Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 6
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NEWS dF U HARPElVlGTIM OF TYPHOID aODERX WOflDMEy HAyE MADE PLANS FOB A BIG RABBIT Hl-NT. WILL B£ HELD THANKSGIVING THE CITX COUNCIL WIJiL MEET IX REGULAR SESSION TONIGHT. The Smallpox Sr«re Vi\bkh Bag^d In This City for Sereiial Dnjrs Is Thonfcht to B? Orer. [ Council Meets Tonleht. The city council will meet in regular session ihis eveninp. Tliere ate several matters of ImjKirtance to come up for consideration. riay Tonjorrow. Tho team of jtlckuy foot ball players from this oiiy wil! RO to Moran tomorrow for a game. Yesterday the team worked mit a^alii.';t the Triple!!? and made a .uooa .«howiup;. Although they are light they will likely ^ive Moran a fast" and hard «:\me. ,mi HHTC Rnbhtt. .\t the regular ineetinj: of the M«Td- ern Woodm>Mi of .America last evening It was definiioly decided to have a rabbit hunt on THanksgivin-.: day. TJie lodge ha.-? been divid?d and the side getting the ino.-Ji rabbi!.-; will be treated to an oyster sii|t |»tM- hy ihe other. Take Care of Tour Ej*s! We are prepared to fiit you with eyeglasses for your reading th'-'se iong evenings. Our ."tcok i.s complete and we do not charge for tpsiing the eyes. WATERS & DANFORTH. Drugs and .lewelrj-. Are Posllng Sign.i. Many of the farmers in the surrounding country me posting signs giving notice to hii.uer.-* not lo liuni on their farni.c;. In talking about the reason for posting tiiese signs one farmer stated yesterday that if so many- of the hunters were not careless they would not object to hunting. But sotmuch stock has been killed by hunters that he farmer cannot afford to take the risk of allowing.any hunter to huht on hlB farm. Scare Is Ou-r. The smalljiox Kcure In tills eliy is thought to l )e ovi'r. Several ilnys ««<• « student in the hlKh wclinol becniue ill with (he mnlnd.v and for n time li wa«i foiirei] that every siudeiit had iMMn uxpoifld hut since xiifl'lcieni time hJia ciapiied for tln-ni to tiik»' down antt no canes liave d< v .ln |ii<d, It \n now bolloved tho dl ^ci ^r will iini.-<iir'' Ih .Much H«t(er. Mrs. I 'erry .MaU our who WHH laki-u to Kansas Cliy M 'vcrni dayy a;:o fur an operation. Is said to be luiinovlnt; very rapidly. Coffeyrllle Joonal TeUs oNgHaens and Death of Joba Reeds, romerly of loU. The CoffeyvilJe Journal' says of the death of John Reeds, formerly of this city: D^ath ended the suffering of John Reeds shortly after o 'cloclc Tuesday afternoon at bis home. 206 West Ninth street, llr. Reeds' was taken sick three weeks ago with gall stones. \Vhen recovering from this ailment typhoid fever set in and in his weakened condition he was unable to resist its advance. It had been planned to take him to the Good >6araaritan hna- pltal Tue.sday after noon and the am- biiiance was ready at the door, but when the stretcher was, taken into his bedroom he seemed to collapse completely and within three hours was dead. Jntcrual hcmmorhages hastened his death. TTas ID Nenspaper Work. Mr. Reeds was a little over thirty years old; having been fcorn at Kan- sr..? ri.y. September 21. 1S7S. When still a i»oy his parents moved to Port S"ott and It was Ihsro that John grew i<t manhood. Several y<'ars .igo -he .entered the printing office of the Tort |Keott .Honltnr'and finally became city editor of that paper, .\fler serving in that capacity smn»» time he decided to bci:onio .1 lijunvp.' operator and .Earned the profession in the Monitor office. A year later hf» went to lola and worked on the machines In the office of the lulu Ilegi..;ier. FVin^years ago he Icfi the Register to come to Coffeyvi.le nnd take one of the ma- I'hinos ou The .loumal. He had held ihi.^ position ever since. Hurial at Fort Seott. Mr. Reeds left a wife and little boy. !)esid*» a mother and two brothers. The latter ar^ I. M. Reeds of Aurora, Mo., ojgd Frank Reeds, city editor of the I ^rt ficoi: Republican. 'When John began to fail so rapidiy Tue.s- .liy afternoon Frank Reeds, was wired ;o oomc at once. He had only fiftpoa minutes in which to catch the iraiJi arriving here at 6:31. ^e did ict know that John v/as dead until he saw the crepe on the door. Mr. Ri-eds was a ch*rter member of the Klks 4t Fort Scott and had held his membership in that lodge ever since. We was also a member of Typographical irnion .N*o. .fiTX. The remains will be taken to Fort Scott for burial, leaving here at 9:5ri tomorrow morning over the Katy. The funeral services will be held at Fort .Scoit. i PopuJhr With All. Mr. Reeds was well liked by all his 'issocloles on The Journal and his sud- leu death has cast a glooui over tho entire office. Ho was an unusually efficient w(u-kman and was u master •f hl'< trade. He will he missed In Tho louriial office for a long lime. A iieauilfiil floral offering waa contrib' lie .l !.y the niemberH of Typographical ;'iilon .No. .^7S, in memory of their 'illow w«>rkniau. To the grleCrstrlck- •u relntlves is extended the slneer- •lympaMiy of every one connected .'• way with The Journal. beRldo ' \\oA\ of other friends. OSTEOPATHY— DR. W .11. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. SteU Bank Bldg. Phone US. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. TAXES $2,000 MORE Missouri Pacific Tax Agent Was Here Checking Up This Morning. Tersoiials. Miss .Margueriip Kirkpatriok return ed from Webb City. .Mo., where she has been visiting for the past severa.* days. G. O. Fox came in yesttrday frcmi Colorado Springs. Colo., where he has been on a busine £i .s vit>it. ^ J. G. Edmunds shljiped ^ car loafl of cattle 10 Kansas City yesterday afternoon. Dr. Fred Halm was in f'niontown. Kas.. yeaterdiiy on bn?;iness. Mrs. Jessie Hepler. of Fort Scott was the guest of .Mrs. J. F. McGiU yes terday. F. C, Laycxjck left today for Oklahoma City on a business visit. -T * MATHEWSON WANTS A RAISE. Says He Will Get More Money oi Quit the Glaut!,. New York. Oct. 29.—Christy Mathew sou, star pitcher of tho Giants. Is thi first ball pla .ver ti> make the annua' threat to quit the diamond unless hr gets a bigger'aalary than he drew the past season. It U said that thr figures In Matty's new cnntrari inii'^' he double those in the old one or he tvon'l sign It and will pitch life Insurance policies all next summer In stead of base ikjilis. It U vald ilitii .MailiuwMnn 'H stipem' for the "itlx months*of work ever-, summer is Sl .fMMi. and (hat in addltl<u he pulled down a dandy lillJu bonus lUH Matty says li.« sure worked f «ir It According to tlii> statements he wIP use to defenil his demand for a raise ChrUly did piacilcully all the woiK for the Giants and it was his clever hurling that kept the .New YorlTgnnf; in the float all summer. Having don< the work of ihiee men makes hin- think his salary should be commensu* ate. Some of his friends kidded hiu- by sayi|g he should havti won thf final ga&ie from the Cubs to warran- his request for the raise, but he re piled that the Giants wouldn't hav Ueeli In the final game had it not beer for his \v(j>rk throughout the season. The New York club maintains a discreet aiid -dignified silence on the sub ject. Betting Is that Matty will ge the raise, it is said he wou'd hav had it anj-way, whether be asked it o not. V' . . A tax agent of the Missouri Pacific was a the county clerk's office today checking up-the taxes of the road. He said that the road went through ba counties in this state and that he had visited forty of them, and that the road's taxes were higher in AJlen county than any of the others. Tht^ taxes of the road in this county exceed those of last year by f2,000. FIND BEER IN COLD STORAGE. Uiquor Seized at Emporia Was Ac^ dressed to Democratic Candidate. Itoster Stuart's Progress. .mymt -P'app,,the lola skater h- jt^jMfimplefeO WOWngs tor all r n^Swk.'Oatondar..Tuesday ar Wedi^^i^y he will play at Oftawn and^P^hurad»v. FYlday and Satur iaj nlflds at Cbanote. Emporia, Ivas.. Oct. 29. —In a raid •iDon the Emporia Cold Storage plant 'ate this afternoon, the police seized four kegs of beer and two barrels full of bottled beer, and carried them to headquarters. The kegs were addressed to .lohn Martin, who is clerk of I/yon county and candidate fo.- reelection on tlie Democratic ticket. The county political nght is particularly hot, ospectally for tho ofRc es of c'erk and attorney. The search and seizure warrant was sworn out h.v .Mayor Glotfclter. Wert Enters Denial. Judge E. W«'rt Is up from Humboldt today. He says that the Demo- cratrt i\re slightly off In cinlining that Humboldt will go for Uryan. The General Demand of tho Well-informed of* the World has always been for a simple, pleasant and elficicnt liquid laxative remedy of known value; a laxative which pbystciaos could sauctioD for family use because its component parts arU knonn to them to be wholesome and trtdy beneficial in effect, acceptable to the sj'stchi and gentle, yet proitnpt, in action. In supplying that demand with its ex< cellent combination of Syrup-of Figs and Elixir of Senna, tbe'Califomia Fig Syrup Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies on the merits of the laxative for its remark* able success. That is one of many reasons why ^yrup of Figs and ^ixir of Senna is give* ..he preference by the Well-Infonne4 To get its beneficial effects always buy :he genuine—manufactured by the Call- ornia Fig Syrup Co.,,only, and for sale jy^aU leading druggists. Prioe fifty oantp perb«ttle. Friday and Saturday ru^ prices will be lower than you have seen them for some time. Look over your ru^ wants and come to this sate prepared to buy. The price is goin^ to be so tempting yoii won't go away without all the rugs you will need this season. Small Ruga a: smaller price.*. Axminster fugs, size 1S\.-.C inches, worth $l .-2T>; oii CHI .' for :m.(K) Avminlster Carpet Rugs size 27x4 ."i inchjjs, made of Drummer's -samples, ru^s worth fl.T .'i and |2.00, colors red and green, floral ar..: ^-i^ata: pattern-?. fringe<l ends; special sale 118r 27x7.4 inch Axn-ii:?ier RUKS in lan. brown and green eoioria.:is. reg- prire $2.2»; on .-a'e for iSl.S .'i ISx.'iC inch Wilton riuff:= in rich oriental patterns worth $2.."i0: on sjile for **i .l5 2Tx60^Wll!oa Ku^'s. res; ih'r S .'.OO value: ou sale for ijvl.lf) 2tix7'2 .\\binster Uu.cs In all colore, either floral or nrieatal i»at- terns. rugs worth St .-«•• aud i .'.rttV. on sale for #I{.9S S ft. 3 in. bv 10 ft. |in. llofl Fibre Rugs worth $lu.i»fl: on sa'e for $8.2.1 Sxll' Fibre Itups on sal«' f..r $lO.0O 9x1- Tapestrv Rues in creen. rtd and brown, worth $1."».00: on sale for , «ll.J).l 9;;]2 TajK'srv Uucs seimless in floral or oriental patterns, worth $20.00: on sale for St4.2."> 9x12 Axnilnster Rugs in floral and oriental p.ittcrns. a rug that sells ihe wor'.d over at $2r ..OO: on sale Fridnv anri Siturdav at • S20.85 Electra 9x12 Axminsrer Rngs in rich oriental patterns, made by the RIgelow Carpet Co.. regular price $30.00; on sale for itSti.O,') 9x12 Rody Rrnssels Rugs in tan. green and brown oriental patterns.' regular price $;{0.00: ou sale for $24.8-'5 :r>xI2 Wilion Rugs In maroon, green and brown, regular price $<tO.0O; on sale for •. jjl ^4.1.> ''.\\> ReV. rsihle .Mattings Rugs In red. blue and green, regular price $J..'ai: on .-.ale for •. l|t!Sj.9.'> :'.»;x7-' Srnciled Japanese Matting Rugs worth .dc: on i!a:e for HQt- &X12 Ingraiu Uugs in all colors, worth ICOO; on sale forj $o .95 9x12 Pro Hrussels Ru.^s in green only, price considered, the best wearin.« rues made fr.r dining room.'*: regular $12.Bo value on ^'Mie for j... lUssols Carpel Sw in all qualities priced at '0 $5.00 •1x9 .\xminster Uus;s in sreen and red oriental patterns. Worth $11.00 on .':ale for J... $8.15 White Curtain Swisses ?,i inches wide, worth l.">c: on sale for 12^ i 2«c White Snow-fake Drapery Cloth wiih colored cross bars in bine, green, sold and red: on sale for, i>er yard ..! 15c |1.7."> Coral I^aih Rugr rn pink and bine; on sale for .. .1 $1.29 $2.(i<> Coral liaih R-ig; in pink and blue, on sale for . I $1.-19 A •• Cocoa Brush Matts l.«;x30 inch, worth .S.'.c: on sale fr.r ...... .G0<' 3C-incb Fancy Silkolines In all colors— oi » The lOc quality on sale for .8 .3.1? The lr><' quality on sale for 12<* Ail 2.'>c^nrtain Drapery on .sale for I9<* S.'ic Nets and Madras on sale for 26<* •lOc Mardas on sale for , aio •l .'ic Madras on sale for ^NsV : •J.lf .'.Oc Madras «»n .sale for 39<^ C.ic Madras on sale for ijO^ 75c Madras on sale for 59^ .S.'ic Madras on sale for GO^' ll .uO .Madras oij sale for "i9<' $l..'0 Madras on sale for $1.19 2 .'ic Window Shade, on sale for 19<* aric Window Shades on sale for 27^ .'.Oc Shades reduced to -42^ »;0c Shades reduced to !iOc 6r >c Shades red^ieed to .12^ Floor Purlap In plain colors, red. green and brown, on sale for yard 15<* Printed Hurlajis in all colors, worth 2."ic. ou ."ale for 19<* 2r.c Art Denims on sale for 21 :'.;ie An Denims on sale for 29<' Fancy Art Tickings for laumlry bass. :;.'.c .juallty on .sale for ..2*^ m All LaceCurtdns at Spedal Sole Prices Curtains Curtains Curtains t^urtalns Curtains Curtains Curtains Curtains Curtains Cut tains Cuirainii Curtains on sale for. on sale for.. on sale for.. on sale for.. oil sale for.. on sale lor.. on sale for.. on sail- for.. oa sale f<ir... c,\\ for.., I.'!! sa'e for... on sale for... ....8.'>c ...98<' $1.29 $1.35 .$1.69 $1.89 $2.d9 $2.29 $2.15 .$2.«5 $2.95 -$I>.1>> $1.00 Curtains on sale for $3.29 $l..'0 Curtains on sale for $;5.-4i5 $*.00 Curtains on .'sale for $3.9.1 $^t;.iiO Curtains on .«ale for $4.9.1 $ti..".0 Curtains on sale for $5.15 $7.00 Curtains on sale for $.1.49 $7..".i» Curtains on sal& for $6.1.1 $S.ftO Curtains on sale for $6.45 $.'i..".0 Curtains on sale for^ $(>.9.1 .$0.00 Curtains on sale I'or $7.1.1 $10,011 Curtains on sale for $7.39 .?12.50 Curtains on .sale for $8-7.1 $15.00 Curtains on sale for.. $10.2.1 Portieres New patterns in Couch Covers and Portieres, all at special prices. $:',.Ofl Couch Cover or Portieres On sale for . .: $2.39 $:',..50 value on sale for $3.1.1 $4.00 value on sale for $3.39 $4..=>0 value on sale for $3.65 $."..00 value on sale for $4^15 $t5.00 value on sale for $5.00 $i;..50 value on .sale for $.1.25 $7.00 value on .sale for, $.1.49 $7..50 value on .sjile for $6.2.1 $X .00 value on sale for •$6175 $9.00 value on sale for $7.2.1 $10.00 value on sale for ..$7.85 $12.50 value on sale for $8.65 lOLA, ATllHSOX I'ITTSUI'R6,* EAXSAS. GUTHRIE, OELAHOMi AXD \ CARTHAGE, MISSOFHL ^551 ADAMS HAS GOOD NEWS, TOO. District Clerk Says That South kota Ic In the Taft Column. Da- C. E. .\<lams. clerk of the court, has ri 'tunird frouj a several we«'U8' visit wl:.t relatives in South IXikota. .Mr. .-Vdains enjoyed hl.s visit and conif s back much rested, lie says that i-v erybody is ta'king politics in the north and that South DaKma will »:o for Taft. J Complete Returns Are In. ,\ short tinx- befon! press hous this afternoon won^ was received from a man' who is polling the lola Portland Cement plant that the vote was as follows: Taft 114. Bryan 42 and D«^bs C. This poll include.'; prae tically mery workman at tie plant. KID FOOT BALL TEAMS. Fa*it (•unto at UhrrMlde i'nrk Yesler- day AflemoQii. .\ foot ball game between two teams fronj among the boys of the town play I'd yesterday at the fair Krouuds. the dub beating the it>nm mtide up of high jschiiol iMiys by a score of «; t «i o. The following Is the lineup: llluli S.ho..:. Club. Iloi.t full back nillbe H;id'.;ley right half RItter C. Thomas .. left half Beck BadKley ... ijuartcr back Spliik Ricliey center Ixudermilk Christian right tickle ..Norihrup Watterson left tickle Crangle Kwini; ri^ht guard !-owry Sawyer ..... left pnard llecox O.sborn** ... rijiht end Heatty Jones left end . .Suit Against Cooley. In the court of Topeka yesterday af- ernoon suit was filed by William Scott, a negro, against Dick «. Cooley, owner and manager of the Topeka Western league base ball club. Scott during the l>ase ball season just ended icted as ground tend':r at the To]>eka base ball park. He asks for judgment for $120 for work. As Cooley claims he has canceled checks showing that Scott was paid each month for bis ser rices and a receipt signed at the close of the season for payment In full, it isn't apparent just what the negro hopes to gain by the suit.—^Topeka qapUaL Kelley to Build. Ira Kelley. proprietor of the Cataract hotel is having a large barn on his Neosho street property torn down and will erect a handsome,^ modem cottage in its place. The removal of the old bam marks the passing of an old landmark. In years gone by, Mr. Kelley who is now the owner of much lola property, was the struggling manager of a "hack" line in this city. lola was then a small town of about 2.000 and Kelley's stables were located on the Neosho street, property whlc& is now be Improved ,by the erection of a modero dwelllas. -THE GOLDEN CITY." A MILK | FAMINE. Pilgrim Bro. S. D. .Senor sent here ^ ^ . ^, ^ , | ' , to' The Watch Tower Bible and Tract '^««' "^Jf^^»2;^""-^"P'« Society, will deliver a discourse on Atchison. Ka»., pcL 29.— There Is a this subject Thursday night In the C. threatened milk famine in Atchison. \ Yi hall ' the canned variety Is likely to It will be remembered that these ''l'.^ i""^"f; V "^'^ ""P""""* . , iliat those fortunate people who own ministers all serve without pay: theii ^ the' roatl To indepen* car fare only being furni.shed l>y the;,..nco and luxury. .Mir. Adams, the miUc- .soclety. .N'elther are any p!ace« foreman, who has one [of the l>est dairies worship ever built bv ihis body of [/»»'^.<'""»yy 'H^ ^^chlson. had to . ,, - (Skip fifty of his ci ^fttomers. It seems believers. j^^^ ,,gjjjg ^ caused Without entering Into any dl.scus-• many people to sell their cows and .sion of the" differences between this the hot, dry sumuier has ruined tli» faith and orthodoxv. it might be re-: Pa-'rture. so that the above result Is marked that the faith Is a positive one. !;%r'TTL/^' I.^^S.' . , u J**® *nd could not get a drop All its adherents know not only what „f Cows seem hard to get and they believe bur why they believe it, the milkmen are feeling pretty ser- and it can not be denied that it is lous about' their business. Mr. Ad growing in favor whh the common Adams has Ibotifledihis custom^^ , „ ^, the next time their milk tickets are people. For this reason if for no ^^^^ J2 ^^^^ other, its ministers are all worthy of a for $1. '-f am civlng customers pref- respectful hearing. -Vnd all who hear erenee where I knpw there are bab- thls discourse will no doubt be well/»es," he said. "The little ones must 'have milk and I try to serve these cus- repaid. The public cordially invited. tomers first." WOon«I^O. A. R. Encampment at To-i^a^'pS ? siSta*^ ledo thto STOuner. - He had a splen -it^ E«irhici^'^ did time onljls visit. ' '•'NoSinp^lI

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