Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 3
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THB mi PAILT BEeiSTEB, HgPiT ttykSAAO^ g€TOBIB SO, 1S93. W HY? Simply becaiist: Here you'll find the greatest variety of dependable new f^^^ yonjl find the fairest prices. >^. Here you'll find the newest, theprettiest and the most desirable. Here you will find appreciation and courteous store service. Here you'll find a store that never considers a salej^ade until the customer is perfectly satisfied. Here you'll receive a guarantee that will insure you that every cent spent here will b»e well spent. And now let u^ tell you of our special inducements: Our line of Cloaks and Equalled at Tlio Brnndrlfltli Coals nrr thp bfot appoiirliiir Ntyl«>N tliut run he made to soil ut 9I.'>.U0. riircliiiHciN will rend- It) voo tlitit arc rxcrpUonally wvM (ttlloriMl, Hint all tlio niat^rlal*^ 1 (•<|H >i>lully Mio^lirortdrlodi and tlio Jiatlii liiiiiiir, are of vrrat drni fiuir t|iinlU \Ws (iiiiii hii>o ever lin'ort* born put In c(i»l<i ill Uiis prioo il^iW llroadrlolb reals satin llnoil, niado In tho appnued Kmpiro stylo with or i\iniout collar, prolty ruffs, Irlniniod >vi(li silk lotvot and brjid ?V,M Sonil.l-mod Rroadcloth t'oats full '^wi; lined nllh yarn-d.vod satin, r.S Inrhos Ion?, double brrastod aad ro>laiHes<<. ruffs and collar trimmed attractively with wide Russian braid $14.00 ftjher (H'nnd ralues np lo $30.00 Skirts never before the Prices. Wo want you to >eo I hi* bo^i lino over shown In l.adle>' (ont^^ at $.*i.00. ^-.riO and ^1A.(H). INFWTS, MllI.l>lti:\'S. xmSKS' If yott are looklntr for the non und prolly thinuv no un'h a«k you lo <«>o this lino a"* w«> haW a liisr avsortmont (fl show you in rirrv <|iiMlit} and price. \LW SIYI.KS l\ l.MlllIS* SKIKTS. The most attrartlio new models in exrollently (ailore«l skirts of fine materials. Strouc; values for $:i.0O. $&.V) $7>'».0 and $10.00; handsomely trimmed in silks, satins and hations. Sec window display. Knit lJ[n^rwe!ir For Women and rhildron This timol} sale includes special parchaxe*. of first quality lines: the prire in each In-iuuce has Jioen made as allrarliTr ns possible, uffordintc savinas rarrh utuilable ut the kifrhl of the seasont losis or drawers, each ii'. :Uk-. ;.>. and $1,110. I'nion Suits :.«e. »^>. ;.V and ii.iW. fhliaren's (nian Suits :;.*>«• uuA .'Or. t .KKVT SPM lAl. l\ HI.WKKT^i. Unii't v.ait until tlie« are all sone. as thrv are coin? fast. Kino double blank*-:< >perlal for this sale 4{ h'. ''te. ^I.On. $l.i.*i. $I..%0 and prit-ex ran;;, in? up !i> the linest lumbs wool blankets nUb handsome borders. $;.rtit. We want you lo s»-e our fine line of outini; flannels at from .*>r to lOe per yard. Im^k*tant Values in Women's Hats shapes of felt, relrot and satin, all rlrhly and bocomini;ly trimme«l, mostly with wlntrs. fancy feathers and flowers are also used in many tasteful effects, a splendid shnwln^r. Our Miss f roebett has Iriinmed a lot of the finest values wo over shown from $3.7^ to $SUIO{ other splendid talnes richly trimmed in plumes up to $45.00. Those hatK easily show their worth iffi dooTOr before Ins this ralllinory doparlmont mot with so mnrb favor as it has this season. Another lot of New Dross t:oods rreriud this we«'k: more ne« silks and satins. Kvory thlnr new for |he •Slreetand KvoninK l»av»n you will find hero. lid XDast I^adison NEWS OF GAS CITY FIREMEN WILL HOLD THEIR AN- M'AL THAXKSfilYlNG BALU Royular Workmota at Clierokoe Smol- tor Win Be I^id Off Two Days Every Two Weeks in. Order to tiive 'Ovxtras- Work. To Give Annual Rail. At the mepiiiijf of iln^ local fin? de- l.ariment laHi evenlnc: it was diicidod lo giw their annual Wall on ThankB- fiivlitK evening. Tin* iirocrods from I'lis ball vvill ^1) i(» iini.iovc il)(> local (lopartiiiPiit. Will Install Shower liulh. A shower bath will 1 )0 installed in ilie local firo iVdnpany liulldlnn. The floor will li.^ takt'ii up In order that ilio baili may 'lu< |.u: in. Will «ive llallowe'en Party. Mls<^ Nina liuntor. Aliss Z<Mila (!oos. and Miss riaudTn Whanon will jiive a llaKoweVn party in Uu» thinl fhwr of the bag laoiory bnildinK noxi Sutnr- day evening'. T))i« yo'uij; ladli'R arc niaklusr olalmraiH' |MV|.aradons for the r.ccasion. .Ifnst Uy Off Two Days. 'order to give the extra men work an order was Is.-:ued ycRterday at tho Cockerill Zinc company ^or the reeu- lar men lo lay off at least two days out of cvrry pay. or two weeks. There are a number of smeltermen who are working extra on the Cherokee works. Is Much Better. Walter BalUnger wiio fiiisiained in- jnrie.s while playin;r "shinney" i.s reported as much better. It was be- liove<l for a time thai blood poinon had .-.rr in the injured liand. Y. M. C. A. SESSION. HELD SPECIAL MEETINd. Kansas and OI<tahonna Delegates at Wichita November 5-6. Prrsonals. .1. I]. Hunter returned ye?ierilay fruni Carneit. Kas!. where he has i )i >en on a hu.sines.s vlsii. Oliic Ilouph i.s quite ill at ^ifr hom.: ia this city with lonsiliti.s. n. Gibson left today for Kjni. Ka>:., He will tnak** his fiitun- home there. Aliss ICthel Mnomny wiil visit her f>i«ter. .Mrs. John Ilay), in I-nwrem-e. Kas., n»'.\t week. .Mr. and Mr.^. William Howard, of f'aney. Kas.. were ih.^ guests of rela- livcx li;'r«' yosiorday. - \Vtchi:a KRR . Oct. .•:<\—The Young Women':; Chri -stjan As .soci;ttion :i of . Kan .sas and OklRlioma will moet ».er.» jTliursilay fvcnln;;. Novrmher in th" iwMfly-ihird annual eonvontion. the merrlnR to last oVer Sunday. This is ih«^ fir .st time the two aspociafiomi have m«'t together an .1 the :;ttenil- ianee is expectofl to be nearly 100. These delegates will he entertained in tiic home .s of the eiiy. Many of thorn will bo student.s from the colleges of I.!*" state, The hostess associations are the riiy Voimg Women's Christian as.soci- atinn. the Pairmount colleve associa- Mion, and the Friends* university as• sociation. The BO .ssions will be held ; in the First Methodist church and 'the convention theme is The Vision 'of th>- Kincdom." Had a Close (all. .Mr:;. .\da I.. Ciooin, the widely known jiroprietor of the Crooni Hotel. Vaughn. .Miss., ssiys: 'Tor severai niojiths 1 suffered with a severe cough, and consumption Kcenieu to have iis grip on nie. when a friend recommended nr. King's .N'ew Discovery. I began taking it and three bottles affected a complete c<ire." The fame of this life saving cough and cold remedy, und lung and throat healer is world wide. Sold at al! druggists, .'iflc and SI.O'K Trial bottle free. Olllcial .Seal Cigars. :! for 2.'. cms. ,On Saturdays only, ."» cents, at i:ur- lells drti.g store. DETROIT TO TOUR KANSAS. Famous American League Nine to be in WichiU April 2. A .National .InnaHr Social in A. 0. r. W. IlalL The, local lodge of Jhe National .\n- nuiiy held a special meeting last nighr in the A. O. I". W. ba.l. The meeting was of a siocial nature and the following program vaA rendered: I'iano Solo. Miss ,Ioy Hershberger Ijecitation. "He Drank .V!I His Wife's Siarcji" Aliss Hazel Hicks Ileeitaif^Hj^"How Kdilh Helpjs Things .Vlonp." \Mna Wnnman .Mii.«ic Ixidie.s .Mandolin Club Kecitation, •Shockory Ditkat.^ i\ai" .Mis.o Lfltiis Canirell Ueeiration. "On Which Side" \rthur .MetcaJf I'iano Solo .Mlfs Joy Hershbergf r Uecitatiou. "The Cathoiic Song" ..... ^liss Hrraa Canirell -Musie I.a(lies .Mandolin Club Itrciiatioii, "The Spirit of Progress".. Oernie .Miller Ueciiation, "A Yankee In Love" Hastel .Mason l';ai!t> Solo Joy Hershberger Addre.s.s by the .state organizer. J, i:. 'i'ruiii, on siilt^ect of "I'ractiea! I'ro- i.fii«in." The ladies Inaiidolin club under the dire<tion of .Miss .Mamie Heter.son rendered several selections which were up|>i eclated. THE BIGGEST CROPS ASSIGN TROOPS TO HAWAII. OUR TELEPHONE la constantly ringing these days. September, you know, Is the time to have the,summer dast cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive""prompt and careful attenrlou. Phone us today. iOLA RUG FACTORY ^ P)M«e sit. Apples! .ipplos! Kor sale, liand picked geneiiu apples , Price at Claiborne's farm, Carlyie. 7<i j cents per hu.ehel; at Claiborne's nilP. i Tola, T.*» cents. Sweet cider made from selected apples 2Tic per gallon; .'> gallon order ?!. i'nre apple cider vinegar 2."c'per gallon. Delivered to any parr of the city. Phone 19.5. I Id a tight place; must have mone.T. Owner of lot 3 block in. Highland place, gave ?200 for Igt some time aga but Must Have Money and if taken in five days Sixty ($60) dollars takes the lot Good title.--D. W...Bostwick, r ,l9 East street Phone 775. .Tbe Kof^ster ^wsBt eotaatn ran soil U rent it «r get It the qalefco^st Wichita, Ot. :io.—Wichita basebal' fans will be given an opportunity next spring of .seeing the mighty- "Ty" Cobb. *Wahoo Sam" Crawfoitl. "Wild Hili" Djjnovan. "Red" Downs. Hughle Jennin^ and our own ttoorge Speer and -Mkmier" Wlllett In action. Prank Isbell and Johii Holland of tr.e local club have signed a contract with the Detroit American leafiue club for a g^me with the TIgent to he played in this city April 2 1909. This is only one of several big games that will he jilayed with mnjor league clubs hero. ROCKEFELLEB FOR TAFT. Ho .Says RopublkaK Canute I k ISnre Fit Ur Oifico. Chiftipro. Illfl.. Oct 30.—\ dispatch to the Record Herald from N'ew York tays John D. Rockefeiler gave an interview today saying he intended to vote for Taft. Mr. Rockefeller is quoted as sayhig: "If for no other reason I support Mr. Taft It is because'in comparing bim personally with Mr. Bryan. I-find the balance ot fitness and temperament entirely on his side." Scott's Efliylsion does all it does by^virtue of one thing—Poioer—its power to create power. As fire turns water to steam so Scott's Emtihmn transfomis thin, impure blood into pure, rich blood, giving nourishment and vital energy to every organ, every tissue and every muscle. Send Utit wimtiiciaciit toetOMr irtk nne of pai«ia«liidiit-w»ca**.]wur addM« aod fowr -Ccwpfct* Handy AM m of tW WocM." ~ :: SCOTT fi BOWWl 40» P»«ri Stmt. Xew Vflfk Records for Western Kansas Arc Broken This Voar. K:«n?a.'J City. Oei. :{f».—"We:-'.rn Kansas has raised the >»esi erop this year in her whole history.' said I-a- fayette Merger, an auctioneer of blood ed .^tock yesterday. .Mr. lierger lives in WelMngion. Kas. He w :is at the Savoy hottl on his way to Soitthern .\lls.-o)iri ti> cry a sale of thi .rougiVbred liOg.-^. "I'lii.^ has been the banner year for the extretif westrn end of Kansa .s— what they eall the ".>^Iiori gras.s country." he .said, "in traveling In the rii- rai liistricis of all pari.> of the state I iiav fosind some excelleni crops, but in the slir.xi gir .s-s' country niore itu- proveiheni li;is been shown this year than any place in the We'>;t that I have seen. The whole state ha« heeii iiuie- pendent nf H-istern money condiii -ids. hut never l)efore li;i.>< so luueh vnvu been p'anted nor such a croi> r.ii.-i-l as Western Kansas biuists. "Hereti>fore. the 'slua't grass" e «ni :i- iry has been a sort of a ji>ke asrieul- lurally but both wheat and corn croi »s this year w »'re .-Mtrprising. i :et :«-r Improvemettt.-; ;ire seen on the fartns and the f.iriuers are better tnntentetl. The price of eorn has lieen faiii .N g«K >d. but the larnters are liolttinir it. They are nut feeding ii to hogs on account i)f tlir- coni!»arativeIy low price i)f switie. .More eatfte than hi >^s are .being feil this winter and there wj.! he a pcod <l« n! i>:" eurn lift in t!»e rrlh this "Eastern Kansas and' Kansas ueedn"t i>oint a finger at wesieru Ivansas this .xe :;r and jolly nia: district for not helping hold uj> the state's reputation OR u corn grower. The state is estimated to founh In the list of c»>rn states this year and the ••.short gra .ss' counties are rrstK~.:!- slhle for their share."" The Bassett Meeting. " A fine "meeting was held at Bassett liall last night. Ti-cre was a good crowd out and everyboily was enthusiastic for the success of the Republican ticket. B. EL Clifford made hi;? first talk of the campaign and it was. in tbe language of one who heard ii. •' a stem winder." .Mr. Clifford's address was a re .-y patriotic one. He made an effective plea to the voters to support the ticket from top to bottom. Judge Foust and Dr. J. S. Bass also made escellent talka War Department Increases Garrison With Squadrons of Cavalry. Wa.shington. Oct. 30.—.\n important assignment of troops was made today to the Hawaiian islands, in pur- .^uance of a plan determined upon by the department several month.s ago ^-iibijtantially to increase the garrison thore. Tho headquarters band and the First ami Third stpiadrons of the Fifth cavalry were ordered to tbe is- land.s. It is understood that with the improvement of Pearl HarlK»r the war dei»artment considered it necessary to have a stibstantial pitard there. Sonif time ago a comnany of en- iniieers was ordered to the islands and will sail from San Franci.sco N'ovem- ber A. It is understood that the plans also call f«»r batteries of artillery. OM: .MILLION IIOLLAIR.S FOR A 00t>D STO.MA<'H. ,T\iU Offer .Should Re a WamiHir to L ^ory .Man and Woman. •|'h.- newspapers and niediciil journals recently have had much to say relaiixe to a famous millionaires' of- ier of a tui.lin .'i ilullars for u new st ..:i:.tch. Thi:^ •,;re;ii niulti-tnillionaire was \:»f l >iisy to worry about the condl- ;i(>:t of hi.s stomach. He allowed his dyspep.iia to run from bad to worso u.iii! in the end it became incurable. His misfbrtnne .-ierves as a warning to others. h-veryoae who suffers witli dyspepsia for a few yoars win give every-, thiug lie owns fur a new siouiach. Dysticpsia is caused by an abnormal state of the srastric juices. There is cue element mis.-in?. The absence of Ibis destroy- ilj< function ofthe ;:;astric fluids. They lose their power i!i digest foo«l. We are now able to supply the missing element—to restore to the gastric juice.s their digestive power, and to make the siomaeh strong and well. We know that Rexall Dyspepsia Tab lets will i>o.-;itively and permanently cure disordered stomachs..indigestion and dyspepsia. We wani you to try them atnd will return your money tf-.voii .are not more thatj, satisfied with the result Price, 2^ cents. Only; at our store, or bv mail. S. R. Burrell, The -Re ^Lall Store. W^est Side Square. ^

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