Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 5
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t f HE lOIA Dim BEfllSTEB, THrRSBAT ETimO, OCTOBtB 29. im 1 ' . Remember A DEPOSITED our Spvings Department does not tie lip yonr account for any given length of time. You can draw ALL or ANY PART at /.NY TIME, and whatever amount is in the bank on our interest payment dates, (which are January 1st and July 1st of each year), draws THREE per cent interest for the time it lias been on deposit. • The only way an account in o7r Savings Department differs from a checking account, is that you do not issue checks against it, and that it DRAWS INTEREST. Should you wish to draw an}' part of your account, simply bring your Pass Book to the hank, and we PAY YOU THE CA81T. Isn't that easy? State Savings Bank CmpiimI S23.000 f Ola, Kmnmam Open from 7 to 8 p. in. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A fPTT hnndrPd li spolions Xo. 1 wcslorn land at ?r(HK) and np. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OfBee Orer Iowa Store. Tborpe & floogfa Contractors, Engineers, Snrr^cyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of Mrveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, "and farm drainage. Office Orer''•Tamons." Short Stories •— O F — lola Happenings Use No. 7 Flour Oood as any—better tlian most. Iloii't rorpet Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of I'rrsb Ments, Smoked ami Salt Meats. • We Want Your PRODUCE farmer.^, and will i>:iy Ibe biKbest market price in cash or trade. Come in and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Eom's COFFERS and TEAS If you will Rivo tliis liue a trial you will URO no oibiT. —Dr. 3. n. Pepper. DenlisL Phone 1(13. His Wife in Politics. Sheriff C. O. nollinser persuadofl his wife to s'-'t i"io jioHiics for a tow lioiir.-; y(>stoi;lay. Mr. Hollinsor is si^iidiiifC out oirculnr lettfrs to the votors sliouin:? thorn tt'.at the sher iffs olReo has not been an expensive luxury to th<» tax paycr.s during bis foriu. The sheriff was quite busy yesterday and Mrs. Rollinsier canio flown to the office and helped him set the circulars ready for mailinti. A hi'i lot of Pit-Pat Candy ju.^l received ai niirreir.-^ dru;: store. Fryer Phone aoi, 30S. Bros. lola,, Don't Take Well. I( is }.ai<I that a coloretl Democrat, for there if; one in the cit.v, is not haviua: much .success in distributin.^ the Forakcr-Brownsville htittpn.s wbjch are being sent out from Democratic headfiuartors at TopeVta. The colored voters here are almost irtiani- tnou.s for tl)e Jjepublieau ticket nnd are iioi seel;in? the ForaUcr button. STRAYED—One sorrel blazed faced mare, horse shoe brand. Finder please report to Roy Simmons. Hambo'dt Muitipiy Fast. A .<5 a flock of phea.<«anis are lo b* turned loose in this county nexi spring the followinir from the Salina .lournal may be of Interest: "It is impossible to tefl just how many Kne lisb phea.sanfs there are in the county now.'" .said F. D. Quiucy today. "They have muUiplieil very .-uirt as they keep from being seen as much as possible, it is hard to e.^timat. their number, l think bird.s lo be distributed oucbt to be put tocetber in one flock. I believe (hey will get along better. 1 think that a mistake was made wluu the first ones were RcatTere.i ouf. al(hoiii;h tbey .seetu to gotten alons alright." Hallowe'en Past Canl.-^ ai lturr.-(l.>! Irui; store. , Dr. Callaway's Mother Injured. Mrs. Callaway, mother of Mrs. (1. A. Oodfrey. Dr. 1.. H. and Dr. W. h. la! lawny, who met with a very unfonun ate ac-'iiUnt Fritlay eveniu'-:. is re ported reeling nicely today and is I'eel ing much better than wua evpceted. .Mrs. Callaway fell down a stairway at the Godfrey home and a severe fracture of her ri^hi shouMer and her head was p.iinfully bruised and lacerated.—Nevada .Mail. Dr. Callaway is interested in the lola cement iinlusiries nnd w.ns here a day or two as:o to attend a meetint; of the directors of the Pniied Poriland Cement company. k —Paper Hanging. Fred Rowder.- Phone 1428. -Frank S. Beaftle. V. S. Phone W I Suit on a Note. The Kansas City WHiolesale house l)rnuj;ht suit in district court yesterday ai:ainst .lohn .\. Rdwards, livinc near lliWnboldt. to recover on a pro uiissory unie. T!ie total amount in volved is .'iliout $::{\n. —Insist on having "17. S." floir. Evans Bros. Pmkitm, .Stmtlonmry, Ottm Blank Bookm mtuiatama School Suptttlom I TypmrnrrMmf SapnUmm, Archhoct Supniimm OtUom 9u0p/rmm Where Qoallty la mmln eoailfl- eration we bay the beat Wbtre demanda will Jnatlfy, wa carry all cradea and pricaa, •••tk f Me gqiara^ Sals, XMS. How is This, Hayden? .Snrinfffield's niana«emen( has plain ly .shown thai, it wishes to get into a I> league where that town he- longs., by reor?aui/in.g ilie O-K. lea giie aud calllnu ilie new ihin;r the Western .'is:-orintioii. To draw out oi litis leajriie and 'AO into the O-K. lei- cue would for<-ver Kill liasel>;i!l in tli" Ozaft; town. to i a liiisit lea- uiie ;iiid iii -''S,; it 11)1 Willi l.'.e uic name would be a good thing for rtpriii;rlield. I)ui how alieui tlf other lowitsV— lliitcliiusoti .\-e». s. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturert, Wholesola and RetoO I>eolers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Hrw Call Btaraga Beaiy far Sulneai. PhOM IIC FRANK niDDLB. Mgr. Stoves Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. They Get Schoonover. .luiia.' .Maulord Scliooiiover of Ciar iieK lias he .-n secured hy the local Democratic coimnittee to deliver an addf ss at the liryau lieailnuariers in lite liaseiit.'iit . of tile |-:ik hllilrlilis i ;e \t .Mofid.iy tii,^'- i. .lu.luc Sclioon over is an exeelletit lalljer. Wo. S !>ol;e her.' .at. the Democratic liaiKiuet last ii.— {'haiiiiie Triljtine $1.1111 linttii- of WaliiHi tor :'.r.c ai J D. .Muiidis iV- Co. Atchison Judoe Here. Wh^n .liiii;;e .\dams went to lola a week auo lor a visit, .some one reported that lie would 111' away for several we.'ks. .Iitdpe ,\danis don't look to us liki- a man would stay away from .\ichison "s.rveral weeks." lie has remained away longer now than bis frii-iids thoiiphi he woulil.—Atchison I C ainpioii. IWC TORES- J, Do THOM EBtlmatea «}ieerfal!7 given oa all work F)|OM tie.: .Bes. ilM 8. Bnekejs. —Six per rent Bioney; no cotamiaMon: no delay.—Smith Sc. Travla. Talked Past Fortune Teller. .V Ft. .Scott candiriare hunted up an old fortune teller the other day and a.sked her for her opinion as to how he would run. She told him that she could see" nothins but defeat in Store for him and he jollied her and made fcer believe finally that he had a walk-away in his candidacy. The practice of resorting to fortune tellers is Eomethlne: -new io politics. | One Week More. One week more of fuss and fury! Then the people, as the jury, haviim weiphed the testimony (some of which was rather phoney), will ti.eir little verdict render; who will then be crowned with splendor, as the na- lion'.s'chosen pilot? Wlio of all thai coy and shy lot? Will Tom HisRen. blushing, enter, strikin}; off the people's fetters, wi^b a lot of Archbold etters? Or will Debs, that tireless ranter, pass the others in a canter, and elected, trample under all the woes that chafe lik<^ thunder? Or will Chafin. chosen winner, make us all wash down our dinner, with a till) of hydrant water. thon!?h it make our reason totter? Idle, though, is spec- ulntion; still this pood old trusty nation, ma.v .«!erenely he expected. wl;o- so'er may be ideeted. to ;;o marehiiic on lo iilory. band in haml with old Knipory!—Fiupoila C.i/.tle. —Always time to ent at Our Way Delivuk Gets a Taker. The first wrestlini; bout of tiie .sea sou will be held toniubt at Wonderland park between Delivul,-. th(^ Wi<-!i- il.a champion, and neorpe <llon of .\u rora. N'ebr. flioii Wii^bs in ai 1^^pounds and Delivuk .-it l*;". Tli.-y arc s.iid lo be very evenly iiiatehed in other respects.—Wiehiia K.ii-'I''. Delivuk is the man who recently chal lenped Marshal .lini Fre.lerii ksou of Bassclt. EXTRA SPECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS Commencing Friday Hlorning Desirable Fall Suitings in checks, stripes and plain colors ranginpf in width from .'5f> to 10 inches. X'alnes always sold in a jegulay way at TiOc and 6oc per yard. Yonr choice Friday and Saturday only . . 25 pieces New Fall Suitings com- prisinQ- the new Herring bone effects in ill popular .shades, also novelty^snit- ings worth up to $1.00, some of them inches wiib. Choice while they last. :it yard, only SEE WiMDOW BIG PRiC£ REBUCTWNS OM ALL TAILORED SUITS —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Will BuilH Soon. FranTr Ooyetfe was up from fCtsmore iast evening. He says that work on the erection of sevi-ral new bii.iiiie.'-..^ hiiildiuKS in the liliwk liiir:'' d o"! a .vear as:o will liei;lii .-is .voon as the hriek, which has been ordered fur some time, arrives. Wahoo ::r,c per liiutle at Mil ml is" Hetling Co .v .tng Back. "I'm coniiiiir home Tiiursday. Hav. the band .at <l"pol lo mi i-t me." This wa> th.- of ;i leli'-.rarn r-- ceived l)y .lack Holland, manager of the Wichita team la-;i!. li was from (Jus Hetliii?;. who ha.-; fa<-i^<! the charce- of criminal assault and ?er oud decree murder at Santa V'. N*. M. The few fans who were around -;eeni. d extremely jilad lo know lliaf Hetliiiir will be alile to <ome to Wich iia auain. ll.' larue nmul). r ot friends here helievi-d that hi- wa^ no- really to blame in the Pu!lnia!i ca' incident. Iti which a woman elainn d BAD BREATH "Formnothft I li»d Krrnt tmnblevrlih irr »-t'*m»rh »titi u»rU m\\ kinds of lutrtlicili*-*. Ktjr t*>ni;<*« b»« b**«*n HrCuikWr r.'s ^zrt-n A « iff**, tnx bri*ji<h bavinff Casctir'-iit ail'I «(t* t K*ix\-^ ii .*-m 1 rAii K : liinelj rii.i*. n. n.'iJw.rn. HI v.. 't . Si.. :•;.-»» York. X. Y. BesT For r ^^^^ 5owels ^ CANCYCA'DIARTK ei<?Ma>it, PaU!aM<i. rr.t^ii». ftL-v Oood. IV) looA. \llT«r^>i'••;ru. Wttaktfn cr liripv. !*>-. :6c. W--. !«e**r old I D l>:illc. Thn tin" '-i t iMrt •liin(<«<I CCC. '•naraiitinni ta cui» • r j>.iir UtutJ UkC-.. SterljpK Remedy C »i .,Chie«eocrN.Y. sqB ;iHUilLSALE. TEM MILLIOH BOIES -15 Beautifully Tailored Suits will ])e found on sale Tomorrow and Saturday at {)rices not equalled in any other lola store. It will^be worth while to see them before buj'ing. About Our LatiiBS and Ohil'^ dren's Coats Just a word right here, then we will leave the decision entirely to yon. If yo'i wiut the htii there is iu lola for the price, whatever it may be, vi.cit this store, while otir stock :s at its best. COME TOMORROW Heilinj; assaulted her. HetliuR did not state in his i<I<?;rain whether he is simply out on bond or has cleared iinself.—Wichita Kajtle. —Rlffn paint in.?. Fred Rowden. phone 1-128. Candidate i'l Town. n. I>. {{iis.-ell. ..f May.ird. IVmo- eratic catididare for n iir.siiuativ.-. w.'is ill the eily > fStiM 'l.a.v \!>il.iii'_' lie- vtdi-rs. — ruuniusrhani A: .\rjiell. fi per cent amner. First Winter Calls. poor Coniinissioner .\1 .\brams say.-; iliar. dmiii;; ilie w.t wi-aihi-r last we.k sevi tal applicaiimis wen- mad.- Ui ihe CDuniy for aid Tlfv were the. lir.-i <;i',l.< far i.'ip in many IIKIIllll.-^. — lilzsjerald SloraL'c and Trainsfer Co. IIiin *ieh<dd and pmito niOThitr; l,'»nreo( siorv room in eily. I'lioiio 3."»fi. A Narrow Escaoe. t Yisitnfay morning th.- three year old baliy of .Mr. and Mrs. Davis liv- iut; at .\orih Thinl sirei-i came very nearly Iti-iiiii niu ov. r liy a .Missouri Pacific swirch en-in.-. The eti;;itl.'. |-. seeing Ilie dauir 'T of the li.iliv. r;ni to the front of tin- eu-iiie .md saved ih«' child from hariii as the iiiui:;-- came near —.\atA n »rnpf nnd Repirr .Shop for HU kinds of repairing:. Aniomoblle Uvery. Plione MW. Has Diphtheria. .\ lirrN- >'\ oh! -irl or Mr aiu! Mrs U'hiiiiKer Hv:!;- a: 'i-I .Vortij str.-'-r. ! KI » dipliili'-! i:i TI>- lioiu.' wa> Uiiaiai.i n:.'i! .'.iv . INioni-; f<<- n:eii. V Mi' ^ i>u::iliii2:. S'l-am h'-.r. in e.nli reoin l!.iTli~ free Stoekhftlder^ Hid, Seven siocklioldcr^ in iJ!-* A^l* ('•riiv-«- I'/u'l.tnd Cemei ->t cotnpanv p.!riv<»d >estt-rdav i'l -|ioii>e to ifie invitation js.-.-ief' ).» 'lit- officer-- .'f ihe coniiianv. nr>: knuwiiiir Miai >lif ' .•^•u<-kh (''''Hi - (t;i\" iiirimi*-d 'iv til.- l.iMt . ' ,t<f I ••ft! ;'i>^i pKilfd tie- if !i:i(l v>i-.)'t»-' .\nn.n:r those eaiiie «e:>- K. H'-aerci. of Har- riscnvi'le. .Mo : H and K ItSchoene '"'•III. ef l<'H;r 1. I) Carmean of I,.- I.'ov; K W S.iitcrlfe. 1.1" \Iolinf-: .M. H. fVi-nslit. ot Siirpiix'. .\'ei(.. and Mr. and ^^rs «". Sh:«fi'i- i>i' Ciiartl. Tlu-y were enteriaiupd l>y O. J Hi'l. vice iiresident of the company, the prf«ram including a wasonette ridf- tu the idani jHsi north of the city and a trip throuhj; Its various departments.— Chanate Tribune. —Oysters any style at uuj-way. To nnd From ( luinute. (•oiL-nmers tias ctnupany sot a I'O- iKurei wfil in :'.t;-2i ;-i s and th*- Gar-^ jdtu City Oil conip.-in.v i;dt the same .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Itroiiaud re- 'kind of a we!! on the .lohiison in 7-28- lurned to lola this aft'-riioun. af;er 17. Tin- larues; .i:as well was drilletl -p«-ndini,' :i week with .Mrs. Harry t>y l).-nnis *i Kickel in S-28-17, Wll- |.-,-yi.. - 1" * Many Younn an It da ('ounty.—Independence Reporter, nasseii^rcr tod;iy noon.—Clniiiuit- Siin. —He a FSooster—Home Industry— .\eosho River Cat at Our Way. I —It—Our Way Soda Water ; Hen- on itu>iiie^>i. " - i U K' lilitin.iii •Mill iioiili toda.v on Hack 1 (1 lola. : i,ii-.iii.-:~.~. i^ip ii, l(ii;i. Chatiute. and Mr. and Mrr-. Henry M<.rk;mM! r--; _ i.i.|..|„..,u..n.-.- I{ep.j *i.-r. inrncil to lola Mday after visit ;iiu .Mr.s. Harry Fry,'. » * * .Mrs. K. I. .lones of I'iltslitir;,'. P.i.. wlio is the .juest of her iian-nis .Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Yoiiiiir. and .Mrs. W. W. Tinner went if> U);a Iliis afieruiioa lo vi.-ii.—Ciia- iiiilo Tribune. \:',', i.ic h.niii:; a:iy juli" work dollar et nie kr:ou H K Shyok. I'.JU .North .lefferson liuardintr an Expre>.s Office. -V we<k a.i;o. dnrimr the stormy Moard an.l r.i.uiis in privau f:.niilv;|iweatlier. a lieavy jrale blew down the modern, in:: ?.„r.h .^.rc;. T ;V'"ll'" I'aciln- e.xpress comriauy on East -Mei-'. Tiie iron frame of the awn<i\K SI ruck tile larire plate In the •.\iii<li )\v and hroke. There was no plate ula^s of I lie size required to re- [I..1C4' I hi- l«rol^r-n <.!;»• in the city and ii u;'.~ iiveessarv to uider it from out i.sicred 2.:: NV . as eompared win, I.:;;(.,,„• .\i.v;,nwhii.-. awaiting the art he previous I. cold. I'n.m lola romes ; ^, , ,„• -j, the re-.ori of ail iiierea:-.- i:i . euisi ra-(.-spress com- tion of .".en. 'lie mark lliis \f.:v rea.'h-. ,,,^ in-.; I. I.a llaipe ha-; lis. Uas Ciry ' ' * •;7t'. Hiinilioldi i)Vi-r am! CoiTev-; ville »-.-i iiiiat.-- ii-; ; .-ui • i a' ii .n : r L'..".)l,i (-.'Mini:.- .'^iiJi AbiiHl l{«'irt>(rali«i». Clialiilie is DO! Ibe iini'. inw e i:; :his section of tie- .-la:'- wliicli r>-'.:- isiered more i -liuildi- \(iier .s ihi- lion than i-ver ii -rore. ('hiiunte fu- —Merchant's Lunch ait Our Way. -Our Oycfers Way. OMirc Vbout fNady. The \\i".k on ilie n-w «.;:.(. h li .I:'..: of the l\an^a> .V :!! ( <!'iiit::i n•. :- pioj:res.-inv' iiict iy a'ld ihf i'lir',, ,\i >ik is rapidly nci'.iim eomp 't-rii 'ii as llie wal's ar>' eoace;;;cd TIi- ployees u! the tmiijany ai- ri'iNii- he stanoiied in iheir .;:i;i!:. 1 mlependeiK-.- S 'ar. ~ • .•/.r- ^ To l.'cal K^tale Traii ^ifer. I 1> and wife to (ieorgia .A. S'.i'iii .'d lo: " hi.iek I. Rhoades ad- diiioii. l<da Consideration $2,500. .1 i: .laekson and wife to Chas. A. !'.i;iiin !r: 1.'. l.;iyions ud^lition, out of 11= J. Itroinihtons siit>-divisinn of ~Mii:!iAi>! <|iiari»-i i'';-L'l-l.s • I-'oi .1 sho't litn- oii;\. Mi!i rut: \V ,ih<'< :i' •"•e ]»•:• tii .i-:- a: y. !. IV What Field is DOHL'. Si\ we. s hiiy«•-. liei-:; d"i!'-<I n; wh.ii ki.'iv n .(S I !:.- C!iaiiii;e di-vicr td;- iiioliih Four vvf!>-i:;t> we';- .i:id IA.. ivt-r. prodticer>. ,-;t(h t :i>iKl I'e !.;•:i.-l.-. Tli'-M- i'U- lu>'\ d: '!!'.•,- a.'id .'l^<> li:;-. !),> T'l-S'- t ! < •> iii sho. .\i!eii aiid \Vi:>(::i (•i»::::'if.-. Th»- Annnnnremcnt Dr. Sntclifre wished*• to inform his farmer patrons and tfie public that h« has resumed the sreneral pri\cUce of medicine, coribin ng it with surgery. Ofruf hours 10 TO 11 a. m., 1 to 3 and 7 to S p. m. '.! * * ••'111 1 •; .. vv .ii: III lola this t'hat 'LTe .Sun. iKK .n 111 vi~: (' ;i• \v!.r Ti> lo'a tjiday Willi dau;;hter, -Mrs. —fill 1:' v;i!.> Republican. A TEARING bryeafct impendiiig pail. CoiuUnt coughing irritaies aod aflaaies die liioS*. inVmng die ravagiiig attacks of deadly diieaie. Pi no's Cute soollies and Iteais live inflamed «jrtace«. clean die clogged air ptusagn and (top* the cough. The 6nt doie will btiog surptiang lelief. Piso's Cure Ms held the coofidenceof people e*erywhere for half acestucy. No nutter how serious and obstinate die oahite oi your cold, ot bow m^y remedies liave failed, you can be coorinced by a fair trial diat die ideal fe> nedy foe such cocdilioos is PISO'S CUKE

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