Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1907
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\0L. IX. No. 415. Wbolp Xo. (tt«5. SIX PAGE8. lOLA, KAXSAS, OCTOBER 2S, 190;.—WEDNESDAY EVENHiO. SO. PAGES. PHICE TWO LEAGUE MAY MEET HERE lOLA MAY fiET M-XT MI-KTIXf; O!" MlXHirVli SOCIKTY. CITY OFFICIALS 1HE MEMBERS m RACE IS CLOSING DELEGATFS WU.h UO TO PAUSOXS i\ iu:n:Min:K. Wftold AdvcrtU** 11H' riiy—roiiimer. rial riuh Will »i> A >k«Ml lo 1Ii'l|i. ,TIiprp is ovory visison io liolifv.-> that IhP iipxt liicoiiiiK of ihp Kiinsas Miinlcii)al I .t';iE;ii" will bo lulil in Inla. At. loail ovory ofi'on will lio ntedP IO Kociiro til ' ;iiooiiii!j fc :r Utiis. A; biff (lologaiioii will po to I'arsons next Doroiubor for 1)10 imrpo .so of landing it. l.:i>t yn-.-r I'.io ino^liii-' va."; hold in'na, K.iiisns. ^If this niooiiuK is .>;ocaro«l it will n^ean a KC>MI d'-al i<i lola, nSost of tho woll known riiy iitfirials ot tho staio afi- niomhors and will attend. This m.-'otint; would coriainly advortlse tho ojiv. Iiv'spoaUing of ilio iii^.^slbilili. s of lola sooiirinK tho ntootiuR f<ir KMIS. 1;. E. ("iillison. who has roprosontod lola sinco ii las boon a miMnh .^r of tho loaRno,' and who ts now sorro- tnry and troasun ^r of ibo loauno. said that rach city bad ono vnto bui tj.p moro d?logaios in ailond.inop ilio hoitpr. Tho local nipti who aro inior- tjEtod in spcurin?r tho IfliiS moot ins for this city, will solicit tho holp of the local comnioroial club. ! Tho Mnnicipal L.'-asuo is an orsanization of tho city oflioials of tin? various citioj over tho staio for the purpose iif goit ns new ideas \.hich when adopted are for tho good of all the cities. In this way each pity g3ts the benefit of idoa."; which _^ve3bj^ JbfitaGil to othor% _ -i. Etei^'ySIF sInco Tola ha.s heon a Miembor of the league ono or more <^f the city officials h ;no )i .>on on tho program, roadiiiR papo..^ or deliver- fng addre.<;.'V'.5. nio f .illowins program gives an: idt'a of the importance of tho siilijoci and the men who pariicipate in il .?so mnnicipal loatcuo rnoptings: jinnicipal Taxation-.'*. H. Ciocl^oit. City .\itornoy. Honon. p."».hitation and rnro Food.-—S. .T. rriimbino, .<ooro ;ary Siat.' Hoard of Hoalih. ;The Enforcoinont of Law—U. A. I.ov- ; o;t. Ci:y Aitornoy, .Salina. Modern Municipal Stre.->t Ligliiiiig— H. K. (loodrich. Siiperiuiondent TopoKa SI root I.islil 11?: IVtuii. tloa.^ons for .Matiinpa .Saninuy and [ Choinical .Survey of ilio \\';iiors of Kansas—Moral io N'. .\ssistani Hyilnimilihoi Cooiosical .'Purvey. Sow.Ts Up to Dale—.lalii.s Cabo. City Kn.ixinoo;-. 'i'ojiclji. Power Malnunanco. incliiclini: the ("are and I'so of the Soplic T.inl;.- — Claude Tiiorpo. Cily Kii ^iiio.T. Should W'^ ;'o <,nr Munici'.al Syr (om from ;i. ^ayor and Council 10 a C<immi.<.^ on?—AV. II. IJonrl.-. County Attornoy. Ooary Couniy. U. E. Ciilli.son. .'.oorj-'iary .-ind iro .ns• tirer of the or;;;iiiization. is now pr.-- pr.ring to publish ilio proceodiiigs of the last meeting which was hold in Salina, beginning Doc3inber ISth ia.«t year. Tliis will bo jiublished boior.' , the next nieeiiiis. which wdl lie hol.I in Parsons in December. ~ R. E. CnlliKun. through a coniniun- icaiion e ^lh 'd the ationtion of the council Monday night 10 tho f ;irt ih:.t the city's dues ^llould now li? iiuid and the city was entitled to a dc-logaic to the next annual meoiing in Doccm ber. Mr. Culli.son as a delogai? to the meeting la.^t year, look a hiad- iJiK part ami moulded lo a largo ox- trnt the polic;.of Ijie moetins. I'arUor. r. P. 1-. .Mo- rorXTT HELPS MKS STETEXS. Bays Ticket for Wife of Prl>oinr lo Kansas City. Wra. Knapp, commissioner of the county poor, yesterday iKiught a tiok- ct for Mrs. Leonard Stevens 10 Kansas City. Mrs. Stevens .is the wife of Ixtonard Stevens who was reconlly Bentenced to the reformatory for al>- duotion. She wauls lo RO to Kansas City where she has relatives. This noroin? she had not yet left the city. She has one cbUd and says that she can get work to support herself and child in KMxama atjr. THE WEATHER. \ ; Forecast for Kansas:—Fair loalgk^ and Thursday: warmer in north pw. lion toniclit. K.iM rocoidi'd at loc.'i' ofllce I'. S. \\ ii'ilioi- tluroaii. \i-.-iiorday, today and ;. >. .'igo: M:ns tn i .vMiiNt; tiF,otiX !<i is ifKt i:ivri> IV ST. i.oii<<. ALL RECORDS ARE N3W BROKEN l>E l.\ VlfX IMKVTKIN VMi FI.KillT KEttMlllS I51:ATK\. m? OVER HIS BOND WILL PRODABLT BE FElTCBE OF WmTLOW HEARIXt; TOjrOBBOW. VERY UTILE NEW EVIDENCE DEFENSE .MAY XOT I'l T WIT- XES.SE.S ox'sTwn. »irx. Mhillnw Has RetHriifd From a Yi>il With Some Relntires in Potnlii. Ccrnian Acroiiauls Raced to Sliores of Atlantic-t handler and McCoy Not licard FroniJ SI . I Oil:-. Oi-i. L';;. —Tiil .^nso inioro^t pr vails liori' as tlio end of the big Italioon race api>roa( ;ios. News of Ilio lauiling of balliions Is coming fast ;ind tioro is much close figuring bo- ing iliiMO ID diMorniiiio the approx- niaio iilstaiicos fovorod by coniosr- aiKr. Uooor is f.i.- Tiio fliglil. dislanc- < ; and for duraiioii aro being bmUoa by cVory balloon in tiio nice. The locor.l for tlio race as sailed from I'ar- i la -ii year was Pii; niilo.--; C.orinan li .illo.jii ru.nin •rn. iiiimbor on<'. landed tod .iy .It .V.^biiry Park. N". .1. afior <-civorin= the air line a dislanco from St. l.ouis of noariy e'ght hundred and eighty miles. The worlds record for flight, no: made in the contest, however, is milo>, li.'^ld by Count Henry Del.aVaux. of France Dol .a\:nix hoi,I tho duration rfford of forty ono hours and forty-five minnies which is being exceed^ by ovory cup contestant landing today. The Ponimern apparently held the lead in the race. Aiiolher Jlfrman <-onte.';lant the Tlnss.-»;dorf. is appar­ ency second, having landed near Dov- or. Pfl.. with a distance of approx'- liiatoiy oigTit liiindroiT and (wenly-flve mibs 10 her credit. Tho .Xmorican balloon St. Louis land''*, al Westminster. -Mr.. 1:01 far nom nalfimoro. after a fliahi of seven hundred and li.irty The Cniiod Siate? land• d la.'^i ni.ght ai Caliloni:i. Out., after ;i fiulit of six hundred and fifiy nib\-. The iliird .\niorIcau cmiost- ant. .\niorioa. with r-:iani7ior and McCoy, in ili.'> ha .-kef is yet to bo hoard fnun. The English contestant Lotius II all; landed in Ohio, "T.'> miles away, haviu'j descended because of.the illness of I.ieiiirnant Pr-ibazon. .\ Fn-nch balloon landed near Richmond. Vo.. after covering in its coiirsj .ilioui twelve .l.undri-^ miles. The con- tisi for f ^r .-i hfiiiors. is .said to bo (1.1 o. The ofTicial rooon: will not ho ; n<iv.n uniil m>'-asuromen(s aro receiv- '.! from the govornnient sources at W :i .'-lrngtruj. TIio I'onimorn's achieve iiiont is regardoil with great interest. The d.iring rierman aonnauis did not do .^crtid until Cfinfroniod by the very shores of ih.-> .\tlaniic ocean. Tho .l:inii -s i ;.>idi 'ii noiinilt cup will be aivai -.jod til Ilio balloriii ili;tl )ia.~ cov- • n-il 111" lr,iig.--si dl .-t .'inco fni.n Si. Louis iiaa-urod in a siraigbl I no. rocardle.-s of lii.w long the liallooii may liav.- In on in tlie a .r. or how many niilos-- (,f roonrdiii? I 'lo iii.-dii- menl carried shows to ha v.- boon ai'- n ;a 'l> traroied. (.Et»R<;i\ RAILROAD SOLD.' rin' Antinniiccnient Was Made in New York T <Mlav. .Vi-w Vorl:. Od. I'::.—Announeoinoni was made today ihat Ooklrigh Tborne pro.-idiiit of ibo Tru.'-i Company of .\nirrica. had s<»ld the control of the Cfor-ia railroad, which, ho purchased joinily with .Mar.sden J. I'erry lasi •lul.>. Ill ilie corridors of ihe oJTice of iho Trust Company of .\merica. there were six hundred i)er.-;oiis when the hour for beginning business arrived. It was imiKissible for any more 10 en- ler. Tborne said at thai hour ho liop- ed 10 meei ail demands unless the de- Ijosiiors came in too large number's. Aciing State Superintendent of Banks Skinner took possession of the KnickerlKM-ker Trust company this morning. CHARLIE MnsiardandMi.s.s Frankie Stoddard of La Harpe were married this afternoon by Probate Judge J. B. Smith. The relatives of the roiiug l>eople were present at the ceremony. RALLY DAY at U. D. church next Snndajr. The ijiatior of bond will prob.ably bf tio iuKTosiing reature of the hearing of Sam Whitlow tomorrow i :i .lii .it(;e Potter's court, on ibo c 'laigo (,f nuirderirg .Miss .May .Saiip 111' Mor:in. The pla !e is exp .-^cled to ask tl -.o conn lo ileny ihe dofenilant I-;.;: wb:lo 111" ailoriioys Oir Whitlow •\i'l innlco a strenuous offori 10 secure lif.nd fur lliOM' clioiii. Tiier.^ is a eon:(i>; ton between ilio ati .irneys in the e-i -o .IS to wh'titer or noi. under tho of iho 'e ;^>latiiro last winter do ing away witb c.iidial ptinishm.-nt. first d .^groe murder is a bailable off< use. .\i least one or Iho atloriioys for ilio Slate has given il as h!< ..pillion that while capital punishment has boon done away with thr» capital offense is not done away with, and I 'onco Whitlow laniint hope to got l .iuid. One of Iho attorneys for ihe tiefonso insists that tho change in :h.' law makes first degree murder a iiailildo offense. .\ sharp contest between the attorneys is expected tfv :)i rrro'v if Wliitlow ts iKitind over, wliifli is oiiite probable. New Evidenre Xot Expected. It is not expected tiiat very much if ttiiy new evidence will he brought out tomorrow. The state will put on probably a dozen witnesses. s :rce n mass of cvldcncp ia^jOQl^a-. Otiir?:^ to bind a pri.soner over tho sl.ilo is expected lo use only that evidence important (o their side. It Is also quite possible the defense will not place an.v witnesses on ihe stand at all. The altorne.vs for V.liit !r-w were a.^ked today with refer -nee ;:i Ibis iiiatier but refused lo say any- tliign. Mrs. Whitlow Returns. Mrs. ^\'hillow returned from Potwin today, whore sh'' has boon visiting rolalivfs for several day.^. She went tlieto to avoid the ga ?e of curious ev .-is to wj.ich she has been sub- joclod .ns a resiil; of the tragedy. Fift.>en bank o .xaininors wrre sent out this mornin.g to various parts of il .o city and reported there has boon nothing In the namre of a run on any financial institution, except the Trust fonijiany of .America and Ihat Ihe <on- d 'tion.'? at all other banks and Trust comiianies are normal. The state had snbjioonas issued for the following witno.sses litis morning: ."itrs. .lohn Sapp, mother of .Miss Sapp, Crorgo Meriill, Neta Tliimbel. May Civins. Mrs. L. R Kinne. L. n. Kinno. Dr. Long. Dr. I-amlieih ,Dr. Reid. Hailaml Taylor ami Mr. nay Smock. HIS WIFE STAYED OIT LATE. I liarge of J. .\, Chrisly in a Divorce A« (ion. .1. .\. Christy brniigiil suit in district court today for divorce from '•|ary E. (."hrisiy. alleging irross cim- luct as the grounds for tiio action -Mr. Christy reciics a number of rea- •tr.ns why he thinks ho should have a iivorc. .Among tho reavoiis cited in lis pfiition aro that his wife negloct- el her household diiiies. associated with disreputable women, possessed a violent temper and wh.^n enraged applied vile epitl.-'t.s lo him. ihai she went ••<"o what Is Known as club dances." stayed out late at night and said .she did not have Jo depend on hiin for money or anything else. Mr. Christy thinks Ih.-^se allegations are sufficient grounds for separation. The couple was married In isnn, and to them was l»om one child, a lit- il.' girl. Mr. Christy alleges that his wife kept the child out lati> at night 'or. He asks for divorce and for the care and custody of child. He .^r'.ys further that he has always bemoaned himself as a kind and dutiful 'lushand. Kaffir Corn can be had at Clai- »)oi-ne *s mill. Plione 19.'). NOTICE.—For Ihe next thirty days we will pive a guarantee with every fiOc box of Mi-o-na 10 refund the money If It fans to cure indigeBtlon and all atoraaeh tronbl««. PEXSIOX.S FOB iriLITI.lMEX. Congressman ."ilrott Is to Present a Brand New Dill. Topeka. Oct. -2?,. —Congressman C!bar]i!s Scott will in the next con- frsaa personally look after the work o[ placfDff IhB 'yeierans of early day Kansas millUi^iwrapanies on a peti- sion basis vlf| the O. A. R. This Will iaeliido ,tS» Serenf^nth. Eigh- leeiith and XlniMeenth rl:>giniei|ljb For iwo sessions past Coner^N^an Caiiipboll lins hod ch.nrge of the mn^- tor. At the last, after Itard work, he was enabled to get a favorable r.>- lHut (rom the committee on ponsioirs. The b II was ready to be presenied iilH)n the floor and would hav.'- un doubirdly passed. Indiana. Illinois. Iowa and noveral other slates have militia pension claims and as soon as they got wind of what CamphoU was doing the.v pro l>ared ••riders" for the bill. The Third district congr.-ssman realized thai to push Us bill then would sim- I>ly mean its death, for it would bo rid.ien to death. So it did not appear en the floor of the bouse. Scott is to prepare the new bill. The v.holo dol 'g.-itiou favors it. HEARD HOSPITAL CASE Siiil InvoMes Snt*llilfe Trouble—Court Reserved Decision. The case of P. C. Cilkerson vs the Si-tors of St. .lohn's hospital came up lod.iy in di.striei court on a demurrer. 1: will bo r?nJombere<I Ihat some time ago Cilkerson asked the court on a writ of mandamus to compel the Sis- II rs to admit bim to tho hospital to iiiidorgo an operation. The court gr;intfd an alternative writ for the hosi)ital to admit him or show why .M a given time. The case cam? up today after having uecn continue*! once. The case grew largely out of the Siitcliffe trouble. The Sisters refus- r:' to admit Gilkenjon because he was a patient of Dr. Sutcliffe and they had received orden; rrom Mother Superior not lo allOTT Dr. Sutcliffe to bring any patients to the hospital pAndintr the -heaJ^nj of charges of tin- professional conduct against him by local pViysiciiins. Those char^os were to have been hoard by the advisory board of the hospital which consists of three physicians. Trio advisory board not heard the ehnnjes owing to Iho fact thai a femi>orary in- juiic'ji.ii was grantee some time ago r-.^(raining them fi^oni Hearing them. The permanent injunction was also I'.eard this morning but decision reserved. f;ilkerson was renresented hy Burton Clifford and F. J. Oyler. The p'aintiff contended that since the hos- Dital received aid from tho state, county and from individuals by donation it was a public institution and for lhal reason had no right to deny a pal lent admittance to the hospital. Tho Sisters were reprciented by S. n Amidon. of Wichita, ono of the most prominent attorney.^ in the stale, and C. II. .Apt. In an nddr.'>s3 Ilio court .Mr. .Mnidon said' that, the hospital was not a public in.stitu- tlon. Ho said that the l-.ospilal was crhartered under tlio stale law as. a private instiiut'on and had .a right 10 receive public donai;ons. The court look Iho mailer under aiiwsonint. .A docI.<:!on will probabl.v not bo •.ivon for several days, .'^athor .siill:v;iii. (if WTiIiita. was fn tho court ivif.;,i and t.-.ol; an aeiive interest in Ilie (.lailii'i of llio rn-:.-'. rather Sullivan i;. ;m r.\-jur|ge. liaviiig been on the b iich in an eastern state. MORE SOLDIERS' HOME ROOM. Bids Receive*! for Extensive Improve' ments at Leavenworth. Leav !i worth, Ka~.. Oct. ^n.—Bids v .rro recMved at the iiaiional Soldii-rs lionio tedav for the erection of sev- esal new buildings. There is to bo a comb'naiion barracks at a cost of $.">0- im. a $].". oon ni.^ss ball, n J4.00n BANKERS ARE ANXIOUS BIT SECT CORTELYOr.S -PRES- EXCE HAS HAD QUIETIXn EFFECT FWANCiERS HAVE THE CAS TBPST COMPANY OFFICIALS ARE PffEPABED FOB EMERfiEXCIES. The Openine of j$t«ek VsrkH Etidenre of Dei»*n]lu- tlon. (•are THE MARKETS. Kansas City, Oct. Gatlle. re- ceipis IS.noO. Steady. Native steers $4.S0ig;6.C5; stoekers and fcedars $:!.10 ^•1:7.'); cows and heifers $2.1.5@LT .'i; bull-s $l'.10«;l.ti5.- calves $.'i.2u#C..")0. Hogs—Receipts 11.000. Five to ten lower. Heavy l.'i.So'Srt.OS',^: packers $."i.flOfr fi.OT'/i: pigs and light $u.T.". ffle .lO. Chicago. Oct. 2.'?.—CattL-'—Receipts :!.'.O0O; beeves $2.S0f<; ^7.2^; cows .ind heifers $l.l.'(5$.'.l.".; «fockots and for dors |2.50rff$LC0. Hogs—22,000: top hulk ot sales Sr^S.-.W^fi-lO. . Now York. Oct. 2.".—Anxiety Oyer tho linancial situation coniinued'to the dose ot the business hori/.on to-, ilay .-ililiough tlie nervousness and aiarui so noticeable yesterday was considerably lessened by Ibo presence of Secretary of iho Treasury Corte- lyoii in the cily. Mr. Cortidyou's slate meiit made last night alfirming the strong eondiiion of the national bank.'; of (his city also had a very good effect and served to relieve the apprehension of bitsincs.s men that the c>ir- lailiuent or creditors through the situation following tho suspension of pay meni by the Knickerbocker Trust company might, hamper Ihe financing of general mercantile affairs. An iin- favoralde development of the night war, the news Ihat the trust company of .\merica. one of the city's largest financial insiiitiiions. with dejiosits ap- proximaiing fifty million dollars, a'fll the toial as.sets and liabilities in excess ot sixty million dollars was in need o fasislance. The Trust Company of .America had given the statement to lis affairs to other bankers with a request for .assistance. It was announced that liberal assistance would be given it today although it had In its vaults twelve million dollars ill cash. It became known last night also that, the bankers In general did nof. regard tn"e"posillon'fo fhe Knickerbocker Trust company as very favorable and were inclined to permit it lo go into liqui.lation. The London quotations were eagerly awaited. L'ne.-rot people began lo gather early in front of ihe doors of boih the Trust Company t ;i America and the Knickerbocl:er Tru.-:f company. Raleigh Thorne. president of the Trust Company of America, made a statement ear^' today to the newspaper reporters who calleil on him. to the effect Ihat the Instiution was all right. "We have plenty of cash on hand and arc prepared for all emergencies. We are facing the situation calmly." The committee of accountants representing ihe bankers who have taken the whole financial siiuaiion in liand. went into tho offlcos of the Trust company of .Amerlcji at six o'clock tills morning and began an exhaustive ex- aminatliHi of its bo<^iks and the seciiri- ilos held in Its vaults as collateral and loans. The Knickerbocker Trust company Is surrounded by a constantly increasing iiiimbfT of iier.sons. I'hey are disappointed for an announcement was made that It would not resume payment today. The open- in.g stock market gave evidence of Iho demoralization but a .severe re converged on bul a few .=;iocks. The range of decline in many of the active slock wa; resirictofl 10 3 point. l.Tniiui Pacific ran off .'.<;. Delaware and llud.son sold at a decline of elev- I 'ti. ubile Westingliouse Electric de- rlined lO'-;. PitLsbiirg. Oct. 2:i.—The Piit.sburg financial circles weie thrown into an uproar at the opjning of business to- lay when Secretary C. J. Holmau made the following announcement: •.\t the request of the Pittsburg Clearing house and Bf t:ie suggestion of the members and th? board of di,„ rectors, tho Piitsburg Stock Ex- Ml j . • ,-|o?iange has been closed for the day." cliaplain's quarters, and JS.i"'0 qua terma;;t. rs -torelioiise and a $l..")i'0 inime.liately following this Presi- addiiion to the mess hall. The eos'.: j^^^. j, ^ UJI^J js=i|od a statement as l:act U-'r the erection of the buili'-j iiigs will l.e awarded bv a board of managers. f.ETS tlRDER FOR HARNESS. j Phil Hefeele Will .Make Set for Parker' Trained AnimaL Philip Heigle, the local harness maker, today received' an order from the Carnival company for a set of hog harness. The ham.?ss is .to bo used in the dog aiid pony show depart follow.:; 'Tlie S<curily Inv'Stment cotripany finds iiself involved. This will neces- . itate the temporary suspension or re- leivership of tho Westinghouso Electric corapaay, and the AVestinghous^ .Machine compair>-, and the Xernst Lamp company. The manufacturing conipanie.i are in an a'lsolutely solvent condition. The condition of the Security liivestmsnt company will In ment for a team of trained hogs. Itj"" ^'""^ ""^ Union Switch & is Mr. Hoi .le 's first nttempt at mak-!«'e"«l company and the VVeating- Ing a set of harness for hogs, although , ^^^use Air Brake coaipany. I would he has been in the harness business; ""e to have It explicitly understood Ihat It -WAS at tho request of the for y?ars. Pittsburg Clearing Sonse that wa 'truck suspended the trading temper FOR RALE—My four-acre patch, good four roomed house, one ari'y-" mile from BQuare. Alex Miller. • PItUburg, Oct 23.—TaapeUtlwi tor a receitor of the concerns named, it is .said will be made today. The bankers interested exiuess no doubt of pUllinK Iho companies through sue- cessfiilly. The rmhriassment is at- Mbated to the inability to secure funds dfl account of iho stringency of the moneyiroarket. - The amounts involved wilt tun ni >.in^o tte millions. Piltshun; KxchaaiirD Clesed. : Pittsburg. Oct. 23.— The . Pittsburg stock exchange did not opep ' this morning, the members deeniin §r -it au"*. visable that the evchniige remain closed temporarily owing to a. demoralized feling in Westingliouse Electric, ONLY HISSES IN fllfCAfiO. Broken Hearted Small fiives Ip FIglit to (.et Bark Old Position. Chicago, HI.. Oct. 22.—Followed by j.-ers and hisses S. .L Small, former p:-esident of Iho Commercial Tele- graidiors' Union, lert I'lrich's hall In teats Sunday aftenioon. He did not, get tho vindication h^ sought at the hands of tho rank and file of the local union. As Smal lotthlf ..:; ' ,:.:: As Small I?ft the hall he appeared broken hearted, and declared he had gvon up the fight for restoration to his former position. His successor AV. W. Beattle, of Washington, who was vice-president of the organization, was formerly rec- ogniz3d as the new head of .ii^q- union. He arinonnceif that hJs policy wtiitld he an aggressive one. A\'iiien the meeting wa"? opened Pros ideiit Sm.all. who had been wait'-ng in an anto room for a chance to bo heard v,a3 invited to the platform. Hardly had he ascended.the steps of the platform when a number of striker.^ got up and left the room. The others hooted and hissed, so that the words ot" tho former president were drowned. In a pathetic way ho appealed to the old?r members of tho union, saying 1.0 had children, and that they should not bo disgraced by the brand- in.g of their father as dishonest without one bit ot evidence and without a hearing. This appeal, however, had litils effect although .1 great many of tho sirikers afur the meeting had adjourned, agreed that Small hod been treated sham-»fiilly, and at least, should have been received with common decenc.v. It was voted at Sunday's meetin.g to assess broker and leased wire op- .Tators two days* pay each week, in lieu of calling them out on strike. HE LANDS IN CJ MAJOB HEBSEY BBINGS DOWX SEIB HAMHTOK BALLOON SAILED OVER 700^ AMERICA, POMMBFly, LOXUS L'ISLE DE F .4XCE LOCX' First Two Appr ^aishlair Where A merles Wfll" Two' Others; Close ^ekMi^^ Caledonia. Ont.; Oct. iiJ-^Tlim.J loon TJaited States, of wlifcli.^ Hersey; of the United SIO^!!^ ther Bureau, Wlai^Ington, it' landed ; about twelve mlleSr' Hanillton. Ont., at 6:15 p.:m^ UpitedV States crossed the/irtf niiaois;' then across Lakd and tib^.St. Clair to the Lake ^^riei. when a change or^ c.^rri« ijflitJhrijAo Canadai';!^ piac? o(:.^|ifidl]B^^ The i[Mij |tr -flMi [Q the Unite* landed f*. from St. LoiilK, f (I by this stune national race was 102 miles. AFTEB JOI rOMET COMINfJ THIS WAY. One DIseoTcred hy n Wlsron.sIn Man Approarhinsr the Earth. Berkeley. Cal.. Oct. 2.^—rnivorsity a.stronomere ar-> interested in the new comet, di.scovered by an astronomer named Mellish of Wisconsin. Professor Leuschner. head of the department of astronomy of the University of California, with a corps of assist- /mts. has been figuring tlK orbit of tlie new heavenly boi:y. The annonncement is made today that the new comet is rapidly approaching the earth. There is no danger, however, that it will strike this planet, as its nearest approach will be more than l.'.O i:me.s the distance between tho earth and the moon. AITO PLl N(;ED OVER BRIDGE. Arident In fhlea^o Be»inlied in Deatk of a Motorist. Chicago. Oct. 23.— An automobile plunged over a bridge and down twenty feet into the Desplalnes river at River Forest yesterday, and its owner who was one of the three occnpanM. was fatally injured, dying at midnls^t The victim was Frederick W. Griffin, fortj'-two years old, a dealer in aiito- mobile parts. WAXTED— Xa experienced wcmian for general hquse worlc Cal! at 609 East Madison. r«r k«tt u4 QmMMl Benilla «H> tt« BcfMer Waal CaliM Dcnorrats Want Soles c ; BepresentatlTes CI Wlashington, D. COetfj for a revision of the rules of 1 of representatives is^heard representatives, who aire* out of" Washington Xbsie .iy. though among the-xeil want the revision, tbe^iir Iktj a mannerj-bsit does:Jibt"i| as ^Tia&n* In tli«^'pr''^ • ti6n."-j^ The Semocrat.s, however, iififfi iniou.s in their belief that} tbe;^ of the bouse should be changedTI to allow more freedonvin ther< ~ a lion of res of Iegisl4 )Uicn;| are more confident this yeatr^" ~ have ei-er been before th^ts can be done along these lines'' coming Congress. Theyi fact that there will be a number of new and yonng';r^ilf members in thehonse who T^' come the suggestion tiiat'^^ changed so as to deprive; Spc^ilt^r^i non of his alleged Czar-like i ' " The imain thing the dc. _ ^ wants is an enlargement'ot ttae^eli mittee on rules, whlbh is.thef"^ powerful ocmmlttce in the i framcsiall "special rules," up the lines of procedure jn?i programs of legislation on t* of the house. At present the i .^hip itt this committee is fiTe^f^ republicans and two democrsp.^^ would-be revisionists woulof II have the committee's ffle fourteen, so that there would'I>e;l opportunity for an expression ,ptj of aili phases of'houte sentli the various questions br the cpii'rse of a Icgisiatlvti i When some of thefdemoenUti ed members from the far- session' on the pr found that the repiiblicans ^ I erriiory wanted the also wanted the rules fa recognition could be had speaker for the consideratlaqj!- 1 with greater ease and fr? is now tho case. But tl 1 leans were averse to l)elng dr ib^ontroversy until they ' vinced that enongh'v votes: mustered lo make the reality. ' — This can not be done nnlesct itant democrats can gather it fold of "revolution" some oC^i republican members. That do this^ in numbers larger « make the change sure, does^ certain by any means. ] the democrats will assmble.; ington. when congress openSt intention of doing a wholej Iot:« sionary work among the-newooa Tlie democrats caucus wilLf' resolution calling toe-7i the house rules And- XhW will be Introduced fromtfie:.: the house. If the republlo^A .support it. the cause of r0risiair| again go down in defeat. " ' * BOt» WEBE 0!nLT FLASBfiG Chanrc A^Inst TwJ» Beya far! Was Dlmtoac^^ Two boys were arrested by Officer Wm. Todd on the. ilgfating. Mr. Todd was dobi^ the vicinity of the Camlvalrn saw the boys scninin |rbn tli»i They were clb^bed 'and \bafi one was bleding, w^teh Mt|' ncer to believe that': ther ing. 'They iltere, taken to>j raigufd this rnorfAnt. -Tkel vlQoei the eoiirt tiifef ,th ^^ti|M !y unilhing and that tbae"^ reeeired waa daoteL y -'K

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