The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER «, 1949 COURIER NEWB PAGE THIRTEEN (raising Urged Caaking Meat Expert Recommends Moist' Heal- Method For Steaks and Chops Swiss;steak, pot-roast, fricassee— phese terms su66?st 'd 'ferent meat Wishes,• biit they are all prepared ^>y the same moist heat method— _ braising, according to Reba t Staggs, widely-known food expert. Best cooked by, braising are the less tender-cuts of beef; pork,chops and steaks which must -he slowly cooked,to bring out their rich flavor;, arid veal steaks and chops because of their lack of fat. Whether cooked on lop of the range or in the oven, this slo-v moist heat cook- Ing results in tender, juicy meat • ^ that is richly browned with a wel 1 1 developed flavor and aronm. The first step in braising Is browning the meat in its own 01 a small amount of added fat. Fo a richer color and added flavor the meat may be dredged in sea sonea flour before browning. Whet •completely browned, a small amoun of liquid is added if desired, th pan is covered and the;meat allow ed to cook slowly until done. Th licniid may be water, milk, cream diluted ; vinegar, meat , stock, frui o'r vegetable juice. Herbs, spices and vegetables may be cooked with the meat to add 1 flavor and variety. . * n £?t v ing, the meat sauce is an important part because it not only contains the good meat flavor, but contains meat food value as well. The rich drippings --e often served over the meat or Ihey may be made Into a delicious gravy to be served separately. Try Hot Soup in Brisk Season; Colder Weather Needs Sturdy Meals Douglas Improving Wash, pel. 8.(AP) — J.S. Supremo Court Justice William O, Douglas, injured during a momi- -aiu ride ,Ls showing continued Jin- proveincnt. 1 '- .' ' ' Dr. Joseph H. ' bow, one of his physicians, said Tuesday night the W-ycar-old Douglas .Is "markedly \ " " ' ' .'•• (Serves 1-C) One cup split peas; 6 cups valor. carrot, sliced, 1 onion, quartered, 2 sprays celery leaves, soup bones, 1 bay Icnf. salt, and pepper. Pick over and ' wash rpllt peas. Place all -Ingredients , except ..salt and pepper In kettle, cover, bring to boll and simmer 2 hours or \mtil lieas arc , tender. Remove 1 bones. Strain soup through (ood mill: season with salt and pepper. If desired, (hln with milk; heat. Military Construction Program Is Approyed French Premier Qtien To Resign His Post WASHINGTON, Oct. 6. W) — AI PARIS, Oct. 6, (AP) — Premier "«"<">•• -""—•• -—"—Henri Queullle offered his relation yesterday to President Vincent $154,611,OOJ military program for Alaska construction and Okinawa was approved yesterday by the House Armed Service Committee. While the bulk ol the program is for supporting facilities such as housing, much of It is earmarked for radio and radar Installations, communications systems and underground gasoline storage. Of tllC total $!33,'!00,000 would be used in Alaska and the rest In Okinawa. Improved." Douglas suffered 13 broken and a fractured lung Sunday when his liorsc fell on him ouring a Cascade Mountain outing. Auriol. Queullle's coalition government, in office more than a year and longer limn Buy previous post-war French cabinet, ran into a crisis with the Insist ancc of Ihc Socialist Paily that': labor's • demands for wage Increases be satisfied. QueuHle heads the Radical Socialist (Conservative) Party. 'Hie tender of the Premier's re*ig- nation followed n meeting o! Ihe cabinet ministers which had been dciidtorkcd 'on the wages and prircs f. lb . 5 Issue. .. No announcement was made at once whether' Aurtol would nccppl th» resignation. Queuille told reporters that parliament, normally due Ijack from vacation Oct. 18, would t>e convoked In extralonUnary sc.^ion next Saturday. - ;';' Qtw MILK SOLIDS tr tasty tasty laity ta«r %• ly tasty tasty tally tatty taatr tasty tasty tasty taxtr taat^-ta ty tasty tasty ta'sty t*j"jjr tMty ty • sty tasty lasts B'=tT taaty tostv < OCTOBER BOON—A handy food mill fives smoothness to old fashioned lentil SOIID. Colder weather, sturdy appetites and brown sugar. Heat, then stir thick ' ' Cooks' Speech finds Basis in Special Terms ; 'As In other arts, cookery ha. 1 ? Its own special terms. Whether a new or an old cook, Reha Staggs, home economist, suggests these common terms for testing your culinary vocabulary. Panbroil—to cook meat In an op- i en frying-pan, pouring off fat it accumulates,. . - Frtca.ssee—a meat dish, made by cutting meat In pieces, browning in small amount, of fat, cooking slowly in stock, gravy or £auce in coveret utensil. VMarlnat*—to allow food to stand In. liquid—usually French dressing " or a, mixturR of oil and vinegar. Meat-.Stock—liquid resulting froi the cooking of meat In water- Roast—to coafc meat by dry hea (uncovered), usually in an oven. ': Julienne—meat : or vegetables cu ,in long, slender strips. Franks-Spaghetti Join Fall Tables As New Main Disl " Plump, Juicy frankfurters nee no introduction. But now they'r •Joined with spaghetti for a qulc and delicious main dish. Reba Stagg.s, home economls givea the following steps for pre paring this tempting fall specia First frankfurters are sliced in' bite-sited pieces and lightly browi ed .with diced onion In a sma .^ amount of hot lard or meat •Apings. Salt and pepper are adde ^- pliLs a touch of atl-spice nd cloyi for unusul flvor combining. Next, tomto Juice—1 1-2 cnps-^ poured over the mixture. Three cui of cooked spaghetti are added, th heat U lowered and the combinatio allowed to simmer until thickened : - For a clever lunch or dinner ser Ing ,the frank-spaghetti !s placed o R. warm platter outlined with who browned frankfurters. and large bowls of thick old- shioncd Icniil soup— there's a onderful October picture; So let's t going. First, however, take a look at le of those handy aluminum food ills. For making onion, split pea, ntil and other thick soups they re ideal, producing a smoothness ith only a few turns of the mill anrile, These soup recipes come, from le Foley family in .Minneapolis: Tart Lentil Soup (Serves 4) One cup dried lentils, cold wa- er, 1 small onion, sliced, 1 mcdl- m carrot; sliced," 3 teaspoons salt, teaspoon .pepper. IB teaspoon ry mustard, 4 teaspoons vinegar, teaspoons brown sugar, 1 table- oon butter, . fortified margarine, at or salad oil, 2 tablespoons flour. Pick over, wash and soak lentils . 3 cups cold water overnight. In norning, drain off and measure water, to which add more water to make 6 cups In .all. Place in kettle with lentils, vegetables and all sea- "onings. but » vinegar and brown sugar. Cover, bring to a boil, then ;immer gently '2 hours. Strain hrough food mill and add vinegar in butter and flour which have been combined. Cook, stirrlnp; until thickened. Serve, sprinkled with paprika, or hard-cooked egg put through food mill. Split Pen Soup PURE PORK SAUSAGE Is seasoned Enjoy fhis flavor-rich goodness lor breakfast, lunch or (upper. MIMPHIl PACKING CO HERE'S YOUR FAVORITE SWIST CORK TAIL IN FIAVOR...TEMPTING IN TASTI PRIDElllllNOIS TJie Favorite in Dixie Ian for 72 years Genuine COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Cream Style White Sweet Corn So eiiy 10 prepare .. . it's ilready cooked. It's wholesome and nour- Jshing-rwondtrful for corn fritter*, corn puddings, chowdert- Gcc Pride of Illinois—Cream Style White Sweet Cora at your grocer's today. ; THE ILLINOIS CANNING CO. H«ope$lM r Mlmois I (I'acken of j*mam Jtam of Arc Kidxty Btxns) Pttpared by GOODKIND, JOICE K MORGAN, INC, Palm olive Building Chicago Look at all these Extras You get with Gold Medal / A WONOCTFUL HOUR FO* KM SOUTHERN BISCUITS. Gold Medal "Kitehen-tcsled" Enriched Flour (plain or •elf-rising) works wonders wilh your favorile biscuit recipe. That's because Gold Medal's remarkable baking qualities are uniformly superb . . . with tivrything you bake. Makes delicious'southern biscuits...fine textured cakes. ..tender flaky pastries, tn FINE COTTON B»E—NO PRINTING. Gold Medal's 25, 50 fc and 100 Ib. sacks haie no printing on them— just a paper label which soaks off in 2 or 3 minutes. O VM.UABIE SILVERWARE COUPON. Coupons good on stun- S nine "CJucen Hess" Pattern silverware—in genuine Tudor i'latc by Oneitla Community Silversmiths. ^ BETTY CROCKER COOKIK6 KELPS. New caay recipes for TT the best and thriftiest, eatin' Ireala ever—developeti by America's No. 1 food expert, Belly Crocker. General Mills (tlQI To re- heat and f resVi PTI hiaciiHx eprinklc them with water and place in A covered pan. Put pan in hot oven (or nboul 10 minutes. Your biscuits wilt taste fresh and nowl, "Belly CrocXpr" i.n4 "" FOR HUSBANDS WHO THINK | THEIR WIVES SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY! FOLGER'S Ib. 53* Glenwood Ib. Don't be too critical of the little woman. She's probably working hard— harder than she should—running from market to market trying to say* a penny here and a penny there. Tell you what to do. Show her this ad. Point out that every price is a low price at LIBERTY CASH GROCERY and suggest that.she fill her entire order here this weekend. She'll be pleasantly surprised by: the case of shopping here—-and you'll be more than surprised by the money she'll save. Chum Brand CHEESE - - - 2lb.box69< Fisher American BISCUITS - - - 2 cans 25* - - Ib. 19e COTTAGE - - 12oz.Dka.26c Bollard MARGARINE Big Chief Cheese, Ration's SALMON GRAPE JUICE PEARS SALT SOUP CORN BEANS Hunt's Bartlctt Morton's Free Running Phillips Tomato Mexicorn 2 3 12 Tall can Church's Quart No, 2'/2 can boxes r No. 1 cans 360 300 260 vBush's Whole, Limit 4 No. 2 17« 171< 19< D L Pi * General Mills guarantees Gold Medal " DflfK UUarOnTcc! p| 0 ur lo give completely satisfactory resu K/fcfien-fesfe*/" Enriched ults or your money back. 3lbs.25< - - Fancy Tokay GRAPES - - Large Size, full of Milk COCONUTS - Michigan Bleached CELERY Fancy GREEN BEANS - U. S. No. T Washed POTATOES - - 10lb.bag39r Early Black CRANBERRIES - - - Ib. 25< California ORANGES 5 Ib bag 39c 2 lor ea.10< - lb.19< Hell's English Sliced BACON... lb.49 c Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST Lb . 49 C I'rcsh, Juicy PORK ROAST ]b 45 C I't'iidcr, Knl DRESSED HENS : Frt.sli, Connlry Stvlc PORKSAOSA6E ,„. 34 C Wilson's Certified CLUB STEAK u ,. 59 C Aliiyrosc, Kcnds'-ln-cnt PICNIC HAMS ,„ 49 C Whole or Hair, Cudaliv's or SWIFT'S HAM ™%m%^

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