Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1907
Page 6
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X COOPKB FOUGHT TO BETAUT FORMULA WHICH HAS HADE A FOJ^ TUSE. • , L. T; Cooper, the man who believes that 90 per cenl. of all JH health of this generation is caused by stomach Trdiible. Is fast winning a national .faith- lii his theory. His claim is now sdmitt^ by a surprising number of people-throughout the country, and he , iB gaining Dew adherents every day. . While speaking of his success in a • recent Interview. Mr. Cooper, said: "J 'believed ten years ago that any one '."Who qould produce a formula that • would thoroughly regulate the stom- iftch -would have a fortune. \\Tien I /• Rot hojd of this formula. I knew with- 'in six months that 1 was right, and Th .at iny fortune was made. 1 called the medicine Cooper's New Discovery, although I did not get up the formula. I have owned it; however, for over -three years. I have had one lawsuit •over it. which I won in the court.s. When it was settled The Cooper Medl- :clne Company* became the only firm in the world-that can prepare the medicine. The preimratlon has sold like .wildfire wherever introdiirort. As I have said before, it is successful sini- • nly because, it puts the stomach in perfect shape, then nature does the rest. There are any number of com. iplalnia never before associated with from users of tM^ medicine that arousing such universal discussion one from Mrs. Emma Stanley, living in Chicago, at 713 Washington Boulevard, who said: "Perhaps I had the most complicated case that &[r. Cooper had to deal with. I was troubled tor years with my stomach. I consulted with doctors and took many patent medicine preparations without result. My stomach was in such a wretched shape that I could not enjoy a meal that I ate. ."I was very nervous, and could hardly sleep; I had a roaring in my ears and dancing spots before my eyes. I felt very bad and weak. Then there was a very sore spot at the pit of my stomach that nearly set me wild. "1 beard about the Cooper medicine and decided to try it. I used four liot- tles, and the Improvement In my case has been really wonderful. My nerves have been quieted, and 1 am so much Improved that I feel like a new woman. "1 cannot s.-^y too much for these wonderful remedies, for they have made nie well." We sell the Cooper medicines and consider them well worth a trial by Stomach trouble that the medicine has'any one afflicted with chronic stom alleviated in thousands of cases." ach trouble and its attendant diseases V Among statements obtained recently —S. R. Hurrell. FROM :PK0rE8S0R TO EDltOR. ABf «l9 . Sroft, Pmidnif Oklubonia Agrlrnftaral Collefre, to Leave His riace. Stlllwiter. Okla.. Oct. 22.—Anpolo C. Scott, president o| the Oklahoma .\.Rrl (niiturffi and Mechanical college here ^or ten.Vears. said today he will not .be a candidate for re-election at the end of. his present term. His administration of the school has been such that today It stands fifth in the United States in point of number of students enrolled. He is an ex-newspaper man and probably will return to that work. President Scott is a brother, of. Rop-. resentatlve Chas. Scott Of and a graduate of the University of Kan- •sas. • ' Well, Friends Pancakes are in order. We have the niaterail to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg 10c Ralston Prepared B. W. Flour, per pkg. ' 10c Peruna Whole Wheat Flour, 121b sack SOc Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, rsincy Table, 'ftTiite Table, and Sorghum. .Homie Made Sausage of all , Kinds. Casti Paid for tPoullry and Hides OTTO HINZE, irr TODATE MEAT MARKET (II East Ma4teon FRYER BROS. Grocery and Meat Market Phones 308 and 501 DiltiUei Water On« hundred pounds of Crystal ice will make 12 galloni'of distilled water suitable for Istolly use. Try it Iilalce&ColdSterasteCe niANK RIDDLE, Mcr. Farms for Sole 100 acres Improved in section lb, & miles northeast of Moran, also 160 acres iii section 29 one mile and a half east of Geneva. For prices and terms writ9 the owner. £. L. MILLER 3113 Ccnton Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo. LivinqfttoD Co Contractors ani BaMcn. All kinds of work a specialty t Honth Sycamore. Phoae lU) For hent anS tinleKfWt resnlU nsr the Hirglster Want Celnms. [Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice -will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH IS'SATISFACTION WORTH TO YOU? Do you prefer nfethoeij now foit^ out of dale or up-to-date methodj that will carry far into the future ? Atypcwrit'-r made jurt good enough to sell or the L. C. SwrrH & B«os.TTP>»iirrEB, with every useful, valuable feature inbuilt »nd WriUng ENTIRELY in Sight .= LET U.*; SEND YOU THK 1 L 1> t'.ST R A T R-D CATALOGl K L. C. SMITH BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. ^ 812 Delaware St, Kansas City, Mo. b= Snl n Miwii-M Sad Ut nur Im' aad br Uw eni null rm rM«in I our Hm«'E>« Tm Clrd wtich ; >« c» iMt your o«n «ye« u u- . tunulr »i u ct» M nDtt ant i Is our T MIIIK ptrlors. mt ii u p*^ ' fcrtir •lapl*. Reiyra UUi IM( c>r4 to lu .lib til <h« tiaak* IIIH eal ' • . • w« .m %ni too—«tn«ab«r. w*tk«n • cnt e< nmy fr«n fair of SunburM <p«ctjcl«« |tud •lit tiKtIr lb. IMM tottt nt* mt u .uctir Ui« ritbi I I M fraM 4 WEU HESE SKCTieiB BK WOI n £E -g,?j-^.1i ""..'SK . ^ . - *•< .( OB* mk'tbfT »« not csUrcIf •utofKtsrr l» tmrt "»». ralam tMa la «i IM Ml Ml .M Mimr. if di« sptrUrln pfon lo jo. Ibai u>f> w* •bMliilMi n<e- WMiyMrnvMM. U tkqr prm Ibat tb* price U noiblof coa>|<u.4 lo lb* comlon tbn fit* nur ' w %un tat IM •pccucin *r« jroun. And on ntttu of (h* man *« .ut M NM M T I WS • butea*SpKUcleCu«of aacM« I train uuber IM .lib rlcb piMk. bal ikl* i ZS»tSSiSvSJaSSa ^tn^V. «ho« tb>t •• ar* a vmn r ^abW amtuil K MM*M at*.* aMy mStemtM ZM^IHU aarW OMaus. Wa ure tb« oal; kouat Ual caa U awctacte fnaat M Z,T nSrfae* b» nuU-ani comet fraoM* are «v«rj Wi at Iniianaai aa corraci lauwr Bntt V^/e'J' iatm l*ea la *bap*« dlffemilr—<b« knat* oait ee <n >t at JMI lb* ri(bi tfltiaat* fnai lb* *m/J?'J'-/ trXbntn laat aa ka« aa wrwi Itnaea. wn H rrijoBabJa Hut iba luma* mvM be *xacO», • /. iy«rT».t5lb .w,,o». CVeRVPAISOr SrCCTACLES WC MANOLC •»/.*> / ' eotelWLLSO AND ASSOUUTtLV CUABANTErti Aa* Ibl* coBpaw eaa back u» Bi /tf;* , / iSine^ Wben ». b»» • P*lr of SuabiiiM Spe«»cl«. TO. »« ojly bjjf tb* bl«b*M />)l^. / / SSTfanM a*« l *«ae »-70. alto b» ibe proleanoaal akiU aa« kaovtcdg* of oo- //V», / / / SM ^«b»lu >*atB4ieithlaKWBC *l»rBW *7 and wbo arc neawi >*i^*/J'/ '/ / / at Ike ka*4 «f ibctt pnfeiiHa. aM b» acan of em acieUitc T«^Car4 Hf Mfitm •*'T— ri(ki mtr* w jmr .M >•*.>*)<»< a* acrametr It )M wcftt sen at «.r Kanaaa CitT aCK*.WKITS TOOAV. WCLKKR U HANCOCK 'on -fCAL^COMPANV •XWaiH fm*m »«—ASCITT; TEACHERS WILL TISIT OTHEB . CITT SCHOOLS FBIDAT. B^URER CASE Oil lEXT MONDAY LOCAJ/ FOOT BALL TEAM WILL PLAY lOLA TOXOBROW. Mrs. Morris Pattoa EnterUiued the Embroidery- CInb—Fer- sonals. Kerirjil tA M. P. i'hiircb. The revival services at the Methodist Protestant church cohtinucs to draw large crowds. An Immense audience greeted the evangelists last evenlDB. Every available space was occupied. A great many people could not be accommodated and had to IcHve alter arriving at the church. In the afternoon Rev. Strcitenberger preached to the men on "The Sins of .Men." The evangelist used an Illustration about a black i>on.%:.''{^w a man arrived In a town having a black pony with a brand new saddle and bridle. He stopped and started lo raffle it off. A number ol men gaih- cred around and took chances at two dollars apiece. One chance was left, a boy st inding by who was a son of a merchar t In the town was asked to take it. He refused, saying it was not right. The men made fun of him and said he didn't have the price. The boy being goaded on, produced the two dollars dnd purchased the last chance, the result was the boy won the black pony and the men put hJm upon it and he rode down the street. The father of the boy was sifting in front ofj his store reading the paper, he had Just flnished reading an article about a man who had a black pony that had killed a number of people, as he glanced up he saw his son. his precious boy, riding what appeared to be the very pony he had been reading about. He shouted to his boy to get down, but the boy replied that It was his pony and it would not hurt him. The father followed after calling to the boy to "get down, get down. He will kill you." But on they went and as they passed by their home the mother and sisters seeing somthlng was wrong, came out and joined the father in pleading with the boy to get down, but he would not. On and on they went until they came to a great precipice, the boy tried to stop the black pony but It would not stop. He tried to turn it around but it would not turn. It reared and kicked and plunged and finally it dashed over the precipice and both were a mangled mass at the bottom. Sane men of La Harpe, said the evangelist, are riding the black pony of Intemperance, the black horse of adultery, the black horse of fornication, the black horse of Inlldnllty, tho black horse of profanity, tiet down! Get down! 1 beg of you. pleaded the evangelist. . In the name of .Icstis Christ, or this black horse will plunge with you Into Hell and Despair. As .Mr. Gels sang "Where Is .My Wandering Boy Tonight." a number of men came forward and shook hands with the evangelist, thus exprosHfnp their determination lo live better llvus in the future. Krldaj Is Tl»ltln(c Day. The hoard of education of the La Harjie schools has selected Friday of this week for visiting day. On that day there will be no school but the teachers will visit other city schools in southeastern Kansas. The board of education of the La Marpe city schools requires that the teachers who teach in the La Harpe city schools to visit other schools one day each year. This Is' for the purpose of gaining Ideas which they would not receive otherwise aiyl which would he helpful In their work aa teachers in the local dty schools. Many are plan nlng on going to Pittsburg while others will go to Emimrla. Topeka, Kansas City and Lawrence. Cltjr vs. E. 0. Bruner Monday. Police Judge Clevenger announced this afternoon that the case of the city of Iji Harpe vs. E. O. Bruner of lola who Is charged with assault by .1. C. Kelm of this city, has been set for Monday afternoon. Kelm says that Bruner assaulted him at the street car depot several nights ago after a qiurr- cel over a commission which Kelm pwcd .Mr. Hruner. Kmbrolderr Club Met Testerday. .Mrs. Morris Patton entertained the ladles' Modern and Ancient Embroidery club yesterday afternoon. The ladles met yesterday afternoon instead of Tuesday afternoon, their regular meeting day. because of the club meet ing on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Pat- Ion served and the afternoon was i[(ent ovor embroidery. La Harpe H. S. TK . tola Wednesday. The La Harpe high school fcwt ball team is working every afternoon preparing themselves for the game with the lola team tomorrow afternoon. The imy» are now in the pink of condition with every man working well in his place. The coach is working them on many trick plays which will tie sprung on the lola bunch. The lola team is working hard also and doubtless will be In good trim for the game. lola will nave many of the players who formerly composed the Washington school team. —i Personals. .Misses Viola Moore and Viva Flora 0 |f , Stark were the guests of E. C. Moore of this city last Sunday. George Smith, traveling salesman (or the International Drug company.' left yesterday for Nebraska where he will ersutne his work. He was here over Sunday visiting relatives.. Frits Knmble, formerly of this city, but now United States mall clerk, is yisitins friends in the city at the present time. : ' A busy week for you and a busy week for us. It will be busy for you for there is something doing every day down town and it will be a busy week for us because we are going to mak^ som^ Special Carnival Week Prices that you cannot and will not overlook. You can save the price of your Carnival Week celebration by doing your trading at our store. You know prices as well as we do, and you know a bargain when you see it. We do not hesitate in putting before you the following, every one t)f which is a genuine bargain. $20 Walking Soils, $15. Handsome new Fall Walking Suits made of splendid fiuallty. all wool Cheviot In black, navy and brown; coats I'rlnco Chap styles, '27 and 30 inches long, satin lined. The skirls are made very wide full plaited effect. Special iloJOO $30 Tailor Made Sni(s, $25 Gracefully Tailored Coat Suits in smart three-quarter and sonil-Iitled models, the coats are lined with silk or satin: skirts are made in the newest styles, made of line broadcloth un- liDished worsteds, serges or fancy manish mixtures of exceptional merit and tailoring at 125.00 $25 Tailored Suite $18.50 Artistically made Suits in Prince Chap senil-fitted and cutaway effects, fabrics are fine serges, cheviots and herlnfibono worsteds in black, navy blue and brown, also In fanc.v manish mixtures. Your choice all this week . File Tailored Snits at $35.00. High ?radc man-tailored Suits, embodying this season's most desirable stvlcs for fall and winter wear. .Models with short, medium or :i6-lnrh length, coats in fitteil, scrai-fittcd or cutaway effect.^, plain tailored or stvlishly flnished with braiding. The skirts are variously plaited and either plain or with -self-fold at bottom, come in all the newest fall shades and manish mixtures. Price ; i35.0fl Sale of Long and Short Coits. .52-lnch All Wool Cheviot Ladles- Coats. Special price for all this week *,-|.W) .'")2-lnch All Wool Black'* Cheviot I,adles' Coats nicely trimmed in braid and velvet. Special for all this week il.'iH .50-inch All Wool Kerfijey Coats fn black, castor and tan. bealififully trim med; a regular $12.0^ values. Special price for all this week *1«.00 A great variety of Long, Lof>se Coats in black, brown, tan. dark red. leather shade. Prices range $15,0fl, !i;i8.0«, $2«.(M>. $ioM Snp3rb Array of Sbort Coits. In Imported Caraculs. Silks. Beaver. Crushed Plush and Fine Wool Cloths. $l2wil, $1.5, $2.1, $85, m 7ii A BIG SflOWiNG OF MISSES' and JDNIOR COATS. Made in the popular n«w materials and colors. The prices range from— L $2.98 to $15.00 DISTINCtlOtlaioncs* cenawHt no» ar Tat »m »Ti-aitoi «MAP, cOMPAHr Special Sale of Skirts and Waists. All Wool Panama Skirts in all coir ors, everv one the very latest models, from $3.98 to $1.5.00 .\EW .IKHIVALS IIF WAIST.S. TaiYeta Silks »t. Batiste. All Wool Batiste Waists nicely trim med in black and cream at .....$1.»S fbilfon Batiste Waists lieaiitifiilly trimmed in lace at $2.98 Chiffon Taffeta Silk Waists, black, brown and navy bine at ........ $3.98 Kxtia Fine Chiffon, Taffeta Silk Waists. hJark only, at $1.98 Beautiful Net Waists. Arabian and White, from $3.98 lo $10.00 MILLINERY SALE New Arrivals all the Time. Second Floor MILLINERY ^ALE New ArrivLls all the Tit[ie. .Second Floor .\ece>i8»y of « Varied Diet. A matter of no little Imitortance In maintainin.c a good healthy ajipetitc Is ariety of diet. .Appetites soon lias If then- Is a moionous sameness in our dai'y lood. .\n unusual delicacy will' add t<i the enjoyment of the whole meal. ^ Of course bread Is a staple foq^. .Vo meal is complete without bread or some other wheat food. We may think we never tire of bread, but try some radical change and see how welcome I K. Thy .National Bi.sciilt rompany'a Graham Crackers. The unbolted wheat of which they are made is not only dellcoliis but stimulate.* the ^\\- lietite and the digestion. The navnr of the National Biscuit Company Graham Crackers Is entirely COMBS AND BRACELETS ALL KIN;^S ALL PRICES J.W.COFFEY&SON Ezeloshe Jewel«n. East SMci. different from the old coarse kind orlRlnally made by Mr. Graham. The same progress which c.xperlence. skill and study have produced in all the products of this company has made the Graham Cracker not onlj- a health food but a delightful delicacy. For the indoor worker—the nJTice man—the inactive, nothins makes a better lunch than Graham Crackers and milk. Light, but sustainlns. \vlth- out heaviness or sleepiness so oflen followiuK a hearty lunch of rich foods. Keep Graham Crackers on the table as well as bread, and the staff of life can be eaten In either form that pnr- llriilarly appeals to the taste. National Biscuit Company Graham Crackers come in moisture and dnst- proof packages, keeping In all their delightful flavor, crispness and freshness. Strikini; Operators Coming Back. Kaiisas City. Oct. 21.—Five striking i operators made application today for their old positions at the local office of the Western Union. They were taken back and the applications of two others held In abeyance. . 8 «nU re Railway Timt NORTHBOUND. No. 202, Pas. dally No. 204, Pas. dally ,•No. 208, Pafl, daily ex. Sun No. 210, Pai. arrives dally , No.21».Freishi.D. ex. Sua SOUTHBOUND. Ho.SQl.Pu-daily Na 203, Pas. dally No. 207 Paa. daily ex. Sun . Na aO», PH . deiNiTta daily. No. Ill nralgtt. D. ex. aoA. Table. ..2:22 p .u. ..2:55 a.m. ..6:50 a.m. ..8:50 p.m. 12:01 p.jpJ .12:45 p.m. . .1:00 a.m. ..8:50 pj«. ..t;2<la.iii. HIQH GRADE FLOWERS AND Artistic Floral Designs There are times and events which seem to demand the presence of flowers and when these occasions do come it Is well to know Just where to pet the choicest of flowers and highest ^rade of work at moderate prices. .1. |\V. Primmer, of 701 Bast Lincoln. lola. makes a specialty of cut flowers and ;;rows nothing else, and you can de- I !>end on getting just what yon want ' in this line. Me has 7.000 feet of glass and every foot of it devoted exclusively to cut flowers, and everything strictly up-to-date. Call and see his iilacc. 701 £ast LInroln (Hrvet, lola, Kansas. Bell Phone, 104. 1 J. W. PRIMMER. For Jleaters or Cook Stoves—flai Fft- (iiiff Deae Fronptly. 10% 8.^eMiek7. . . ; Phone IM. lOLA STATE BANK dMPitAtSf9,BOQ A.;w. Beclt. Lra. HorvUlegl. If •:i.. - '.if,-:..:-

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