Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 4
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TMB lOLA BAai BEfllSfEit, fflPBgDAl: E ?£BiDi6, OC¥OB£E 29, im. The lOU DAILT lEUSTEl CHASL F. SCOTT. THE STATE SE3f ATOSSHIF. An irit «Te <:|lng- Ccmmuoleattnii From Vfr. C. L. Evans. •atorad at lola, Kansas, PoatxtOlce, at Second-Class Matter. AdreiHsIng Rates Hade Known on Application. SUBSCBIFTION BATES. A r< *H«r In lom. Gas City, iMjn Tllle or LaHarpe, )ne Week... 10 cents in* Month 44 cents On# Year 15.00 Bj Man. .Oar year Inside coanty fSM Hn«^ year ontslde coanty $4.00 rhree Months, In advance U-OO One Month, in advance 44 J9FFICIAL PAPER, CITY OP BASSET. TelephoDBt Business Office ------ 18 Editorial Room 222 REPrDLir.W Tlf'KET. For Prpsident of the I'liifod Stntes W'lLLI.VM H. TAFT of Ohio. For Vice President JAMES S. SHERMAN of Now York. STATE TICKET. For Governor W. R. STUBRS of I^wrpnce. Ftor Lleaienant Governor W. J. F1TZGER.VI.I) of Dodge Cit.v. For Secretary of State CHAS. ]•:. DE.VTOX of Altioa. For Auditor JAMES M. XATfOM of Erie. For Treasurer MARK TlXLV of Independenee. For Attorney General F. S. JACKSOX of Eureka. For Superintendent Public Instruction E. T. FAIRCHILD of EilsTvorth. For Superintendent In.snrance C. W. BARNES Osage Ciiy. For State Printer T. A. McXEAL of Topeka. For R. R. Commissioner.'} GEO. W. KAX.VVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. For United State.«; Senator J. L. RRISTOW of Salina. For Congre-ssman CHAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSCAR FOT'ST of lola. For State Senator i-RANK TRAVIS of lola. rOrNTY TICKET. For Representative W. T. WATSOX For County Clerk R. E. CrLBERTSOX. For Treasurer C. C. AUSIIKRMAX. For Register of Deeds R. T.. THOMPSON. For County .•\ttorney H. A. EWINC:. For Prohato Jud^e .1. B. SMITH. For Sheriff C. O. BOLLINGER. . For Superintendent of ScbonH .MRS. MAl.-DE FITNSTON. For Surveyor II. F. P.M.STRINT.. I'or Clerk of Court c. E. ADA:MS. For Coroner R. 0. CHRISTI.VX. For Commissioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For CoDunissloner. Third District C. A. ITIONK. FULL OF TYPHOID GERMS. Woman Gives Disease to Others But Escapes it Herself. .Vow York. Off. For 4."ii SUP ressive days pliysirians at the detou- lion hosjiital on Norili Rrotlier isiaml have examined Marry Mallen. in tlie hoi>es that she might lie found free from typhoid g«Tnis, On .'-fveral o-" casions no germ.- liavi> boon tnmvl. hut on the following day they have rv.'ppeared and on two su<ef^s.<;ivc d^nys have thoy bei-n missing. The physicians are pu ?.7lod. but they say there is nothing to do bui keep the woman in the hospital until such time as the germs disappear. The woman was first beard of on Long Island, where a sporadic outbreak of typ!:oid oerurn^d. It was traced to her. but she got away and in another placr obtaim^d a position a.<i c<Jok. The family developed typhoid and again she moved, only TO be the pause of another slight opidem- ic of typhoid. The woman has never shown any of the symptoms of the disease hut for nearly a year and a fcaU she has been thoroughly infoeted with the germs. Unless some methods ot driving the haccilli from hor system is found Mary Malen's address for an indefinite- period will be iho detention hospital. Mr. Ovler. of lola. Hie Di-moeralic eandidare for .state senator, is making a str«>iroous canvass, and of'cotirse in his dreams can already hear the .sweet music. "Ah/! Senator!". 'M^ Dear Senator" antMhe like, but 'did you ever stop to consider thtit there are about 1200 criiel votes 'twixt thee and mev" Mr. Oyler is a clever fe low. a shrewd politician, a good law yer, and in a Democratic District would make a griod Democratic sena tor— mind you. Democratic. Holding the views he does he would under no circumstances make a good Repiibl can senator. And why in a district that is normally l.')00 to 1200 Repuh llcan .'<hould we be lepresenied by nemocraiH; instead of a Republican senator? We .said Mr. Oyler was a shrewd poiiiician. We see thai he has a "par- arnouni is.siie" which in itself is sufll ."ieni lo label him a goo<l nemocrat 'I U'lieve that we should have law giving laborers a first lien upon the produpi of their labor for iheir wages." say.s .Mr. Oyler: Well, does any one di >ac;ree wii Mr. Oyler" .\oi that we over hear of. .Mr. Travis does not. and the Republican party does not disagree will) him. We .'.iipiK )se Mr. Oyler seeks to eon vey the idea that be has diseovere sonieihiiig new undt-r the .sun but w would advise him to go tm aiuither vo .ftifje of disft )Vi'ry. It Is simply wond <.rfut to what iieadlast friends of the laboring man are the Democrats this year! To hear them talk you v .iuild iliitik th party was t;uilty of al «iris of mbery at the expotise of la bor while the Democrats were jilay ing the role of the Good ."^ainaritan. lint baek lo Ibis voyaKe of discov ,'ry. You eni|iloy a clerk in your own <ton-. a nietlianie in your factory or >lK)p. a laliorer in any capacity, and .Section :;O L M of the General Statutes of Kansas. IfiOi. s.iys that .vour per .sonal properly shall be subject to at laehment and exeeuiiru lo s .-jtisfy the debt for such ialmr. You employ any p.r.^oM lo build vDur house or repaii" it in an.v way • he <arpeutt-r.s. masons, plumbers, pa per hangers, painters, according to the provisions of Section .".117 of the General Statutes of Kansas. 1001. will irive such jiersons a lieu upon your property fr.r their labor. Vou eniplov a mechanic, arti .sau or radesman to make, a bar or repair any article of value and Chajiier :!S;! of Session Laws of Kansas. 190."., provides that such mechanic, artisan or tradesman shall have a siiecific lien on such articlii ffir his labor and if not jiaid can sell such article to satisfy his claim. He may even part with he ]io .'^ .in of the article in rpies- tion and sti:i preserve bis lien by fjlinsc in the ofTice of ibe rcKistor of ietvl.^ a lieti siatentent within tliree lay.s alter |iajiiu;r with the possession, and if the debt is not i)aid within six months may sell the same. .\gain. :hrj men who ^ork In the •snsolffrs. cenu'tit plants, the brick dams, nuicbiae shop:-, whether owned )y individual, pariufrsbip oc corpora- ion, li.iv." a 111 n (Ui such factory for their w.1g «s earned, and in case of solvency, such lien Is preferred to alT other debts or cl .iims whatsoever.— See Secil (Mi ::Sll. G. S. ISO). These laws which give the l.iltorln;; man a lien on the product of bis labor have been ena.^ted by Republi- aii veuators and represi-iilaiives and signed by Kepubliian governors, and t <\iji\~. !-eem to us thai Mr. Oyler is .u.-i a little behind the times when he advocates as a "p.iratnount issue ;i proiif>sifioii which has already been enacted into law by the Republicans. We believe it would be jusi as well to let the Ftepuhlican senators and representatives continue on the job. since they seem ro h;ive done pretty well so fjv, and we !i< !t-^ve can bi 19. iB^ OlJfllloro <3ciiml roBtrartw. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks an* Onrhine s Snecialty. f>ac« 115 East J «rksM Af» More proof that Lydia E. Pink* haiirs Vogptable C'onipound r«;- l ^torcis woiiicn to nuriiml henlth. Mrs. ilrtttie (Viix »nhiHt 'r, of 31:; So. 21st St>, r ;ir>.oiis.KanK.,writes: " For two years I iuffered from the worst formsof feminine i!N. imtil 1 was almost driven frantic. Nothing but morphine would relieve me. Lvdiu E. Pinkham's VeK^etablc Compouii<! brought me health and happiness, .".nd made me a well woman. Every >.ick woman should beoeiit by my esi>erience.'' FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For tliirty years Lydia E. Pinld ham's Vegetable Couipouutl, made from roots and herbs, has been tlie siandai-d remedy for female ills, and has positively cured thousandBof women who have been troubled with displaoement .s, inflammation, ulcera- tioii, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, that bear- uig-down feeling, flatulency, iudiges- tion,dizziness. or nervous prostration. Why don't you try it? Pon't be.sitat« to write to Mrs. Pinkltam if there is amjthing atMut your sicknes.s you do not imderstaud. She will treat your, ietterinconfidence andad vise you free. No woman ever regretted fvritingr her. and becaiue q{-.|ifr vast experience aho iiaii hfmc^ ttioumndMi AMxmk JLynn, Tjfiijii. trusted to make any amendment that may from time to time tecnme n«?c- easary. this "paramount issue" of Mr. 0>- ler'.s may be something new to the Democratic party and we rather think it is. But great goodness! 'Jhe Republican.<; thought of this proposition a long time ago and straightway enacted It into law. Mr. Oyler It too good a lawyer not to have known that these law$ were already on the books but we take if that he meant to say that he was In favor of these good Republican law.-; and that if he wa.^i .sent to the Senate he would not introduce a bill lo repeal them. We are indeed glad to have his endorsement of these worthy raeasnrei-. Frank Travis is the Republican candidate for .senator against Mr. Oyler. He is a good clean man. Perhaps he can t* make as smooth a talk as Mr. Oyler but he as a man of goml sound business judgement, and is capable and able to represent us well in the State Senate. He is a Republican too. Don't forget that! He will support Republican measures. He will vote for a Republican, fnited States Senator. ,loe Ilrlstow. Ilristow will .suiiport Republican measures in the United States Senate. Don't think .vour vote won't be needed. It will. Your vote might be ih< one to elect Travis. Travis' vote ma.v be the one needed to elect .loe nri<- tow to the I'nited Siate .Seuaie. ..\nd Joi Uristow'.-! vote might be the one needed lo carry Rejutblican administrative measures iti the Inited States Senate. So you see the imporianc of voting right on ibis question of the State senators and reiiresentatives. Travis was fairly nominated at the Republican jiritnaries. He is Ibe one choice of a majority of bis i)arly— and should receive the loyal supimr: of his party. We cannot afford to let any personal consideration jeopardize Rcjmblican success in the count V. slate or nation. C. L. i:VAN .5. BUDDER TROUBLES READILY RELIKVKD BV TIM.*. .<.IM- PI.E HO.ME MIXTIHK. There Will Be .Much I.o>s Kidney Tronblo and I'rinary Ai*flicHon« Horc When Recipe Is Ocnerall} Known. Made in New^Hc In New York, the fashion center, yoii see Correct Clothes for Men Designed and made in theaccepted styles by At our modest prices they are the most economical Perham & Son Co. lola, Kansas Outfitters for Men \ ISmokelOLABOOSTER JOHN GOSHORN'S SPEECH. Chanute Paper Has Fun With lota's; Big Democrat. Here is a prescription that anyone can mix at home. .\ny good prescrip tion pharmacy can supply the ingre- lients named at little cost; being coin posed of vegetable extraets. it is harm less and inexpensive. ISest of all it does its work well, relieving even the forms of bladder trouble, fre- lueni iiriu.'iiion. baekaehe. kidne\ com plaint, and by its direct action upon ihe eliminative tissue tif the kidue^^ makes these most vital organ.s rid he\ blood and system of waste mat- i«»r and urie acid whieh eauses rheumatism. Here it is; try it. if \o\i .-uffcr. Fluid Extract Dandelion. one-ha!f ounce: Compound Karpon, one ounce: Compound Syrup Sar.^aparilla. three mnces. Sliake well in a bottle and take in easpoouful doses after earh meal and It bediimc. Form.-r sufferers often sta:e that one week's ns<' shows eurative re- iilts in nearly every instaneo. and iich .symptoms as lame back, frequent lesii'e to urinate. i>ain ia bladder and veil chronic rheuniati.^m tire gener- lly relieved within a few days, the pain and hwelliuK diminishing: with ^ach dose. EARLIER TO K.W.S.V.S CITY. Vew Thne fard on the Ka(> to Be EffpfllTo Soon. On Sunday. .Novtmber l.'ith. sa.vs tho Jhanute Tribune, the Katy railroad •vill pu' a lime card into effect which will change the time at which its train 'or Ktinsjis City .lasses ihrousit Cha- lute from 12:L'0 in the afternoon to otne ilipt- between S' at'd '.> o'clock in he morninir. I'nder the now s.bedule tbi% iraai •.vill start from nartb-sville at .'> 'dock in the inoriiim;. It will reach I'offe.vvil.e at o'« lot k. and I'ar.=-ons 7. where it will coiinec! with the ew da>lii:hi uaiu to St. lyiuis. It will continue to Kan.-as City by way fjiauute and arrivin-.^ in the itv ;ii 1 o'clock ill I lie Jtfiernoon. The new service was to hav.- l.e- oiiie effective next Siimlay, bur a lost pott, tnent of two weeks v,as tak- n because of tlie fie«id .'mil the collusion which tbi., cu'ised in the pas- eii;;er departnu n! 'f the .-\-.<ti le. Officials, of the Katy in loUi have ereiv<»<l no auihotiiaiive advice c<>n- eriiing ;be new time card, bu; ^ay bat they nnder.-^tand tha' a new ard is bdns prepared. If the new •\a!isas City train leaves t'hanutc at a. m. it slioitid leave lola about rriiitig in Kansas CUy about I p. in BALLOTS FOR THE MAIL CLERKS n Kansas They Will be Allowed to Vote A\v»'y From Home. Topelca, Oct. 2rt.—I'nd.-r a ruling of the attorney general, mail eb-rks on railroad lines will be allowed to •'Ote In Kansas this year, if they are away from home on election day. The rule which allows railroad men to vole away from hom«r Is applicable to the railway mail clerks also. Th ^re is no specific law on this line, but the attorney peneral has found many decisions which .show that the courts consider the railway mail clerks as railroad employes when injured in wrecks, although they are in the employment of thgcvcroctnmn , . ployaaeot of the govemment The Ci:anute Tribune .-ays: j .lohA Closhorn of lola, who spoke ini the Bryan club's hea.iquarter.=i last j night, made a unique speech. He was long on oratory, and put in much of his time in di.=icnssing the cosmos.; This is something that is a favorite' topic with literary clubs and college debating societies, but it seldom Tic- tires in political discus.sion.«, Mr. Goshorn. however, projected a high-pilched flight of oratory in wbicb he reviewed the history of creation, the relations between tTie Creator and the and the ordinationi ol law. very eloquently. His listeners waited p.itiently to find out what it was all about, and di.'JCovered that it was to show tha: wli.- it Senator Dollive rof Iowa. said, as Mr. <'^i.^born quoted him as ray ins. that the Almighty woii'd regul.itc the trusts ho' had lined up with th^ theolocical stu-| dents wha do not think as Mr. <7os-i horn does. There wa.s another unique feature in -Mr. flosho'rns speech—be ditln't t.nlk very long. He excused ljim';elf| on the grounds that he was not feel-« ing well, and thaFat this .stace of' campaign if would be difllcnlt to fin.l a politir>al stibject which had not al- reaily been discussed in the presence of his listeners.' Outside of these circumstances Mr. Goshorn made a. regulation Democratic speech. He .started off with the tariff, which the Democrats have talked of in every campaign since the memory of present day voters can recall. He said that the tariff created triJsts for the rea.son that it enabled .\merican manufacturers to receive better prices for their coo<ls than they would if trere was no tariff, and that when the manufacfiirer.-* formed a combine ro maintain price?, it W.T; niain that the tariff v\as to blame, lb- Datiderine Grows Hair and can PROVE IT! The Great DANDERINE Never Fells to Produce the Desired Results. glands tissues ot the scalp. resulting in a continuous and increasing growtli of the hair. 3: :T |>»rn .•! tl ;.'-uT;!.::-'i:!.'i.;. - ifca: luuilcrlnc 1. Ml...-..,: . -.-•.viii Jz tj^.'r Iti .1-1- lU.r t^er- •• nbso- •.- - ilyn writ'J: • - a -!i .7t o; ;i.> tiniri-uppcl l.i''t!i;r.iin'i I n •« t. •.•• u 1 •v>Mv h':»i: . ; ;,. :. \ .> ll-.,:. o\ rr .>::(• ana : >,il.*^.*-r • .ir.: 1 .1 Kanderine rtimubtr:: tl.o sralj.. mill.cj it luallliv -:id l -et -ps it so. It is tlio Ln -alf .-vL ivilp in\ii;oralc.- LnowTi. It i: 2 wholesome nif'(iir:r ;r- fr ,r l.)th ile i.air i-calp. Eveil a .smaU bottle of it will put more Kenuins life in your hair than a gallon of any other hair tonic ever made. It .shows results from the very start. N ".v.- 1.11 ^ii!.- jt ever}' drurt and i..ilcl str.r- m ihe land 3 iize-. 25c, 50c *und $1.1)0 This Out I r IBC J>uiiileriiip octs.w r .ii \ -ft'.a ijrztrbAinplRfrt y.' ' I;. rotiirtia-lltosnjcoewt - 11.!-. liil-ireerouiKinloit \ rMvUto Eindiriai Ce. Ctii««| J • ihflrn»me anil »rt(lr.-i f iih- <n slivi -r ur .11.1:11 I i>> ['iiv po'.iazi'. argued that .American manufacttir' r.^ can pay their emidoyes the hinb was- es which are paid in this country and produce coods as cheaply as for.'i^n countries can. by derlaritii: that thi^ is shown by the f.i n that .American manufacturers sell cheaper in foriegn markets, where >liey bp.vp to meet REV. GEO.W. RULAND Says VInol Built Him Ip and Strenclh ened Him Uhen Kuudnwn and (Henvorkcd. "I hAe it.-ed the cr .d liv.-i- ..|id ir'.n preparation. Vinol. as a t():!ic and I .lo not believe therr' is any i.iber in. d- icine that can etpjal it. Ii built me up tnd strengthened nie when run-down and overworked. Vinol has ilotie fur me mote than was claiiii' d for it." Rev. Geo. \V. Iluland. Keene. .\. H. Vintd is a:i btmest Tiiedicine. :: toii- ^ains nt) injurious dniss. but it actually does contain all of the medicinal, curative and body -buiidin'.! elements of cod liver iiil actiialiy tiken from freih coils" livers without a tirop of oil to upset thi* sionia h aiid re- ard its work, and r '^mic iron added. Vinol i .-i reconniwd ihtou-'hoiK the world as the Kreaie.-t sTfUUth creator for old peiilc. weak. jr< kly women and children, and to liiiild iM> sir.-imtli after sickness. Vinol is also unexcelled for hackins Tpiighs; rbronii: coids and- bronchitis. .If Vinol fails to give satisfaciion-^we ajways rett^jru money demand. S. R. Barrel!, .€>rug$l8t, J<)la. comitetition with cheaper coo<I.s than .\pples! .Vpples! thev do in their bone- rnatker. at:-! ^ I'or s.ile. banti i>ick(fl genetin apjde.-; that 111'- ~ which ate sold .-ihroad Price tir Clait 'Oriifs f.irm. Carlylo. 70 ((•Ills per bii.-bei; a' t'lailKtrne'.s mill, Idfa. T"> cents. .<5wfet cider made from selected apple.- L'".c per iraiiois: .". irallon order .$1. I'lire ;ipp .• ( ider vinegar L'.'.c |ier .•i!;d ! lie .:oo'b are iiiad>- l>y sat: •• it! ••it !i--i- v\' u!i are .-ciil.'. ai rioiiii' laiior which cos's tru' i!i-tatice ;iiiy part of the <:;> I 'l^oii-- !;•-'.. In .1 !i-.;:ir p;;;ce: must have mon. v II.• siir.-iai. .! 'h.- D'liioc! a».ic d. >- laratioii that tie- l{.iiiil>iican catidi- tlai.- for p;'.---'^.-!!f ih-- fa;i"r of the uallon. atiil -siiiiiiuat il'- .Hspos .i! of |ii'!:ver'.l i I'r.'siibnr lbM.-e\. !r :iii.i his |)fdity r-'- ir.iriliiiir ih. |.i;a!;'.':oii of trusts by askin.y; how niauy tiu-i inn'tia'''.-^ IKK I Owner of iui :; iiax-k 1.",, Highlaii'i been seat to .!:iriii:; t .i Kuo-:.'v.!; 1 lace ;;ave $"i>it for lot some fini.'a:;-!, adiiiiiiistratiiiii. - -'^I'l .-r Hav.- .Money and if tali.^n ia III . OMe !ti.-i>,ii, iie eonip ;iri -.i .Mr. Tait fi^e d.iys .Sixty dollars takes the .tni! .Mr. Ibviifi. I 'tneh to fo'-ifr's lol. i;ond iifle—1). W. r.o~iwi..k. <li-advati 'a2.> '^Mr Tal* wjs lorn i'-ei. Phone 77.".. -•.;*'*** To aud hi.-vin Kurlinirton. Will Uiiik went to loia Tiiesdav r.n i.u<.ine.-.s. * .* " .lake Hofttnan. of oi- \\v<]i :i silver :.; .OM i:; be s:ii.l. 'lb- his a !'v ;i. chilli ot fori nil.-." tie Pr- -i! r.f Knu-.-vt it tawa, went to bda Tuesday for a few p. rsoa who I. •- week.s" work. •* * ' .Mr<. C. 11. .Mitchell Tart stands lor, shiiu!'!. ;is a u'O"! .Vni-ric:::! ;i'i;'.'n. vol.- for Vi:u-"iiof as iiieles'iaM-- e* ye critic' ••! for t'.n^ t '.'.i licves ia \v.'::it .Mr. izeii.s," explained, paniitle ti-ally, • Mi^^ and .Mrs. P and tie 11 cave r-n.=ot;s w !:y his hear-jion Republican, eis sli.iiild vof.- for Piy.iii, which souiiib-d v.-ry iiuich the sam.- its those be h.i'l just l,.-en fifidii.'i: ''i -ilt with. who has l.eeii visitiiiu r.-iatives'Tiere, returned to her liotpe in brfa .Monday. Lyle Tiilev ba> r.-iHrued lo lola after a .--horr with his parents. L. 'I'liiev.—Itiir iiii;- The best and quickest nay Is The Register waul way. Siiftu Memorial. TIi.^ n'.-!i'"iia! ^••rx 'iee rhe lat» 1 *1 1' 1-1. .^now of the t'liivprsiry of Kan-^as will be held l.'I. Sev era! we;; k'lown riif-n will .-eeak rei>- reseiiti'i'.; \ facii'v. !iluni!;i m.d life- ion-' f i ieiid.s if l»i-. ."siiow. The ser- vier-.- w'l' I).' lie';! in ibe fateriK .-tia in the chat'.-' of Kiai-er liL 'll. t Hro. S. r>. S.nor will prewr . at the ^ .A. n. hall on Thtirsday evening at eight o'clock. His subject will be •The Goblen City." Everybody Is Invited, Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Kate. Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Lonsr er Shprt Time Loaiu. f unningham & Arnett

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