The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 11
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, AWlflL. 18, IMS rnr,vn,i;E (ARK.) COURTBH OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HeopU t^Ufi 1 OREA,D-\let-STURlKlG tfTO TYtS STREETS — |F MRS. HAS DISCOVERED REACNED *Zbo WORTH OF STAMPS FRO^THACT PRECIOUS BOOK, SHE'LL BE OPOtJ LlKe A ROYAL MOUMTie/ I'D DCCUPy MYSELF ATTIC. BUT IT'S A BACKED DUTYTO ATTEND CHRlSTEMlWS OLD ALPlKie COSTUME MAY ME A FRACTURED LIMB IF I Sp Vou see HER, STAB.T Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Electlo July 29, 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD Tor Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON For State Senator BEN. LEE BEARDEN Even if Uie earth did not rotate at all on ILs own axis, the sun woulc rise and set once during the yea because of the earth's Journe; around it. For State Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, Lespedeza. Clorers, Soybeans »nd Seed Corn. See us before you buy. BlyrhevilU Soybean Corp. Phone 6858 - 1SW Wect Main Guaranteed Watch Repair $3.50 For On/y Tour watch Is disaucmblel, eleABed, pfr»U polished and hair tprlnii adl««te4. 3 Day Servic* Thompson Credit Jeweler Next d««r to Wad* F«rnlt«re "I knew you wouldn't get away with it—I've been telling you to make a full stop at these stop streets for 25 years!" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores DPL 15 ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED First Year From Breeders 80-85-91% germination, deHnted and treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 80-85& germination COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Notice to Farmers: I represent the ROBERT I,. DORTCH SEED FARMS, of Bcott Arkansas, In this territory. At present T have about 3W bushels of DORTCH SOY No. 2 BREEDERS BEANS. Also • few of the NEW 67 VARIETY. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day Phone 6218 Night Phone 8061 Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hi way 61 MADE THE OLD-TIME SOUR MASH WAY YOU'LL UKE THE 90 imsjoi PROOF *^m£f YELLDSJII | nffllClff 5T** 1 Alto 100 noor »OltUD m IOND YELLOWSTONE. IMC, LOUISVILLE, KY. FARM LOA1S 7 S You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm Incom* without penally Thit Fnmmi* FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE ij irriflen into your noJe ir/rcn you litirr. n /o/in/Vom TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds XXXTII J/~\N that sloping Peacock Path, scarcely six feet wide, a thing of destruction had raced. So swiftly and silently that a pair of eyes concentrated on something else beyond the chains at the end of the path might never have seen it. Beyond it, I made my way to the evergreen "and there stopped abruptly. The footfalls were soft, barely audible. But distinct to my cocked ears—and oncoming, given away at intervals by liny iwigs snapping and the occasional crackle of dried leaves. The person responsible for the sounds was keeping in darkness as much as possible, understandably. But. to gain the line of evergreens across from where 1 was concealed he had to whisk across ,a cleared space. It was enough, though, for the moonlight to reveal the stocky form of Dave Sladen. Reassurance swept over me. This was all proceeding according to plan, and Hoyle. After (hat, however. I moved cautiously around the tree on the side facing the end of the Peacock Path, the white posts, the chains and the Sound. I edged on until I could see up the path as welt as down, though I had to look up it through a tr.icery of branches. Then, suddenly. 1 stiffened. Very clearly, in the livid light, I saw Marston Cravaih appear where the p.ilh began. There was no mistaking his tall broad-shouldered figure—a little gone to fat now. but still athletic, agile- looking. Cravaih didn't hesitate. He started down that narrow moonlit avenue with swift confident strides. • • • /"'RAVATH had about reached V - J the point of the Peacock Palh when a second figure glided mlo the moon-di enched open. 1 saw Cravath stop short, fling up <i hand to shadr his eyes. ^ "Oh!" he ejaculated and his voice, soft yet carrying in Ihe practically windless night, had a nole of relief in it. Somehow, I welcomed that veiled hnlf-hidden note. He had seemed a little too composed; a little too reckless or careless. I guessed now that he'd been frightened — hence human — all along, though he'd disguised it admirably. 'Well," he was saying now, in a kind of strong whisper, "you timed il very nicely." "I did jusl what you lold me In." said the dark figure beside him. "I—" an indrawn breath came to me -"always do. 1 ' Tii a wavering moonbeam, I saw Cravath nod. "Good. Well, come on! This'll only take a mintile or two. But I wanted you lo see ho I figured it out." They walked on down the Peacock Path, Mars ton Cravath and his potential killer, elbows practically touching. They passed so close In me that I could have reached out and intercepted them. I had an impulse lo do .list that. I had to control myself and watch the killer. His voice was quiet, unexciled. "How did you figure this out?" he nskcd. ^ I was about 15 feet away, hidden by the dark bulk of the evergreen. I could see them plainly. They stood silhouetted in moon- plow, both on the safe side of the chains as yet "Mostly lucky guesswork," Cravath replied. "But it's really question of measurement. I'm going to do some measuring now And you can help me." With that he half-stepped, half- vnulled over into the no-man's land beyond the ciuims. Cravath took an object from his pocket. I knew that it was a stee tape measure coiled inside a circular leather case. The tape made a rasping sound as he pulled ou a short length of il. Then Cravaih passed the end ot the tape under Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis. Channel FRIDAY NIGHT, Al'IUI. 18 6:00 Kukla, Fran & Ollie 6:15 News 6:25 News About TV 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Rocky King 7:30 We (he People 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Aldrich Family 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 0:45 Bill Day [0:00 Fave Emerson 10:30 News 10:35 Charlie Wild 11:05 Playhouse of Star« 11:35 News 11:40 sign Off SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1952 WMCT SCHEDULE 8:30 Test Pattern 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Super Cli'Clls 0:30 To Be Announced 10:00 Kids & Co. 10:30 Betty Crocker 11:00 Big Top 12:00 News 12:15 Film Fcaturette 12:30 CBC Band 1:00 Super Circus 1:30 Break the Bank 2:00 Biirber of Scvllls 3:00 Quiz 'Em 3:30 TV Teen Club 4:00 Sky King 4:30 To Be Announced 5:00 Ezio Pinza 5:30 Cru.sade in Pacific 6:00 American Barn Danca 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:00 All Star Revue 8:00 Show of Shows 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 C. A. Preview 10:45 Ken Murray 11:45 News 11:55 Sign OH he lowermost chain, handed it to )is companion. Cravaih was crouching hred- essly, dangerously, in the center of the grouncl-s pace between chains and cliff edge. Not five feet behind him the cliff ended in ray-black void. "All righl," he said. "Sl.irt valking back tip the path. I'll tell you when to stop." The dark form nearest to me 3Cgan moving as direcled. A thin ribbon of steel from the tape measure case held by Cravath lengthened steadily in its wake. The igure passed my foxhole slowly. :railing thai glittering ribbon. Slowly, I imagined, because there was no need to hurry. Just another sitting dtick at the path's end, sitting on the brink of nothingness. And this gambler vas gambling the dur-k: would vail. Well, I'd known for a IOTIJT time that we hid to deal with a gambler—a reckless, even heady, operator. • « • r ri!E tape strung past me, a nm- ner of brightness from Crav- alh's hands to Ihe point that methodically-walking outline had reached, 20 feet up Ihe paih from my hideaway. I dared wait no longer. I bent swiftly, grabbed up the six-foot Icnglh of light green pipe I'd brought from my car. The lape moved suddenly to the opposite side, part of il scorning to bend around the other row of evergreens. I craned my neck. The dark figure was gone. I praclirally flung the Icnplh of pipe across the path. It made a barely audible thud a.s it hit the earth. I'd mnnafied to ptace it without touching the tape. The next instant 1 had my gun out. "You're oft the line," Cravath was calling. "Sorry;" The answer came, thick and hoarse, over a shorl-livcd round of umlrrlxush bring trample,!. It had to he trampled while an innoccnt-yct-de.i<lly object was pulled from its cache. The tape began slraighlenine as the Windover Murderer stepped again onlo the Peacock Path. (To lie Continued) OUT OUR WAY FRKKLES AND Htf FR1EHOS CASTIUG& GETTlW TH' SAME OCW.L6TS DUCK BACK AMD WfTHTHE . MOAKHNQ.' NOT SO DISTANT -WE'RE GETTIKJ' '1O BE wormy Nor ON vou. HUH? T OUGHTA CLOSE BOW YOUR PEEPERS' by Reading and Using Courier Newi Classified Ads IF WE 5END FOOD, VVATHf? KAD KI3HE WILL S'ONOUE KNE EE6SIH6 FOE/H6ECV OEE llrS S RUM OUT! THE CHKK 1VE PLrtNWED .ttJ/t/NSTJlCTSilCII/t 4ITIMTION/1STHI4-- FLATFOKM, FINISHED BEPOEE llrS SUPPLIES WELL! AREN'T OLIVER/ *>. i / \ / YOU GOING TO // YES, HOW OFTEN! *— v MUST I TELL YOU? A/O IN-BETWEEN S MEAL SNACKS! WL? } IP VOU'r? LIK6 TO SEE A MAM, YOU AVSMT T(TV THAT IZOW OP VVAZ6HOLJS&S POVVM QW THE SOV\E WOMAN).' MAVPE A CKAMK--SUT AWYPe A REAL. A?- LONS AS YOUKE WK6 FL1MT, YOU M1&WT AS WELL ' A^E RMI7 OUT/ DRIVE ftS 1 DIRECT / W-WHERE VOU, TUBBSl OWE / WSE VOU FALSE WOVE, OE *WV \ TAKIW M&, ATTEMPT TO ATTRACT VMK.TMCM? ATTENTIONrMJD VOU'BE N. DEf>,D DUCK! TO SEE ViY .PUSINESS PAETKJEKS., AND PROVE SUSPICIONS ARE UWFOUNDED! GOSH.BLir WE'RE GETTIM CLEW? OUT^ ClUILIZftTIOKl SINCE WE TURMED OFF W HIGHVJW. MV ASSOCIATES RELISH 5ECIU5IDW, WE'RE QOINS FEW WILES IWTO THi AS THE CftR ICME5 COTTON SEED 30 Ions, DPI, Saved from foundation Beed, subject to cerllljration. Germination 93rc. Saved before thr freeze. ?1 10 TON Also .Cedar Posts rnr Sale PHONE DELI, 2G81 RUSSELL GILL Dell - - - Osceola CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sliei »p to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culvert* Elzes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gn.t<r« Conrrrtc <V Metal Scptlo Tnnlci Srwcr Tile Best Prices \Vc Drlivrr Highway SI at Stale Line Phone 114 FOR SALE Concrete calrerU, 12 Inch l« 48 inch, platn or rccnforced. Alxo Concrete IJvildEng Blacks cheaper than iMtnbcr for barns, chlckrn housci, p>mp homsea, tenant houses, tool shedB. \Ve delirer Call at for frW cult mate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. F1NA FOAM . . . Hie N'twly- Bubble P^OECTiii jspeeily foam ARKANSAS PAINT A GLASS CO. 106 K. Main Phone 2272 Y'MEAN TOOL WE?.' THEY \t NEVER THOUGHT OH. HE HftD KELP . JONE 5/GOT *M OO.VN] OUR DOI'EVOH /A COllPI E OTMEp' JBEEN /INTH'OI: /SHERIPF'D ,>GUYS INOM IT THV'V ^CMJGHT?,/ JMLHOUSEl^GETHIM/ /AEE SP1.I1TIM'TH'w' " THREE WAYS. 'i&^^^k^ TEN THOUSM-lty" -< IS W TAKING OF-' V NOPE.'YOU CAN POI.LMW \H/^ HOLDOM,\CASH A MUST, [ HAVE DUST IF U.3,OV3H,' / V/MT", OJOi' I H'\ WHEN WE WOULDV YOU WANT IT' I AIN'T IT f SHOW.'BEFORE R.MII6K BE PKfiTIY'r'i WESPLI7, I /PAID IN DUST? LET M REW TH LUMPS ON YE* SKULL

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