Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOLAPAILT KECOSI QfAIITY Not price, remains longest in memory. Real tronbles are avoided by pauonizin^ an insti- tmion whose motto is ' QUALITY." Telephone I02 and leain the lull meaning of that term, as applied to the art ol laundering. lOlA LAUNDRY. West btrett. lola. one block from, ijont Hm.s.-velt in his ..fforts to square. Diseases of domesticated {mnke tli«.' rit-h conform to the l ,n\^ animals successfully treated,charges las v.-.>M .is the i>oor and saiu that tU' moderate.goodboxbtallsforpalients towards r.-forni was m.ik Calls aoswered promptly night ori "i^' '"f, ./"'f"' 7 t- r IS . ><!ars there would not b*- a icensc- day. ?o years experience. V etenn-, i„ the country. His remark.' »v<»re listened to by the audience tuni ary Dentistry a specialty. it is evid3nt that the afternoon nu.-; HospiU, Hh 'S ;e^068^R^crPh„ne .39 1 ^c^tJLSr -'iSlbTdZTerJrr Gunther Makes Qopd Candies Sold at SPiNCER'S ! ^VANTEn. GIRLS to work at th. • Uiown Smoke House. I ALLE.V COIMT H.4S BUT IS. CITY MEttl. Idj:* You're it. Saturdj;. Mrs. I'anUell. I'huiie lUV. HE;MSIER of Deeds Robert llioiup b%u ua.. at h.s lurm tolay ou bust uess. Or. HejMliB. tboae KM. Kes. U«. Umc« vTtr UHrreii 'B i/rUK sivre. JAMES Lockhart of Humboldt, is I', ine tuy today on business. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger will not take Ed. Fuller, the auto tuicf, to tr .3 Hutchinson reformatory lor a tew uayt as .he had intended. Hallgw^een Post Cards for invitations or tallies at BuneU's drug s'.ore. MOLLIE Withers yesterday dis missed' her suit for divorce from Win. \\ ittitrs. FOR RENT—Furnished house, modem. Appiy this ortice. HARRY L. Keys and Grace Lease, of Chanute secured a license to marry at the probate judges office yesterday. Good evening. Have you been tag- g^-i Saturday is Tag Da> r Mulef Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trade by free clinic and careful Instructions In few weeks. Posltiotis waiting for everybody who will learn. Write tor i>artlcular». "I LLMER Kowe and Stella L'a: Ro^-. loth ot Beagle, were uniln. Ill i!;;u rib*:.; >"sterda\ by Probat* Ju'lg'.' .Sm:tli. Til.' cuiple was iJi'.oic ••ti ;ipo but effected ;i rt. ci'ii'j luUi'jij. Watrted—Everybody lo know that Av. B. Kelley & Son have moved then transfer and storage office to 211 South Wasbfugton Office and Da> Phone L'S'i. Kv>l '1eut :e aud Ulghi i'hone IV. JOHN T Wood is building a house uu ^4ils farm south of L,aHari)e. Diit K<.>r Sale. Luctock E. D. BAIRU. of North English. la., who was formerly in the liardwar-. busiueb.s will) Schell. was m lola yes- terda... looking after some of his lola prop.-ny. Dr. J. F. Ja^f^oD, (iradsate Anctlon- eer and Vettrlnarian. Sales or calk niadr ttujwhere. Vhune 13, lola, Kns. REV. AND Mr'; K. H. Poole wil !i<- fo lola ton'gb'. Krvm lh>-.-e Uie.\ will go on to Liij-'ral. ilo. to visit her aunt. Mrs. McCoy. The;. <'xi)ec. t'. return tli>' latter part of tin.' wtek — Ganiett News. J. Tanner, ilcensed BBctloneer and sale crier, 505 >'ortli McBea, Gas CItr. THERE was a large crowd pres^n at Fussman's hall .i -etterdayto iiea: Senatof Lamb of Yates Cent<'r. Hi; address was a riirssage of good cheer and of• optimism. He to !d of thj op portunities now before the young men of the country. He told of tbe prepaxaitlpn needed and of tbe fac- ,ulty of being on band when wanted. Rejeiin.- Collectors* Report Show FaliloHr Off in Liquor Tax Receipts. Evidently there has been a liij: I slump in th>' liiiuor business in Kansas duriUK the last year. This .assertion is made upon the showin.i; of liquor tax receipt stamps as sonired by thi> State Temperance Union from the office of James M. Simpson. Internal revenue collector of Leavenworth. The list of holders of receipts is contained herewith. These receipts were taken out July 1. In this: list there are I'-js^' i .ix le- ••"ipf holders named, as against a lit tie more than ;;.'tOO printed in ihi Capital one year ago. Of the niimlier this years there are JJ.'. duplJcaies that is. iliroueh the appearance cif firm names and then individual m <Mu bers of firms. T WP I VP hundred of these holders of r '-ceipt.-i are druggists. I^st yoar thorp were a number of whole.^alcrs. but the aggressive fight which has been m.ade on them by the state ad ministration has complete:y routed this class, and now there is no showing to make. In the number of t,i.\ receipts. Craw ford county Irads with "Jrtrt. .\trhlKon Cr.Awfovd. L'-avenworth. Mon'Koni^ry Cherokee. S^dcwlrk. Shawnee .?iif* Reno have i .0t5:{ receipts, or nearly one-half of the total. .Allen counfv had forty-oichf las! \ear and this year it ha? thirteen. Ii; .\tchison <-ounty last year there were P9. as acatnst 76 'his year. Bourbon eoiin'y last year had o'"" and thi> year 1*;. .Miami county Isst year had 30 and this year only V>. Shawnee ha.'had a big decrease Twelve nioi 'th- <z<> if had 2i'T. and this year it has l.,ast year, in Wyandote rouiit> there were as against ."»»! this vear. In Argentine there were 2.S one vear ago ami now there are two. or were at teli time this was iiiad^ ip. Kansas City. Kas.. had I^-i anr now has ."1. Rr.sedalc had six last vear and now ha.s one. There are ten counties in whirl' here are no liquor txi .N receipts. Gran^ Maniilion. Haske .l. Hodgeman. Uar.e Mor 'oii. .Wss. Stanton. Stevens -.wy Wii .lire I .-t .-t ye ;ir there were on!; i:;ht . i ::r:es n iih '.iit them. One of the ibnportaii^ Duties of Pl-ysidans <ii \d the W^-btfoifmed of the Wlorid is to learn as to tbe relative standjnp and reliability of the leading manufacturers of medicinal agents, as the mosti eminent physicians are the most careful as to the uniform quality and perfect purity oi n^medies prescribed by them, ^pd it is well knon-n to physicians and the Weli-Iniormed generally that the California Fig Syrup Co., by reason of its correct methods and ft;rfect equipment and the etlycal character of its product has attained to th<- hii ,'h standing; in scientific and commercial circles which is accorded to successful and reliable housi.-; only, and, therefore, that the name of the Company has become a guarantee of t^h» e.vceilence of its remedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to the Well-Informed in every walk of lite and are essential to permanent success and creditable standing, therefore w»> v.ish to call the attentiofi of all who woiild enjoy Kood health, with its bk '3.,injrs, to the fact that it involves th*' question of right living with all the term impiie.^. With proper knowledye of v.hat is best each hour of recreation, of enjoyment, oi rontemiilaiion .ind of '.-ffort may be made to contribute to that end and t|ie use of medicin-s dispens-.'d with i;eneraliy to preat advantage, but* as ip many instances a simple, whok -soni'- rtmfdy may l)e invaluable if taken at the proper time, the California Vi\i Syrup Co. fe *.-l> that it i:; alike important to present truthfully the subject and to siij [.'ly the one perfect la.xative remedy which has won the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed because of the excellence of the combination, known to all. and the original method of manufacture, which is known to the California Fitf Syrup Co. only. This valuable remedy has been Ion? and favorably known under the name of— Syrup of Figs—and has attained to world-widft acceptance as the most excellent of family la.xatives, and as its pure laxa '.ive principle?, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians and the Well -Informed of the world to be the best of natural laxatives, we have adopted the ni 'r-- < lul .orate name of—Syrui> of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descriptive of tlv remtdy, but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Fius—and to get its lienelicial effects cdways note, v.hen purchasing, the lull nam*- of the Company — California F'ig Syrup Co.— plainlv printed on the front ot c'.try p ,;cka<e, whether you simply call for — Syrup of Figs—or by the full natue —Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna —as— Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna — is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by tl.e name — Syrup of Figs — which has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents per bottle. Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washini^ton. D. C that the remedy is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June jOth^ 1906. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. JUlen Coigtr Jmehm* lsMK.istleBi ConTeaed at Huiboldt. Louisville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. London, England. New York, N. V. WHITLOW COMMENT What Other Pupfr-* Say About Sapp Inured}. UKATii or JOF: BOYKK. j:< •>i<l«'>t «»• Huin 'mldt todiij. Wiir! ua.- leceiM-,) m i.,!a to 'iay o' the d'-atti of .loe Boyer.'of Hunsboldr Mr. I'.oy >r is an oM resid -'iit of th< couii?;. Iiaviiia li 'ed for yjirs on ;,• farm in "^aleni tov n |iip .\ f.-w ;.eir ago lie uiovej f. HvinboM'. where ht has since marl- Ir- • ome. H" was " years of ;<nd 'eT.' ; a w f«- ani? •i.'veral iliibji'ij H:.; son. J. \V. Boy °r. P'-P I' : at L'll North Colborn Jtieet. tlii • <••':•• •JUAN VM» THE J.VP.4>ESE.' To. IVII! iilw Lertiir* nl<rbl. .1. ; .• , M M 'I. . f i- •. }• i ! M"t' jeinir- i^ .'.'panese i-llie i.ue:; IiWlire fU • !i • ehiii'h tonight riie !.•, nir> i^ •'.-;'le,| l.\ jni) of the iMl' .'.I Steriil|i-.i(l M vli-A.;. Th' .\nier'(;iii |>e<)iili- ;!r. i-.e.-itlv inli-resi li iiiffif .lat'.i:i. ,iti(I ill - iiir" lo fclft will (!oiibile >.>,lv ii,. jttti 'inl 'i The lianie lectui'- ii 10 be »;.veti •. ti'ev. Harkiie^j; t '.i tlie f'oli.'red people of Bass «tt on Thursday nlcht and ?..=ain on KriJay nir'!' at the Kast lola hurch. D.IIRV F.VK.MS IMPOKT.VM. at Chief of lliilrj PlvWod Irtcen It .Nutiun Farmer*!* ConTention. OkFali. tna C ;:y. Oi t. The !;,,-> Jays o.' the l-'armers .National Con ?ress, E. II Wvbster. chief of the djir; divisi'ni deiiartnieiif of agriculture urged the imjwrLance of dairy farming 't I.- coiKetled that Col. fieiiehan an;enin of Stapville. .V C. wi.'l elected to (he prpsidency. I.. Fine Suits ami OvBrooaiSm Come to-tiiht and look them through Che Barclay Shields Clothing COT * THE 8T0BE THAT 8AZI8FIE8. I Wichita Beacon.* Tl.e unfortunate Mr. Whitlow of Tola. «ho is in custody pending the' Investigation of Miss Sapp's death. \ tells an unusual story. He says unhappy girl was? infatuated with him. and when he whistled for her to como iUt ill the back yard the nlpht of the ratedy and fold her that sr .e must ;ease making love to him she cut her hroat with a razor. Whitlow is only crty years of age. If he were older would hav3 realized that he did a oolish thing to sneak into the back vard anjfc whistle for the young la<ly. even if she was boring him with he: company. • Topeka Capital.* Wp haven't a great deal of curios- ty about the Sapp murder case, but xed like to h?ai «K ,the real story of he affair a.s it is gosslpped in Moran —Ill" inside story the newspapers haven't dared to print.—Dodd Gaston • Lawrence Journal. 1 .Mr. Whitlow of Moran has succeed- d in telling the quearest .story that 'as been told in years. He sa^^s he •.•f>•^d by and saw a young girl kill •.eri-e 'f. Then he ran away.»washe<i "p the razor and »ook It Ijack. Hf: sayi the Eirl was iiifatuated with iim He tall.., FO much llks a fool hat he wouM be .set down for one but or th.' remarkable story he has told. •AHiitlo-.v may n9t have murdered the ^app cirl. hut he does not show him- i-eif niMch of a man by telling how he rraw her di.-. >0>IETHI>« DOI.VfJ .41 T. .M. C. A. Tnesday. lOU to 6 00—Boy's gymnasium clas.;es and basket ball practice. 7:.'.')—Business men's g.vmnasiiim classes and volley ball game. Atij elerk. business or profe.s.sional man can enter this class. Com' up and get some exercise. Wednesdar. 6.30—Morse Bible class for men Les- s'jr'n, "Caleb's Faithfulness Reward ed." Josh. H:6—1 J . Some from .\our work. r ;;o —Voung men's c<mnasinni class. Thursday. 'I' llhi .-trated lecture on "China aiid the Chinese." The pictures will show the country of China in a way that you have not seen It i >'"ve This will be free to men and women. Friday. 7 Business men's gymnasium^ class. M.itched game of basket ball between teams four and five. The public is invited to see this gam;. Saturday* • iMi r.. ijOi>— Boy's gymnasium class and swimming contest. !.311— .News boy's gymnasium class. —Young men's gymnasium class. .Sandsjr. —Hoys Gospel meeting. !::;0 —Men's Gospel meeting. Speaker, Rev. R. H. Elletr. Subject: "The Great Renunciation," Ail men are invited. Halloween drug store. Foil Cards at Burrell's FOR SALE—A mare, family brcdte. 420 North Elm. Fenwaiy^s ChpGolatesT They arc Fine. Always Fresh. BURREIJ /8 ORUa STORE medr tioc or nrr MOVAHC liAS BUKED THE LI>£. Hun t'liauute Saw the Game. Foot BaU (Chauute Tribune.) Ti.e Jap Warriors did their sharj yisterJay to uphold Chanuto 's repu .at;on as a tuolball town, by beatiiis tlie Gas City aggregation by a score A 6 to after a hard fought game. Ye»;..-rilay's tame was the first jne piaye'i iiv the Warr.ors and was thj tirst game tor many of their players They all played well, relyng aiore on fancy ball than their opponents who played almost altogether cy means of line bucks. The scores made by Chanute were •1 field goal, kicked by Claugherty and a safety made by Clark aud Burrls who carried o :>e of the Gas City mem bers ieveral yards over his own goal on a punt. The field goal made to- •vard the laist of the first half of the game was as pretty a kick as was evar seen on the Chanute gridiron. Claugherty made a drop kick from '.he tbirty-t«o yard .line, after a poor pass. The ball never wavered in its course through the air directly between the goal posts. The safety was made almost at the last of the game. ClauRherty punted down the feld and i.'lark and Burrls. lore after It. Thev ,vere tvaiilni; for the man to catch the i'all wluMi It reached him and c^r rieil him on their shoulders back over hit own goal, where they deposited liiiii on the ground amid the cheers of the Chanute fans. The score of the visiting team was I touch down, wliich they well earn-.-d. Clianute making a gallknt stand on Us threeyard line. It was made by a heavy tearing up of the Warrior's line at ever>- down and the ball being forced Inch by Inch and then just pushed over on' the third down .>E»V YOKK (.'ITY BANKS 0. K. Stale tomptroller S HTH tlie Oflklal Depo.slt.H Are Safe. .Vew York. Oct. 22. —"The .N'ew York City batiks are all right. If there was •iny dangeii it has passed and the other state ofllrials and myself charged with the custody of public tnoneys feel rnntident that the large sum the state has on deposit in New York is safe." This statement was made by Martin M. Olyun. comptroMer of the -itate. concerning the local Ananclal situation. "The situation Is impror- Ing every day." said the comp^troUer. FAMOrS STRIKE BREAKER DEAD. Wiliiam A. Fonrer Victim of .Accidental Staoothigr. San Francisco. Oct. 22.—William A. Gorgey. a professional strike breaker and survivor of halt a dozen serious wound received In riots In erery part of tbe United States, died yesterday. He was tbe victim of tbe accidental discharge of bis own rerolver. MAT ABOLISH >EGKO TROOPS. Sootbem Congressmen Mill Work to That End. Washington. Oct. 22.—That an organized effort will be made this win ter by Southern Senators and representatives to abolish the four colored regiments now in the army of the United States is an assured fact. That this campaisn against the colored troops, will if properly organized, assume the most serious aspect, is a foregone conclusion. In the first place, the Southerners will enter the movement with a moral certainty that they will' receive the support of the representatives and senators from the Pacific coast. Republicans and Democrats alike, who have felt strongly drawn toward the South and Its race difficulties ever since the J^anese •luestion became a live Issue on the coast. Most significarit of all. Democrats in the house and senate, especially those on the committee* on milltarj- affairs. have received assurances from tbe war department officials, army (Officers of the highest rank on duty In Washington that the abolition of the four colored regiments would be a most acceptable course of actfoii so far as army people are concerned. This h!»s served fo increase the confidence of the Southerners that now Is the time to make their stand for the abolition of the colored regiments. (Humboldt Herald.) Oen of the moat slwcessful of •series of meetings, which tbe coun teachers' association has arranged f the year wa9 held in tbe High School room Saturday. Sixty-flv© teadurp from out-of town were present. They came In on the Oil Flyer and on Katy FJyer and had everj'One hi town on tlie Jump good and early. T*"'- ycar's crop of school maams are except'onally pretty bunch and they took the town by storm. The program began on" time though it took some hustling on liart of County Superintendent Funston to get tbe building opened. one tad informed tbe Janitor of fact that tbe teachers would meet The program was carried out aa g^ en in the Herald. Tbe papers were part of the regular course of study which the association Is carrying "~ aid wei'e all carefally prepared. In the afternoon Professor Schwegler. Professor of Psychology In, State University, gave an address "Formation of-tbe Creative Faculty." Professor Ccbwegler Is a clear, tloeitt speaker, who believes Intensely .wiiat he Is talking - aboot. He described persons as being of two dlffermt kinds, the creative and those ,who were only acted upon l)y elreum stances. The one was a round ftan and the other was a flat man. Tbe one shaped circumstances, the other was shaped by them. The one met everv- wind unchangingly, the other leaned which ever way the wind blew. He said that the new effort of the teacher was not to make a raatbema- ticlan or a philosopher-^rltngnist of the pupils, but to make them men and women, to make them know the world. tbe DO>T LIKE SHOOTCTG GALLERT Residents Along Sycamore Complain Jkgabist Kobe. Residents along Sycamore street between East and Madison streets where the Parker Amusement com•^ pany is located, complained to the city officers this morning about the noise caused--by the shows. Protests were made especially against the shooting gallery which is a part of the com pany's attractions. The city clerk informed the residents that it was rttle late to object as the company had already been granted the right to locate there. TAJ L E IT IX TME, Jnst as Scores of lohi People Hare. Waiting doesn't pay. If you neglect tbe aching bac%. Urinary troubles, diabetes, surely follow. Doan's Kidney Pills relieve backache. Cure every kidney ill. lola citizens endorse them. Mrs. Mary Poor, of 412 North Cottonwood street, lola, Kansas, says: "Mr. Poor made a statement in 1901 recommending Doan's Kidney Pills, and I can say for him that today he Is just as firm a believer in that remedy as he was four years ago. He bad suffered for two years with pain across the small of his back and over the kidneys and at times it had l>een impossible for him to straighten after stooping without suffering twinges of pain. In the morning he could hardly get around, be was so lame and sore, and after a bard day's work or when he cought cold the trouble was always worse. Procuring Doan's Kidney Pills It C. B. Spencer & Co.'s drag store, he used them and was completely ?ured and for four years past he has had no trouble at all with bis kidneys." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cento. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo Vew York, sole agents for the United States . Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. Saturday is Tag Day. Get Tagged. ITILDRED TOWX LOTS SELLING. G. M. Wheeler (ELCIN) Open Face or H tinting Case 12 or 16 size, our price, SIS.75. Mo. Fac, Sots Fe, uUJL^kt. Deeds to Two L«<8 Filed in Recorder's Office Today. Town lots in Mildred, the town wh'ch is l>eiitg built aroimd the Great Western cement plant near Paiy ard. are now being sold. A deed was filed In the recorder's offlC3 today, showing the transfer of lots 17 and 18 in block 31, .Mildred, to John W. McCormIck, of Anthony, at a consideration of $100. The deed showing the transfer of the Freyer gas well by the city to the lola Portland Cement company was also filed today. TROUBLE OYERMIXiyG PRQFEBTT David Jame«. a Prominent Arlxonlan. Shot bf a Xan. Globe. Ariz.. Oct 22.—David James., one of the owners of the Globe Electric Light and Gas company, was shot and probably fatally wounded tast evenjnsc by H. S. Buckner. Buckner made his escape btit tbe officers are on his trail and be baa little chance to get away. It is understood the reason for shooting was trouble over mining claims.. It i? believed Buckner. who is a desperate character.;! will out up a Ihrh't if bcpnght to bay and more bloodshed is feared. BOOSETELT SPOKE TO N^SOES. CoagrataIate4 Kovr* Po »alace oa Ab< •eaee •! Saloons. Memnhis. Tenn., OcL ?2. —President Roosevelt made a stop of thre* mfaio- tM *late last piabt at Motind Barou. Miss.;, wbere the InhabttaBta ate all. nacTpe"- and pra^iieaur .the'-lenUre. MVoktlan'via at the statioiL , n«al- ddtt SooMKClt spidu to tMm iOB <MI rjHwqshly. eoagratnlatiM tkcoi Oat thara wara -acaaloMfcte^airn. Califoniia Blue l^iiiQis NEW CONSIfiHWIBNT s HANNON'S To Be Sure. Call, on When needing anytliinj; in tue Jewelry Ime. Geaeral CoHtnefM. Flagstone and Cement Sidawalka aai Curbing a Specialty. Ofiea 115 East JackMB kn. Pbeae IN. HfjP'l^ For Zxefcange. Farming lands ia the Panhandle Texas, for farm lands or live stod^ or for lola. Gas City or La BMr» rentals. WfilTAKER & DOiOnX^ U its a piano bargain .J^at you are looking fop-ryoft^ "ifll find it an easy mattor to dr |7e a tnide with us. ^e .^ri ^sh^- ingdi £r ««sit inakes. iiinc the different styles abling you to <^nit ^— both as tp the finish jmd r^ze and price: of'the issteiipenC^ Come la today and J MU Wo irllljKMraBtee jov irl|l bo pleased. • '

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