Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1907
Page 4
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rBcporters' Room. 222 ^•iness Office 18 t 8UB8CBIPTI0N BATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas CHji, Laayoa- r •; ' T I 1^« or lA Hmrpe. v^e Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year IJ $5.00 ] By XalL One Year, In advance $4.00 -Iliree'HonthB, In advance $1.00 Qneltbnth. In advance 44 Sntered'at Tola, Kansas. Postoffice, as . Second-class Matter. AdverUsing Rates Made Known on i ,4 • . - Application. etrtcuL PAPER, eirr OF BASSET. m J: XEXBEB OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. j'Tke lola Dally Register is a member H the Aasoebted Press and Recrives Oeiay reiwrt If that great news or- gMbatioB for ExclnslTe Afternoon BaUkaUen In lola. ON SECOND THOUGHT. • I The Utest PopiiUr Novel. It may be that you are «ontcmpiat- 1ns "the purchase of a copy of The Hoate of the Vampire, the latest tx>pu- lir novel.' In order to help out the •ales and at the same time whet your afipetite for the treat we print this extract from Its imgcs: "The moon was shlnfe brightly. "Swift and sure the prow of the nlghUboat parted the silvery foam. "The smell of young flesh. Peals of laughter. A breathless pianola. The tripping of dancing feet. Voices husked with drink' and voices soft with love. The shrill accents of vulgarity. Hustling waiters, shop girls, honrgoels couples, tired families of foiar nnd upward, sleeping children, a boy selling candy, the crying of ba- blev "The two friends were sitting on the nppef deck, muffled in their long raincoats. _"In the distance the Empire city rose radiant from the mist. " 'Say. Ernest, you should siiout some poetry as of old. Are your lips stricken mute, or are you still thinking, of-Osney-Island?' : " m, ^0,-the swift wind has taken It away. I am clean, I am pure. Life baa passed me. It has kissed me, but It has left no trace.' "He looked upon the face of his frie'nd. Their hands met." tWe' take it that the bass are not biting very well. Bent Murdock has _be*n in town for nearly a week. We confess that we greatly admire the clever, capable man who can shave himself an^ keep his garters up About, the best thing -that can be said of life In a city is that there is no temlitation there for a man to make a garden or keep a cow.^ Incidentally. Mr. Muldoon seems to have Uken up with the work laid down by Mr. Swoboda a year or two ago. We see nothing nnnsual in the announcement that the Queen of Spain dominates her husband and is practically running the palace. The Queen of Spain is a woman. In pretty nearly every household there is a quarrel as to whether the dog shall slep in the house or in the back yard. Talk confidentially to any father and he will tell you that his hardest Usk is getting bis boys up in the morn ing. The telegraph says that nearly every man on the Oklahoma football team is crippM hi one way or another. This wmtoM that the Oklahoma team is in perfect condition and that it expects to lam the tar out of K. U. At any rate, the cold wave scheduled for today will take the sting out of the woolen underwear. We notice, however, that the dispatch announcing the complete success of wireless telegraphy came in the usual way. Speaking of the fat woman and her appetite, it is our observation that she doesn't e^t half as much as her skinny sister. Washburn students have so far shown admirable taste in refraining from giving a night shirt parade. I find that while I am a roaring lion in a small town. I become In a large tlty as meek as a mouse with pink eyes and a white tail. If I have anything to say about it I shall pick out, when I marry, a girl with a few freckles on the bridge ot her nose. I have noticed that a good many shows please everybody except the dramatic critics. '."Fhc trouble with a woman who aaves the combings of her hair Is that by the time she collects enough to do tiay good she is so old that she loses interest In the matter. I find that a good many men excust themselves for being poor on th< ground that they have had too many doctor 's bills to pay. It has reached the point where a widower must be mighty careful. Fred ^Magill of Clinton. III., married tor •oon and is now on trial charged with the murder of his first wife. . It is announced that Mrs. Nation win star in Ten Nights in a Bar Room J( Mrs. Nation is in the cast at all shr wl)1 be the star; you can gamble or that. We have noticed that a man can ge' arbnnd and do .an average day's work while a woman Is kissing a baby good tore. "We often wonder whether when w« i old we will be called "Judge," PISO'S Couched Conttnnally •W0BM TKSTmOST' S lTMi by Mrs. JUry O. I [•nhall I D the Snpertor . Ooart of CiDclnnaU. " I coughed continu- sdly for six months-^ lungs very sore—had constant pain in my chest—and was much emaciated — could find no relief. After two-thirds of my first bottle of PISO'S CURE my health began to improve and 1 soon grew strong and fat." Sncb svorn tettimoay. from many witoesMS, ct^ivioced the Court sad nckrJy half m .ccntory |ri»o'* Cure hat been f- ^ughi and cold* ofboth bronchial and puliiK» aiy nature. «Hira n • nir irtal :: u p E; 'W« look fbr aa Jacraaaad daigaiid for aattty deposit boxia thli wlntar. Canned fmlt la w> Miiva and Talna- ble that every effort will be made to protect it. There. Beema.^ ^caption to the rulevlkat fUhecpiifa for the telephone afd his 4wi>htw» ase it. • Pinherton detectives are at work on the May Sapp case. The prospect that the mystery will be cleared np, is not, therefore, encouraging'. A man is all right in business, but he never can tell whether a woman'k hair is real or artificial. I envy the man who says he can shave himself without any trouble and quicker than a barber can do it but at the stfme time I am of the opln ion that he is a liar. I have noticed that the man whc ?oe8 to the trouble to clip newspa per articles invariably forgets when he puts them. It Is my observation that a good nany men who are brave enough t< right a lion go miles out of their wa} to avoid an encounter with the stork I find that by the time a man Is 2f vears old you can easily deterrolnt whether he is going to be an assel ir a liability. I have noticed that pretty nearly ev .ry man is a philosopher when it comes to worrying about whether th« devil is going to get him. It Is my observation that while there tre a few sincere, honest, level head 3d men engaged In the business, thf average social reformer is a good deai 3t an ass.—Dodd Gaston. Pig iron [B down $1 50 a ton. Bet 'er buy your pig Iron now. The musical comedies grade bettei his year. They have practically quit making pokes about Carrie Nation. Things are so dull in a country ieighl>orhood that a red headed babj always creates a lot of comment. George Washington is being attack ?d. John Dawson, who fell out with ills department once because of somt idverse criticism of G. W.. should get ousy and refute the charges. The widow of P. T. Bamum has Just narried for the fourth time. This ii sited as an incident confirming th' heory of this department that a wid >w;can get anothes husband any time she needs one. The case of Miss Bond, who bat •jeen asleep fbr two weeks recalls a' to the case of Jefferson City, Mo. which has been asleep since 1836. We find, in traveling about. tha< vhiis hotel aad sleeping car ratei 'lave either aivaaeed or remained sta 'ionary, the ioireUi are becoming ol iucb poor quality that they are nc longer worth stealing. The fact that both W. R. Stubbf .•nd Bali^ Waggener expect to rur ;or the SUta Senate next year maker 't unnecassary lor either gentlemar 'jo secure another spaoring p|ftner. A Di A anl«ae Shorey .ODe B^t eeiabratedat tUa week, Al Bar Sickness From the Nursery K*»P the children welt! The best way to insure their health is to pnv«nt the atucks of Ills to which tjiey are most subject. You can guard them against attaclcs of sickness by fo.tifying them with the oldest and most reliable medicine snU tonic known— DR. D. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE A Safe Worm Cure A Urce rercentsgc of children have worms. A very large prepor. tion of children's ills are directly due to thia cause, and to the weaken* ing effect of worms oa the child's frail system. TONIC VEMOFUGE has for over four generations eacosssfntly espeUcd wonns and kept ctaiMrsn strong and healthy. This long-tried wot in*cttr9 and child's tonic is the best medicine you can possibly give your children, aad the best way you can insure their health. Per bottle. 3Sc. and 90c JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT has been a reliable cure for Cronp, Whooping Cough, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and other lung troubles for 77 years. though the bride and groom both belonged to the cut glass set and were prominent socially, the affair received very little advertising. They were married at home and In the presance of only their more intimate friends. The house.had been decorated tastefully enough, but no attempt had been made to turn it into an advertisement for anybody 's i;recn house. Preceding the ceremony there was no music by the hand, no parade, no fanfare of trumpets. 'WJhen the hour for the ceremony arrived a pirl friend picked out The Lohengrin on the piano and the bride came down the stairs attended by her father. The brjdogroom, who had a moment before sneaked into tlio d'ning room, walked through the folding doors into the living room where "le met his bride and they were married. The evonln.!; was rmmarreil by slapstick comedy, and the Life of the Party. If he was present, kept himself 'n leash. The newspapers had the ';ood sonso to keep their notices of he event to a quarter of a column *nd thus maintained ths general har- Tiony of effect. It was a unique and unusual soc'al event. .\nd it Is a mater of felicitation that one Shoroy girl had the good taste to olinilnate from "ler wedding all musical com.^dy and circus features and to bo married simply and without ostentation. ^ . We note, incidentally, that a Topeka •;lrl dislocated her wrist at the skat- ng rink. If she wants a little pin Tioney with which to pay doctor's bills -.he can easily secure it by compiling md selling her recipe for falling on he wrist. I.>TEKESTED I> DKAINAUE. Big f'rowd of Farment to Hear Engineer U'ri^ht on Drainaitr Question. We notice, as we pass along, that fewer mon seem to be eating thoir •oothplcks nowadays. After all a woman Is pretty good ibput k^ping a man's secrets and "ler own. W!hat. by the way. has b «»comp of he old fashioned woman, who callnd he man who drank a "whisky bloat?" Swarthmore Collocp ran get a he- luest of three million dollars by aban- lonlng football. You will recall ^warthmore College. It is the school •hat had that corking good football 'eam last year. We find that on thp rare occasions vhen we have a match we have: to :o down stairs and across the street to get a cigar to use It on. We sec nothing unusual in the an- aouncement that there are 30.000 {oats in Ireland. There are twenty- nilltons of them in this countr.v—all Interested in your personal affairs, <nd doing what they can to get at the details. For Exchange. Farming lands In Panhandle, Texas, 'or farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals. WHitAKER & DONNELL. * The indications are that a large crowd of farmers and land owners along the .N'posho will bp present at the mass meting in the G. A. R. hall nc .\t Thursday afternoon when J. O. Wright, the civil engineer in the employ of the government, will deliver an address on the subject of drainage of the .N'eosho river. .Mr. Wright will suggest way.^ and moans to prevent the ovcrllows which have been so ruinous to the farmers along the river course. He comes here to tell of the results of the government survey of the river which was completed last June and which was for the purpose of ascertaining what could be done to stop the overflow. Washington, Oct. 22.—Conflscation of trust made Koods when they enter Into Inctrstate cominorce. under a section of the Shernuin anti-trust law Tl Yon Bead This It win be to learn that the leading medical writers and teachers of all the several schools of practice recommend, in the strongest terms possible, each and every Ingredient entering into tho composition of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for the cure of weak stomach, dyspepsia, catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint," torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel affections, and all catarrhal diseases of whatever region, name or nature. It Is also a specific remedy for all such chronic or long standing cases ot catarrhal affections and their resnlUnts, as bronchial, throat and lung disease (except cbnsnmp- tion) accompanied with severe coughs. It Is not 80 a<K>d for acute colds and coughs, but for lingering, or chronic cases it Is especially efficacious in producing perfect cures. It contains Black Cherrybark, Golden Seal root, Bloodroot, ijtone root, Mandrake root and Queen's root—sll of which are highly praised as remedies for •11 the above mentioned affections by sncb .iiinent medical writers and teachers as Prof. Bartholow, of/Tefferson Med. Cok legej JProf. Harev^Sf the Univ. of Pa.; "fiHthgwood, M. D., ot Ben* tllege, Chicago; Prof. John , of CinclnnstI; Prof. John ").,of Cincinnati; Prof. ... M. D., of Hahnemann ^ Chicago, and scores of .liy eminent In their several ractlce. lege: not. Prof. FInlej nett Med. i Kiiw.M. I M. Scuddei; Edwin Med. is the bSl possible guaranw M^IS menu, A glsnce at this pubilshed««jiiula will SiSw that -Golden Medial DiscovMy- contains no polsonons. harmful or hablt- formingdrugs and no alcohol-chemlcallj iionaoieBnu ucjiucs-» ii In the cure of all stomach as well»« bron-, chlal. throat and land, affectrons^ There Is the highest medical authority for Its use In alfsuch cases. The "Discovery'Is a concentrated glywric extf ^c* 9»3 ??K!' medicinal roots and is safe «nd wl'ablo. A booklet of extracU from .fapcn*- medical authorities, endorsing Its Jngre- dienu mailed free on .rennen. Address Dr. E. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. Itmeatem io tH 20,000 DIffmni Makmm We can furnish needles aad shuttles for your sewing tnachiDc no matter what its name or of whom you purchased it. ptin>M>ey:f«ii Islfie inaw feature of an attaek opoa Illegal i coBblnatlons Inaagurated by the pepartment ot Justice. A rlarge conslfnttent of dgarettea manufactured by the Tobacco trust and offered for shipment at Norfolk was seised yea terday' at the instance of the Attorney General by the collector of customs of Norfolk. The trust, to claim . its property, must go into court and prove that it is not operating In'restraint of trade or violating the anti-trust laws. The immediate purpose of the Attorney General is to test the law, ibut in the event of a ruling by the courts in favor of the government, the. trusts are left absolutely at the mercy of the government, and all their manufactures or other property, the moment it enters into interstate commerce may be seized and confiscated. As much aa has been written and said about the Sherman anti-trust laws. It has never before beten realized that the statute confers any such pow er upon the government. Bill after bill has been Introduced in congress for the express purpose of shutting trust made goods or other products controlled by trusts from Interstate commerce, and no one ever intimated that the statute already existed and could be enforced. Department of Jnstlce Confident. As the matter is viewed by the Department of Justice there is not the slightest doubt that the section of the law invoked In this new case will be upheld by the courts. The courts have decided that the law making all combinations in restraint of trade illegal and all conspiracies entered into to affect trade, also illegal. They have also decided that "the control of interstate commerce rests absolutely with the federal government and, therefore, that under such control the government may determine what class of goods shall be admitted in Inter- Ktato commerce and what class excluded. So, In the opinion of the Attorney General and his assistants, the government may seize all property entering into interstate commerce in violation of the law. If the courts take this same view of |lhe proiHisitlon. the effect must be Immediately of far reaching consequence. Seizure of goods belonging to a combination which is merely suspected of violating the law will be possible and the burden of proof will be thrown ui >on the owners Of the goods. Heretofore the government has been required to prove first the existence of a trust and then some violation of law. The .advantage given the government is that heretofore enjoyed by the trusts. Me»m the End of TmstsT' Unless the Department of Justice Is mistaken, the enforcement of this newly invoked provision of law will compel the dissolution of all the trusts In the United States, not as the result of court orders, but as the result of a notification from the government that they cannot continue to do business. The law applies to every combination subject to prosecution for restraint of trade or the creation of monopoly. The Coal trust operating in Pennsylvania can be prevented from sending its coal out of the state. The products of the Tobacco trust, as has been shown, are subject to seizure. So with those of the Steel trust, the Harvester trust, the Powder trust, the Oil trust and every combination in restraint of trade against which the government has been collecting evidence and has instituted proceedings. In any contest the trust managers may enter into with the government as the result of confiscation proceedings, they must lay bare In court the secrets of their business, and therefore must run a double risk in case of defeat: that of losing their property and convicting themselves at the same time. Tho Attorney General.-even If the courts sustain his confiscation proceedings, has no Intention of abandon ing the pro8.ecutIon of such trust mag nates as can be convicted under the criminal clauses of the law. He is still rnsoltitely of the opinion that these malefactors should be punished, hut he also believes that from the time the courts announce that trust made goods can be seized, trust operations will cease. There will necessarily l>e a long and determined frght before this desirable result I K reached. The law will he attacked by the combinations and the Supreme court will have to |>as8 upon It before its validity is established. Witli Mr. Roosevelt's Approval. The plan of the Attorney General, announced today, was adopted after due consultation with the president and with his full approval. The president and Mr. Bonaparte discussed the matter when the president was in Washington just prior to bis trip down the Mississippi. They agreed rejecting the course of action, but the Attorney General was left to select the manner in which their conclusions should he made effective. He decided to try the law first upon the Tobacco trust and therefore directed the seizure of goods at Norfolk. WANTED—Second hand Winchester, pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second streL WANTED—Experienced cook *^t once. Alfrey House. Phone 220. WANTED—A white girl for house work; no washing or ironing. 220 East street. WANTED—Girl for general housework: two in family. 913 South street. SUPREME COURT TAKES CASE. Will 6ive JnrlsdicUba About Packing Honse^Fares. the Washington, Oct 21.—^The supreme court of the United States took the jurisdic|tion of the meat packers case where in the Armour, Swift. Morris and Cudahy Decking companies were fined fifteen thuosand dollars each for accepting a preferential from the Bu* lington railroad on shipments of meat for export from the Mississippi river points to the Atlantic seaboard. The case involves the application of the Elklns' act to export shipments.. A motion for a writ of certiorari was granted. , W. 0. W. TO CHERRTYALE. tola DrIIKTram Yfttl Be flaett at Special Meeting. The lola W. O. W. drill team and a number of the local lodge members will go to "Cherryvale next Thursday to attend a big W. O. W. affair, whitih Is to be held at that plaee. Soveraifn Commander Root of Omaha, Nebniaka, is to be the cbief attraction and the indlcatkins'are.that a big crowd will be present WANTED—A girl or middle aged lady to do general house work. Call at 606 South Cottonwood street. FOB SALE—Yellow car, popcorn and peanut roaster. Call at the car In the evening. Southeast corner of the square. / ' WANTED—Man and wife wanted to work on farm. Address "C" this office. MAN WANTS to do house cleaning. Inquire 601 South Elm street. WANTED—Ten honest boys 12 to 14 years old, to distribute advertising matter after school. Bring recommendations. Call before school Monday at Cottage Hotel; ask for Mr. Dee. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant Inquire at Quarry at Concreto. WANTED—lola property. I have a fine Missouri farm that I can trade for property In lola. 2-10 acres In Phelps county. .Mo.; 100 acres In cultivation. 80 acres tame grass, rest good heavy timber and pasture: all except 10 or ITt acres can be cultivated: % mile woven wire fence practically new; last year this land raised 60 bushels corn and 20 bushels wheat per acre: improvements fair; school house on farm: 8 miles to good railroad town, and 12 miles to county seat; railroad runs through farm. Price |2.T per acre. This is a snap for the man who has suitable lola property to trade. See I. W. Cannon, lola, Kans. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, lola. WANTED—Good, sound young horses wanted at The lola Veterinary Hospital. See W. A. Frazier. WANTED—Boarders in private family. Have modern house, newly furnished. Inquire at No. 1 East Erwin. WANTED—To rent a large, modern house, east or south of square. Address. F. W., care Register. WANTED—Typewriting and clerical work. Room 3, old court house. Rebecca Goble. • WANTED—A place for a boy or girl to work for board while attending the loia Business College. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE"REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Good wheel, used only a short time. Must sell. Call 391. FOR SALE-Good black dirt. Phone 727. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room modern cottage, two blocks ' froni square: short time only. Grace Arnold^ FOR SAlE'mtmllmmmoum FOR SALE—Yellow car. popcorn and peanut roaster. Call at the car in the evening, southeast corner of the square, or 606 South Sycamore. FOR SALE—A driving . mare and bugg}". Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—A fine, modern 7-room cottage, only two blocks from square, on car line and paved street. The finest loaction in the city. Easily worth $2500.00. Can sell for $2300. If taken this week. See us at once. lOLA LAND COMPANY. FOR SALE—Mare, 630 ;»Iorth Main, Gas City. FOR SALE:—Poland China boars. Hugh A. Piper, Moran, Kans. FOR SALE3—Folding bed; upstairs 203 Bast street. FOR SAli:—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West" street. FOR REtn- MI»o0Ummaous FOR RENT—A desirable five room cottage. Inquire 623 East Lincoln. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms. 431 South Walnut. FOR RENT—Three nnfurnished rooms. Inquire 504 South Buckeye. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Sugs cleaned by TIeialaitiglsctoi)' FO R RENT-T^Fumishea i-ooms for gentjlemen.j. Mrs. F. J. Oyler,_^ T<() REi^kT—Office rooms Ini'the Stev- ensdn building. . F 6R RENT—Furnished rooms to fam ly without children. 604 North Jefferson. FibR RENT—Furnished rooms for sleehing and light housekeeping, 112% Soulih Washington. FOR RENT—Furnished down stairs rooms''for housekeeping. 316 SouUi Walnut. LflST mnd FOUND LOST—In lola a lady's long black cloak with velvet collar. Finder please phone 548 and receive reward. LODOE omeoTORY. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES.- Knigbts of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fonrth Wednesday nights in each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper. W. 0. W..—Camp No. 101 meeta in K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C; A.H.Davis. Clei#t Visitors cordially invited. KM6HT8 W FTTH!AS.—Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Vlsillhg brothers Invited. W.S.Thonipson, CO.; Chris Ritter, K. of R. and a ' M. W. A.-i-Tho M. W, A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A, hall. Visiting brothei*B invited. W. H. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ROYAL NEIGHBOBS.—lola Camp, No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street Recorder. . F. A. A.—Golden Leal Council No. 462, F. A. A. meets first and third Wednesday nights in each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FBATERXAL BBOTHEBHOOB^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meetJ second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in A.O.U.W. Hall. VislUng members cordialy invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam. secre< tary. Junior Order United American Mechanics.-Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Widick, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. -: BUSIRESS OIREOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East street STAMMER. Complete court at the btfst school for stammerers tin America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKie School for Stammerers, 2705 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Mo. Expert Clothes Cleaninsr, Vit$$\ni and Repairing. 13 W. Madiion. BUSY'YZ-ZY Work Called for and Delivered. Theatrical Wardrobe a Specialty Evans Bros. MVif tf^A90s A V A MP/ JhMWfrfAB0, ArmMtmoimmmvttmm, Tymmmt Umr #»mtMM« ^ OfnmmMmmmHmm. Where quality Is main consideration, we buyLthe liest Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm SoUoli. romf •OUTH •IDC MUABI Wa, KaiMM. P0L4R FLOUft Has Stood the test ' BccAose its tlie Best Acce|)t No Other Wm.OI)e^off, A«t. »TEYER'» OROCERY lliad»iartef K M Good Things !• Est Tclelihope ItSf

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