Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 2
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TOE lOIA lUm-BE €ff8TOri 'M)AY-g?E3tBW>-OC«)BEB 80, 1908. - - •iftiitvy tv tki Oiitii'SlitH EstabUshed 1869. Stltt rf IIIM* ' — • iBei Gintf tMtst laik !• ilin Ci. MEITIH FB05K, AllH CtiUm, $l,2(ie,0M there will be two initiations. Mrs. J. to tl:e giri's side and docs not hop AV. Bolton will bo ho.-:>s.; of tho chap- and Jump away from her as the burn\ APT. Ins proceeds is the one who is to be ^ -:• •:• hPr future mate. ^ 11 Club Will Entertain. ; •> •:• • ' Tii.- AllniiiCic club of iho Prrsiiy- In Chanute. (.^riaa church will issiio invitation!; in Afr. and Mr.?. tJ. \V; Adams are in a short time for a party to be given Chanute to .visit Mr. and Jfrs. W. on the evening of Tuesday. November Colo. They were among the guests 10. . at the R. X. A. lodge banquet given -> V •:• J here last night. For Girl Friends. i -i* •> <• Miss Clara CranRle. .=>ul fioiiih Syc- Quartette Sang. .THiorf .street, has .isked a few pirl The Current Event club quarteti*^. frlend.s for an informal party tomor-.^frs. \V. T. Watson. Mri?. C. M. Cob* row evening. * * * Mr. Van Curen Returns. Mrs. \V. R .Crangle and Mrs. .1. W.; Rolton sang a ver\' beautiful and at>-! proprlate nuniber at the banquet for Mr Frank Van Curen of Dighion. the .Methotlist Brotherhood last even hJ i.Murne.| home nffr a week In ing. The .selection was happily re- (|ol:. Ho was .n cuesi of Mr. and Mr:^ coived by ^he larse number of guests W. IM!;:r<'rald. |"P0£-SHRUNK" GARMT-NTS MUNfl MEN OF WAV WELL It will make aU tii» dift\;rr'a-'e h^t^vetn a )0<! Jnipre^Mon and a bad oiie^ Perhap? your lif^ work- m.iy depjsn J upon siich a I'ttlc ili'.ng asi .{-oo 1 lo>ki;:t; rl .the-;. Oai tnilors lia\e been studying your uteds and kuo v y .ur .-c iui:em2rts and we have the clothes they make. Cloth wiLli :i style th^i i-; freer and brighter than your uncle, or j 'our lather or yotir older brother would choose—a style for your self, your needs Suits $14.75 to $22 50 Overcoats $io ou to $20.00 Home From Chanute. Nirs. llorii'Mti Tholfii aii!, . M;..« Nf.i.^ Tlioli II r''Hiri <od yoston'.TV from a l.rli f slay in Chanute. •> •'• •.• Some Hallowe'en Ill vi.w nf tho artproao < of ll.ill.iw ! oi -u ami ilio frolics an. I f> ,:i\itirs ' wliirh ir:il.o tho .'vonts of ilio il .iy of Inlorost tho.-;o i<li\Ts for liinc!io<in .decorations and gamer, will bo of iiso: I For liio liinc;ii oi!. [nii tho olivos in Igroon and .wHovv .•Jlripoil gourds and itho oolory in hlx yollow ouciir .tbor 'sl'.clls. Tho fniii can bo arranKod in ia lareo cropo papor piinii>kin. The small sized pumpkin ca.«<:; mako dainty dis::os in which to H'IV.- IC-S. and for tho salad tlx (••• .i-o tho individual lialf cuoiiiPl ).-r. li:i!r on not. or liroon torrnto «a-« Tn-- camiL-.s r-hotiM I>o t 'ot|i y .riow. and the vorv i -.-vost. tiiins in sliartos— a plcturesfino trifle of Idack omor .v paper, with opaqtie yollow now moons, stars atid sunflow- ors .scattered ovor I lie four sides—i .s '.i>'>-.r appropriat!' for Hallowe'en. P<ii)iilar^ for Hallowe'en on- .Titiinoni •• rtro tho lii.ii.:' >viih tiny pumpkin;? ou the ; tthi;:!]!-. Most attractive witches, eat?:, hats. jotJ». which are a nfcos.snry part ot' tho jlfallowo'on decoration."!, may bo ; oui from tho tlocoratod paper. A sil- i lioiictto wliich is most effective and ' when aririoii with a paper broom add.^ a sirikiiii; note to tho Hallowo'on fo.isl. The witch is cut from black crepo} who wero pn^sent. •:• •> Will Remain in Ida. Mr. and .Mrs. .T. K. lx»wdermilk. oi a Xorth First street will not go to Kansas City at present iff make ttieir Tho kind that make-i travel a plcxstire. is the d? li-.Tht service. To Kansas City By,THE "KATY" I'hc fu!.. ,s not onlv convenient for Kansas Citvp:l:•.^ser.^Jers,l )tI: eq;:;iIIvso forthosedcsiro:is of mcikin.q; coanecfions tJioic for points hrvond lionnv Thi>y will romaln In lola I * •> ••- i Hallowe'en Party. i Cbarlos lV>ugbton. Sril Nonh ftivo;.- has invited several schoolmaio frion.l; tor an afternoon party on Saii:.d:«. ,;. ^ In Chanute. '< Mrs. P.on Sorvoy i.;; spondini .1 (.w • i !ay.s ill C annto with hor patvnt . Mr.' and Mrs. William Kieth. * + At Home Club. 1 Mrs, Chas. War! hail as her gtiosts ; •'••ti'id.iv lad;o.< of tho \t Homo .liiltj of the M. v.. church yesiorday afior- j noon. Thr' lessoii study was follow-} od by fivo o'clock i>:\ and a vo y pleasant social hour. '> <' Social Tonight. The Epworth League of the Pirsi M. R. churc'ii will have a .social tonight T.tAlN LEAVES Chanute 12:20 p. m. Humboldt 12:40 p. in. IMqua liO.*? p. m. IttlQ 1:2.'> p. m. AND ARlilvrs AT K»nM<i City 5.03 p. m. WANTS illowe en. .M. i'-. cnurca win nav»- a .soi-iin itims"' 1 n-» — |>ii...ii, .uv,.... allowe'en on-'at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. f -j^m,land at t'. per cent.—Tola l.nn littlo '-.qiron i L. Brumbaugh. A number of paraon • , TO 1^AX-$5..>.M private mone.v on | B||^eSS Dlf CCtOrY • rm, !and at 1'. nor cent.—Tola Land Co. •^••iM^V^* 7 ' anh for. some music has been arranged, ^^jy^y^jp^ to \lsll Slaioc. Mrs. Ceorge Uuxton. of w.i in loll yostordav- and today t -i vi.-it hor ?isier. Miss Lena Lord. • •:- -J To Knieriflin Teacher*!. Tracbor.^ in the grade .scl»v>i< ;>ic to be guests at a party in tho hi^cli —9 hand burgy. l';:oiio t»;:: or 1 WANTED—lola ijroporty to ex- I tt% »» 4 H il I--* I H* I I (fill If (dV.lV " • paper and mounted on a .stiffer wrap- school .".uditorium tonight. The bo.-- I Dine pnpor which is first covered with es.^es arc to be memhers of ili.- lii.-l iWaik i broom 'change for Kansas ::ad .\Ii.-^.=ouri land. iloUlen West Land Co. Ollioo <.v.t h.wa ! « Store, lola. Kas. 1>R. JflLDRED CrRTLS • I'iijsleiun au »l Surgeon. • • OfTiee over imTeli'.-; Drug Store • • Office Phone :•;.•». " • Residence 214 E. .lackson • • Phone * !>!> tissue paper. Tho witch's scho <i; fafult.v. is tnado of a .slender round • i<k wound with black tissue paper, broom par! being made of fine ., SALESME.\ & AG ENTS—S $ ; ?r,0 00 h P'?r week and over can be made sellii^S. jXew Campaign Notelties from now I :.intll election. Sells to Stores. Couu-i. ty Fairs, Picnics and Private families j. DRS. BEID & BEID, » • * Pbjslcbtus and Sargeona. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. • Office Phone..157; Re«. 396. * Tlt« House n( W. I.. Drtiifflu" aU'M Slittrs .1. II. SllJvtHl <l '."}S!t ! II VIS iati.l tiod around about throo inches tiigl... The regu'ar lodge work will tho 1o|) with a paper cord. The al.M» be done. . liatilllo of li'o broom is pasted to the To Fredonia. j w \xrKl)~Young V.WA \«^ I back of the witch, being held in place Miss Elsa ^V ^'^^^'i ^f'"u.ifn-.on i?**" • f<.r R: Hv.n 'by a strip of black paper. d'^"'" •'^P*''"' « ^^^'^]' f Tho most an«'ioiit and emlurlu? of} ^* *•' *•* gaiiM.s lb.ill whirh appbs .11. d To Serve Meals. Inuis aro ii<ed. The apple g.-unos In-' Ladies of tho Catholic chur. b clu.lo iho ihrowiii? of the apple par- servo lunch all d.ay on Tuesd.-iv. ol.>c- line over the shoubter to soo what iti- day. to the public. Th.y lia.o s.j- iitial it inakos. 1I0 r.-.-;ultant letter bo. cured a vacant huildnv: ou We.t .M-i-Ii-;on street for the day. fulii.o bii .-i >ai 'i i";: Gassip of JSociety '—Fltcgetald, Anlo Lhery. Thone. "ill be Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Gray, who ^ "t" • •> ;ire to celebrate the fiftieth anniver- Thursday Whist Club. saiy of tlioi - nmrriace li -.en. .Mr. and .\jnong the pleasant afternoon pa-r- Mis. .'J. A. Ellis will give a dinn-r ties^. of the week is the entertainmont previous to the afternoon'air. -Mrs. Harmon Hobait j^ave v<'st<rday; .% for the Thur.'isday cbib . Tiio -Dollar" Social, decorations were white ciirysantin-: Fioin five iinill eighi o'doclc ia-t mumia-tind potted ferns and iho sev«^- < \eniii:; il'o homo of Rev. and .Mr:,. W. al tables were used for an elabo.ato u, carficM wa-; nili 'd with guest:; for hmcheon after cards. Mrs. Hobarfs liif social the Ai<l society of Ibi-ir guests other than the club members ejurcli was .civinir. Tb<.'re was a were Mrs. T. Watson. Mrs. J. R. monu in tv.-o couidcs for the guo:-!s Hughes. Mrs. P. S. Mitchell, Mr~. W. wiio spent an informal hour i>revioiiK K. Heylmnn and Mrs. Seward Kixby. to a prop.'-ani of music Miss Beat- S* • riie Doxsoo. .Mi.=-i Joy Flerahberger. To Pittsjurg. Imogeix' .Mitchell. iMrs. Fred .Miss Mable Brewer wlil spend .<;nt- lrol.-;-id. Miss Grace .Mall. Miss Uve- .urday and Sunday with friends in bn llowland and Alberta Mun- Pittsburg. appeared on tho program and A ] .Miss Eva .Armstrong sang Bartl'.-tt';> To Serve Meals. 'Droam" an! a cliarming lullaby. The inssionary society of the \;..ih- Tb<'ro: was a recitation by Ro.s- odlst church of Cnrlyle will s(>rve coo .Iprdan. meals on Election d.ay to the public. The proceeds of the evening wore The meals will be served at tho par- large. Eacli member of the society fionase. which was enteiiaining.gave one dol- .j. .j. Uir. Decorations for the evening were Chi Omeqa Society. ;rhi.v.sanlhemums. The Clii Omega society of the hi.h '> '> -school had a program and literary Mr. Burdick Home, meeting at the close of the afternoon Willimu S. Burdick arrived yester- session of the school. There was day front a two weeks' trip to Chi- aome especially good music and other cago .-md other Eastern cities, nnmbers. -; •:• •>•>•?• i To Humboldt. To Wichita, ; II. A. Kwini:. ,Mrs. O. T. L.i- Sllss Adole Seyle, secretar." of the Cratiue and .Mrs. .\. V. Leiuasier:! are Y. W. C. A. will j;o to Wichita next in Humboldt todtiy. They ate attonl- woek to ho preser-i a; ihe sta;<' eon- ins: a. convention of missionary S02I- vontion. eties of the Pivsbytorian churches of •!* • •.Mien county. Celebrate Anniversary. i •> • Mr. and .Mrs. Mont McKinn<'y are; p. E. 0. Chapter. 10 give an informal reception for ai There will be a meeting of the P. grcMip of relatives on Wodnos-iay. Xq- E. O. chapter on the approaching veinber fourth. The honor gnest? Tuosd.iy.' lii addition to the program jiiiK the Ihst of th or wife 's dame. Tryin.c; to lateli IIK^ .•ipplo snsp-iid- ed from a cord with the tooth without touchinc it with the hands is more possible for more formal oca?- ions. This wil' bo one of the absurd figures in a Hallowe'en cotillion, ti'.e anplos so caugltt containing a favor pairing with one that had already lioen distributed to a trirl of the parly. Amonc the nut tricks belonpiug »o,„.,„^„.^^ _ . Hallowe'en the burning of a group jdresa alt commtiulcatlODX to the Ke ^later.) ; c*^, of nuts on the open hearth i.s the most ' intorestinc. One nut is named for a girl and the others for a man. The young man nut who stays most loyally I W.VNTKI)—Young nun K I for »oinin>; exatniti.ttioii fi.r •Mail and oth.r i;o\i-rimiem I' DM '.I OM.' S^iijioiior i:t-;i rut iioii t... .Vl.iil. Ksiati- Ii.--Iied n^.vejiis. •r!io!>>;.nnd.s ol -.-KC- ri'.SSilil :-l liilolM;-. S .MItldo ill..-.-1 lolls ;.Md "!!o".s C, .v'l l^•^•i'ions are Si*- leuroil ' sent free. hner-Sjnto .^oblio'.s. • • • • • • DR. McMlLLEX, • Special attention given to the • treatment of nil Chronic Dlaea^ • e .H and Dlsea-ses of Children. • TelppbouPs: Offio r;,». Res. 232. pi la. .Wo.. C.-ftar;. lov.a. ,„ . i 'Oit SALE—\n nri .M !i: Sotnti (Under this neadiaK the Register wlU ^M .^.,... i be lileased to Drini the views of Us sub- i' elton\.ood. ^ scribera on any subject concemlo? which , • ~ they Biay write. .If you wish to FOR S.\LE—Tlit-o 1,0,11 they may wisn 10 wriie. .11 yuu kick al)out anytbtnff. or air your views on ; fowii. any subject, tell it throush the Keylster. I Contributors should give their names and ! R.ldr «>«.«e3: thev wlU not be printed. Ad- ' - " irtiich !•;. n. Rapp. .Moian. Kas. If You Ask the Bride SALE OR TKADE—S::i?t-r wing .M.'ichlne for row. hor .-r- or corn. -N'ew high arm drop bond i:'.'. South Third; Phone 12::i. OnUe over Re We. « • • • • • Phone 687. • Ret. 701. " DR. 0. L. COS, * Eye, Ear, Nose Mid Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Ofiicft A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • « • • KOr: RE.VT—Fiv.' roorn .nioilr::! r..; l;;j.-e: liei-ll Imil! two . lie;';;!-.of II. .M. LV.wI .M. FOR RE:XT—Hon.- North Buckeye. ltif|i:ii"e -""'i, i. A Few Facts Concerning the Baines: High School Law. lola, Ka.«5., Oct. 2S. ifi .t,<:. -jTo the Voters of Allen County:— As the Barnes High School proposition is goin; voted on again next Tues<lay. we think it is Well for tho voters to post themselves som<>whar as to the workings of this law in All •n County. This proposition was voted on ar the general. election two yo.Tis nj;o and was supposed at the time to have been legally carried. It has recently been decided by the court that it did '. not legally carry, hence it vxill bo . voted on again this year. But the • ' fact it was put into operation • ~-~—-^^^—i last year, gives us an opporiuniiy to for eaci- »ur»'I- On lue otTior h.-.iui. from the records what the result f <• Hii:h School dis:riers p;tid a I'l- 0 £5C3 TeL loss. Night Teh 4(»t • DR. R. 0. CHBISTUN • rbrsielan and SnrgeoB * Rooms 7 and 8. EXans Bldg. " • F. II- SIARTIN, • Surgery and Diseaaet of • Women. • Office and Resident-e Phone 57G • Office 7 North Jefferson. • FOR iXOHAHGE Six Cier.r I.a llarpe residences JT'csr. and $:'.rtOu. Ca.'-h for morchandi:<- r.r farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Ka.-. .lEWTJLRS. B. F. Pancoast, old rfciiable Jeweler. 110 East. Street Lodge Directory KKIGIITS OF Pl'XULtS*—Neosho -eo from the records wliat ine rosuii i < m*-" .^v"""' - - • , » —---"J^"- •^^..j.^ tie lev-; iiian ?;».tMM> for puinls. or j Lodge No. 43 meets every Monda* This law is in brief, the ooun- al.oi.r ill per pupii. .night at K. of P. H*^'.l. Visiting »?r«» ,v eommi.-isioners shall mai.e a levy' However, wo tind t!o' H.-'hthers.invited. W. S. Thompson. El I liot to exceed ihi -.'o mill-s anaiiisi Schools claim thnr this amotnit. »1 ...Chris P.-'ter. K. ot R. t;ad 3. i ,1,.. taxable property of the county for JU.'^.Ofi. which ^^as ra'-.o.! J^'^^^^ KNIGHTS i,V MACCABEES^ - support of the High School;? of not .snthci-nt and that 11 co..,, mom „, „ TTT-^-U If yon could eonslstenHy consult tlie bride ronci-rniiig the rut ttla>>s sit't. it's nlinost rertriln that she nonid say: Mie sure that it bears Ihe name I.ibliy sraven in Ihe icIa «iO We an' e\cln>he aa;ent <i f«>r I.lbbv lus* in Mien cnnnty. -Get-I.lbbi'y V* -World's Best." t.'o support of the High School;? of not snfiici-nf and iliar it c.-:.-;r mem 1 „--•.- , , the count .v. In return for thi.-=. anv ?2::.L'<.'...7.-.. to maintain thes.- ><.-hooIs I ^"i^>Sit3 of Maccabees of the World -stmlent in the oountv mav attend an v. ae< ordinu to ih- r-ports wjich ihey K.K Hat: second and touttj- one of these High S.-hooIs wit;.ou :;Mave tib-.!. Takin:: their own limues f,?^"j;''">' nights of each month. J. the payment of tuition. 'a.^ to the oxp.-nso. wo find by divid-,}^- I'^stwait commander; R. B, Por- it 1" ing sunpo.sod that the pro;»o:d-' ing ii bv ITI *uho total enrollment i"^^'"'•^Ji^^P?!:. lion had l«-.2ally carried at ' ' " the fkc- la.-f >ea:> tiiar it cost them {p-r lion had j^.sauy carnon ;u ,;„• .,.. - . \\, (). W.— Camp No. 101 meets tion of Ifoiii. a levy of 'Jij mills was pupil to maintain tb-so s bools. \<\ K. cf P. Hall every Frltlay ntghL W, made last ilftiiT). Wo find that 1 tin-out>id-dls;rie!..i paid IHT pni'll, T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis Clar*' the total valuation of of tho county at-fo- each one who attended iioin the; Visitors cordially Invited. i.'iaT time was $7.9»'.s.<S:;. The valf:i- out.-iilo di.-trifts. j —~ r..—::— ~— lion of ilioso rti .stricts which had Hi:.h W«- siil>:nit the aI>ov fi-.;iir« >. w.'.icli j Schools was $:;.:u;.'.7s«. Therefore, the hav.- been tak-ii from the i.-.«.rds. to; 31. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lodr* meets- every Friday nisht in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. C io. Pac Santa Pe and M. K. &. Watcfc Inspectors. AT value of outside liistricis was $I.IM'C.-; t:!" eaiefwl tbouqh: of the vor. r. V.e T.;"'. 'V;: " 'i. !: will le s-.i th.-rofore. with-Mo n..t car- to take tbo position of .Cotfield, \_C.^. A.jCo^^ Clerk, out aoin.g any further, that the o:if.=;:.!. iiij: oppoi ^id to free schools. t>rit w--' KOY.AL NEIGHBORS. —lola Cam^ distriets paid more last year to sui>-: i>elievo iha; tiiis particu a^- l.iw is, N'o. o«5o. Royal Neighbors, meets BMS I port those Hisrh Schools than did :bo wor!;ine an injitsTiro on tho.-. who re. ;ond and fourth Tuesdays of eao^ ; districtwhere the schools are locat-' ceiv..- tiio least iK -n'-fit from it. i month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraclv el. I If rh.- Hig; S'c.'iool li'.nids would;Mrs. Mary Button. 41S West Stre»- Tlio ouroUrnont of the Hi-:;h ask that the county raise only a |)art I Recorder. .-chools of the --oiinty la.^f .voar was of thi.s oxpen..5e. it woi;Id !•<• a differ- j FRATERWL BROTHEBJiOOD — 471. Of this number t06 were from ent proposition, but when th-y a:,k pratemal Brotherhood So 380 meet» the High .School district.-, and only G.^ the countv to raise it all. wo i. • I that s«,cond and fourth Thursday of eacr were from the out .Hidc districts. Tie the burden is falling too iiard on month in A. O. U. W. HaU. Vlalttn* outside (ftstricts therefore paid a lit- those who n eiv th.- 1. ;ist b.-nefit membey cordially invited. W H A> Auditorium TONIGHT Friday and Saturday Nights— Sat. Matinee - . , • membecB cordially invited. W. H. Ay^ tie more than half the expense of from it. \ iderson, president; Golda Glzbi. aecrv maintaining these schools for tho pur- There N a l.-iw oi> th.- sr.-nn; - books it^Ty. pose of .securing free tuition for il-l now tint ::hy country school district j pupils, while the Higii School di.^triets mav r.i ih- i: annual nvetinu. vote to paid a little less man half tho ex- pay th.- itiftion of any .vtu !• nts f . pense for their 406 pupils. :thai district who desire xo attend any' To be exact and nse the figures, we High Sciioo' in tiio count;. It seems find from the records in- the County to its ti'-at it would b - better to vote Treasurer's ofllce that under this levy this at our annual school meeting, of 2',. mills, the High Schools re- rather than to continue in operation cfivvd from the Treasurer 517,948.06. the present Barnes High School Law. Tlic outfllde districts paid »pproTl- Respectfully submitted, 1 mattdy $9,000 of tills amoupt to BP- H. LONCSHORF. ' cure free tuition for 65 pupils, or 1139 E. J. CRO \S "ELL. nts from I General CootraetAr. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. Vbnne SM. The l»est aud qnlrk^st way Is'The Register want way.

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