iV. li;, ilie uav. if ;]•.<• |;.- (liiMliaii adiiiiiii^n;.!: .i: fias a.i.wliinu lo do with ihe |il!e.' of lailil prud.ici^ I i;!!.--.-, lOii eaa i>i:l liic down ii.r y,\-. :T;,'- • I That 's jiiiii what I expected." s .iid i ih" faruier. "The wauoii y .in have is'. Recent devejopments indicate ihallno heite,- ihan the one 1 iK.nsht of- ,..,„i ,ers n .cHe .nr- i .e. v vear.- ai:o. hut you want ii.v-nie iianker>. uKi ciiauf.-^. I.K.....\ kirjw- what's owners, lite iiiriiiraaee ci.ini.anies and !.aovva Willi,, ii s .-cin.. ii.a-> a:u! ..Main id .ir I 'l.. (J .-i.niil 'i an .;il- iiiin;. lati'li will t..- ii .aiiuietl.. ; ii.i e is a !wa>-; ;i doalii nii'ii iln- lla!'o•^ liaVf I .e. ri eas' ai ;d ei '.i.t .d. •In the t vi-ii! i.r I" roimny I..-':!.; eo'iija -ned lo c.-i-iii^i'. and l.ti>iiie.-.-» ."•I Ili form to 'lie va:;.i .-:es of ih.e Derno- cr.ilic il .wli! j .io .'.ahl^ biiiiir a ••.-n.-." ni it' ihe r.t riiii ;eiii em- .dltion.s t! a vt -ir as;o. at lea-i lor a ! con.siderali •• iiiiie. We would, ther*- •'fore, [.r.-.i. . to iif.i have that loaii t* miisidei hvioi 'o the e!eciii>n hi vemt .ei'. i -Very truly yours. * • ». 'lhi> letter is from the presideni o! lii!-- of the hir-'f-.-t life insurance cotj*- (.aiiies iu the country and indicatty the wa> ;h>-- I'iii tnisine.^s interests ri^'- ;lie (oiiuriy fe"l over ihft election an4 !>.- j .iis .sitile lesultK. The t.itsiues-s iuiert-bi^^ of iln-coiiu- the Democratic national committee you iwelv. has Riven up all hopos of carryin« , unore uioiuy for it. F Kansas ~ . . .... „ Ksuisas week train? and the.introduction of a croat deal of outside oratory but through ordera from the national committee all SisS^ Tjl ^mo ^^;^^..tS^ njihe .M. Reputdican uir-joiher^-f-ar the r.s.ilt of a l>emo- S;Ss wK to have-wound \./.hlai Iff o« ib.- materials rh.rn.ises,he crane -';^"^,J^:4 iMk with a whirlwind of sr «clal i price. I am opposed to this tariff. would a war and .is tliete i .s alwajs leeK wiin a wniriwina oi SIKH n 1 1 ..j^^^ ^ niiuute." broke hi ihe! the elemeat of doubt unul the votes dealer. "Lt;l's see, when you bought: are counttd they are holding off lo that last wagon you brought me in. see what the outcome of tha alection I I A iiraltby FamUf. -Diir whole family lias enjoyed Ei ->ort health .since we be.^an nshtg Dr. Kiug's .New Life!. Pi'ls. three years ago." ->ay3 1.. A. Bartlet, of Rural Route I, Guil- , ford. Maine. The/ cleanse and .ton* the system in a senile way that doa* yon good, ioe at all drosfitsi -'i. I Ml

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