Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1907
Page 2
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- • i I'll THB lOLA PAILT HEfllSTKH. TCTSPATgIgyiygtJ>CTOggB.gtJtW. L. NORTHRUP,>rMiMttJ F. A. NORTHRUP, Vl0f-FrM |(iMt. 111. f. H^VTHH'.n^ ««coiid yi^j»wtt. / A. U RRU.^f AUQM. C M MW. MELViic MONK, AMC paUiiw^ Ettablifiied la^. Ilitit illlif Pi p0$np of '•7; Tio uiortiB ui -e iiiiH'kiT tlmu lliey ; •weiS:>,". _ jThe nuts ar« siMflni; brown; The' betry 'H cheek Is plumper, 'The-roBp is out i>f town. The maple weur.s a Kayor scarf. .;The flelU a scarlot gov.n. L0st J sftou'ld be old fashioncil. i 'l! put a trlnkot on. —Kniily Dlckinsfni. ' [V •:• • •• -Auioni; ilu- snccosBful study and j social niactiiiBS wliicii occurred yps- 1 Look at Our Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler and Opticiai 104 North Washington. -t«rday was tlia club. The at ,M|a6 unusual'y <«t about Virp devoted to the liflid. Ths pap presented • b.y B ^pent the s^uni of the Current Event, cndance of niembfrs - — Kood. 80 that the d s- caosion Of tur-ent events and otlur .\ir.s. M. O. Bradley has gone to Iftatures of the proKrara were entered ^;„v {_\.ni,.|- and Topena tor .1 \isit. into with, cntliiisiasin. Tlie roll rail ' 4. * + t^-hlch was ans^en-d by Items of inter- i^jj..^- vid society of the l" ma opened a proprrfm ,. ,^.j„ ,„^.pj subject of the souta, , „„ Thursday. Umth 7 l'^- 'i^-rved at lu^dvo o'clock. Irs. \V. E. I.yons. wlio ! T •> + u, I'"''-,;'' The Wl -man -K GuHd of St Tinio so wa« abla ta toll of the exposition; Kplscopal church will meet a, in a .very realvslir way. The talk on; ,o,„onw wi (h Mrs pfTeres 1 *•; Henry Ballietl on Kast Jackson streo! -Mrs.. TI .0S. |arki„son was apiwin:- j,,^ it CaTupbell and Mrs. eit to meet del^snto^ fn .m other Huh. j,, j,.,,.^ invitations to plan H: recfption for Mrs. I). There was < me subject bfousht In fi)i- a scries of card parties nexi \vc;'k at -Mrs. Campbell's home on the notice of bie women whtch will | Kasi .Madison avenue. The first part> be of much interest to the other fed- 1 crated onganizitions of ili.- ci;. .\ utianinioii^ vot > was nn-ordoil MI favor of invltinp the ufxt district fodcra- tlon to Tola. Tl e other clubs will take action al',their ne.\t meothivs so lliat it" will be. kno vn shortly wlictli "r cr ,not tho inuS u eetinjr will come here ~ ;Mrs. E." D. ( urtis who was a dele -Bate to tte c< nvoition at Ft. Scott Pave an accoui t of (he w<'ek and 0:. of Chim. related fdcii's which occurred In China. Ji'linK is tl) lie nil I^a Stephensoi number oj" liic during het sia :Tbo next m vember 4: * •> * Hresliacdi and Miss lie from an extonded he east. ,MrB. n: V. Helen are hoi vtelt In \Vjishin',Kion and + * + Jlr. and Mis. Ilcriiiaii Tliolc n wll' eijterlain a .unnip of friends at cards toulRht.' - + * * iTh* P. K. O. chapter had a ver .v enjoyabh' aft.-rimon vosferday at th> home of Mrs. C; R. Edcerton 011 South .Cclbom %treei. Tlie program of the afternoon was made up of talks by tlie atteudrnp members on trips they had taken duriiip the summer or at some previous time. Mrs. Heylniuii gaS'e an unusually intert^siiiit; description of distorical place..; hi Mi"'- sourl. The mus'/- ef the afenmo:' was contributed by Mrs. M'. T Wat i son and .Miss Beiiiah MeCance and | it was voted to receive Mrs. Frani Riddle as a member. Aft?r a social half hour .Mrs. Edserton served re freshments. The next meef'np: will be held in two weeks at t 'le hoin • of Mrs. C. I.. Evans in I-aliarpe. • • • ;Mrs. Philii. Heinle Mrs. Henrx Sieyer and T)r Ida Sfephen.soii went •rt I^aHarpe last eveninc where Mrs. Stephenson pave an address in the M- E. church. ifay Theref "Where are you going?" "T^oinK after a sack of Um SmPaifHi Ploiir. Mv wife won't use anything else " tflamtoluMtJIg, A Chr, Oo. m.K.moiuuM. Mft. v.ill occur on Wednesday af.ernoo. iiril allot.ler <ia Thursday afti -niooi! • •> •{• Tl:e Y s<iciel;>'s mejliii^ tlii. ueek will 111' Kiveii over to plans fo. ti'.eii pla.v. .Miss .Agnes I^each will b: SCSI 111 and be !;inlhe rehearsal. •:• • * .Mrs. II. H. .loues will be hostess ol :l,e W'lniairs Chri.-!tiaii Temperanc niiin Ihl .-i week on Frioay afternoon .Mrs. II. .\. Hiowii will iMiterlain ; f;;oiip of friends at d iiiier on I'riduy vonliiK. «. .•• Mrs. W. K. .Mafhls and Mrs. lid vard Siaiifield of Clianuie. are visit iii^ Mrs. A. H. Campbell this week. The I^adies of tho Jlethodist church are having an informal reception and lea tills afternoon at the home of Rev. I '.d Mrs. .MaHon. + • * Tli:- cciiiimittecs from the four fed rated cliilis. Progressive. L'liity. Cur n nt Evi nt and Sorosls win meet llii; V cck to select .a place for the recep '•'Ml for .Mrs. Wolfe. * • '> The Presbyterian choir will nice .\!i.-s .loiies in the Presbyterian church this evening for a rehearsal of musit !<.r the approaching Sunday. + + • -Mis. 1;. K. .Miller, all associate niem- lier i)f the .Music club, entertained ilie niemliei's this afternoon in compliment to .Miss Agnes Reardou, of Sioux City. * * * A itiiiiilier of .Miung people are plan ninj; a Imwling party tomonow even in?. • * * TomiMT'iw at high noon will occur the marriage of .Miss Bessie King daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. King to .Mr. Warfield W. Graves, of Kansa Cii.i. The <-oiipie will leave on ihi .irieriiooii train for a visit in Southern They will reside in Kau-sa-City. •i- •!• + .M IS \V U Craiigle i-? liiniie from a visli ill I'JMii'iria and Hutchinson. MlLUMERY SALE • I D order to rednce iiij lairiure i<loclt uf .1lilliiii-r> nt onre, I will offer for flff dara, roDiencing Satarduy. OrtolHT IHtb, all TRIMMED HATS orderfi (tiken at :!0 per rent dlsrouut. Cuuie at onre and hare a rbuJce •from my rery tiue si'lccUon of Halx. MRS. E. PEFLY VibM £ai>f ittadiiivn. Old Court Uooiie Block. And many Other painful and seriona ailments from which most mothers suffer, can be avoided by the use of ."MotllrtFrteld." This j^reat remedy is a God-send to women, carrying them through their most criticd ordeal with safety and no pain. No woman -who uses *'Wotlier '.S Fdepd" need fear the suffering : and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror •: axlcl insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in a condition more favorable to spee^|cppver>'. The child is ; also healthy, strong and i good natiircd.- Our book ^ ^Motherhtod," is worth \ fts.wcight in gold to every .1 \n39nan, and will be sent free in plain jeavdope by addressing application to jirodBeld Hesuiator Co. Atlanta/Ga. THE DATE tS FtXIO .\uUoiuil KcuubUcan t'ommlttee Vitti Meet December 6 aad 7. Washington. Oct. 22.—The Kcpubll- ei.n national committee will meet In this city D,!Ceinhar 6 and 7 for the puriraae of deciding upon the place ind time for holding the next Republican National convention. Formal an- •louncoment to this effect is made by Harry S. New. acting chairman of the Republican national committee Acting Cralrman New. who arrived 'lere today, had a conference with El- Dever. secreary of the committee.' when the time for holding- tli? meeting of the comi^jttee was decid ed upon. .\ccording to -Mr. New. a number of ••itics have made formal application secure th? next convention, amoni; hem being Chicago. Kansas City. St. '«ouis. Denver. Seattle. Atlantic City • nd Pittsburg. From Milwaukee and 't. Paul als<» have come'inquiries as 0 the prospects tof securing the con ent'on. but Mr. New said that at this 'm.^ he was not committed to any •articular place. "The next convention is going to •tract a larger number of people 'inn have heretofore attended." said Ir. New, "and there ara four consid- rallons to be taken into account in leeiding upon a place for hold'ng tin "onvontlon. The first is th.-> accessi iiility of tho town. It must possess adequate transportation facilities. Second, it must have ample first clasF )fel aceon .iKlatoiis. Third, it must •ovide a good lii 'Il. sufllcient In si/.< •id suscpij'ible of being arranged fm •e aceoiiio:iat!on of the convention 'Id further, it must po.ssess adequate icilitles for ilie distribution of news." VO>T (JK.VM Bt»M» TO UKIXK.S 'iilln- Judge .Siiys Trisoners .M UK I Flr.-st Be Airaltrned. .Iiidge .1. .M. Collins says that fioui low on he will not'accept bonil fni •itoxicnted nu-n for their appearand hile they are In nn intoxicated con lltioii or until arraigned. He say iial recently a drunk was placed ii 1 I and a few moments after his in ••rceratlon frienilK got him out. ol II. and he then went home and alms d members of h's family. As eour' •i not In session on Sundays a ilrunl- •lio Is thrown In on Saliinlay evenin;: HI li.ive to remain there until Jlon ':iy morning. Bracelets • MVALIEKK.S LOCKETS AM) CIIAI.NS HAT PI>M HACK (JO.MBS ' New stock—Beautiful designs —Splendid assortments to select from. McNElL BROTHERS. THE JEWELERS. H) -SHAKE THE I'M .M TREE." Okluboma Uei^ublEcun Leuderx Are oi Their Way to Uushinirion. ANT \VL\E FOR SACEAME.NT.S. eorgla Baptiiit.s to Legislature to Olvc Tlicm .Special ProblbltloD. .\tlanta. V.H.. Oct. 'J2.— A movemeii' las been started among Georgia. Bap •ts to urge an extra session of tin •-•islatnre to provide for the. use of •ine in the sacrament of tli.^ Lord< ipiter. It's use is barred under thi irohibition law recently adopted. Ai meeting of Baptists In Harris Sat "day a resolution was jfdopted Cal' g upon the governor for a ruling on he USD of sacramental wine, and if it . forbidden, asking him to call ai .\traordinary session to amend thaw. rOI->Tl>(J THE COST. 'cacc Conferenre Spent ^tS.i,iH»t fi>t 317 Dinners. riie HagiK'. Oct. 22.- Now that tli iternational peace, conference ha- osed it is int?restlng to study som< f the llgures which have been pre :;red on the cost of tlie four months • rsbiii. The general expenses of ai' 'le (I'd gates is estimate'l at $2 .!t;(i. ''II. of which $.*2:;.00 <t was spent I' IV The cost of "17 dliiJiers. The amount spent by the varioiii. ilrgat^on.s. tho press'association au'' d'vidtial newspapers for tele.sraphlc '.lis amounted to $22 .'i 072. .Mon- than • million words of pre-ss matter con eriiing the conference were sent out . .M '.\Ar (iHTO>'S .MOTHEIt IIVIX; Veil knonn Sinelternian I.eff fur .Mln- neupnlN Todu). Chas. .McNaughton. one of th'- w -11 "iio'.vii snieltennen. employed at tlie •'rime Western Hinelier No. ". receiv i| a telegram this morning.from his rotiier. .\. T. .^ic."•Call»:hf ^lIl. of .Mln .aitolis, .MInii.. announcing the sei- 'es illness of his mother. Mr. Mc• aughton b'ff on the train in 'le hope of reaching hjs mother's bed- ide before her death, his will make Ir. McNaughton's second visit to I'lineapolis within the past two -seks. He was called there because ••: her tivo weeks ago. Soon •fter he reached that city she grew ftter atid it was thouglit that she •voiilil recover and Mr. McNaughton •anie home. SHEKIFFS .MAT LOSE FEES. ^KTlum Attendant!! Kpromnie'iideil for TiikInK KanMH In^nne to Hottpltal. Topeka. Oct. 22.— The Kansas slier- Ts may lose some of their fees if the lans of the board of control are car- led out and siklled at.tendants from 'ic state hospitals are sent to brluf •isane or epileptic patients to the dif- erent s»-»fe institutions, liembers of he hoard h»ve bepn vl«:(tlntr hosrdt:*'" 'n other stales and In a report made o the governor the board advocate he nlHii of sending asifislants fron- 'losnltals after the patients Instead o' "•Hvlng tlte. sheriff of the county ae- •oropauy them to the InHtltutlon. It is hqwn that he plan will save abou* »wo thirds of tbe present cotit d 'ranittbrtatloa aind that l\ was more latUfactory to tbe patieoti and tbetr -elatlves. Cuthiie. Okla., Oct. 22.—A f :oo ;ll;. iiiiiiiber of Ukiahonia politicians wil. ;o 10 Was'.iliigtoii. IJ. C. during tli< jiresent week on missions perlainint to fi -derai appointments In thi- ne.\ state. .\moiig the Bepiiblicaii leaders win mend to go are Congressman Bin .McGuire, Charles Hunter, chulrmai ! the Kepublicaii committee, ati' lenry Asp. fornur attorney for ihi Santa Ke. .Mr. Asp lias already Icf ;utlir|e. fur Wiishington. where h» .lit s to look after his candidacy fi.. i;e I'cdei-al judgeship of the Wester: ;strict of the new stat.>. Gjverndr I'rant.'. and Congicssniai \lc;!iiire are not workiim well togeth •r in the niatier or :ndoisemenls ach seeming to fear the oilier nia- -i.ciire exclusive control of the fed ra' patronage. .McGuire, it Is iiii del-stood, will indorse Biirforil fo. West district judge, and if the riv ilry between Frauiz and McCluire con iniies Franiz may yet indorse Croni. veil or s<iiiie oilier candidate. Cliari -s Hunter's visit to Waslilim "11 it Is said, has two objects. 0111 III cull the attentii>n of Preslden: (Dosevelt tl) alleged fraud in the Ok. lahonia eli^ction and to make a last ippeal for a cungresKlonal investlga tioti. and the other (o Indorsp .Tudge tiirwcll for Ihe fed -ial bench of th^ Western d.strict. Hunter was Bur veir.seoiirt clerk, iiiid resigned to take the chairniaiisliip of the Repubiiijan iiiiiniittr'e. Congressiiiaii .McCiiiire's visit wIl' tlso have (o do with ap|>olntmen(s li Uie new state, and while there h \ill prpbably seek to strengthen him •(elf so ti at in the future lie can r." gain the control of federal |)atronage •1 Oklahoma, which he lost to a con s (lerable extent during the adminis- 'raliiHis of Governor Tom Fergusor mil Coveinor "Frantz. GItlllHtte IS ADJUSTED t;lty Calla for Bida for Sooth n'alnnt Curbing. FEWEK I'E.NSIONERS BY |S,6«0. A (ireal Oecrease Shown liy the Latest (•'ovemnicnt Report Waslili::;toii. Oct. 22.—^The decreasi )l ix.cuo ill il'.o number of pensioners •II t!:e rolls at the end of the fiscal car 1; MI 7. .! H compared with the yeai .icvloiis. 's the feature of the anii'iI: report of the pension comniission r. Vespas an WariK'r. jus1 issued riii.s is the greatest decrease in tin ilslDiy ui" the pension bureau. Tin i-t;tl number of pensioners .I'liie 30 ".>'•?. was !tii7.:i7l. and the total valu •1 thi" pension roll at that date was •.Uii..S.'.».Sso. This is more by Jl.Ci;; i :;l tlan the value of the roy for th- ear previous, aliil is accounted foi 'y the Iii.nlier rati's of pensions; pri' did for by the act of February. IHOT iiid -'r wliiiii act there had be ?ii eii '•oiled, .lime :;ii. of Ilie present year '1C.2 ::'J 111 nsioners. The total niimbei •f pensioners iiij the roll on acfoiuii of the war with Spa 'ii was 21.077. The South Walnut street curbing controversy now appears to be set- t 'ed. .M the adjourned meeting of the council last night It was dec d•d to re-let tlic contract for building th .3 curbing. Bids are to bo advertised for at once. The meeting of the council was leld especially to dl.spose of the curb- iig matter. S. A. Gard. ;u5 attorney or the American Concrete company, he contractor, appeared -jefore the ;;)iincil and presented a proposition loin his client. It was to tlie effect bat the company was willing to takn Jilt the curbing, sell It. and whatever vas received to api)ly on the con- ract price In case they should bring •n action against the city to compel It to pay tho amount of the contract, 'lit th3ir taking up the curbing should not be construed as an admission that he curbing wa.s^ defective. On tlie ither hand their taking up of the .•urbing should not be construed as v.\ admission on tho part of tho city hat the work was according to con- Tiict. In other words by removing '.he curbing the legal situation is to remain the same as it has always leen. The council agreed to only that art of the proiiositlon that the tailing up of llic curbing should not be Tgarded as an admission on the part i lite company that the work was de .ctlve. This leaves tli:" right to the oiiipany to brine suit to recover any •laini they may think they have igaiiist thecity for the d sputed curb- •!g It is* quite Improbable that tho ompany will bring such a suit. The council later decided to re-let iie contract and to ask for bids. The •iouth Walnut curbing, has been in lispiite since .Func when the properly iviu-rs protested to the council that he work was not uj» to the sjieclflca- I :»;!S. The contractor has contended hat the work, with the exception of I few minor defects, was up to the •pccincaMons. The mandamus action 'nought by tl:.^ property owners to compel the city to complete the ifin tract will likely be dropped. W. H. ANDERSON, Attomey-at<L«w. Notary, and Stenographer In GfRce. Phone 455. « • • • • H. A. Ewlng, S. A. 6ard, O. R. Oard • EWJAO, tJARD & GABD,^ * -1 • Lawycra. " • ' • Practice In all Conrtl. «"' • 9^ W. Madison. PboM 8S9. • I * DR. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: OlHce 32, Res. 232. OfBce In Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West Madison. • • • • I Phone 554./ tola. Kana. DB,' E 6 I TH 8. HAIGH. Office aiid Residence. over Burrell's Drug Store. Offlce Honrs—10 to 12 a. m.. 2. to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. Sundays by Appointment. Phone 6R7. Rea. 701. .DB. 0. t. COX, Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. OfHco A. O. U. W. 3ldg. 9fflce Pbone 1083. DB. R. 0. CHBISTlAJf. Fhyalcfan and Sargeon. Rooma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. F. H. MABTDf, Practice Limited to Surgery. 16 N. Bi'ickcye. Phone 576. • • • • DB, W. B. HEFLMUN. PbTsIclar: & Snrgeon. OlBco N- B- Corner of Square. Over K^'O. Plumbing Go.'s Store. Res. Tel 38. Offlce Tel. B02. Phono D32. Fuller Bldg. DB. ULYSy, Specialist. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. KICKED THE WKONO .MA>. > Ictlni of Carnival .Inkes Attacked Sup poiicd Asitailant. One lola young woman who attend, (I the Caniival last night proved. ;eyond a question of a doubt that sh3 might not hit very hard with her 'Ists she could use her feet to good advantage when it came to a showdown. The young woman in question had j had rice thrown at her all even-iig. Mid was, to say the least, tired of it all. As site passed a bunch of young men one of them brushed up against •er. Slie turned around and her eyes ell on a prominent young business nan of tile cl;y who was standing •i< ar and had seen the performance. I'lie wouuin sized him up as the fellow that had so roughly pushed her. and without the least warning, gave the nnocent young business man a real uennlne old-fashioned kick. The young man for a second was "dazed" and then realizing flie wo man's mistake Joined the bunch of fellows in areal hearty laugh and acknowledged that the joke was on hiui. R,i8. Ter .~l38. Offlce Tel. 16.1. " DB. J. B. PEl'PKB. Dentist. I B iicrmnnently located over E. C. McClaln'8 Clothing Store, and.Is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment. DB, L. TOZEB, tola lugrmary, 202 E. Jackson. Wo ifse X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static. Galvanic and Faradls Electricity with vibratory stimulation In nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. V. li. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop.\ O.StEOPATUIC FHT8ICUN8. Spedlrattentlon given to Diseases Women and Children. Over -East Side Hardware. Offlce 'Phone, Main 468. > Lowney's Chocolates THAY ARE FRE^H. A choice a.ssortment of this popular brand at CRABB'iJ. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their jreshness goes with Iheui. Get your uext candy at Crabb 'aj and bee how well k pleases yi-'u. CRABB'i DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and Wsst Sts. How to Cure Liver trouble There are usually several ways to do a given thing, but it is the aim With all of OS to find the best and shortest way. It is just so in the care of disease. People snffering from liver trouble imagine that all they have to do is to Uke aom thing tbot will physic them. Ther iS; mora than that m the cure of so serionaa disorder as liver trouble. When that drowir. elonred up feclinK eomes on Tou go to • Ong store and uk tor a SO oent or 11 bottle of Or. Caldwell's Syrup Pcpain. Take a dose or two and vratcb results. It will aot onl7 clean out the bowcln and stimulate tb« liver, but (t will set the blood to circulutins so that 70U feel active araln. and arouse the fUDi. tlons of tbe stomnch so that your appetite re- toms and yon (eel like your oM self acalo. A simple luatlTe or pumtivc could not do that. Dr. Caldwell's S.vrup Pepstn is not only a woo- oerful lazailTB but it has tonio properties, ao tbaL onlike so many other thlnirH. instead of leaTloK you weak and drawn it builds yon ap and atrenstbens yoo. ' It does not sripe—It acts smoothly, oiltns tbe lotestlnes M > that the passat.'e Is smooth and •itTceable. It Is rcntle but effective, pleasantto the taste and pore In quality. Itfsanezoellent. eeooomical Home Cure, aod its results are per. manent. It is absolutely Kuaranteed to do what Is claimed for it. Use It (or occasional or chronic coojUiiatloii, dyspepsia. Indisesilon, bllkiusness. sour atom, •eh, bloated stomach, flatulency, diarrhea, and tbe dozen and une other ills of the stomach, liver and bowels. It Is tbe neatest o( hooseboU remedlea and no family should be witbont It because In a family aomeoneat say moment mar need such a laxative and then yoa will appreciate bavinx Dr. CaldweU's SyrnpFepaln in tbe Loose. wfttlMNatMrltim H, s «nd for It If yw tanw aMw iBnliM tor dMrn, IMNMS srt ^oM THROWN WAGO.V. II. A. KirhnrdMon >'arronly Escaped lujnry Yesterday. II. .\. Kichai-dson. ex sheriff of AI liMi fDUiit;.", eaiue ver.v near snffering a IjrokfU rib .v;'sterday evening while ii uork at Ills i»ouUrj- plant west of town. .Mr. Richardson was standing in the back end of his waRon loading some material, when the horse suddenly started, throwing him to Ilie Bioiind. Ho struck his side on a chicken eoop and for a tiino it was thought tliat a rib had been broken. He was very badly hruibed and Is fnel Ing iiilgliiy sore itxiay as a result of llio accident. tVII.L KEEP 0> HELPIX.'. ('ortel>ou >ol to Disrontinuc Deposits of Puliiie Funds. Wushington. Ocl. 22.—Tlu- state- ni.'iii recently made that Secretarj' Cortelyou would continue for the present his plan for making deposits ot public funds in national bank deposi- l<:ries is being supported by tbf actions of the secretary In that direction, altlough he has made no further statement regarding his purpose In the matter. It is believed to be safe to predict tliat these deposits to the extent of from $4,000,000 to $5,000,000 a week will lie continiiad during the next two or tiirce weeks.. SETII LOW MAY BE ITS HEAD. Mr. Belmont Expected to Retire From Clvle Federation Presidency. New York. Oct 22.—The Times today publishes a report founded, it says, on apparently good authority, that August Belmont will retire troni the presidency of the National jClvlc Federation when that ^ organization holdfl Its conference on trusts this week at Chicago. In that case, it is believed, the of- fii-e will be offered to ex-Mayor Seth low. and that he will accept. F. W. Fransus Dead. Wchlta. Oct. 22.—F. W. Fransus editor of the South Grain and Flour Journal aod secretary ot tbe local board of trade died this morning aged Ixty-two yoara. Prof. R. H. William.^, the Wlifrhviiul yjiater oi the west, ia his *w(»rle! /a- nioiis^ cxhilitti(.u~A SLIpfC FOR LIKIC—ouc week t'OiiiJUcntiiiK caturday Night, Oct. 19, Rollaway Skating Rink North Side of the S({uare. G'jotl Music. Gixxl Orckr. : Good Floor. DON'T MISS IT. DON'T FAIL TO COME Wry 9 Want Ad. in the Register Baths of All Kinds. ExcInsiTe Apartment for Ladles Deoicomb Bath Boose aed fflineral Well (1,500 Feet Deep.) " . . Located at 4th and Scott Ave., 'Fort Scott, Kansas. This water Positively Cures. Rheumatism, . Bright's Disease, Hfomach Trnuble and Ague. Prof. J. L. Bishop, the most Celebrated Massaglst and HydropaUi< .^1 ist In the Country, in attendance giting massage. WAI£B SHIPPED IN FITE (o) G^LLLON BOTTLES OIOiT.

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