Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1907
Page 3
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THB lOLA PAllY BEWSTEK. TUESDAY EYEyPC, OCT^BEB at. WT. trri WILL 50T tO.VSIDER ELkc- TBIC LIGHT PROPOSmOS >0W. SMELTERMEN TO BARTLESViLLE MA>Y OF THE ME> WKRE FORM ERLY AT CHEROKEE LA\YO.\. >Vorkuieu W\\\ Finish Hc|iairs on City Water Fiant ilie Lust vi This Must llnir Keen a Cliuritiirl. Kioii) the iinioiinl <»f K I UKX I IIK and hcutinK ut tin iiuns and ihi- liinulnu «I liorns thi'if iiiiisl liavc I HMII a tliaiivarl |iarl) In ^OH\\\ (Ja- last lliKht. Hut todii^' nil (Mif si-cnis in know who the ni)l>\ m -riMiadcrs wi -ic calllnK Miion. 'I'ho IID U I - siariod al«ini icn thirty oVI.wk and r -i>iitii d fm |•^•^lM•al btinih. , Att<-nili-«l Cariiltiil. A large niiinlii 'r n\ (ia.-* <"i!> >iiiiim lioopl*- wfri- in l<ilj. Ia .-*i t'Vfiiliu; laU- iiiK ill ihi; farnlval whlcli i- slinwinu In tliat I 'iiy this U<>fk Suiieriiilcndent Lot' Ma »!<en >;ali' of itii- tola l-;i «>i -in( Uaiiway ooiniiany annoiinrcil vc^icr- day thai lie would run siu'iial cars through this cit> i<i the Carniva. at lola. Those who ailended la.-i I'von- lug rei'ort aii exrelk 'Dt tiau- l.ftt tor ItartleMlllc. A Uu-Re nninher of ('.as X"n\ MHIMC iiii-n left yesterday inr l!ari.!cs\ ill.- where they will aceept iiosilinas in the smelter in that city. Most nf I I IOM' who went are men \\lio l'ornn'ri.\ w i :•<• emp'toyed • iu the C'lieiokee sniel;.i- in this city whieh closed down yestorday A large nuiulier of men from l.a liarpc joined them aUu. Oilier stnelieimen will leave in the near fninre loi |)ee;- iuK and other towns in Kansas wlie:> work they are used to eaii be In nid Most of tliem will lie liaek when ih. local smelters slari asain. Ki'vlval M«'«'tinirs t tnsed. The revival n;eeliii,u-s wl' been conducted in the n;..';a hi'ii the liasl moiiili clnsi'd Sunday when the .lew evauiielis' w l;n been conduciinn them,!;.-. "Why a .lew Is a ("lirisiiaii meetings have l )ei n more ihan : ly successfn*. Thi-re lias been a iliirty convert!.and a niiml 'i claimed. -e f.i; niu !i: li-' ~ 1 n: •v\-: -'K. • 111. ••: >Va«t <>»ni<">. Uusidi.s working very lia:d .... Held the lias City I 'lHit nail iiaui busy these days telephoning: <>ve state trying to i;e.t games fur ilie e. Ing wi:;:lv. Vestcrduy ilie m.ina leleiihoiied to tiarneli for a gari;e next Siiiiday afternoon in ilii.i cii\ was utKlble t(i get the iijiiie lie anxiousto meet an.v leain in ihis iir .Mis'sonri The leain «aiiiiir. came would du w.-'.l a<ld :i -s \1. ager I'raiik lii-lanv (las K .i •\\'.\o-: t'lil mil Finish I it} iteiialring IliU The workmen who are lii...rai;:!. • repairs on the ejiv tvai-r plan: ' finish someiiuie T I I-' I .IKI HI this • VS'hen this is cnmj.l./fd (Jas • have as good a wau-r ^>siein ;i- city In this secii.ui ..i ihe -la-.- \\ fofore it has In. n ii;ip..>.-ii.;e i.. enough force fur tiie> e;- makiiig the repair^ i- ^v:ll 1..- p.. for them to (it. .-o -••••••-.JY' The mlJision of tliis store Is to fornish tts patrons a replete variety of tlie world's desirable aad dependable merchandise on a price basis that mcwis decided saYlnss In t&clr yearly expenses. We eoont on many sales and qolck smaU profits to recompense «s for o«r strenooas dally ende|^ Jp make gpcd with the folks that trade here. Oor soccess has been beyond oor fondest hopes, ai^ while we take some credit to oorselves, we have tte cemmtnt and conseqtrent action In favoring this store with their patronige: The reputation of thts store as lola's best place to I distlncttve cfiaracterlsHcs of Satisfactory service, pohte and Intelligent salespeople, dependability, desirable merchandise, etc., etc., lor which force thf mselves before yoor attention. Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Coats. In stvlf. faliric and tit, thesi- stjics an- sii |M 'rior. A^ rnmprrlirusitf shiiMiu(( pre ••iiilueiit aniuutr tlip cxclusltc iVataros of whlt-li are nian) in- t<T«>)>tliiv. Itlich riass i'xani|iles from llio Li>ui!iu)r I>«-s|irnrrs of Kastt-rn Market*. The wide priee ranise - eiiihrMces (Hats tltat nitl meet personal prefer- aiiees nio«t satlsfarltiril}. Tlie lict lahles ill l.a<iie«* Coats lian<|soniel> tailored: irot- ten up nith the liest stjie anil trininiinifs, from . . i^'i to it:to I^tdieo' Velonr and itroiiillail .larket.. from . !**!..M» to i?.W.O (l A full line of Junior (oats from ' !«:t,;:, to jii:..(»(» Clijldren's Coats from #1.L V . to ^T ..".ii Infants' (oat* from $l.--':. to Furs in Original and Exclusive Styles Approved by Fashion. Stvle. durahillly, hecoinlnirness. richness. Those four words aptly exprws the features that distinguish 'the produrthins from "A store famous for Its fun*." Wo handle till' Edward (Jwree line of Detroit. Mich» one of the liesl lln«>s of Furs made. Here you will Hud all kinds Of Furs. _ Trices rniiirc from • *» At Low Prices! In sjMelalfging these lines >M- Imwconrentrated oiir eiiorls to pr-duce unmisfakahH. strong iaJi .es in style ,,iiallty and Horkuianship-how we liau- sueee d is eiidtne.d by the models we select as worthy. Kxcellent new Hill Nhapes-the seasons|--voii will tind here. Tnm.iie.i with silks, velvets and e.muc.s. t opies oi imported models and made of Ihe liest materials prettily trfmined Hats from '. .«..'.o. *:{.!)((. ^t.,-,0. iM.iMi. up to n:,. 0 ^ ,;for their keen dls- e niaintaia'ei, and those we are noted, shall ^ver ess Goods. Silks ^lid Velvets irlees that shoiilil eoinpel ntfelition. Ks direct from the silk house. This llu • sold e.vclushel} l»y iis. Thit sea- soi's lifwest and prettiest for ypu to sel -ct'from;, from ^'c to i\J>» per ynnJ. Th ' iM'st l*I.INI Kliick Taifeta. (fuiinin- teel, that money will liuy we hiive for yot. i re*s (i'oods In every new neate and •r from iHl.Vi do»ii lo I.'tc jierlyard. ' l>e«t nnti popular elotlis in Wool ictus, Chiifon. Hiilistes.. ChilTon N.i Serges at that you will In any city^ lievt Silk VelTot!) in the new shades at #1.00 per yard. I col III la l.oilnttT tint all F for sel havjt nin am r 113 East Matiison Avenue. RICHARDSON'S II Weight Underwear, Ladies. Misses and Children, a ction for you to select from. We e for you (he best I'nderwear that lev can huy. to retail for 2 .">c. ."JOc. n'nd sfl.OO per (iarnieiit. Try us we are sure vve can please you in nilerwcar. 2 tfevra Weat Thomp'^ aon Hotelm .akeii I JSAYS IT IS FACT. Mr. ami Mrs. Font* Here. M; an. I \|..- K M Kn-i;-^ cf ^;ea!;;.•. ^^•;!.•-!lill~:. .a. ;.ir ilie pasi ;e\ .K ..ui !i< liaM- i.;..uiiiij; ilie ea.>ieia p.rr I .I III., idiiiiiuni have I M-CII llie ^ii.'?is <if ili.'ir sisier. .Mis flnislian. faiiiivv !.>: i!ie past ;>•» .lays. •i"li...v Uuvi. ilii.- nil.riling U>r Oiiawa Im i: in curing catarrh he wants lo iiid Kmpoiia. after \ h.iling tor a short siale posilivoly ihat this guarantee .iliiie at ejch place ilu\ will leiurnjan absolute fac. II ilieir home li> ili.. »a.> (has. R. Spencer Contirnis <>uaraiit (T on llyomei, Cure for ('a(arrh. I'll.' i|i:esliou having been lalaeil a.,11 wlieilier or no ("has. H. Spencer wi 1 refund the money If a Hyomei tiuUi; (I'les iit.t (ill all that is claimed I iif Penver ,i:.| Salt Lake Cll.v. A guarantee lik" this Is the best lin .of that can be offered as ii. il;e iui;:*i\e powers of H ^(lmel ill all ra- larrlial Irnuliles. Yon do not risk a rei:i in I...-ting its healing viiii.'s. Ii> ;aKes a.i (he risk. If >.m have <aiarrli. M\ tlii.-' wmi ilerful air >if ll.niniii h (ii .i s im! drug or derange Ihe sliiinaeli. Ilea' pocket w li.i e ' iiihali r iliat comes with .-very miHit ..t \-.l > e.-l er b.'.-i rcr>oiial«. \: .111. I M: V Uarlev Wii -.M. .111. Kali-^:i'. were in III.' fW) i \ i s i I i 11 .J ,! () 'r .iiiiie.- .it i;!:aiil » i '.ii--iiie.>.~ ve.-!.'rilav I. I Inn. ; of Oiatli-. h. i.- •i.l.i.v eatiin:: oil ilie liu.-i ii".-- in..., aii.l Ml.- (' I. Uaiiklii b-f ye-,- '"i' is breathed Uirongh •• 'I.IV I...'- iii'aJ; ow . Oklalioiiia •• ' will vi.-ji lelaMv es > es- VM> ((IMMITTEK TO MFKT. I ;-o ihat its medi<\itiiin inn:-; remote air cells i ihroat and liinus. whci e ; ::ei ins may be lurking. I cache.- till in the nose, any (alairlial |i niiickl;. ill - Will \ot Take Cii Light 4iiic-li..n. Mayor I' H O'Connor aii:iot:iic"l this morning' that ilie 'iiiesiii.ii o- lighting the city iiy eieciricity v.nulii not, be. taken np for several monilis. He remarked that the <ity \«is nm in jHjsition to light iis siieets a; ;li.- present time Itiit the ma.vor- s nur it will be taken up ami given ••\<^\\ ; S'' consideraliuu at soui. ';iier dale. The matter was taken ii;i and discussed some lime a:;o bet ii.> aciiou was siro>s ihcm. heals and soothes the ir- rilated mucous membrane and \iial- , i /.fS the tissues so that catarrh is ii< .•l.a <><•: l'on;:ressn .:.i; Ihiu j :,)iij ;cr possible., '^'ou can lose nolU- <uiy ^tate<l t.jiiay ihat he ha. I n-l;.,^. l,y ^lvi.•.^ Hyomei a trial, noihing \nlhoti> >ii.v* Si'veiitifii Mcmltcr Kavor State Wide I'rimary. e-iv.'i seventeen favorable replies] :-..iii iiiembers of ;lie state <-entrai • MKiiitee to III • jilaii of liii'ding a p; iiiary iie.vr .vear lo nominate i!ie IJ.'piiblilan s.ate ai;'! congressional i but Sirm; n.itliing if il fail> tckef. H.- a 'so said that Sena'or (Jcr an outilt from ("has. It lon^. in K private <-,mver:^i!!on the, ^„,„ j,^ laj i'.ad declared iumselr ;u I but the catarrh and 'hat is giHul rid danc. Tiie pri.->- of Ml" eoiupb -le ouriii i.- t(i .-lire an outlit iroin i nas. n. Speii.t r I . v(.r of havins th? state centra! o<>tu-j :i:i-iee me.i in necnuber and settle; TACT (JIVEN l.ttVIXi 111'. e quest.on whether or not Uppu''!i Serrctarv of War Trai^es I'residcnt n primaries in the state should l.ej Before I'hi Collier or Southern 1 1 Pure White Lead b cbetpn- than any "gradrd" or "Nwnd" w'liit'.- lead (p.Jiie for "adulterated"), iii. niiUcr l »ow low the price of tlii- adultcratt .d pruJuct. House PaiDtin^ is ccoDooiioil oiJy v»lien material is used v»hjch will Icit. "Graded vhite leads, so -called, won scale or wash ofll Look for the Dutch Boy Painter on the keg. He guarantees purity and luug wear. Porimit tor Onst dut Stskn Send for oor hndaaow book. Gin* mluible islacaauioB on the paini aabiect. lUTWUL UAl CnVANT OMk Ai«« Ml IM flUHt. SI. tab. ••. i • "li n.-xt year. "I thii -1. tii .-it tiie c'lniiiiiiie*- <!i .i'!:.! eal '.-.i li -!:"t !!ei-." said .Xiithon." Curtis Favors a I'riniary. Wlisliiiiiilo:!. Oct iL" —Senato-- Cba- • 's. in a le **..r t'> C'>n!rr.^ssiuan 1* Antidiii^ of l.eai en worth, sa.^ s he - in l'a\or .•:' a stale primary for the vr.iinaiion of Rep-iblicaii i -ai'iiija' - v.At \>'a!- in Kan -a.--. Curtis was tie- K 'aii-a- c <iai:r-^ss:!,an to Try the t.riniary system. His I-tter '.i Ani"i< n^• r ^atl-: ••.\s ><.u k !i ..\v. I was on.. ..f tiie I r-; lu '-ii in Kacsa< ;o ailv<)<.;TH ih-- • iiiary >,v(.iii ami I have had iKi na :i r.i c |,an;."e V.>ii will also rem'lu er iii .it I '..e liis' cainiidate fur ceniriv-- II) tbe s 'a:" to l.a-..- a eon- !:ie.-,.:io lai ei .:iii !iitt> e cal' a nrimarv • •'e 'tiuti •". noMiiiia'e a cMiididate (•••l.m ->s \1> -XiKTl.'llce III CO?I!H-I «a- i -iiiii.'ar to Minis later !ii l,.- c .nure ...-i <iiial primary: tliut Is. 1 f. uivl thi- expend.• very small • Th" re ! a> I ii I'.u'h obJe <.t'oi; -n '1. • urlnia'? ->.-teni on aecoiint of tlw Inr;:'. aliioiinf 'of inone.* expetiile«l a" III". Democratic pi-hiiaTv In f)Krihoiiia but I don 't beUev" ii wan a fair te.-^t. no" 'lo I bi.''e\'e that there are maiiv c.',nil '.la :es in Kansa*: who would f"!- N'.w til*" •xaiiiple of those who e\ii ..|id • ti si:ch large suins in lh<' Oklalioma Democratic [irunary ".\s to the members of the Reputdl chii state eoinniltfee calling a T >ri- inar>. i b'.lieve each ir.Pinber ouclit to sound lis own district and th ?ti vote the sentime;ir of a maj <iri 'y of the Ke|iublicans he represents" Hi CCKK A C(IL1> IN 0>E DAY Take LAXATIVE BR0.MO Ouinln'- Tablets. Druggists refund money if it falls, fo cure E W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 2,')C. (Jet Tagged. Saturday is Tag Day. 'hilippine .Vssenibly. .M.ilii'.. '1,1 L -J. - Tl.e:e \v as a -I .i -aii -iistratjoii iiei,- toiiigl'.t :ti honu;' 0 >"ecr-.iaiy Tafi. 'lie (iccaslon b i;.-' 1. baii'pi.t! l.y a coir.miiu • ;.-.ipo.-• 1.' •o' nieniie rs of tiie a.-sein 1 |^ The -.>c!eiarv «as <lie. r. d vi !ii.'iiii;..s vvjvn inti.i(liic.-.l Aii". .-tatemcnt that "rhi-n- is lui man v.||.)iu lie- fhilippii's IIA„ iiior,' thai- lo 'lie I'reside;i: of the rnittil b -in- A si'v. : was PI uati'-e isIanii 'Ts Slai.-s. ' 111 p::rtcn!ar!y .b-mons rative Icvli;g cup ..f native niak« .- nt.. ! to th" >ecretarv. ^.'.ri a;;. Talt .-aid he \»a>- s.u- fie : Willi ih.' coiidi'jon of the I 'lilip II lies aii.i uariieil Ih"^•• who may at '• i:pt :, cl'a-.age of (In. t'Vi. iie>i:)I-^ M.v\ loiniu'^' Togetfer This- atternco.-i h< had a long talk with Aguinaldo. BAD BREATH Ati'i u «c -(l All k>n'l* of iur>liriu»s. Uy %**uu»9 ^*> b"-n ft''|q«Ilr c*"*^" )fra»». nty bffnth bsTloc a if»'i O 'tor. Twrt wfk' ms" & r«riiium«»<i''a CA>'-»r 'j>tt aiitl mfi- r tiwintr tli*-m I rmn w)llln|I> ftm cliv «rfuil7 •kf t (i «s tuff baTf> roUrvlf cured nj *r. ' th^-ta loanr un«> ^uttfirint fmm loeh irf>oblM.'' H. Tlalpero. IK K. Tlii St.. New Tork. N. T. ML". STKWAItT WWTS A I'KIMAIM. Ilniiiboldl .Man \^ rites Ilis Viens to The Topcka ( apilal. i'lie 'I 'oiicka liai:.\ Capitai ye-:.^r- la". piililislu'd the loliowiiig fi.uii Samuel .1 Stewart of ihat cin ; To Ih.. Kdiior of ;be Cap lal: I v.aiit to sa\ a tew wor.l'.- aboii' • piiiiiary el.'ciion mailer. I hav'.- ' . Ill VI ; y much ilis-.;! ami hnnii!- •:t. i! a-^ w.'ll in reading the twaddb- ndulgeil ill by M>III ». who wo'i't wani ' primal y 'leelion to iiMiiiiiate can- l .'al .'s. The lliiusv e\euse of e\- .lis.. -;.ni.. of ii> oPI ;imers wlm for bap .-.n'lir.^ bav.. b .'en givliii: i o.; aiiil ^.lnte money, i .i .lllil ibe coilul |-y go :!lL'. Ih;.-- II come lo ill • lUiill call b.' fDiiIiil II w hours or iloiiar.-i i i I iii .-n in ofllee.-.'.' I IkinMis I'eraiile lilll'-. . p II •• p.irl.^ •- ili.-;;ilrl iim lime wh,'!! no ••>nl! M I. ' e ;. :;el llle b. .I'l mill, rs'ainl Imw a few '.•••cli. -• \l.o liav;. been lian-'Mlg aroiiinl Ti>|i.'a and waw-hiiig for chances to g. f !r hands into Hie Treasur\. would 'iuiil; there was no man In tl.e .-tat.. •l!h patii'irsni enoir.;li to iriv a ii"•p. t lue to belli a primary 1 am surprised am! I must sa . i: lllb'iated lo H IH I soni" 'if our sMie lilicers that I liave lelpi-d to .-lect inlicatiui: ihat necaiise there is no lav o i:a\ for a primary election ii can ot be heb:. anil if it should b- liel.I ' ecans.. 111. 'I" iri law requ'rin:, voulii pot be fair and bu'i-st. SI: ime •n the ii;. J. I',-If make th'- si'-r.-ie-;- ;:ous. Thei-i. are er.oiigh hon«st. jiaf: ot'c I >1 so'iliers ill Kanstis to con- ii'i a priaiary for the Repiibli'-au i•:•.•I.^ f.iirly. lion.stly and witlioiil ."II. V Ol- ,)lice l.-t III.. State Cell.'li I ('.•immin''e '-ai! primarv elec- "ioi: 1,. \f spiiiii; (or suninien: let lu a (haiice 'o show our pr.-fereuce '•r ill candidates imliidiuE ci Si:ite- Sei;:iiiir all'! til.' iieople will •;•!<• care of th.. i.xoelis... 1 i .' ll;e (Joveriior wl!' n'lt call •i. eVia. s -sioii of the Legislature, i'i a: v .oii 'd be expi-iis ve and- w- ''la'' need il. us e.vperfiiieiit a 'if'.- firsi and s.-e bow \rM 1:1;.- it. Ve:;i - for the goo.! of Kansas and 111.. K publican uar'v SV.MCKI. .1 STKW.VKT. Huiiii.oi 'lt Ka.s Oct. |i; i'hi! SANTA KE sells HO.MESEEK- i:US' tickets first and third Tuesday.-^ in each mouth for one fare plus lli.uu for the round trip to certain pojnis West and South West. Ketiirn limit days. f):ie way second class Colonist liel;- ets I .I l.o.s Aligoles and San l'"ranei :.-i -o and oiher California points for uii I'orllaiid. Oregon. Seatlle. Wash., ..|c. for J :;j.oO. every day during Oc- lober. !;»07. I'b'ase see us for stopiivc.r prixil- eue.-;, and so forth. W. E. RALSTON, hgt. The Junior bepartrnent Store Got your Oaa light Suppllon from-ua- , A WBtmbao^Lamp Oontploto'for 7Bo 1 lola Bosiness Colleg KIght or Dmy Sommlon Penmanship. Arilliiiietlc. Klociitio^ It'iokkeeplni:. Kngjish. I'liyfilcal Cii Itiirc. etc.. Shorlhaiid. Letter Writing For Sale Cheap, Good Farm an|d jCity Property. Sea the I TIIE JATHAWKER LAXI) Td. I for quick results. Old Court Hous^, I«la, Kang. ill South Washlnjrton.—Hello IH. For hest and Oulckesl Rcsnlts W (he. Heplster Want Colonis. ^^a^^^^^B -I III! Ill \n ' 1'opeka KIk» Lay Corner Stone. Topeka. 0;rt 'J. —The bidue of To- eka i;!ks laid tp.- corner stone of Its $.".11.111111 ves:ei-(lay' Willi ap- i.ropriaie cerenioiiies .\ parly of •" ks from Chicago. Imdndlng the .:r.inil ex.ilied ruler, fleorge K. Teiiei. ':i ind S'-ereiarv Kn-d c Uobiiison. Thtiiiias I!. Mills and Charles W Ash• . "ere preseiii .ludge .\. W. Dana .;av.- the principal address I i HKM IIKS AKK 1(1 (i(». I oiiiH -il SiioiMirts Or. lily nil in Spitting Crusade. And. Here are some great values. Nowhere else pets and Rugs be found in such accept bought at better advantage. in lola can Car^ able variety rmr 9x 12 Tapestry Brussells Ri igs, $ 10.50 ^ RUGS 9X12 .Vxrainster Rugs, sold elsewh-rc fur $28.00, here.. ..$22,50 ami $25 9x12 Body Brussells Rugs worth $io. Here this week $27,50 CJX12 Bagdad Wiltons, usually ?40 no. Now only $34,50 L)ii2 Wiltons, regular J5^.oo values Here for $45.00 Good Kloral P< Tuion ingrain All wool, with All wool, fillm IN Si/.:.'« iiotn '(xi) •ain Carpets tter.j Ingrain, 3d 30o regular 50c yd. now.. . .43a cotton chain, only SSo g and chain 63o :RAIN RUGS. to 12x15, hotn $3,05 vp E (J laliiy Linoleum. (> ftet wide, pn square yar D Quality Linoleuin, 6 feet wide, p'r square yar d d 500- eoo E (J laliiy Linoleum. (> ftet wide, pn square yar D Quality Linoleuin, 6 feet wide, p'r square yar Best For The boM ^els • ^^^^^ iimuwweis ftjp w www V. Plmaal. Pml»Ubl«. Potest. Tut« Good. DoQood. Sf'er Jilekca, Weaken er tirip«, 1^,Sc .Me. NtT «r loM lo bulk. Th* (snulne Ukblei (taapwl CCC. GnftnntMd to core or jioar moumf b »ek. St*ri{o(RetBcd]pCo;,CbieacoarN.Y. sq0 AIIUALSALE, TEIMUIIOII BOXES The benches are to go A*, tie' leee[l;/j; of fhe coillieil JasI niglll .1 resolution was passnl inslriicling 'h" police to remove all obstnictioiis i.i fl;<' wa.i of b .'iiei;..-. from the sid«'- «»lks. This st'-p is taken to sirenptli- cl. the city in its efforts fo stop spitting on till.' sill' «a'ks. li has been found that wlu'fever benches are i«) cated thf sid.'walk" were eoiored v.ith expectoration. Dr. C,. c. (Jlynn w beh'iid the unii-spittin;; cru --Hil". • Trie action of the council In trying to piit a stop lo spitting on the sidewalk will m^et with the approbation of evpry public minded citizen, e.s- pecially, the ladies. Stove Oil Cloth Squajrcs. I yard by i vard !^'ju.Trc.- at 35o I ; -1 yd. hy r 1 \ yd. at. 55o Let OS Figore Yoor iooms for Axminster 2nd Wiltoo Carp :ts with Border. f 2 >-i hv I "{ ...... 7ffo LOOK FOR THE FLAG. Ai w! BECK. Pro|vrietor For best and Qalckest BesnlUi osc Ibe'Befflater TTtnt Colwrai.

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