Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
Page 2
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^"lii L I : NORTMRUP. Pr««ldOTt rthru Hjiximj fir til m^ijSMu State •Fiimi ineiCMUtj llleil liik ii llhi Cf. ; MCLVIN PRONK, AMii CMllipr. ,200,000 iiossip of Society M: „^ OUR WITCHES, f^p ^^tllir wltdjes ar? no longer oM ^^^^^UMi Wrinkled, beldames. Suian s«tl.l. :ftit jroung nnd gay and I HUK M im nva ^f;,.:.u&M. '.'3i ^Ul1the heart's sunshin.' <in .. .'T^^Irlsoroery— th<» liglu which dunces OTiiMi! the . ralspd Id unvii> n- y^Mi- gfencea, ilAid:.ti<o low -broathcd and (;<'iitl.' ton.- '-^-Pllnlljr respondinp unto onrs. -'Soft, dreamlike as a falryV niomi. Above llB nlRhtly O I OR I UC riow<rs. i's ; —John fl. Wnilii-i ;• • • • ^:«pcyj OH'Monday afternoon a group of in- tltoate" friends gava a Mirpriso ii.irty i ' -for Atfs. B. F. Bogard to cplHiraio In r ilJirttaday. The guests gave thfir hos- tsis ^. number of lieaiitirnl p\Us anri 'wire served with an elaborate liiticli- etnt.' The out of tow-n guests wire I 'l , lirs. MeClary of Yates Center. Mrs. |r of Bronson, Mi -s. O. i*V ;-\Vlitherspoofj and Mrs. P. E. And.^rson of LaHarpe. • • Mr. ;and Mrs. Rnisry Ke.Idi*' ol 'V^Huuilnfi ^n will arrive tLis evi'iiin -; fdrja week's visit widi Mr. ami .>Us. fr. LL. iCl Mtinger. Tlieir vis.i i.s in I I K inatiire of a wedding trii<. tlif-ir niur r(age having )>een solonniizi-ii iliis - weak. • <• •> Mrs. H. A. Ewlng will l)o : of the Ex-Teachei -s' Club nn I'rid.-iy :if -ternoom. Mrs.-Ewing will l)e asslsi.a by Mrs. E. Mylcr and Mrs. 1! 1'.. Stevenson.. • - <• .;. Miss Kate Wlyckoft has sent o;i; in - vltatlons for an informal at Iionio lUU-. fivening. Her guests will If a pro i|' ^o' intimate ghl friends. .•• • * • ' _ A grbiip of married eouplf!? niti .ii the residence of .Mr. nnrt .Mrs. K. D. -..Sbi{^dfi<;;]ast evening to organize -i -carft c3iid> for the season. The nnmo eel^ct^.'was the "SOO" taken from ilio gMe which will be played at ilie juriies; T The first parly will ho <»i Xotembj ^r 14 at the residence of Mr ahil Mta. Percy Harri."?. The m<m- bJrtTrtilR^lst is Mr. and Mrs. M. %[• ^choenbrun, Dr. and Mrs. U. V. Dres f^yji^tii, Kr. and Mrs. J. H. Campii-ll. Mr. and Mr«, A. P. Ifnrri.s. Mr. ai;*! Mrs. GJpnn PInney. Mr. an.I Mr.^. Look at Our I.ibbey Cut Class, Rookwood Pottery and Haiul Pjilutcd China. Sewall, Jeweler and Optician 10.1 North Washington. .Mr. and Mrs. ('. ami Mrs. E. MyThereF " Where are you going?" "Opin^ after a sack of U. •^^.MfMlf Plour. Mjr wife ^#po!t^|fiici anything else.'' • p.* .Mont l';ilnior. Sliii', .Mr •:• •!• •> .Mi-s. K. I{ .Mill.-r. wlii is IUUIM lain- iiig .Mjss .\:;ni's Roanlon. of Sioiix ('iiy. Iowa, was hostess of the .Mils: cliil) yt'strrday in compliment to h.' cncsi. Tlio nifmliers present enjoye.l an flalioraie in-ograni of papers an I piusii' wliicli was ronilorrd in ilif li-wini; Old T? Ancii nt Music— H.'iliy!on-Miss OMvo Maiikins. (;r'>i'co—Miss Cracc Nelson, leading—lC;;y|itl;in Music—Mi-s. Col .Mui<'al .Voiat'ou — Mrs. Iluplies. Tionli.-idors and Minnie Singers Miss i:niin:i N'cwlou ^Mlsic in llio N'ctliorlands Mrs. Win lla-.' Hiinuarian M.ircli--KvonIiiK Star WagiLT-Miss Rcardon. Tin part of the pro"rain whii-'i .Mrs. H U.V I KS |irosoi;ted. "Musical No iption" illuirated by blacUlx .ard dra^vin• Tln> foundation of il sfal<»s a:",d other thinss of intonst al;out the pianafortc were .shown in such a way as t > he i '\e.- 'dlnnly help fill and iiis:ri;ctive. .Mr.s. .\rchil.ald .lonrs will he receiv ed as ail associate niemher of ih. chill tills ^^n. The plan of worl oniliiird hy the program coniinii .e. tills year is pi-oving exce <vi !ngly at tractive and enjoyable while ai the s.iire rnn- ilie course nf work r iiuiri;- dilignt study. The next pro Kr;iiii will oi'cur iii .Vovemher. .;. .}. , Miss H .-isie Itcrlc will entertain th.' Heaii K'lio! cinh on Saturday ; after- uoi -n. I * + The Careins clulis" r.arty wliUh was to liavi- heen given at S»e home of .Mr. and .Mi-s. Herman Klanniann last ev ening was postiKined hecaiise of a icctuie which the prosp ."'cti ve fiiiesi- at tend I d. * * * Members of I he M. K. .\id society and other ladies of the congregaiion AILING WOMEN B . . r How Maoy Perfectly Well Women Do You Know ? "1 am *ot feeling Tery well," "I .. «m ao^anrona it aeeouas tboug'h I •hoaldJIy .r "My back aches as thouL'h .oftai^doyoa hear theae aifnii- -fciBt'. ," Mpfteaaioiis from women MiSsta^i M (n« than likely vou speal; ., .:43br *MBfciworda yonwelf, and the.-e 'i Mjk-itKliuei •• J-^ llbttrihjw -'ihirty yean Lydia X^njJIdbiaiDof liytm. Maas. <liscover «>a I thf^mafiBfe of nearly all the suffering ItmatiS^-hbr»ex. -Woman's Ills.' *i.,.-th»mk^t^ W0rds are full of more B than any other two lihat (XH be found in the >}Migo»gK. Sndden fainting, of. Bpirit*. reluctance to ' baakmtfhes, be&daches, •lecpleMneiis. bearing- JB8, displacements and mn the bane of woman's . ilnmaia who discovered all this misery ali>o • l^dteB-Piak. made ^ToMs and herbs holds ior'a, tfreater nntnber of of Jemale ills than any iyithe world has ever a^is ti|e greatest blessing' >;'-«i^ Into the lives of (jiuuies* ' " ^ioE ^CBdnre, bnt cure the .snSering. Lydla E. ~ le Conppand at trbuhles. The '^tltkm from thi*: Mrs. W. S. Pord of 1938 Lansdowne St., Baltimore, Md. writ«s : Dear Mrii. Pinkluuu:— •Korfouryearj luylifewasa miserj to me. I snlfernd from irrpgulorities, sii(>- prettdon, terrible drsgginK j^nsstiunii and extreme nervoutiieai. i Uau given up all hope of ever tyin^ well again when Lydla K. i'inUtam's Vef^lable Compound 'was reconitueiided. It cureil my wrakiica aud uiade mo well and strong." Miss Grace E. Miller, of 1213 Micbi- gan at., Buffalo. N. Y. writes: Dear Mrs. Pinkbam :— "I was in a verv bad condition of health generally; irritaSle, crus, bsc-icacbe and BUlfared 'from a feminine weakneM. Lydia K Pinlcham's Vegetable Compound, ciirtU me after all other medicines iiad fail «l." What Lydia S. Pinkham's Veg«table Compound did for Mrs. Ford aad Miss Miller it will do for other women in like condition. Every sufferini: woman in the United States is aiikcd to accept the following ^nviution. 11 is free, will bring you health and may save yoor life. I|n. nikhaa's InWtaUon ta Women. .^omen suffering from any form of fwnde weakness are inn ted to prtlAptly eommnnleate with Mrs. Pinkbam, at r .iynn. Mass. Prom the symptoms given, the trouble may ' be located and the qoickest and surest way of recovery advised. Out of her vaat volnme of experience in treating female ills Mrs. Pinkbam probably has the rery ksowledn that will , help yotnr ease. Bar aaviea ia tra« llaDd alwaijrahalpial, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tholen entertained a group of neighborhood guests last evening nt cards. The prizes for success at the game w.'^re given to .Mr. and Mrs. \V. K. Slarks. Mrs. Tholf'n served a liiiicbeon at small ta- hlcR. rovers heinr placed for aboul twenty guests. • •> spent n part of the afternoon yester day at the parsonage. Th,^ occtsion for Ilie gathering was n tea which was given for the benefit of the treasury and for social pastime. This Is the first of a series which will be given during the winter. • •:• • Miss Ueulah Mcf'aii.-o enteilalnel informally yesienlay aTlernoon. In r BiiesiH belim nien^hers of the Sewing clnli. There was a prettily served luncheon ai five n'c'oclc. aft.^r nn hour spent •villi needlew<)rk • + • Carnival allraciions are revpoiisihi. fcM- qniel which prevails in the yoiiiic- • •: sei this week nnd liousec!, ;itiin: is ke,"'ping the matrons buy so that not a very large niiniher of s'Clal events at present. <• • • .Mrs. .\. 11, Hiown will entert :iiii •iiiuip of lola and lluinlioldi ladii's a( iliiiner on Friday. The party will oe rur at the hniel in Hunilioldt at six o 'clock. V •> 'I'lie Miruisiic club hoys ari' lo he- uiii a camp.'iign this week lo sc-iire new iiieinhers for their Sunday sch <iol class. It is the of those who liplouf; to have the memhersliip lisi ri'acli .he oi;e hundred mark in the next f<'W weeks. •'.• One of the pri>liiest home wciidluss of the auiumn season was solcniiii/.cd iliis morning when .Miss llessic King, daughter of .Mr. and .Mrs. I. 11. King, was married to .Mr. War- Bracelets ' I.AVALIEHKS J.OCKKTS .4M> rilAIXS HAT PIN.S BA^'i*- iO.MIJ.S .New stock—noanflfnl designs —Siilendld assortments to select from.. WcNElL BROTHERS. THE JCWCLCRM. THE CROWDS INCREASE •ark. T .Shows .Storm Cenier of Mer- rinienl. The second night of the Parker "arnivtil .showed a decided incr(>ase in point of attendance ovev the fipciiliii; uiglii. iind ihe paid tulmisslons lo the various attr.iclioiis were almost double those of Monilaj night."' street, which is the midway propi'i. ivas jammed wHh people from SPVIMI o'clock iiMlll eleven. People are jiisl lie.'unnill.g to realize what a high-class aliraclion the "Cilrl l-'roni Itagdad" really is. and ihiriy minutes before the ticket sale Iw-.'an several hundred people were in line iiefore ihe doors of this show. r .ii '4dad •.(ives hujjji^ne performance each evening and llio:-e desiring seats will do .veil lo he on linutl pronifiHy at eiv.lii I 'orly-live. NEXT PLAY MONDAY 28 <'GirI of the .Streets*,'* Popular Melodrama, al Ihe Grand Serit M'eek. F 'W iiif.'.iidiaina» of the last tlire< .•i^asons have hnd so great a measure of success as "Oilrl of the Streets, wliiclii will be seen at the Crand on .Monday. October L'.Sth. The worl; IHissessrs many lasting qnalitU's which guarantee It life for many years. Miss Herna Kelnhanlt, who heads Ihe cast, made a very closi study of "Kit.' the girl of the sfrwts. and for six months before the jirodiie- lion of the play, went to New York !ind lived In Ihe slums there studying the life, habit, manners, clinracleris- tics and slang of its habitues, and visit.>d all Ihe scenes introduced in the play. Great care was taken in giving Ihe play the necessinry ;itmos- pltere. and ihe production is a complete one. The first act shows the beautiful home of Nan ^Meadows, tha sfcond act is a true reproduction of a New York counterfeiting den, while Ihe third act shows New York city on a winter's night, and Ihe Inst act gives one a very good idea of tlip in- sMe of Sing Sing prison. There is consider.ahle of the comedy element a'i Ihe way through the plorc and it also abounds with nnmerons specialties. HE FELL FROM WHEEL field W. (iraves. of Kansas City, ten o'clock .Miss l>ira .N. Coojicr hv gan the strains of a wedding march and the bridal parly advanced to liarlor lo be met by FZev. Kllelt. pas tor of the First Christian church, win rend ihe marriage scrvlci-. The hrid: cosiiiiiii' Was <if while chiffon hallsl with garniiiires of l;ico and the ho quel was of briilal roses. The parlor if Ihe ri'sldence were triiniued witl roses, carnations, palms and ferns lid the luncheon tables were doiie i .he jiii-doiiiiiiaiinK (lowers and the .'ol or.s green and write. .Mrs. Graves i one of Ihe charming yciung women i iola and has a large group of v.arm friends. She was a student in ib schools here several yetirs a.i;o an was a meniher of several social clllb^ .Mr. Graves is a prominent biisiiies man of Kan.siis City, where they arc lo live after a visit with relatives ii Pillsbiir.g. lULKS POK TA<; DAY. Sorosis < liib Women Want to .Make -Honey for Piano. The ladies in charge of the wfuk of raisini; money which will he used l< purchase a piano for the lola library lave made out a set of rules wiili some x[ilaiiaiioii as to the purpose tiiui ilaiis of '"Tag Hay." .Next Saturday Ocioher I'lllh. is the day .>;pl aside ti.\ be ladies as thefiind raising day aii<l al that lime a bunch of pretty :.rirl.- will be sent out lo sell Ta.tis. Hen are the rules: Tag Bay a Day of Pun. The ladies want to help the library 'O yon niii3t help the ladies. .\II will wear ta^'s Saturday. Knroll early. Help a good thing along. Don't ask for any change. Give a didlar if you can. .\ ipiarier will hel|». A dime will brIiiK ;i smile ami a iiicklc will do. Let everylxidy help. lo';i lielp.s ivery :;ood eaiLi -e and will help this. If a .sked to lake two tags, lake ilit< siiKRinw vKAnpn nPTTPir. Pli}>)cinn<i Believe lie Will Reeorer Prom SkiiH Frarlure. Sheridan Yeager. the young man who was seriously injured yesterday afternoon by falling on the pave nient on South street, is reported as m^cb improved today and the indica tions are now that he will recover. The attending physic'an believes that the first danger of the .accident proving fatal is over and unless there are s<;me new developments in the case the young man will recov <M. It was thought yesterday after the accident that the yoiinir man could not recover. MRS. SPR.VGUE. a widow livin? 0 i:.iles northeast of lola, is report.?d as being very sick with an attack of ap- pendic tis. There is come talk of an operation being necessary but it has not been definitely decided upon. RALI..Y DA'Y at U. B. church next Sanday. COMBS AND BRACELETS ALL KINDS ALL PRrci-:^ XW. COFFEY & SON Kxrliislre Jewelers. Knst Side. RKVIVAl,. A f, meciiig nighl at ili • IT. I), church There were .si'ven |ii nilents al ilie altar of jirayer. T.ii-r • iiave heen .eien conversions aiii! -'< people have asked I'or lie prayi is oi' .be church. 'I'he 'vanKelisI pn acii !•(! an excellent .sermon aad held ih audience spell-hound. It is Italiy Hay .u r. n. Sunday school. Kvcry mem- iier i\\ Ihe church ".s Kindly iir-j- d I i !;e pres.'Ut with all our and .sltaiu;ers who do iioi attend llilile .-clioc.l anywhere. .\ souvenir !\s a niemciuo of Rally Pay will he !?ive:: to every one who artemls Suiida;- school. Clinrles Keyser Injured by Fall Prnm far of Perris Wheel. Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney trouble that is not be- vond inedicjtl aid. Hurrell's drug store. WAITRKSSKS AT (MR WAY. Patrons Will Be Served by One of a Trio of (I 'irls. The patrons of the Our Way restaurant who have become accustomed I'» l!.">ing served by men waiters, need lot he surprised if today or lo:uor row they have occasion to step into he Our \Vay for dinner or siiiper. '• have a pretty youn .i -T l.'cly step up to ake their order. The tiiana.ijers if liii- Our W.iy to- lay •mployed three experienced din. 11^ room girls from ilurliiigion. Ka.;. The young l::des .airived In lola to­ ny and have alre.ady be;;uii I 'leii- work al the restaurant. Miss<:s llaii- liugbes. .\ha Kelley and I.Ida .les per^.nre the new employ••e.c! of the res iirant. Chart's Key.ser. a l.aMarpe smelter- man, last night, fell a distance of iiboiit thirly-flve feet from one of the cars of the Parker .\musement company'.s ferris wheel, badly bniisinir himself, but escaping any serious Injury. li is said that the breaking of an •iectric light globe Is responsible for ll:e accident. The electric light globe when It exploded made a lerrilile noise. Keyser was frichtened and in trying to dodge back from the light, lost his balanc .T nnd fell headlong (o ibe groitiid. Luckily for :Mr. Keyser h' Ttii ;c!c some of the other cars as v.cll as other parts of the niach ncry on his downward flight, which great i lessened the force of his fall, or lir might have b.'-en seriously injured. Some of the cars struck by Mr. Key­ set- when falling were filled with wo- len who were badly frightened and refused to ridf any nior.? after the accident. It is' said that one woman in one of the cars near the srniind, e\en jumped to Ihe ground, receiving several slight bnilsj-s .is she alight.'d. Keyser is a man weighing over 2nn pounds and several rods in the wheel were broken when he struck them. For a short lim? after the accident Keyser was iinconcloiis. He was taken to a physician's office and after a short time revived enough to be taken home on a street car to T>aIIarpe. The manager of the Parksr com- p.-.ny slated today that the necessary repairs on the wheel had been made and that it would be ready to run asa'n tonight. He says there is not til.-' slightest danger of accident to patrons unless the pas.<5enger is very c: relcss about leaning over the ca'v. • • • • • • • • W. H. ANDERSON, Attomey-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 466. H. A. Ewlng. S. A. Oard, G. R. Oard • EWINfl, (JARB ii GARD, • Lunyerg. «» Practice In all Courts. " 9^ Vf. Madison. Flion» 2S9. ^ DR. MeMILLEM, Special attention given to tha treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases nf Children. Telephones: Office'32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's BIdg., "West Madison. • • • • Phone G87. Res. 701. .BR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • * Rooms 7 and 8. Phone 654. Tola, Kans. BR. PBIXn S. IIAIGU. Office and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4. p. m., 7 to 8 evenings, Sundays by Appointment. F. H. HABTDT, • • • • Practice Limited to Surgory. 16 N. Buckejre. Phone 576. • • • • * • • Office Phone 1083. DR. K. 0. CHBISTIAK. riiyslcian and Sargeoa. Evana BIdg. * • • • • •. • • • • DR. W. K. HEILMinf* • • Pbyslelai & Snrgeon. • • Office N. E. Corner of Square. • " Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. " • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502. • • • • • • • • • • • • Phone 932. Fuller.Bldg. DR. OLTAN, Specialist. Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. • • I. •i» • I* • • • • I DB. L. TOZEB, lola Infirmary, 202 £. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Faradis Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. •••••••••••••••••••• • Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • • DR. J. R. PEPPER. • Denllst fa permanently located over B. C. McCIaln's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work hy appointment. ••••••••••••••••••I P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs, Bessie O. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAK8. • Special attention given to Dig- * eases of Women and Children. * Over East Side • Hardware. * Office 'Phone, Main 468. • • • • • • • • • • Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARE FRK A cho'cs assortment of this popular brand .-t CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. INVK.STIOATIXfJ OIL ROAB.S. After severe O illness—after V severe physical or mental strain—use Scott's Emulsion. It builds up and holds up the strength of man and woman, giri and boy. It is the most wonderful r ''fbod.tonic''inthe worid. AlXDRlK»:iSTSi 50c AND $IM. Inia Commiliee Bisroverins Merits of Plan. The pr< liniinary work toward Ihe n aking of oiled ro .ads in lb s city is r .'ipidly Hearing the end. .A coniinit- tf -e c iiiiiosed of Dr. (!. C. (Jlyiin, City I '.nKliierr Aiiiertnaii tiiid Commission ei .1. S. Walker, went fo Humboldt yesienlay where Ihey took samples of Ihe <rl which will he Tised in paving Ihe sireeiv of this city, if found to he Ihe rl^'ht kind. F. Bennette Smith lead chemist for the I.anyon Xiiic company for this city will look info the oil road situation while he i.< in Kansas City. Mr. Smith is go- inc lo Kansas City on other bns'- ness and will look into the matter while in the city for the local people v^ho ate int -rested. Tf the oil which was secured in Humboldt yesterday Is found to l)o the rlcht kirid action will I'i" talren at once. K. r. .IPMOR.S wo\. (•'el (iuss f'linmntonship in Foot Ball. I.e^rence. Kas., Oct. 23—^The junior class team won iYi^ clars cliamp 'OT st'ip of the University of Kansas this afternoon by defeatlne tbe seniors in • r. hard U3nic of foot ball by a scor-^ [ of .'. to n. The juniors were not : scorr-d unon in.any game played th's • season for the class^chaniplonship. The n?oplc of lo'a are especially interested in the Junior team for tb^ repson that Cari Ball, son of T. S. Pall, of th'a city, is a member of the .Tunior team and Is said to be one of the star playerf. A Slide For Life! Prof. R. R. Williams, the Whirlwind Skater of the west, iu hi^ world famous exhibition—A SLIDE FOR LIFE—one week commencing Saturday Night, Oct. 19, Rollaway Skating Rinkl North Side of the Square. Good Music. Good <)Td<r. Good Floor. DONT MISS IT, DON'T FAIL TO COME 7ry a Want Ad, in ihe Ragimief Baths of AH Kinds. E.xelnsire Apartment t<tT XatUes Deoicomb Bath Hoose aed Mineral Well {l.r.00 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave.. Fort Scott, Kansas." This water Posltlrelf Cares Kbenmatlsm, Bright's : Disease^ Stomach Trouble and A^e. Prof. J. L. BIshep, the most relebrated Xassagist and Hydropatk* 1st In the Conntry, In attendance giring massage.: WATEH SHIFFEO IN FIY£ (5) GALLON BOTTLES ONIT.

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