Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 30, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1908
Page 1
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•a The ne^lmier Hem the Lmrgeet Gireuiaiieu in AUmn County of Any Mewmt»npor PubUoheo[,ln ihe Oouniy^ t TOLi::»fE X. \nFBER SIC. KlfiHT PA5ES. lOLA, KAXSAS. OCTOBER 80. 190Ji .-FRIDAr ETEM>C. EIGHT PAGES. pBiGB TWO cnmi to wmm mmi imm WHAT PRESFDEXTS OF lOLA'S BIG IXD[ STKIES THINK OF SITIATIOX p!y. Yours verv tiiilv, CEO. E. NICHOLSON. \Vm. Allon Smith, who is connocsed j witli tho rnitC(i ChorriTcal and Zinc ' .^Uoinpany. .said today, with ivferonco COCKERILL LETTER PROMPT ITj .o tho situation: ••£ am firm In li.niof that Mr. Taft'.'? floclion wili ^w iMMioJU-ial to liio zinc businoss a.s wol! as all oihcr linos of business." WlLLIA.Nf ALLEN SMITIf. J. o. uoncEus. s. s. v\i..Mi:ii .\Nn GEO. MCHOI.SO.N .\KE FOR TAFT. .irST ANOTHER STKAW Prosldont Initod I'orHaci .1 ; „ narnnnl Is in llwoipl of a Si?. iilficniit Tplojfnnii. Elrctlon of Tafl ,Mran«. Carly Krhira of Biisliio-s. V An ffforr has l )Ofn made l>y Drni ofrafl.- ji .iity in ihis nniniy to infln- «nu'<» th.» ctnpl<nops nf ih«^ s^nn^liovs fo vor(> fur on the grounds th.n h!.- ripotion wonid hrnofit iho snicltfr h)isinoss and ilit-n-iiy inMiro mow; regular croiiliivnionr for thi^ .<nifi!.r; Mr. \\. S. Haniard is in roooip; of a iolo:;rain, iho orininal of whicli may lif* si 'r>u at lii.s \ards on .\ortli Hu'k- f-yo, wliloli roads as follows ; IIM 1 i.< '^s- pooially significant. CiiicaKo. Ills.. Oct. 'us. 1!. S. Barnard. :vi\ North i'.iicl{.\vr, lola. Kansas. Will tak*^ your- fiv.' hundred tons hf-avy nieltinc: .stepl scrajis at follow regular .-int>:ovmenr lor i"'^ ••^"l;'-' : i„.^, pn^p and condlilon.^: IVlivered mon. NO! i.-n:.' auo .Mr. < nekonll -f: ^.^.^^^.^^ ^^^^^ il.f. nier..kf-e Lan>on ;ravf. .au a k - ,Q !.e Sivi-ea dollars and fifty rer in v.hich he said that in li's jud;.-:. OHIO IRON ANO METAL TO. .cm., .-,;.,.„,p,.d. ,hr.„.„ i Jj-^-^-;:; ; »-,™:..r"''''" "> to apjioa! to The sinelter men who we ;e| nnia innv w ihrowi! of eni ;>lovmeni dnrins il':*' ::;:u .?L ;^.'i:xr ;:?^i..J ^-^^ THE HrTmiysoxs. he .Mf.lters and ccmenr^-. ^. ^ l;n..v. what otaer men at the htn<d m ; • •h.-,M..s here ;h :nk uiU. .; ^rass.; Oei. :iO._.)ohn W. .otner.ffoerof.Mr. nrvanse .ecMion ..n .^.^^ j..^,^,^,.^ 1 L. Norarnp se .ar ,e !.«ram to -I- ....... .,,.o]iiion ..-.n^s hefor.- il.e O. i:od.:;er.s. J'i'^^ui-i't -a i..^ '-•">'>'!!,•;..i! v.-.r aiid du:in? confli-t /nir company, aiid S. I'a.mev. pr^- i:„„..;^ ,.^,„„.^ ,,„„„^j,„„, dent ot the New .ler.^.n; /ine mntpany. ^^.tntrv. died a- his home in this and a^so pre .-ui. ni of the I'lime W-s - ..j.^. ; ,,,, ^^.^^ ^.j ern bpelter .-ompany. askum iho-.a anentptini,' to liKhi a sa.s" ih.^ir opmion as to the effect of ti ,e ll,,!chinH,.n fell after he bad el.^eiion oi Mr. Hryan oti the siueh. r ^^^..^^j Hiuchin.son itoth expres.-d .Mr. Fatf ;.s ,,,,1^^,,. .^^ j,,,,, ,..,„pd their choi .-e tor nresideni I'elow ir - j .^^^^.^^^^j^^^, ^i.Iichin^ou ,|ie-! 1 ..V.-.C. Mr. Nonhrnn-. t.^eir-^ms -'".d ,,„^,„r .,^,5^.^^ ^ tt:e :infi<v.-rs: ( ; -p,,,, nirrhin.^on:.' home \\a> in .Mil 'f >rd. N. II. The family of sixie. a Nliildren. twelve of whom were Uovs. 'aU h:itl i-'ood Mire.s. Uy speciaJ per;mi( fiutri rh<» war de[>artnient. ihoy vis iti'i'.. iiianv i .f the t'nif.n <'am>'''. and WAYS PART TODAY BRYAN AND TAFT NO LONGER IN .SVME LOCALITY. \ TRY TO LINE CENTRAL STATES BRYAN mi-L BO .SO.¥E HARD WOKK IN OHIO AND ILLINOIS. Taft Still ranipauniinp hi \cw York — Otlirr Candidates Arc o;,!o. ari.^ lola. Has.. Oct. 'Is, IS"'?. S. . Pa'm'^r. rre=u N-nv .lersoy Zinc Co.. PZrapi.-e I'.ldj;.. New York Cliy : Mr. roekorill lias ntibllshed lett 'T sa\inj; thai in his jiidgnienr pnif^Ucr hiisjne.=;s woiiJd 1"< - benefited br !3n- an'- <-lection. If yon are willinK to lio so. would apiiieciaic messaire ovrr yniir simartire whie'-. we can puh- Wsh :n local ^lap'-r.s liivinp; voiir view?. L. T,. XORTHRT'P. .\ev.- Yor;>. N. v.. Oct. 2s'. lilffi. L. L. No.rthrnp. Pre.sidcnt Norihrti;^ National Bank. lola. Kansas. I ^Tsonally. i am most anxious that Taft should be ''leereii. but I <!o not pp-ak for the Z:ne company as I think it mo.^f iitswise it .should la:* ' an active pnrt in tioHiirs. rJ. S. P.M.MEi:. Iti add;-!' e ;o >he --Mt-me:]! from ih>- i>;"diden!> <'f :he .smelter eom- pani"s. (I'er .t ^e .Nicholson, president i -i the liii'ed l\:tns:is I'ortland (""men: cKtnpun.v ha.-- \\:i;;en the fidlowinu ;<>ner in which it"' s;.'.i <>Sj >that he !to- •i.v.-'s the e 'l .-iMidii -M tlie llfpubiican Iiari> n;.-itis .iii twr '.y rentrn tonoini- al bn^i-'.c'^s. « oiniitiouf : !<>!;•, Oev w'uh. l!'"'^" To 'he Kf .ipi.i \i <-> of riutt'd Kansas I'ortiri 'id r.'i:;.:r. <'.>nipar.\. lo't I'otria'ul,-.;, Cnmpany. l.>h'. Kansas. (Ifa: N'nK'u : — i am advi.-.d riiat a report is in eii .-ulats'-.ti \i, ;!•,> , ffe,: '.hat I have stai <-d that any of <1:ir err- tiiiAfes vo!ii;;r ihe Democraiie Tiik%: wou'id !o-e tJieir i'ositions. W 'e ha \e bee.i Iar;re employ,!;; i,{ labor in l<»ia diirin;r the past ten >ears and havt'^never atiemnt.'d ti di.'iate how atr.orif should vote, nor j-hall we do so. \V^> have tried to'ii oti; of imV:- tics, notwiili.-taudiiiu: Wi- have suffered severe loss the j^ist vrar. ijiainly because of the unreasonable attacks made on rorporaiion.s and capital in pr-nerai. This has resulted in lower wages and lack of steady employment. personally and- considerinc: the .situation from a local standpoint, the cemeut plants, smelters etc.. have enjoved i^rosperity durinp nine out of the past ten years under Republican Policies, so as a bu &iuesa propoBition, we certaimy do not wish to risk a change. We believe that the success- o<" the Republican party means an earl.v return to normal business <x)ndltious and that by spring we will have plenty, of work for all the Dem- STORM ON COAST lola. Kas.. Oct. 23. .r. O. Rodger.s. i^M Eueltd Ave. rievel.nnd. O. Mr. Cofkerill has publi.^br.l a 3'';t sayins: tat in his jii.l'ijmrni s>n '>iT 'rni:.' it:-- roMjers. htisiu'.ts will b;' ben'Tileu by IJrytir.'- _ «^lect!on. If you :v:o willinR to do S4i. would appreciate tu<ssa«<- ov< r your Firnaiiir'' which %vo cnii publi.^h iti lo- ca, naper.=; ;:ivinc yottr viert^. L. L. NORTFIRUP. Chairman Hep-thlican County (."en- t~al Commirtee. Cl'^veinud. O.. Oer. l:<e^. I.. I.. Norihrnp. Ii)!a. Kansas. .My views and those of all otIi<r .-.ire im-n are coniraiy to tho .si^ Mr. rocl'- •'[•;;| (xpressed. Taft'.s cp'r-tioM widild n'< an mnoli to Ijii.sines.s iti cr.'nf'ral ai; ! th(^ zln.-^ business in particular. In fiiy Ix'li .-'f it would briii}; abotit iiii laiiv si.T'iui: U!> tif all smelters. .L o. Ronr.Eus. New England States Visited by Worst Stornt in Months—Vessel Driven Ashore. r .T. Oct. o". —Til.- N-w Englatid ?oa I w:is viititi'd by a storm of wind i)t!.i rain of '.vat 'T sfevrii> thati has ixi'ii ' since la:if winter. Ti..' storm ci in.r wa.- rlv- vicinity of .\"antao!:.'t. and (.'aji-^ Cod. whf'-lt bore i!ic brnui of th<' i:;alf>. Vess.'ls wet.-' fpreed to anchor io: !uo;i-etion under Monomony Point and a (Isiiin? schooner was driven ashon . VOYISES WO.HEN TO .SHOKC. Cii-'aretlo .Splendid for Cnstriinif Nerw's. .Sav«> a Plij >iciaii. Philad. iphia. Oct. :•;•).-D.--. ILichel Skiiielsky. out- i .f the pmsi widMy knoun \\i.;nin phys-ir-ians <,t" Pl'.'iade'- pUia. after start ihf Woman's citih \es ;t';-day b.v dt-irndin;; ryi|c tcybac- co habi- aniouK ra ^-n. fr.v.i.on Ir stiil more V.y advccatiir.:' us^' ji'f eiutir- fttvs !i\ woiijen. .\laa;.- )>l'.v.»!rians held .-hiiilar \:ew>. Dr. Skid\?lsky said, but he>i:at.?J i,> ad- vis- their wouien pat;.-ms tu smoke b-^- ea.ise if th^ fear that >vhar w .ts of- fi-.ed as nu'dieiiii' inisib: l 'tMM ;:iii' a l ^a- I'ii 'iai in<liil;;c::ce. • I f.-.'! .Mir.\- Iir. .Sk :.i .;?kv -aid. "I 'la' 'fMiarv-'i. if pure a:iil i>roperly us.-d. iMi;li; U- 1)1 .•ii ^l'fia! tu womt -t. 1: i.- kttowii ii; I M - \aiu.i ;i ;e in fune- lioii.ii disord»'r.-» atid nrni> .\.- men liiid i; va'ua:!" ""• soothe their tirrv.'s n'.id^i ear''> or wiurirs. I do n<.i S'-'' ;Uiy uiim -.-n. who .-i u o;: i. aif inoi •• ai ; and whose ! or::a!i- 'zaiioa ;^ ;i!< d<>iicii.'' .-••ciuld not ii:td ben.-ii: it- ;• pri>i"-r ii>f .li-i. "1 li .-!)i \e thai if a wiitian would -• w:i f«>r fi\e mii'.!i;>'s b. fore bt- ^iii.'iia.;.' !:• r day .-i;!.! pivr the time to t eiuart tie sh>' woii.d be ttl'li' :<> plati '>i ;ier her day's work. .\ud the -!i ;n ;ti"s 'bus its. d ihne tin :i -.s dai!:> .vojiid 1". I i.<'i;.'v>'. oi much ben-!. !•) he,- JHE LIGHTNING CHANGE ARTIiT.' New Yorl:. Oct. —^Tafr and Brr- an. after almost a hand to hand stniff- Ki last night for ih*- support of Syra- o'ls.- ;'.nd O'londi'.iiua county. part«^l Cij .'npany Today, and probably will not a.^aiii come witliin [>oint blank range of each other, .rudge Taft remains in the totly contested New York state and .Mr. P.: van poes to take a hand in tile fiuht in Ohio. Indiana and Illinois. .VIr. traveleii tod.iy through .Mr. Taft after a number ot s is enioute to attend the n ;i ;h' ill. 'tinsr at Buffalo. Sherman -^ill ;;r*t t .Mr. Taft; at I'tica and then sp.>ak fonisht at Oneonta. Kern con- • the tour of Indiana, which state .Mr. Hryan readies tomorrow. Indl- It:.I i.^ a'.--J :h'} center of activity to- li.:.. {• : f'iui.lii au'l Walkins. Ii i.^ aniio;;:..'' .: that the Tndependenco ;.ariy tampainu wiH (losv> with a big ::i»-tii::r at Buffalo ioni«ht and an- jjther toaiorrow nipht at Carnogio i ''lail. Manhattan. Hisjren. 'Graves an«i i Hearst ar.' at Booth. Deh.c loft Chica^o iiiis mornine: for a tour of Wisconsin in tl.e *r»'d sp<->cial." He will speak .t: \Voo.istock. It., when^ h«» was oonfmeil in jail foUowinc the .Vmer- icati Railway I'nion strike years ago. FORTHEBARNESLAWMR. SCOTT MONOAYTRUTH ABOUT TAXES • • i INSURES HER TROUSSEAU? Miss Elkin«: Takes Out Policy on Elaborate Wardrobe. THE SCHOOL BOARDS OF COUN;> M ONB DLSTRICT f ONGHESSM AN ! 0EM05 MAKE FUTILE EFFORT To! TV ARE ACTIVE. , ^vM.I. (LOSE CA3IPA1GN IX lOLA. ( WIN ON TAX LAW ISSUE. Disttibuted TI,ou.iand6 of Circulars j jj^gEJIJ^Q jj^ GRAND THEATRE ."''^"s"'^'^'^ figures Show Th-it Under in Beiialf of the Proposition Today. North Miiple (inne—Woodson Stroiie for F«iis<, IL i:. n.lFFOKO >V\.\KD EI.O <irENT i AT B \.S «»FTr LA.ST NIOHT. Every pupil in the city of lola w.i:-j this morning given n circular to tak", ~ horn- to his pa.-ont.=i. toiriiin^ 'i.^"" -,•„„ ,|,,.,j„ffs Touii-hL Lcanna and the Parnes la-.v i.ropo.sit ion which :s lo III' voted on in slii.-- c'lutity a; ;h. i North lliipir elecMon next Tu.-sday. The circular; iR .sent out by ih>- school boards o:'i ioia. LaHarp.\ Pavonbiirj;. llitmlo!:' ; (las City and Elsmore. Th'^ l^oarit'- had many trou.>;ind prinrci tor ui-- iribution nmon?T the vorer.s. The following' is the circtil.'.r: To Our Patronr:- One of the piono.sitiotis to be vof.-.i on at li'" coniing • lection is whet!;- r or rfDf the i.rovision.i. of th.- Parn.s ;„i oaiiipai-ju for his honif city and Ijiw shall bf-come operativ.- in .Mien jias !i ;ad-' p'an.= to adh«-t-e :o his cus- Couniy. ii.ia t'li- .'..••.r. The il-; i:!)i!ean lotin- Kvery vot-r in .\U.-?i Cotinty shouM.ty <•. nnai ctjiumiiiee i.s now ar.-ang- iiis matf'^r. it; :ni; d.-'.ails of t!;.- ine. ; in:r. .Mus!;- T?.-' R.-piib icaii c .tnuai^n in .V'len riiiii.y ,viil <-\i).<r :i, xt .M(ind;:y night .it!, an addrr .-s !>•• Ciwittessman flias i" Scott in the Craid theater. \Vith ' I. V. ry fetv e\cepiioii.s .\|r. Scott has a,ways r. .servtd the la.-t iii "cTing .school.;; of this.v.iil he- fn; n:-h.-.l bv ti:.- \V. O. \V. be intere:;tefl in t means tiitit the hiah cntiiity .^hall bi.' sui»p«rted b^" a r-• baud .^.-iil the Plark a:id Tun quartette, al County tax inste.-i.l of by a ta.v i L. L. Norihrafi. chairman of the Re- only on the district in whieli .su<^ [..I 'iicai: <<jj-ity cen;i-al .ommittee, hinh schools u--^ locate.1. if this la.." | :h'.- i/.-.rninjr that h. Iiad recelvc-ii hecom.-.-- op -ra »ive. every boy ajid J iii.i:.;- iiej...r.r. rniii;; ii.>..' tn« L-!- pirl in city or countiy may ai ^en.i i •:>•.: .\p.-c'»-.| mrf>d de!e;;a- aiiv hi;!;';! .school that choo.-es fr.-^ j tioiis "it. ir. nv. r tie' ft .aiuy her.' that «.it aii tuition. (Jn thi' oth.-r hand tiie ; ni::!:- u, ;.-;•,•:»•! :h- ci.-.-^;!;:^ rally oi" tlfj rit.'-al districts will help to support j ,-jt.-.paii;ii. Mr Sot' ;hl?- '.vei-k th- hich scho -Is as now locaf.^.!. '.Tt -aki:!- '•;v.':- U;. disr;i<f. M you are intereste.i in thu.> (!•• ' cr-a ^ln--: >ij!;r own t:i\.-P .ind >;ivii:i;. Two i.:.. u;. etint.s ai-e s.'hejtiicd for .-v.'f. i.oy ;iti.t uirl iu th-^' c.)Uiify at; couiiM-. -.iicx. !.'.i :.-.s ni^i:'. one at equal c .ance ro s-t a high school edu- L. aii..a and o:..- a: .'vlaj.;.- lirove. Tlie cation, you shouM \or.' "yes- on this st.^uk rs M:-.,'- t ;ro-..^ are \V. H. flue^iioT'. Hoai .!s of : .iuration I. Ln- M ;:r.'.-. Klsn-.)- i !uml>ol.'.r. <;.... .\tiib»rs'.-!. I" L E-Sr.i^ .1. B. .\tchison. and .\. I". I'll r. !!(•'. T::i.>e .\: I^eanna .M- .'. L. \:.rr., aad 1: K Ciiif-rl of 1 Eis- New Law Farmers Pay Lcs3 and Railroad? More Taxes. Jn a dospernte effort to defeat W. R. ^'rttbbs fov governor, tli-^ Democratic sta'f central comn-iitt.e is sending out camt^.-iisii .toeiiments s'^.tirrx tha" und.'r th.- n-w tax law- the farmer; ar.-- i..-.yine more a;;.! tie' railroad.^ lof t taxes than last year. .\n investigation ov.-f the state show.s ;he srate- mei.i to iie Htthoiii ativ fotindation what. v. r. In tliis cou.nty Democrats are .-ndeavoriim to cireiilat.- th" saue^ Mory in :h.- hope of influencimc the fanners to abar.-.ion the Repithiiran l.arty this fall. County Clerk R. K. r 'iiiiiArtson and Count- Tnastin !• M. F. Pi,'K-:y. after a car. :al inv ..'s :-i.irat :en ot" tii.- tax roll.-. Had t at th.' con -iiiiuns are just th** r -viTs.-. the f.irniers -..ayir.p b -ss ar.i! tl;e railroad .s paying inor." tax'.-s thi; yeai-. I'p to (tat.' they havp examined the taxt-s of but. one road, th.- Mi-- .sn.jrj Parific. and find tiiat it will pay *"2't.'.o mor.' taxes in .Mb-u cnti-.i:-'- this ytir r'~ar) las*, y.-^ri-. It is rxpeeJ- • d. h.?'.v.v.r. :hai a lin-- increai-e will be sh '-i-WTi in the ta\.> of oi'.vr road^. The fizur.-s s-ibmitt< d to Tie- K-':> \ster \y .Mr. Culbertsi-u and ?-lr. .-^iriK- Iv. art 1 which apr..--(r '..-'."iv.'. s'r .o-.:.- tb.-it til.- fara.'rs of Aib-ti e.-'ifry ui'.l ,..->. ilL.:e-2.It ie-^s tlui!! y.a.-. It everv {own-hie. exc.e,->r lu!a town. ip. tV farmers' t;?x.- • I -s. Thi .s v.-a.- ;h.^ lots w> Elkim:. \V. Va.. Oct. .-^a.—Mi.^i? Kathorine lE'kins today took nut a fire insurance policy --ovf^ring a special • ardrobe. which is 'o-lieved to be her tious.seau. The amount of the. policy is not made known, but it enivers a v^.'^idrob.' an.' jewels, and extends for r.nlv a n!o.''ih. It was the intentioii •)f S nato:- an.! Mr.s. Elkins to return to '^'asUinston the latter pan. of the next we;'k. but on receipt of ri cabb^- 21 -am today M.-. Elkin.^ decified to remain h'"re for some time longer. SHE SENT POISONED CANDY. San Francisco Woman Sentenced to Life Imprisonment. * ."^^an Franci.sco. Oct. —The di.=;- tricf court of appeals today affirmed tiie jie'ement of the !ow-er court in th<* fr:?f of Cor-ielia Potkin. w^io was con- victe,' in Iftet of murder in the first dr-er.-e. and seijteucert to life imprisonment. .Mrs. P.otkiti convict*;-! of the inur.'.e:- of Mrs. .1. P. Dunning of'Bov- by means o.' poisoned candy sent f-;rot;-h the mails fron^ this city. TO WIN IN HOUSE Jiillook I'romlM's a. Majority of Ro- piibliean Yictories for Con- \ gross. Nr:-.v Vo.k. Of. M}. —Ueprrsentative C L 'l !';fn.-la-.r.r .;f .New Jer• ;. Sr. :--ta-y .:f the natioutii Republat: nniir.ssiontii commi/tte who tharu.' cjf h- New York headquan- •• of t:i- c.iminiitert. gave out his es- One of the i.,.st .id< made last night at tiie meeting in Bassetc was that of Dr. ,T. S. the well known colored physician. Dr. Ba.'^s has watched clo.sely rh.- attirudo of tlie two great parti.s toward the roi- of.vl race and is e(jn\iuce:i that his !<eopIe must look to the Republican liarty for aid and justice. Dr. Ba.«s f-xiiressed it as his hope that the color- e.l race wotild remain sietidfast t.» the Republican party. POSTPONE A DECISION. NYashington. Oct. r,i">—Notwitbstacl- ing the efforts of labor leaders to have the question decided before c'ec- tion. .Tustice Wright in ti<f district Supreme Court today postponed until Xovomber tenth the ounsideration ol Samuel -Sorapers, John Mitchell and Frank Morrison, chargd- -with con- jia.^ 1.4^,..... — 'tempt in connection with the Buck oer&ta aod Repablicaos wbo mar ap- Stove & Haof^ company, of .St. Louis. SHOT PRISONER IN JAIL. A. r. C-< r.n-- :.>:•.! Ter .i -.cssee Mob Wanted to Hang But .i:^ l.t:! He Resisted and Was Shot. :.":<! i i. Kiii^-ton. T- iiu.. <)""t. ::<i.— A mob of .'fi.'! ii..iti ne sp^.k.- .> ihirt.\ ui'ij :'.:tack. 1 'he Roano coiinfv F;.»r»nc' ;s nv.- of ih.- jaij afi.-r mi.'.r.itrhr :ui.l kilbd <;-:tir -e trr- in —..: Co<i'i. wlio -.vr.s h. ;•! on a '-i'a-c-- of -e in J. !• .ir.'i v ma:.; mur.ieiinz .lohii Kit!^ a f .w- w-.-,-;,.- ;e.;o. Til. y ita.l a ;o!> - but C.-xiJ; V- sisr. 1 .-^n.! wa.- >-:ri\ rilJt'.f. le 1 .hi., tr.'rn- :• !-..• ;e .-s.d .!!•. Y .'so -iday tlMn .-r*. Mr I'-s: eaiiip.iign- .1 His. .s-rviees : iaees int'sidc - I 1 CofiVvviilc •i 'i ::i.-.T" a.-It; 'o ."l.!:.-- a Ii. p .ib- iican i .tiij.' \V .-:^r i- tii.-o'her i -;.ake:- M: C.'••:..'.• wa.> reenm- Tllt WEATHFR. ! ;a.-.:di I lo IM- c,-:;;ra! c'.mniit- Forera.>t for Kaunas: Fair touiglil ' t*^*- hy .\'-(-r:i-y Ceaerai Fr.d S. .Tack- and Saturday; rising temperature Sat nnlai. Data recordea; local otf;,.-.. C. Wenih-r P.ineai. > -sterdav. today and ». y.-ar :..;». «». tolH ^r 3a, Yeat^rdav. Yr. Age ' p. m AC 4 p. m :•<> 4'> p. m iL' 41 p. m 40 44 •'I tv m 4-' 12 midnight 36 47, Maximum temreraiure Minimum Tempeiatiie . .:)c. 14 Precipitation 7 it. m <• 0.:;.^ Orloher *». Today. Yr. .\?o •2 a. va. . .Ifi 4''. 4 a. m. .. ...30 47 6 a. m. -. l7 S a. m 41 4S 10 a. ro ....r.i> .-,0 noon ..•>."» Predpitation.? a. m. 0 O.Oii on who was hert- r .-cen y aad heard the fola man. ' The Vafes Cf liter N<-.. = -ay.s: Sev- L -rai i-'jii:H -iaiij fiiiu here to To- roElu last Saii;rday to attend Judge Fousts meeting tliere ih:'.t night. Th. re was a big ( mwd in attendance and the judge was in gooii form, and njade a fine speech. Tomato wi!! give a handsome ma .'oriiy to the Reiiubli- "an ticket next Tuesday. * * • Judge Foust will: not only recdve his party vote district judge in this county, but he win poll a nuniber of Democratic vor*»s-. The judge is absolutely impartial in his ruliugB. fair and equitable in bit decisons and expedi- rir-uj in tho trial of in his court. Return to California. Mrs. Julia Camp, of XYaldomar, California, left today for ter home. She was a guest of Mrs. Abner Wood s-paat'.t trom the fan 1 i lajsd prop.r iu aiaVin:; ;:,> the tax rolls jiia--s regarding the hotiise of repre- fier." ar • fii:ur-.-:: 1 eata?!v.. afror the election. t30a 1M7 Fr«.;.i :bf;''.i T.>. 'a Tx;.. t-'ba T«:. •^Im T^^••.l •-'•Isnw.r- «^it :e'. a .. r-arlv!.. .. IV. r I 'r- A Osai:.- . .. Marmarr;;; Hura'uol 'T l.oran . . =;:.;.m Co'ta::- f;:. e>' i7.v.-:/.7 s t.t" .-.J ;^ t 2 '. .117. ill ! Ml -Js ->st t; »'.T'T: ^ KET( RNS ON TP\!N.*<. *'as»cn'.'i-r«. on f»ie Biirk I<«land to Be (;ivtn the BulietIo>. Chictiio. Oer ::f> — .\ scheme to aive ••'eetion returr> -n TAin.s Tuesdi'y liehf has iiiei' <l ..v;-r<! bv i\\o manii'.re- 'uents of the Ii:in..'s Centra' and RocV ^='and systems. These bul 'etins wi ' posted in and distributed through Til pasFenrrr cars and sleepers of every th roil ch train over the eutiie rJtriroad. The u'an r -rovides for special teleeranhis service throu'.rii ig ^ts and thetie lisure.s will he giver? to ronduclcrs at every stcnpiag paint. This is theftrit time that an elalc orafte arrftngi-ment for inforniins trav- slers of ihc resuifs of a national fclec- tiop wili have been executed. Bcfliter wut UM hriag milts. ;al thousand letters • .-a: 1 Mr Jjoudeaslager. f fro:;: p. rsnntii inf«*rviows with • .!i::ci ;t ;:.s and other ..bservtrs from -'i pa .-T> of t 'ne country. 1 am con- inced thdt a Conservative, esrimaie of h.' politierti complexion of the next H>!!.-e 1^ that it wiil .show ^21 Repnh- ;r.»;i.-> a.".d iJem .wrats. I am con- Atv.z -t.a' tUe e;«.'CM«>:i res \ihs will .-ike an :::(-!— »i-e t '.i.. n«.^l^>e^ O'" Re- ui.'l. r.ith.-r than a decrease."' ! i -.A 'riv.aii Hi!chcock of the Repub- ..a .T nation.,.I comtuitt '^-e said late to;.»> ti he <»il<l probably ^ive out h.t". tor .cus; .,1 ttie ••lecio.-al vole to- ;.ii:ow ait-rno..n. He said that the -ra;en -ent wriiild sncludf the doubtful J.- w .n as the certain states for both arties. H I -. Hitchc<x;k still believer: h It Nevada will be very j-lose. but he :s «-<j:;fideii: of .Montana. loformation f!..m. leader.- -a Kentucky and Tennes-e.^ is that the Republican candidate has more than a fighting chance there. While he feels sure about Maryland, •le belives the fight will be close. Mr. •litchcock .said that Mr. Taft w^as feeing unu-sually happy last night over .he result of the meeting which he had addressed here yesterday and partic- ular'v the one in .Madison Square gar- ien. .Many other forecasts were made at Repuldican national headquarters yes- lerday. Saturday.s only.'Official Seal Cigars, ^ cents. Regular » for 25 cents. At Burrell's drug store. For best and qaickest resalts try Tbc Begbter irut -.1- --.,-'[-t.;^-^.5 .jL« :S.!*.-....«sfri'iacS ,i.^%aa

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